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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

Arena: Nassau Coliseum
Capacity: 17,686
Location: Uniondale, New York

Singles Match:
Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy

Singles Match:
Lane Walker vs. King Leonum

Singles Match:
Kyle Elric vs. Jay Rush

Singles Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. tba

Singles Match:
Dr. Nero vs. Trae Walker


Deadline for RP's is 11:59pm GMT on November 17th. You will be given a 24 hour warning before the deadline so don't worry.

This thread will be used for posting your RP's, if you want to feedback on someone's RP then go ahead, post the feedback in here. Once the show is posted, you can feedback on that, if you like. Everything else can be posted in the discussion thread.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
Also, let's try something different. Use the match card as a predictions template and post your predictions here. ONLY PREDICTIONS. You can post your predictions without even seeing the RPs posted so yeah, it'll just be a guessing game. Don't post anything else but your predictions and your RP's in here, and ofcourse the show will be posted on here as well. The winner/winners will get hmm...the joy of winning a predictions contest? Or if they really want something, you can PM me or one of the guys in creative and we can offer some direction for your character. Although, you guys can do this already, we're just waiting for you guys to PM us, lol. ONLY PREDICTIONS AND RP'S GO IN THIS THREAD. NOTHING ELSE.

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Only 4 matches? Expecting this to be a promo heavy edition of Vortex.

Anyways, predictions:

Singles Match:
Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy

Daiko is the more experienced one, so should pick up the win. McEfoy should put up a good fight though.

Singles Match:
Kyle Elric vs. Jay Rush

Rush is good, he retired Danny Reese but I'm in the main event scene and will likely put out a good RP. Hope so, anyway.

Singles Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. tba

Spindoli to pick up his first victory here.

Singles Match:
Dr. Nero vs. Trae Walker

I really hope Coolquip shows up and we have a great match. But gut instinct says Nero clinches it. He's on a roll, only undefeated man other than me and C3K.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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Singles Match:
Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy

Can't go against myself here. I've got the Creative Team behind me, and I'll just bury anyone who is better than me anyways, so I win. (Srsly though, I have no idea how AwSmash's RP will go.)

Singles Match:
Kyle Elric vs. Jay Rush

Rush is good. Elric's better. He's moved into the Main Event, so he'll be looking to live up to the new expectations and win this.

Singles Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. tba

I know who tba is. I also know who the writer is, so I'll keep this vote to myself. Whatever way though, I was totally right.

Singles Match:
Dr. Nero vs. Trae Walker

No idea if Coolquip will even turn up here, but a man can hope.

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Singles Match:
Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy
~ I'm not sure how AwSmash will do as I've never seen an RP from him (excluding his sample one), so I'll go with my creative brethren.

Singles Match:
Kyle Elric vs. Jay Rush
~ If TWG (not changing the T for a D, it's not right) can transfer his BTB writing skills, along with some solid character development then he should win, (and I may have a future challenge, not likely though 8*D) BRO to win. It won't be easy as Elric is right up there in skill level, although still a level below me 8*D

Singles Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. tba
~ I swear, if Takers Revenge doesn't beat this guy...

Singles Match:
Dr. Nero vs. Trae Walker
~ Even if Coolquip wasn't MIA, I still reckon Lariatoh! would win this.

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*Walker is seen in a dark room and is holding a candle up to his face.*

They say God created all men equal and they were wrong. My fellow brothers and my fellow sisters lend me your ears and please listen to the...

*Walker cracks up and trails off.*

I'm sorry. I'm sorry. I can't even begin to take myself seriously. Can we turn the lights on?

*The lights come on and Walker blows the candle out and chuckles again*

Alright, thats enough of me being something I'm not. Had you all fooled though right? Anyway what you just seen was a joke. What you just seen is what King Leonum is. That's right. King Leonum is a joke. A big joke. A huge, colossal, six foot and four inches tall looking homeless with his shaggy beard....joke. He also hales from the wonderful state of Kentucky so it's no wonder as to why this man is so delusional that he thinks he can convert people to joining his little group he calls a cult because he grew up with no friends and his parents not hugging him enough. A little harsh considering i'm a fun loving guy but the facts are facts. He calls his little clique The Pride. Quite the name for his group as this man has so little self pride he cant exist in the real world and instead has to escape into his own head and convince other weak minded people he is a God. The only common ground me and this man share is our love for the art that is professional wrestling. An art form where I can prove I am the better artist. A platform where I can encourage kids to eat their milk and drink their vitamins...or something like that.

*Walker smiles at the camera to play into the joke*

The only thing that begins to rival my love for professional wrestling is my love of women. So ladies, let me take you back to my house of heartbreak. In all seriousness though I very much look forward to meeting all of my fans regardless of gender. Howeverrrrr.....I am always searching for the one to make lil ol Lane Walker not so lonesome. So, if you are at the show please give me your numbers. I'm not a crazy person. I swear it.

*Walker again flashes his trademark smile.*

You know I did love once...it's how I got my nickname...When you spend so much time with someone and you love them then they...

*Walker catches himself and before begining his break down he smiles a sheepish smiles and his face lights up as if hes still loving life yet you can still detect the sadness in his eyes.*

But, that's a story for another time. Ladies and gentlemen, I will be making my grand debut for Premier Wrestling Circuit in Uniondale, New York live at the Nassau Coliseum as I go one on one against King Leonum. So please come out and buy some of my shirts, say hi, and most of all enjoy the sport and art form that is professional wrestling.

*Edited to add the word the. I goofed and put the word to between enjoy and sport.

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- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

It's cold, almost to the point where you tear drops would freeze as they leave your eyes. It doesn't seem to threaten King Leonum, who's face was painted with the same sick grin he had now been known for. He stood in the center of the ring, arms raised to his side while his theme music roared on as PWC returned from a commercial. The crowd fought through the cold to say their peace to Leonum, throwing profanities and disobedience towards him. He accepted the hate with the warm grin and a deep cackle. He was not concerned with the crowd at this moment, as obviously stated by the act of ignoring the crowd. Bigger and more important matters pressed on the front of his brain, slightly weighing him down as he walked. Each step burned like a hammer plunging into his skull. He hated those who opposed him, but when it came to wrestling, the opponent always comes first before the crowd. This is why he paid the crowd no attention; his focus was on Lonesome Lane his opponent for Vortex #8. Lane had given his two cents on Leonum and now the King of the Pride wanted his turn. A slight hush dulled over the crowd as Leonum slowly raised the microphone to his bearded mouth. You could feel the hate from the crowd who painted him as a satanist cult leader with a god complex. By some definition they right, but what could they do about it?

"This world is terrifying and strange. We could compare our lives to puzzles. Each day a new piece falls into place, be it a new job, new girlfriend or even a bouncing baby boy gracing your presence for the first time. Some people die with every piece in place. Others die, incomplete. If you're a religious man you may argue that we all die complete. God has a plan for all of us and whether that be living to sixty or sixteen, it is God's will. I'm afraid that is not the case my sheep. There is no God. There is no heaven, only hell. Hell is what we walk on each and every day and whether we live to see sixty or we live to see sixteen, each step we take on this dying floor is marked with a flawless truth: we will all die one day. Does it matter if you only live a few short years? Can your puzzle really ever be solved completely? You ask me these things because I know the answers. You see, my sheep, that is what you will learn from me. I have mentioned that I will not donate my wisdom to you, that wasn't the entire truth. If you choose to shed your wool and don a mane like my fellow Lions and accept the call of the Pride, then I will guide you towards completing your puzzle. Until you accept me as your King and Savior, then your puzzle will never be complete. See, unlike God I can talk to you, face to face. I am void of dishonesty and deceit. I am more than a man. I was not born into greatness, I created it for myself. I was told that one day I would lead a Family, keep them warm through the winter nights with promises of love and happiness. I was groomed to be something else entirely but I chose a different path. I chose to lead people to the truth. This world is terrible and strange but we can survive it. We are not eternal in our physical form but our ideas and boot prints will forever mark the dying floors of this world. Our puzzles will forever be in the annals of time as entireties, each piece collected with careful thought and perfect execution. We will die, but we will never be forgotten. Lonesome Lane you have said your peace and now the time has come for me to retort. I recently had the dishonor of witnessing your feeble pick up attempts and kindergarten humor and with all due respect my friend, I was unimpressed. It seems at though PWC has given you to me as a gift and a test. To them it appears as us meeting at Vortex will be a test to determine which of us two is the better man but I see you in a different light. You are a sacrifice. An offering handed to me by the powers that be to show off a slight fraction of my power. You call my brothers and sisters weak minded, yet I have yet to hear even one intelligible word escape your mouth. I don't call myself a God, I do not wish to be considered a god. I am a teacher. My brothers and sisters rely on me to guide them towards completing their puzzles and to this day I have yet to fail any one of them. You wear "lonesome" as your name as if it is a worthy title. You act as though you are proud of the world's inability to love you. You do this and then turn to me and tell me I have little self pride. I am able to stand before my brothers and sisters and preach my words of wisdom with confidence and vigor. I know all that I speak is the truth and I am very proud to be able to share that with The Pride. You can mock us all you want but as of right now, you are a gazelle and I am a Lion and just as quickly as Vortex approaches, my hunger grows more intense. I don't doubt there will be more sheep like you in PWC, but that is what I am looking forward to. You are the example to be made. I will see you at Vortex, Mr. Lonesome."​

King dropped the microphone and then his body. He fell to his knees, his arms raised to the side. He let out a roar, passionate and fearsome, rolled into a ball of intimidation. Lonesome Lane better have prepared himself for Vortex as he had angered the Lion. Not many people live to see another fighting day when they walk to the ring with King Leonum in a bad mood.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -​

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Episode III: Dinner Plans

~~Ten Years Ago~~
Manchester, England
Storm Modelling Agency HQ Reception Area

Sitting on a funky orange chair, James' mother waits patiently as her son is having his first modelling interview upstairs. She sits looking on her phone, but her eyes are fixated on one picture which she has up on the screen. There is a man and a woman - both look like they're in their twenties - and the woman is obviously a younger Mrs Richards. We get a close up of the man's face before there is suddenly a very loud noise in the reception area which gets everyone's attention.


Anyone who wasn't looking now is, as JAMES RICHARDS stands defiantly in front of a set of double doors in which he forced right into the walls, creating that huge bang. Seeing him standing there with a massive grin on his face, his mother snaps her phone shut and runs towards her son, being too filled with emotion to even care about his profanity.

Mrs Richards:
I'm so proud of you! Come here!

The mother and son embrace in a tight hug.

Mrs Richards:
Tell me everything that happened! What did they say? Who did you meet?

James Richards:
Mum, we've got drive all the way back to London; there's plenty of time for all of that on the way home. But there is someone that I'd like you to meet.

Almost within seconds, a man walks through the doors and places his arm on James' back, and promptly shakes hands with Mrs Richards. The man is dressed in very fashionable clothes and is wearing glasses that are way to big for his head.

James Richards:
Mum, I'd like you to meet Lorenzo Clark; he's the owner of Storm Modelling Agency.

Mrs Richards:
What a privilege it is to meet you, Mr Clark; thank you for giving James this opportunity! I'll make sure that you don't regret it.

Lorenzo Clark:
Darling, thank you for bearing such a gorgeous son with so much natural talent! He told me that you came with him today, and I just had to meet you, darling. Please tell me... are there any more children of yours I should be looking at?

Clark lets off a cheesy smile as James is probably throwing up in the corner with embarrassment. Mrs Richards though looks down at the floor before giving her answer in a quieter voice.

Mrs Richards:
Unfortunately not, Mr Clark. It is just James and I at home; his father left when James was very young.

Both James and his Mum feel a bit uncomfortable having to hear that again. Sensing the touchy area, Lorenzo swiftly changes the subject.

Lorenzo Clark:
Anyway, I'll let the two of you get on with your day; I am sure that there are a lot of people you want to tell the news to! But James, remember, I want you back here in a month, okay? Then we can finally get you started, darling! Ciao Ciaos!

Clark smiles at the Richards' before he does a very camp walk back through the doors he came through, and Mrs Richards puts her arm over James' shoulders and the two begin to walk back out of the building.

Mrs Richards:
So, honey, what would you like to do to celebrate?

James Richards:
Well, I've already invited Simon and his Dad around for dinner tomorrow night; thought we could do something with the family tonight.

Mum instantly takes her arm off of James and glares at her son.

Mrs Richards:
You did what?! Why did you do that for? Heck, when did you do that?! They are not coming in my house!

James Richards:
There's seven flights of stairs I had to walk down - the lift was fucking broke! I just called Si whilst I was on my way down! I don't see why you are getting so angry anyway; you're always going on about how much you want someone in your life... his Dad is single so I thought it would be a chance for you two to get to know each other a little better. I was thinking of you, Mum!

Mrs Richards:
I appreciate that, honey, but I don't need you making plans for me! And especially with Kevin bloomin' Foster of all people! We'll talk about this later, let's just go home.

James looks a little hurt, even, that his mother would shun his attempts of trying to help her personal issues. The two walk back to the car and the doors slam shut as we fade away.


~~Present Day~~
Uniondale, New York
Nassau Coliseum Backstage Hallway

PWC's resident Interviewer DANNY ERIKSEN stands by in a hallway backstage, in front of a locker room door which reads "JAY RUSH".

Danny Eriksen:
I'm here standing by outside the locker room of the man who defeated Daniel Reese and forced him out of PWC at Alpha and Omega, Jay Rush. Let's see if we are able to get some words from him ahead of his match tonight on Vortex against the #1 Contender to the PWC Heavyweight Championship, Kyle Elric.

Eriksen knocks on the door, and after a loud shout of "ONE SECOND", JAY RUSH opens the door, and he is wearing just a towel to cover the lower half of his body.

Danny Eriksen:
Oh, I'm sorry if I was interrupting anything, Jay, I just wanted-

Jay Rush:
You know what? It is fine. I was just having a massage.

Rush gives Eriksen a smile, and the interviewer suddenly looks a lot less tense than usual as he isn't being abused by his interviewee... yet.

Danny Eriksen:
I just wanted to get your thoughts on what happened at Alpha and Omega, where you picked up your first victory in PWC against Daniel Reese.

Jay Rush:
Let's just quickly clear one thing up... what you all saw was not just a victory, it was a demolition. What you saw was the end of Daniel Reese's career here in PWC. I can assure you that if he does decide to show that ghastly face of his again around here, I'll have no problem making some more... improvements.

Rush smirks as he says that last part, referring to the make up incident.

Danny Eriksen:
Thank you. Could I also get your thoughts on your opponent tonight? The #1 Contender to Xander Black's PWC Heavyweight Title, Kyle Elric?

Jay Rush:
You see, my match tonight is the reason that I'm in such a good mood! by destroying Daniel Reese, I've clearly turned some heads around here and I've finally been put in the right direction! Finally, the people are going to see why Jay Rush should be in the main event, and when I defeat Kyle Elric tonight, everyone will realize that it should be ME challenging Xander Black.

Rush looks into the camera confidently.

Jay Rush:
He might have spent his time in Japan honing his craft or some bullshit like that, but I didn't need to do that. I was doing catwalks all over the world, but then I realized that life wasn't for me. So I decided to take up my passion of wrestling, and what do you know? I seem to be pretty effing good at that as well!

Looking not to piss Rush off, Eriksen nods his head in agreement.

Jay Rush:
I didn't need to hone my craft, because everything you see with me is completely natural. I was born amazing, I was born talented and I was born beautiful. So Kyle Elric? Enjoy your moment in the spotlight, because tonight I'm Rush Kicking you straight out of it... Tonight, you are going to get RUSHED.

Rush turns back to his locker room and looks inside, but he then turns back to Danny Eriksen as he's about to sign off.

Jay Rush:
Actually, Danny, there is something that I want you to see. You, come here.

Pointing back into his locker room, Rush is asking whoever is in there to come and join him, and a Japanese woman in a kimono with white facepaint on joins Rush at the door.

Jay Rush:
Danny, you remember that massage I was having? Well, this is Masako, the very kind and beautiful lady providing me with that great service. I know that Kyle Elric believes in the Japanese culture as a way of life, and I thought I'd delve a little into my opponent's world ahead of our match to try and get some sort of level playing field. So I asked Masako here for a traditional Japanese massage!

Masako blushes at the compliments of not only her appearance but her work.

Jay Rush:
Kyle, I've also noticed how you like to give my good friend Danny here some insight into some of the meanings and origins of Japanese words. They're pretty cool, right?

Eriksen smiles briefly and nods his head.

Jay Rush:
So I'm sure you won't mind me giving it a go, right Danny? Kyle, apologies if any of this is incorrect, I'm sure you can correct me later on if I am wrong.

Rush flashes a cheesy smile at the camera.

Jay Rush:
Masako here is wearing what we know as a kimono. A long, loose robe with wide sleeves. The kimono, or "gofuku", have been traditional Japanese clothing since the 8th century.

Masako looks very impressed with the knowledge bomb. Rush takes hold of the sash holding the kimono together.

Jay Rush:
I also know that this lovely belt here is traditionally known as an "obi". Just look at the texture and detail on the obi, if you look closely you can really see the detail and - WHOOPS!

Rush 'accidentally' pulls on the belt too hard and Masako's kimono falls down!!! The poor Japanese woman desperately tries to cover her body (she's wearing underwear, it is okay.) but Rush even pushes Eriksen back as he tries to help her and glares at the interviewer. He places his hand on Masako's shoulder and looks into her eyes.

Jay Rush:
Don't worry, it is okay! People all around the world have seen me with even less on! Although by looking at you after this unfortunate accident, it does make me wonder why you hide yourself underneath that kimono... I know just the man in Paris that would love to see you in some of his designs. How about we finish off that massage and then I can give him a call for you? Would you like that?

All of the worry suddenly leaves Masako's face as she grins and bows at Eriksen before she turns away back into the locker room. Rush winks at Eriksen before shouting back into the room.

Jay Rush:
Oh, and take that facepaint off, too! I have something much better we can put on there!

Raising his eyebrows suggestively to the camera, Rush turns back to Eriksen.

Jay Rush:
I fucking love Japan!

After that Rush jumps back into his locker room and slams the door shut, leaving Eriksen a little unsure of what he just saw.


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Nicely done Jay Rush (Y), I really gotta dig deep for this now. Will be hard to beat you.

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This doesn't actually relate to any matches on the show, but I want to start a new story arc on the next Vortex, so I'm posting this RP now.

I did it. I defeated Freddie Vos in the main event. Here I was, sitting in the middle of the ring, the crowd all around me actually cheering, I don’t know if they realize what this moment means to me, but nonetheless they are on their feet, applauding. I stood up, grabbed my championship and slid out of the ring. I walked right past the gorilla positions, ignoring the praise by the road agents for such a great match.

I got showered, got dressed and grabbed my bag. I left the arena in a hurry, and went straight to the airport. I got the first flight to the United Kingdom, it would land in London, but that wasn’t an issue, I could hire a car and drive up to Scotland. The adrenaline was still flowing through my veins, and the feeling that I might see her again, only this time she would respond to me was overwhelming.

Despite this, after an hour of flying, I think the adrenaline wore off and the effects of the match took over. God, I was in so much pain, Freddie Vos really did a number on me.

I eventually dozed off, the pain and tiredness taking over.

I woke up just as the plane was landing, and interestingly, I didn’t have any dreams. Well, I did, but they weren’t what I usually have, I didn’t see the dark shrouded figure. Maybe, just maybe, this was a good sign.

We landed in London, I had a choice to make, sleep at a hotel and get some rest, or take the long drive to Scotland which would take most of the day.

I decided to drive.

Hours later, I reached the hospital. I walked quickly, the title belt on my shoulder, getting some odd looks from the people walking by, but then a little boy stopped me by tugging on my coat.

Hey! You’re that wrestler off the TV, you won last night, right?

I really didn’t have time for this.

Yeah. That’s right, kid.

Do you mind signing an autograph for me?

This was part and parcel of the job of being on TV, ordinarily I wouldn’t do it, but something inside me gave me an urge to do something nice for a change.

Sure, kid. Make it quick, okay?

The kid grabbed a nearby pen and handed it to me. He held it the bottom of his shirt and I signed it.

Thanks! Hey, you aren’t as mean or scary as you are on TV. Thanks, again.

The kid ran off, and for some reason, I felt warmth in my heart, I just did the first truly good thing since my childhood. Maybe, now that I was rid of the voices, I could change, I could change completely.

I walked along and stood outside the door of her room. The little window in the door wasn’t see through, so I took a deep breath and opened it. My heart sank...

She was still there. She was still lying there. Still, not moving on.

I slowly moved over to the bed and sat down on the bed beside her.

Hey. Beth, it’s me. Can you hear me?

I tried to say it as softly as I could.

I held her hand and dropped the title.

Beth? It’s time to wake up. Beth, do you hear me? It’s time to wake up.

This wasn’t supposed to happen. I was supposed to defeat Freddie Vos, and then she was supposed to wake up, I did everything I was told, all my life I did everything that I was told and now I’ve been lied to.

I had to try one more time.

Beth, please, it’s me. Please, wake up.

I started to get frantic. I reached down and picked up my belt and held it in front of her.

Look, I did it. I’m the World Champion, just like I promised. Can you see? Can you? Please, wake up.

She wasn’t moving and I felt tears come to my eyes.

Anger took over.

I stood up and started looking at different points in the ceiling.

You told me she would wake up! I had to defeat Freddie Vos! I did what you asked! I defeated him!

I fell to my knees, the belt falling away.

All my life, I did what you wanted! You’ve took everything away from me, my Gran, my Mum, her! Not her! No! No ... NO!

I turned back to her, she was still lifeless. I sat down on the bed again and took her hand.

I’m sorry. All of this, what happened to you, it’s my fault. I should never have told you, I should have stayed away from you. But... but I just couldn’t. I loved you so much, and I want you to know... I will always love you.

I fought back the tears. I know what I had to do.

You won’t wake up. I know what I need to do, it’s not fair keeping you like this. You deserve to rest now, I’ve been selfish long enough.

I kissed her forehead, she still didn’t move.

I’ll always love you.

I got back up off the bed, and walked around to the machine. I stood there for what seemed like an eternity, the emotion coming up in my brain. I remembered everything we’ve been through together, the moment we met, the fact she was there for me when nobody else would be. When my Dad left me, she was the one that helped me, she helped me survive. But, I can’t be selfish, I defeated Freddie Vos, but it wasn’t enough, she’s gone.

I take one last look at her, fighting back the tears again and then turned to the machine. I saw the button that the doctor was going to press a few days ago. I lay my finger on it, I was shaking. I need to do this; it’s only fair that she rest now.


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RPing even when he isn't on the card + being the champion + being on creative makes Xander Black the hardest working man in PWC :mark: :mark:

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”Wait a minute, BT. What just happened? What is McEfoy doing?” queried Richo, last quarter of the Saints round 23 clash against the Demons. “I’m sure it’s just a calculated move that Big Boy has planned on, Richo!” “Well, it’s not really something you’d see on an AFL field, in fact it’s highly unjustified and may be fined.” replied Richo. “Come on, it’s harmless fun! WOWEE, I love it from the BIG BOY!” BT defended McEfoy.

Somehow this “calculated move” and “harmless fun” lead to a small fine for Bob McEfoy, but it got Brain Tyler banished from the AFL forever. The two boarded a flight to leave Australia the next day…


Bob "Big Boy" McEfoy paces back and forth backstage in the locker room, appearing to be nervous. "BT" Brain Tyler who's sitting down looks on excitedly. He begins to speak.

BOY OH BOY, WOWEE! Can you believe it? Tonight you debut as a wrestler, Big Boy! I can't wait to watch you in that ring... uh, beating people up that is.

Big Boy ignores BT and takes a seat, tapping his foot on the ground. BT's speaks again.

Big Boy, do you think they'll allow me on commentary? That would be.. BOY OH BOY, I mean WOWEE! Commentary for PWA, Big Boy.

I don't think the world has forgotten the AFL fiasco that got you banned from the game for life, BT. I certainly don't. You're lucky you're a long-term friend of mine, my career was really starting to look bright. I know I made a mistake that day, but what you did was far worse. Andrew Demetriou was not happy. I don't know if I can ever be that accomplished again.

BT jumps to his feet.

Nonsense! You're BIG BOY WOWEE MCEFOY! You'll be the Champion of Heavyweights within months with my guidance. WOWEE! Imagine that. The Championship that's for Heavyweights in is in you're hands. I'd be one proud, excited man looking at you...'re success that is, Big Boy! You'll be fine as long as you follow my advice. Remember what I told you, Big Boy? And, besides, that was just a misunderstanding! I’m sure the AFL will forget about it within months. Besides, Andrejis Demetrious is an idiot that has no idea what he’s talking about.

Big Boy sighs.

Yes, I remember, BT. I still don't think I'll be able to lock in an STF..

You mean TSF, Bob. WOWEE!

No, I think it's STF... and I don't think a Dropkick is possible for someone like me.

What on earth is a dropkick, Big Boy? Boy oh boy...

When you jump and kick the...

Oh, you mean jumping kick, Big Boy! You don't know what you're talking about Big Boy. It's what I lo... like about you, Bob. Who was it that Clement Ernie said you were taking on tonight, Big Boy?

Ernesto Clement said he would find an opponent for me, nothing els...

No, no. You're wrestling an Emmanuel Mason or something. Boy oh boy, Emmanuel Mason You can beat that guy with a few diving submission holds and a quick pin, Big Boy. WOWEE, it'll be nice to watch you beat that guy Big Boy.

Bob McEfoy begins to walk off without turning to BT. He lets out a big sigh as he walks.

Yes, Big Boy! Let's go see Clem Ernest, I'll see if he can sign Richo!

Bob McEfoy can be heard yelling from the corridor.

He's not going to speak to you again, since the post incident!

Brain Taylor rushes out the door.

BIG BOY, hold on, WOWEE! Boy oh boy...

BT's yelling starts to fade away as he catches up to Bob.

Fade to black.


”Big Boy” McEfoy anxiously knocks on Ernesto Clement’s door backstage, Brain Tyler slowly and tiredly running up behind me.

WOOOOWWWWWEEEE! Save some energy for the b… ring, Big Boy!

Uhh… what were you about to say there?

Bob had a somewhat disgusted face.

Laughs I said ring, Big Boy! Still think you’re playing AFL. So, so adorable.

The door opens before McEfoy can respond.

Ahh… well if it isn’t Bob McEfoy and sighs Brain Tyler. What can I do for you, Bob? I bet you’re here about your match tonight!”

Yes, Mr. Clement, I a…

That’s exactly what he’s here for Ernie! Only the best for Big Boy! Former AFL gun, future face of PWC. That’d be a good face for audience’s to look at, indeed.

Brain takes a seat in Ernesto’s seat, clearly aggravating the boss.

Sorry. Yeah, that’s what I am here for, Mr. Clement. I’m fine with fighting anyone, and will give my all.

Ahh, well you’ll be taking on Daiko tonight!


Brain yells from Ernesto’s chair.

Not exactly, but I think you best be heading off to get ready for your match-up then!

Ernesto Clement shakes Bob McEfoy’s hand, who walks off. Brain Tyler sighs, gets up and chases after him.

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Like... even Daiko himself violated this rule...

Anyhow, so that I'm not being hypocritical...
Singles Match:
Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy
I liked AwSmash's RP a lot, but I think Daiko (being an older hand) is the favourite here.

Singles Match:
Lane Walker vs. King Leonum
I'd give the slight edge to the Lion King here, whose work comes off as a guy who's been doing this for quite the while now.

Singles Match:
Kyle Elric vs. Jay Rush
Rush could certainly pull it off, but I don't think it's harsh to say it would be a bit of an upset.

Singles Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. tba
Well, it could be anybody?! Unless Callum is swerving the shit out of us and he IS required to RP, my prediction is that The Ace Of Spades will likely take this one.

Singles Match:
Dr. Nero vs. Trae Walker
Basing off Trae is probably no-showing, I'd be blind to not bet my Septims on the surgeon.

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Dr Nero

18 Months ago

The rain heavily pours down on top of the courthouse, but it fails to deter the media circus that has watched with feverish intent the last few months, the trial of Dr Jason Nero. Entering the building, Nero is flanked by his large legal team as he makes his way through the waves of cameras, microphones and tape recorders. Huge black umbrellas shield the man from the weather and the reporters as his huge frame silently steps through the courtroom doors as a free man possibly for the last time.

Just like the last few months, the man sits like a statue, even now on the final day of his case, the emotionless surgeon awaits the arrival of the judge and then the jury. His legal team move papers and folders back and forth between them like a blur, all the while Nero seemingly shifts the look on his face only the slightest, as if he looks disinterested with the whole situation. He has spent much of his fortune, the papers have reported millions of dollars in legal costs to ensure his freedom and that his skills are utilised, in Nero’s words, “for the good of mankind”.

The jury enters the room, one by one they take their seats. Nero’s eyes catch one of the last members to enter the room. Like a scalpel, he flashes her, a beautiful brunette, the slickest of smiles, which she cannot help, almost subconsciously to shoot back his way. Ever so quickly she realises what she is doing and takes her seat almost embarrassed. Nero looks ahead once again, back like a statue as the jury hands the judge the verdict.

The judge lays it all out for the court room to hear...

Judge: Dr Jason Nero. On the afternoon of March 2nd of the year 2011 you attacked a man who was not only your director, but your mentor. He is one of the finest surgeons this city has ever seen, he is a husband, a father and a grandfather. You Dr Nero beat this man half to death with you bare hands, and even admitted to the fact, under oath, that you did this heinous act, but you would do it again because the man was going to stop you from practicing illegal, experimental surgical procedures on unsuspecting patients. Which you sir have stated for the record you did for the greater good of all of the people of Chicago.

Now in the light of all this, every one of your patients are healthy and you have saved their lives. But the charge of grievous bodily harm to Dr Krantz will not go unpunished. So I hereby revoke your licence to practice medicine and sentence you to a fine payable to Dr Krantz’s family of 6 million dollars and 12 months in jail!

The family of Dr Krantz are appalled... “12 months?! That’s it” They yell! The judge bangs his gavel calling for order. “Baliff take this man away”.

The court room explodes with noise as the decision has brought huge controversy. Dr Krantz still lies in a hospital bed, months after the attack. Nero a huge man, who has possibly unmatchable knowledge of the human anatomy has indeed hurt a human being extremely viciously, but been able to ensure he stays alive to endure the long term pain. Nero is called a monster as the bailiff walks towards him. Nero stands up, a huge man slowly outstretches his arms to the bailiff motioning for the hand cuffs to be put on him s he grows in patient of the whole situation. The bailiff motions to wards the door, as he knows he would not be able to physically move the man himself. Nero complies. His lawyers explain to him a few things but Nero walks off his stone face almost has a smirk come over his lips as he stops right next to his victim’s family. His blue eyes almost turn red it seems to them any way and he opens his mouth for the first time today. Softly but his deep voice frightening.

Nero: All you have done is stopped me from saving countless of people’s lives in this city. You think about that. This is his entire fault, no one else’s. I have the power to bring people back to life, and now you will have to live with that, hrmph, well Dr Krantz will have to live with that, because trust me he’ll live, he’ll live a very long and painful life. I have made sure of that.

Nero moves his head forward. The family are speechless as they watch the huge man who has condemned their family’s patriarch to who knows what horrors. Nero walks through the doors and they close behind him.


Nero grabs a bar of soap and turns the handle on the sink. He intensely scrubs his hands up and own, in between his fingers and gets in between his perfectly manicured fingernails. He looks up at himself in the mirror checking to see if there is any sign of a hair out of place. He smiles in the knowledge that Spindolli, as bad as a brawler that man is, his punches had no real lasting effects on his face. He treated the bruises immediately after his match, ensuring his pretty face would clear up within hours.

Nero washes the soap off his hands and turns off the tap with his elbow as he holds his hands up and pulls a very clean towel from his locker and dries his hands. Other wrestlers move around him, getting themselves ready for Vortex, wrapping their hands, putting on their knee pads, some of them talk to each other, some of them sit in the dark talking to themselves. One of them is standing to the PWC film crew are interviewing some of them for tonight’s event. But Nero keeps to himself and ties up his blue surgical scrub pants on the side. He again checks himself in the mirror admiring his twelve pack abs, before he snaps on his blue surgical gloves.

“Cameras, reporters...” Nero thinks to himself, he spent months being told by his legal team not to speak, it could endanger his case, when all he wanted to do is tell the world exactly what was on his mind. He is free of all that now.

They walk up to Nero and ask him about his victory at Alpha and Omega and becoming the #1 contender to the Legacy title and about Trae Walker his opponent tonight.

Nero: Who?

The imposing huge frame of Nero stands up, his stone face looks a little confused even though it is a look he has made on purpose.

Nero: Trae Walker... is that my opponent’s name tonight. Trae Walker? Is his Mummy and Daddy really brother and sister? Is he from some trailer park and has no idea about the art of taking someone a part piece by piece by piece by piece? Because I have studied my whole life. I have perfected the art my whole life. I know how to put a body back together. But the beauty of PWC is, now I get to reverse the process. And tonight I reverese Trae Walker's way of life.

It really doesn't matter to me who this Tre Walker is. My goal is to show the world exactly who has a Legacy around here, who is the true Legacy Champion, and is certainly not this Islami character.

He is only Champion, because I wasn’t able to debut in PWC at the time the organisation began. I am the be all and end all of this sport and I will show you why when I leave a legacy the likes this business has ever seen. So Islami watch the monitor because tonight on Vortex, live, for you and the world to see, that ring becomes my operating theatre. I’m going to put Trae Walker on my table and surgically remove his career. Just. Because. I. Can. The Doctor is in.


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Interviewer – Hello ladies and gentleman I’m back stage here at PWC’s first spectacular PPV event Alpha and Omega. I’m standing outside the Ace of Spades Louie Spindoli’s locker room. I’m hoping to get a few words from a man who has got to be upset at the outcome of tonights number one contenders match.

The interviewer knocks on the door and lets himself in.

Interviewer – Louie after a hard fought heartbreaking battle like that you must be devastated. Tell me how you are feeling right now.

Louie spits some tobacco juice on the ground.

Louie – Tell you how I’m feeling!! How the hell do you think I’m feeling? I just lost my opportunity to get the recognition I deserve in PWC and my chance to hold one of the most prestigious Championships in wrestling. A title of pride a title that is a stepping stone to the PWC World Title. But I lost so that’s all gone, swept under the rug flying away like a bird in the morning sky. Jesus Christ!! And hey, what the hell is this shit? Charging in my damn room, have some respect and fucking knock.

Louie grabs the interviewer by the throat and pins him up against the wall.

Louie – You are going to be my little example. Don’t piss off Louie Spindoli.

Louie tags the interviewer with two hard rights and throw him against the door.

Louie – Knock knock. Get the hell out of my room you piece of trash.

Louie opens the door and lets the interviewer roll outside. Louie proceeds to tear his room apart in anger.

Louie – Christ sakes!! I can’t believe I lost that match. I had my fate in my hands and I blew it. My chance to advance in PWC and I blew it. Good dammit.

Louie packs his bags and leaves the arena.

Present Day - Louie is waiting outside a building in downtown Jersey City as his men are inside handling a routine pickup.

Louie –Man I sure hope those boys get those bags soon. There shouldn’t be any hassle we have worked with these guys before.

After fifteen minutes the boys finally come out with the bags.

Louie – Good work fellas. Throw those bags in the trunk and let’s get the hell moving.

Joe – Sounds good Ace.

Louie as always gets in the driver’s seat of the car and pulls out of the parking lot.

Louie – Hey boys it’s early and we have time. Why don’t we stop by the restaurant and have some breakfast.

Louie pulls into the parking lot and the boys get out and head in. Louie locks the car up and takes out his dip and throws it on the ground.

Joe – Nice place we have got here. Can’t wait to tie into some bacon and eggs. Hey Louie, tough match last week. Must be tough to lose a match like that.

Louie – Are you kidding me right now? I hate talking about that bullshit. My entire PWC career has been a colossal failure. I have not won a single match. Not won. I don’t know what my problem is and why I can’t win. It seems the closer I get to winning a match the further I get away. One step forward and two steps back.

Joe – Don’t beat yourself up pal.

Louie – Well shit Joe I set the bar so high for myself to a point that I cant reach. I’ve got to… well… I’ve got to win plain and fucking simple and next Vortex is a prime time to just win. Simply win. And hell I don’t even have an opponent yet. Louie Spindoli vs TBA. Sounds intriguing ha. That will put some buts in the seats. But it doesn’t matter who it is because they are walking into a match with a pissed of Italian guy who doesn’t care about anything. Only thing that is on my mind right now is winning that damn match.

Louie looks out the window

Louie – Holy shit. The trunks open!!

Louie and his boys run outside and see a vehicle tearing up the street.

Louie – Matt, look in the trunk.

Matt – Shit!! The package is gone.

Louie – Oh for fuck sakes… I know exactly who took it.

The men hop in the vehicle and race up the street. Louie knows exactly where he is going and stops about a block away from his destination.

Louie – I’m getting out here and walking. I don’t want to tip them off by pulling into there compound at 100 fucking mile per hour.

Joe – Ace hold up. I’ve got a question. How the fuck do you know where you are going?

Louie – I recognized the car. These guys have been fucking with the family for years. They have fucked with us for the last time.

Joe – I’m coming with you.

Louie – Oh no you are not. You two sit your asses here. I’m doing this shit myself.

Louie runs up the street and arrives at the compound. He goes to the side door and jimmies the lock to let himself in.

Louie – Where are these sons of bitches?

Louie eventually runs into an office area and sees the package.

Louie – Silly bastards didn’t even hide it. Well this was easier than planned.

Michael – What was easier than planned?

Louie – Look who it is. Michael my old pal. Long time no see you fucking coward.

Michael – Louie shut the hell up. Your father got exactly what he deserved that day. He was a liar and a snitch.

Louie – My father was an asshole but he was still my father and regardless of how he thought of me he was still my father and you killed him. And now I’m killing you.

Louie charges at Michael and knocks him to the ground.

Michael – Louie, what the hell are you doing? Do you know who I am?

Louie – I don’t care who you are Michael.

Louie punches Michael multiple times leaving his face a bloody mess.

Michael – Louie please stop. Give me a break I’m begging you. Let me go I’ll never bother you again.

Louie spits out some tobacco and reaches into his pocket for his knife.

Louie - You never gave my father a break!

Louie pulls out his knife and cuts Michaels stomach open.. Louie breaths deeply and gets up. He looks down at Michael and his anger turns to a sick smile. Louie slicks back his hair fixes his tie spits out some tobacco and walks out the door.​

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Incoming WOAT RP. Srsly. WOAT!

July 29th, 2013 – New York City

Daiko is relaxing on a double bed in what seems to be a fairly expensive hotel room, with a television remote in one hand and an empty glass in his other. He flicks the channel onto the midday news and drops the remote beside him and reaches down beside his bed for a bottle of Whiskey. The full name of the bottle isn’t clear, but from what is visible, it’s clearly Scottish in origin. Daiko fills his glass up half way, scoops some ice into the cup and turns the TV’s volume up louder as the sound of a male reporter’s voice fills the room.

Reporter: Thanks, Chris! Yes, it’s time for sports and who can forget the night of wrestling we had last night here in the Big Apple?

Several loud voices are heard from the room next to Daiko’s.

Voice 1: Wrestling is fake you idiot! Stop talking about it and give me the fucking football scores! What the hell is a PWC anyways?


Daiko mutes his TV with a smile on his face and sits in silence as his hotel neighbours continue their shouting match.

Voice 1: No mom, I don’t want to rub your feet!

Voice 2: Michael Scott Lewis, when I tell you to rub my feet, you better rub my god damn feet! HAVE I MADE MYSELF CLEAR?



The sound of knuckles connecting with his door causes Daiko turn off the TV and sigh. He finishes his whiskey and calls out to whoever is behind the door.

Daiko: Come in!

Daiko refills his glass as the door opens and his mother walks in with a small smile on her face. She closes the door behind her and walks over to the chairs that are beside the bed and takes a seat. Daiko motions to the bottle that is now on his bedside cabinet, but she shakes her head.

Daiko: One sec.

He listens to the next room again, hoping to hear something, but there’s not a sound to be heard.

Daiko’s Mum: What are you doing?

Daiko: Kid was getting forced to give his mum a foot rub. It was pretty funny.

Daiko’s Mum: On that foot rub note…

Daiko points to the window and smiles.

Daiko: Sure, just jump out that first.

Daiko falls back onto his bed.

Daiko’s mum: I was at that wrestling show last night.

Daiko: Oh?

Daiko’s mum: Yes. Did you really need to attack that poor boy after your match?

Daiko: Yes.

Daiko’s mum: And that thing off of the cage…

Daiko: The Super-Superplex?

Daiko’s mum: The what?

Daiko: Never mind. So, what did you think of it?

Daiko’s mum: It was fun. A little bit much for my liking, but you looked like you were having fun.

Daiko: I was, still am actually, in agony. My back hurts, my legs hurt, my head hurts and I’m drinking even though I have another match tonight. It was fun, but it fucking hurts.

Daiko’s mum: No swearing!

Daiko: Why the f--...

Her eyes narrow.

Daiko: Fine.

Daiko’s mum looks around the hotel room with an impressed look on her face.

Daiko’s mum: This is fancy.

Daiko: Stop playing nice and just get to the point.

Daiko’s mum: Look, I wanted to apologise, but I’m not going to.

Daiko raises and eyebrow but keeps quiet.

Daiko’s mum: I’m not sorry for what I did, but it’s in the past and I want to put it past us. No matter how much you try to hide it, we’re family and that means something. I think.

Now, I’m not asking for forgiveness here, and I’m not asking for a second chance. I just want to see you occasionally. I’m sure Sophie would love to see you too.

Daiko rolls his eyes.

Daiko: Yeah, I’m sure she’ll be thrilled to know that I’m still alive. It just means she can stab me in the throat herself.

Daiko’s mum: C’mon now, she’s not that bad.

Daiko: She’s Satan incarnate.

Daiko’s mum laughs and shakes her head.

Daiko’s mum: Not far off…

She stands up and takes one last look around the room before looking at her son again who is also on his feet.

Daiko’s mum: Look, I’ll let you get prepared for the show tonight, or get drunk. Whatever the plan is, you better be at the show tonight. I spent a fair bit on some decent seats for the show tonight, and if you don’t show, I’ll take my payment back in blood.

Daiko reaches for his glass and just nods his head.

Daiko’s mum: And clean up your hotel room, would you? It’s a mess in here.

Daiko looks around at the almost spotless room and turns to his mum with a confused look on his face.

Daiko: Wha--

Daiko’s mum: Don’t argue with me, just do it!

Daiko sighs.

Daiko: Whatever.

Daiko’s mum smiles at her son, who gives a small grin in return. She takes one more look at him before closing the door and walking off down the hall. In his room, Daiko falls back onto his bed with a smile on a face that looks 5 years younger. He sighs as he feels a huge weight leave his shoulders.

July 30th – Nassau Coliseum

Danny Eriksen is sat backstage with a microphone in his hand. He keeps glancing at his watch and then looking around.

Danny Eriksen: Where is he?

Cameraman: The traffic was a nightmare today boss; just give it a few more minutes. He’ll be here.

Danny Eriksen sighs impatiently and nods.

Several minutes pass and Daiko comes walking into view and nods to Eriksen who looks irritated.

Danny Eriksen: Traffic?

Daiko: Nope, I just didn’t want to do this. Also, I’ve had a few drinks to celebrate me ridding the PWC of that moron, Dancer. No matter how incredible I may be, I didn’t want to drive drunk.

He turns to look at the camera.

Daiko: Be responsible kids!

Eriksen looks confused and turns to his cameraman before looking at Daiko.

Danny Eriksen: You do realise that the interview hasn’t even started yet, right?

Daiko: Oh... Well that’s disappointing.

Eriksen turns to his cameraman, who gives the thumbs up.

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, this is an exclusive interview with the man who fought and defeated Sam Dancer last night at Alpha and Omega. Daiko, what are your thoughts about the match with Dancer?

Daiko: Thoughts? I could play nice for the cameras and say I am proud that I managed to defeat such a strong opponent, but that would be a lie. I did what everyone in the PWC knew I would do when I defeated Dancer. I proved that I was the better man and I proved myself to the world.

Danny Eriksen: The point that sticks in everyone’s mind is the Superplex from the top of the cage… What I’m sure everyone wants to know is, why did you do that when it could have easily ended your career.

Daiko laughs.

Daiko: My body asked the same question when I woke this morning, and I’ll give you the same answer that I gave it. I did it because I can.

Danny Eriksen: So this was about showing off then? You were trying to prove a point?

Daiko looks confused.

Daiko: No. The point was that in a fair fight, I was still better than Sam Dancer. He cried and cried that I could only win by cheating, but in the end, it was all about who was the better man, wrestler and let’s face it, better looking.

I was the only person willing to do what I did last night, and that wasn’t even close to how far I was willing to go.

Daiko wraps his arm around Eriksen’s side and drags him closer, before looking wistfully at a point behind the camera.

Daiko: Picture the scene Danny. Dancer laid out on the ground, struggling to catch his breath as I stand on the top of the cage and the crowd screams my name.

Danny Eriksen: Yeah, that last bit probably won’t happen.

Daiko: Quiet Daniel, I’m busy telling a story here.

Eriksen shakes his head.

Daiko: Now, I’m standing there as the crowd yells out for me to climb down and win, but no. What’s this? I seem to have other plans! I look out to the crowd, blow a kiss to my adoring fans and hit a 540 Splash on Dancer. The crowd explode and throw roses in towards me. I bend down, grab a rose and smell it. It smells rosey. I then bow, as the fans call for an encore. I must let them down however as the world is calling to me and I climb the cage and win the match.

Danny Eriksen: You’re drunk.

Daiko: Daniel, you’re lucky that this story was done or I’d have had to have a repeat demonstration of the Boma Ye.

Danny Eriksen: Please don't.

Daiko: Because you’re just a sheep following the trail. I’m the whole fucking flock, moving about like… like… umm… something flocky.

Danny Eriksen: And with that, I’ll end this off here. Thanks for tuning in, I’ve been Danny Eriksen, this was Daiko!

Daiko bows and almost falls over

We’ll see you all tonight in the Nassau Coliseum for Vortex!


Cameraman: CUT.

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Kyle "The Gaijin" Elric​

Flashback, 3 years ago, a Shinjuku neighbourhood, Tokyo​

Kyle was terrified.

Granted, not many things scared him. He always imagined the worst possible outcome beforehand and stayed prepared but he knew he had fucked up. Big time. Maybe he should have listened to Jade all those years ago. She would keep telling him how his “all or nothing” style would come back to bite him in the ass someday. He had just considered himself to be too smart for that.

“Smart my ass......who’s idea was it to get into shit this deep eh genius?”, Kyle cursed himself out loud, not even realizing he was voicing his inner thoughts quite audibly for those nearby to hear. His sudden outburst startled some of the guys nearby but most of them didn’t understand English.

“Relax Kyle, we’ll tell them the truth. That bastard used brass knuckles and everyone saw it. They were just too scared to intervene. They’ll give us another chance”, Jason, his fellow American was trying to calm him.

“He used brass knuckles, whoop de fuckin’ doo. The gang bet some big money on me Jason and I fucked up magnificently. I just made them the laughing stock of Shinjuku but let’s not worry since they will so understand the situation and be as considerate as ever”.

Even with his battered face and swollen eyes and what must have been a broken jaw, Kyle cut an intimidating figure. Jason promptly shut up and returned to his business, leaving Kyle alone to contemplate his miserable plight.

Fear gave way to frustration and finally, anger. He didn’t even have enough money to fix up his face. And he was up to his neck in debt. He was a month behind on his rent as well and if that was not enough, he had succeeded in pissing off the Yakuza of all people. He had assured them he would win his fight tonight, he knew his opponent well and EVERYONE including himself were sure Kyle would make short work of him. So, the mob bet big money on him, promising to give him a small cut which he needed desperately.

“Ah fuck! I am so screwed”,Kyle blurted before rising and taking his leave from the cheap bar they were gathered at. He needed to assess his options and a long walk would be ideal.

Outside, the night sky was a neon blue owing to the beautiful Shinjuku skyline. A gentle breeze was blowing and sakura trees in a nearby park were at full bloom. It was spring. He saw young couples walking hand in hand, whispering excitedly, laughing contentedly. Everyone’s happiness only came as a slap to him. It was as if the world was hellbent on making a mockery of him. As he swam through a sea of happiness, all he could think of was his failure to fit in here or anywhere. He would always stick out like a sore thumb- an outsider in so many ways. A gaijin.

4 hours later

“Konbanwa! Can I sit here if it doesn’t bother you?”

The broken English broke Kyle away from his reverie. He was sat on a bench, thinking what the best course of action would be in the days to come. Escape seemed the best option. And the easiest. He was familiar with it. He had done it before.

He saw an old man looking down at him. It was almost midnight and being approached by a stranger this old, so late bewildered him briefly. He dismissed the thought soon.

“Suit yourself”.

“Arigato”, the old man bowed before taking his seat on the other end. What was it with the Japanese and their manners? Even those damn Yakuza bosses retained a touch of politeness when threatening him. As scared as Kyle was, he couldn’t help letting out a chuckle.

The old man glanced at him briefly before speaking. Kyle knew hiding his beaten up face was pointless, so he just waited for the obvious questions to come. Only, they didn’t.

“You seem to have had a rough night. It’s good you’re still able to be happy”.

“Do I look happy to you old man?”

The old man let out a chuckle of his own.

“No, I guess not. But you aren’t depressed when so many in your place would be. You are confused, maybe a little afraid. It’s only natural”.

“What the-“, Kyle straightened his posture, eyes on the old man, fully alert. “Who are you?”

The old man didn’t seem to be paying attention. He continued on, as if Kyle hadn’t even spoken.

“I saw your fight. Wasn’t a fair one, I must say. Even then, someone like you should have fared better, wouldn’t you agree?”

The nerve of this man! Kyle was getting pissed fast. He would have shown this old man a piece of his mind if he hadn’t been so exhausted.

“Was a fluke. I wasn’t prepared that’s all”.

“Any way, you seem to be in quite the predicament. The Yakuza won’t be too happy with this, will they?”

Kyle ran his fingers through his hair and exhaled deeply. The futility of it all was just starting to strike him. It was all so pointless. Was he actually thinking he could get away even if he tried? These people had connections all over. Running away would only make it more unpleasant. He realized now how every choice he had made, every road he had taken had led him to this point. Resistance went out and resignation started taking over.

“Yeah, thanks for pointing out the obvious. My life is really beautiful right now.”

The old man shook his head, appearing to be lost in thought for a while before replying.

“It is. You’ll see it someday. Anyway, I come to you with a proposition. I’ll help you out if you agree to help me”.

Kyle’s face was a picture of curiosity mixed with apprehension. Figuring he had nothing to lose, he decided to inquire further.

“What do you want? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m not actually in a position to give you anything right now”.

“Don’t be blind child”, the old man said. “This”, (gesturing with his hand to all of Kyle in general), “is a facade isn’t it? I see what you try to hide under this persona and though I fail to understand why you feel the need to do it, it is there. That is enough for me”.

Kyle was starting to think more and more that he was conversing with a mad man or a drunk. Only people who spoke so profoundly were either insane or high. Noticing his silence, the old man continued.

“I have a dojo. Quite far from here. I want you to come with me, help me out in running the entire thing, doing chores now and then, observing others and getting to know and accept yourself. It will be quite the journey, if you’re up for it”.

Kyle decided to play along, to humor the stranger, if nothing else.

“Damn, are you really serious or really stupid? But you know, whatever. How do you plan on helping me?”

“Well, let’s just say I happened to make some good money today and can bail you out.”

“Ok, let me get this straight. You will pay the mob for me and take me with you and give me what sounds like a job? Why?”

“To make you believe. To prove a point. That it’s never too late. Truth be told, if I can make you realize it, chances are I can make anyone realize the same.”

Kyle actually laughed a little at the sheer ridiculousness of it all.

“What the hell, old man, I’ll do it. Fine. Only cause I have nothing else to do and you’re bailing me out. Don’t say I didn’t tell you so when you fail at setting me straight spectacularly”.

The old man stood up and bowed.

“Arigato. Please meet me here tomorrow morning at 10. We have a train to catch. And my name is Miyamoto Toshiro. Sorry for not saying so earlier”. And with that, he was off.

“Hey old man”,Kyle shouted out from the bench, “You bet on the brass knuckled bastard, didn’t you?”

“Hai. Was the smart thing to do”.

“Asshole”, Kyle muttered to himself as he went back to watching his surroundings. The sky had suddenly turned cloudy and it would rain soon.

2 Days ago, Charlotte, North Carolina

It was a rainy day. The sun had vanished behind a thick cover of clouds and people were running to take cover under nearby buildings. The entire scene seemed gloomy.

But The Gaijin stuck out again. A big smile threatened to break out on his face any second. There was a good reason for that. From across the street two girls were making their way over to him. His daughter and her mother. April rushed forward eagerly, her little legs taking strides as long as they could while Jade seemed to be trying her best to catch up. Most importantly though, April had a big toothy grin on her face and Kyle was certain she was looking at him.

“Hiii”, she came up to him, clutching his leg, breathless from her little run, looking up at him with her big eyes brimming with excitement, “I know who you are! Oh my God! I love you!”

Kyle was a little confused but just the sight of his daughter sent a sudden, overwhelming burst of love through him. He knelt down to reach her height and put his hands on her shoulders, gingerly.

“You know me?” He glanced at Jade who was doing her best to avoid looking at him.

“Yeah, you’re that wrestler guy on TV. Me and my dad watch all of your matches, you are awesome”.

In all his years of fighting, Kyle had received many brutal blows but none hurt as much as hearing his own daughter call someone else her dad. Jade must have sensed it, and Kyle was thankful that even at her worst, Jade could never be as unkind as he once was.

“Sweetie, I’m sure he must be busy and got work to do. Let’s get going. You’ll see him on TV again”.

Kyle forced himself to smile. To his surprise, it wasn’t that hard. His daughter, front tooth missing and all, was still so innocent and beautiful, he couldn’t really stay upset for long.

“It was real nice meeting you. Watch me on PWC this week, ‘kay?” Kyle waved goodbye as Jade took April’s hand and led her away. His daughter turned back and waved with a big smile.

“Sure I will. And please beat Xander Black soon, I can’t wait for you to be champion”.

Kyle gave her a double thumbs up as she left with her mom.

Miyamoto sensei had once told Kyle about wabi-sabi. How real beauty was imperfect, impermanent and incomplete. A small but sincere smile made appeared on his face as he glimpsed Jade and April shrinking into the distance.

Present Day, Nassau Coliseum, PWC backstage

“ Mr Elric, a moment please”, Danny Eriksen and crew managed to catch up with him just as he was about to enter his locker room.

Kyle stopped and nodded, motioning Danny to continue.

“ Kyle Elric, at Alpha and Omega, Ernie Clement named you the #1 contender to Xander Black’s World Heavyweight Championship. Now, many feel that the opportunity may be undeserved, seeing as you didn’t have any match at the pay per view”.

“Danny san, forgive me for using another thing I learnt during my time in Japan to answer your question, but it’s only appropriate. Mono no aware, heard of it?”

“Well Mr Elric, I never know more than half of the things you speak of, but do tell us”.

“Basically Danny san, just like the cherry blossom flowers, which explode in beauty after the winter, only to die soon, all things, good or bad, must pass. Helps when you are aware of it. It is a bit sad though, isn’t it?”

Danny looked puzzled.

“I don’t really follow-“

“On the last Vortex before Alpha and Omega, I defeated Freddie Vos. He was certainly a worthy opponent and I thank him for giving me the fight of my life. I am undefeated, just like the champion Xander Black. One week, people see me as a deserving challenger, the next week they say my opportunity is undeserved. That doesn’t surprise or bother me, really because I know how hard I have worked to get to where I am today. I have been both to the abyss and the highest peak and everywhere in between and I have seen that things pass just as surely as seasons change. The people’s appreciation for me may pass, but it will come back again when I go out to the ring and remind them how I earned it in the first place.”

Danny seemed to be understanding a bit more of what Kyle is saying now. Stopping for a moment, Kyle continued, just as calm, his voice not betraying any of the turbulent emotions within him.

“Now Danny san, Xander Black is undefeated. He has been champion since the beginning. That too, shall pass. That is certain. What is important though, is me being the one to make that happen. You see, when Mr Clement chose me as the #1 contender, it wasn’t just because of my performances or my record. It is to prove a point.”

“A point, you say. What would that be?”

“A point very similar to the one Miyamoto sensei wanted to prove when he took me in. Similar to the one I strive to prove each and every day. I want to make people believe in the right ways again. I want to show them that a man who is always honest, principled and disciplined can still be successful. That shortcuts aren’t necessary. Giving in to temptation against our better judgment isn’t necessary. More than a champion, I’m here to be a rolemodel Danny san. For my daughter and everyone else. Clement san realizes this, which is why he felt I was the best choice. And I fully intend on upholding his faith in me with every fiber of my being.”

“That’s good to know, Kyle but what about your opponent tonight, Jay Rush? Do you think focusing too much on Xander could cost you against Rush?”

“I never lose sight of what’s immediately in front of me Danny san. I have watched Jay Rush since he arrived and no matter what anyone thinks of him, you can’t deny he’s impressive. But why I’ll beat him tonight is simple- I know everything there is to know about him, and while he may think he knows me, he’s barely scratched the surface.”

Danny looked unsure, so Kyle continued.

“With Jay Rush, what you see is what you get. He keeps going on about how good he looks, how beautiful he was since birth, how that puts him on a pedestal above others, and that’s it. Under that surface, he’s hollow. Without some substance to back you up, you can only go so far. His problem is, he thinks he’s perfect- no room for improvement. He would rather deny the inevitable change than accept it. He would consider it a tragedy that something so perfect had to pass. But I, I see beauty in all the natural imperfections around us. I accept my shortcomings, I absorb more things, I grow and evolve while he stays complacent. Thing is Danny san, when you’re born with gifts, you don’t know how to acquire them. Every ounce of talent that Rush was born with, I have worked for. I value it more than he ever will. “

Kyle now takes the mic from Danny and stares into the camera.

“And that makes me stronger than you, Rush san”.

Handing the mic to Eriksen, he enters his locker room and shut the door.

EDIT: Including 3 translations

1. Konbanwa: Good evening
2. Yakuza: the Japanese mafia
3. Arigato: Thank you

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July 31, 2013
Nassau Coliseum - New York City, New York


An unfamiliar theme fills the arena and the fans don’t know how to react, but after a moment – XANDER BLACK jogs onto the stage!! He gets a massive response from a crowd filled largely with people that were at Alpha & Omega. He walks down the ramp, looking somewhat happy for a change.

Black climbs into the ring and is handed a microphone.

Xander Black: It was in this very ring, just a few days ago when I did what I said I was going to do ... I told everyone that I would defeat Freddie Vos ... and whilst it was harder than I thought – I did defeat him.

Big pop.

Xander Black: He put me through hell, he beat me down to within an inch of my life ... but I knew I couldn’t give up, not just for me, not just for this World Heavyweight Championship ... but something deep inside of me was telling me that I would not lose this championship on that night ... to Freddie Vos.


Xander Black: I’m a guy that nobody should like, I’m distant, I’m cold, I’m calculating and I’m manipulative and yet after our match at Alpha and Omega ... I looked around the arena at all of you people ... who were on your feet and chanting my name.

As if on cue, XANDER chants come from the crowd.

Xander Black: I don’t know what it was. Ever since Vos revealed some of my personal life to you people ... you people have changed your tune on me. And to everyone in the back – I will not change ... I am still the most dangerous man in the entire company, and the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, I’m the cold, calculating son of bitch I’ve always been ... but now I’ll do it with the support of these people.


Xander Black: The support of these people won’t change the way I act. I became PWC World Heavyweight Champion for a reason ... and I am going to stay PWC Champion for a very long time because of that reason. I’m not going to come out here and talk about my personal life, that stays outside the ring, but I will say this – you people shared in a moment that will stick in my mind for the rest of my life.

Black pauses.

Xander Black: After I defeated Vos ... I achieved the thing I set out to do ... you people witnessed me at my weakest but you also witnessed me at my strongest – when I was fighting for something bigger than this title and bigger than this company.

Another pause.

Xander Black: I’m not going to apologize for all of the terrible things that I have done in this ring. I did what was vital to get what I wanted. But even though I have it now, I won’t stop doing these terrible things. This is a message for each and every person in that locker room ... I am the PWC World Heavyweight Champion ... I have fought tooth and nail to get this title and I will not let it go any time soon. I am the most dangerous man in the Premier Wrestling Circuit ... my name is Xander Black.

HUGE pop as Black extends his arms to the side and looks at the crowd.


His head snaps to the stage where KYLE ELRIC is making his way down the ramp, with a microphone in his hand. Much like Xander, he gets a strong pop. He climbs into the ring and stands a couple of feet away from the champion.

Kyle Elric: Number one contender to the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. Kyle Elric.


Xander Black: What is this? Roll call?

Elric shakes his head.

Kyle Elric: No. I’m simply out here informing you that you are looking at the man who will face you for that title in a few weeks ... and the man that will win that championship from you.

Mixed reaction.

Kyle Elric: Don’t get me wrong. I understand how great of a competitor you are ... if you look underneath the masquerade and the gimmicks and you are a great technical wrestler ... but I’m just as good, if not better than you.

Another mixed reaction.

Kyle Elric: You see Xander, I know what Freddie Vos did ... releasing your personal information to the world which was a very dirty tactic ... but the difference between myself and Vos is that I don’t need to do that. Like yourself, I am undefeated in PWC.


Kyle Elric: I actually have a lot of respect for you. You’ve overcame obstacles after obstacles, especially in your personal life ... but so have I. In a few weeks time, we’ll be across from each other in this ring, with that title on the line, and at the end, the better man will win. The only question is who will that be? My money ... is on the man standing in front of you.

Mixed reaction.

Xander Black: Whilst you might be undefeated, and whilst you might be a great wrestler ... you just don’t have what it takes to beat me. Like I said, I am the most dangerous man in PWC, the World Heavyweight Champion ... and I won’t be losing this championship anytime soon.

Mixed reaction.

Xander Black: And at the Pay-per-view, if you are still undefeated ... then I have no problem with being the man that will notch the first loss on your record.

Elric shakes his head.

Kyle Elric: You can choose to believe that if you want. But then again, if you actually make it to the next Pay-per-view undefeated ... then perhaps it will be me that ends YOUR undefeated streak ... and become the next PWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Mixed reaction.

Kyle Elric: Some stuff for you to chew on. I’ve got a match to prepare for later tonight, but I think I’ve made my point. I’ll leave you to your championship celebration shtick.

Elric backs away to the ropes and drops down sliding out of the ring.

He walks up the ramp, his back to Xander who stands at the ropes, looking at his challenger.




Elric turns around on the stage and takes a moment, thinking of what to do ...


He slides in and Vos senses him coming, so he swings at Elric who ducks and hits the ropes, springboarding off the second rope and hitting Vos with a kick to the face and Vos rolls out of the ring!!

Vos stumbles up the ramp as the PWC World Champion stands up, holding his back, and Elric stands beside him.

Vos holds his chin as Black holds up his title belt, Elric staring up at it.


Emma Mason steps up onto the ring steps in a long, flowing velvety red dress and raises the microphone that she is holding up to her mouth.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the following contest is a Singles Match set for o…


The intro music of Daiko interrupts Emma Mason, and the cameras cut straight to the stage where the Scottish Native is seen grinning ear to ear out at the packed Nassau Coliseum who are booing him, and chanting ‘Dancer! Dancer! Dancer!’

Daiko: Where oh where has the Dancer gone? *He scrunches up his face and pretends to think for a second* Oh wait, I know! He’s currently lying in a hospital bed trying to remember his own name!

Daiko doubles over in a fit of fake laughter as the crowd boo and continue chanting Dancer’s name.

Daiko: Keep chanting people! Maybe he’ll hear you, remember who he is and come back for the second round! Maybe I’ll get to end his career, again! Then again, he could just continue to be a vegetable.

Daiko spots a kid in the front row of the ramp booing him. He walks over and leans down so he is at the kid’s eyelevel, but is still far enough back so he is out of the striking range of the rest of the crowd.

Daiko: What’s the matter kid, do you miss him? Huh? Do you miss your buddy, Sam Dancer? Do you miss that time he paid you no attention because he’s a selfish piece of crap? Look at this right now kid, I’m giving you more attention than your hero ever has, and yet you still boo me. This is why Sam Dancer never looked you in the eyes kid; no matter how hard you and the rest of his little army of morons believed in him, he knew deep down that he was never going to be able to beat me. Sure, he’d put up a fake air of confidence and he’d talk a big fight, but when it all came down to it, he was just a coward. This is how he’ll be remembered!

Daiko smiles at the kid who cowers in beside his parents and walks down the ramp towards the ring.

Daiko: Even after all this ungratefulness from you all, I've still brought a gift for you! In a few minutes, you’ll see the debut of Bob McEfoy as he tries to fight for you all against the big bad Daiko! He’s obviously going to fail…

***On a Plain***

Bob McEfoy comes out onto the stage wearing a white, black and red guernsey and a pair of black shorts, and he is soon followed out by his manager, Brian Taylor, who is hopping around him with a smile on his face, yelling ‘WOWEE’ and ‘BIG BOY’ at random intervals.

Stan Chambers: Ladies and gentleman, we’d like to quickly welcome you to the first Vortex back after Alpha and Omega, here in the Nassau Coliseum in beautiful New York! If you’re only just joining us now, it has already been an eventful night, as the PWC Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black, was attacked by the man that he defeated at Alpha and Omega, Freddie Vos.

Charlie Campbell: Vos saw an opportunity and took it. Please don’t tell me that you expected any less from a man who knows what needs to be done?

Stan Chambers: No I did not.

As the commentators talk, McEfoy walks down the ramp, making sure not to trip over the hyperactive Taylor, who is clapping him on the back, and yelling what he must think is encouragement. McEfoy claps the hands of the closest fans and nods towards the kid who Daiko spoke to earlier before leaping up onto the apron, where he punches the air a few times before getting into the ring.

He climbs the nearest turnbuckle and hypes up the crowd, who start to chant ‘Let’s go Big Boy! Daiko sucks!’ Taylor joins in with the crowd, but gets out of time with them quickly as he insists in throwing random WOWEE’s into the chant every few seconds.

He turns around and sees Daiko still stood in the middle of the ring with his microphone in hand.

Daiko: You interrupted me. Lucky for you though, I’m in a good mood, so I’ll let you go with a warning here.


Daiko: Does he ever shut up?

McEfoy looks over to Taylor who has gone back to chanting with the crowd and just shrugs. The referee walks in between the two and waves for the bell to be rung.

Match 1 | Singles Match
Bob McEfoy vs. Daiko

Daiko and McEfoy lock up as soon as the bell rings, but Daiko is easily overpowered by the Australian, who easily takes Daiko to the ground, and goes for the first pinfall of his PWC Career.


Barely even a 1 count as Daiko pushes McEfoy off of him and rolls to the side to get some room. McEfoy is straight back on top of him though as he gets Daiko into a ground headlock and keeps the Scot pinned to the ground.

After several attempts at struggling to push himself to his feet, Daiko drags himself towards the nearest rope, but he’s unable to grab it as McEfoy picks him up with ease and sets him back down in the middle of the ring, before locking in another headlock.

‘WOWEE BIG BOY’ echoes throughout the arena as Taylor excitedly bounces around outside the ring, watching his client continue to show dominance over his smaller opponent.

Daiko keeps trying to break the ex Aussie Footballers vice grip on his neck, but no matter how much he moves, and how hard he wriggles, he can’t get himself any room to work with.

The crowd realise that Daiko is in a bit of a predicament and start to cheer, but it’s short lived as Daiko manages to get both his arms around one of McEfoy’s and manages to create some breathing room, which he uses to kip up out of the hold and turn to kick McEfoy in the ribs.

Daiko falls back into the nearest corner and rubs at his neck, trying to get the blood flowing freely again, as McEfoy holds onto the ribs that Daiko kicked.

Daiko turns around and slingshots himself onto the top rope, where he looks down at Brian Taylor who is still hyping up the crowd and throws himself backwards into the ring for the moonsault! He goes for the pin.


Daiko gets to his feet and then drags McEfoy to his feet, where he smacks him with a stiff forearm to the side of the head, and then lifts the 6’5 Aussie off his feet with a Snap Suplex. He turns to the crowd and gives them a mock bow before turning back to his opponent, at whom he connects with another kick to the ribs.

McEfoy grunts in pain as Daiko continues to kick and stomp away at any exposed body part and he tries to push Daiko’s standing leg out from under him, but the Scot just responds with a stomp to the arm which causes McEfoy to quickly stop.

Daiko continues to stomp away at his downed opponent, but not 5 seconds later, Daiko is trapped in between the turnbuckle, and 6’5, 280lbs of angry Australian as McEfoy powers off of the ground, lifting the shocked Daiko off of his feet in the process, and charges at the nearest turnbuckle, which he slams the squirming Scot into.

The crowd and Brian Taylor start cheering loudly (with the occasional WOWEE thrown in) as McEfoy continues to use his size and strength to his advantage as he keeps Daiko pinned against the turnbuckle with several headbutts, elbows to the ribs and the occasional Shoulder Charge!

McEfoy swings another punch to the ribs of Daiko, and then whips him across the ring, where he bounces off of the opposite turnbuckle and TURNS INTO A SPEAR!!

Daiko is almost cut in half by the former Aussie Rules player, who takes his opponent clean off of his feet, and lands with him about 5 feet from his original position! McEfoy doesn’t waste any time in going for the win!


The fans are on their feet, booing, yelling at the ref to count faster, telling Daiko to just stay down, and groaning because one of the fast rising favourites was just milliseconds away from taking out the man who was insulting them 10 minutes before.

10 seconds pass and McEfoy is still laid beside Daiko, stunned that he didn’t get the win. He rolls up onto his feet soon after, and drags up to his feet and turns him 180 degrees and locks him up for the German Suplex! He lifts, but no! Daiko catches McEfoy on the chin with the back of his head which gives the agile Scot some breathing room and once again, he uses it to his full advantage, catching McEfoy on the bridge of the nose with a Pelé Kick!

Daiko scrambles away from his opponent, who staggers back onto the ropes, and charges, clotheslining him over the top rope, to the outside of the ring! Daiko rushes over to the nearest turnbuckle, which he climbs up and after taking a second to compose himself, he launches himself out and hits the prone McEfoy with a Diving Senton!

Daiko rolls back into the ring, as the referee starts to count.

McEfoy stops the count by rolling into the ring, but he only manages to roll into the path of another boot which connects with his ribs once more.

Daiko rubs his stomach, clearly still feeling McEfoy’s spear, and pulls his opponent to his feet and puts the Aussie’s head between his legs, underhooks McEfoy’s arms, slowly lifts him up, flips him over AND HITS THE TIGER BOMB! PIN!


Daiko holds his head in his hands, and looks at the referee, who is holding two fingers in the air, and slaps his hands on the mat, before rolling McEfoy towards the turnbuckle.

Daiko backs off towards the opposite corner from McEfoy and slashes his arms across his chest, signalling the end and as the Aussie uses the turnbuckle to get to his feet, Daiko charges and connects with the Yakuza Kick!

Daiko backs off into the same corner once again, and waits. He sees that McEfoy starts to stir, pushing himself up onto his hands and knees in an attempt to get to his feet, and then he charges and SMASHES MCEFOY WITH THE BOMA YE!!

He rolls McEfoy over and goes for the pin!!


Winner – Daiko @ 9.46


Daiko rolls off of McEfoy as the bell rings and walks over to the nearest turnbuckle, which he climbs and raises his hands into the air.

Emma Mason: Your winner, DAIKO!

Stan Chambers: Even though he lost, you can’t help but think that there could be big things in Bob McEfoy’s future!

Charlie Campbell: The kid’s going places, Stan! I’ve got no doubt that his Spear will be the thing to take him there either. He went through Daiko like a wrecking ball!

Stan Chambers: You’ve got to give Daiko his credit here, though. Not only did he survive that Spear, in the same week as launching himself off of the cage, but he managed to overcome a huge size and strength difference and won the match!

Charlie Campbell: The kid has heart. After all those weeks of losing match after match, he’s come out and shown that he is no pushover. No matter what the fans say about him, I think even they have to have a little bit of respect for the man.

Stan Chambers: Judging by the reactions right now, I don’t think they have a shred of respect for Daiko. Neither would I were I in their shoes.

Campbell turns to his partner and shakes his head

***Welcome to the Jungle***

A camera pans down at the ring where a lone man is stood.

Darius Black. You've cost me matches.

A short clip showing Black laughing as Freddie Vos hits the Dirtnap on his opponent.

You've attacked my friends.

An image of Tommy Hendrix lying broken on the ground flashes on the screen.

You've even tried to burn me alive.

A video plays, showing the referees trying to extinguish the flames that surround a body as Darius Black laughs.

The camera zooms in for a close up on the lone man's face. IT'S AUSTIN ANGEL!

Next week, I return to the PWC and there will be no more games. Darius Black. Prepare for hell.

Next Week, 'The Rock God' Austin Angel returns to the Premier Wrestling Circuit!

***Tugging at your Heart Strings***

The crowd look around, confused at the unusual entrance music blasting throughout the Nassau Coliseum, and they remain confused when one of the PWC's new signings, Lane Walker, comes jogging out onto the stage in a black tank top and black trunks with a big smile on his face.

He makes his way down to the ring, stopping only top clap the rare hand that is reaching out towards him, and soon reaches the bottom of the ramp, where he looks around the front row with a wide smile on his face, until he spots his prize, a young pretty blonde in the front row. He quickly makes his moves towards her, grabbing her hand instead of clapping it, and planting a kiss on it, which causes the girl to blush and shyly push her hair away from her face.

Walker winks at her and hops up onto the apron before climbing into the ring where he stands in a corner, waiting for his opponent while waving at the crowd who are slowly warming up to him.

The Pride

The crowd are once again confused by an odd new theme song, and this confusion continues as another of the PWC's newest signings, King Leonum slowly walks out onto the stage, wearing a black hooded jersey and a pair of dark red trunks. He shakes his head side to side, as the camera pans in on his cold unforgiving eyes, which tell more of a story than any man ever could, just as they close. He tilts his head, before dropping to his knees and kissing his right thumb. He plants the thumb that he kissed on the ground, before leaping to his feet where he roars with the fury of a thousand lions and starts to pace down the ramp, each step increasing the focused look on his face until the gleam in his eyes resemble a pair of African suns. He reaches the bottom of the ramp and slides under the bottom rope and leaps to his feet once more, raising his hands into the air.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is set for one fall! Introducing first, from the House of Heartbreak, Lane WALKER!

The smiling rookie raises his hand in the air and waves to the crowd who give a small pop at the sound of his name.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, all the way from The Lions Den, King LEONUM!

Match 2 | Singles Match
Lane Walker vs. King Leonum

Before the bell rings, both men can be seen gearing themselves up in their respective corners. Leonum looks over at Lane with a cold stare, whilst Lane gets support from the crowd. The bell rings and both men pace around the ring, waiting to make their first move. After a tense few moments, the men finally lock-up and Leonum pushes Lane away with force, sadistically smiling afterwards. Lane comes rushing back and the two men begin exchanging violent blows and during this, Leonum manages to hit a few blows to the chest of Lane, which winds him slightly and allows Leonum to continue his assault.

Leonum exchanges between punches and kicks as he continues to wear his opponent down and knocks him to the ground. Leonum looks over to the crowd who are booing him, clearly feeding off the reaction from the fans. Leonum grabs the head of Lane and violently trash talks in his face and pushes his head with aggression before standing up and invoking more negative reaction from the fans.

Whilst Leonum is temporarily distracted, Lane is able to shake off the cobwebs and focus on his opponent, and greets him with a picture perfect Dropkick as he turns around. The fans start cheering heavily, as Lane is finally gaining some momentum. Lane continues to work on Leonum delivering several blows, before sending him flying to the corner. The fans know what's in store, as Lane steps up at the turnbuckle ready to deliver ten blows.

One! Two! Three! Four! Five! Six! Seven! Eight! Nine! TEN!

The crowd cheer after the succession of punches, and are clearly in the corner of Lane as he brings Leonum out of the corner and goes for the three count, hooking the leg. The referee quickly begins the count.


NO! Lenoum kicks out, clearly still fighting. Lane doesn't let it affect him as he brings Lenoum up and goes for the the Butterfly Suplex. Lenoum however is able to fight out before the move is hit on him, and begins to work away at Lane once more and suddenly hits THE HUNT to Lane! The crowd is in complete shock, as Leonum doesn't waste any time and quickly gets Lane in to The Mane submission move. The crowd are willing Lane on as much as they can, as Lane desperately tries to get out of the submission move. Leonum continues to apply more and more pressure to the move, screaming and yelling for Lane to TAP! Lane doesn't give up, as he continues to fight and is able to finally break the hold. The crowd can be heard clapping and cheering Lane on, as he tries to get back in to the match.

Leonum is having none of it however, as he angrily shoves Lane in to the corner and aggressively rushes with all his body weight, before following up with a series of violent stomps to the chest area of Lane. Leonum has violent intentions in mind, as he grabs the head of Lane and throws him to the outside mat. The crowd stand up and watch, as Leonum shoves Lane head first in to the ring barricade. The crowd react accordingly to the move, and continue to BOO Leonum. Fans in to the crowd can be heard yelling at Lane for him to get back in the match. Leonum moves his attention away from the crowd and goes back to his opponent, bringing him up and sending him shoulder first in to the barricade.

The referee can be heard counting inside the ring, as Leonum reluctantly brings Lane back in to the ring, before quickly hooking the leg and going for the three count.


NO! Leonum is in SHOCK as Lane is able to kick out just before the three. The crowd can be heard appreciating Lane and continuing to try and will him back in to the match. Leonum is seen becoming increasingly frustrated as he brings Lane up to his feet. He goes for a Suplex on Lane, but Lane is able to quickly change it in to a Pepsi Twist taking Leonum to the ground. Lane quickly goes for the three count, not wasting any time.


NO! Lane is shocked and so are the crowd, as they continue to pour hate at Leonum for kicking out. Lane brings Leonum up and is feeling confident, but perhaps too confident, as Leonum is once again able to gain the upperhand, only this time he's able to hit the big one and finds the opportunity to hit the Superbia to Lane. The shock from the crowd can be heard, as the move is performed. Leonum sadistically looks at the crowd before getting down and going for the three count:


Winner - King Leonum @10.31

***The Pride***

LEONUM WINS! The crowd show their dislike of the win, as they boo. Leonum looks at them with a cold stare, clearly proud of his win as he makes his way away from the ring looking back at a Lane still worn out in the middle of the ring. As he reaches the ramp, he quickly turns back at the crowd, with a smug look on his face before walking off.

We fade out ...

A few moments later we fade into a darkened parking lot ... where Darius Black is stood.

Darius Black: Fire – man’s greatest discovery. A discovery ... that, THAT needed to be made. I utilized that at Alpha and Omega, at A&O when I ... (laughs manically) set Austin Angel on fire.

Flashback footage of the car in flames.

Darius Black: Some say I’m crazy, but nah, I’m completely sane. I know what I’m doing ... I know ... I KNEW what I was doing to Austin Angel. I put him through suffering, pain, torment ... (laughs again) I PUT HIM THROUGH HELL!

Black stares into the camera.

Darius Black: I beat him ... black and blue ... and I knocked Austin Angel OUT! And when he awoke ... well ... (looks up the ceiling) the world was on fire.

Darius stares into the camera again.

Darius Black: One by one ... they all fall down. Insane? Am I insane ... no ... perhaps they are the insane ones. Maybe I am the one unique man, the man in amongst sheep. They will all fall ... it is up to them to get back up. But if they do, IF THEY DO ... then I will just knock them right back down.

Black starts to laugh.

Darius Black: My name ... is Darius Black, crazy I might be ... a lunatic I might be ... but what about all of you. Am I the insane one for doing what’s right, Austin Angel wasn’t right for this world, he was what’s wrong with this world ... it’s up to him to prove me wrong.

Black starts laughing again and backs away from the camera, the footage fading as he does so.



We come back from commercial and the cameras go to the ring where Trae Walker is pacing as he waits for his opponent in tonight's main event, Our ring announcer Emma Mason stands with a mic in the middle of the ring as the camera focuses on her.

Emma Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring weighing in at 280 pounds, from Stockton, California, Trae Walker!

Walker raises his fist in the air as his music cuts.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, weighing in at 233 pounds, from Seattle, Washington, Dr.Nero!


As his music kicks up, Nero walks out onto the stage with a focused look on his face and his hands raised in the air while his valet comes out next to him. The two walk down the ramp quickly and when they reach the bottom of the ramp, Nero walks up the steps keeping his hands raised in the air as his valet opens the ropes for him and he enters the ring. Nero stands in the corner as his valet removes his mask and shirt before sliding gloves onto his hands while his music cuts.

Match 3 | Singles Match
Trae Walker vs. Dr. Nero

As the match begins, Trae Walker charges Nero in the corner, but Nero easily steps out-of-the-way to avoid the charge and Walker runs face first into the top turnbuckle! Nero now grabs Walker by the waist, and connects on a big german suplex! Walker rolls away as Nero gets to his feet and just as Trae reaches his feet, Nero charges him and takes him down with a big running knee lift! Walker goes back down as Nero waits for him to get up.

Walker gets to his feet and Hero grabs him by the head and goes for a DDT, but Walker shoves him off and Nero bounces off the ropes as Walker takes him down with The Pounce! Nero goes down as Walker tries to fire up the crowd and they slowly start to get louder, much to the dismay of Nero's valet at ringside who yells at them to shut up, which only makes them get louder.

Nero gets to his feet as Walker scoops up Nero, but Nero rakes the eyes to escape the hold before taking down Walker with The Paralyser! Walker goes down and rolls into the middle of the ring as Nero has an evil grin cross his face as he sneaks up behind Walker in the middle of the ring and yells at him to stay down, but the fighting spirit of Trae Walker won't let him stay down! Walker stumbles to his feet but Nero spins him around and takes out the knee of Walker with a low dropkick and Walker goes down!

Nero now stands over Walker and drops multiple elbows across the knee with lightning fast speed as Walker grabs his knee in pain. Nero drags Walker into the middle of the ring and locks in his Amputation knee lock finisher on Trae's knee and this could be trouble! Nero cinches in the hold as Walker struggles to try to escape. He starts trying to reach the ropes but no luck as Nero has him trapped right in the middle of the ring. Walker struggles for a few more seconds as Nero applies more pressure to the hold, and Walker ends up tapping out!

Emma Mason: Here's your winner, Dr.Nero!


The fans boo as Dr.Nero stands up and his nurse slides into the ring and raises his arm in victory before the two quickly exit the ring as Walker holds onto his knee in pain. The victorious duo quickly make their way up the ramp and to the back as the medics come out and check on the knee of Trae Walker as this episode of Vortex comes to an end, But what is the condition of Walker's knee and will he be able to compete any time soon? Hopefully we'll have an update for you in the coming weeks!


***Voodoo Child***

The guitar riff of Louie Spindoli’s theme tune echoes through the Nassau Coliseum much to the disgust of the fans who all boo the man as he walks down to the ring, fixing his greasy hair and pulling on his elbow pads.

Instead of hopping into the ring, he walks around to the side of the announcer’s table, where he grabs a microphone and begins to walk slowly towards the ring while talking.

Louie Spindoli: Tonight, no man is brave enough to step into the ring with the Ace of Spades, I spoke with Ernesto Clement earlier and managed to secure myself a match with any opponent of MY choosing!

Spindoli runs his hand over his hair and smiles evilly out at the crowd.

Louie Spindoli: So, without further ado, my opponent.

A guy with minimal muscle tone, with a blue pair of trunks on comes running out onto the stage to complete silence throughout the arena, as the crowd don’t know how to react to this, and he doesn’t have any entrance music.

He runs down the ramp, nearly tripping up at the bottom, but he manages to collect himself and slide into the ring, just as Emma Mason climbs into the ring.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, this match is a singles match set for one fall! Introducing first, from The Rough Side of New Jersey, The Ace of Spades, Louie Spindoli!

Spindoli raises his arms into the air.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from..

She trails off uncertainly and looks over to Spindoli’s opponent who rushes over to Mason and whispers something in her ear.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Uniondale, New York, Freddie Hughes.

Hughes raises his hand in the air as a tiny cheer comes from a small section of the crowd who are pleased to see a local boy in the ring.

Emma Mason quickly leaves the ring, and the referee walks in between the two competitors are waves his arm towards the bell-keeper.

Match 4 | Singles Match
Louie Spindoli vs Freddie Hughes

Hughes walks into the middle of the ring and extends a hand to shake, but instead of the handshake that he was looking for, he gets creamed by Spindoli who charged forward and smashed the local wrestler with a deadly looking clothesline, almost flipping him right over.

Spindoli reaches down and picks his opponent him, and cracks him in the side of the jaw with a strong forearm, and then turns him before hitting a BRIDGING DRAGON SUPLEX!

…..NO! Hughes kicks out of the Dragon Suplex!

Spindoli snaps, and pulls Hughes to his feet, where he continuously smashes him in the side of the jaw with his forearm, almost knocking his opponent senseless, before kicking his opponent in the stomach, he then leers out at the crowd and then HITS THE PULLING PILEDRIVER!!


Winner – Louie Spindoli @2.13

***Voodoo Child***

Spindoli pushes the still body of his opponent to the outside of the ring and climbs up onto the top rope with an evil smile on his face. He raises his hands and puts his hair back into place as the cameras fade out.

We backstage where Danny Eriksen is standing by with the PWC Legacy Champion, Muhammad Islami.

Danny Eriksen: Please welcome my guest, Muhammad-

Islami holds a hand up then taps his championship.

Danny Eriksen: Please welcome my guest, the new PWC Legacy Champion – Muhammad Islami.

Eriksen looks at Islami for approval and he nods.

Danny Eriksen: You just witnessed your challenger at the next Pay-per-view defeat Trae Walker, gaining some momentum in his quest to hold that title. And-

Muhammad holds a hand up.

Muhammad Islami: Let me stop you right there American. It doesn’t matter how much momentum Dr. Nero can build up before we face each other, there is no way that he, a so called doctor will be able to take this championship away from me.

Islami turns to the camera.

Muhammad Islami: Listen up, Dr. Nero. I’m a rising star in this company, a man that took the World Heavyweight Champion to his limit a couple of weeks ago, I am above someone like you. And if you truly believe that you can beat me, then you need to go see a doctor.


Muhammad Islami: I just won the Legacy Championship, and that was the start of Muhammad Islami’s legacy here in PWC. It won’t end with a defeat to someone like you. I’m actually looking forward to our match, Nero, because I’m going to prove why I am the best wrestler in this company, someone that doesn’t have to masquerade as a doctor, and I’m going to prove why I am the PWC Legacy Champion.

Without looking at Eriksen, Islami walks away, hitting Danny’s arm out of the way. Danny watches him go and shakes his head.

The cameras cut back to ringside.


The lights in the arena turn a shade of light blue, and after a moment off the upbeat music playing – JAY RUSH steps out into the limelight. The crowd give him a piece of their mind as they boo loudly, he ignores and walks down the ramp, smoothing his hand over his hair. His blue pyrotechnic is set off, and he stops at the bottom of the ramp, allowing some photographers to take some gorgeous pictures of him. He slides into the ring and climbs up the turnbuckle to the second rope.

Stan Chambers: This man has seemingly sent Daniel Reese packing from PWC, in what was only his second match ever in this company. His third however, is a very tough one in the form of the number one contender to the World Heavyweight Championship – Kyle Elric.

Charlie Campbell: No disrespect to Daniel Reese, but facing Kyle Elric will be a very different kind of challenge for this young man, one that hopefully he won’t be intimidated by.


The crowd rise to their feet with a strong pop for KYLE ELRIC as he stands at the top of the ramp. He raises his hands to each side of the arena, acknowledging the crowd before kissing his necklace and making his way down the ramp. Elric climbs into the ring, and ascends the turnbuckle, the referee makes sure Rush doesn’t attempt to attack, which allows Elric to bow his head to the audience here tonight.

Stan Chambers: We saw earlier, Kyle Elric and Xander Black had a confrontation in this ring, over who would be the PWC World Heavyweight Champion after the next PPV. And, whilst there was an air of respect between two of our top wrestlers, there was an obvious element of tension between these two.

Charlie Campbell: When two alpha males are going after the same prize, obviously things are going to get a little heated. But, with Freddie Vos sticking his nose in earlier, we might have three alpha males competing for the same goal.

Main Event – Singles Contest
Jay Rush vs. Kyle Elric

The referee rings for the bell, and Rush and Elric begin to circle. Elric makes a dash towards Rush but he backs up, keeping out of range from Kyle’s dangerous strikes. They continue to circle, this time Rush ducks behind Elric and takes him down to the mat, but Elric is quick to get up and break away from his opponent, before lashing at him with some stiff kicks to the legs and sides. He then aims for Rush’s head, but he ducks the shot and dives away into the corner.

Elric attempts to follow him, but Rush gets both feet up, he then runs out and hits a spinning heel kick. Jay then picks Elric up and Irish-whips him into the corner, only for Elric to reverse, sending Rush right into the turnbuckle. Kyle then climbs onto the second rope, with Elric wedged between him and the turnbuckle, and begins to bring elbow smashes down on the top of Jay’s head. He gets to five before Rush brings his arms up, and walks with Elric in his arms out of the turnbuckle, then slams him down to the mat!

Rush looks pleased with himself, and takes a moment before hitting the ropes and going for a cartwheel elbow drop, but Elric moves out the way. Kyle is back to his feet quickly, as is Jay, and Elric hits a spinning heel kick just like Rush did to him a minute ago. Elric pulls Rush to his feet and hits a couple of knife edge chops, before Irish-whipping Rush into the ropes, before hitting a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker. He goes for the cover – 1 – 2 – Kick out!

Elric stays focused and pulls Rush up, before kneeing him in the stomach, and hitting a T-Bone Suplex. He then exits onto the apron and gets a feel of the top rope, waiting for Rush to get up, then jumps up, springboarding off the rope and going for a clothesline, but Rush hits a perfect drop kick to the flying Elric! The two take a couple moments to get up, and when they do – Elric runs at Rush who catches him with a drop-toe-hold and he falls onto the second rope. Rush walks over and presses his knee into Elric’s back, forcing his throat down on the second rope!

The referee counts to four, before Rush backs away. Kyle manages to get to his feet, but then Rush runs at him and clotheslines him over the top rope! Rush exits the ring, and uses the outside area to his advantage, smashing his opponent into the announce table then the barricade before ending his onslaught by putting him right into the steel steps. He rolls him into the ring and goes for the cover – 1 – 2 – NO!

The next few minutes consist of Rush wearing down Elric, but with Kyle having numerous false comebacks. He plays the face in peril role well though, the crowd behind him, as Rush plays the annoying heel. Finally, the comeback does come, he breaks away from a sleeper hold, and hits a number of knife edge chops, then Irish-whips Rush to the opposite ropes, he then rebounds right into a kick to the stomach, and Elric steps behind him and hits him with a Tiger Suplex.

Elric then climbed to the top rope, and went for a flying head butt, - but Rush rolled out the way! Both men got up at the same time, with Rush ducking a wild swing from Elric, and then hitting a Super Kick! Cover – 1 – 2 – NO! Rush decided it was time to end it, as he got up and waited for Elric to do the same, he got him in position and attempted to hit the Unprettier, but Elric countered, spinning out and hitting the buckle bomb!

Rush held his back as he staggered out of the corner, right into Elric’s clutches and he picked him up, before hitting God’s Last Gift! Cover – 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner – Kyle Elric @ 10.39


A strong pop comes as Elric rolls off his opponent. He rises to his feet, and gets his arm raised by the referee.

Stan Chambers: A great showing by not only Kyle Elric, but his opponent Jay Rush as well. In the end though, Elric picks up the victory, gaining moment- HEY!



Elric’s head smashes off the canvas and Vos dives on top of him, laying into him with multiple punches. The crowd are booing the hell out of him as he stands up and walks around the ring, like a wild animal.

Elric struggles to his feet, and Vos runs right through him with a running big boot!

Elric seems spark out, but Vos reaches down and positions him ... LOCKING IN THE OMNOPLATA!!




Vos swings with a clothesline but Black ducks and hits the ropes ... HITTING A RUNNING ENZIGURI!!


Rush yanks Black to his feet and pushes him into the corner, he then puts his boot into the throat of Black, as Vos walks over and begins kicking Black as well!

The crowd boo loudly as the two men choke and stomp the life out of the World Champion ... but then Rush is pulled away by ELRIC WHO PUSHES HIM INTO THE ROPES ... THEN CLOTHESLINES HIM OVER THE TOP!


Vos lies limp on the mat and the two faces now pull Freddie to his feet and THROW HIM OVER THE TOP ROPE!

Stan Chambers: Xander Black – returning the favour from earlier, saving his opponent at the next Pay-per-view from getting a severe beat down.

Charlie Campbell: Hold on Stan, we might not be done here.

In the ring, Elric and Black are looking at each other, standing a couple of feet away from one another. A tense filled few seconds pass before the PWC World Heavyweight Champion extends his hand ... the crowd pop as Elric weighs the situation.

A couple more seconds pass ... BEFORE ELRIC SHAKES BLACK’S HAND!

Stan Chambers: Now that’s good-



Stan Chambers: What the hell was that?!

Charlie Campbell: That was smart. He got his payback after Vos attacked him earlier ... and he also got one over on his challenger!

The crowd continue to react with a mixed reaction, and that only intensifies when Black grabs his PWC World Title, and holds it above his head, standing beside the fallen body of Kyle Elric.

Stan Chambers: Will we see that sight when these two collide in a sanctioned match? We’ll find out very soon, but ladies and gentleman – that’s all we have time for tonight, join us next week for more Vortex!

We fade to black with Vos licking his wounds on the outside, staring up at the champion. Jay Rush disappearing from sight through the curtain. And, finally the PWC World Heavyweight Champion holding his belt above the man that will attempt to take it from him, Kyle Elric.

- End of Show -

Forgot this when I posted the thread, so here we go.

Opening Promo - C3K
Daiko Promo - Gary Oak
Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy - Gary Oak
Austin Angel Video Promo - Gary Oak
Lane Walker vs. King Leonum Entrances - Gary Oak
Lane Walker vs. King Leonum - The Fourth Wall
Darius Black Promo - C3K
Trae Walker vs. Dr. Nero - HollywoodNightmare
Louie Spindoli vs. Local Jobber (Freddie Hughes) - Gary Oak
Muhammad Islami Promo - C3K
Jay Rush vs. Kyle Elric - C3K

Person who pointed out obvious errors that Gary Oak should have noticed while formatting - HollywoodNightmare

Daiko vs. Bob McEfoy w/ Brian Taylor
Winner via Pinfall - Daiko

Lane Walker vs. King Leonum
Winner via Pinfall - King Leonum

Trae Walker vs. Dr. Nero
Winner via Submission - Dr. Nero

Louie Spindoli vs. Freddie Hughes
Winner via Pinfall - Louie Spindoli

Jay Rush vs. Kyle Elric
Winner via Pinfall - Kyle Elric

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Some thoughts on the show....

The opening was really well done but I only have one minor gripe. For some reason, I was cheering Xander more than Elric here which shouldn't happen because Elric is the straight-up face in this feud. There were some lines were he just sounded too heel for my liking. Elric is all about respect and manners. Just for 1 or 2 lines, it just didn't seem like something he'd say. Plus, the dude is from Japan! That's like the most respectful place in the world :p The opening and ending of this show was definitely me favorite parts of this show, it was just so awesome. Freddie Vos came out looking like a major heel which is always good since he didn't really have a match on this show. The ending really put a smile on my face because you guys didn't forget that Elric and Xander are enemies. Good job having Xander play the good guy but still being the guy who will do whatever it takes to keep his title. Everything involving Elric, Xander, Vos, and Rush was just really awesome. Really well done (Y)

I'm really excited for the Islami/Nero feud that's happening too. This is a heel on heel feud so I think the best way to go for this feud is to have each one out-heel the other if that makes sense. I'm sure you guys on creative will find ways to do this. Use the American schtick you have going with Islami on Nero, that'll be good. The midcard title will be in good hands whether Islami keeps it or Nero wins it.

Really not much else to comment on. Darius/Angel will continue to be good but I think their feud is nearing the end unless something huge happens. The new guys were written well and will only improve as each show comes. PWC is looking mighty bright right now. Good job everyone! Keep it going til I come back ;)
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