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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

Arena: Save Mart Center
Capacity: 12,000
Location: Fresno, California

Singles Match:
Lynch vs. Dr. Nero

Singles Match:
Freddie Vos vs. Kyle Elric

Tag Team Match:
Daniel Reese & Austin Angel vs. Jay Rush & Darius Black

Triple Threat Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. The Reaper vs. Joey Holt

Singles Match:
Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker

Gauntlet Match:
Xander Black vs. Bubba, Sam Dancer, and Commander Red


Deadline for RP's is 11:59pm on October 8. I'm not sure what timezone I'm in so you will be given a 24 hour warning before the deadline so don't worry.

This thread will be used for posting your RP's, if you want to feedback on someone's RP then go ahead, post the feedback in here. Once the show is posted, you can feedback on that, if you like. Everything else can be posted in the discussion thread.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
Also, let's try something different. Use the match card as a predictions template and post your predictions here. ONLY PREDICTIONS. You can post your predictions without even seeing the RPs posted so yeah, it'll just be a guessing game. Don't post anything else but your predictions and your RP's in here, and ofcourse the show will be posted on here as well. The winner/winners will get hmm...the joy of winning a predictions contest? Or if they really want something, you can PM me or one of the guys in creative and we can offer some direction for your character. Although, you guys can do this already, we're just waiting for you guys to PM us, lol. ONLY PREDICTIONS AND RP'S GO IN THIS THREAD. NOTHING ELSE.

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Singles Match:
Lynch vs. Dr. Nero

No idea who these two are.

Singles Match:
Freddie Vos vs. Kyle Elric

Both strong writers, but MtB should have this..

Tag Team Match:
Daniel Reese & Austin Angel vs. Jay Rush & Darius Black


Triple Threat Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. The Reaper vs. Joey Holt

Are LS and Reaps even here anymore? Even if they are, Brye got 'dis.

Singles Match:
Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker

Stars 'n' Stripes brotha.

Gauntlet Match:
Xander Black vs. Bubba, Sam Dancer, and Commander Red

Haven't seen Red's work, Bubba had a poor showing last week and Dancer suuuuuucks.. Champ got 'dis.

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Singles Match:
Lynch vs. Dr. Nero
~ Not a clue.

Singles Match:
Freddie Vos vs. Kyle Elric
~ I believe in you.

Tag Team Match:
Daniel Reese & Austin Angel vs. Jay Rush & Darius Black
~ I'll go with the two more experienced RP'ers.

Triple Threat Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. The Reaper vs. Joey Holt
~ Between Reaper and Holt, I'll go with Holt.

Singles Match:
Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker
~ Islami for me.

Gauntlet Match:
Xander Black vs. Bubba, Sam Dancer, and Commander Red
~ I can't go against myself.

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I got Freddie Vos? Shit


Singles Match:
Lynch vs. Dr. Nero

Enjoyed his debut last week. No idea about Dr Nero. Expecting Lynch to continue his winning ways.

Singles Match:
Freddie Vos vs. Kyle Elric

Vos is the favorite obviously, I believe he is the strongest RP'er in the entire roster but I'll do my best.

Tag Team Match:
Daniel Reese & Austin Angel vs. Jay Rush & Darius Black
~ We do have quite a few debuts this time, don't we? Jay Rush's skills are yet to be showcased so going with Angel and Reese.

Triple Threat Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. The Reaper vs. Joey Holt

Gut feeling. Pull through, Obby. Is this a random triple threat or will there be any impact on the PPV card remains to be seen.

Singles Match:
Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker
Like both and Islami is more experienced but Trae Walker's RP was very strong. Anything can happen really.

Gauntlet Match:
Xander Black vs. Bubba, Sam Dancer, and Commander Red
Yeah, gonna go with the champ.

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Hate to ask again, but can I have a 24 hour extension? I've got a shitton of work to do and I have very little free time, if any at all to write my RP.

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Hate to ask again, but can I have a 24 hour extension? I've got a shitton of work to do and I have very little free time, if any at all to write my RP.
Yeah it's fine.

Also here's my predictions.

Singles Match:
Lynch vs. Dr. Nero

Gotta go with the guy I've read RP's from before.

Singles Match:
Freddie Vos vs. Kyle Elric

Both are on fire right now and this should be one of the closest matches. But I have to give the nod to Vos.

Tag Team Match:
Daniel Reese & Austin Angel vs. Jay Rush & Darius Black

Those bastard heels gonna get rocked! In all seriousness Rush is making his debut so it's hard to know how he'll do and JAM knows his stuff. I think me and him will be able to play off each other well.

Triple Threat Match:
Louie Spindoli vs. The Reaper vs. Joey Holt

Reaper is improving every RP so he has a chance but I've really enjoyed Joey Holt and think he gets the W here. But Brye hasn't been on his A game recently so the door is open for Reaper or even Spindoli to pull off something great and take the win.

Singles Match:
Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker

Islami hasn't had a bad RP yet IIRC and neither has Walker. But at least once Walker had my favorite RP of a show so I'm giving him the nod here. Another one that could go either way.

Gauntlet Match:
Xander Black vs. Bubba, Sam Dancer, and Commander Red

Bubba gave me a better fight than I expected in his debut and Commander Red knows what he's doing as far as how to RP but I don't think either have it in them to beat the champ who always puts out top notch work. Dancer is improving as well but it won't be enough here to win.

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A few points..

1. I tried something different, it probably failed miserably.
2. The first part is from the view point of Beth, Jam said that was fine.
3. This RP involves a lot of my previous ones, recommend you go back and read them.

So there we were, sitting in the park, on a bench and I was somewhat happy. After Xander’s Mother died he had closed himself out from the world, but I managed to get him outside, and apparently get him to tell me about his troubled childhood that he had, more specifically – the voices.
He looked at me in the eyes, and seemed sincere when he said he was going to tell me everything.
Xander began to tell me, I could see the fear in his eyes that I might run for the hills or laugh in his face, but this is something that happened to him that he couldn’t control, I’ve been there, I know the feeling so I urged him, putting my hand on his, showing him he could be honest with me.
He told me how he could hear people who weren’t there talking to him.
“They stopped when I was eight, but earlier this year I heard them again. But, I-“ His eyes catch something in the distance, they look back at me for a split second, before snapping back to the thing that’s got him looking.
I follow his gaze, and feel disgust in the pit of my stomach, as I look at the man who attacked Xander on the day his Mother had that accident.
I turn back to my friend, who’s already on his feet, a bad feeling stirs in my head as Xander starts walking over to the man. I get up immediately, right on his heels, struggling to keep up, begging him to think this. Despite my hatred for this man, for what he did to Xander, and what he could have done to me if he hadn’t been there, I didn’t want Xander to lower himself to that guys level.
“Xander, stop, please.” He ignored me, I wasn’t getting through to him. It was like a switch went off in his head, nothing I did could stop him.
“Please, stop! Listen to me!” Nothing. Xander continued on a path that I didn’t want him on, he got closer and closer and then the man spotted him, but it was too late. Xander brought up a close fist and landed it straight on the jaw of the man who attacked him.
I felt a little like he deserved that shot, and I expected that to be the end of it. But, it wasn’t. The man got back up and hit Xander in the stomach, a shiver of worry went up my spine, but Xander looked like a man possessed, he ignored the hit to the stomach that would have normally winded a grown man, and took the guy off his feet.
He deserved the first punch, and he deserved a couple more, but this was getting a bit much.
I watched in shock, as Xander brought right fist after right fist down onto this guys face. I thought I saw a white tooth flying from the man’s mouth, but I couldn’t be sure. I saw blood on the knuckles of my friend, someone who I’ve cared about for a while, but what he was doing, was starting to bring back some bad memories.
I had did my best to bury these moments in the back of my mind, locked away so I didn’t have to think about them again. In front of me, a handful of men had rushed over and pulled Xander off the guy, but everything was a blur, I was starting to remember what my Brother did to my Step-Dad.

And why he did it.


Two weeks had passed since Xander attacked that man, he ended up in hospital with a broken jaw, broken nose and missing some teeth. The man though hadn’t pressed charges, probably because he knows that Xander would be charged with assault, whilst he would be charged with attempted murder since he did stab him.
It’s been awhile since I seen Xander, I haven’t seen him since that day in the park, but I wanted to, so I picked up my mobile.
It started to ring and then he picked up, “Hello.”
“Hey, it’s me.”
“Before we talk, I just want to apologise for what I did a couple of weeks ago.”
“You don’t need to apologise, the guy deserved it.”
“I saw the look in your eyes when I was pulled away. You looked like you were in a trance.”
“I, uh, it made me remember something that I buried away a few years ago, that’s all.”
“Stop apologising, it’s not your fault. Before you attacked that guy though, you started to tell me about what happened during your childhood, I was wondering if you wanted to finish what you started?”

I had to break it, “But, if it’s too much,”
“No, I had need to tell someone.”
“Shall we meet up then?”
“Yeah. Tomorrow at my house?”
We said our goodbyes and I stared at the ground.​

It had been a few days since the last episode of Vortex. Xander Black was sat on a bench in the middle of park, it was getting late but it was a nice night, so there were still a few people around. He sat with his head in his hands, re-thinking what he did to Clement and thinking about what Freddie Vos was saying.

He knew he would have to deal with things like that, low life’s that bring people’s personal lives into matters, he had built himself up for it, expecting it, but when Vos began to talk about her, he snapped.

Also, a few hours ago, he got a text message from some lackey of Clement’s, saying that because of his actions he would compete in a gauntlet match on the next Vortex. He rolled up his sleeve, and looked at the writing on his arm, but then a man sat down next to Xander and looked out into the park.

Nice night, huh?

Xander Black:

Names Kevin.

Xander looked at the man, but he was in no mood for idle small talk, so he ignored him and continued looking into the distance.

Not a talker, huh? I know the feeling, I’m guessing you’re here to do some soul searching, thinking about previous things, right?

Xander didn’t answer, he kept his gaze forward.

I do the same sometimes, when life gets a little hectic I come here, enjoy nature and relax.

His “little hectic” life would be nothing compared to Xander, but he continued.

You want to talk about it?


You sure? It can’t compare to my problems, I tell ya’. See, my Boss gave me this whole load of work and-

I don’t care about your problems. Now get away from me, before you make me do something that you’ll regret.

Kevin paused for a moment, weighing his options but he then continued talking and the blood boiled underneath Xander’s skin. He was going to that place again.

Hey, I didn’t mean to intrude. I got an idea, why don’t we go for a drink and get all our problems-

He obviously meant well, but Xander was in no mood for this.

Is it got anything to do with that?

Xander looked at him and he was looking at my arm, and he immediately pulled my sleeve down, feeling enraged.

What did that say? Beth?

Don’t. A bit of advice, I’m not a nice person, I don’t care about your problems and you shouldn’t care about mine. Leave, now.

And yet, he stayed.

Did she mean a lot to you?

Xander was on the edge now.

Is she dead?

Well, that was that.

He was pushed over the edge now, and Xander grabbed Kevin by the neck and pushed him back against the bench. He was choking the life out of him now.

Ple-ple- please!

Shut up, shut up, shut up!

As Xander was pressing his hand into this guys throat, he had a brief flash back to a time when he and Beth were sat in a park, just like this and it ended almost exactly like this. He remembered what he did, he remembered that now he didn’t care and continued to press his hand into the guys throat.

I don’t know! I don’t fucking know!

Kevin’s face was turning a strange shade of purple, and eventually Xander let go, and Kevin slumped down, regaining his breath and crawling away from Xander.

Xander sat back down on the bench, running his hands through his hair and rolling up his sleeve again, looking at the tattoo.

I don’t know.


In a dark room, the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black, sat on a steel chair, staring forward into the camera. He lowers the hood from his head and looks at the camera.

Freddy Vos... you got under my skin last week... it won’t happen again. You can continue to play your tricks and your mind games, it won’t work, not anymore. I am the master of mind games, and this coming Vortex, I’m going to show you why I am the current PWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Black taps the belt.

You need to understand something, Vos, I am better than you, I am better than every person on the roster. I trained in the hope of getting a shot in this company, and I did better than every ones expectations... no one thought I would become champion... but I did. And, I did it by eliminating every single member of the roster in that Battle Royal, including you, I eliminated you last.

Last week, like I said, you got under my skin, and it won’t happen again. Because of what you said, I snapped and attacked you, you’re not the first person I’ve attacked and you won’t be the last, just like Mister Clement.

Xander grins.

Clement has put me in a Gauntlet match because of my actions last week... as a punishment. In my mind, it’s not a punishment, it’s a gift... on Vortex I get to take my frustrations out on three men. One of them is Sam Dancer, who is more concerned with getting drunk and dancing that becoming a respected wrestler. The other two, I don’t know much about, but rest assured... they are nothing compared to me.

The Gauntlet isn’t a punishment for me, it’s a punishment for them. I sincerely thank you Clement, because you’ve given me the perfect warm up match for Alpha and Omega. I’ll defeat these three, one after the other, go on and defend my PWC World Title against Freddie Vos, and show why I am the most dangerous and the most skilled competitor on this roster.

Bubba, Dancer and Red... I’ll see you at Vortex, where all three of you will fall to my Death Nail. Clement, I truly hope I’ll see you at Vortex, to thank you for this opportunity and it might be best for you to apologise to those three men, because neither one of them will ever be the same again. And as for you, Vos, at Alpha & Omega, I will make you suffer, and just when you are at your breaking point... I’ll continue until you no longer breath without medical help. At A&O I put you in the Figure Four Death Lock, and I retain my PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

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I'm running on limited Battery life until my new charger gets here, (Should be here at some point in the next two / three days) so I'll give a proper 'review' then, but :clap: C3K.

You three will have to up your game to beat the Champ here as C3 is the top of his game right here. Good luck to all three of you. (One of you beat the bastard please.. I'm sick of his fuckin' win streak.)

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Time: October 6th 2013, 9:00 AM
Place: Therapist Joe Biggs Office

Joey Holt is lying down on a couch in what seems to be a therapist's office. Holt gets up and paces the room, back and forth, repeatedly without saying a word.

Joe Biggs: Something on your mind? Anything? We've been in this session for fifteen minutes and you haven't said a thing.

Holt looks as if he's about to say something and then stops. He walks back over to the couch and sits down. Again, he goes to speak but nothing comes out.

Joey Holt: Well, uhhh. I...uh...don't quite understand how this works. I'm supposed to come in here and just tell you what's wrong with me? Because if I knew the answer to that, I wouldn't be here.

Joe Biggs: No, no, that's not it at all. Just start off by telling me why you scheduled this appointment. What brought you here?

Joey Holt: Well, let's just say I don't really know how to control myself. I have...how you say...anger management problems?

Joe Biggs: So you can't control your anger? Have you caused any harm or destruction because of this?

Joey Holt: Well I should probably mention that I'm a professional wrestler and that my job requires me to beat people up for a living. But this goes quite a bit beyond that.

Joe Biggs: Ah, yes, that's where I've seen you from, I watch PWC occasionally. But back to my original quesiton, have you caused any harm outside of the ring?

Joey Holt lies back down on the couch and kicks one leg over the other.

Joey Holt: Well, back when I was an MMA fighter, I won the fight but wouldn't break the choke hold I had. I didn't even realize what I was doing until after it happened, but I could have killed him. Then there's the destruction I laid into my apartment.

Joe Biggs: Well that isn't good. These kind of emotions need to be stifled, at the very least. Anger problems are nothing to fool around with.

Joey Holt: I know they're not. But I feel like there's another me, inside of me, that comes out at the wrong times and causes havoc.

Joe Biggs: Do you have any idea as to how or when this all started. Anything from childhood, the teenage years, etc?

Holt moves around and fidgets on the couch, clearly a little uncomfortable talking to a therapist.

Joey Holt: I don't really know...to be honest. I don't remember much from childhood, neither does my brother. This all just sort of happened. I think it started in high school. I remember this guy, Brock James, he called me a loser for eating alone at lunch...so I broke his nose and busted up his face pretty bad before a couple teachers pulled me off. Almost got kicked out of school for that one but that guy never messed with me again.

Joe Biggs: Could it be the power? The power of being able to do that to someone?

Joey Holt: No...no. I'm not some kind of sadist. I don't do my job to hurt people, I do it for the competition and I do it because I'm good at it.

Joe Biggs: Ok, well I understand. Well for right now, I'm going to give you a prescription for Klonopin. I think your anger could be caused by anxiety and these will help you with that. Take two a day and if you find any side effects, let me know. Don't fool around with this stuff. And I'll pencil you in for next week.

Joey Holt: Yes sir, have a good one. I feel like we made a bit of progress here.


As he comes home with the prescription, Joey takes a look at the bottle and reads the side effects.

Joey Holt: Well, here goes nothing. Let's see if this shit works.

Holt takes two of the pills and swallows them with some water. After sitting on the couch for about 15 minutes, he begins having a very strong euphoric feeling. He goes around the apartment singing and goes into his bedroom, still ravened from his previous outburst.

Joey Holt: Man...this shit...this shit is great.

Joey slowly rolls into bed and just stares at the ceiling with a blank expression for what seems like hours as he fades off into sleep.


Time: October 7th 2013, 10:43 AM
Place: Joey Holt's apartment

Ring ring! Ring ring! Ring ring! Joey Holt's alarm has been going off for the past 13 minutes, but he's still out cold until he finally shoots up out of bed.

Joey Holt: Shit! I'm supposed to be at Save Mart Center in seventeen minutes for my interview.

Holt quickly starts throwing on clothes and getting things together. Before he leaves he takes a quick look at the bottle of pills.

Joey Holt: Eh, one right now won't hurt, right?

Holt pops one more of the pills and then hops in the car. At the Save Mart Center, he gets out and runs into the arena. As he heads in, he sees Danny Eriksen ready to conduct the interview.

Danny Eriksen: He buddy, didn't think you'd show for a second. Let's get this thing started...Danny Eriksen here live with Joey 'Lightning Bolt' Holt at the Save Mart Center in Fresno! Joe, I've gotta ask, how does the win feel from last week?

Joey Holt: Haha, well my head's still ringing from that chair shot, but Black got what he had coming to him in the end. I'll take the win, even my DQ because in the end I still...won.

Danny Eriksen: Well it certainly helped your win/loss record here at PWC. What are you expecting this week from your triple threat match?

Joey Holt: (Grinning) Well, you see, I think it'll be a (inaudible) and everything will go just swimmingly haha.

Holt is grinning uncontrollably as the drug has certainly kicked in and elevated his mood. Eriksen is taken back a little by this.

Danny Eriksen: You seem fairly confident in how you're going to do. Any reason for this? And what about Darius Black? You're in an even series with him.

Joey Holt: Well let's just say (inaudible) and because of that, it'll be pretty simple as to why I win. As for that Black guy, no offense, I think I made it pretty clear who the man was.

Danny Eriksen calls off the camera and stops the interview.

Danny Eriksen: The hell is wrong with you, Holt? Are you on drugs?

Joey Holt: Just this prescription stuff, it's great, just great.

Danny Eriksen: Well you should probably lay off it a little. You looked like a damn fool there.

Joey Holt: Danny, it's all good man, don't worry about it. I don't have a worry in the world.

Danny Eriksen: Yeah? Well just be careful, man.

Joey Holt: Danny, don't worry. Life is good, hell, it's great! I'll catch you later, man, I got...things to do.

Holt jogs outside and hops into his car with Eriksen still looking a bit confused at the SMC.​

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Five Years Ago
Mental Institution
Darius' room.

Darius is sat in a padded isolated room. He looks around at the walls he has now become familiar with as he puts his head in to his hands and begins mumbling to himself in the corner.

DARIUS: As I just sit here, looking at these padded walls, I just think to myself "Is it really that bad?". You know, I hate this place. But I also hate out there too, I'm conflicted. Whilst I want to be out of here as soon as possible, I know as soon as I do I'll miss the fact I was on my own and able to collect my thoughts.

Darius stands up and begins pacing around the isolated room. He walks in a very sadistic and methodcial fashion. As he's doing this he continues speaking.

DARIUS: There's also a lot of things, out there, that I don't miss. Specifically people, when you're out there, you're constantly surrounded by people of all walks of life and you soon realize everyone has the same type of attitude. If they see someone hurt on the street, they will walk by. If you ask them for help, they will say they are in a rush. If you try to help someone, they will simply repay you with just a thanks. The bottom line is, no one has manners or even the decency to properly thank someone. That sort of attitude stays on you and you soon adapt to it. I've adapted to it, I was never helped and I was never guided in the right direction. So don't expect me to bother helping anyone else that isn't myself..

Darius rests on the cell door and looks up at the padded roof and just sighs.

DARIUS: Soon people will realize who I am, soon people will learn to respect me and soon I'll get the attention I deserve. I won't lie, I crave it. But for all the right reasons, I want to be successful and I want to make a name for myself. There's nothing wrong with that..

Present Day
Fresno, California
Save Mart Center - Backstage

Darius Black is sat in a corner backstage, talking to himself. Danny Eriksen approaches him.

ERIKSEN: Hey Darius, can I just get--

Darius stands up and looks at him, with a deathly glare.

DARIUS: Can nobody just get some alone time around here? I'm being serious, there's always some fucking bee buzzing in my ear.

ERIKSEN: I just wanted to get your thoughts on the upcoming match at Vortex?

DARIUS: Of course you would. You're always there, wanting my thoughts. Have you not got anything better to do? What is there to say? I care for no one in that Tag Match on Vortex and I will not be helping that chump Jay Rush..

ERIKSEN: Don't you want to get your hands on Angel?

DARIUS: Of course I do and I will, but there's no way in hell I'm going to let Jay Rush leech a win from me. I'll decimate both Reese and Angel myself, that newbie can stay out in the back where he belongs. I haven't got time for wimps and on that note, I haven't got time for you either.

Darius Black walks off down the halls as Eriksen watches on.​

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~~Ten Years Ago~~
London, England
James Richards' Bedroom​

The screen is completely black, and a muffled voice is heard. It is a soft, female voice.

???: James? James?

The camera shows the perspective of someone's eyes opening, and a woman is standing over the person who's eyes we are looking through. Looking past the woman, who is in her early 40s with a kind face, we can see a blue ceiling behind her, with matching blue walls. The woman speaks in a soft tone, in an English accent.

???: James? Darling? Wake up would you? How can you go to this audition without even getting out of bed?

The camera cuts to another place in the room, and we can see a seventeen year old JAY RUSH (James Richards) in his bed, in the process of sitting up, and he looks at the woman on the end of the bed whilst yawning.

James Richards: Thanks, Mum... you can go now. I'll get this contract with my eyes closed anyway.

Mum: Now what have I told you about being so cocky? You might be the bets looking boy in the world, but arrogance will make you ugly.

Rush gives a wry smile to his mother.

James Richards: Sorry... you know that I have to believe that I'm going to do this if I have any real chance of getting this. You know how much I need this; everyone at school is depending on me.

Mum: You should want to do this for yourself, not them. Remember that.

James Richards: I know, Mum, I know. Of course I want this for myself! It is just that Si said that-

Mum: Simon? James, what have I told you about him? He's no good for you.

James shakes his head and rolls his eyes, whilst Mum gets to her feet and walks towards the door.

Mum: Just focus on getting ready and looking your best. I'll see you downstairs where breakfast is waiting for you!

James gets out of his bed as his mum leaves the room, picking up his phone as he does.

James Richards: (Shouting) Bacon, yeah?

Mum: (From downstairs) Of course!

James Richards: FUCK YEAH!

Mum: (From downstairs) Language!

The younger Rush laughs to himself and jumps back onto his bed, whilst he begins to write a text.

~~Present Day~~
Fresno, California
Save Mart Center - Backstage

JAY RUSH is walking backstage, texting on his phone. He's wearing sunglasses indoors and is dressed in his ring gear and all of a sudden, DANNY ERIKSEN comes from the side and places a hand onto his shoulder.

Danny Eriksen: Jay Rush! Have-

Jay Rush: Get your filthy, ugly hand off of me right now.

Eriksen looks sheepish as he drops his arm down. Rush now turns to face him.

Jay Rush: Come on, get it over with.

Danny Eriksen: I just wanted to know your thoughts on your debut match on Vortex this week where you will be teaming with Darius Black to face Austin Angel and Daniel Reese.

Rush removes his shades and gives Eriksen a look before he faces the camera.

Jay Rush: Wait, what are you talking about? I have a match this week?!

Eriksen nods quickly.

Jay Rush: Oh, I'm sorry! I must have missed it, because when I look at the match card for Vortex, I only pay attention to the main event, which is where I belong!

Rush talks with anger in his voice.

Jay Rush: I should be challenging Xander Black for the title, but instead I'm messing around in a bullshit, throwaway tag team match with three nobodies!

Danny Eriksen: Do you not think that is a little disrespectful to your opponents as well as your partner, Darius Black?

Jay Rush: Look. I'm not here to make friends. I don't care about Darius Black and Austin Angel's little... affair... I. Don't. Care. The only thing I'm focusing on is that title, because it is going to be around my waist sooner rather than later.

Danny Eriksen: No words for Daniel Reese? You didn't mention him at all just then...

Jay Rush: Of course I didn't mention him! What is there to mention? The guy has accomplished... nothing! He's nothing but a hideous no one, that I am going to destroy on Vortex!

Rush is starting to work himself up again.

Jay Rush: He isn't in my league in every conceivable way; the fact that I have to look at him, let alone share a ring with him, is sickening. I am the measuring stick that every human being is held up against; I was born beautiful. I deserve better than this.

After staring into the camera fiercely, Rush looks down at the floor and rubs his chin, and starts to slowly nod.

Jay Rush: You know what? I'll play ball; I'll work my way up and through the PWC roster like you want me to. But mark my words... PWC, you are ALL about to get RUSHED.

With that, Rush walks away, and Eriksen is left with a lot to think about.

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Louie looks straight in to the camera with a rage in his eyes.

Louie: Is this a joke? Ive been working my ass off for years, years and for what. For this shit, to lose week after week to scrubs. Maybe I should just quit. But quitting is a sign of weakness and I don't want to look weak. Im not weak, but recently that's the way ive been feeling. Feeling like im just some fucking smuck off the god damn street. Shit that's not me. Ive been in the game a long time, a long time, long enough that I should be treated with more respect. PWC is a new world to me and I guess I haven't proved my self yet but in all seriousness I didn't think I needed too.

Now, I'm not going to let people push me around any longer. Definitely not scrubs like The Reaper and Joey Holt. Reaper, whats your deal man? Am I supposed to be scared of you? Really, I've laughed at death!! When people see me walking around the corner they fucking run!! I am the person to be afraid of, not anyone else!

Ten Years Ago

Louie is standing with a few 'friends of his' as they are running pickups for the Boss. The associates names are Joe and Anthony.

Anthony: Been watching this place for a few weeks now. It barely has any security we can just rush in and steal whatever the hell we like. Joe, you're pretty new to the gang so I thought this could be a good test for you..

Louie: What do you mean?

Anthony: It's not hard. You go in, rough them up and pick up the package.

Joe: Well....

Louie: Joe shut up, Anthony shut up. Neither of you are going in, this is my pickup. These guys don't fuck around. Ill talk to them and if need be ive got my piece on my hip.

Anthony: Alright, big shot go ahead.

Louie: You two keep your damn eyes open, all right!

Anthony: Whats his problem?

Joe: Nothing, he knows what he is doing

Louie heads in leaving Joe and Anthony outside... Time passes and but still no sign of Louie

Anthony: Alright, I'm heading

Joe: I don't recommend it.

Anthony runs over to the house and opens the door to head in. He is met by a stiff right hand the second he opens the door that knocks him on his ass.

Louie: What the hell did I tell you not to do?

Louie walks out holding a duffel bag.

Louie: Do you hear me hot shot? Joe grab him and lets get the hell out of here.

Joe: What happened in there?

Louie: Don't worry, I handled it!

Present day.

Louie: Thinking back to that is lighting a fire under my ass to succeed here at PWC. I have never said what happened in that building and I never will but one thing I can tell you is that I wouldn't recommend it.. So come Vortex, Holt, Reaper you boys better be prepared for the beating of a life time. You are facing a new Louie Spindoli! A Louie Spindoli that is bent on destruction! I'm not your run of the mill wrestler, because for the mill I don't run, im a destroyer and in Fresno at the Save Mart Centre I will prove that to you!

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Sam Dancer is at the bar as usually. He turns to the camera to talk about his upcoming gauntlet match.

Sam Dancer: I always said I came into the business to face the best. And this week I get to do just that when I step in the ring with Xander Black.

Sam Dancer: Facing the number one guy in any promotion is a great chance to prove yourself and see how good you are yourself. Anyone who does not strive to be the best in everything they do is not living life to the full.

Sam Dancer: Dancing, drinking, and wrestling I aim to be the best at. And when I step into the ring with the man known as Xander Black I will be proving to the world that not only can I hang with the best but also that the chump Daiko is not on my level.

Sam Dancer: However last week proved I was distracted and had my mind clouded like a young lass in Newcastle out on the piss.

Sam Dancer: My focus is 100% on facing Xander Black. He made a few comments about me being a drunk who does not care about wrestling? That is cute.

Sam Dancer: See the thing is my opponent is a hot head who takes out his issues on officials and needs to go to anger management.

Sam Dancer: You are cracking already under the spotlight. Some people can handle the bright lights and the high life while other men crack under the pressure and attack everyone in sight like a wild animal.

Sam Dancer: I have seen alcoholics with more self-control then you Xander!

Sam Dancer: You have given me the motivation to beat you now and prove a point. However this is no ordinary rodeo. This is a gauntlet match.

Sam Dancer: And you want to know the worst part of that? I might not even get to beat you. One of the other two in the match may beat you and I won’t even get my shot.

Sam Dancer: So I sit and I hope that I am the first man in that ring with you. Because I wanted to make you eat your words. Maybe you might learn some self-control and not try to attack everyone in sight. Maybe Daiko will grow a pair or run like a coward yet again after seeing me beat you and maybe just maybe beating you will get a me a title shot in the future for the grand prize.

Sam Dancer: That title is what brings us to the dance and facing the champion is motivation enough but calling me a drunk who does not care about wrestling?

Sam Dancer: You dug your own grave Xander and after this match I will be the one dancing on it.

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July 17th, 2013 11:00 PM
Save Mart Center, Fresno, California

We go backstage after episode 6 of Vortex where Austin Angel walks out of his locker room, in a black Guns and Roses shirt, jeans and sneakers after a successful defeat of Bubba earlier in the night. He looks over his shoulder then walks towards the exit when suddenly, he hears someone walking behind him. Angel begins to walk quickly which causes the man behind him to walk quickly and yell "AUSTIN! WAIT UP!" and now Angel breaks out into a run but the man runs after him as they reach the parking lot. The man chasing Austin puts a hand on his shoulder, which causes Angel to spin around and deck the man in the face! Austin stands ready to fight as the man stumbles to his feet and we now see it's Daniel Reese, looking angry and confused as Angel lets out a sigh of relief.

Daniel: What the hell man!?!?! What was that for?

Austin: Sorry. I thought you were someone else...

Daniel: Who'd you think I was?

Austin: Micheal Vick. He's been sending assassins to try and kill me for weeks now!

Daniel: Micheal...Vick?

Austin: Yes. Do you know him?

Daniel: I know who he is but I don't know him personally. Why do you think he's sending assassins to try and kill you man?

Austin looks around to make sure nobody is listening to their conversation then looks back at Reese.

Austin: Remember how a couple weeks ago Darius Black randomly decided to take out Tommy Hendrix and has since been gunning after me?

Daniel (with a confused look on his face): Yeah? What about it?

Austin: Micheal Vick hired him! Then he got annoyed at Black not finishing the job with the car attack so he sent Bubba after me but luckily I kicked his ass. But he sent someone to my house too with a bomb hidden in a cardboard box!

Daniel: .....were they wearing all brown?

Austin: YES! They went after you too dude!?!?!

Daniel: No. That's the UPS driver delivering a package.

Austin looks confused at this statement.

Austin: UPS? I don't have time for your crazy abverations! I have to prepare for my match against Darius Black at Alpha & Omega!

Austin starts to walk away but Daniel jogs up to him.

Daniel: Wait! That's what I came to talk to you about! Next week on Vortex were teaming up to face Darius Black and Jay Rush. I wanted to see if we could meet somewhere and talk stragey before the match.

Austin: Hmm...I know the perfect place! Meet me at this address tomorrow night at 9:30 PM and we'll talk! It's one of the only places I know Vick and his assassins aren't watching me!

Austin writes an address to a local club on a pice of paper and hands it to Reese, then before Reese can respond Angel quickly leaves as the scene fades out.

July 18th, 2013 9:30 PM
A Local Club, Los Angeles, California

We see Daniel Reese driving slowly down the road of the address he was given the previous day. He finally stops when he reaches the address and looks up, he sighs in disappointment when he sees it's a club as he was hoping for a place where his tag partner wouldn't be distracted easily. But none the less he parks his car and walks inside, looking around.

Austin: DANNY BOY!

Reese looks around to see who yelled at him, before spotting Austin Angel in the VIP lounge booth with a couple of gorgeous women, one blonde and the other brunette. Austin waves Reese over and he does walk over and take a seat at the booth.

Austin: What's up man?

Daniel: Not much...who are they?

Reese motions to the two women who both smile at him.

Austin: Two of my groupies man! What's your pleasure bro, blonde or brunette?

Daniel: Uh...nothing personal but I think I'll pass. We're here to talk about our tag match this week remember?

Austin: Oh yeah man don't worry about it, I'll handle Darius and you handle.....uh.....the new dude!

Reese looks annoyed at this statement but Angel is serious.

Daniel: Jay Rush. But we need a good stragey to beat them because they will be tough to beat...

Austin: Hey hey we got plenty of time to worry about that! Tonight lets get drunk and have some fun with the ladies!

The two girls cheer this statement and Austin chugs his beer as Reese stands up and starts to walk away, clearly not wanting to deal with this.

Austin: Where ya going bro?

Daniel: I'm leaving. If you wanna take the match seriously then meet me at my gym tomorrow at noon. If not, then fine. I'll win the match without your help.

Reese hands Angel a card with the gym name and address on it then walks out of the club, clearly annoyed with Angel who has gone back to talking with his lady friends or "groupies" as he calls them. This is the last thing we see as the scene fades out.

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September 2011

Over the tannoy a lady calls for a flight from Washington to Dubai.

Mum: That’s me Muhammad, I better get going before I miss my flight, the kids will be getting anxious without me.

Muhammad hands over the cabin sized bag he was holding for his mother before reluctantly giving her a hug. He watches for a few moments as she enters the departures lounge. On his way out he sees a man sprinting in his direction before spotting airport security a few paces behind him. They breeze past Muhammad, not giving it a second thought he carries on, towards the car park.

At his flat, Muhamamd drops onto his bed and falls asleep, after all he had to wake up extra early to drop his mum off.


The sound of a fist knocking on his front door awakens the dozy Arab, he glances at the clock to see he had slept his way into the evening. Still half asleep, hair covering his face and still wearing the sweater and worn out jeans he had fallen asleep in, he clumbers up to his feet and drifts towards the front door. On the other side are two men in police uniform. It’s not a sight Muhammad is used to seeing at his front door, his brain starts to wake up, he’s trying to remember if he’s given the cops a reason to be here, he’s innocent...he thinks.

Cop 1: Mr Islami?

Muhammad: Yeah…How did you know I live here?

Cop 2: Sir, we have bad news. Your mother, Aliyah Islami, I’m really sorry.

Cop 1 (interjecting): She passed away this morning.

Muhammad believing this to be a joke on the part of his childish friends asks to see their badges. The cops comply, Muhammad’s heart sinks.

Muhammad: I wa...I was with her this morning, how?

His eyes turn red and watery.

Cop 1: At the airport, a man attempting to import class A drugs into the United States made a run for it, on the way to being caught, he bumped into your mother who suffered a heart attack a few moments after.

Cop 2: We’re sorry for your loss, if there’s anything we can do Mr.Is-

Muhammad slams the door shut, the horror won’t sink in, he slumps back into the front door, the tears now flowing like the Niagra Falls. It dawns on him, he’s lost both his fathers and his mother within a matter of days. The pain is too much, he attempts to ease it by banging his head into the front door, it’s no use, he can’t forget, not now anyway. He wishes he could have left his mother on good terms, why did he have to be so uptight about the past.

24 Hours Later

Still in the same position at the foot of his front door, he thinks about the only genuine family he has left, his 2 younger brothers and 14 year old sister. A sudden realisation emerges to Muhammad, his siblings are now orphans and they don’t even know it.

He slaps himself awake.

Muhammad (whispering to himself): Get up get up get up.

He lifts himself up, now speaking to himself more frantically.

Muhammad: What do I need? Umm, a plane ticket, yeah, yeah. And uhh, money. Where’s my bag?

He looks around, spotting his gym bag. He empties the bag of dirty clothes before rushing into his bedroom, emptying his wardrobe into his bag.

Muhammad: My jacket, where are you. Behind the door, there it is.

He whips on his jacket, slings on his bag and makes his way out of the building. He whistles at a nearby taxi and asks to go to the bank. After spending a few minutes in the bank, Islami makes his way back to the taxi with an envelope full of every note and dime to his name.

Taxi Driver: Where to now kid?

Muhammad: To the airport.

Taxi Driver: Going somewhere nice?

Muhammad: I’m going home.

Present Day

Eriksen: Tonight ladies and gentlemen, I’m with The Silver Sheikh, Muhammad Islami.

Eriksen notices something in Muhammad's hand.

Eriksen: What’s that you got in your hand there Muhammad?

Islami: It’s a shovel genius, found it in Xander’s bag.

Eriksen: And why do you have it Muhammad?

Islami: Being the nice guy that I am, I thought I’d take it for the night, give Dancer and friends a fighting chance.

Eriksen: Okaaayy. Anyway, you’ve got Trae Walker on this week’s episode of Vortex, what do you think of your chances?

Islami: I’ll beat that big piece of man chocolate, simple. The more relevant question you should be asking me is why there is no Angry Arab episode this week. Well let me tell you Danny my man, the higher ups, or rather he who shall not be named has decided to cancel my show because of the ‘derogatory’ way I depicted my opponents as dogs, or by invading a Satanic gathering in search of the champ. I’ll tell you the real reason, it’s because an Arab man can have no authority, not even his own damn web show. Whilst this authority figure that we’ll call Mr.C was giving me the reasons for the cancellation of my show, I saw the hate, the HATE Danny, in his eyes for me. His eyes turned red and horns grew out his head, I had to get out of there before he brought out the pitchfork. Now I’d like to say that his reasons for cancelling my show were true, but we all know by now, the Arab man never gets his dues. I mean look at Trae Walker, that guy had your typical hood life that you associate with that race, he had the no daddy prison thug life. Let me tell you why that is, it’s because the man doesn’t give the minority a chance. Well I’m gonna tell you something Danny, I’ll keep doing what I do, if it means I offend the people who hold my people down then so be it.

Islami walks off camera, leaving Eriksen bewildered.​

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2008, April 16
Near Rundu, Namibia (two kilometres south of the Angolan border)

Private Benjamin Locke trudged through the desert sand. His reddish brown stubble glimmered in the African sun. The sun had not yet risen properly, yet the harsh light already sapped his strength. Ploughing his boots through the arid Namib, he bent over, resting his hands on his faded jeans. Reconnaissance demanded they blend in as tourists and with word of a private military corporation sniffing out Resistance-allied rebels, two inquisitive white men in Angola would not be left alive long anyway. The sergeant was reluctant to let the boys out in civvies, but it was a pragmatically sound approach. Unfortunately for Ben Locke, his impractical denim trousers were causing him abrasions on his thighs.

Ben: Boet*! Hold up a little!

The voice reached the ear of Private FC Freddie Vos. Covering his eyes to the South-Easterly wind, he veered round to heed his squadron-mate’s call.

Freddie: What’s wrong, sonny?

Ben: My thighs...

He tugs at his trouser leg in disgust.

Ben: This thing’s scraping me.

Freddie: I told you denim’s a bloody stupid idea for the desert!

Freddie stood next to his hunched-over partner – in khaki shorts, no less. Annoyed by Ben’s lack of foresight, he plumped himself down in the sand.

Freddie: Sit, take a breather. This is why I outrank you...


Present Day
Fresno, CA

In the ill-illuminated streets of Fresno, Freddie’s combat boots set of towards the Save Mart Centre. With the California-breeze tugging at his dark, unkempt, stark black locks, Freddie hails a taxi. The yellow vehicle comes to a stop. Freddie’s glare burns through the Jamaican driver.

Driver: Where you be goin’, mon?

Freddie: Save Mart. Move it!

Freddie coils the hair of his greying goatee and slumps back slowly onto the garish beige upholstery.


2008, April 16
Angolan border patrol station

With incipient civil war brewing, the border station was scantily manned. The three guardsmen’s uniforms reminded the two mercenaries much of their own military garb. A large Angolan man, his big bald head glistening in the heat, approached the two South-Africans. With him he carried a partially peeled banana, probably from the northern, tropical part of the country as opposed to the barren south. The two prospective travellers shared a hushed conversation before the guard could reach them.

Freddie: You seeing what I’m seeing, Boet?

Locke started to sneer at the sight of the fruit.

Ben: You can dress it up, but it’s still a baboon, eh...

Stifling a giggle, Vos and Locke presented their fake passports. Vos noticed a triple stripe on the heavyset man’s insignia – sergeant. The very idea that this fat, mouth-breathing guardsman theoretically was his own beloved Sgt. Cooper’s equal, filled Freddie with disgust.

Guard: What’s your reason for visiting Angola?

Ben: Adventurers... we’re going to check out Galandula Falls.

Guard: And you’re on foot?

The tubby sergeant’s girth belied his length. Standing proudly at over six feet tall, Freddie found himself peering from underneath his brow to look up at the Angolan’s deep-set eyes.

Freddie: Like my friend said... we’re adventurers.

Ben shot a cautious glance at Freddie. Unbeknownst to the guards, Freddie was already grabbing a firm hold on the concealed hunting knife tucked into the back of his trousers. Suddenly, the stranger surprised them both by bursting out in bellowing laughter.

Guard: HA HA HA HA! What do I care? It’s your funeral!

The sergeant motions the two other guardsmen to open the border gates. Calmly, the two foreign mercenaries stroll through the portal, onto Angolan soil. As soon as they pass out of the stationed soldiers’ sights, they casually toss the fake documents onto the searing soil.


Present Day
Save Mart Centre, Fresno, CA

The cab finally reaches its destination.

Driver: Yo! Dollah sixty-five, please!

Freddie opens his door and pulls out a ten Rand note. The driver spots the sea-green ink, the herd of White Rhino’s and the tin strip running alongside it, not recognizing it as American currency. His dreadlocks spin from under his colourful beanie as he swivels his head towards his exiting passenger.

Driver: Oi! Not irie, mon! What be dis?

Freddie slams his hand on the car’s roof before leaning towards the driver. His ivory pendant rattles against the hastily closing window. Freddie’s wintry blue eyes stab into the driver’s soul. Freddie balls his fists.

Freddie: Real money, now fuck off before I moer* you!

The docile driver complies, rather than risk his neck. Satisfied with himself giving the cab-driver less than a dollar’s worth of currency, Freddie enters the Save Mart Centre and the crisp clatter of his combat boots indicate his movement towards his dressing room.


2008, April 16
Ondjiva, southern Angola

Making use of the local minibus-taxis, Vos and Locke arrived at Onjiva – a rural town near the Angolan border. As a way of connecting with the locals, the two soldiers entered a canteen. The bustling tavern regulars hushed at the sight of the two obvious foreigners, but conversation picked up eventually. While Ben was purchasing two locally brewed stout beers, Freddie was observing the natives. One businessman, clad in a freshly starched virginal white suit, caught his attention. He was sifting through an expensive leather briefcase and picking out ledgers and neatly arranged documents.

Freddie: You speak English, sir?

The businessman looked up at Freddie and shifted uncomfortably when Freddie paced towards his table. He speedily snapped shut his briefcase and locked it.

Businessman: Little bit... please, sit down.

Keeping the man’s gaze, Vos pointed at the only other pale-skinned man in the room.

Freddie: Me and my friend over there want to go to the Mupa National Park. Could you tell me where we can get our hands on a car or maybe a lift there? He’s never been outside of Namibia, so it would be a great opportunity for him.

Businessman: Friend...

The businessman leans forward to Freddie and speaks in a low whisper.

Businessman: ...have you not heard? The military patrols are monitoring all travellers along the southern roads. It’s not safe!

Freddie: PATROLS???

Freddie impressed himself at his feigned surprise.

Businessman: Lower your voice! Look, I don’t want to get involved in this, I am an innocent businessman, trying to earn an honest day’s living. It’s hard enough in these beleaguered times without political interference. Now please leave me!

Ben is about halfway through his beer, wincing with each sip, when Freddie takes in a seat next to him.

Ben: You sure took your time there.

Freddie: I think we got a bite. That coconut knows more than he lets on. We should tail him.

Freddie took a sip of the thick, bile-like liquid.

Freddie: Smells like piss, tastes like shit!


Present Day
Save Mart Centre, Fresno, CA

Freddie is seated in the empty dressing room and is staring blankly in front of him, playing with the ivory around his neck, recalling his journey in Africa. Two raps at the door interrupt Freddie’s train of thought.

Freddie: Ja*?

???: It’s Danny Eriksen, Mr Vos. Could I have a word?

Freddie: If you must...

The wooden door creaks as a jittery Eriksen enters the room half-heartedly.

Eriksen: I’m ever so sorry to bother you, Freddie, but with all the confusion ending last Vortex, what can we expect from you tonight?

Freddie: Let me ask YOU a question, Danny.

Eriksen: Of course...

Freddie slowly rises to his feet and takes a step towards Eriksen.

Freddie: Do you think you are better than Clement?

Eriksen is taken aback by this loaded question. He keeps a bewildered look on Freddie.

Freddie: Because Ernesto Clement was suplexed right in the middle of the ring and I’m thinking of doing the same to you if you don’t hurry it up with your inane questions!

A lone drop of sweat trickles down Eriksen’s brow.

Eriksen: Well, let’s get straight to business then, Freddie... Kyle Elric. He is an impressive young man with a very bright future ahead of him in PWC. Looking to make a name for himself by taking on the number one contender for the World Heavyweight Championship, he’ll be looking to make a name for himself.

Freddie turns away from Eriksen and faces the window.

Freddie: Honour... Order... Respect...

A brief but palpable silence fills the room.

Freddie: These are human concepts, fragile concepts that people like Elric cling to...

Freddie faces Eriksen once more, a grim expression dawning on his face.

Freddie: When two warriors meet, it is not the most popular or the most honourable man who leaves as victor. When Elric will face me, it will be a fight to within an inch of his miserable life. Elric is not strong like I am – he should’ve wasted away on some unknown street like the weakling he is! I do not need the validation of others to motivate me. I believe in MYSELF! Not because others do, but because I AM the best!

Out of the corner of his mouth, Freddie starts to form a wicked grin.

Freddie: The one who calls himself the “Gaijin” isn’t the only one who is well-travelled. I have been places too, I have also made self-discoveries. Danny, do you want to know what I have discovered?

Eriksen’s face is a study of curiosity, tempered by panic.

Freddie: I have discovered that I am the ultimate survivor. There is no boundary that I cannot cross and there is no limit to what I am capable of. THAT... is what makes this warrior invincible. I will blood this fledgling and give a REAL taste of battle and when I’m done with him, I’m going to seize a true fighter’s reward – PWC’s most prestigious title, the World Heavyweight Championship.

Disdain creeps across Freddie’s face once more. He shoots Eriksen a sideways glance.

Freddie: We’re done here! GET OUT!


*Dialect guide
"Boet" = Bro/Brother
"Moer" = Assault/Injure (foul language)
"Ja" = Yes

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Note: This RP will be divided into three parts. First part is from Jade’s POV, second from Asuka’s POV and the third from Kyle’s POV. I tried doing something different and taking a risky approach so it's all or nothing. Anyway here goes


(3 days ago)

The neighbourhood was always quiet during this hour. She drove by rows of suburban apartments on her way to the school. April wouldn’t be too happy that her mother was late, but she hoped to put all her daughter’s worries to rest when she told her the reason for the delay.

Her daughter was very smart and extremely stubborn. Despite Jade’s best attempts to make her daughter more like herself, she would be reminded through April’s every small gesture, every small reaction that she was her father’s girl through and through. Not that she ever planned on April finding out the truth though. Never.

She saw her daughter seated on a school bench near the road. Jade thanked her lucky stars she wasn’t too late. She pulled up her car beside April and a big, genuine smile made its way onto her face instantly.

Jade: Sorry I’m late honey. Not angry on mama, are you?

April (trying desperately to keep pouting): Maybe. Depends.

Jade (trying her best not to laugh out loud): I’m so sorry sweetie! Would you feel better if I got you a donut?

April: (with a twinkle in her eyes, visibly excited) Only if you buy me the chocolate ones. And not one donut mommy, I’m a big girl now. I want two.

April could never pass up on donuts, just like Kyle. Jade let herself smile a little before letting her daughter in.

(Later, at the donut house)

April was taking bites bigger than her little mouth could handle, getting chocolate on her cheeks. Every few seconds, she looked at her mom and gave a big toothy grin.

April: Mom, just one more, please? I promise I won’t ask for more donuts till next month.

Jade: That’s three days away, April!

April (with a big huff): So what? It’s still a month! Please, mommy please?

Jade (sighing): Okay, just one more. Wait right here.

As she made her way over to the counter, still looking back at her daughter to check if she’s at her place, she ran into someone.

Jade (slowly turning to face the stranger): Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t-

The face she saw froze her to the ground. It had been a long time but she could never forget that face- the man who brought her so much happiness and as much misery.

Jade (shaking with shock, and a little fear): You- why are you here? What are you doing here?

Kyle: Jade! I, I-how are you? I only got here a few days ago. I tried to reach you but-

Jade (cutting him off): Don’t! Don’t try to contact me and stop pretending you’d even want to. You just had to come back now, when everything’s finally okay! Just stay away (turns around and starts walking back to April fast)

Kyle: (hurrying after her) Jade! Jade, listen to me. I’m sorry, I really am. I can never undo the harm I caused you, but I have changed. For you, for my daughter.

Jade: (turning around and looking at his eyes with a look cold as steel) Don’t you dare. Don’t you fucking dare say her name. You even try getting anywhere near her and I’m calling the cops, do you hear me? I’m not afraid of you anymore.

Kyle starts to say something, but stops and hangs his head low in shame. Slowly, he looks up and glances at April, who’s looking at the two of them with a very confused expression on her face.

Kyle (lowering his voice to a whisper): Look Jade, you have every right to be upset at me (ignores Jade’s sarcastic snort and continues) I just- I just feel I deserve a chance to get to know my daughter- and April deserves to know me too. Just, can’t we just work something out, please? I promise I won’t cause any trouble, I swear.

Jade reveals her hand. On her ring finger, Kyle could see a simple diamond ring.

Jade: Jake proposed to me. I said yes. We’re getting married and starting a family. I’m happy. April will be happy. She needs a proper family, a responsible father. I’ve been through hell Kyle, through hell to have this. If you care even a bit for your daughter, don’t ruin this. Please.

Kyle was too shaken to say anything. The last thing he heard before Jade stormed off with a very confused daughter was “It’s too late”.


(Selected portions from the diary of Asuka Miyamoto, Miyamoto sensei’s niece)

12th April, 2009

I met the Gaijin today. Uncle brought him in to introduce him to me and Ryu while we were sparring. He said since we are the only students who speak English, we should keep the Gaijin company and get to know him. Ryu started sizing him up instantly, leaving the burden of politeness to me. They even had a sparring session where Ryu beat him soundly. I offered him some sencha later. He spat it out after one sip. What an insufferable prude!

25th April, 2009

The Gaijin still hates sencha, which is why I serve it to him every chance I get. I think he gets the message. Instead of spitting it out, he’s started declining it politely (well, as polite as he can manage) whenever I offer him. Ryu still thinks he needs to be taught a lesson in humility but I think he’s improving. Those two boys have been sparring everyday. Ryu keeps saying how he’s wasting his time fighting an unrefined Gaijin but I think he somewhat admires the foreigner’s stubbornness and determination. The Gaijin always loses, but he can actually block a few moves now. He’s a work in progress really.

10th May, 2009

So, he isn’t as bad as I thought. Earlier I would notice how the Gaijin’s eyes and posture always seemed angry, scaring the young students and maybe a few birds and rabbits too. Now, I see when he’s alone, he seems to be deep in thought. He looks almost lost at times, and maybe even sad? I wouldn’t have thought seeing those expressions on his face would ever be possible. He’s getting humbler and even Ryu has somewhat become accepting of him. The Gaijin trains hard everyday, more than any other pupil. He says it’s because he gets bored but I know he wants to be a worthy rival to Ryu.

By the way, Ryu gifted him a book detailing the different types of sencha and it’s benefits. I’m still laughing at the look on the Gaijin’s face.

14th November, 2009

How things change? Kyle ( I realize how rude I was being never referring to him by his name) actually fought to a draw with Ryu. Uncle was overseeing their spar and seemed highly impressed. Kyle has matured a great deal over the past few months. I know he would mock Ryu a few days ago, but he merely bowed and said they would be equals only when he’s beaten Ryu as many times as Ryu’s beaten him. Boys and rivalry. I’ll never understand.

2nd January, 2010

Why?? How?? I don’t know how long this jealousy has been festering inside Ryu but something inside him snapped. He lashed out at Kyle and Uncle, said things I would never have imagined and defected. Said this dojo breeds and celebrates mediocrity. Said he wasn’t being able to reach his full potential here. Accused Uncle of letting his affection for Kyle hinder his growth. Kyle and I tried talking some sense but he wouldn’t listen. He went away promising they would meet later and find who the better man was. I just, I thought me and Ryu had something special, I always have. I feel so broken. Poor Kyle prepared some sencha and offered me. It was terrible but I drank it anyway. He didn’t drink any himself but sat with me the whole time. The gesture was sweet.

5th June, 2010

Kyle’s really become Uncle’s protégé. He is setting an example for all others to follow. I actually feel proud to call him my friend. More than a trained fighter, he is becoming a true warrior. It is unwritten and unsaid, but only the truest and purest of souls inherit the Bushido. Kyle has it now- he is a farcry from the ruffian I met a year ago.

23rd February , 2011

Uncle’s health is getting worse. Kyle and I keep insisting on taking him to Tokyo for proper medical care, but he keeps refusing. I really don’t know which one of the two is more stubborn at times. Their relationship has evolved from a mentor-student to that of a father-son. I know Uncle wants Kyle to take over the dojo once he’s gone. It will be a big responsibility. I hope Kyle is ready for it, when the time comes.

15th April, 2012

Ryu returned. And not alone. With a group from his new dojo, he laid down the challenge for a tournament. When the last sakura of our old cherry blossom falls, it will begin. Uncle is pained, it is obvious. He wanted to refuse, but Kyle feels the honour of this dojo, Uncle’s entire’s life’s work is at stake. Watching two sons go at it will be difficult for him. I assured him it will be okay, just like old times but I know it won’t. Where there once was a brotherly rivalry, I now see bloodlust, immense hatred- from Ryu’s end. He is not the man I once knew and loved. This fight will have major consequences- I know it. Kyle knows it too. I can see a silent acceptance in his eyes. I’m not sure I’ll be able to watch it.

1st May, 2012

A lot has changed. If not for the fact that I was continually terrified for the well being of both of my best friends, I would have admitted that it was a contest for the ages. There was a time when Ryu and The Gaijin were very familiar with one another, predicting each other’s moves, dodging and blocking and trying to outdo each other. This fight started the same way, yet after all the familiarity was dealt with, it turned into a dance that was as graceful as it was deadly. Neither was holding back and with each blow inflicted and suffered, it left a memory and scar for a lifetime.

The Gaijin finally triumphed. Ryu collapsed, unable to continue and all the students of our dojo cheered. I couldn’t join in the sentiment. When the Gaijin looked at me, he must have sensed it too. There was no savouring his first victory over Ryu. It was hollow- much like my heart at that point.
Fate wasn’t done playing with us though. Ryu got up again on his wobbly legs and moved towards me, hands reaching inside his robe for something. Everyone thought he was going to attack me, even Uncle and the Gaijin. Nobody trusted Ryu except me. Nobody tried stopping the Gaijin when he landed one of his brutal kicks on Ryu from behind except me. When Ryu lay broken, his hand clutching my old pendant I gifted him many years ago, everyone was surprised. Not me. And all of a sudden, all the pain Ryu gave me didn’t matter. What mattered was Ryu and when I saw each and everyone who turned their back on him, it sickened me. Kyle was no more. In his place stood the Gaijin- an outsider who had broken a bridge never to be mended.

Ryu is crippled now. Kyle came to us later- begging for forgiveness. Ryu seemed to accept it. I never will. I know Elric wishes things could go back to how they used to be, but some things broken can’t be fixed. Like us, and Ryu.
It’s too late.


(Present day, PWC locker room)

Kyle is seated on a futon in his locker room, sipping a cup of sencha. The beverage he always hated, yet sips daily since that fateful day. A rueful smile breaks out on his face for a second, before it gets masked under his usual calm demeanour. Looking straight at the camera, he speaks:

Kyle: When I returned home from Japan, I brought with me two souvenirs. One was a bottle of water from the holy Otowa-no-Taki waterfall, which is said to grant your true wish. The other was this sencha that I drink everyday- that keeps imprinted in my mind a memory I wish to never forget. You see, Vos san, when my sensei believed in me and turned me into a man of principle, when he taught an animal like me the way of the warrior, he showed me it’s never too late. For anyone. Yet, I failed. I once chose to distrust a man closer to me than a brother, I was foolish enough to think it’s too late for him and my actions cost me dearly. Remembering and repenting for it everyday is the price I pay for my mistake- that is my penance and for that, I brought this sencha.

(Kyle now shifts to a kneeling position and shifts closer to the camera, speaking in a low tone, more rapidly, with quick breaths)

Kyle: The mother of my child tells me it’s too late for me to make amends, she wishes I go away from their lives forever but I can’t. Coz it’s not too late, Freddie san. They will hate me for it, but I will endure because THAT’s what a warrior does. I tread this path, knowing full well the perils it brings, not for a desired destination but because the journey makes me who I am. It defines me Freddie san. And I can’t throw that away after everything I’ve done.

(Speaking almost to himself) It’s not too late, no. It’s never too late.

(Looks back at the camera)
Sometimes Freddie san, there comes a fork in the road. You end up taking a different route than your companions and may meet again at some common place later, but things will have changed by then. The journey you both take changes you. The other person may not be who you once knew but you have to trust them. You NEED to give them a chance because it’s NOT too late.

(Kyle gets a lump in his throat and hesitates for a second before continuing)

At night, I have nightmares. I am haunted, can’t sleep.

(His calm exterior starts cracking now, and we begin to see a man more troubled than originally thought)
In my dreams, I see the fork. And I meet those people and I tell them it’s not late. I meet my brother Ryu, I meet Jade.. and April. And I met YOU- Vos san. (Pointing to the camera) Yes, you. We were not much different once yet we now stand two completely different men. The paths we have chosen have changed us forever.

(Seems to be wondering something to himself before continuing)

But I won’t make the same mistake I made with Ryu. I believe there is yet some hope for you Vos san. Yes, there is.
It’s not too late, Freddie Vos. You can redeem yourself like I did.

(Stands up, takes the camera with him)

But tonight isn’t that night. Tonight, you’re going down.

(Kyle now looks calm again. He takes a few deep breaths before bowing in front of the camera)​

(Fade to black)​


Sencha: Green tea

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Two years ago

The doors to the emergency room bursts open as paramedics lead a man on a gurney covered in blood towards doctors and nurses. They recount to the attending that it is a gunshot wound which has severed the heart. It’s a miracle he is still alive. The doctor quickly barks orders at the nurses and then points to one of them to page Nero immediately.

In another part of the hospital in the dark a very well groomed and large man is concentrating on his, what looks to be extremely expensive Rolex watch. He is adjusting the time with a stone cold look on his face. Suddenly his beeper sounds and he grabs the beeper bringing up to his eyes. He squints to see the code.

Nero: Sorry ladies duty calls.

Suddenly out of the darkness a blonde and a brunette rise off their knees with a whine. They zip up the back of their nurses outfits as Nero grabs his lab coat and leaves the room.


Hours later Nero bursts out of the Operating Theatre. He snaps off his gloves throwing them in a trash can several feet away. He washes his hands and arms as other doctors and nurses poor out of the room sapping him on the back and congratulating him. Nero doesn’t even acknowledge them.

Doctor Smith: Nero, I’ve never seen anything like that before. I can’t believe you saved that man’s life. Well done man, well done.

Nero with his steel glare still looks forward as he dries his hands. He turns and standing in front of him is the Director of Surgery.

Director: Yes, indeed no one has seen anything like that Nero. I need you to come to my office we need to discuss it.

Nero: I’m busy

Director: Whatever it is it can wait. My office now.

Nero: I told you I’m busy,

Director: You want to do this here? Fine. What you did in there was absolutely reckless, unorthodox and totally against every policy in the book. You had absolutely o right to do what you did in there. You endangered that man’s life and the reputation of this entire hospital! You arrogant sonovabitch who do you think you are? God?

Nero: ……. God has nothing on me. I was called in to save that man’s life. Not Smith, not Jenkins, not you. I am the one they called because they know I am the only one who could have brought that man back to life. God, please, I’m better than God, and you know it. Now if you’ll excuse me, like I said I’m busy….


A brand new Porsche slowly parks on the side of the road in front of what looks to be an arena or some sort of stadium. Out of the car steps an extremely well groomed and well-dressed man. Wearing a three piece suit and sunglasses he hands the keys to a valet before checking his suit and running his hands through his hair to ensure there is not one single strand out of place. He slowly removes his sunglasses with both hands and places them neatly inside his jacket pocket. The camera follows him as he walks towards the building before looking up at it and then turns to face the camera.
Dr Nero: Tonight you will all be a part of history. Tonight is a very special night, because it is my debut into the world of professional wrestling. Tonight will be talked about for decades as the night you all witnessed the first time I stepped into the ring. Wrestling fans around the world will ask each other, where were you the night Doctor Nero debuted and surgically dissected his opponent. That’s right my opponent. I don’t need to know your name, I don’t care to know, and even if I did know I would have forgotten it. Because you, whoever you are, you are inconsequential. After tonight your name will be forgotten, and it will be replaced with the first man Dr Nero took a part, dismembered and euthanized!

You see I was a surgeon, I don’t get emotionally attached, and just like in an operating theatre, there is no room for emotions inside the squared circle. Once you are on my table I do what needs to be done. Whether I put you to sleep with Anaesthesia or I slice you open with the Scalpel, defeating you will be routine, will run like clockwork and at the end, I’ll snap off my two gloves throw them away and be ready for the next person who is put in front of me.

Everything I do is perfection and inside the 20 x 20 it will be no different. I don’t make mistakes. I certainly don’t feel pressure and I don’t ever fail. I have held people’s hearts in MY hands. These hands, these hands that have saved so many lives will now be made to end them. It starts with you Mr Opponent. It all starts tonight.

Nero pauses, he even smiles as he licks his lips in anticipation for what he has planned for his match.
Dr Nero: Just like everyone else who stands between me and the PWC Championship of the World, Mr Opponent… Your life is now in my hands and I’m prepped for surgery. That ring in there is now an operating table, and I’m the surgeon. The Doctor… is in.

Nero checks his hair one last time. He flaps his jacket and straightens his already perfectly straight tie. He spins on his heel and walks again towards the building as he is lost in the lights of the arena.
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