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So my strategy over the past couple of days has been to give feedback to as many threads as I can, hoping that in the process the booker will somehow get inspired to keep their thread going. So, here it goes…

Opening the show with CM Punk makes complete sense, especially after the ending to last week’s show. That moment when he put Christian in position for the GTS, but then put him back down was epic. It probably wasn’t what you’re going for, but Punk barely glossing over what went down last week, and getting onto other business really felt like a letdown. From here, the segment was pretty basic, solid stuff. Punk wants a match, Black got his argument out there, and the authority figure comes out to save the day. Jericho as the Commander, whilst it happened a little too fast for my liking and I think we probably should have got some sort of explanation from Paul Heyman itself, it’s still epic. The whole “I told you there was more than one way to rule the world” quote last week followed by Christian’s reaction made for some amazing reading. I’m intrigued to see how you play the Jericho character as well, as he seems to be acting like a tweener at this point… But deep down we all know he’s an evil SOB. Finlay making his return was an alright spot, and all of a sudden, we’ve got a solid match announced. Solid opening to the show here.

I’m enjoying this unholy alliance with Mysterio and Carlito. It has made for some humorous moments so far, and this segment added onto that. Also we all know there’s some character development coming from this and I personally can’t wait for it.

Cabana Mask has to be the worst team name of all time, and Carlito’s reaction says as much. As part of the angle, you’ve clearly given them a bad team name on purpose so it’s not necessarily a bad thing. Even just coming out to Mysterio’s music would have annoyed ‘Lito, great subtle stuff, imo. I was always of the thought that ‘Lito would eventually lighten up, but it doesn’t seem like it after this. Carly leaves Rey on his own, although it was quite a fun moment when he did get the quick tag. The Mercenaries win though, even if Rey taking both of them out for a moment or two made them look a little soft. I can’t wait to see what Rey’s reaction to this is though, compelling stuff.


A very interesting segment between Christian and Jericho here. The aura you’ve built between these two is just phenomenal. I’m really enjoying the way you’re making Jericho ask questions that don’t make him sound like a complete prick. Great character development again, as everything he said about Christian being better without the title, seems to be, well, true. Christian getting time off was completely unexpected, I’ll be watching this space. You’ve got me intrigued…

Blue Coconut is a terrible team name as well, imo. Fix please. Surprised to see the new guys get the win, although again it really fits in with character development, as Nemeth’s temper issues are what cost American Made the match. The attack from The Mercenaries was obviously just a cheap way to get some heat between the two teams, no issues there. More solid stuff here.

Claudio and Hero debuting, despite financial issues and needing to trim the fat… Not sure what to make of it to be honest…

A created fed is quite a hard thread to get up and running, but when it’s done correctly as Para, Alco and yourself have now done, it’s just a brilliant read. I mean you have all these guys who can just put on five star matches. Probably a bit random to throw this in now but reading Blue Coconut/The Mercenaries brought it to the forefront of my mind. The spots and fast pace of this match was so much fun to follow, with Regal even copping some shots. I guess you weren’t lying when you said you can’t recap matches. Unexpected winners in my book, but this tournament has been a success.

Samoa Joe as intense as ever, but realistically with his record backing him up, you really can’t blame him. I marked out for the Finlay appearance because it just reminded me of how epic this feud was. What I said earlier about the chemistry between Christian and Jericho, it’s here with these two guys as well. Fun segment and smart booking, doing the job of hyping up next week’s singles tournament.

I enjoyed Escobar during the off season, so I look forward to him making an impact in the big leagues now.

:lmao at Shawn Michaels forgetting to feed his dogs. Jericho is obviously being pissed off and Riley cops the brunt of it. I’m interested to read about this plan a though, great segment to build some suspense for next week.

A pretty basic triple threat formula followed in the main event with one man nearly always being outside the ring. There’s nothing wrong with that either, if it isn’t broke, don’t fix it. You still managed to get in an epic Somersault Plancha from Black for the spot junkies. Finlay just knocks out both with the Shillelagh? That shocked me a little, was there no DQ? Still, a shocking finish as I don’t think anybody expected Finlay to win, but with the run he’s had in the thread, I think it’s well deserved. Plus considering Black’s potential issues with Jericho, and Punk being Punk, it made sense for both these guys to lose from a character development perspective. Terrific booking all around like usual.

Overall, as usual, a terrific show. Just the potential for character development every week amazes me, and your execution is almost always spot on. I hope this thread doesn’t end to be honest, and I also hope you become more active this year, this thread is definitely one of my favourites.

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Holy crap, it's been a long time since I've posted a review for this! For that, I apologize! Things got really chaotic for a while, so I haven't been able to keep up with the forums. The important thing is that I'm back (Don't call it a comeback, I've been here for years!)

Man, the one-year anniversary of AOW! I still remember the first show like it was only a week ago. Weird to think that the last show I clearly remember reading was the second PPV... let's see what's changed!

"A chance to break new ground, even for yourself." Does that mean that WGTT broke up? I probably should have done a little background reading before diving into this, huh?

Arena shows, eh? AOW has grown up quite a bit! Also loving the description of the set. Definitely sounds like it would be a wonder to look at!

JBL and Joey Styles are still entertaining as ever! I'm also really digging your champions going into this, especially that Danielson has held on to the Cruiserweight title. It's rare to see title reigns this long, but if anyone deserves it, it's D-Bry. Definitely in my fav five, sucka!

I like the concept behind the Olympic Ladder match. I always loved seeing in-ring international warfare. Also, Aero Star's attire here is pretty cool. I'm guessing that he's been working with Rey-Rey's seamstress recently? Not sure how to feel about Regal being in the match, but I guess having a technician in a ladder match is never a bad move. Man, I remember when Kofi first debut with the company... I swear, I'll get out of nostalgia-land soon enough. Can't go wrong with Shelton. Tyler Black wasn't around last I checked, but I'm looking forward to seeing what you've done with him!

Fantastic opening match! Plenty of quick paced action, everyone had a moment to shine, and Tyler Black's still the champion. It looks like he's not making any friends any time soon, so I'm looking forward to seeing where things go from here.

Oh man, Chris Hero's coming to AOW? This aughta be good!

I remember you bringing in the Trios concept when I took a break, and I'm happy to see that it's stuck around. I always loved Trios matches, and I think that both AIR and Dat Muscle/Miz are great combos. Solid Trios match, too. Had some really cool spots (especially that finish) and, given the little bit of build I caught from the pre-match hype, it was good to see Sydal get the pin.

While I appreciate every aspect of your BTB writing, the spot where you really shine is your promo work, and the World Ablaze promo is a great example of that. Conjured up some wonderful mental imagery, and anything involving Punk is a little cooler in my book!

Another solid match in the Cruiserweight title bout. I'm happy to see that Danielson kept the belt, and the way you had him retain made Jamie look really good. Again, I only have the little bit of pre-match hype to go off of, but I like what you're doing with Jamie. Little heelish snatching the title like that... are you hinting toward something?

So Jack and Nick are with Taylor Wilde, and it looks like they're good guys now? Good promo work here. You definitely got a bit of sympathy from me here, and I have no clue what the hell's been going on with them! Good match to follow up, too. Kind of bummed to see American Made do the J.O.B., but I'm excited to see where it goes from here.


Really happy that you've stuck Finlay into a feud with Punk, even if I don't get to see the next chapter of it here. Can't complain though, with Low Ki taking Dave's place. The match was a little short for my liking, but it was a fantastic bout (Then again, with Punk and Ki, can you expect anything less?) Finlay's interference at the end was a nice touch, especially pointing out that he's still in the sling. Tough dude, that Finlay.

The classiest man in Puerto Rico... I see what you did there, and I fucking love it! You're really pushing the new wave of talent here, and I like it. Little overkill with all the promos, but I'm definitely not complaining here!

So Joe's still undefeated a year later? I'm happy to see that you didn't shoot your wad early on this one. Also, wasn't HBK retired from AOW? Definitely missed something there. A chiseled man in trunks, huh? Totally imagining Chris Masters hyping up this match! My god, that promo for HBK/Joe was quite possibly some of your best work, yet! I love how detailed you are in writing these out. It really produces some cinematic imagery, and I'd pay damn good money if I could see these promos with my very eyes!

FANTASTIC MATCH, AND JOE IS STILL UNDEFEATED!!! It would have been really easy to let Michaels win this one, but I think you made the right choice by keeping Joe as the undefeated (Well, never pinned or submitted) monster. Knowing that HBK hadn't been cleanly beat before this adds a whole other level of appreciation for what I just read, as well.

A PPV in Mexico, eh? Well, I reckon that AOW has always been about pushing the boundaries and going where no man has gone before.

Incredible promo work from Foley. As much as I dig Jericho, that promo alone has me rooting for Saint Mick all the way. Throwing in the catch phrases of all three of his characters at the end was a nice touch, even if Dude Love's was a little hokey and out of place in a promo like this.

Impeccable promo work here. Having the comparison to Hephaestus was nothing short of brilliance, especially for me since I'm such a huge mythology geek!

Fucking brutal match, especially that ending! While I am really sad to see Foley lose, especially by tapping out, I suppose that Jericho IS the bigger asset... unless you're not actually done with Foley... By the way, teaming Riley with Jericho? Good move.

So you mean to tell me that Hero, Claudio AND KENTA are coming to AOW? Man, you're making me moist!

Cryptic interview with Heyman. I have a working theory as to whose going to be running things, but I'm extremely intrigued to see where you take things from here with Heyman, and the day-to-day operations of AOW.

Fantastic way to end off the show, mate! I apologize for being gone for so long, but you've definitely hooked me back into AOW with this one!

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Howdy, fellas. Happy New Year :eek:

First off, thanks to Brownson for your feedback after a long time away, though I've posted two shows since that PPV. And a huge, huge thank you to Stojy for his work around the section; truly a commendable dude.

Also, yeah, I was on the verge of leaving this thread on ice for a while, but it appears I have at least a small swig if motivation (that may or may not have something to do with Stojy) to at least do a little more in this thread. My schedule is about to get really crazy if it isn't already, so I apologize of I can't post often, but I want to do what I can. One reason I was waning in motivation is because bar a few segments or matches, I didn't have the gusto to write the next two shows going into the Supershow, even in pseudo-recap form.

That's why the BTB Gods gave us...FAST FORWARD RECAPS~!! Yeah, they don't capture as much of the emotion as I would have wanted in doing 'live' read shows, but I also remembered that a key thing in BTB is do what makes you want to write. And I just wanted to get these ones out of the way.

Onto the fruits of my laziness...


Pt. I – Plan A

On the September 10th edition of Oblivion, it didn’t take Chris Jericho long to put fort his “Plan A”. Jericho opened the program and called out Shawn Michaels, who promptly hit the ring, but hid any anger he had with a smile. Michaels seemed like his old self, making jokes at Jericho’s expense, and perhaps just being a bit glad that Paul Heyman was no longer the man in charge. But Michaels let that façade fade away rather quickly, as he expressed his great distain at Jericho being at the helm…which Jericho agreed with. Jericho would note that to his day, he’s not entirely sure why Paul Heyman entrusted him with the company. Even so, Jericho wanted to reward Michaels for pointing out the obvious by freeing Michaels from his binding contract

…until Rob Van Dam made a surprise return. Van Dam, a man of little emotions, was fuming when he realized all a man had to do in AOW to be freed from his bonds was ‘tell the boss something stupid’. While Van Dam raved on, Jericho sat there with an enormous smirk on his face, as if his plan were working. Nontheless, after Van Dam had had his say and Michaels angrily retorted himself, Jericho revealed that this was indeed his ploy all along to generate the most interest possible. That’s when he dropped the bombshell that the main event of Chaos Control would be Shawn Michaels v. Rob Van Dam for the first time ever in AOW. If Michaels wins, he is freed from Commander-in-Chief rule. If Van Dam wins, he wins back the right to challenge for championships. Needless to say, the two biggest gray areas in the company going head to head would generate plenty of interest at the expense of legions of divided fans.

The very next week, on the September 17th edition of Oblivion, Chris Jericho unveiled the potential utmost genius of his plan – pitting these two men against one another, despite how much fan sympathy they both had, would only show just how selfish each man was. Jericho exemplified that by putting the two in the tag team match main event against Alex Riley and Tyler Black. Despite having the upper hand against both the green Riley and the man who refuses teamwork, Tyler Black, Van Dam and Michaels imploded without saying a word to one another – all it took was a Shawn Michaels superkick to Van Dam that gift-wrapped the win for Black. Shawn Michaels staked his claim to what he wants, but with two men’s identities at stake, this isn’t ending well…

Pt. II – Checkmate

Plan “Small a” was what Jericho seemed to label his other idea, which was far more sinister than what he had planned for Michaels and Van Dam. On the September 3rd edition of Oblivion, Jericho didn’t quite ‘shock’ but stunned all in attendance and watching by seemingly setting Christian Cage up for a hard time…and then giving him the month off. We would see why the next week and once again, the genius not long after that.

The next week, Christian would call Jericho’s bluff and would demand to know why exactly he was getting the month off. His answer was Jericho saying “it will get me what I want.” Christian pointed out that if he doesn’t defend the title or have a planned title defense in 30 days, he could get stripped of the gold. Jericho got a twisted smile and said nothing and left Christian alone.

The next week, Christian would hijack the opening contest of the show, which was an 8-man tag – Bryan Danielson, Low Ki, Shelton Benjamin, and William Regal teamed against Samoa Joe, Blue Coconut, and suddenly Christian Cage. And Cage looked a little...unnerved. While not flat out crazy as we once saw him, he was very frantic and appeared desperate. The referee eventually lost control of the match and it appeared Christian lost control of himself.

Following a commercial break, it was revealed that Christian was being apprehended by security and was forcibly being subdued. The look in his eye this time was incredibly familiar to us all, looking damn near full on rabid. With this (perhaps predicted) behavior, Jericho suspended Christian from the show and banned him from showing up to Chaos Control should he plan on doing something similar at the big show. Needless to say, the man on top of the AOW world was now the most powerless.

Pt. III – Punk is Dead

CM Punk and Finlay’s rivalry reached a head of sorts when a blindly angry Punk barged into Jericho’s office on an aohdubya.com Exclusive and ordered a match with Finlay. Jericho gave him his request – a Street Fight.

Unfortunately for Punk, he was going up against a man who had only been defeated three times in the whole first season of AOW. Although one of those times had been by him, Punk would not be able to recapture the magic, putting up a huge 17-minute fight but ultimately falling in the end thanks to a bottle to the head. Finlay’s Irish drinking habits were what wound up doing Punk in and getting him pinned. He has not been seen since the loss.

Finlay, meanwhile, would take his newly-won Dynasty Championship and be invited to the Three Pieces to Four Battle Royal. But to ‘level the playing field’ as Jericho put it, the match would also be for the Dynasty Championship. Finlay easily could be the odds on favorite going into the Supershow, especially with the Irishman now rid of Punk and with his focus apparently on topping old foe Samoa Joe.

Pt. IV – The Three Pieces to Four Tournament

Almost immediately after being named Commander in Chief, Chris Jericho announced the Three Pieces to Four Invitational, which would determine the #1 contender for the AOW Championship (although, possibly to screw with Christian, Jericho has yet to say officially when that match will take place...). With the team of Kofi Kingston and Aero Star qualifying in the tag team leg and the Battle Royal the day of the Supershow, the only portion left up in the air was the Singles round.

On an aohdubya.com exclusive, Low Ki was shown to be a wielder of an invitation, given because of his spot performance at Origins & Endings. That same night, however, he was also named as a candidate for facing Bryan Danielson for his Cruiserweight Championship. In his tournament match, however, he was on the short end of the stick against William Regal, who notched the win in an impressive 12-minute bout. Regal managed to outsmart the single-minded Ki and finish things off with the Knee Trembler, even without his Mercenaries.

On the other side of the bracket, Shelton Benjamin also got an invitation, but unfortunately for him, his opponent was none other than Samoa Joe. Benjamin managed to last about as long as Low Ki did in his match, but in the end, the might of Samoa Joe was too much. What was interesting about this match was that for one of the first and only times in AOW, Samoa Joe fought an uphill battle – Benjamin made sure to target Joe’s legs and kept him grounded for much of the conflict. A frustrated Joe had to look for an opportunity to lock Benjamin in The Clutch and finally did, forcing Benjamin to pass out.

The singles tournament Finals was a match we were promised in the AOW Dynasty Tournament earlier in the summer, but we were denied when The Mercenaries intervened. Regal, a man of valor, asked his clients and stablemates to stay away from the final contest. The Finals were set with William Regal facing off with Samoa Joe. Joe still was feeling the effects of his legs being targeted, which Regal honed in on like the ring general he is. The contest went over fifteen minutes because of Regal’s ability to catch Joe in his weak points and take moves out of his moveset entirely, but the undefeated Samoa Joe would remain so following Regal attempting to use brass knuckles, only for it to be turned into the Island Driver. Samoa Joe would finally get his chance to dance for the #1 contendership.

In the aohdubya.com Exclusives going into the September 17th edition of Oblivion, many of the men who failed to qualify in previous rounds of the tourney were invited to the Battle Royal at Chaos Control. William Regal, Low Ki, and Shelton Benjamin were all re-invited to this final round which would later be for the Dynasty Championship and include Finlay. However, that same edition of Oblivion would have a few more spots available for guys to get in. Bryan Danielson was invited to this most grueling round of the tourney (to prove his “I’ll stay and fight” mantra), but as were two other curious cases – Tyler Black and TJ Wilson.

Wilson was brought to the forefront when, in some online Exclusives, the Samoan Fight Club sent Wilson some vicious threats, mainly centered around the fact that without Harry Smith (who left the company), TJ was a sitting duck, defenseless, and useless. The Club then assaulted Wilson backstage on the September 10th edition of Oblivion, only for Wilson to respond with wanting a match against the two of them. He got his wish. In a handicap match between the SFC and Wilson on the September 17th Oblivion, TJ was clearly overmatched by the numbers game, no matter how much he fought. He did manage to debut a new submission hold, the Dungeon Lock, but still could not win. He then did something most would say was very ‘un-TJ Wilson-like’: he grabbed a steel chair, got himself disqualified, but managed to floor/drive off both members of the Samoan Fight Club. TJ Wilson showed that even without his former partner, he would not roll over for anybody. That display of resolve got him an invitation to the Battle Royal.

Tyler Black, on the other hand, had a little bit of a more twisted story. Black, despite being indirectly mentored by Chris Jericho, seemed to be heeding none of the Worthy Man’s advice. After losing his Dynasty Championship to Finlay, Black begged for another shot – only for Jericho to turn him down unless he proved he learned something. That’s when Black was forced to team with Alex Riley against HBK & RVD. If Black won, he would be in the Battle Royal and get another shot at his Dynasty Championship. There was nothing but fission on both teams, but when it was over, Black took advantage of the veterans’ dissention and picked up the win in spite of his bickering with Riley. As promised, Black was invited to the Battle Royale, putting the grand total of invitees to seven.

Pt. V – The Annexation of Puerto Rico

On the tag team front, righting AOW Tag Team Champions The Mercenaries were not happy about losing to the team of Kofi Kingston and Aero Star in the TPF Invitational. But they stayed by William Regal’s side in his pursuit of the big win beyond the ring, as he specifically asked them not to interfere in his matches.

They suddenly became opposed by the team of Rey Mysterio & Carlito. The two obviously didn’t get along well at all in their TPF contest and things got worse the next week. Mild-mannered Rey Mysterio had had enough of the disrespectful and brash Carlito, saying he’d drop Carlito as a tag partner, no matter how much Carly Sr. wanted this to work. Carlito was more than content with that until Chris Jericho not only reminded Carlito of his father’s wants, but also that he had one last saving throw for the two to work together. Jericho then unveiled a new match type – The “Devil’s Advocate” match. The rules of that match were that anyone who accompanies someone to the ring can legally interfere, if only for short periods at a time. Jericho then said that on the September 17th Oblivion, Mysterio would face Brent Albright. Regal and Burchill would obviously be with Albright and make matters hell for Mysterio. Carlito would be forced to accompany Mysterio or else there would be “consequences”.

Before that match began, however, someone came to the ring with Mysterio to even the score…Carly Colon Sr.! Carly came down to give Mysterio support and remind his son why he wanted this union to work in the first place. Carly would spend most of the match trying to keep Burchill and Regal away from Mysterio, but both men were still at a disadvantage because Carlito refused to give aid. Knocking Carly away, Mysterio was absolutely mauled by Mercs, Inc. in a manner that almost got Carlito to intervene. Every time Mysterio would get up, Carlito looked more amazed, possibly at awe at Mysterio’s resolve. But things went from potential heartwarming to heartbreaking when Mercs, Inc. turned their attention to the aged Carly Colon. It was here when Carlito finally intervened, possibly getting the biggest fire in his eyes and pop of his career.

Carlito’s involvement (and double-jump springboard summersault plancha) helped Mysterio get some kind of upper hand and pull out the win. In honor of his father putting himself in the line of fire and possibly out of newfound respect for Rey Mysterio, Carlito promised he’d give the team another shotand he’d need it when Mysterio & Carlito were named the #1 contenders to the AOW World Tag Team Championships and would challenge for the titles come the Chaos Control Supershow.

~Miscellaneous Notes~

The subject of ‘teamwork’ was at the forefront of the September 17th Oblivion, the take-home show for the Supershow. In addition to several other team-based matches, A.I.R. showed up once again to regain a bit of revenge against DAT MUSCLE, who showed up for the first time since taking their Origins & Endings loss. Interestingly, they were sans-Miz. The contest lasted eight minutes, but Jack Evans got his team the winning fall.

An online Exclusive segment featured American Made trying to deal with Nick Nemeth’s anger issues. Nemeth promised to get help, but he also swore he wasn’t leaving the ring. There were no teases at a team (or relationship) break-up, but possibly just growing pains hitting those involved.

The promos for Chris Hero, Claudio Castagnoli, and Eric Perez continued to air. Reports kept saying they’d all debut sooner rather than later.

It was also reported on The Informer that Antonio Banks is close to a return, just needing to find a place to fit into. In addition, Sonny Siaki may be on the verge of retirement following his choice to donate a kidney to his ailing brother. When the transplant take place may be key to how long the Samoan Fight Club will last. AOW has been aware of this issue in Siaki’s life and is probably the reason why the Samoan Fight Club hasn’t had a long-standing program in a quite a while.
Booker’s Note: This is actually how Sonny Siaki retired IRL; I’m not making random shit up.

September 24th, 2008 - The Hammerstein Ballroom – Manhattan, New York City, New York

~Consequences Match~
*If Shawn Michaels wins, he is freed from Commander in Chief control
*If Rob Van Dam wins, he can challenge for championships

Shawn Michaels v. Rob Van Dam

~AOW World Tag Team Championships~
The Mercenaries(c) v. Rey Mysterio & Carlito

~Three Pieces to Four Invitational - Battle Royal
*Dynasty Championship*
Finlay(c) v. Shelton Benjamin v. William Regal v. Low Ki v. Bryan Danielson v. TJ Wilson v. Tyler Black

~Three Pieces to Four Invitational - Fatal 4-Way Final
*#1 Contender's Match for the AOW World Heavyweight Championship*
Aero Star v. Kofi Kingston v. Samoa Joe v. Winner of Battle Royal

NO PREDICTIONS YET. I still have loads of the supershow to go, as well as actually deciding whether or not I want it to be in full or recap (any promos would most likely be full either way). I'm leaning towards full because I went the easy way out on you guys this time, but I'll have to see if time/motivation/energy will be on my side.

Until then, everyone in the section keep doin' what you're doin'. Even if I don't respond, I'm around. Hope all remain well and don't hate me for this cop-out :eek:.

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Absolutely LOVE this BTB man. You've done some amazing work and made me care about almost every character. As long as you keep writing, I'm gonna keep reading. I get excited every time my subscribed threads shows this one. I'll do a full review after the super show is posted.

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No predictions and just due to the recap there isn't really to much to comment on either.

Still, I love the idea of Chris Jericho running the show, and the way he's going about booking things to get people to show their "true colours" is brilliant.

I have to be honest I felt like the build for RVD/HBK was a little lacklustre. I understand the whole grey area thing, but I don't know, it just felt way to rushed. I'm sure the match itself will still own though.

Christians character continues to interest me, as he's borderline unhinged again. I'm certainly watching this space to see how Jericho tries to foil his title reign.

Pretty happy to see Finlay continuing to be used quite well to. I had worries after his loss to Joe he'd fall to the background, but that's definitely not the case. The straightedge Punk losing thanks to a bottle shot is sensational booking as well, I can't wait to see what happens with his character.

Everything else seems to be solid enough as well, and whilst I don't want to harp on it to much, with the brief information we got it's hard to be all that interested in the lower card stuff.

Still, everything is flowing along terrifically, as expected. I'll be waiting eagerly for the next update.
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