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Here's mine Review. Well your show was too short IMO and it was not well written but I think you will Improve day by day.

Matches/Bookings: Matches and Bookings of the Matches are the Real main factor of a nice building show. Your matches tonight were not good. I only liked one match and that's tag match. There was only One match good in your whole show.[14/25]

Segments/Promos: I only loved the first promo but you can Improve on them also [18/25]

Length: Length was too short that's why [10/25]

Spellings/Grammer: There are little little mistakes in Spellings as I said earlier you will be Improving [23/25]

Overall - [65/100].

Ummmm, If you don't like some words which i used than I am sorry but its only a review man. I am telling you that because If I will tell you that things than you will be improved...take care!
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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