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The emotional pain was worse than the pain that the knife brought on.

It was a car accident.

Xander lay in the hospital bed, eyes focused on the ceiling, knowing that he couldn't get out for another couple of days. His Dad brought him up to speed in an emotional conversation that lasted for an hour, saying that his Mother was killed by an oncoming car which swerved into her path.

After his Dad left, Beth entered the room. She doesn't know what happened, Xander's Dad asked for some privacy whilst telling him about his Mother. Beth stood in the doorway, her long blonde hair flowing down her shoulders, her usual perky attitude was replaced by a more sombre outlook, she knew something was wrong, but it wasn't until Xander said the following words that she knew completely.

"My Mothers dead"

Beth immediately walked over and sat on the bed, and she leaned over and hugged Xander. He didn't care about the tinge of pain where his stab wound was, he needed someone right now. Xander and his Dad had never been that close. He didn't want to think about his Mother, but he did... and he burst into tears, the sound of crying muffled by Beth's shoulder.


It's been a month and a half since the death of Xander's Mother, and even less since the funeral, but Xander still wasn't over his loss. He skipped out on school, skipped his Judo lessons and kept to himself whilst in the house. Meanwhile, Beth was sitting at home, staring at her mobile phone and wishing he would text or call her back. Her Mother entered the room with a pile of laundry to put away.

What's wrong?


I know when something's wrong, I can read you like a book, so spill.

Beth's Mother sat down beside her on the bed and waited for an answer.

I'm not getting a response from Xander. I'm worried, especially since he just lost his Mother y'know?

I do. We both do.

Please don't talk about him.

I'm sorry... but it's true.

The blood boiled under Beth's skin.

No, it's not! He wasn't my Dad! My Dad would never have done what he did.

Tears began to well up in Beth's eyes, but she held them back, she didn't want to remind herself of what happened during her childhood.

You're right, I'm sorry.

Her Mother attempted to put her arm around her, but Beth stood up, and with an apologetic look on her face said...

"I'm going to go to his house to check on him."


Beth arrived at her best friend's house and knocked on the front door. A moment later, it swings open and Xander's Father appears. He simply says that Xander is up stairs and allows Beth in.

She had been in this house a couple of times so she knew her way, she reached the door and chapped it before entering and there he sat... sitting on the edge of his bed, looking down at a book which he quickly puts down when he sees her.

After the ice was broken, they sat down beside each on the bed

What was the book about?

Xander Black:
Oh, uh, nothin' really.

His words said one thing, but his eyes say another.

Oh. Listen... I understand why you distanced yourself from everyone, but I want you to know that you can talk to me. I mean, I'm a good listener and you look like you need someone to talk to after your Mum...

Black looked up from his palms and looked at Beth and seemed to be thinking something over.

Xander Black:
It's not that... well, it is... but it's not just that.

Oh? You can tell me.

Black rubbed his forehead with a sigh before turning back to her.

Xander Black:
Well, it's... do you want to take a walk?

Beth nodded and the two left the house.

They walked down the street before they reached the local park, once there they sat down on a bench and faced each other.

Xander Black:
I want to tell you something, and I've only ever told one person this.

Umm, okay.

Xander Black:
When I was younger, like five or six, I had trouble sleeping. (shutting his eyes) I would shut my eyes and... would hear people talkin' to me.

Black opened his eyes and expected to see Beth laughing or worse - leaving, but she stayed, sitting across with her piercing blue eyes and her long blonde hair.

Xander Black:
And, they would tell me things. Like, if I didn't do this or that... someone would get hurt. They stopped when I was around eight, but earlier this year I heard them again... but I-

Suddenly, Xander stopped speaking and looked across the park. Beth followed his gaze and saw one of the guys that attacked Xander a month and a half ago. Rage filled Xander's heart, all the pent up emotion from his Mother's death, getting his ass kicked by those guys all exploded at once.

He stood up, stopping the conversation mid-sentence and walked quickly across the park. The guy was alone which made for better odds, but Beth was at his heels begging him not to do anything and let it go, or go to the police, but Xander ignored her and kept walking.

The guy turned around, but it was too late, Xander swiftly smashed a fist into the side of his cheek. The shot took him by surprise and he fell back, but the guy was right back up, and managed to knee Black in the stomach, but Xander pushed him away before hitting him again with a right hook. The guy fell again, and Xander was on him, holding him down with his left hand while raining down punches with his right.

Whilst Xander was doing this, a group of men came rushing over to restrain him, and Beth had a flash back to her childhood days...


She was twelve, and what she suffered was something no child, and even no adult should be put through, that's what her Brother thought as well. She remembered the memory vividly, her older Brother, who was around twenty one at this time, stood over their Step Dad with blood on his knuckles whilst Beth cried in the corner.




Present Day:

It appears that we are backstage at the last edition of Vortex, in a darkened corridor with the faint noise of the crowd, as the show must still be going on. In the distance approaches a figure, and eventually we see it's the PWC Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black with the title slung over his right shoulder, sweat pouring from his brow, his hair a mess, obviously having just came from the ring.

Xander Black:
Was that it? WAS THAT FUCKING IT?!

Black gets up close and personal with the camera, baring his teeth.

Xander Black:
I'm sick of being put in matches with scrubs that aren't on my level. I've had three matches in this company and I've won them all, defeating every single wrestler in the battle royal to win this (looks at the PWC Title) and defeating Darius Black and Joey Holt in singles action. My question is... where is the competition? I deserve a challenge... I DESERVE BETTER THAN THOSE!

Black looks away, grinning a little before turning back with his face like stone.

Xander Black:
And now... (laughs) I face a man named Muhammad Islami.

Black shakes his head.

Xander Black:
Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME?! He may be on a winning streak, but that's because he has faced weak competition, and now that he's coming up against the real superstars in this company that streak will come to a swift and destructive end.

Black begins to pace back and forward.

Xander Black:
But y'know what... it's fine because I have no problem getting another easy win on my record. I want Islami to listen to my next words very carefully... (stopping pacing and staring into the camera) you are not on my level.

He stops the death stare and begins to pace again.

Xander Black:
I've gone through a lot to become World Champion. I've dealt with shit you wouldn't believe, but I pushed through and I'm standing here the PWC World Heavyweight Champion which gives me the RIGHT to call myself the best wrestler in the world.

Black pulls the belt from his shoulder and looks at it, and places it on a nearby desk before looking at the camera again.

Xander Black:
Listen carefully.

Black gets closer to the camera.

Xander Black:
No one... (slowly) no one will take (pointing at the title) that from me.

He backs away from the camera a step.

Xander Black:
Not Muhammad Islami... not Freddy Vos... and not Daniel Reese.

Xander picks the title up and walks towards the camera.

Xander Black:
If any of you think you can get under my skin... don't bother... because I'm unbreakable... I'm Xander Black... and I am the World Champion.

Black backs away with an evil grin on his face, disappearing into the shadows.


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July 3rd 2013

*Cameras cut to a parking lot where Daiko is seen walking towards a dark blue car with a bag over his shoulder and his keys bouncing about in his left hand*

*Danny Eriksen rushes into the cameras field of view with a wireless microphone in his right hand*

Eriksen: Daiko! Daiko, could we hear your thoughts about your match against Sam Dancer please?

*Daiko reaches the dark blue car, unlocks the back door and puts his bag inside before turning to face Eriksen who is hovering by his right shoulder*

Daiko: The better man won.

Eriksen: Really? The rest of the world would beg to differ on that.

*Daiko raises an eyebrow questioningly*

Daiko: Why would they beg to differ on that, Danny?

Eriksen: I'm guessing that it involves the fact that you blatantly cheated to beat Sam Dancer!

Daiko: I seem to recall warning Dancer that this would happen. Surely you aren't trying to blame me for him not preparing for this match better?

*Eriksen shakes his head in disgust at Daiko's answer*

Eriksen: Warning or not, that entire match is tainted by the fact that you had to cheat to beat him!

*Daiko slams the car door shut and looks into Eriksens eyes*

Daiko: Who gives a damn if that win is tainted? The record will always show that as a win and it was about damn time I got it!

*Daiko's voice gets louder to the point where he is almost shouting*

Did I cheat? Yes. Yeah, I cheated and I'd damn well do it again. His mouth was writing checks that his body couldn't cash and it came back to bite him in the ass. Or punch him in the nuts.

*He chuckles at his little joke and calms down a little*

For an entire week Dancer was running his mouth and in one night, I shut. Him. Up. Will it stay that way for good? I doubt it. In fact, I wouldn't be surprised if he tried to interfere in my next match.

For now though, this interview is done.

*Daiko shoos away Eriksen with his hands, gets into his car, starts it up and drives off*

*Eriksen rolls his eyes and motions to the cameraman telling him to cut the tape*

April 14th 2013

*We see the interior of a car as it drives down a dimly lit city street. The driver is sat with his right arm draped over the steering wheel and his other hanging loosely at his side. A watch on his left wrist shows that the time is 12:43 AM. The radio is on and you can faintly hear a reporter discussing the scores of yesterdays games*

*The driver reaches over to the radio and turns it off and then runs his hand through his shoulder length blonde hair*

Daiko: Stupid radio..

*The car slows down and turns into an almost empty parking lot. The only other vehicle in there is a small black motorbike sat by the door of a gym.

Daiko parks his car a few spaces along from the bike, turns the power off, reaches to the back of the car for a bag and then gets out and walks into the gym.

He walks pask the empty reception desk and walks through the main foyer until he reaches a side room which he walks into*

*Daiko walks over to a man who is running on one of the treadmills and clears his throat to get his attention. The runner stops and turns with a look of anger on his face*

??: What?

Daiko: 7 years we've known each other and you still don't recognise me?

*The runner starts to put two and two together and his face lights up*

??: Aaron?

*Daiko smiles and nods*

Daiko: Hello Ryan.

Ryan: Aaron! It's been a while! How've you been lad?

*Ryan hugs Daiko, who awkwardly pats his back*

Daiko: I've been me.

Ryan: Still haven't got the hang of this conversation thing, have you?

Daiko: Nope.

*Ryan shakes his head while laughing at Daiko, who just looks confused*

Ryan: Right, what do you need from me?

Daiko: I've been headhunted by some American big wigs and I need to get back into shape and get rid of the rust that has probably appeared over the last few months.

Ryan: Why me then? Surely someone in Japan would have been the better option.

*Daiko looks confused again*

Daiko: You're a friend and I've kinda grown to like you over the years.

*Ryan raises an eybrow*

Ryan: Wait, you're actually capable of emotion?

Daiko: Of course.

*Ryan shakes his head*

Ryan: That was sarc.. You know what, never mind. Do you want to get started here?

*Daiko brings his hands together and rubs them against each other in anticipation*

Daiko: Let's get started.

*Ryan walks past Daiko and goes through the door. Daiko moves his bag from his left shoulder to his right and then follows Ryan out of the door*


*Daiko is seen sitting cross legged in the middle of an empty half lit room. There's an dripping noise echoing throughout the room*

Daiko: Reaper, we're both men of little words, so I'm going to cut the crap and get to the point here.

*Daiko stands up and starts to pace from left to right. His voice echoes throughout the room*

Daiko: This isn't the night and I am not the person for you to get started against. I warned the world that when I got started in this company, I wouldn't stop and it's my damn time, so listen and listen well Reaper.

*He stops pacing and looks down the camera*

At Vortex, I am going to show you the true meaning of fear. At Vortex, I'll show you the power of the Nights Embrace. At Vortex *His voice drops down to a whisper that echoes quietly throughout the room* Daiko rises and the Reaper falls.

*Daiko sits down and crosses his legs as the camera fades to black*


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The scene opens up in a basketball gymnasium, where it’s revealed that Daniel Reese is shooting some hoops. Dressed in a gray jersey and black basketball shorts, Reese is seen continuing his shots from the three point area. We see that the jersey is drenched in sweat giving us a clue that Reese has been here a while. Just then, the gym doors open as we see it’s PWC’s backstage interviewer, Danny Eriksen along with his camera man and crew. Eriksen walks up to Reese as they shake hands.

Danny Eriksen: Daniel, I’m so sorry. We got caught in traffic and some of our equipment got damaged on the way, I hope we didn’t keep you waiting.

Daniel Reese: Nah man, it’s cool. I got to shoot some hoops while waiting. Haven’t had a chance to do this in a while ‘cause we both know the kind of schedule that PWC demands.

Danny Eriksen: Alright, sorry again. But anyway, let’s get this started. You ready?

Daniel Reese: Yeah, for sure. Start it up.

Eriksen fixes up his tie and stands infront of the camera. He gets a thumbs up from the equipment guys as the cameraman starts his countdown for Eriksen to speak.

Danny Eriksen: Hello ladies and gentlemen, I’m Danny Eriksen. In a PWC.com exclusive, with me right now is a man who will be in the finals for the #1 contender’s tournament, Daniel Reese. Daniel, we’re here to get some thoughts on your match with Freddy Vos, you up for it?

Daniel Reese: Shoot, ask away.

Reese flashes his billion dollar smile to the camera before wiping the sweat from his forehead.

Danny Eriksen: Daniel, you face Freddy Vos in the tournament finals this week. Now, a lot of people see you as the underdog going into this match. What do you have to say about that?

Reese smiles at the question, almost chuckling as he answers it.

Daniel Reese: Danny, it’s funny you say that because I don’t mind that at all. Go ahead and think of me as the underdog because I’ll say this, the underdog is always the hungrier one, and right now, that’s me. Hell, it’s been me. Ever since I step foot into PWC, I’ve busted my ass to get to where I am right now. The only thing standing between me and a World Title shot is Freddy Vos, so you best believe I’ll be going through him with all I got.

You can sense the confidence from Reese as he says all of this.

Danny Eriksen: Fair enough. But Freddy Vos is no pushover you know that right? Also, people have been saying that you’ve been kind of soft Daniel, a goody goody, if you will. What can you say about that?

Reese then looks a little annoyed at the question.

Daniel Reese: A goody goody huh? Lemme put it this way man, you don’t worry about how I conduct myself because that’s my business. With the way I conduct myself, I get results, I get wins. Sure, I’ve been beaten already but eventually, everyone will. So to all you people worrying about me being soft, thank you. But you don’t have to worry. Hell, I think it’s my opponents that need to worry. See, people see me as soft but I’ve already been racking up wins. Just imagine how I’d do if I wasn’t soft, if I was the aggressor.

Clearly peeved at that question by Eriksen, Eriksen backs off a little but continues on with the interview.

Danny Eriksen: I didn’t mean to hit a nerve Daniel...

Eriksen is apologetic after asking Reese that. Wiping his sweat with his jersey now, Reese just looks at Eriksen before he goes on to talk.

Daniel Reese: Nah, you know what, you’re right man. I have been soft and in this business, only the strong remain. So lemme tell you what, from now on, you’re all going to see a different side of Daniel Reese. Sure, I’ll still be the nice guy, but now, you’ll see the other side of me. The one you wouldn’t wanna be in the ring with. And what better place to start than against Freddy Vos.

Eriksen is interested now in what Reese has to say as he bites his lips, seemingly guilty for the change in Reese’s demeanor.

Daniel Reese: Freddy Vos is the favorite to win it all and why wouldn’t he be? He’s ex-military, he’s tough, he’s mean, and he’s probably the toughest SOB on the PWC roster, no doubt about it. But see, not even all of that will scare me away. Because whenever I step in the ring, I know that there’s a chance I can win. There’s a chance I’ll be victorious. And I’m telling you right now, I’m taking that chance and I’m going to win.

Nodding his head to the cameras, Eriksen brings the microphone down to his level to ask his final question.

Danny Eriksen: Can we get your final thoughts on your match this week, Daniel?

Daniel Reese: Sure, this is how it’s gonna go down folks. When I arrive at Vortex next week, I’m gonna have one thing on my mind and one thing only, that WORLD HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. So if you try and talk to me, don’t be surprised if I don’t respond, that’s how focused I’ll be. And to all of you who doubt me, I invite you to watch my match against Vos this week. Because after this week, I dare you to call me soft one more time.

With that, Reese leaves the camera shot and goes back to shooting hoops. Eriksen goes wide-eyed for a moment, sensing a new Reese has come out of this interview. After all that, the camera crew get some footage on Reese shooting some hoops while Eriksen closes up the interview. Just as they swing it to Reese, we see him going for a dunk. Reese leaps off the ground and connects with a two hand dunk but with the intensity he went up with, he brings the rim down with him as the backboard shatters as well! Reese doesn’t react, all he does after that dunk is exit the gymnasium, leaving us all with something to think about.

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(Scene opens to a peaceful valley, with the only sounds being those of flowing water and birds chirping as they fly overhead. The camera slowly turns to show a dojo, outside which an old man is sitting cross legged and observing another man- a gaijin, sweeping the floor, clad in a kimono. The old man observes the steady pace of the gaijin and lets himself smile a little, reflecting on how much his student has matured since he found him on the streets of Tokyo three years ago.)

“Kyle, that will be all. Walk with me, there are things I need to talk to you about”, the old man spoke in a voice somewhat broken with age, but still firm enough to command attention.

“Hai Sensei”, Kyle Elric stepped closer and bowed to the man he owed his life to, lending a shoulder as support to the old man.

“I remember when I discovered you son, three years ago a violent homeless man on the streets of Shinjuku. I don’t know what a gaijin like you was doing there, but I took you in and it gives me great pride seeing the man you have become. You give me hope that my beliefs and principles still hold some value in this world.”

Arigatou sensei”, Kyle bowed deeply. Words of appreciation from his grizzled sensei were rare and all the more special when he heard them. Really gave him the feeling that he earned it.

“I know you’ve been wanting to go back to your homeland for a while now. I kept you around as I needed some help and company in this lonely life. I was selfish, I can see that now. It’s time you headed back Kyle”.

“No sensei, please don’t blame yourself. These three years, I needed them. I know I pestered you a lot about wanting to go back for a while, but I can see I’m not ready. I don’t think I can show my face to the people who matter to me”, Kyle had his head bowed and looked extremely shameful.

“Nonsense, I have lead a long, fulfilling life and I won’t spend my last few months in the company of a pretty Gaijin boy. Get back to where you really came from Kyle, there are things you need to do, a life you need to make the most of”.

“I can stay here, Sensei. I’ll look after this place. I’ll teach other youngsters the way of the warrior. I will instill in them the discipline. I can make the most of my life if you just let me stay with you.”

The old man looked at Kyle sadly. Kyle swore he could see a tear starting to form near his sensei’s eye but it had dried before it could roll down his wrinkly face.

“Kyle my son, when I took in a vagabond like you, I didn’t do it for the future of my dojo. I have my other students for that. Your destiny lies ahead my boy. There are sins you must atone for, bridges you must rebuild, a life that you abandoned that you need to reclaim. You can’t achieve all that if you spend your entire youth in a dojo here.”

“But Sensei, I-“, Kyle was at a loss for words. He knew his sensei, who was more than a father to him was dealing with a terminal illness. At most, he had three months to live. Abandoning him now, just like he left all the people in his past would be a sin he could never forgive himself for. Yet he knew the old man wouldn’t look at it that way. So he said the best he could come up with.

“Sensei, I wouldn’t know what to do. Here my purpose is clear. Here, I have a sense of direction. Back in The States, I’ll be lost”.

“Don’t be silly, son. Always remember, finding yourself is the beginning of all wisdom. I have faith in you Kyle. Go get your life back. Consider it my last wish. I want to see you happy in my lifetime, not after I die.”
Kyle could only nod meekly as the old man signaled they turn back.


“Miyamoto-san passed away last night in his sleep. He looked at peace.”

Kyle kept staring at the text on his cell phone late into the night. He had got back to New York two days ago and was doing his best avoiding his old acquaintances. The text though, shook him out of his limbo. He had known his sensei was going to die, but the suddenness of it shook him to the core. Yet another person he had let down.

Later when he stared into the mirror, he resolved to fulfill the old man’s dream and in the process, maybe realize his too. He would stop moping and get out and contact the local promoter for bookings in the region.

He logged into his email, untouched for almost four years. There weren’t many mails, no surprises there. Most of it was spam and advertisements from websites. One name though, brought back memories of a time he was avoiding successfully. The email was three years old.


He hadn’t heard from or seen her in almost five years. He opened her mail and saw a picture of her with a guy he presumed was her boyfriend and the loveliest little girl he had ever seen.

“Your daughter, April”.

Present Day

Kyle is sitting Indian style on a Japanese futon in his locker room backstage. His eyes closed, he seems to be in deep thought. After a few seconds, he opens his eyes and looks straight ahead, a serene expression on his face, and starts speaking.

“No man can forsake the beauty of his own chosen path- even if it eventually leads him into darkness. Louie Spindoli, I am familiar with men like you. I used to be one of the pawns in the games you people play. And I couldn’t let go of it, because unlike you I chose it. Despite knowing how self damaging it was, despite losing the love of my life because of it, despite making my life worse every day, I clung to it stupidly, desperately to prove people wrong because that was the path I had chosen for myself.

You, Spindoli-san, you were born into this. You had no choice. Maybe you dreamt of doing something for yourself, building something from the ground up but today you stand on a foundation ready to crumble. I have had friends tell me not to involve myself in this mess again. They seem to think the smallest sniff of my old ways may undo all that I have built for myself- they think my values, my integrity is shaky because I used to be a man like you”.

Throughout all this, Kyle’s voice remains calm, his face not showing any hint of an emotion other than peace. Standing up, he walks to his bag and starts taking out his ring gear before continuing.

“Spindoli san, I thought if I should hate you. I wondered if I should be scared of everything you represent, I thought if it would be smart to avoid you and all the demons of my past. But what I do feel is something different. I feel pity. You are lost Spindoli san, much like I was all those years ago. And once I realized that it’s not me who was in your shoes, but you in mine, I felt pity. I felt sad. I hope someday you see your folly and come around. And the first step to achieving that starts this Vortex, when I prove that honesty, integrity and truth is superior to evil. Best of luck out there, Spindoli san.”

We see Kyle kissing his necklace as the screen fades to black.


1. Gaijin: Foreigner in Japanese
2. Sensei: Teacher or master.
3. Arigatou: Thank you

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Ten Years Ago

Darius Knocks on Xavier's door as he waits for him to answer.

XAVIER: There is no point in you coming in, we're going now, you're coming right?


XAVIER: Matt is coming with us, we are going to meet Dan at his place.

Xavier slams the door and locks it tight. Darius, Xavier and Matt walk down the street and make their way to Dan's house, talking on the way.

DARIUS: So, uh, what is it we are doing then?

XAVIER: We have just got a few jobs for you to do, that's all. Now, I'm not going to lie, they're pretty risky. But we trust you now, you're like a brother to us Darius and we want to give you a sense of responsibility.

Darius is clearly worried at the thought of a risky job but puts on a tough guy persona and acts interested.

DARIUS: Yeah, I don't mind doing a risky job. What is it?

XAVIER: We have been eying up this place recently close by Dan's house. We went and looked in it yesterday when the owner was out and it's stacked full of stuff and I mean stacked. There's jewelery the lot. Of course though, the old man came home too early so we had to rush away before we could properly stakeout the place.

Darius continues to put on his tough guy persona.

DARIUS: That doesn't sound too risky. Especially if it's just an old guy.

MATT: He's not just any old guy though.

XAVIER: He's an Ex-Military veteran. I wouldn't worry too much though, we are waiting until he goes out. All you need to do is go in and just grab whatever you can. Whatever you do, don't fucking get caught Darius and I mean that. If he comes back, you get the fuck out of that place as fast as possible. Don't say I didn't warn 'ya. We will try our best to keep a lookout for you.

DARIUS: I can do that.

XAVIER: Good. We are here now anyway.

Xavier knocks loudly at the door, Dan answers the door and walks out, slamming the door behind him as they walk towards the house.

DAN: Have you let him know?


DAN: Take these.

Dan hands him a mask, gloves and bags to store the stolen goods in.

DARIUS: Don't you think this would be better as a two-man or more job?

XAVIER: The more people we have in there, the more chance we have of being caught. He knows who we are. We have interacted with him before. He doesn't know who you are. If any of us was to get caught, that would be it, even if we get away. If you get caught, you could still get away and he wouldn't know who you were.

DARIUS: Yeah, but if he removes my mask, it's not going to matter even if I get away. He's 'bound to see me again on the street.

XAVIER: That's why it's best you don't get caught. Look if you don't want to do this job, that's fine, be a pussy. I just thought you wanted to be part of the gang that's all.

DARIUS: No, I do. I want to do this to prove myself.

DAN: Good. He will be back soon. Fucking hurry up. Go through the back.

Darius heads to the back and breaks the window of the house. He quickly climbs in and begins to panic as he looks around the room. He doesn't like what he's got himself in to. Darius begins to quickly scramble around the room opening several cupboards and closets. He grabs whatever looks valuable and shoves it in to the bag. After searching downstairs, Darius quickly rushes upstairs and continues to search the rooms. Suddenly, Darius can hear a slam of the door. He freezes still and quickly peers downstairs to see the Old Man taking off his coat. Darius worries as he looks for a way out of the house. Darius makes his way to the front bedroom and looks out of the window but Xavier, Matt and Dan are nowhere to be seen.

Darius panics and as he hears the Old Man shouting and searching the house for a burglar. Darius quickly opens the window of the front bedroom and jumps to the ground hurting his leg in the process. Some of the goods are broken from the fall. Darius turns as he sees the Old Man looking out of the window at him. Darius stops briefly with guilt but continues to run away as fast as he can to Dan's house.

Once there he violently knocks on the door before Dan lets him in. Darius throws the bags to the floor in a rage.

DARIUS: Why the fuck did you leave me back there?

XAVIER: To make sure you could handle the pressure and get out of that situation by yourself and you did.

DARIUS: I fell on my leg.

XAVIER: How did you get out?

DARIUS: I jumped from the front bedroom window.

XAVIER: You're more crazier than I thought. What did you get?

DARIUS: I don't know. I grabbed whatever I could, he's probably calling the cops right about now.

XAVIER: Who cares, he didn't see you did he?

Xavier looks through the bag checking out the different items.

DARIUS: No, I just don't think it's right to steal from an old guy like that.

XAVIER: You're not going soft on me are you?

DARIUS: No, it's just..

XAVIER: I'll let this slide because you're relatively new at this. But I'm telling you, you ever start saying shit like that again and I'll break your legs. You got it? This may sound harsh, but if you want to roll with us, there is none of this and I mean none of it. You don't feel remorse, NONE. You got that?

DARIUS: Yeah, I got it.

XAVIER: Good. You've got some good stuff here, I'm proud of you. You're free to stay if you want?

DARIUS: No, I better get off home, I've got a few things to do.

XAVIER: Alright and remember what I said.

DARIUS: I will.

Darius walks out of the door and slams it and sighs as he makes his way home.


Darius sits rocking on a chair in an isolated room talking to himself.

DARIUS: You all saw what I did on Vortex. Do you now understand fully what I'm capable of now? Of course you don't. I haven't showed you all I can do yet, you've only seen a part of me. There is a part that I have kept hidden these past weeks and it's finally coming out to play. You can laugh and you can play games and you can try to make a joke out of every situation, but deep down you're scared. You're all scared. If I stood out in the ring now and offered someone the chance to face me, no one would. They don't have the guts to step-up and be a man. There's only truly one man that matters in this world and that man is me, Darius Black. I'm what nightmares are made of, I'm the guy people cross the street to get away from, I'm the guy that will hurt you. Who does that stupid fool Austin Angel think he is? The fact he thinks he is a Rock God is hilarious but the fact he thinks he can beat me is even more hilarious. Does he know who the fuck he's talking too? I'm not playing fucking games anymore.

Darius laughs to himself in the chair before he continues speaking.

DARIUS: I took Tommy Hendrix out for one reason and one reason only. I wanted to get in to the head of Austin Angel, I want to make him lose his sanity. I want him to go through what I went through. We all know he's clearly not cut out for that, which is why I want him to go through it so he can SUFFER like I SUFFERED. His first stop though is the Hospital, because when I get finished with him he will be nothing but a lifeless man. He won't be able to wrestle anymore and it will eat him up inside to the point where he will finally lose his sanity and end up where I once was.

Darius turns around with a sinister look on his face as he looks straight in to the camera and continues speaking.

DARIUS: Fortunately for him, it looks like those plans will have to be on hold for a week. This upcoming week on Vortex, I will be facing Joey Holt. I've seen this little weasel backstage, he thinks he's something in this business and I sit in the corner laughing at how pathetic he really is. I don't know who Joey Holt thinks he is, but this week is the week he is erased from existence. He's been asking to get beaten ever since I saw his smug little face backstage, I just wanted to punch it. It's the type of face that makes you want to do that. Mind you, I wouldn't mind punching the entire roster in the face. This *fist*, will collide with Austin Angel's face soon enough. One punch is all it will take to achieve the three count.

Darius aggressively shoves the camera out of his face and the camera falls to the ground and can only see Darius' legs as he walks out of the dark room and in to the hallway.

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September 2011 (Carrying on from last weeks RP)

Muhammad stares through the pouring rain, hoping to catch a better glimpse of what might be his mother. The rain drops blur his vision so he has to pull his jacket over his head. The lady walks forward until the point she is face to face with Muhammad. At this moment he knows it’s his mother for sure, he just doesn’t know whether to ignore her or embrace her. On the one hand she left him to go back to the Middle East, on the other hand he hasn’t felt the warmth of his mother’s hug in years. Muhammad eventually decides to pull his mother under his jacket, but ensures he shows no emotion.

Muhammad: Let’s talk at my place.

He covers her from the rain until she reaches the passenger’s side of the car, before getting in. Muhammad gets into the driver’s seat and drives back to his apartment. Neither son nor mother say a word on the journey home but Muhammad can feel his mother staring at him lovingly, he pretends not to notice.

*Back at the apartment*

Muhammad unlocks the front door to his apartment and allows his mother in first. They set up on the couch with a cup of coffee and a few biscuits on a plate. Muhammad stares blankly at her.

Mum: You look so different son, it must be the long hair. I could hardly notice you back there. Where did y-

Muhammad: Why are you here Mum?

His mother clears her throat and explains her sudden appearance.

Mum: It’s your father, he died.

Muhammad: Yeah, and I just buried him.

Mum: I don’t know whose funeral you were at, but your real father died two years ago, he was robbed and killed for just a few coins and his wedding ring. He loved you Muhammad, you know that don’t you?

Muhammad lets out a sarcastic laugh.

Muhammad: He loves me? Then why did he, and you for that matter, leave a 19 year old kid to fend for himself? The man I buried down there looked after me and taught me true values, he fed me when I had no money, he paid for my car, my apartment, he gave me a life worth living for.

Mum: Honey, we wanted you to come back with us, we couldn’t force you. It was your decision so don’t you dare blame it on your father.

Muhammad: Forget it.

Muhammad turns his head towards the window of his apartment, away from his mother.

Mum: Honey the reason I’m here is because we need your help. Your brothers and sister are too young to look after our family, no one will give them a job and we’re living on a tight budget. We can’t manage for much longer. As the oldest sibling it’s your responsibility to look after them, I’m old now son, I can’t get work either. We need you son, please come home.

Muhammad imagines his siblings whom he loves so much, living in an awful area not knowing where their next meal will come from. He attempts to hold the tears back, the thought leaves a lump in his throat.

Muhammad: You can sleep in my bed tonight.

Without even glancing at his mother, he takes his keys and leaves the apartment.

10:30PM that night

Muhammad wraps tape around his fists and ties his hair back. Dressed in black jeans and a white tank top, he steps into the circle of the audience in the underground fight club. On the opposite side is a man of Italian descent, built like a tank and as strong as an ox.

Announcer: There’s $400 for the winner of this fight. Now remember, in order to win you must beat your opponent unconscious or make them give up. One more thing –

The crowd shout in unison ‘Anything Goes!’.

The announcer, a small African American man, cracks a smile before glancing at both fighters.

Announcer: Are you ready?

Muhammad and the Italian man who Muhammad now understands goes by the name of Leo nod towards the announcer. They both raise their fists and pace towards one another. The bald Italian suddenly rushes at Muhammad, spearing him down and unloading lefts and rights that Muhammad manages to block with his forearms. Taking advantage of Leo’s recklessness, Muhammad pushes away the Italians fists and pulls his head down in a headlock. After a few moments of struggle, Leo clambers to his feet, Muhammad not letting go of the hold rises with his opponent. Muhammad sensing his opponent getting drowsy, lets go and reaches into his pocket, pulling out a set of brass knuckles. He proceeds to knock his groggy opponent down before piling a few more shots on his downed opponent. He ensures Leo is still conscious before putting away the brass knuckles and lowering himself onto his opponent’s back, locking his forearms around Leo’s neck and pulling back into the Silver Clutch. Muhammad completely blanks out what’s happening in the fight club as memories of the Silver Sheikh runs through his mind. The announcer gets up close to Leo and hears a mumbled ‘I give’ from the big man, the announcer pulls Islami off the Italian and announces him the winner.

Announcer: The winner of the $400 and your champion of the night, The Silver Sheikh.

Islami collects the envelope and leaves, avoiding pandering to the crowd.

11:30PM that night

Upon entering his apartment, he notices his mother still awake on the couch. She immediately notices a cut above Muhammad’s right eye and rushes over to stop the bleeding. Muhammad pushes her off.

Muhammad: I’m not your little boy anymore!

He pulls out the $400 envelope and shoves it in her pocket.

Muhammad: I’ll have more by the end of the week, I want you gone then.

He pushes past her and lies on the couch, facing away from his mother. She regrettably goes into Muhammad’s room and prepares for bed.

Present Day – Around 12AM

Islami and the camera man stand about 20m or so from the large tent which is nearly the size of a circus tent. The camera is small enough to fit into the camera man’s jacket pocket which is essential for where they are about to head to.

Muhammad: How does my make up look Steve?

Steve the camera man takes a look at the gothic eye liner and black lipstick Muhammad donned for the occasion, before giving him a thumbs up. Islami flings on his long, black leather jacket and signals to Steve to begin filming, the lack of lights around the field where the tent is located ensures the film is shot through night vision.

Muhammad: Infidels and racists, welcome to PWC.com’s exclusive online show – Angry Arab. I’m here at the L.A Satanic gathering in an attempt to find PWC’s World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black. We’ve been told he likes to frequent these strange gatherings and well…he just seems like a strange kind of guy so this makes sense. We’d like to get a few words with him regarding his upcoming match with yours truly. As you can see we’re in the middle of nowhere, all the weirdos are gathered up a few meters from where we are, so Steve, let’s get moving.

Muhammad begins to walk up to the tent with Steve following closely behind, the camera now positioned perfectly in his jacket pocket. They eventually reach the front of the tent where they encounter a group of young guys, all dressed exactly how Muhammad and Steve are dressed. One of them approaches and introduces himself to Islami and Steve.

Dark Nights: I’m Dark Nights…I haven’t seen you guys around here before.

Muhammad pulls out a cigarette and lights it. He starts speaking in a gothic manner.

Muhammad: Hey… I’m Blood Lust and this is Rain, we’re new around these parts and wanted to meet our fellow Satanic brethrens.

Dark Nights: Alright, head in.

Muhammad whispers: Well that was easy.

Muhammad and Steve head in, acknowledging the group of guys’ gothic hand gesture. Steve whispers to Muhammad.

Steve: Blood Lust? What are you a vampire?

Muhammad: Shut up Steve, make sure you’re getting all of this.

Muhammad looks around the tent, picking up free snacks along the way. Every now and then he’ll shout ‘XANDER’ or ‘CHAMP’ to no avail. No one there has ever heard of Xander Black. After slugging it out for 30 minutes or so they come across the head of the organisation and speak to him for a while. Whilst performing a prayer, he shouts for Islami and Steve to come over and join in. With everyone watching them, they have nothing to do but participate in the prayer.

Muhammad: For fucks sake Steve, what have you gotten us into. Just keep walking for the exit.

They both begin picking up speed.

Head: Blood Lust! Rain! Come forth.

Muhammad: Blood Lust has to go…um...do the devil’s work.

Muhammad pushes Steve forward whilst pulling the camera out of Steve’s pocket and into his own in one swift movement.

Muhammad pushes past the last few people and bursts out of the tent, leaving Steve behind.

Muhammad picks up speed, the camera shaking about as if in a horror movie. After a few more minutes of running he stops and realises there’s no one behind him. Out of breath, Muhammad speaks to the camera once more.

Muhammad: There you have it, Angry Arab couldn’t find the champ but we sure found his bizarre friends. Our attempts to draw Mr.Black out of his dark hole were not enough. Maybe if we try to call the spirit of his beloved Beth?

Islami wiggles his fingers at the camera, making childish ghost noises.

Muhammad: Who knows, maybe in a future episode of Angry Arab. Until the next time, this is the Silver Sheikh advising you to keep your prejudices locked away.

Just as he’s about to switch off the camera, he adds in one more line.

Muhamamd: Disclaimer - no Steve’s were hurt in the filming of this segment.

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The scene opens up in a smoky community hall that is owned by Louie's boss. People are shooting pool, drinking beer, playing cards and talking about life, food and what the future presents.

Louie Spindoli: Hey Chief? (Points over to pool table) Want to throw me a beer?

Anthony Mirra: Nah man, I cant do it.. Hey, hey im just kidding pal, here's a cold one..

Louie Spindoli: Thanks asshole

Louie is at the table playing cards.. Texas Hold Em to be exact, a game Louie excels at due to his facial expressions..

Louie Spindoli: So, yo, I usually don't talk about this stuff but I've got a big match coming up at PWC.

Charles Rizzo: PW What?

Louie Spindoli: Charles please..

Tony Barrs: Ya, bro I heard about that.. Big match indeed, looks like you're preparing the correct way eh? Beer and cards.. Shouldn't you be in the gym.

Louie fixes up his tie and looks at Tony..

Louie Spindoli: I find a way to go about my business.. Right now my business is pissing me off.. Im the laughing stock of PWC.. People look at me and say "Hey there goes that old prick, wonder who he is going to lose to this week? Hey I wonder who will bury him backstage tonight?" Worst of all people in the company don't even know who I am.. Sets the wheels in motion for what I have to do, win, destroy and command respect..

Louie remains calm throughout the entire conversation.. The clock strikes 12 and as Louie does every day at noon he kisses his necklace, crosses his heart and points to the sky.. The other men in the room respect this and give Louie his space.

Louie Spindoli: Im facing Kyle Elric this week a man of peace, honor and integrity but unfortunately for him a victim of circumstance. His path in PWC has led him straight to me, straight to the fight of his life.

Charles deals the cards.. Flop is being set on the table as Louie looks at his hand fixes his hair and takes a sip of beer.

Tony Barrs: Well I fold.. Hey boys, I heard on the news yesterday a interview involving a PWC wrestler, cant recall his name to be exact but I found it to be very interesting.. Seemed like a fruity type, didn't think a guy like that would be into a sport like wrestling..

Louie Spindoli: Haha, oh ya.. That's pretty interesting man. Cant remember his name though eh? Who ever it was, whatever he was talking about it doesn't matter to me.. Has this man proved himself in the ring against me?

Tony Barrs: Well no, as far as I know he has not.

Louie Spindoli: Well then, his comments are pointless and to me just another word spoken by just another smuck. Well ive got some important business to conduct, ill talk to you chaps later..

Charles Rizzo: What do you think he is up to?

Tony Barrs: I dunno man, he is that zone again. I cant read him when he is like this and judging by your chip count, neither can you.

Louie pulls his car into a random driveway.. Louie approaches the house and knocks on the door.. It opens and the person who answers is a man who makes even Louie's hands shake..

Louie Spindoli: Hey, how is it going? You know what I am doing here?

Man: Yes come in. Would you like a glass of water?

Louie Spindoli: Yes, that would be great?

The man grabs a bottle of water and approaches Louie

Man: Here you go Ace, a cold bottle of water.. You can here a sternness in the mans voice, the type a child hears from his father when he has done something wrong..

Louie Spindoli: Now I was told you where the man to talk to about the information regarding the missing cash.

Man: Yes, I know where the brief case is but before you get to fucking uppity just listen to this.. I know where it is and frankly im not hiding it from anyone, because I got that shit back for you, but im holding it for your own benefit because I know how important this case is to you..

A fire lights up in Louie's eyes a fire that been missing since that death of Louie's brother.. Louie continues to sit there calmly staring a hole right through the man..

Man: To the victor goes the spoils they always say.. That can work two-fold for you my Italian friend. Win the match, get the briefcase and get your respect back on the streets and in the PWC.. Lose and continue to sink deeper into a pit of your own failure.. Do you want to be embarrassed by idiots with headphones on? Huh do you?

Louie starts to develop a scowl on his face.. He continues to stare right through the man.

Louie Spindoli: Hey listen up you big prick! We can do things the easy way or the hard way.. I'll tell you the hard way first. I shoot you until you tell me where the brief case is.

Man: Hey, wow lets not get to out of hand.

Louie Spindoli: Shut up! Or, or I can do this the easy way which is KICK KYLE ELRICS ASS! (Louie's scowl turns to a smile) But hey, ive never been much for hard work..

Louie and the Man laugh together until Louie gets up and goes to leave.. Louie gets in his vehicle and heads of down the freeway..

Louie Spindoli: Hitting the road, destination PWC Vortex


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We are treated with an absence of darkness, as we are immediately greeted with the image of a door. It appears to be the very same door that The Reaper walked through last week. On the other end, there is nothing but a pathway of light surrounded by complete darkness. The door opens, and we see The Reaper appear on the other side. As he walks through the door and into the darkness, he starts to change. He passes through the door a dark, hooded figure, and walks out a mere mortal. In simple appearance, he is the same as always. Yet he begins to show fear. Cowardice. He slowly walks down the path, as if he were afraid of something.


Another noise. The Reaper stops dead in his tracks, and looks straight ahead. All of a sudden, the path in front of him starts to unsettle, and fly upwards. After all is said and done, a human silhouette made entirely of light stands in front of The Reaper, who is consumed by darkness.

The Reaper: You are in my way.

???: No. It has become quite apparent that you are in your own way.

The Reaper: Leave me be.

???: You know very well that I can not do that.

The darkness begins to consume The Reaper. Soon, he is back to being his regular hooded self in appearance.

???: What lies before me is the spitting image of exactly what a man should fear. You appear to represent death, something we all dread. Something we all loathe the idea of. You represent the fact that once we are gone, everything we have ever done, and all we have ever amounted to, is reduced to nothing.

The Reaper: Yes...

???: But how am I to fear you?

The Reaper: Do you fear death?

???: No. But I would if were a mere man. You, however, do not stand for death. You stand for nothing. You continue to let lesser men best you, and squander your potential. I would not fear you if I were but a boy of three. You could not harm the weakest of men. You are worthless.

The Reaper: No...

???: Yes. You think that what I speak of is the absolute truth. You have lost confidence in yourself. I am not here to bring you down. The world may not know it yet, but you have the potential to do great things. You can ammount to your one goal.

The Reaper looks up.

???: You can represent death. You can strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose you. It is not too late for you. Do not give in to the darkness. Become the darkness. Until you do this, you will never be feared. Until you do this, you will continue to lose.

The Reaper: I do not lose!

The Reaper lunges at the mysterious figure of light. The other charges at him as well. They meet halfway as light and dark collide spectacularly. When the smoke all clears, one man is left standing.

The Reaper: ...Thank you. I know what I have to do.

A voice is heard in the distance.

???: If you can truly conquer your own fear, then I am no longer needed. I am part of you, and you are part of me. The light and the darkness of your sole combine to create a figure that will someday accomplish great things. All in time.

The Reaper: Yes. Farewell.

The door that the Reaper walked through earlier becomes visible again. The hooded figure confidently walks through it, and right into what appears to be the backstage area of the PWC arena. He approaches the entrance curtains, and walks through them. The lights go out.

The screen suddenly fades to black, as we see the following words -

"Fear: 2013 - 2013"

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Love Obby's work here.

No more RPs yet? Vos, Angel and others?

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When: August 16th, 2013
Where: Gold's Gym, Los Angeles

Joey Holt works out with his personal trainer, Marco Sanchez. Holt has been showing signs of wear and tear, after his big match last week. The defeat is weighing strongly on his mind, as it's his first singles competition loss since joining PWC. Holt never really took losing well, as seen in his MMA career.

Marco Sanchez: Ey, Joe? What's the matter, man? You're barely hitting the speed bag today.

Holt throws a few more punches at the bag and gets rather tense and aggressive as he punts a water bottle away. Holt heads over to the other side of the gym, grabbing a towel and sitting down on the apron of the wrestling ring.

Joey Holt: It's that loss last week, man. I was so close...that was the champ. I know the title wasn't on the line but I had my shot at the champ and lost. That can't look god for my future. I need to be back on top.

Holt gets up and grabs a jump rope. He seems very frantic and looks to be over working himself.

Marco Sanchez: Buddy, you gotta calm down, you're gonna work yourself to death. You looked good, you lost but, you'll learn from it.

Joey Holt: I blew it, man. God knows how long it'll take for me to get back there now.

Marco Sanchez: You kidding me? They were going crazy for you out there, you put on the performance of your life! Hell, you're right back front and center on the card this week! Xander Black, Darius Black? They ain't got nothin' on you bro.

Joey Holt: Ya know what? Let's hop in the ring and see if we figure out a plan. I'll take out this Black, and then I'll be right back on the tail of the other one. I'm hungry, STARVING for that belt.

Marco Sanchez:
That's the spirit! Now let's gets things back to normal here. You're gonna need to beat the shit out of me! I can take it. Let's work that Burning Hammer first.

Holt and Sanchez work over some moves and Holt looks to have everything down to a science. After being in the MMA for so long and such a short time in wrestling, he's developing quite the moveset quickly. As the workout progresses, Holt seems to have more and more confidence in himself. It's clear that he's in a much stronger demeanor and looks ready to compete.

After the workout, Holt and Sanchez pack up and head for the door, however something is stopping them. Mobs and mobs of fans are outside the door after a tweet from one of the fellow gym goers revealed his location.

Joey Holt: Is that all for me? I could get used to this again.

Marco Sanchez: You earned it, buddy.

Sanchez looks on with a smile as Holt spends some time signing autographs for his fans. After driving back to his apartment and heading to bed, he has a strange dream. Xander Black was in front of him, taunting him and beating him down. Holt woke up in a sweat, but kept his cool. Realizing that he first needs to focus on Darius Black, he got up, fed himself some breakfast and devised his game plan for the big match.

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1991, February 23
Near Harare

The searing Zimbabwean sun shone brilliantly on the Vos farm. Cattle were showing signs of fatigue – some of the weaker Ayrshire heifers couldn’t even be bothered to waft away the swarming gnats and flies. Once-proud clusters of alfalfa drooped onto the scorched dirt in pale orange patches. The land was made to bear the brunt of summer’s final grasps. A six year old in the barren field was amusing himself with a soccer ball and loads of space. Despite the scrapes on his knees – the result of overanxious dribbling – the little lad was thoroughly exerting himself, lost is his own thoughts.

???: Freddie, don’t wander off too far!

Twenty yards away, a polished, white, Toyota Hilux overlooked three labourers. In it was Mr Jacob Vos – taking a break from supervising his workers to check up on his son. Freddie shot his father a grin, also revealing a few of his new permanent teeth. Jacob chuckled at this motley but endearing display. His mood didn’t last, however...

Jacob: John, Silas, Henry! What do I pay you for? Stop slacking off, dammit! Do you want to dig this trench the whole day?

Freddie didn’t quite know what the digging was for. His father had mentioned irrigation, but Freddie saw the whole outing more as an opportunity to play outside than anything else. Henry, by far the oldest of the three, put down his shovel.

Henry: Can we have some water, Baas*?

Jacob: Again? If you must...

Jacob swung open his door and retrieved a plastic container from the back of the truck. Naturally, he poured himself a cup from the plastic container before handing it to his men. The farmhands eagerly gulped down the tepid liquid.

Jacob: You see this, Freddie? Bunch of dirty savages... Come on, son, let’s get you home. You’ll get a burn... unlike these three, who can’t really get any blacker even if they try!

Laughing heartily at his own remark, Mr Vos lifted Freddie into the vehicle and ruffled his son’s hair.


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*"Baas" = Boss, Master

2008, April 16
The town of Rundu, Namibia (five kilometres south of the Angolan border)

???: Gentlemen! I trust you had a good night’s sleep!

One or two chuckles quieted down as Sgt. Cooper shot his men a deadly glare.

In the cool desert breeze, with only a full moon as illumination, his twelve deadly soldiers were lined up for their briefing. They weren’t wearing their usual green and khaki fatigues, but were dressed in civilian wear. Their shaved heads, rigid spines and arms pressed to their sides still belied their military bearing.

Sgt. Cooper: Your mission is one of reconnaissance. You are not harm, injure or otherwise threaten the Angolan population. Is that understood?

Soldiers: SIR! YES, SIR!

At the front of the six-by-two formation, Private Freddie Vos stood at full attention. He had grown to enjoy infiltration into enemy territory. What thrilled him was the challenge of blending into the landscape, assimilating local customs and, of course, the waiting game – knowing when to strike. It would only be his fourth assignment since joining the PMC, but he had already developed a ravenous appetite for it.

Sgt. Cooper: Now, as you know, the Angolan civil war officially ended in six years ago. Now I say “officially”, because the Angolan government publically denies the presence of the rebel remnant. They have the resources to squash the rebellion, but not the skills NOR the balls. That’s where WE come in, gentlemen.

Freddie smirked at the confidence he always showed both in himself and his men. It was positively contagious.

Sgt. Cooper: The data from our team of analysts suggest that six of these terrorist cells are still in operation to the south of the country. I’m sending you in pairs to pinpoint their locations. Each pair will be issued a GPS-unit. You will also be given a sealed envelope, containing details about the spots you are to locate. Rendezvous is in the town of Ondjiva in thirty days at eight hundred hours at the location programmed on your GPS-units. How you get there is up to you. Failure to comply will result in court-martial. Are we clear?

Soldiers: SIR! YES, SIR!

Sgt. Cooper: Failure to identify your rebel location will result in the forfeit of wages. Got that?

Soldiers: SIR! YES, SIR!

Sgt. Cooper: The Angolan government has no official ties with our organization. Should one of you get captured, you will be disavowed by both parties. You will NOT be traded for military prisoners. Understood?

Soldiers: SIR! YES, SIR!

Sgt. Cooper: Pvt. FC Kruger, Pvt. Nel, you will be teaming up. Get moving, here is your possible location...

While the sergeant was dispensing sealed envelopes containing the information, Freddie shared a sly look with Benjamin Locke, one of the other soldiers. Out of the company of fighters, Ben was the only soldier Freddie could see himself have a lasting friendship with. The others were fine as regular acquaintances, but Ben and Freddie formed a relaxed relationship as early as basic training.

As luck would have it...

Sgt. Cooper: Pvt. Locke! You and Pvt. Vos will take this one.

Ben nodded to Freddie, who took their envelope from the commanding officer.

Ben: Hey Fred, have you ever gone baboon-hunting before?


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Present Day
Save Mart Centre, Fresno, CA

Vos is clad in his usual combat boots, khaki cargo pants and black vest. He seems especially testy. Seated on a wooden bench in PWC’s locker room, he is cracking his knuckles, preparing mentally.

???: Mr Vos... Freddie!

Freddie stares at Danny Eriksen through long, dishevelled strands of hair.

Eriksen: I was wondering, since you’re here early... Would you give us an interview? I’m sure there are tons of fans back home who are curious to get to know the elusive Free State Fox. We still don’t have a complete conversation to put up on PWC.com...

Vos observes Eriksen – a small man in a cheap suit. His grey hair matches his jacket’s ashen pinstripes, but also the boredom the Freddie came to associate with him. Slowly, Freddie drags his hand from his forehead to his chin. He points to Eriksen’s two crew members who were operating the camera and the boom mic. They haven’t entered the locker room yet and are waiting on Eriksen. Instead it turns out to be Freddie who waves them closer with his begrudging index and middle fingers. They get in position and the camera’s red light flashes, indicating an active recording. Freddie drags himself to his feet to put the interview behind him.

Eriksen: The Free State Fox has been on a roll, since arriving at PWC! With me I have the man himself... Freddie Vos! Mr Vos, tonight will be your biggest match yet! The tournament for the number one contender’s spot will reach its climatic final in your bout with Daniel Reese. You must be very excited at the opportunity to have a crack at the World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black, who has also picked up impressive victories in the form of-

Freddie: I am a fighter.

Vos’s low, menacing tone interrupts the rambling interviewer.

Freddie: I am a soldier.

Freddie’s cold, dead eyes fix directly onto the camera’s lens.

Freddie: I am a killer.

He pauses, turning his attention back to Eriksen.

Freddie: It is only natural that all who challenge me will fall. I have decimated monsters and heroes alike. All have failed to best me. So will Daniel Reese and then Xander Black.

Suddenly Freddie clenches his fists and unleashes a thunderous clamour.


The battle cry bellows through the room, visibly unnerving Eriksen. Freddie grins wryly at the cowardice around him.

Freddie: Daniel Reese is prey, he is not a predator. He is not bloodied by the trials of war.

Another silence seeps through the room.

Freddie: I am.

Vos takes a deep breath, his ivory pendants rattling as he exhales.

Freddie: I have seen suffering that would break lesser men. I have been to the darkest heart of Africa, but I have returned. I came back stronger than I was – certainly stronger than Reese will ever be.

Eriksen: Impressive as your form has been of late, Freddie, you have to factor in the support of the fans. Reese is one of the most beloved competitors in PWC and the whole of Fresno will be rooting for him.

While holding Eriksen’s gaze, Vos points a finger at him.

Freddie: Do you think for a moment that Reese can match me? I am stronger than him and I am tougher than him. The fans love him, sure, but when I demolish him, he will be all alone with me in the ring – all the fans in this shithole of a town can’t save him from me. Then he will know true suffering – the pain that I’ll unleash on him.

Eriksen’s eyes widen at Freddie’s choice of words and he decides to wrap up the interview. He turns away from Vos and addresses the viewers.

Eriksen: Certainly a fierce Freddie Vos, ladies and gentlemen... I hope you tune in later on today, we’re sure to have us one heck of a final in this great tournament.

Eriksen’s crew rush out of the room, but Freddie grabs Eriksen himself by his sleeve before he can leave.

Freddie: Just so you know...I meant what I said.

Vos peers at Eriksen from under his brow.

Freddie: I’m going to END that fucking monkey.

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I've never feedbacked RP's before, so some of this might make sense and other parts won't. I'll edit in the rest of them sometime tomorrow.

C3K – Boss. Best of the lot. :side:

Daiko – I liked how your character basically said he doesn’t care if people catch him cheating, as it’s part of his character. Although a high flying heel is a pretty strange combination. This was a pretty simple interview but it done its job, in helping to ignite this feud with Dancer. I really liked the flash back though, it was written well and gave us some solid back story to your character. My only problem would be the last bit, but, I understand that it’s tough to write a lot about a character such as Reaper, maybe you could have used this time to put over your character and state how great he is again, just to expand it a little bit. Judging from this, I think you have a good shot at winning the second match in a row.

Jam – This Danny Erikson gets around. At this point, I find your character a little too nice, to the point of being overly nice like it’s fake. A nicely written interview though, and referring to being referred to as too nice was a good touch. I will say that his attitude change from the first few paragraphs to the last one was extremely different, and somewhat unrealistic, as I don’t think Danny would’ve managed to wind him up that much.

Quoth The Raven – I really liked this RP, possibly the best one from this batch, not including mine :side: But yeah, it was well written, a couple of errors here or there, but I loved how you delved into the back story of your character. It’s a very intriguing story, one of which I’m looking forward to reading more about. The interview was a bit weaker compared to your back story, but I’ll put that down to Spindoli not being a great person to play off yet, at least until he expands on his character. But yeah, great job with this.

Fourth Wall – I can see you’ve been studying Ambrose promos whilst working on this, as I can pretty much picture his voice coming out as I read it. Obviously, you can’t get every mannerism down on paper but imagination is just as good. I thought this was a very well-written peace, from reading it I can guess that you’ve took your time with it, and it shows as I think it’s probably up there as one of your best, if not the best.

Brye - Holt has always been one of my favourite characters since the beginning, which I put down to being a big MMA fan, so I always enjoy reading his segments and RP's. This though, was a bit hit and miss for me, it was extremely well written which is no surprise considering your experience BTB, you painted a vivid scene but I felt the content was lacking. To expand on this RP you could have wrote about the time he did lose in MMA, and then relate that to the feeling of losing in PWC, just to expand a bit on it and let us get to know him a little bit better. I did like though, how desperate you made him for another shot at the champion, and having the RP based on a training session was a good move to show that as well. The fans showing up was a nice touch, and the little dream at the end was a good indicator of the future. If I lose the belt at the PPV, then I wouldn't mind having a long feud with you, as I think my character and yours would make for an entertaining rivalry. So, my only complain would be expanding on it, I know that quality > quantity but if you were to add that little bit extra then you'll be competing for World Title shots pretty soon.

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Thanks. Yeah, I was having problems with the promo part in my RP. I'm usually better at writing back stories, and there wasn't much I could see of Spindoli to work on. Anyways, I need to work on the promo writing, or maybe hide it a bit and focus more on my strengths.

Praise from the champ, I got a bright future :mark:

How's the show coming along?

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Crap! Got a little side-tracked this week, so here goes:

Xander Black / C3K

* Ooh! Xander hears voices in his head. They talk to him, they understand. \_o__/ Lots of potential here! No limit to what you can do with the voices.

* One criticism: The RP assumes the audience accepts two rather unlikely events. 1) Xander's mom gets murdered. Fine, on its own, but then Xander spots the killer seemingly at random? 2) Beth's brother apparently killed their stepdad - it seems a little convenient, with her talking to a guy whose mom got killed? Once again, it's fine on its own, but then having this story AND #1 is just a tad much for me personally. My suggestion would be to run with the voices angle (which could be plenty dark on its own) and one of these, tops.

* I'm guilty of this myself, but the RP could benefit from a better proofread. Only a handful or little errors, but a key sentence in the RP should read: "My mother's dead." That was the only one that sort of bothered me and only because it's an important realisation.

* Everything I didn't critique was wonderful. Good rhetoric in the rant at the end and a vivid depiction of the characters' emotions throughout. The interaction between Beth and young Xander was my very favourite parts of the RP.


* What I liked most was how you "direct" the scene with precise descriptions and camera angles, placing the reader exactly where you want him.

* Dialogue was very good. I'm impressed with how you get Daiko over as a complete tool without going overboard with verbal abuse. Kind of likable, but still very much a dick. If a character has an overly nice NPC who he just abuses, the attempt falls flat, but this isn't the case, here.

* I would like to see one Daiko-RP where you verbally rip your opponent a new one. One promo, one segment. I really think you could pull it off.

* Overall it was a very good job. Solid stuff. It felt a little short, though, but I don't know if it's just because of a good flow.

Kyle Elric / Raven

* A little split on the formatting - the pastel colours added to the serene Japanese environment, but not using different colours for all the different characters when you have the option is confusing. Either that, or use dialogue assignment.

* The dialogue I liked most in the RP. It felt so rich and steeped in tradition. Description-wise each segment starts off strong by setting the scene, but once people start talking, it fades a little. It's not a bad idea to vary Kyle's (good, but long) speeches with a line of description here and there, maybe for emphasis or a change in tone. You did do it during the last segment, but personally I would've like more.

* I also liked the internal struggle Kyle is entrenched in. On the one hand, backsliding could be very easy, especially in a wrestling company. He has a daughter, being raised by another man and he's trying to make a name for himself. On the other hand, his sensei put him on a new path of destiny and he has to relinquish his former self. If I'm not mistaken, that's one of the tenets of Buddhism, something Kyle can also run with.

* Great gimmick, welcome to the fed!

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Crap! Got a little side-tracked this week, so here goes:

Xander Black / C3K

* Ooh! Xander hears voices in his head. They talk to him, they understand. \_o__/ Lots of potential here! No limit to what you can do with the voices.

* One criticism: The RP assumes the audience accepts two rather unlikely events. 1) Xander's mom gets murdered. Fine, on its own, but then Xander spots the killer seemingly at random? 2) Beth's brother apparently killed their stepdad - it seems a little convenient, with her talking to a guy whose mom got killed? Once again, it's fine on its own, but then having this story AND #1 is just a tad much for me personally. My suggestion would be to run with the voices angle (which could be plenty dark on its own) and one of these, tops.

* I'm guilty of this myself, but the RP could benefit from a better proofread. Only a handful or little errors, but a key sentence in the RP should read: "My mother's dead." That was the only one that sort of bothered me and only because it's an important realisation.

* Everything I didn't critique was wonderful. Good rhetoric in the rant at the end and a vivid depiction of the characters' emotions throughout. The interaction between Beth and young Xander was my very favourite parts of the RP.
Uh, the guy that Xander beat up wasn't the killer, he was one of the dudes that attacked him in the previous RP, we don't know who was driving the other car.. yet. And, I can understand why you'd think Beth's brother killed the step dad, but he didn't, only beat him up extremely badly, which is why I tied that into Xander beating up that dude.

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