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Former 2 time AWA tag team champ and territorial era wrestler Doug Summers aka Doug Somers, aka Doug Sommerson, etc.. passed away yesterday.

He was trained by Harley Race and got into the business driving the ring truck and setting up for cards with Sir Oliver Humperdink. He then transitioned to refereeing. He was also a former son in law of Leroy McGuirk.

According to what I know he debuted for Mid-Atlantic in 1973. He was mainly a low to mid card guy who toured all over the territories. But did co-hold some tag titles with Ron McFarlane and "Nature Boy" Roger Kirby, Porkchop Cash, and Randy Rose....now that's a fun list of journeymen territorial stars.

In 1977 he apparently won the Western States title from someone known as the Super Destroyer but I don't know really anything about his run, but if that's true that's probably his greatest singles achievement. He held it for a solid 4 months (that's why I am suspicious) before losing it to Bull Ramos.

Doug was a solid worker and was a pretty big man, at 6'3 around 240.

Probably best known for his tag team run with Playboy Buddy Rose. They were managed by Sherri Martel, and took the titles off Scott Hall and Curt Hennig. They had a pretty nice feud with the Midnight Rockers, Jannetty and a young HBK.

Summers only had one other "national" run as he was managed by Johnny Valiant in the AWA during it's dying days. He was teamed with Soldat Ustinov as a replacement for Boris Zhukov in an AWA title match against Lawler and Dundee where the later won the belts.

He did wrestle at Halloween Havoc 91 for the WCW putting over Van Hammer, and was soon after jobbing for the WWF and then he was on to the indies for the rest of his career.

in 2011 he unsuccessfully sued the WWE for using his likeness.

Rest in Peace Doug
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