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Princes revenge

Show: Retribution

PR Champion:Kurt Angle

PR intercontinental champ:Carlito

PR Tag champions:Cade and murdoch

Princes champion:Mick foley

Pr womens champion

Show: Determination

World hevyweight champion:Chris Benoit

World tag champions:Animal and heidenreich

True champion:Batista

Foreign champion:Mr Kennedy

Retribution Roster:

John cena
Ric Flair
Cade and murdoch
Big Show
Chris Masters
Danny Basham
Gene Snitsky
Hulk Hogan
Kerwin White
Kurt Angle
Matt Hardy
Matt Striker
Mick Foley
Rene Dupree
Rob Conway
Rob Van Dam
Shawn Michaels
Shelton Benjamin
Stone Cold
The Hurricane
The Rock
Torrie Wilson
Triple H
Trish Stratus
Tyson Tomko
Val Venis


Determination Roster:

Booker T
Chris Benoit
Christy Hemme
Doug Basham
Eddie Guerrero
Hardcore Holly
Joey Mercury
Johnny Nitro
Josh Mathews
Ken Kennedy
Michael Cole
Michelle McCool
Orlando Jordan
Paul London
Randy Orton
Rey Mysterio
Road Warrior Animal
Scotty 2 Hotty
Simon Dean
Stacy Keibler
Steve Romero
Steven Richards
Super Crazy
Theodore Long
William Regal

Commentators:Cole and tazz
Backstage:Josh Matthews

My btb starts the Shows after the joint ppv called darkness rulez:

PR champioship match:Cena lost the title to Kurt Angle

PR intercontinental champ:Carlito retained against HBK via disquilification

Princes champion:Mick foley was presented the first ever princes champion which is a extreme/hardcore type belt

World hevyweight champion:Chris Benoit def eddie guerrero by submission

True champion:Batista defended against orlando jordan

Singles match:Conway vs Hogan lost to conway as he accidently knocked the ref out then conway used the chair and won

Singles:JBL defeated booker t

World tag champions:Animal and heidenreich defeat MNM and retain belts

PR Tag champions:Cade and murdoch won the titles from Hurricane and rosey

The first edition of retribution should be up tonight or tommorow

Glory Glory Man Utd
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Theame music plays and fireworks hit

JR:Hello and welcome to another edition of Retribution

King:yes and we tonight find out the new no1 contender for the PR champion.

JR:Kurt angle is the current champion after defeating cena yesterday

(Kurt Angles music hits u suck chants hit)

Kurt walks to the ring with the pr championship belt and a smile on his face he steps into the ring and grabs a mic

Kurt Angle:Its True its True your olympic champion is now the new pr champion after beating cena for the belt now you have a pr champion that you can all be proud of

(Cenas music hits Massive pop)

Cena walks down the ring and enters and walks straight past angle and grabs a mic

Cena:Well look who it is the olympic zero kurt angle

Angle:Have some respect or il have to beat it out of you

(Both men clash heads)

(Bischoffs music hits)

Bischoff:Wo wo wo wo wo Guys stop i have an annocement to make and hit concerns the new no1 contender for kurts championship

Cena:So you gonna choose the real champ that is real is real

Bischoff:Wat makes you think you deserve the title match john

Kurt Angle :Its simple he doesnt deserve it

Bischoff:The no1 contender is....................................
(edges music hits)

(bischoff and edge shake hands at the top of the ramp)

Edge:Bischoff let me be the first to congratulate you on making me the no1 contender

Bischoff:Yes it will be you vs angle at the next ppv

cena:wo wo wo I have a claus in my contract saying that i get to choose the title rematch after losing the title so i call for it to be at the next ppv

Bischoff: Damn you cena ok it will be Champion Kurt vs Cena Vs Edge in a triple threat match
(HBKs music hits Massive pop)

HBK:Well it wont be a good match with out the show stoppa,the maineventer hbk shawn michaels and i demand a title match

Bischoff:I will make it a four way then

HBK: that sounds good but there are a few others in the back that want a shot

(Kanes music hits)

Kane:bischoff you better put me in the match or else

Bischoff:yes yes il make it a 6 man match Kurt Angle vs Edge Vs Cena Vs HBK Vs Kane Vs and the next person to get out here

(HHH music hits)

HHH:I am a 10 world champion im in

Bischoff: ok your in but im making it a 6-man hell in a cell (massive cheer) Angle vs Edge vs cena vs kane vs hbk vs HHH

(comercial break)

Jr:wow wat a match just made

King:yes a hell in a cell match at the next ppv

Jr: we have a title match next

King:yes Carlito defending the ic championship against RVD

Match 1 IC title match
Carlito vs RVD
Both men exchange right hands in the middle of the ring RVD gets the advantage and clothslines carlito down to the mat and backfilps onto carlito 1--2 and a kick out.RVd goes to the top rope carlito jumps up and pushes the rope and RVD is caught on the top rope.carlito gets rvd set up for a suplex and hits it 1---2 and another near fall.Carlito stopping on rvd and elbow drops him picks him
up and whips him into the rope hard and then fallows up with a clothsline and a bulldog also when rvd is down drives his knee into his head 1----2 and so carlito complains to the ref but rvd rolls carlito up 1---2 and a kickout rvd dropkick and rolling thunder 1--2 and a kick out rvd vandaminator and goes to the top rope 5 star frog splash 1---2 but its masters breaks the pin(Ref calls for a dq) Masters locks in the masterlock on RVD untill he passess out
Carlito retains by dq
Masters and carlito stand over rvd

Jr: omg king Masters just screwed rvd out of the ic title

King:Well i didnt see anything

JR:king ur just a member of the carlito fan club so you would say that

Match 2 Singles
Val Venis vs Rob Conway
the start the match with a fist fight with both men very evenly matches but venis gets the momentum and venis does a snap suplex on conway and gets a near fall Conway rolls up venis 1---2 and a kick out and he smacks venis in the face which knocks Venis down conway backs into the ropes and leg drops on venis and gets another near fall hip toss on venis and then picks him up throws into the rope and elavates him over the top rope. Conway runs and leaps over the rope and cross bodys venis both men out on the fall at ringside ref starts the 10 count 1---------2--------3----------4-------5-------------6------------7 conway gets in the ring and breaks the count and goes to pick up venis but catches a uppercut from venis.Venis spears conway into the apron and then uses his streangth and throws him into the barrier and the slams his onto the barrier then throws him into the ring.Venis continunes the beat down and throws into the turnbuckle.venis mounts conway and does a ten punch but conway counters into a "conway"
1-----2 and somehow venis kicks out conway stomping on venis and then lifts him onto the turnbuckle and goes for a suplex but venis pushes him down and venis hits the "moneyshot"1-----2-------3
Winner Val Venis

Jr: a huge victory for venis

King: ow i feel sorry for conway

(benjamin heads to the ring)

Benjamin: I just came out here to tell you guys something im really dissapointed with the lack of teams in the tag division and i want to form a team so i want to introduce my partner to face the tag champs tonight in a non title match................(Hardys music hits medium pop)

Hardy:yes benjamin i think me and you can take the tag divson by storm and get those tag titles from those hillbillys cade and murdoch so guys get your asses out here

(Cade&murdoch make there way to the ring)

Match 3
Cade and Murdoch vs Matt Hardy and Benjamin
Cade and benjaminn lock up in the centre of the ring benjamin gets a arm bar on cade and pulls it and kicks the arm and whips him into the rope and the goes for the stinger splash but cade moves out of the way cade grabs benjamin and throws him into the ring post in his corner and cade tags in Murdoch he pulls him from the post but then slams him back into the post his contiues a few more times but then matt runs into the ring and clotslines murdoch but then cade comes in and matt and cade go flying out of the ring to the floor out side matt punching cade meanwhile in the ring Murdoch goes to pick up benjamin but he kicks murdochs foot and he hits the mat benjamin stopping angry after the attack by murdoch benjamin hits a suplex on murdoch and drags him into the shelton/hardy corner and tags in matt leg drops onto murdoch but he kicks out matt whips him into the rope benjamin runs and knocks cade of the ring apron and benjamin knees down and matt runs and does poetry emotion,matt gets the twist of fate 1-----2-----3
Winners Hardy and benjamin

Coach standing by with eric bischoff

Coach:Eric i hear you have a match for tonights main event

Bischoff:yes i do it will be the Princes champions Mick foley vs Chris masters

Coach:wow wat a match great one

Bischoff:yes and i am placing masters on next weeks cabana with carlito and RVD

Coach:great i carnt wait to see that lets go back to jr and king

JR: our next match is for the princes title

King:Yes a good old no holds barred match

Match 4
Mick foley vs masters princes title match
Masters brought a chair with him into the ring and swings at mick foley but foley ducks and kicks Masters in the ribs but foley brought his trash can full of weapons he gets a lid and smashes Masters over the head twice. Mick goes to get a sign but masters hits foley with a chair over and over foley gets up again and again but Masters smashes it over foleys head 1----2 and a kick out Masters is going for some more weapons he gets a table and puts that in the ring and also gets another trashcan and a kendo stick he comes into the ring and trys to hit foley with a kendo stick but foley throws the trash can at masters but foley grabs the chair and smashes the trash can into masters with the chair masters gets a chair to the gut and then over the back.Foley sets up the table and gets masters on it and Foley climbs to the top rope goes for a elbow drop but masters move of the table leaving foley flying threw the table masters crawls to the pin 1-----2 and foley kicks out But masters hits the master lock on foley as he was out on the wreack of the table and foleys is in trouble.Mick is trying to fight out but the masterlock is to tough But RVD is running out from the backstage after the screw job earlier.RVD smashes Masters with a chair over the back and on the head the goes to the top rope and hits the 5 star and then rolls mick onto masters 1--------2-------3
Winner Still princes champion Mick Foley

Jr:Rvd gets revenge from the match that masters helped carlito defeat him

King:yes but masters will get RVD next week on the cabana

JR:Yes that cabana is going to be explosive

Jr:thats all we got time for folks

(the PR badge is shown)

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Here's mine Review. Well your show was too short IMO and it was not well written but I think you will Improve day by day.

Matches/Bookings: Matches and Bookings of the Matches are the Real main factor of a nice building show. Your matches tonight were not good. I only liked one match and that's tag match. There was only One match good in your whole show.[14/25]

Segments/Promos: I only loved the first promo but you can Improve on them also [18/25]

Length: Length was too short that's why [10/25]

Spellings/Grammer: There are little little mistakes in Spellings as I said earlier you will be Improving [23/25]

Overall - [65/100].

Ummmm, If you don't like some words which i used than I am sorry but its only a review man. I am telling you that because If I will tell you that things than you will be improved...take care!

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Hey man a very good beginning show but I suggest you use lots of color, bold and italics. I liked the team of Shelton and Hardy but I don't like Chris Masters in the main event. I don't personally like his gimmick but he deserves to mid-carder at best. I am glad Foley got the win and it was a good enough show.I would suggest as I said before that you make it longer by padding out your promos, the matches were fine and a recap will do for matches and also use color, bold and italics.
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