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Do they have Krusty's Partially Gelatinated, Non-D
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Good to see people enjoyed my RP.. Think its heading in a good direction.. Tough to go heel at the moment in my RP's with the way Louie is feeling but it still doesn't mean he is face.. Even tough guys have feeling :angle

Do they have Krusty's Partially Gelatinated, Non-D
2,460 Posts
Good to see people enjoyed my RP.. Think its heading in a good direction.. Tough to go heel at the moment in my RP's with the way Louie is feeling but it still doesn't mean he is face.. Even tough guys have feelings :angle

You know who I am, but you don't know why I'm here
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Stryder doesn't have the fucks to give, whether you liked or disliked his words and actions.

The ruling power can do what they will; Stryder is still here, and Stryder will still accomplish what he chooses to accomplish.

In that, there is only one Voice, and they say the same thing.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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August 1, 2013
U.S Bank Arena - Cincinnati, Ohio

As Vortex comes on the air, the cameras pan around the jam packed U.S. Bank Arena where 14,500 fans have come out to see their favorite superstars here at PWC. The cameras show pyro going off on the stage for the show before some unfamiliar music hits and confuses the fans.

***The Death Of Me***

The fans seem confused as the new music blasts over the speakers and a man can be seen quickly walking through the crowd in tight jeans and a white t-shirt with a black leather jacket over it. As the man hops over the guard rail we can see it's the returning Austin Angel, who looks like he hasn't slept in days as he has bags under his eyes and his beard looks like it could use a trim. Angel walks up the steps and gets handed a mic as he steps through the ropes and soaks up the fans cheers, raising his arm to show his gratitude for their cheers despite him not being his usual self here and his new music cuts.

Austin Angel:
At Alpha and Omega, I gave it my all against Darius Black in our Parking Lot Brawl, I was as violent as I've ever been in my life in that match as I did everything I could to try and get some revenge for both myself and my fallen friend. But I failed.

The fans aren't quite sure how to react to this as Angel walks around the ring a little bit.

Austin Angel:
I tried to be something I'm not, I tried to be this over the top guy and be a Rock God, but once again I failed.

The fans seem confused as to where this is going as Austin walks back to the middle of the ring.

Austin Angel:
At Alpha and Omega, I realized that I'm not a Rock God when Darius Black dropped me, face first onto a car door. I laid there, disappointed in myself while barely conscious and wondered where I went wrong. But then, that's when Darius Black decided to throw me into the back seat of that car and set it on fire, he may not have burned me on the outside, but on the inside, he burned me bad. He made me realize that I'm not a Rock God, I'm not the guy who's gonna come to anybodies rescue anymore or fight anybody else's battles.

The fans start to boo, but Angel shakes his head as a way of telling them it's not what they think.

Austin Angel:
No no, I'm not going to "the dark side" so to speak. You see I'm still not even cleared to wrestle and I'm not even supposed to be here tonight but I told myself that tonight, I needed to be here and I needed to get my hands on Darius Black! I don't care if I'm not cleared to wrestle and I don't care where it is, but mark my words. TONIGHT I WILL KICK DARIUS BLACK'S ASS!

The fans pop big for this, but their cheers turn to boos when all to familiar music hits.

***In A House, In A Heartbeat***

The fans boo loudly as Darius Black walks out onto the stage with a smirk on his face and Angel takes off his jacket and stands, ready to fight. However, Darius appears to be in no mood to fight as he stops walking when he reaches the top of the ramp.

Darius Black:
Austin, didn't you learn your lesson the last time we fought? You are not on my level. Hell, I don't even have a reason to fight you again! But I'm not stupid, like you clearly are. I know that you will just go whine to Page and Clement non freaking stop until they give you another shot at boxing with god, so how about we settle this right now?

The fans cheer loudly as both men drop their mics and Darius starts walking down the ramp, but it doesn't look like that's gonna happen tonight as Brittany Page runs out onto the stage with a mic.

Stop it right now!

The fans boo as they wanna see these two go at it again and Darius turns to face Ms.Page to see what she has to say.

Austin, you and I both know you are not cleared to compete and risk further injury if you fight anybody tonight and we can't have that.

Austin looks annoyed, as Darius smirks thinking he got out of fighting his rival one more time.

But here's what I can do, I talked to Mr.Clement and we agreed that you two do need to settle the bad blood between you, at our next PPV, Hell's Judgement. It will be Austin Angel vs Darius Black one more time, in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

The fans cheer loudly for this as Darius nods in approval of the stipulation while Austin smirks and nods in approval of getting to fight his rival again.

But until your cleared to return to action Austin, I want no violence between the two of you! Got it? Good.

Ms.Page walks backstage as Darius and Austin lock eyes, both look like they wanna tear each others head off but to make sure they don't, security comes out and stands between them as we cut to the announce table for the first time tonight.

Stan Chambers:
Wow what a big announcement from our GM's office tonight! At Hell's Judgement it will be Austin Angel vs Darius Black, in a Falls Count Anywhere Match!

Charlie Campbell:
Oh I can't wait Stan! Those guys hate each other with a burning passion and with the Falls Count Anywhere stipulation, they might just end up going from Hell and back to beat the other!

Stan Chambers:
I couldn't agree more Charlie. We thought they went all out at Alpha & Omega but now it appears Austin Angel is a changed man, he seems totally focused on Darius Black unlike their Alpha & Omega match where going in he had multiple things he was focused on.

Charlie Campbell:
I tell ya Stan, Angel was always good but if he really has dropped the whole Rock God thing and becomes more focused on winning matches, he may be unstoppable.

Stan Chambers:
I agree, but lets shift our focus to the rest of tonight's show, we have a huge main event for you guys with the Hell's Judgement opponents, Xander Black and Kyle Elric teaming up to take on Freddy Vos and Jay Rush in what should be a great match!

Charlie Campbell:
Oh those guys are gonna put on a show! But can Elric even trust the champ? I thought he could until the end of last weeks show when Xander laid out Elric for no reason!

Stan Chambers:
Well we'll find out later on partner! But up next we have 3 guys making their PWC debut when they face off against each other in a triple threat match which will happen, right after this commercial break!

The scene now fades out from the announce table as we cut to commercial.


***Bittersweet Symphony***

The lights in the area fade out, as the crowd wonder who is making their entrance. The sound of violins can be heard which quickly develop in to loud drum beats. Suddenly, the lights flash all sorts of lights, as the man known as Tyson Stevens makes his entrance. He's a clearly self-confident man as he makes his way down to the ring ready for battle. The crowd give Stevens a light cheer as he gets himself pumped up in the middle of the ring.

***In The End***

As the lights dim, In The End blasts through the arena. A cocky and smug man known as 'The Golden Boy' begins to make his way down the stage. He looks over at the crowd members in attendance with a slight smirk on his face not worried by one of opponents standing in the ring. At the end of his slow strut, he snaps and a series of sparks hit the stage. He continues to slowly strut down to the ring, and makes his way inside and snaps once more, as more sparks hit the arena. He looks over to his opponent and flexes showing that he's the superior man before getting in his respective corner.

***Turnstile Blues***

As Turnstile Blues hits the arena, a strange man begins to make his entrance. He's cold and mechanical, and seems to be in a completely different planet. He glances at the crowd, before looking down at the ground and continuing to make his way to the ring. As he comes close to the ring, he brings his head up and turns to a member of the crowd. Not fazed, he stares completely in to their eyes emotionless before continuing his way to the ring. Both ring opponents are assessing their third and final opponent, as he steps in to the ring and removes his brown leather jacket. He's ready for battle, and is not worried whatsoever by the other two men he will be facing.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, this Triple Threat match is set for one fall! Introducing first coming from Augusta, Georgia, THE GOLDEN BOY!

The Golden Boy shows off his muscles once again acting superior to his opponents and the crowd.

Emma Mason:
And one of his opponents, coming from Chicago, Illinois. TYSON STEVENS!

Stevens smiles, as he gets ready for battle. The young man is determined and hungry.

Emma Mason:
And finally, coming from The Lonely Coast. STRYDER!

Stryder doesn't move at the sound of his name and continues looking down at the ring, unfazed by what's happening around him.

Match 1 | Triple Threat Match
Tyson Stevens vs. The Golden Boy vs. Stryder

The bell rings as Stryder brings his focus up to his opponents. All three men begin to look at eachother, as the crowd is anticipating who will make the first move. Suddenly, the seemingly cocky Golden Boy rushes over to Stryder landing a punch on the emotionless man. Stevens wants a piece of the action, as he brings The Golden Boy up and pushes him to the turnbuckle, hitting him with several blows to the chest. Stryder can be seen behind him shaking off the cobwebs. The crowd suddenly change their tone, as they watch Stryder approach both men distracted by eachother. He comes over with force hitting Stevens in the back of the head before sending him flying to the outside mat.

Stryder now pays his attention to The Golden Boy who is trapped in the corner, there is a sudden switch in his eyes as he begins to uncontrollably punch and kick away before the referee pulls him away. Stevens can be seen stepping back in the ring, as the crowd seem to be getting behind the young athlete. He pulls Stryder off and punches him in the gut, before bringing him down to the mat. This is where Stevens begins to shine as he's now in his zone. He quickly gets Stryder in to a leg-lock as the crowd are shouting for him to tap. The Golden Boy can be seen making his way out of the corner, still partially dazed by the attack as he breaks the hold up to make sure Stevens doesn't win.

The crowd boo The Golden Boy hard, as Stryder can be seen holding his leg and crawling to the corner. Stevens now has to bring his attention to The Golden Boy who begins to launch his ruthlessness on Stevens. Stevens can hardly fight back, as The Golden Boy pushes him to the corner and begins to hit him with several knife edged chops. The Golden Boy looks back at Stryder who is beginning to make it to his feet, this gives Stevens the opportunity to fight back as he kicks the gut of The Golden Boy from the corner. The Golden Boy holds his gut in agony and turns around keeled over as Stryder rushes over and kicks The Golden Boy in the skull.

The crowd are in shock at how ruthless Stryder is as he looks over at Stevens completely emotionless. Stevens isn't backing down, as both men rush at eachother and Stevens is able to intelligently block a blow with his speed. Stryder turns around and is met with a superkick by Stevens who is able to think quickly on his feet. Stevens is confident as he goes for the pin attempt, only to be interrupted by The Golden Boy who pulls him off and throws him out of the ring. The Golden Boy quickly hooks the leg and goes for the three count:


Stryder kicks out with force as The Golden Boy can't believe it. The crowd are still willing Stevens on as he makes his way back in to the ring. Stryder makes it to his feet, and both Stevens and The Golden Boy are at each side. Stevens reluctantly works with The Golden Boy as they both team up to battle Stryder and bring him down. This alliance doesn't last long however, as The Golden Boy now turns his attention to Stevens once again and kicks away at the chest before setting up the Gutwrench Neckbreaker and hitting it.

Stryder is still dazed at the corner, as The Golden Boy quickly goes for the pin attempt:


The Golden Boy can't believe at as he stomps his fists at the ring mat. He then stands up and methodically walks around Stevens determined and begins to stomp away several times not letting Stevens catch a breath of air. The crowd are attempting to will Stevens on, but he's continually being beaten on in the center of the ring. Stryder can be seen making it to his feet, whilst The Golden Boy is too pre-occupied with finishing off Stevens. Stryder sneakily approaches The Golden Boy with a rage in his eyes and turns him around htting The Sound of Silence. He then signals to the crowd 'shh' before getting down and pinning The Golden Boy. Stevens is trying to make his way up but is still in agony from the attack. The referee counts:



Winner - Stryder @ 7.16

The crowd can't believe and neither can Stevens as he wanted to break it up, but couldn't make it in time. The crowd are not happy with the result as they boo and continue to supply heat to Stryder. Stryder steps up, not even reacting to the win and shoving the referee away from holding his arm up. The Golden Boy is out in the middle of the ring, and Stryder makes his way up the ramp and out the back, not even glancing back once.


August 25, 2013.

We come back from commercial and the cameras go to the ring where our beautiful ring announcer, Emma Mason stands with a mic once again.

Emma Mason:
The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from The House Of Heartbreak, weighing in at 210 pounds Lane Walker!


Lane Walker jogs out onto the stage to a small pop from the fans and he's all smiles tonight, despite a tough loss last week to Leonum. Walker now jogs down the ramp, slapping hands with the fans lining the ramp as he goes. Walker reaches the bottom of the ramp and looks at the fans on either side, not spotting a woman who perks his interest so he slides under the bottom rope and into the ring before raising his fist into the air to show his approval of the fans as his music cuts.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing 285 pounds, he is Dr. Pain, Derek Jacobs!


The fans aren't sure how to react as the newest member of the PWC Roster, Derek Jacobs walks out onto the stage with an evil grin on his face as stares down the ramp and into the ring at his opponent. Jacobs begins walking down the ramp as Walker stretches against the ropes in the ring. Jacobs reaches the bottom of the ramp and stares up at his opponent before pulling himself onto the ring apron, and stepping over the top rope into the ring. Jacobs sizes up Walker, who realizes he'll be at a size disadvantage in this one as both men back into their respective corners.

Match 2 | Singles Match
Derek Jacobs vs. Lane Walker

The referee calls for the bell, and as the match begins, both men walk into the middle of the ring with Walker looking up at Jacobs, before striking him with a kick to the calve! Jacobs grabs his calve as Walker hits another kick to them to try and knot them up before shooting off the ropes, and he hits a clothesline but it only stumbles the big man! Walker seems surprised and bounces off the ropes again, as he comes back he gets nailed with a big boot to the face from Jacobs to knock him down! Jacobs chuckles as Walker rolls into the ropes before getting back to his feet, but not for long as Jacobs charges him and hits a kick to the chest that knocks Walker through the middle rope and to the floor!

Jacobs waits for his opponent to get up, before exiting the ring and trying to attack again, but Walker slides into the ring to avoid him! Jacobs pulls himself onto the ring apron, but Walker hits a dropkick and it knocks Jacobs off the ring apron! The fans are starting to support Walker as he slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle, and stares down at his opponent who stumbles to his feet, and Walker hits a diving crossbody to take out Jacobs as the fans give him a nice pop for that one.

Walker gets to his feet and slaps hands with a few fans at ringside before dragging the big man to his feet and rolling him into the ring. Walker rolls in after him and hits a couple punches to the face to keep Jacobs down. Walker now walks into the middle of the ring and claps his hands over his head a few times to get the fans to do it as well before pulling down his knee pad, and shooting off the ropes....and he hits the big knee drop to the skull! Walker now hooks the leg for the pin and this could be it!

but Jacobs kicks out!

Walker seems a bit surprised as he gets to his feet while Jacobs sits up before getting to his feet as Walker rushes him, but Jacobs catches him with a big powerslam! That looked brutal! Walker is out of it as Jacobs drags him into the middle of the ring, and hits two straight elbow drops to his opponents chest before connecting with a jumping leg drop! Jacobs puts his arm across the face of Walker for the pin attempt now.

but Walker kicks out!

Jacobs stays on the attack after the pin attempt by choking the life out of Lane Walker while he gasps for air on the mat. Jacobs breaks the hold after the ref forces him off his opponent, but he comes right back with a running elbow drop to the chest of Walker! Jacobs drags Walker to his feet and whips him hard into the corner, causing Lane to grab his back in pain as Jacobs runs in, and hits a big clothesline in the corner on Walker! Jacobs however doesn't let Walker out of the corner and instead hits not one, not two but three back elbows to the jaw of Walker! Walker stumbles out of the corner, right into the arms of Jacobs who presses Walker over his head with ease, then drops him with a military press slam!

Walker rolls around on the mat holding his ribs in pain as Jacobs debates going for the pin, but instead he drags Walker right back to his feet and what does the big man have in mind now? Jacobs now lifts Walker up onto his shoulders and points to the turnbuckle, it appears he might be going for snake eyes as he charges into the corner, but Walker slides down his back and gets a school boy roll up pin trying to steal one here!

NO! Jacobs escapes!

The fans thought Walker might have caught Jacobs there but no dice as the referee says Jacobs kicked out at two and a half. Walker shakes his head but none the less he gets to his feet as Jacobs leans against the ropes, and Walker kicks him in the gut to double him over before grabbing a front face lock, and he tries to lift Jacobs up for a suplex but he can't do it! The size difference is too much and Walker walks away holding his back as Jacobs shakes the cobwebs out of his head before charging Walker, who counters with a drop toe hold to take down the big man! Walker may have dodged a bullet there as Jacobs rolls over onto his back and Lane walks in to take advance, but NO! Jacobs catches him out of nowhere with his Paydirt Submission! He has him locked in his finishing submission hold right in the middle of the ring as Lane Walker struggles to try and escape, but no luck! Walker reaches around for the ropes but no luck again and he's forced to tap out!

Winner - Derek Jacobs @ 8.42

Emma Mason:
Here's your winner, Dr.Pain, Derek Jacobs!


Jacobs keeps the hold locked in as Lane keeps tapping but finally the referee steps in and pulls Jacobs off the hold and raises his arm in victory. Jacobs stands over his fallen opponent and laughs at his pain before bailing out of the ring and walking up the ramp, his right arm raised in victory the whole time.

We cut backstage swiftly, and we’re in a parking lot. A car pulls up and two doors open. The PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black steps out off the driver’s side and a women steps out the passenger’s. Xander walks around his car and opens the boot, grabbing a bag. The women pops up beside him.

Are you sure it’s alright that I’m here? No one will mind.

Xander shuts the boot and locks the car.

Xander Black:
No. Don’t be silly, Beth. You wanted to come, and your with the World Champion, who’s going to turn you away?

Black grabs Beth’s hand and they walk towards the entrance.

You know ... I think that title may be going to your head.

Xander laughs as they reach the entrance.

We cut away.

***Voodoo Child***

The camera cuts back to the stage and boos echo throughout the arena as Louie Spindoli walks out, tightening his wrist tape as he moves.

He walks down towards the ring, ignoring the U.S Bank Arena who are still booing the New Jersey native. Spindoli reaches ringside, and rolls into the ring, still adjusting his wrist tape. The referee walks over to him and points him to a corner, which he moves to and starts to pace back and forth.

Emma Mason climbs into the ring, with a microphone in hand and looks out into the crowd with a dazzling smile on her face.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from The Rough Side of New Jersey, weighing in at 225lbs, Louie SPINDOLI!

Spindoli ignores the crowd and continues to pace as his music dies out.


Once again the U.S Bank unites as a whole and boos as Daiko jogs out onto the stage and looks at Spindoli with a cocky smile on his face.

He walks down the ramp, ignoring the “Let’s go Dancer” chants that are echoing throughout the arena, and hops up onto the apron, where he slingshots himself over and into the ring. He leans up against the nearest turnbuckle, ignoring everyone else in the arena and keeps his eyes locked on Spindoli who has stopped pacing and is returning the Scot’s glare.

Emma Mason walks forward again and raises her hand and points to Daiko.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, from Perth, Scotland, weighing in at 183lbs, DAIKO!

Daiko and Spindoli continue their staredown, ignoring the referee who is telling them the rules one more time.

The referee waits for a few seconds as Miss Mason retakes her seat at ringside before calling for the bell to be rung.

Match 3 | Singles Match
Louie Spindoli vs. Daiko

The two competitors rush forward and lock up as soon as the bell goes, both fighting for control in the early parts of the match. Spindoli quickly takes the advantage with his extra size and power, and begins to push Daiko towards the nearest set of ropes, but is cut off almost instantly as Daiko manages to plant his legs into the mat, causing the locked up stars to tumble over, and break their hold.

Daiko takes advantage of the speed difference between the duo and gets up and kicks out at Spindoli, who has only just gotten to his own feet. Daiko’s kick connects with the back of Spindoli’s right leg, forcing him to drop down onto one knee. The Scot kicks out at the left leg of his opponent, forcing him down onto both knees and unleashes several kicks to the chest and right arm of Spindoli, before smashing him in the side of his head with a shin shot.

Spindoli falls to his left and is quickly rolled over into the first pin attempt of the match, but kicks out before the referee even counts to 1.

Daiko unloads on the back of Spindoli’s head with several clubbing forearms before dragging him to his feet and pushing him towards the turnbuckle where he smacks Spindoli’s chest with the back of his hand, causing a loud *CRACK* to echo around the arena.

Another loud *CRACK* echoes around the arena as Daiko chops at Spindoli’s chest once again before grabbing his left arm and whipping him across to the opposite turnbuckle.

Daiko runs at Spindoli and dives at his opponent, but he only connects with the turnbuckle as Spindoli throws himself to his right and dodges Daiko.

Daiko’s head bounces off of the back of the turnbuckle, and he staggers around into Spindoli’s grasp as the ‘Ace of Spades’ reaches down, picks Daiko up and hits a Scoop Slam! Spindoli rolls Daiko onto his back and goes for the pinfall.


Spindoli keeps on the offence as he pulls Daiko back up to his feet and whips him off of the nearest ropes before hitting a brutal clothesline which takes Daiko clean off of his feet!


Spindoli’s second pinfall attempt is met with another one count as Daiko throws his shoulder up and breaks the count.

Spindoli steps through the ropes, onto the apron, and climbs the turnbuckle as Daiko gets to his feet, and sits on the top turnbuckle, stalking his prey, who has just begun to turn around, into a Flying Forea… NO! Daiko ducks under Spindoli’s falling body!

Daiko backs off into the turnbuckle that Spindoli just flew from and waits as Spindoli starts to rise to his feet before charging at him looking to hit the Boma Ye, but NO! Spindoli returns the counter as he falls flat onto the mat, just as Daiko’s knee smashes through nothing but the air which Spindoli’s head occupied not a second beforehand.

Daiko turns back to Spindoli, looking to get a hit in, but he’s caught with a kick to the stomach from his opponent! Daiko doubles over, clutching his stomach, but just as he starts to recompose himself, Spindoli grabs his head and falls back, driving Daiko’s skull into the mat with a DDT!

The New Jersey native doesn’t waste any time with another pinfall, but instead drops a knee into the side of Daiko’s jaw.

Spindoli drags Daiko to his feet once more, and catches him with a vicious chop which drops the young man back down onto the mat.

Spindoli drags Daiko to his feet again, and catches him with a strong punch before dropping the Scot for the third time with a second Scoop Slam.

The referee slides down to the mat as Spindoli goes for another pin attempt on Daiko.


Daiko throws his shoulder up off of the mat for the third time, showing that Spindoli’s not done anywhere near enough damage to the resilient Scot.

Spindoli goes to drag Daiko to his feet once again, but he’s caught as he leans over, and Daiko rolls him up into a Small Package!


Daiko wastes no time as Spindoli kicks out, and he quickly gets to his feet and kicks out at Spindoli’s chest! The crowd start to count as Daiko’s kicks connect. 1! 2! 3! 4! 5! With the final kick, Daiko goes high and catches the side of Spindoli’s head, which knocks him down onto the mat. Daiko rolls over Spindoli, but instead of going for a Pinfall, he drags the big man into the middle of the ring, and goes out onto the apron, before hopping up onto the turnbuckle.

MOONSAULT! Daiko clutches his ribs with his left arm and throws his right over Spindoli’s body.


Daiko rolls off of Spindoli, still clutching his ribs, and drags Spindoli up to his feet. The Scot knees Spindoli in the gut, causing him to double over, before connecting with a Snap Suplex! Daiko doesn’t let go of the hold though, but instead rolls of too his right, dragging Spindoli with him and hits another Snap Suplex! He rolls through again, this time to his left, but instead of going for a third Suplex, Daiko shows surprising strength, and stalls Spindoli in the air, before bringing him down face first INTO THE FLATLINER!

The crowd don’t know whether to cheer or boo as Daiko backs off into the nearest turnbuckle, setting up a move that has become more and more familiar as the weeks go on.

Spindoli slowly begins to get to his feet, but before he can get his head much higher than waist high, he’s almost knocked clean out as Daiko’s knee smashes off of his temple, and he’s laid out on the mat as Daiko drags him to the center of the ring and rolls him over, going for another pinfall.


Winner - Daiko @ 7.54

The referee calls for the bell as Daiko rolls off of Spindoli and gets to his feet with a grin on his face. For the first time in his career in the PWC, the crowd is unsure how to react to Daiko, and there’s even a small group of fans who are cheering for the Scot!

The camera fades out as Daiko raises a hand to acknowledge his ‘fans’.

Backstage, we’re in Xander Black’s locker room, where he’s warming up in his attire; Beth’s sitting on a chair a couple of feet away.

Did anyone tell you that you’ve got great abs.

Xander Black:
Yeah, of cour-

A knock on the door stops Xander and after a moment, a staff member steps in.

Staff Member:
Sorry to interrupt, but Mr. Clement needs to speak to you.

Xander pulls on a black tee and turns to Beth.

Xander Black:
Will you be okay by yourself?

Yeah, go.

Xander Black:
You’re sure now?

YES! Now, go.

Beth pushes Xander in the lower back, pushing him towards the door and then after a moment he’s gone.

Beth sits down on a steel chair, and then picks up Xander’s title and looks at it, smiling.

Suddenly, the door swings open with a thud!

Beth springs up.

Jay Rush and Freddie Vos walks into the spacious room, getting some severe heat.

Jay Rush:
Well, well, well – what do we have here?

Freddie Vos:
I believe you’re holding my belt.

Beth doesn’t say anything as Vos and Rush stop in front of her.

Jay Rush:
So, you’re the famous, Beth?

Rush looks at Vos.

Jay Rush:
Didn’t you burn her picture?

Vos shrugs.

Jay Rush:
Shame ... so pretty. Almost as flawless as me.

Beth rolls her eyes, but doesn’t move her body, frozen.

Jay Rush:
See, if you sort your hair out here-

Rush attempts to brush a strand of hair away from Beth’s face ... but gets a slap for his trouble!

Vos grabs Beth by the back of her head, getting a handful of hair, causing a scream as Rush recovers from the slap.

Freddie Vos:
Now, that wasn’t very respectful, was it? Maybe, we should send Xander a little message-



Elric smashes Vos in the face with a right hook as Beth retreats into the far away corner.

Elric knees Vos in the stomach and pushes Vos backwards into a locker, but then he’s tackled by Rush who takes him down to the ground!

Vos recovers and pulls Elric too his feet, he holds him in place as Rush smashes him in the face.

Elric drops to the ground and Rush and Vos begin stomping on him.

What are you doing?! Stop it!

Rush and Vos don’t listen, they continue to stomp on him until ...


A big pop comes from the arena as Xander ducks a punch from Vos, then spears him into the wall!

Rush comes up behind Black, but a shout from Beth alerts him and he hits him with a back kick.

Black grabs Rush, and throws him out of the locker room!

He turns back to Vos who runs at him, but Black ducks a clothesline, then knees him in the stomach – and THROWS VOS OUT OF THE ROOM!

As if on cue, security guards appear on the scene, blocking Rush and Vos from re-entering the room.

Beth rushes out and kneels down beside Elric, as Black does the same once he knows that Rush and Vos won’t be coming back.

Xander Black:
What happened?

Black grabs Elric by the arm and helps him up.

Those two came in and one of them said they wanted to send a message. And, that’s when Kyle showed up.

Elric seems to have recovered as Black lets go of his arm.

Xander Black:
You saved her?

Kyle Elric:
I guess you could say that.

Xander looks down at the ground, thinking something over as Elric holds his stomach.

He then extends his hand!

Elric looks as though he’s thinking, which is understandable considering what happened last week.

Considering the situation, Elric eventually shakes Black’s hand. Both men nod at each other in a show of respect.

Once Elric and Black let go of each other, Beth steps in between them and hugs Elric.

Thank you.

Beth lets go off the hug and stands beside the PWC World Champion.

Kyle Elric:
Dō itashimashite.

Beth looks at Xander.

Xander Black:
Japanese. Means you’re welcome.

Black looks at Elric again.

Xander Black:
... Thanks. I’ll see you out there for our tag match.

Elric nods and walks out of the locker room as we cut away.



Nero walks out on the stage, with his valet by his side. He is as arrogant as always, as he looks towards the crowd showing off his 'superiority'. He makes his way to ringside, as his valet follows him in to the ring.

As I stand here, I look in to the crowd and just realize how superior I really am. None of you are as intelligent or naturally gifted as I am.

The crowd show their hatred for Nero.

Simmer down, you're the last thing I care about right now, and I really don't appreciate you interrupting me either. There's one thing I've made my way out here to discuss tonight, and that's my future in this company. Which is obviously bright, but I'm talking about specifics. I've had my eyes on someone lately, and you should all know who that is. I've not glanced my eyes away from the prize, I'm constantly pushing and striving myself to be better everyday...if that's even possible considering how good I actually am.

Now, I didn't come out here to mutter, oh no. I just came out here to talk face to face, man to man. So Islami, you can either stand out there by your lonesome and not come out and face me. Or you can step-up to the plate, and show you actually have some balls. Oh, and if you think I'm going to budge, then you couldn't be anymore mistaken. I'll stand out here all Night if I have too. Screw whatever else is going on, this is between you, me and that title you hold so dearly. Oh and--

***Huka Blues***

Nero is suddenly interrupted by the sound of Islami's music. He powers down to the ring determined with a microphone in hand. He steps in to the ring, looking directly at Nero with aggression in his eyes as both men can be seen pacing around the ring, Nero can be seen heavily smirking. Islami has the Legacy Title perched on his shoulder.

Enough of your talking, I'm sick and tired of hearing it. And even though they all despise me, I'm pretty sure they're sick of it too! You're nothing more than a silly surgeon, that thinks he can wrestle. Go back to doing what you can do. What's the matter, did I touch a nerve Doctor? Do you honestly think you have a chance of taking this title from me? Have you seen my track record, and are you underestimating simply how good I actually am? Well?

Nero interrupts Islami for a second to counter him.

Big words, big words. Let's hope you can actually back those up when it comes to the time for you to defend that.

Nero points exactly at the Legacy Title, as Islami glances over.

Yeah, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Don't look so worried Islami, if you honestly think I can't wrestle, you've simply not been paying attention to your eventual opponent. I'm one of the most technically gifted wrestlers on the roster and I do exactly what it says on the tin. You really shouldn't underestimate my ability, but go ahead and make it even more EASIER to end you and take what you preciously own.

Nero pushes his valet away and both men step closer, they drop their microphones and look like they're about to break in to a fight. They are literally nose to nose, Nero smirks and looks down at Islami who is holding the title close. Nero simply steps away, and signals he's coming for the title to Islami. He walks out of the ring and up the ramp with his Valet. But is suddenly halted by the sound of Islami speaking again.

Islami: Hang on a minute, you think I'm going to let you get the last word in? You've proven to be very cocky during your time here in PWC, and it's goin' to be your downfall Nero. You think too highly of yourself, and think you'll be able to pull this off, but we both know that deep down inside, you're dreading that you will lose after promosing so much.

Islami drops the microphone and holds the Legacy title high in the air. Nero looks back with a scowl as he walks off with his Valet. The camera fades out.


The camera cuts back to the ring where Emma Mason is stood with a microphone in hand, ready to announce the next match.

***On a Plain***

The music blasts, as McEfoy comes out bursting on to the stage with a huge smile on his face. His Manager 'BT' can be seen by his side. He continues to rush down the ramp pumping his arm in to the air, and high fiving some of the fans before he gets in to the ring. He once again pumps his arms in the air, and gets the crowd pumped up at the ropes as BT can be heard on the outside shouting "Wowee!"

***The Pride***

Leonum walks on to the stage, completely emotionless and quiet. Leonum stands completely still at the stage, surveying the arena and fans in attendance. Leonum closed his eyes and dropped to his knees waiting for a cue in his theme, as he kissed his right thumb and jumped right up with a roar of intensity. Leonum powered to the ring, focusing on his opponent in the ring. Once there, he slid in to the ring and raised his arms, not intidmated by his opponent.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is set for one fall! Introducing first coming from Victoria, Australia, BOB MCEFOY!

Bob McEfoy smiles and raises his arm to the crowd, who are in clear support of him.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, from the The Lion's Den, KING LEONUM!

Leonum just shakes his head, remaining emotionless and continues to focus on his opponent.

Match 4 | Singles Match
King Leonum vs. Bob McEfoy

As the bell rings, Leonum looks over at McEfoy with a cold stare as both men begin pacing around the ring. They soon lock-up tightly testing eachother's strength, McEfoy pushes away Leonum with a huge smile on his face. Leonum is not happy with the move and clotheslines McEfoy with anger. Lenoum brings McEfoy back up and knows that isn't enough yet, as he begins punching the gut of McEfoy before sending him in to the corner with force. Leonum steps back and is ready to charge at McEfoy, and does so, but McEfoy is smart and quick enough to be able to dodge the attack.

Leonum turns around, holding his head in pain. McEfoy quickly approaches Leonum and continues to work on his opponent, trapping him at the ropes. The crowd is firmly in McEfoy's corner as he continues to wear down Leonum. His Manager BT can be clearly heard shouting 'WOWEE' on the outside! McEfoy holds the head of Leonum firmly as he brings him away from the ropes. Leonum pushes McEfoy away at the ropes, but on return McEfoy kicks Leonum in the head which dazes him. McEfoy doesn't waste any time as he quickly sets up for the WOWEE Bomb on Leonum and hits it with perfection! Leonum is flat and out on the mat, as the crowd are antipacting the referee's count.


Winner - Bob McEfoy @ 2.46

MCEFOY WINS! The crowd are impressed with the performance by McEfoy tonight as he recieves a pop from the crowd. BT can be heard shouting 'WOWEE!' at the win, as both McEfoy and BT walk up the ramp and behind the curtain.

The cameras cut backstage where Daiko is stood in his ring gear with a towel wrapped around his neck. Danny Eriksen is stood to his left, wearing a navy blue suit, with a microphone in hand, which he raises up to his mouth.

Danny Eriksen:
Daiko, first of all, congratulations on the win tonight against Louie Spindoli.

Daiko nods in appreciation.

Danny Eriksen:
After all these weeks of boos and jeers, how surprised where you when your win was met by cheers from a portion of the crowd?

I’ll admit that I’m still a little shocked that I got some cheers, but honestly, I don’t think this means much. They were just choosing the lesser of two evils out there as Spindoli and I fought.

Danny Eriksen:
And on that note, that win has seen you go 4 for 4 here in the PWC! After a shaky start, you seem to be finding your footing here and you’ve managed to pick up win after win since fighting Dancer at Alpha & Omega. If this momentum continues, surely you’ve got to be in contention for the Legacy Title at a future Pay-Per-View!

Hopefully I’ll manage to somehow get into the match at Hell’s Judgement, but if not, I’m sure I can settle for waiting an extra few months before getting some gold around my waist.

Danny Eriksen:
Thanks for the interview.

Daiko nods and walks off screen.

In the ring ...


Some solid heat fills the arena as they turn a light blue colour, and JAY RUSH steps onto the stage. He takes the time to show off his abs before heading down the ramp, stopping to allow some photographers to get some good shots. He climbs into the ring and waits for his tag team partner.

Stan Chambers:
It seems that Jay Rush and Freddie Vos have developed quite the friendship after last week.

Charlie Campbell:
You couldn’t get a more different friendship than this one if you tried.


And now the heat intensifies as FREDDIE VOS slowly makes his way onto the stage. He slowly walks down to the ring, rolling his fist in his hand. He then climbs into the ring and sits on the top turnbuckle, and slashes his neck.

Stan Chambers:
After what Freddie Vos and Jay Rush attempted earlier tonight, it appears that Kyle Elric and Xander Black will absolutely be on the same page tonight.

Charlie Campbell:
Freddie Vos still feels he should be in the hunt for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship, have you ever thought he’s using Jay Rush to help him get back in it?


And now the heat turns to cheers, as KYLE ELRIC appears on the stage, an air of calmness about him, his eyes locked on the two men in the ring. He acknowledges the crowd, then kisses his necklace before making his way down the ramp. He knows better than to enter the ring, so he waits for his tag team partner.

Stan Chambers:
They’ll be partners tonight, but soon they will go one on one for the biggest prize in wrestling, the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. Xander Black took Elric by surprise last week, showing he has no problem with reverting back to his old ways to send a message, but will Elric attempt to do the same?

Charlie Campbell:
I doubt it, Kyle Elric is one of the most respectful guys I’ve met. He’ll wait until Hells Judgment to send a message, and that message will be sent in the championship match.


Despite his actions last week, it’s still a huge positive reaction for the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, XANDER BLACK. He walks onto the stage as the arena flashes with lights. He walks down the ramp and stands beside Elric. The two look at each other and nod.

Stan Chambers:
Even Xander Black seems to be warming to Elric, not just in respect, but perhaps he’s starting to actually like his challenger.

Charlie Campbell:
Well, Elric did save his girlfriend.

Elric and Black climb into the ring as Vos and Rush watch.

MAIN EVENT | Tag Team Contest
Kyle Elric & Xander Black vs. Freddie Vos & Jay Rush

It’s Xander Black and Freddie Vos to start things off, and the two with their history, walk towards each other, staring each at each other in the face. Things begin to get heated when some trash talk begins, then finally Vos swings at Black with a punch, only for Xander to duck under and come out the other side, yanking Vos around and slapping him in the face!

A big pop comes up for that as Vos staggers back, but hits the ropes and takes Black down to the mat with a double leg take down. They swing away at each other on the mat before the referee separates them. They get up at the same time, with Black running straight at Freddie who catches him with a deep arm drag. Vos keeps hold of the arm, but Xander gets to his knees, and flips Vos over his head.

Xander gets up and hits the ropes, and goes for a running leg drop, but Vos rolls out the way. Black sits on the mat, wincing in pain, then Vos hits the ropes and goes for a running knee but Black lies back, avoiding the hit. Black and Vos meet again, locking up, but Xander ducks behind, clasps his hand around his opponents waist and takes him down to the mat.

Xander climbs on top, bringing himself around and locking in a front head lock, but Vos gets up quickly and breaks Xander’s grip. Vos pushes Xander back to the ropes, then goes for a clothesline, but Xander ducks and flips him onto the apron. The PWC World Heavyweight Champion then hip tosses Vos right back into the ring.

Xander pulls Vos up to his feet, and slashes him with a knife edge chop, then attempts to Irish-whip him into one of the free corners, but Vos reverses. Freddie follows him in with a running clothesline which connects. Vos holds him up, and then punches him twice in the head, before running back to the opposite corner, then turning around and sprinting at the World Champ ... but Black gets a boot up and Vos runs straight into it!

The World Champ then exits onto the apron, and climbs to the top rope, and connects with a flying cross body!

He doesn’t go for the cover, though, he pulls Freddie to his feet and pulls him into the corner, allowing Elric to slap his back, getting the tag.

Elric enters the ring as Black holds Vos up and holds his arms to the side. Elric then hits a spinning back kick to the stomach of Vos. The faces now take control for the next few minutes, inflicting some pain on Vos.

They use quick tags to keep Vos separated from Rush who was getting more frustrated on the apron. Every time it was Xander in the ring, the atmosphere changed as everyone knows the history between he and Freddie.

But, Rush had enough of waiting, Xander attempted to Irish-whip Vos but Freddie reversed it and sent Black to the ropes, where Rush kicked him in the back. Black turned and smashed Rush in the face before turning around ... right into a massive clothesline from Vos!

Both men were down ... after a few moments, Xander tags in Elric and Vos tags in Rush. The two meet in the centre of the ring with Elric ducking a punch, kicking Jay in the shin and backing him into the ropes. Elric seemed to be in control, showing why he is the number one contender ... but when Elric went to the top rope, Rush dived towards the ropes, knocking him off balance.

Rush climbed to the top with Elric ... and hit him with a Superplex!

He got a near fall at that and from then on the heels took control.

This continued for a while, allowing Elric to get sympathy from the crowd. Vos was the legal man when he decided enough was enough, he pointed at Black and shouted “it should be you” before measuring Elric as he stood up.

He grabbed Kyle from behind and looked to hit Dirtnap ... but Elric ducked down and flipped Vos over him!

Vos got up and turned around and ran at Elric, who hit a desperate low drop kick to Vos’ knees. Vos sat up on his knees, and Elric hit the ropes ... hitting a Shinning Wizard!

Massive pop from the crowd as both men were down. Vos from the pain of the shot and Elric from the exhaustion. After a handful of seconds, Elric began to crawl to his corner ... and was so close to getting a tag, before Vos grabbed onto one of his feet.

Elric pushed himself to his foot(?) with his other foot still in the hands of Vos. Elric shimmied around to face Freddie ... before hitting an Enzuigiri!!

Another massive pop as Elric crawled again, and Vos slowly got to his feet.

Elric tags in Black!!!!

Xander comes in hot, taking the fight to one of his biggest rivals, knocking Vos down with a clothesline. Vos came up quickly but Xander hit a European Uppercut, then hit the ropes, connecting with a running cross body!

Black got up and looked at the crowd who were on their feet. Xander turned and looked at Rush before knocking him off the apron again! Vos got to his feet and turned, and was the victim of a standing drop kick!

Vos sat up, but Xander was already running ... hitting The Death Drive!

Cover! Nearfall! As Jay Rush dives on top of Black. He hits him repeatedly with strikes but then Elric gets back into the action, tackling Rush and pulling him away, before drop kicking him through the ropes! Elric grabbed the top rope ... before springboarding to the outside, connecting with a springboard plancha!

In the ring, Vos and Black got up at the same time, and the two began to trade European Uppercuts! But Xander had more in him and backed him into the ropes, he Irish-whipped him then connected with a drop-toe-hold before rolling onto Vos and grabbing his legs.

Turning him over ... locking in the FIGURE FOUR DEATH LOCK!!

It’s a double take of the PPV where Vos screams out in pain as Xander continues to wrench the hold ... but then we hear a massive THUD and the cameras cut to the outside where Rush has just thrown Elric into the steel steps!

Rush turns to the ring, and just as Vos looks as though he’s going to tap ... Rush climbs to the top rope ... MISSILE DROP KICK TO THE BACK OF XANDER!!

Rush gets back to his corner and shouts at Vos to get the tag. The two legal men begin to crawl to their corners ... Vos gets the tag and Xander ... doesn’t.

Elric is still down by the steel steps, holding the back of his head. A doctor nearby trying to get a look.

Xander turns around, dismayed right into a Super Kick from Rush!!

Cover!! 1... 2... NO!!!

Rush gets up and measures Xander ... grabbing him and going for the Unprettier but Black turns around and pushes Rush away, but he returns with a spinning heel kick!

Xander is down again, as Rush begins to stomp repeatedly. He then positions Black’s throat on the bottom rope and starts to choke him.

On the outside, Elric begins to come too and pushes the doctor away. He looks at the ring before trying to get up, but staggers back and has to lean on the steel steps.

Xander’s screams echo through the arena as Rush finally lets go off the choke and tags in Vos. Who comes in with a snarl.

Vos continues where Rush left off, he works over Xander, putting him through torture as his tag team partner is still struggling with the back of his head.

Loud XANDER chants come as Vos locks him in the Guillotine Choke!

The world begins to fade for Xander, will he suffer the first loss of his PWC Career??

NO! He manages to stand up, just like the PPV ... still with Vos wrapped around and him and SLAMS him down to the mat!

Both men are down, and they crawl to their corners ... and Elric climbs onto the apron, waiting for the tag after pushing the doctor away. Xander gets the tag ... and Vos gets the tag to Rush!

Elric and Rush meet in the centre ... both men trading blows. Elric quickens the pace by ducking under and hitting the ropes, taking the fight to Rush.

Elric takes control and Irish-whips Rush into the corner before hitting numerous elbow smashes to the head. But Vos gets back into the ring and pulls Elric away, but Elric breaks his arms away and kicks him in the stomach, Irish-whipping Vos into the ropes, where Xander is standing who low bridges and Vos tumbles out of the ring!

Vos quickly gets to his feet ... but Xander runs across the apron before diving off and hitting a cross body!

In the ring, Rush catches Elric with a roll up and holds the tights but only gets a near fall.

He then catches him with a drop-toe-hold and locks in a cross face.

But Xander interrupts it!

Vos is back in the ring running at Xander who ducks and drop kicks the back of Vos!

Meanwhile, Elric has got Rush on the mat with a DDT!

Both of their opponents get to their knees with Xander and Kyle standing over them.

Black sinks down and grabs Vos, holding his arms from his chest and begins to bring down multiple elbows! Whilst Elric begins kicking Rush’s chest repeatedly!

Eventually the ref has to step in and get Xander and Vos out and as he does that ... Elric goes for one last kick to the head ... but Rush ducks ... THEN LOW BLOWS ELRIC!!!!!!!

The boos in the arena are huge as Rush covers and the referee turns around and begins to count!!!!.

1 – 2 – NO!!!!!

Massive kick out which comes with a huge pop!

Rush screams at the referee and who backs away. This distraction allows Elric to somewhat recover, and Rush turns around into a kick, then is brought up into a powerbomb ... and Elric runs at the corner and HITS IT!!

Rush staggers out of the corner ... RIGHT INTO A T-BONE SUPLEX!

Elric then tags in Xander who climbs to the rope as Elric goes to the opposite side. Both men are on the top, with Rush right in the middle. THEY BOTH DIVE OFF ... ELRIC CONNECTING WITH A DIVING HEADBUTT AND XANDER CONNECTING WITH A DIVING ELBOW DROP!

Elric gets up immediately, and hits the ropes, DIVING AT VOS ON THE OUTSIDE WITH A SUICIDE DIVE!

As Xander measures Rush in the ring ... BEFORE CONNECTING WITH THE DEATH NAIL!


Winners – Kyle Elric & Xander Black @ 21.48

Massive pop comes as Black climbs to his feet and has his hand raised. Elric slowly slides into the ring, holding the family jewels and the back of his head, helped up by the ref who raises both mens hands in the centre of the ring.

Vos sits up on the outside and curses at the ground. Rush slowly rolls out of the ring, leaving Elric and Black to stand in the centre.

The referee gets the title and hands it to Xander and he raises their hands one more time, with Elric gazing at the title that Black is holding up.

Stan Chambers:
Tag team partners ... mutual respect tonight ... but in just two more shows these two will be enemies. Fighting for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

Charlie Campbell:
Great, great match. Rush and Vos came up short, but that’s no shame when you are facing Kyle Elric and PWC’s World Champion.

Stan Chambers:
We’re very proud of our PWC World Champion here, but will he be the champion after Hells Judgment. And what will happen next week on Vortex? Join us again, next week, goodnight!

The last image of the evening is off Xander and Elric looking at each other, Black holding the title up high.

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