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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

Arena: Save Mart Center
Capacity: 12,000
Location: Fresno, California

PWC World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Tournament:
Quarter-Final #3
Freddy Vos vs. Tommy Hendrix

Triple Threat Contest:
Sam Dancer vs. The Reaper vs. Louie Spindoli

Singles Bout:
Joey Holt vs. Tseung

Singles Bout:
Darius Black vs. Daiko

Singles Bout:
Muhammad Islami vs. Daniel Reese

PWC World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Tournament:
Quarter-Final #4
Jesus Valentine vs. Austin Angel


Deadline for RP's is 11:59pm (GMT) on July 10. You will be given a 24 hour warning before the deadline so don't worry.

This thread will be used for posting your RP's, if you want to feedback on someone's RP then go ahead, post the feedback in here. Once the show is posted, you can feedback on that, if you like. Everything else can be posted in the discussion thread.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

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Present Day

Darius looks straight in to the camera with a rage in his eyes.

DARIUS: Is this a joke? Of all people to put me against, you decide me to put me up against the biggest rookie of them all, Daiko? He's not even in the same league as me and he shouldn't have the privilege of sharing a ring with me. Does he even know who the heck I am and what he's getting himself in to? Probably not. Daiko isn't even on my list of people to worry about right now, he's right on the very bottom and I'll dispatch him quickly and efficiently. It makes me laugh that he thinks he even has a chance against me. I'm sick of these cocky little nobodies that think they have a chance against the REAL MEN or a REAL MAN should I say because no one else on the PWC roster even has the guts to come and face me. They are scared of what will happen to them if they do, I'll break their face. Xander can come out and act tough with the Championship around his waist thinking he's the man but deep down he knows how worthless he really is. Daiko feels the same, you can see it in his eyes, he knows he has absolutely no chance against me. I'm probably doing a favour even letting him compete against me. He may finally get some recognition that he craves for so much but will never get. He's always shooting his mouth off at half of the roster and personally I'd like to shut him up and show him why you keep some things to yourself.

I find it a joke how some of the wrestlers in this business get handed everything on a gold plate. I've had to earn EVERY SINGLE opportunity I've been given unlike people such as Xander who are practically handed it. I've been through thick and thin in this world and I've seen some things that would make some of you lose sleep at night. You can laugh and you can try to make a joke out of everything but this is not a joke. This is real and I'm not playing games. I don't like you, I despise you. I don't care who the hell you are, you are not my friend and I don't want you to be my friend. You are all an enemy to me. I've trusted too many people back in the day only for them to turn their back on me and I'm absolutely sick of it. I'm sick of trying to rely on worthless pieces of scum in this world and the only person I care about anymore is Darius Black and that's the way it's staying.

Now, I'm not going to let some no good rookie such as Daiko take me out. I'm going to make sure I destroy him and take any sort of dignity he may have left. Daiko, you can't prepare for me, so don't try. You might as well just come out and lay in the ring and let me pin you to save yourself losing some teeth.

Ten Years Ago

Darius is stood with a few 'friends' as they plan to steal from a nearby shop. We learn that the Friend's names are Xavier, Dan and Matt.

XAVIER: Been watching this place for a few weeks now. It barely has any security we can just rush in and steal whatever the hell we like. Darius, you're pretty new to the gang so I thought this could be a good test for you..

DARIUS: What do you mean?

XAVIER: It's not hard. You just go in, scare them a little bit and steal whatever you can grab quickly.

DARIUS: What if they catch me?

XAVIER: Well, they are not supposed to catch you, that's the point.

DARIUS: Alright, I'll do it.

XAVIER: Good, oh and take this.

DARIUS: What's *that*?

XAVIER: A gun.

DARIUS: What are passing me that for? I don't need a gun, I'm not killing anybody.

XAVIER: It's just for safety. I don't know if the owner has a gun stashed. Look, just take it, I'm not saying you're going to use it but it's just for safety that's all.

DARIUS: I don't know man..


DAN: Come on Darius, take it! You want to prove yourself don't you, you want to be with us?!


DARIUS: Alright I'll take it..

XAVIER: Oh and take this to cover your face. (Xavier hands Darius a mask)

Darius takes the gun and gives in to the peer pressure from the group. He begins to walk over to the shop clearly nervous about what he has to do to prove himself to the group. He makes his way to the shop and peers out of the window seeing the gang watching him closely. He begins to observe all of the items in the shop whilst watching the shop-keeper. Darius is stood in the shop and he doesn't want to do it but he doesn't want to look like a wuss either. Darius slips on the mask and approaches the shop-keeper with a gun. The shop-keeper is scared and quickly hands all of the money to Darius. Darius flees out of the shop quickly as the shop-keeper can be seen on the phone obviously calling the police. Darius makes it back to the group.

DARIUS: Alright, I've done it.

XAVIER: Well done, you're proving yourself more and more each day Darius. Alright, we need to get out of here fast, I think he's calling the cops.

The group quickly run away.

Present Day

Darius is sat in his apartment alone, recalling this memory..

DARIUS: I remember that day like it was yesterday. That was the sort of things you had to do around my area to 'fit in'. If you didn't, you were constantly bullied and singled out by the other people. If you were part of a gang you were accepted and that's the only way I could get the bullying to stop. My parents did not get along with each other and mostly blanked me. The only time I went home was to sleep. I never wanted to stay in my house for a long period of time as I knew there would always be an argument between my parents or between myself and my parents. I was just sick of it, that group of 'friends' that may not seem like friends seemed like brothers at the time for me. They were there for me, or at least I thought they were. I was young and still naive and I thought at the time what I was doing was right. But it wasn't. It was completely wrong. When I realized that though, it was too late. I already did too much.

It's hard when you have a group of people pressuring you constantly in to doing something. It was never by my own accord. At one point, it got to the stage that they would threaten me or tell me that they would kick me out of the group if I didn't do something. They realized how easy I was to manipulate and they used me for a variety of purposes and made me do their dirty work. That's why I don't associate myself with people anymore. They are no good and worthless to me. You can't call me 'self-centered' if you don't fully understand what I've been through. I hate when people say they had a tough up-bringing or a tough life. They have absolutely no idea what they are talking about. They have had it easy compared to me. They would be a shell of a man if they had been what I have been through. I've had to do things you wouldn't imagine doing and I've seen some of the worst sights possible. I'm not playing games and by now everyone should know that. I'm here to do one thing and that's win the PWC Heavyweight Championship. Nothing else matters to me and I respect that title more than I respect myself and that's the truth.

I enjoy clearing my head like this. It lets me express my feelings without any one else judging or giving their unwanted comments. This is me and this my life, real life isn't fun and games or a fairytale land, it's rough and it's hard but I've made my way through it and I know what's it like.

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Sam Dancer is stood on a Spanish beach staring into the waves. He loves deep in thought as he stares out into the ocean. Something is on his mind. Then on screen we shows visions of the battle royale where Dancer was eliminated. Dancer then walks away past a few people on the beach and then shot switches to handheld camera which Sam is holding.

Sam: Some people have wondered where I have been this last week? Well take a look girls and boys. Beautiful ain’t it? This is the Spanish holiday town known as Benidorm.

The camera pans out showing a beach full of people and a beautiful sun in the distance.

Sam: Amazing isn’t it? A beautiful view in a beautiful country. I come here every time I need to step back and see the bigger picture. Let me be clear.

Leans close into the camera.

Sam: I failed.

He pauses for a moment then zooms back out and then the camera switches to night time as Sam is showing holding the camera again. As this is going on he makes his way to the bar to order a drink.

Sam: By not winning the PWC world title I failed. But with each failure comes a brand new opportunity. And that will begin this week. But before we get to that match Nyx. I am calling you out. You did a good job knocking me out of the battle royale but as you should well know every dog has his day. You beat me once but don’t think you will be able to again. I will drop you faster than a nuclear jagerbomb next time.

He then proceeds to place the camera on the bar and down the entire fishbowl in the space of 2 minutes. The whole bar cheers him on as he does this. He then places the bowl down and picks the camera up again.

Sam: You see this? People just naturally fall in love with me. This week I will face Louie? I forget the last name… begins with S um um Spence that is it!!!! Louie Spence. He is flamboyant man and I know that he will love me but my dear Louie we have a match I don’t swing that way. But Louie Spence is not the only person I face this week I also face… Hang on can I have a Kopparberg please?

Bartender: Sure thing

Sam: Got to remember the important things in life. Thanks mate keep the change.

Starts to drink his cider whilst still holding the handheld camera in his other hand.

Sam: Where was I? Ah yes the guy who calls himself the Reaper? Well trust me that once I kick your ass this week I was Dancer all over your grave boy. I need this win and trust me Sam Dancer is here to put on a show. So Louie Spence and the Reaper it will not you who shall be dancing this week you fabulous men but Sam Dancer.

Sam Dancer downs his pint before turning off the camera

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Don't like Curse Words? You'll hate this. Have fun!

April 7th 2004

*Two hooded teenagers are seen sitting with cans of juice in their hands on benches across from each other as rain pours down on them*

??: Why the fuck are we talking out here? It’s raining, my arse is soaked through and as always, you choose the time when all the damn weirdo’s are roaming around trying to get their next fix.. I swear, Aaron. If some junkie comes up to me asking for a lighter, I’ll knock him flat on his back. Fucking sick of that shit.

Aaron: Oh Alex, you always know how to charm a man with your wonderful grasp of curse words. We're here because I enjoy annoying you, it’s raining because life’s a bitch and your arse being soaked through is your own problem. Now.. How would you put this? Ah yes. Shut the fuck up, man the fuck up and once more for effect, shut the fuck up. Shit, if I wanted to listen to someone moaning, I’d have called your sister.

*Alex, throws the can that he was holding at the laughing Aaron, but misses his head by mere inches*

Alex: Dick.

*Aaron’s still laughing*

Alex: Stop fucking giggling and tell me what you were wanting dumbass.

*Aaron bows a little with a smirk on his face and Alex scowls back*

Aaron: Well since you asked so politely. I need a place to stay. Mum’s pissing me off about the whole riot shit and we both really need some space to clear our heads. It’ll only be for a few days and then I’ll get out of your way, but I can’t fucking deal with her going on about what was happening back home for another fucking minute.

Alex: Yeah, sure man. I’ll even crack out the finest china for your highness.

Aaron: Oh, learning some new words are we Lexxy?

Alex: Call me Lexxy one more fucking time and I’ll beat the ever loving shit out of you.

Aaron: Come now Lex, you really think you could stop me? I've been beating my body into shape for months now, whereas the only thing you've been beating.. Well, I think even you could finish that joke off man.

Alex: Shut it. While we were on the subject though, what did actually happen to make you move? Must have been rough if you and your mum actually moved to get away from it.. What’d you do? Eat with the wrong spoon? Not finish your caviar? Rape a man? I mean come on.. You've been here for 3 and a bit years now and no-one knows anything about what happened to you before you came here other than there were riots.

*Aaron deadpans and looks directly into the eyes of Alex*

Aaron: I killed a man. Turns out he was deep with some rough guys who chased us all the way down here.

*Alex’s eyes open in horror and he starts to back away from his friend*

*Aaron takes in the look on Alex’s face for a few seconds before doubling over in laughter with tears rolling down his face*

Aaron: Oh my fucking god your face.

*Alex sits in silence for a few seconds before reaching over and punching Daiko who falls over into a puddle of rainwater with a splash*

*After about 20 seconds, Aaron staggers to his feet before wiping the tears of laughter from his face*

Aaron: Can't believe you actually thought I killed a man. Shit, you are thicker than I thought!

Alex: Don’t change the subject. Why were you run out? What the hell happened?

Aaron: Look man, I'm not going to tell you that. I’m trying to put everything that happened there behind me and build a new life for mum and me. Just know that I'm never going back anywhere near the Aberdeen area again and although I'm not a fan of Perth, I was born here so this was the best option to come back to.

*Alex looks a bit annoyed with the whole secrecy of his friend, but he knows not to say anything more*

Alex: Right, c'mon. If we hurry back to mines, I’m sure I can convince my mum to cook our tea. And if I see you anywhere near my sister, I'll smash your face off of every wall in my house. Okay?

*Aaron holds up his hands with a poor attempt of an innocent look on his face*

Aaron: I promise that you won't catch me anywhere near your sister.

*He smirks*

Aaron: We'll wait until you're asleep.

*Alex tries to swing a punch at his stomach, but Aaron leaps to the side and they run off in the direction of Alex’s house*

July 4th 2013

(Play if you want to add a bit more to the RP)

*The sound of crunching branches and wind through trees is heard as a forest is seen through what seems to be a handheld camcorder*

*Over the sound of the forest a fairly familiar male voice with a slight English Accent is heard talking*

??: Here we are..

*The camera's view drops lower to the ground and the voice turns and props it up so that you can see the unshaven face of Daiko*

Daiko: Here we are where life ended and began. This is the spot where a friend left another friend to the beasts of this forest. This is the spot where innocence died and something new was born… Not quite a monster, but something... More.

*The Camcorder's microphone faintly picks up the howls of a pack of wolves in the background and Daiko raises his head a little to the right with a faint smile on his lips*

It's been a long time since such a curiously beautiful sound fell on these ears. The sound of true warriors, those who protect their young and band together to protect the weak and old. Those who fight their way to the top and when they are there they shape the entire pack to their very way of life. It's embarrassing that we as a human race can work our way to the pinnacle of the Food Chain, we've had men on the moon and we're well on our way to reaching Mars and beyond, yet when we get together in a group, no matter how small, we'll eventually tear each other apart for little to no reason.

However, for now I'm not here to show you the true horrors of the real world, I've been *air quotes* requested *end air quotes* to talk about the match that I'm having this week on Vortex against Darius Black.

*Daiko sighs and shakes his head*

Do I get a shot at the man who screwed a week’s worth of preparation for the Triple Threat match? Of course I don't, instead the morons in Creative have put me into a match that doesn't do a damn thing for anything or anyone in this company. How stupid do you have to be to think that hiding Spudsy away for a week would change anything? If I see him, what Joey Holt did to him will be a massage in comparison to what I'll do.

For this week, I'll have to deal with their stupidity though as I step into the ring with Darius Black. I’d call him the weird one of the roster, but with a drunk who thinks he’s good at what he does and a damn Rabbit walking around the locker room, I think I’d be lying.

Back to the lesser accomplished Black of the roster and I can’t help but laugh at the fact that he’s running his mouth complaining about the fact that he’s fighting against me, but he has conveniently forgotten the fact that he is currently fighting with a record of Zero Matches Won and Three Matches Lost. The man who was given a match against the PWC Heavyweight Champion is currently sharing the worst Win / Loss Record in this company with a man who wasn’t even here last week and Gunner Star. Let that sink into your minds for a second. The worst Wrestler in this company had a match against someone who, and it really pains me to say this, is currently the top star in the entire Premier Wrestling Circuit…

*The wind stops leaving an eerie silence without the rustling of the trees. Daiko looks around with a slight look of concern on his face*

*He calms down a little but continues to keep an eye on the trees before starting to talk again*

I... Where was I? I do- Darius Black ! That psychotic jackass… Or was it Creative? Eh, I'll get back to you on that at some point.

Let's just narrow my point down and I'll let you all go. I want Spudsy, 1 on 1 in that ring and I want it soon. I'm not one to forgive and I'm not one to forget. This message goes straight to that waste of air. If you cross me again, if you so much as look at me the wrong way, I'll make sure you never wrestle again. Hell, you'll be lucky if you even walk again.

*The wind picks up again and Daiko heaves an audible sigh of relief before leaning over to the camcorder and pressing something and the screen turns off*

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July 9th. 2013 11:00 PM
The Bourbon Room, Los Angeles, California

The PWC cameras catch up with the resident Rock God, Austin Angel and his new-found partner in crime and friend, Tommy Hendrix as they walk into the most popular club for celebrities in Los Angeles. They look around before heading to the bar where they each order a couple of beers and a few shots of vodka.

Austin: DUDE! We kicked ass last show! We are like the perfect tag team! Cheers bro!

Tommy: Cheers.

The two toast one shot each then each down three before taking a sip of beer.

Tommy: So next show we got another tag match?

Austin: Nahhh bro we got our matches in the #1 contenders tournament to decide who will challenge Xander Black next! I'm facing that prick Jesus Valentine and your facing Freddie Vos?

Tommy: Oh real fair. I get the guy who is just always pissed off!

The two laugh and drink some more beer as the bartender walks over to them after listening in on the conversation.

Bartender: You guys are wrestlers? I LOVE wrestling!

This catches Austin and Tommy's attention as they perk their heads up and pay close attention to the beautiful blonde bartender who is wearing a tight black Bourbon Room shirt with a tight jean skirt.

Tommy: Really? Ever heard of PWC?

Bartender: No I don't think I have.

Austin: It's a brand new company, but you're looking at the top two faces of the company right here!

The bartender chuckles at this as do the guys and she washes the shot glasses.

Bartender: Oh yeah? Do these "faces of the company" have names?

Tommy: Tommy Hendrix at your service.

Tommy winks at the bartender who rolls her eyes then turns to Austin.

Austin: PWC's resident Rock God, Austin Angel. Your turn blondie.

Bartender: Brittany. But just call me Brit, that's what everybody else does.

The two guys finish their beers and Brittany, as now know her name is takes the glasses and fills them up again than hands them back to the guys.

Brittany: So what brings you guys to The Bourbon Room? I mean don't you guys have better things to do then come to some club and get drunk?

Austin and Tommy both laugh at this and shake their heads.

Tommy: There's always time to party! Right my dude?

Austin: Hell yeah bro!

The two down half of their beers then slam the glasses down as Brittany just looks at them and shakes her head, trying not to laugh.

Brittany: So which one of you is the better wrestler?

Austin: Oh obviously it's me! I'm faster than anybody on earth and I can fly all over that ring better than anybody!

Tommy: Ahem. Remind me again who scored the winning pinfall in our match last week? Oh that's right. This guy.

Tommy points to himself and grins, clearly both are trying to impress Brittany.

Austin: Hey hey, I LET you get the pin! I'm just generous like that!

Brittany: Maybe I'll have to find PWC on TV next time it's on so I can judge for myself which one of you is better, or see how bad you guys suck.

She chuckles at her joke but Austin and Tommy just roll their eyes.

Austin: I'll do ya one better and give you a front row ticket to the show!

Austin takes a front row ticket out of his back pocket and hands it to Brittany who takes it and looks it over.

Tommy: How the hell did you get that?!?

Austin: The GM owed me a favor after I gave him a free rock concert of mine!

Tommy: Oh my god is he deaf now?

Tommy jokingly shoves Austin as the two finish off their beers and ask for the tab, once they get the bill they each put in half to cover the bill. Austin takes a 5 dollar bill out of his pocket for the tip, but Tommy decides he has to out due his friend to get the upper hand in impressing Brittany so he leaves a 10 and the two walk out of the bar arguing over who the better wrestler is while we fade out.


July 13th, 2013 7:30 PM
Save Mart Center, Fresno, California

The PWC cameras catch up with Austin Angel as he walks out of his locker room, having just changed into his ring attire. Austin walks over to Tommy Hendrix and has a short conversation with him about Brittany the bartender from the other night before they part ways, Tommy heads to his locker room while Austin heads over to the interview area where Danny Eriksen is waiting for him.

Erickson: Ladies and Gentleman. my guest at this time is none other than the man who will take on Jesus Valentine in the #1 contenders tournament tonight, The Rock God Austin Angel.

Angel steps into camera view and throws up the rock on symbol to the fans.

Danny: Austin, as I just mentioned tonight you will be taking on Jesus Valentine, who you have had your problems with over the last two shows. How do you plan on defeating him tonight?

Austin: Tonight is the first step in becoming #1 contender to the PWC Championship. Jesus Valentine is a good fighter no doubt about it, but the only way he could stop me from becoming the champ in that battle royal was by putting me through the announce table. On top of that he broke my freaking headphones! Tonight he will not only pay for new headphones but he's also gonna learn what happens when you piss off a god of rock.

Danny: You seem to have a couple other wrestlers already who aren't exactly your biggest fan here as last week you had a minor problem with Louie Spindoli. What's up with that?

Austin: Man, I really don't know. I think he's just a cranky old man who can't handle the excellentness that is Austin Angel and Tommy Hendrix. I just happened to decide to called him out on it.

Danny: Funny you mention Tommy Hendrix because it seems while you have two guys who don't seem to like you, you also have Tommy who seems to have made fast friends with you. You guys were successful in the first tag team match in PWC history last week in fact, is that making you guys consider starting an official team?

Austin: My dude, anything is possible. Right now PWC doesn't have any tag titles and obviously Tommy and I both have our sights set on winning this #1 contenders tournament. However if we both lost in the tournament, maybe we'd go have a talk with the GM about bringing in some tag titles!

Danny gets the signal from the camera man to wrap up the interview.

Danny: Anyway Austin, do you have any last words for your opponent tonight?

Austin: Jesus, It's ironic isn't it? You call yourself Jesus while I call myself a Rock God. Now I know your asking yourself now why that's ironic right? Because after I beat you tonight you're gonna be crying like a son who got his ass beat by his father! Tonight...tonight is the beginning of the Era of Rock in PWC!

Austin throws up the Rock On symbol with his left hand as the camera man switches off the camera. Eriksen thanks Austin for his time and wishes him luck tonight as Austin walks away and the scene fades out.

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The camera pans to the backstage interview area, where interviewer Danny Eriksen is standing alone, with a microphone in his hands.

Danny Eriksen - We have a little change from the normal for all of the PWC fans in attendance, in only a few moments, I will bring you an interview with one of the more mysterious members of the PWC Locker Room, and a man who next week on Vortex begins his pursuit of the PWC Championship.

Danny Eriksen - There have been a lot of questions about this self-proclaimed "Savior" - and hopefully we can obtain some answers from him, in what can only be described as a "rare glimpse" into his character.

Danny Eriksen - At this time, I present to you, Jesus Valentine.

Jesus Valentine slowly walks into the shot of the camera, he is wearing his a hooded top over his wrestling gear. His head is bowed, and we can only see part of his face.

Danny Eriksen - Now, Jesus, I'm sure that like myself, a lot of our fans are eager to see more of your character. From my time backstage, I can tell you like to keep your private, and professional lives very close to your own chest, and as a result you're being labelled by the fans and by the company as a deep, dark, and mysterious loner. Well now is your chance to set the record straight, are there any truth to these claims?

Jesus slowly pulls back his hood, and beckons for the microphone. Danny hands it to Jesus, and he prepares himself to speak.

No more questions from you.

Jesus stares at backstage interviewer Danny Eriksen with an ice-cold glare.

I'm gracing your shitty little backstage set with my presence, for the sole purpose of getting you, and the rest of your interview team out of my face.

Your job, from this moment on, is to stand silently in the corner, until I'm finished speaking.

Or there will be hell to pay.

Danny slowly backs away another couple of steps, while Jesus turns, and looks into the camera.

You know, since I joined this company, I've had a lot of inappropriate people asking me a lot of inappropriate questions.

I've had interviewers, journalists, PWC staff members, all fishing for information about "Jesus Valentine."

These people aren't interested in the person behind the persona, they're interested in this "Jesus Valentine" character they think I represent.

And that's why I wanted to come out here, I want to talk to everyone, once. And then, no more questions should be asked.

I am Jesus Valentine.​

This is not a fascade, I'm not some kind of "character", and I'm sure as hell not hiding behind a mask.

You people, all of you, you feed on the "characters" of wrestling, you become involved with the different gimmicks you see.

But that's all they are, they're just gimmicks.

You love people like "The Lightning Bolt!" and "The Beast!" because they pander to the fans, they make you feel involved, they make you feel special.

You even loved "The Reaper" because he was dark, and he was mysterious, you were all intrigued by what he had to offer you.

Little do you realise, that these "personas", these "characters" these people create, they're just tools that they can use to make themselves more interesting.

Because in this business, if you're interesting, and you're popular, then you get title shots.

It's truly sickening to see the depths to which this industry has sank.

We have people dressing up in fancy costumes, spouting lies from their mouths, devoid of all their integrity, all of their dignity, pleading with you to "like" them.

And instead of being punished, and humiliated for being sorry excuses of human beings, these con artists are instead rewarded for their pitiful actions!?

This is why so many of the great wrestlers, the great fighters who stood before us are embarassed to show their faces around here.

Last week, on Vortex, I decimated two of the "darkest, most mysterious" wrestlers in this promotion.

And it was easy.​

You see, these illusions these pretenders cast over the fans, they may get a few cheap reactions, and they may sell a little more merchandise, but smoke and mirrors never stopped anyone from getting physically annihilated in the middle of that ring.

And that's exactly what I did to those two frauds last week.

I laid both of them out, and made an example of them.

You see, like many of the so-called wrestlers around this place, their priorities were all wrong.

They were focused more on becoming popular, and making money, while I was in the gym, in the ring, and out on the street, doing what I had to do, in order to win the fight.

Its this attitude, this mindset, this strength, that seperates people like me from the rest of the pack.

I'm sure that feeling the buzz feels good during your entrance.

And I'm sure "feeding off the energy of the crowd" makes you feel proud.

But when you're lying, knocked out, and flat on your back, those feelings are replaced with pain, agony, and despair.

Although I'm sure there's an underlying moral lesson to be learned, I want to take this opportunity to say that I didn't lay out those men because it was the right thing to do.

I demolished them simply because I could.

In a twisted way, I get the same satisfaction from decimating other wrestlers, that they get from running down that ramp, as the fans chant their name.

The real satisfaction, however, it comes when I take the prize which is rightfully mine.

It comes, when I take the World Heavyweight Championship.

And if I can expose certain "superstars" for exactly what they are along the way?

Well, that's just the icing on the cake.

Austin Angel.

The self-proclaimed "Rock God."

It could not be more fitting, that in light of this interview, I get to face the biggest pretender in this company.

The happy-go-lucky attitude, the air guitar, the sunglasses, they're all just distractions.

Designed to divert our attention away from the real man underneath.

Because the man underneath, he can't wrestle, he can't fight.

He can only pander to the fans, and as a result, he is very ill-prepared for this upcoming fight.

Your faked confidence, and forced arrogance only serve to entertain me, for when I decimate you inside that ring, the victory will taste all so much sweeter.

But, we stray away from the reason why I'm actually here.

I'm not some gimmick, I'm not pretending to be someone else.

I am Jesus Valentine, that is my real name, and these are my real views.

And if you want my honest opinion, I'm not here for anyone else other than for myself.

I've lost everyone who ever mattered to me in this world, and I have no-one else left to fight for.

I have no partner.

I have no kids.

I have no family.

To put it as bluntly as I can, I have absolutely nothing.

I only have one goal.

One quest.

Take the World Heavywight Championship.

Justify all those years of pain and torture.

And immortalise myself into PWC history.​

And, Austin Angel.

You're merely a pawn, and you've wandered into my path.

If you were a technically gifted, intelligent, devout beast incarnate, maybe you would present yourself as a threat.

But you have none of those characteristics, and like those who have fallen before you, you spend your time perfecting a character, rather than focusing on the fight.

You see, its very, very ironic.

I may have nothing.

But, when a man has nothing left to lose, and everything to gain, that man becomes very, very dangerous.

You may "think" you have everything.

But sweeping you aside in the main-event of Vortex is only the beginning.

I will systematically dissect every single person in this tournament,

Go on to the inaugral PWC Pay-Per-View,

And destroy our current World Heavyweight Champion.

And as you sit backstage, styling your hair, or puffing up that ridiculous coat.

I'll be standing in the middle of the ring, PWC World Heavyweight Championship around my waist.

And in that moment,

You will realise,

I will have everything.

And it is you,

Who will have nothing.​

A chilling silence overcomes the set, as Jesus Valentine continues to stare into the camera. Danny Eriksen attempts to shuffle quietly away from the area, but Jesus quickly turns round and grabs him by his collar.

If I see you, or anyone else from your crew in these halls again, I will rip your body limb from limb!

Jesus violently throws Danny to the floor, his head clatters against the metal gratings.

Now get out of my sight.

Jesus puts his hood back up, turns away, and walks down the corridor.


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Sitting on his bean bag chair, Daniel Reese sits comfortably downing a bag of cheeseballs as he watches Rush Hour on his flat screen. Reese lets out a hearty laugh every time Jackie Chan and Chris Tucker interact, to which the cheeseballs Daniel has eaten sometimes fall from his mouth.

Oh man, this is one funny movie.

Daniel looks around his house. It’s not much compared to his parents home. His parents home was filled with family portraits while Daniel’s house barely had any. Instead, it was filled with basketball posters of Daniel when he was in the NBA and as well as a poster of his dead as a wrestler.

Ahh dad, I remember when we used to watch this. This was always our favorite movie to watch together.

It seems Rush Hour has a place in Daniel’s heart as it’s the movie he and his father watched a lot. Daniel rises to his feet and walks towards a picture of he and his father the day that Daniel graduated high school.

Mmmm, I miss you dad.

He looks down, almost shedding a tear, but he wipes it off instantly. Daniel puts the picture frame down and takes his car keys, going for a drive in the night. He raises through the starry night, not quite sure where he’s going. However, after a couple turns, the scene shifts to a cemetery. A cemetry called Rosewood Cemetary. Daniel gets out of the car and locks it. He has a jacket on and a beanie as he walks for a few minutes before reaching a certain grave stone. It read: A loving father, brother, and friend, we love you so, Maxwell Reese.

Hey dad, it’s me, Danny boy.

Daniel takes a moment to compose himself.

Uhm, I’m sorry I haven’t been here as much as I wanted to. It’s just that I’ve been so busy, but that’s no excuse. Important thing is, I’m here dad.

He kneels down, touching his father’s grave stone.

Dad, I know you said you didn’t like seeing me and ma cry, but sometimes we just gotta do it you know. It’s been hard not having you around. You were always the one who kept things in order. And now, it’s just not the same.

Daniel can be heard weeping a little. It takes a few moments for Daniel to compose himself. And when he does, he rises to his feet.

Oh man, enough of this crying. I’m a big kid now, aha. But anyway dad, I guess I just came here for some reassurance. You were always there for me when I had questions. I know mom’s there but she doesn’t give the advice you do. So here I am.

Daniel continues.

I mean, I made the switch to wrestling just like you. And honestly, I’ve enjoyed it. But it seems I haven’t enjoyed it as much as I thought I would. Maybe I chose the wrong thing? Maybe I should’ve stuck to basketball? You know, to make a name for myself? It’s like that guy I face this week, Muhammad Islami is his name, dad. From what I read about him, he wants to make a name for himself because he didn’t have the support of his family. We’re different dad, I always had you and ma’s support. But there’s just something wrong, wrestling doesn’t feel right to me.

Just then, rumblings could be heard. It’s thunder! Daniel looks up and is kind of amazed.

Wow dad, was that you?

Not only did thunder come, but rain did as well. The pouring rain engulfed the entire cemetery.

Well dad, looks like I got your answer. I’ll stick with wrestling. Thanks dad! I love you so much! Please watch over me and ma.

After that, Daniel kisses his hand and touches his father’s grave stone once again before bolting it to his car. Once in his car, he turns up the heater as the pouring rain has given him the shivers.

Looks like this wrestling gig is gonna stick. I’m gonna do the best I can to make my father proud! Not only my father but my ma as well. Wooo! I can’t wait for Vortex this week!

And with that, Daniel drives out of the cemetery and heads home as the rain continues pouring down hard.

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September 2010 (carrying on from last week’s RP)

After the match with Tarek, Muhammad and The Silver Sheikh are seen packing up Muhammad’s gear as they prepare to leave.

The Silver Sheikh: You did what had to be done Muhammad, you proved to be the stronger one and the one who will fight for our cause with the utmost viciousness and determination. I realise he’s your best friend but -

Muhammad: He WAS my best friend, but like you said he’s too weak to be a part of our cause, I took him out because there can be no mistakes with what we’re doing. I don’t need to be associated with future jobbers because that’s all Tarek will be, if I want to climb the metaphorical ladder to the top of this industry I need to do it with absolute precision, otherwise what we’ve been training for and what we’ve been fighting for will never come to fruition.

Yusuf The Silver Shiekh nods towards his student, recognising the sheer passion in Muhammad’s voice. Muhammad slings his gym bag over his shoulder and wheels out Yusuf. Along the corridor they come across a beaten Tarek with each arm slung over an EMT representative, presumably on their way to the medical room. Tarek senses them and lifts his head up to stare the two of them in the eyes. Muhammad motions to take off his gym bag and finish off Tarek but the Silver Sheikh lifts his arm as a sign to halt Muhammad in his tracks.

Yusuf: He’s suffered enough Muhammad, you beat him now leave him be, regardless of how weak he is, he still believes in the cause.

Muhammad understands before pushing the wheel chair along once again. They reach Muhammad’s car as he helps Yusuf get into the passenger seat before folding up his wheel chair and leaving it in the trunk. Muhammad gets in and begins the drive towards their shared apartment.

Yusuf: Remember what I taught you Muhammad, you will not be caught in any senseless violence again unless it’s in the ring, that way people will take notice of you. You’ll work your way to the top, I know you will.

Muhammad: You mean WE will.

Yusuf: Possibly, but not probably. My cancer isn’t giving me an easy time, I’ve got maybe a year left, if I’m lucky.
Muhammad: Don’t say that, you’ll be fine. I’ll make it to the big time and you’ll be there with me.

The Silver Shiekh smiles gently, not saying anything else to upset Muhammad. After a few moments, Islami dips his eyes down towards Yusuf’s legs, making sure to keep his eyes on the road as well.

Muhammad: We still haven’t spoken about what happened Yusuf.

Yusuf: There’s nothing to speak about, it was an accident.


Yusuf: I forgive you Muhammad, just keep driving.

Muhammad holds his tongue as the thought of shouting anymore at his father figure alters his mindset.

February 2010

Tarek and Muhammad are listening diligently to their mentor inside the Silver Sheikh’s gym. The Silver Shiekh is teaching them manoeuvres as a means to finish off potential opponents.

Yusuf: Tarek come here, I want you to hit me with the Gutwrench Powerbomb we’ve been going over the past few sessions. Remember I’m an old man now so take it easy.

All three men laugh a little before Tarek begins the manouver. He lifts The Silver Shiekh up, hooking his arms around his gut before slamming him down into the mat. The Silver Shiekh gets up holding his back.

Yusuf: That was crisp Tarek, well done. Seems I can’t take a Gutwrench Powerbomb as well as I used to. Anyway, Muhammad come and lock me in the Silver Clutch.

Yusuf once again grimaces in pain.

Muhammad: You’re not okay right now Yusuf, leave it til the next session maybe.

Yusuf: Don’t make me ask again Muhammad !

The Silver Shiekh lays down on his belly, signalling Islami to apply the Silver Clutch. Muhammad looks worryingly towards Tarek who exchanges a look of equal despair. Regardless, he stands over Yusuf’s body back before lowering himself down and placing his backside on Yusuf’s back. He continues by lifting Yusuf’s top half up by wrapping his arms around his mentor’s neck, making sure to pull off the manoeuvre as gently as possible.

Yusuf: I said I’m old Muhammad, I never said I was two days from the grave damn it, lock it in properly before I get up and slap you like the little bitch you are.

Muhammad’s blood boils but refuses to apply more pressure.

Yusuf: You little bitch, you’ll never make it, your parents may as well have take you with them, you good for nothing piece of Arabian trash.

It worked this time, Muhammad sees red and begins to apply a great deal of pressure on his mentor, so much so that something clicks in his back, Tarek realises this and tackles Muhammad off Yusuf’s back, preventing any more damage. The Silver Shiekh can’t move his lower body as Muhammad looks on in horror at his doing. He climbs out the ring and runs towards the payphone as Tarek attempts to comfort the fallen Yusuf.

Present Day

At an empty basketball court, there doesn’t seem to be much activity. After a few moments of silence, a basketball rolls along the floor in the camera’s view, the ball comes to a halt at the foot of the basketball net. Then comes the figure of an Arab looking man dressed in an all green and purple Basketball kit, complete with sweatbands around the wrists and head. The man appears to be Muhammad Islami.

Muhammad: Yo yo yo wassup, it’s me Daniel Reese tellin’ you ‘bout the tragic story of ma pa’s death.

Muhammad picks the ball up and starts shooting some hoops, missing more often than netting.

Muhammad: So here it goes, me and ma pops were close, real close, he used to teach me to shoot this here basketball into that there hoop, the rest is irrelevant, so boring story short, he died and I used that as an excuse to get out of my failing basketball career to go after wrasslin’. Now I’ll be the first to admit, I’m by no means a great wrassler, hell I’m probably the worst on the roster now that TCK is gone, but I can’t be as bad as I was in the NBA. Now you know who’s a great wrassler, Muhammad ‘The Silver Shiekh’ Islami, that Silver Clutch he applies is unbreakable and he fights for a real cause, not like me, no sir, I wrassle to please ma dead daddy’s spirit. Now I’ve got a great idea, if I score the next hoop, it means ma daddy is speakin’ to me from the heavens telling me I’m gonna beat the great Islami on Vortex. Here goes nothing.

Islami mocks Reese more by missing purposely, throwing the ball backwards over his head.

Muhammad: Damn, I never was good at B-Ball now was I. Oh well, guess ma daddy can’t speak to me after all.

Islami laughs before draping out an Arabian Alliance flag, holding it up and proud, walking off camera.​

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February, 2010
Somewhere in Johannesburg...

Freddie Vos found himself in a tastefully-decorated office. The rosewood grandfather-clock kept its metronomic rhythm and the enormous bookcase was diligently organized. The searing, dry African heat entered through the windows and Freddie was on edge.

Freddie: I hate this bloody city, why did they drag me all the way here?

???: Corporal Vos... Your commanding officer told me to have a look at you.

Freddie was unresponsive. In front of him was a tall, middle-aged man with wispy white hair. He wore a tattered name tag – Dr. Arnold de Villiers. The thick, black frame of his glasses failed to give his gentle blue eyes an authoritative look. Instead, it made him look even more myopic.

Dr. de Villiers: You see, Corporal, the army’s relations to the rest of the country are just as important as the bonds between the soldiers.

Freddie found it amusing that a man who has never seen the eyes of another fighter through the scope of a lens could pretend to know so much about the workings of a military organization. Freddie was seated, but the other man was pacing about the room. The heat was getting to him as well and a few patches of sweat matted his chest hair through his buttoned white shirt.

Dr. de Villiers: The South-African military is responsible for its troops. We are a strong nation, a proud country. We have always prided ourselves on the way we treat civilians during military times. We are not terrorists, Frederik!

From under his brow, Freddie looked at him and grumbled.

Freddie: I’m from Harare, Doc!

Freddie turned away from the therapist and turned his attention to the city outside, fourteen stories below them. Freddie hated Johannesburg, it was nothing like Bloemfontein. Colourful minibus-taxi’s clogged the road, street vendors would sell their motley assortment of goods on every damned street and all the mixed couples unsettled him extremely.

Dr. de Villiers: By judging what I’ve read in the reports and from what your Sgt Cooper told me, I think you might have a case of PTSD, Freddie – Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s actually very common in the military.

Freddie stared at the psychiatrist for a few uncomfortable moments. Keeping the older man’s gaze, Freddie grinned when he saw how easily unnerved the doctor was.

Freddie: Tell me, Doc, do I LOOK like I’m stressed?

He let out a chuckle.

Freddie: Just tell me, what do I need to do get back over the border and earn my danger pay?

Dr. de Villiers: You’ll have to put that on hold, Corporal. I’m going to give you a prescription for Prazosin and I want you to take it.

Freddie: There is nothing wrong with my head, Doc!

Vos got up, staring down at De Villiers. Freddie’s knuckles turned white as he clutched the African pendants that hung from his neck.

Dr. de Villiers: You’re also on paid leave for a few weeks. Do you have any family that you could visit to recuperate?

Freddie: If it’s on the government’s bill, I have a family on a farm, near Bloem. If that’s what it would take to get me out of this cramped little office, I’ll take it.

He snatched the prescription from the therapist’s hand before he left made his way out of the building.


July, 2013
Super-8 Motel

Freddie returns from his morning jog, drenched in sweat. It’s a ritual he kept since his days as a soldier. Seeing as he never sleeps much anymore, he is normally awake at five in the morning, anyway. He turns on the shower in his cheap motel room and stands motionlessly under the streaming water for a few minutes, catching his breath and smiling. It was a good run, he knows now that he is getting acclimated to California’s humidity.



Freddie decides to venture out into the city, in search of food. Had this been the farm, breakfast, lunch and dinner would be five kilometres, a sack of charcoal and a Baikal .303 away. The Whole Foods looked appealing to him – not as brash as Walmart or some of the other American monstrosities.

Freddie, once again, becomes aware of his deep-seated dislike for human beings. Like cattle, they littered the aisles. Crying babies, disabled people in wheelchairs, elderly men using walking frames... The sights and smells of worthless human flesh assaulted his senses. After paying for his single bag of groceries with the still-unfamiliar green, American Dollars, he rushed out of that building to get some air.



It is a long walk back to the motel, but Vos never saw the logic in sitting a yellow, cramped taxi for ages on end, wasting money because of traffic. As he wanders through Blackstone Avenue, he spots the Ray Fischer Pharmacy. On a whim, he decides to enter and is greeted by a friendly, Indian pharmacist. Her voice is clear, but its cheerfulness nauseates Freddie.

Pharmacist: Welcome, Sir. Just let me know if there’s anything I can help you with.

Freddie forces the briefest of smiles and one of the carefully stacked white boxes catches his eye – a box of Prazosin. Freddie’s eyes narrow as he recalls his own few years on the medication. For two years he slept like a baby, his senses dulled past a point where he was no longer his usual, alert self. The medication inhibits the brain’s function to absorb and process adrenaline, which was unacceptable to him.

He knows that if his mind is not razor-sharp, he’d be just like every other person he encountered outside of the army – a weak, unsuspecting target. Unimpressed at his own folly, he proceeded toward the shop’s exit.

Pharmacist: Excuse me, I don’t want to seem forward...

Freddie: But?

Pharmacist: Aren’t you that man in the flyer?

Freddie rubs his forehead in annoyance. His little trip down memory lane drove him straight past the massive blue poster on the pharmacy’s wall:

PWC: Vortex!
Episode 3
Save Mart Center
July 14​

To its credit, it is a well-designed poster – the card is displayed proudly. One of the pictures depicts Vos in his signature throat-taunt position, next to a colourful picture of a beaming Tommy Hendrix.

Freddie Vos vs. Tommy Hendrix - #1 Contender’s Tournament, Quarter-final #3​

Freddie grabs his pendants and heads out, but the pharmacist blocks the door. Her warm, soft features blend in beautifully with her freshly-starched lab coat. She notices the position of Vos’s hand and her face lights up with recognition.

Pharmacist: Oh, my! It really IS you... My son is a huge fan of PWC.

Freddie: Then buy him a ticket.

She completely ignores Freddie’s demeanour and she plows along with the conversation.

Pharmacist: Jim – that’s my son – is actually a fan of Tommy and he has that exact same haircut. It’s silly, right, but I guess boys will be boys.

Freddie pauses to ponder this.

Freddie: Hendrix is a bum. Why would you want your child to have him as a role model? He lacks any sort of drive and do you, being a pharmacist yourself, think for even a moment that his relaxed attitude does not come from a joint?

Pharmacist: Well, Mr Vos, there’s no need to be rude about it. I was going to wish you luck with your match, but-

Freddie: Save it. Just get out of my way. Unlike your son’s hero, I actually have some discipline and I have a lot of training to do today, so if you don’t mind...

He motions her to get out of the way. Disappointedly, she shuffles away and hits the buzzer, opening the cast-iron gate. Freddie kicks it out of the way and barrels out. Heading along on Blackstone Avenue, he takes a last look at the pharmacy.

Freddie: I hate this bloody city...

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Where: WZLX Radio Station (Los Angeles, California)
When: Present Day (10:00 AM)

Joey Holt walks into the entrance of the radio station, awaiting his big interview before his match this evening. A receptionist greets him at the door and leads him up some stairs and into the the studio where he meets Big Wily Mo Pena, the popular radio host at 102.5 WZLX.

Big Wily: Well look who we got here?! Joey Holt, my man!

Joey and Wily dap each other up and sit down.

Joey Holt: Ya know, this is my first radio show since I’ve come back to America. Gonna be nice to get a little bit of exposure again. Tough times came after I left Japan. Took me quite a long time to get back on my feet.

Big Wily: Glad to help man, hold up one second though.

Big Wily turns on his microphone and fools around with a couple switches.

Big Wily: Big Wily Mo here on WZLX, playin’ all the hits…all the time. In just a few minutes we’ve got a big interview coming up with rising wrestling star, Joey ‘Lightning Bolt’ Holt. You know him from PRIDE Fighting Championship, now he’s a wrestler. But first, the sweet lyrics of Robin Thicke.

Big Wily flips a switch and ‘Blurred Lines’ by Robin Thicke plays as he turns off his mic.

Joey Holt: Hey man, just one request. Think we can lay off the big situation that got me sent over here in the first place? I know it’s old news now, but it still brings back some bad memories. I fucked up and I know it.

Big Wily: Hey man, you’re my guest, I won’t bring it up.

Joey Holt: Alright, thanks man. It just brings back some bad memories that I wouldn't exactly like to share.

‘Blurred Lines’ ends and Big Wily gets back on the air.

Big Wily: And we’re back with our guest of honor, Joey ‘Lightning Bolt’ Holt! Now Joey, what would you say is the biggest difference between fighting in Japan and wrestling in America?

Joey Holt: Well it’s two completely different situations but in the same sense, your goal is just about the same, beat the other guy down long enough that you win. There just happens to be a bigger variety of things you can do in the pro wrestling world. We’ve got ladder matches, tag team bouts, stuff you’d never seen in professional fighting.

Big Wily: Alright, that makes sense. Now what’s up with this Spudsy guy you faced last week? Was he baked or mashed. *Forced laughter*

Joey Holt: The guy packs a g**damn punch. Still got some bruises from that one, but I managed to put him down with my finishing move and move on.

Big Wily: So you seem to be getting the hang of this wrestling stuff. Now if you don’t mind Joey, let’s take a call from our viewers.


Big Wily: You’re on the air, sir!

Rob: Hey, yeah my name’s Rob, I’m from the area and I love the show. But Joey, I’ve got a question for you. What the f*** were you thinking when you choked that guy out in Japan? You know, in your last fight?

Holt looks across the studio at Big Wily who kind of just shrugs.

Joey Holt: You know, that was the past, I apologized for that and I really don’t feel the need to talk about it anymore.

Rob: Oh yeah, well why don’t we talk about how you got arrested later that night?

Big Wily gives Joey a confused look and leans in to his microphone.

Big Wily: Whoa, whoa, the fuzz got involved? Do tell, Joey.

Joey Holt now has a strong look of anger on his face.

Rob: C’mon Joey, explain what you did in the bar that night.

Big Wily: Whoa, what the hell happened here, Joey?

Joey Holt stands up in a fit of rage and throws his microphone off the table.


Rob: Haha, hey Wily, is he mad? Did it work?

Joey Holt: What the f*** is this? A set up? F*** yourself Wily and f*** you Rob, whoever you are.

Rob: You know what Joey, you don’t know me, but I know you. I was in the bar that night and I saw what you did. I watched you from afar and it threw just about all respect I had for you out the window.

Joey is standing up with his hands behind his head, trying to keep his anger in. Sweat is pouring down his face and he's had just about enough of this conversation. He chucks the chair he was in down the hall and storms off.

Joey Holt: I’m a changed person, g**dammit, I don’t do that anymore. I’ve paid for my sins.



Some under qualified fuck from TMZ that makes a living chasing celebrities said:
This just in, once famed fighting champion Joey Holt throws a fit during a local radio show. The now pro wrestler tossed a chair in the studio and ruined valuable equipment. We managed to catch up to Big Wily Mo Pena of WZLX earlier and he had this to say:

"He didn't want me to bring up a soft topic. I didn't. Our caller did."

Tune in later to see why Kate Upton is trying to get a third breast. Also, we have clear evidence that Brad Pitt sits down when he pees. All this, live on TMZ, 8/7 CT on Fox!

Where: Osaka St Bar, Osaka Japan
When: August 28th 2011, 1:00 AM

Joey Holt sits alone at a stool, drowning his sorrows is scotch as he reflects upon what happened just two hours ago. He was kicked out of Pride FC, his home, for something so out of character that he still can’t believe it. A group of three American tourists walk into the bar and immediately spot the famous Joey Holt.

Guy #1: Wow, if it isn’t Joey Holt? We were just at the show man, way to embarrass the sport.

Guy #2: Yeah, what a joke. You’re a shell of your old self. I spent good money to watch you get embarrassed tonight, but I managed to see it anyway when you got yourself fired.

Guy #3: Pride put you out of your misery but firing you. You would’ve just got your ass knocked out again anyway.

Joey Holt stands up and finishes off what is at least his 5th scotch. He takes a few steps forward and gets into the face of the all three guys.

Guy #2: You’re nothing but a little bitch, man.

The 2nd guy throws a punch that strikes Holt in the face but he comes back with one twice as powerful, knocking him down. The first and third guys rush at Holt and he throws one over the counter and another onto a table. Joey grabs the guy that punched him and holds him by the shirt while brutally beating his face in, right hand after right hand. He gets up and realized what he’s done. The man’s face is bloody and destroyed. He puts his hands behind his head and starts breathing heavily as he paces before two police officers come in and put him under arrest. At this point, Holt’s only emotion seems to be disappointment in himself.​

Gah, had a writer's block. Didn't really like how it came out.

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Louie: When a man is at his wits end it takes lots of effort to pull him out of that funk, but not in my case! Not only was I shunned off the last card due to "technicalities" as I am told but I also found my self in a situation in which I was embarrassed.. Man oh man, this week is going to be fun.

Man: Yo Ace, who you talking too?

Louie: Keep it down, we have got business to attend too.

Its early morning and Louie and his associate are sent out on a "collection". Darkenss slowly turns to light as Louie and his partner enter the home

Louie: No messing around on these jobs kid. You will get yourself killed.. Keep on your toes and keep your eyes open..

Louie enters first

Louie: Hello ladies! Couple of chumps I see sitting in here. You boys must know what me and my associate are doing here..

Chump: Umm

Louie: Shut the hell up... You guys remind me of a couple of people I wrestle against in PWC.. Self proclaimed, "Rock Gods" yet cant back up there talk with any substance, its all just talk, yet the pull of the powers that be are always on there side... Now I know who your bosses are and I know you guys get the easy route in life regardless of your performance.. Spoon fed if you will, gets handed to you on a silver platter.. I don't put up with shit like that. Now since you guys are simply not going to give me what I want im going to take it.

Louie and his partner knock both men out and take the package..

Louie: That's what you have got to do to survive in life, take what you want, what you need.. Sam Dancer and The Reaper, a couple of hard working wrestlers but they stand in front of what I want.. A shot at the top competition of PWC.. I want to disrupt and destroy the hierarchy that controls the power and pace of PWC, then I will almost have what I want.. Gold still alludes me

Louie and his partner continue the long walk down the street, package in toe.​

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June 26, 2013
Save Mart Center – Los Angeles, California
Instead of a video package of what went down last week, the cameras pan all around the Save Mart Center as we hear them jeering down boos. The cameras then go to ringside to reveal why as the PWC World Champion, Xander Black is in the ring. Clad in a spiffy suit and tie, the world champion holds his championship high and proud for all to see.

Xander Black: You see this? This is what separates me from everyone out there in the back. I outlasted each and everyone this company threw at me and I am now standing here your world champion.

Jeers from the crowd which Black takes in.

Xander Black: Was there even any doubt? Going into this company, I was the favorite to win it all and this belt right here, just solidifies that. PWC is lucky to have a champion like me!

Black says that last line with some intensity as more boos rain down from the crowd.

Xander Black: And now there’s a tournament to determine who my next victim will be. In all honesty, I welcome it, I embrace the fact that I get to hurt the winner of this tournament. So to whoever wins this tournament, see this as a warning. You’ve seen what I can do in the ring, but you haven’t seen the depths I can go to achieve my goal.

Black looks intently at the cameras.

Xander Black: Tonight, there are two matches that I will be keeping my eyes on just because the men involved are involved with me. Vos, Angel, Hendrix, Valentine, and Reese and Jack, don’t think I forgot about you two. You’re all fighting for no reason because at the end of the day, we all know who the champion will be.

The crowd is just booing Xander like crazy.

Xander Black: So it’s up to you. You can go ahead and win this tournament but just know this, I will hurt you. And I will. Enjoy. It.

With that, Black drops the mic and makes his exit from the ring. He has a serious look on his face as he makes his way up the ramp, not looking back. He disappears behind the curtains and the cameras go back to the announce table where the guys welcome us to the show.

Stan Chambers: A little unorthodox beginning to the third episode of Vortex but nonetheless, we have heard the warning our champion gave to everyone involved in the tournament. Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Stan Chambers alongside my partner, Charlie Campbell and we welcome you to episode number three of PWC Vortex!

Charlie Campbell: Thanks for the intro partner, but enough of that. How about what our world champion had to say? He was beaming with confidence there at the beginning, warning everyone involved in the tournament to well…just bring it!

Stan Chambers: All I can say is that I’m glad I’m not a competitor here because with the roll Xander’s been on lately, I can see him holding that title for a very long time.

With that, we finally hear some theme music and it’s the music of Tommy Hendrix. Hendrix slowly makes his way down the ring, slapping hands with people at ringside. However, he stops at one place where we see a smokin' hot blonde with her hair in a bun. If we've been paying attention, we know that she's Brittany, the girl that Angel and Hendrix met at the bar. He winks at her followed by blowing her a kiss as he continues walking. She is shy and just smiles at Hendrix's gesture.

Emma Mason: From Ocean Beach, California, weighing in at 225 pounds, TOMMY HENDRIX!

Stan Chambers: Looks like we won’t waste any time partner. The first match of the night and it looks good already with it being a tournament match.

Charlie Campbell: Yep. Just look at Tommy Hendrix, he’s cool, calm, and collected. It seems nothing can phase him! But who is that hottie he just approached, hold on Stan, I gotta go check it out!

Stan Chambers: What, you serious? Sit down.

Heat accompanies the theme song as Freddy Vos makes his way to the ring. He slowly walks down the ramp, not taking his eyes off Tommy Hendrix. When he gets in the ring, he simply sits on one corner and does the slit throat gesture to Hendrix who doesn’t look phased at all.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Bloemfontein, Africa, weighing in at 230 pounds, FREDDY VOS!

Charlie Campbell: Oh boy, what a fighter this guy is. Noticed I said fighter and not wrestler. This guy can absolutely obliterate anyone and on top of that, he can wrestle.

Stan Chambers: A deadly combination indeed but I wouldn’t count out Tommy Hendrix. He’s cool, calm, and collected for a reason you know. What a way to kickoff Vortex!

Match One
Tommy Hendrix vs. Freddy Vos

The beginning of the match saw both men jockey for position as it seems both guys did some homework on each other. When one had an opening, the other would counter resulting in many stand-offs at the beginning of this match. However, it was Vos who would take advantage after working on Hendrix’s knee. We get into the match where we see Vos slamming Hendrix’s right leg off the steel post! The referee urges Vos to stop this but Vos pays no attention and does it once more! Hendrix then writhes in pain as he gets to the center of the ring. He holds onto his right knee area after Vos was working on it during the earlier portion of the match. Vos quickly enters the ring and tries for the pin attempt but only gets a two count. Vos helps Hendrix to his feet, but he can barely stand on his own. Vos snapmares Hendrix over before bouncing off the ropes hitting with a knee strike right to the temple! Here’s another pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Vos gets in the referee’s face but the referee explains that it was only a two count. Vos gets to work on Hendrix again stomping on his right knee with consecutive stomps. Vos just stares at Hendrix who is using the ropes to get to his feet. Instead, Vos gets him up again but when he does, Hendrix hobbles. He has taken his right foot, but BAAAM! An enziguri to the side of Vos’s head! This seems to be the opening that Hendrix has been waiting for. With his right knee still giving him problems, he again uses the ropes to get to his feet. When he's up, he looks over to Brittany, and despite not looking the best, he waves at her and she waves back which seems to have motivated Hendrix. With Vos stirring, Hendrix approaches him. He connects with a Side Russian Legsweep before bouncing off the ropes and hitting a running senton! Hendrix then goes for his own pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Both men are on the mat but Vos is up to a vertical base first while Hendrix is struggling because of his nagging knee. Vos approaches Hendrix who is trying to get away from him. He hits with a European Uppercut, not once, not twice, but three times and Hendrix is backed down to a corner, a place he doesn’t want to be. Vos rears back and runs full speed to Hendrix but Hendrix catches him with a high elbow! Hendrix then begins to try and lift Vos but to no avail because of his knee. Vos pushes Hendrix who bounces off the ropes and is floored by a Samoan Drop! Some ooohs from the crowd after that move. It was all easy pickings for Vos from there. He waiting for Hendrix to get up on his own and when he did, Vos hooked both arms from behind and put him down with the Dirtnap! Vos floats over for the pin, 1 – 2 – 3!

Emma Mason: And your winner by pinfall, FREDDY VOS!

Charlie Campbell: Well, Vos came in here with a plan and he executed it to perfection.

Stan Chambers: I don’t disagree but you gotta give credit to Tommy Hendrix who still fought valiantly despite being on one leg. This kid showed some heart out there tonight.

The cameras close up on Freddy Vos who raises his arms from up the ramp as he lets out a roar. Before leaving, he motions for the belt to be around his waist before walking back behind the curtains.


As we come back from the break, we’re already getting ready for the second match of the night. The camera closes up on PWC’s ring announcer, Emma Mason, as she does her duties right now.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen... already in the ring, from Parts Unknown, weighing 245lbs... THE REAPER!

One or two rogue cheers from the crowd greet the first competitor.

Stan Chambers: This promises to be an exciting match, don’t you think?
Campbell: Definitely! The thing about triple threats is, you have to watch your back the whole time. Not just your own back, but sometimes your opponent’s back as well, because if one pins the other, you lose!

The crowd lights up as Sam makes his way down the ramp. When he gets to the ring, he shoots a few of the female fans a couple of point-and-winks, which get hysterical screams in return.

Emma Mason: His opponent, from London, England and weighing in at 210lbs... SAMMM DANCERRR!

Stan Chambers: Just listen to that reaction, Charlie! The crowd seem to like the guy.

Charlie Campbell: Those cheers are a little too high-pitched for me, Stan. Dancer should remember that the ladies alone won’t get you the win – it’s what you can do in that ring.

All the cheers turn to boos, except from one or two middle-aged, male attendants. Louis walks slowly down the ramp, checking his strapping and his elbow tapes. He enters the ring and starts pacing in his corner, waiting for the bell to ring.

Emma Mason: And their opponent, from the rough side of New Jersey, at 225lbs... LOUIe SPINDOOOOLI!

Stan Chambers: Now this guy is the ultimate contrast to Sam Dancer – he has an effective, but ugly style.

Charlie Campbell: All steak and no sizzle, you’d say? I like the Ace of Spades, he has a classic old-school approach.

Match Two
The Reaper vs. Sam Dancer vs. Louie Spindoli

The bout gets underway and the three men are sizing each other up. Reaper and Dancer cautiously step around the ring, but Spindoli’s had enough and throws a punch at the Reaper... KNOCKING HIM OFF HIS FEET! Sam Dancer looks at the crumpled Reaper with a look of utter surprise on his face. He offers a lock-up and Spindoli obliges. The two men struggle of ascendancy in a test of strength. Dancer gets the initial advantage and pushes Louis back, using his speed, but Spindoli turns around and uses their momentum for a snapmare! Dazed, but still full of energy, Sam Dancer uses the ropes to pull himself up and starts shaking his head.

Looking to end the match early, the Ace adjusts his elbow padding for the bionic elbow, but out of the corner of his eye he sees the Reaper stirring. Reaper gets up and runs right past Spindoli and heads for Dancer with a running dropkick. Having a split second to think, Sam Dancer drops right down to the mat again, pulling the top rope down with him. The barricade shakes as the Reaper crashes into it. The crowd goes absolutely nuts for this and Sam jumps to his feet, charging at Spindoli. Spindoli raises his fists, expecting a shoulder block or a dropkick, but Dancer glides through the air for an elegant hurricanrana.

As Louis slowly gets up to his feet, Sam is already scanning the area outside the ring for the reaper. He sees Reaper struggling to get up after that terrible crash and takes a run-up himself. He rebounds off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and runs to the side Reaper is on, striking him with a suicide dive! With both men out of the ring, the referee starts the count-out. ONE! TWO! After getting up from the high-risk move, Sam Dancer picks the Reaper up and throws him into the ring.
Instead of rolling into the ring after him Sam slowly heads to the turnbuckle. THREE! FOUR!

Meanwhile, Reaper manages to get up, using the ropes, but he’s forgotten completely about Louis Spindoli, who seems to have recovered from the hurricanrana. In a last act of desperation, the Reaper hits Spindoli with a Thesz-press, BUT SPINDOLI LIFTS HIS KNEES AND BLOCKS! The crowd lets out a massive groan, then a boo, because the referee was too busy with the count-out to notice the deliberate knee to the groin.

Spindoli gets up from the mat – a sick grin on his face. He slicks his hair back and goes for the cover. 1...2...SLAM! Sam Dancer’s Stage Dive connects, bouncing Spindoli off the Reaper. After rolling a few feet, Spindoli arches his back in agony. This time it’s Dancer that goes for the cover. 1...2...3!

Emma Mason: And your winner... SAMMM DANCERRR!

The crowd erupts as the official lifts Sam’s arm in victory, while Louis is still on the mat, clutching his back.

Stan Chambers: Great win here for the young Dancer over two dangerous competitors from Jersey.

Charlie Campbell: The kid was impressive, no surprise he took the win here.

The cameras cut backstage where we see Danny Eriksen coming out of Nyx's locker room.

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, earlier tonight we spotted Nyx with Shadow back here in his locker room. But now he's nowhere to be seen, nowhere in this building. The guards out there at the gate were questioned by the staff sometime back, but they said they didn't see anyone leave the arena. Well, that's all we know as of now, we'll update you with the story as soon as we learn more. Back to you Stan.

Stan Chambers: Charlie, earlier today, an old lady ran into the PWC Headquarters. She was being escorted out by the security until she said that she had something important to tell us.

Charlie Campbell: About what?

Stan Chambers: On further inspection, we realized that she was Nyx's mother! I talked to her and she agreed to do a sit-down interview with me later tonight, right here on Vortex! Maybe she has an answer about Nyx's whereabouts!


Back from the break, we cut to the top of the ramp where we see PWC’s owner/GM, Mr. Ernesto Clement who is sporting a three piece, orange suit, with matching orange shoes. He is impossible to miss as everyone looks to the ramp because the GM not only has a microphone but he has a stand that is covered by a sheet of cloth.

Mr. Clement: How’s everyone doing tonight!?

The crowd give the PWC owner a respectable pop but they could do better.

Mr. Clement: I said, how are you all doing TONIGHT?!

The response is a little louder but not by much.

Mr. Clement: Okay, okay. I came out here because I have a very important announcement. An announcement that will surely have everyone in the back excited and have each and every one of you excited as well.

Mr. Clement pats on what’s underneath the cloth.

Mr. Clement: PWC already has a world champion in Xander Black, and well, he’s turning out to be one fine champion. But I feel as though, everyone can’t be going after Xander’s title. So I thought, why not have another title?

The crowd being to pop immensely for what’s going to happen.

Mr. Clement: What I’m about to unveil underneath this sheet of cloth will hopefully be held by someone who leaves their legacy behind in PWC. Someone who will bring prestige to the title and have the competition on PWC be the best it can be.

Clement again taps on the glass casing holding the title.

Mr. Clement: Are you ready?

The crowd pop in approval which gets a smile on Mr. Clement’s face. After hearing this, he takes the cloth off to reveal the championship belt!

Mr. Clement: Here it is ladies and gentlemen, the PWC Legacy Championship!

Clement takes it out of the glass casing for everyone to see. It has a nice to it as it’s covered with a black belt and gold platings (That’s all the description I can give for now. But we’ll reveal an eventual picture in the future).

Mr. Clement: But that’s not all folks. This belt will find it’s owner on PWC’s first ever Pay-Per-View on July 28, 2013 in the HAMMERSTEIN BALLROOM! And we’re calling this Pay-Per-View event, Alpha and Omega!

The crowd pops loudly for the PWC owner

Mr. Clement: The way we’re going to decide who fights for this belt is simple. We’ll take the two most impressive guys and have them face off in an impromptu match at the pay-per-view. They won’t see it coming, they’ll know their opponents the same time that you do. And right now, let’s bring out the next match and see if these guys can impress me. Emma, you’re up!

Before the GM can leave, Holt sees him and the two shake hands before the GM exits. Holt then proceeds with his entrance, shadow boxing on top of the ramp before walking down the ramp. He fist bumps with the fans on the right side before going up the steel steps. He climbs the turnbuckles and raises both arms, posing for the crowd.

Emma Mason: From Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 245 pounds, JOEY HOLT!

Stan Chambers: What a blockbuster announcement from the owner of PWC partner! We now have another title, that’ll sure shake things up.

Charlie Campbell: Most definitely, Stan. And here’s Joey Holt making his way to the ring. I’m betting that Mr. Clement has his eyes on his this match as he scouts the roster to see who deserves to fight for the PWC Legacy Championship.

Tseung appears from behind the curtains and stands on the top of the ramp. He bows down before taking his robe off. As he makes his way to the ring, he does some arm and head movements to prepare him for his battle with Holt.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Hong Kong, weighing in at 205 pounds, TSEUNG!

Charlie Campbell: This’ll certainly be one interesting matchup. Both guys have different kinds of fighting styles in their arsenals and I can’t wait to see how this match goes.

Stan Chambers: Oh yeah! You have Holt with his MMA background while Tseung has a more Kung-Fu based arsenal. I’m sure the fans will have their eyes glued to this match and so will I!

Match Three
Joey Holt vs. Tseung

The two men share a handshake before the match begun which got a decent pop from the crowd at hand. This match didn’t really get going at the beginning because of each man’s style of fighting. Tseung kept Holt at bay with his kicks seemingly coming out of nowhere. We join the action where we see Holt bounce off the ropes but is slowed down by a heel kick by Tseung. With Holt doubled over, Tseung took this opportunity to plant him with a DDT! First cover of the match goes to Tseung, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Tseung rests up a bit before getting Holt to his feet. He uses his shoulders to back down Holt to the corner where he goes on a flurry of kicks! He hits a kick to the sides of Holt as well as right on the kisser! Holt goes down in a heap and another pinfall attempt by Tseung, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Tseung tries to get Holt up, but this time, Holt powers out. Holt goes on his own flurry as his punches connect one after the other. Holt whips Tseung off the ropes and on the rebound, dropkick! A picture perfect dropkick and here’s Holt’s first pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Holt doesn’t waste any time as he gets Tseung to his feet and whips him to a corner. Holt runs full speed at Tseung and hits with a splash but Tseung doesn’t go down. Holt again rears back going for another splash but this time, Tseung hits with a Palm Strike! Holt holds his nose in pain as Tseung again connects with some kicks which has Holt down to one knee. Tseung rears back and blasts Holt with a powerful kick to the side of the head! The crowd heard the loud crack of that one as Tseung goes for the pin, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Tseung catches his breath a little before going back to Holt. Tseung helps Holt to his feet before whipping him to a corner. This time, it’s Tseung who runs full speed at Holt but Holt hits with a big boot right to Tseung’s chin which floors Tseung. With Tseung out for the moment, Holt takes this opportunity to climb the turnbuckles which we haven’t really seen from Holt before. Holt is perched and ready for an offensive move. Tseung finds his feet and turns around only to get hit with a diving knee by Holt! The crowd approves of this move as the pop gets loud. Holt looks to capitalize as he gets Tseung to his feet, gets him on his shoulders, and hits him with his finisher, Thunderstruck! Holt floats over for the pin attempt, 1 – 2 – 3!

Emma Mason: And your winner by pinfall, Joey Holt!

Charlie Campbell: Another impressive showing by Joey Holt here. Tseung looked good early but couldn’t finish Holt off.

Stan Chambers: Tseung truly did some things in that ring that impressed me. That Palm Strike had to hurt Holt a whole lot. But Holt turned it around and pulled off the victory. I’m sure Mr. Clement will have his eyes on Joey Holt as he’s looking like a fine contenders for the PWC Legacy Championship.


- July 28, 2013 -
Hammerstein Ballroom
The cameras cut to inside Austin Angel's locker room where he's pulling up his elbow pads then begins taping up his wrists when he hears a knock on the door.

Austin Angel: Yo it's open!

The door swings open and in walks Danny Eriksen with his camera crew as Angel looks up after tearing the tape away from his wrist and throwing the tape down.

Danny Eriksen: Austin, I was hoping to get an interview with you before your match tonight with Jesus Valentine. Do you mind?

Austin Angel: Not at all.

Austin now stands next to Danny who clears his throat then signals for the camera crew that he’s ready to begin.

Danny Eriksen: Austin, tonight you take on "The Savior" Jesus Valentine in a first round #1 contenders match to see who will face either Freddy Vos or Tommy Hendrix next week. How do you plan to defeat Valentine tonight?

Austin Angel: Man, I'm in for a fight tonight. Jesus Valentine will probably be my toughest challenge yet but there is already some serious bad blood between us. On our first very first show he got mad at me eliminating him from the battle royal so he frickin put me through the announce table! Last week, he was smart enough to stay out of my way but tonight, I'm gonna give these fans what they want and that's to see Jesus Valentine get his ass beat!

Danny Eriksen: We know that if you win this match, you’ll be up against Freddy Vos who has been on a roll as of late as he beat Tommy Hendrix earlier in the night, who it seems you have formed a close friendship with?

Austin Angel: Yeah, I saw that. It’s a damn shame that Hendrix didn’t advance, we would’ve had a great match. Bottom line is, I’m gonna go out there and do what I do best tonight and hope it’s enough to beat Valentine. I'll worry about next week, next week.

Danny Eriksen: Alright. Thanks for time Austin and good luck tonight.

Danny calls for the camera man to turn off the camera which he does before Danny leads his crew out of the locker room as Austin begins doing some stretching before his main event match tonight as the screen fades out.

When the song starts to really kick in, Daiko walks up to the ramp and flings off his hood, letting out a roar in the process. Thunderous boos rain down upon the competitor as he approaches the ring. Daiko slingshots over the top rope and gazes at the audience with a very sullen look on his face.

Emma Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall. First, introducing from Perth, Scotland, weighing in at 183lbs... DAAAAIKOOOO!

Stan Chambers: Charlie, I’ve seen’em all in my years in this business, but this guy just rubs me the wrong way.

Charlie Campbell: By the sound of the crowd here in Fresno, you’re not alone. Daiko is such a talented high-flyer and normally the crowd would eat it up, but it’s because of his abrasive attitude that folks don’t like him.

The music of Darius Black plays which actually gets him a pretty decent pop after his showing against the World Champion last week. Black saunters down the ring, looking towards his opponent in the ring. His face doesn’t change even as he enters the ring.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds, Darius Black!

Stan Chambers: This young man right here impressed me last week. Last week, he gave the World Champion a really good match but just came up a bit short.

Charlie Campbell: No doubt that this kid is impressive. But after losing to the World Champion like that, I gotta think that lost has messed with his psyche. Let’s see how this match turns out.

Match Four
Daiko vs. Darius Black

As soon as the bell rings, Daiko wastes no time and pummels Black. With Black on all fours, Daiko rears back and kicks Black right in the ribs! The crack sound that the kick made had the crowd going ooooh. But Daiko doesn’t stop there. Clearly frustrated by his recent losing streak, Daiko gets on top of Black and unleashes a flurry of punches to Black who tries to cover up. The referee tries to do his job by getting Daiko away from Black but Daiko just yells at him which causes the referee to retreat. Daiko again kicks Black right in the ribs before retreating back. The crowd boos Daiko but instead of letting that get to him, Daiko has other plans. He goes outside and waits for Black to turn. When Black finally gets to his feet, Daiko springboards and hits a hurricanrana before floating over for the pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Daiko is furious as he scolds the referee but the referee stands by his decision. Daiko then goes back to Black but in a time of desperation, Black connects with a finger poke to Daiko. When Daiko turns around, he eats a dropkick by Black! He helps Daiko to his feet and pretends to Irish Whip him but instead hits with a short-arm clothesline. Black seems to have found the zone after playing defense almost the entire match. With that being said, when Daiko gets to his feet, Black wraps his arms around Daiko and throws him overhead with a Belly-to-Bell Suplex! Here’s the pin, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! After that, Black uses the time to recover as well after the beating he took from Daiko. Black uses the ropes to get to his feet while Daiko is able to get up on his own. Daiko runs at Black but Black hits with a back kick. With Daiko doubled over, Black gets Daiko up, and connects with a powerbomb! Another pin attempt, 1 – 2 – 3! – NO! A KICKOUT BY DAIKO!

Both men are now down as they look to catch their breath. It’s Daiko who is up first as the crowd is really getting into the match now. He goes over to Black, hooks his head and arm, and connects with a snap suplex! Black arches his back in pain after that move. Daiko then scales the turnbuckles looking to hit a high impact move. When Black turns around, Daiko connects with a Crossbody! Here’s the pin, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Daiko can’ believe it! Daiko gets Black to his feet before climbing up to the second rope, he hooks Black’s head under his arm and leaps off, hitting a tornado DDT, but no! Black throws him off at the last second. But Daiko is quick to his feet and runs at Black only to be floored by Good Night! Black covers him, 1 – 2 – 3!

Emma Mason: And your winner by pinfall, Darius Black!

Stan Chambers: What a back and forth match between these two combatants. I thought Daiko was going to win that one, but Black pulled out that Cutter out of nowhere!

Charlie Campbell: That’s the beauty of a Cutter, Stan. You never know when it’s coming and what Black did there is a prime example of how devastating that move is.

Black is seen with his hand raised by the referee. He walks passed Daiko who is giving him a cold stare before exiting the ring. The cameras cut backstage where Danny Eriksen is again conducting another interview.

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, I’m Danny Eriksen, PWC’s backstage interviewer. My guest at this time will do battle in the main event where he looks to advance in the PWC World Title #1 Contender’s tournament, Jesus Valentine.

Valentine is then shown on the camera. Valentine looks down, not really acknowledging that he’s on camera.

Danny Eriksen: Mr. Valentine, in the main event, you go to battle with PWC’s resident “Rock God” Austin Angel. Can we get your thoughts on your opponent?

Valentine looks up angrily at Eriksen who steps back a little, intimidated by Valentine’s glare.

Jesus Valentine: How about we don’t talk about my opponent and instead talk about me? You see, talking about me is more important because the fact of the matter is, it’s an absolute joke that I have to face someone like Austin Angel.

Danny Eriksen: How so?

Jesus Valentine: How so? How so!? If someone like Angel thinks of himself as a Rock God, then there’s really something wrong going on in his head. There is no God. If there was, even He’d think it’s ridiculous of me to wrestle someone like Angel.

Valentines continues on, getting enraged before calming himself down.

Jesus Valentine: Angel is not on my level, he simply doesn’t cut it as the top competition in this company. I’ve had my problems with him since day one in that battle royal and I will never forget what went down that night. Angel ruined my chance of being World Champion. And now, now it’s my turn to ruin his chance.

Valentine then looks straight at the camera.

Jesus Valentine: So Angel, if you’re watching this right now, be warned. I’m coming for you. And no matter what the result of this match is, I’m gonna get you, so beware.

And with that, Valentine shoves the mic onto Eriksen’s chest who feels the effects from it as we head to a commercial break.


Back from the break, the camera pans to the ring where we see that Muhammad Islami is already in there. He then begins jumping in place, getting hyped up, awaiting his opponent.

The crowd give a pretty good face pop to the oncoming Daniel Reese. The cameras close up on Daniel Reese and tells the camera that he’s gonna have fun tonight before going to both sides of the ramp and slapping hands with the fans. He has his trusty comb which he gives away to one lucky fan, this time being an attractive female.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 235 pounds, DANIEL REESE!

Stan Chambers: Folks, if you haven’t heard of this kid’s story, it’s truly amazing. After losing his father, he quit his professional basketball career to go into a career of wrestling to do it for his father. And boy, he’s come a pretty long way. He’s already advanced into the tournament for the #1 Contendership to the World Title so this may just be like a warm up match for him.

Charlie Campbell: Yeah, this kid’s truly been impressive but his opponent tonight is no pushover in Muhammad Islami. I’m looking forward to seeing a pretty competitive match and so should everyone else.

Match Five
Muhammad Islami vs. Daniel Reese

In the early parts of the match, it’s Islami who has taken control using his recent training to his advantage. However, despite the many pinfall attempts that Islami piled up, Reese was resilient enough to kick out. We join the action where we see Islami is up on the turnbuckles, waiting for Reese to turn around. When Reese does turn around, Islami leaps off the turnbuckle and connects with a Cross Body! Here’s the pin, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Seeing Reese all sprawled out, Islami didn’t let up. Instead, he stomped on every exposed part that Reese laid out whether it was the hands, the legs, even his head. Reese didn’t look good after the beating he’s taken. Islami again didn’t let up and got Reese to his feet. He whips Reese off the ropes and looks for a clothesline but Reese ducks it, rebounding from the other side of the ropes. However, it doesn’t make a different as Islami catches Reese with a Scoop Powerslam on the rebound! Another cover, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Islami goes on to argue with the ref which gave Reese just enough time to recover. When Islami turned his attention back to Reese, he was in the corner turnbuckle. Islami ran towards him looking to hit a splash but Reese moves at the last second! With Islami sprawling backwards, Reese hits with a Chop Block on the right knee! Islami is then onto one knee before Reese gets infront of him and locks his head in, BAAAM! SNAP DDT! Here’s Reese with the pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Reese takes a few moments to catch his breath but goes on the offensive when he sees Islami rise to his feet. He whips Islami off the ropes and connects with a Flapjack! Islami holds onto his face which gives Reese the opportunity to climb the turnbuckles. Islami gets to his feet and Reese is ready for take off, however…

Stan Chambers: What, what is this?! This is the music of Jack!

Charlie Campbell: Looks as though he’s trying to get in the head of his opponent for next week.

Reese looks to the entrance and sees that Jack has indeed come out. He makes his way down the ring and we see that Reese looks at him from the top rope, still looking to hit a move on Islami. Jack’s music stops and this is the opportunity Islami is looking for. Islami runs at Reese and connects with some forearms. Jack then stops mid-way down the ramp, just looking on at what he’s caused. Islami positions himself and has Reese on his shoulders now! Islami moves back a little before he hits the Reverse Powerbomb! The crowd let out their oooohs after that move Islami just pulled out. With Reese laying on his stomach, Islami stands over him and hooks both arms and sits on his back, he has the Silver Clutch locked in! Reese fights it for a while but doesn’t have the energy to reach the ropes and so Islami forces Reese to tap out much to the delight of Jack.

Emma Mason: And your winner by submission, Muhammad Islami!

Stan Chambers: What a disgrace! Jack ruined a perfectly good match.

Charlie Campbell: Can you blame him? He’s trying to get in the head of his opponent for next week and well, it looks like it worked!

After the match, Jack is outside the ring and approaches to where Reese is closest to. He tells him that he should be prepared for next week because he’s gonna get JACK’D! (Get it? ;) Was that good? No? Fine…)

The camera returns to the backstage area of the arena. To be more specific it's the office of Ernesto Clement. The resident General Manager of PWC stands over a table signing a thick stack of papers. It's rather hard to make out but on the front cover, in large black font, reads "PWC Contract".

Mr. Clement: I think he’ll be a welcome addition to the company. I hope we can expect some great matches for your client in the near future.

Standing across the table from Clement is a man dressed in a black suit holding a silver cane. His hair his slicked back and his teeth grind together as he chews on a piece of gum. Once the camera catches a shot of his face some of the crowd know who it is immediately. The classic suit and the cane are trademarks of the cunning wrestling manager Iris! Could this be a sign that his most famous client, a former two time champion, is coming to PWC?

Iris: A fine deal this is Mr. Clement. My client will be very pleased with what your company has offered him. Those extra dollars on the contract are for star power, you best remember that. He’ll bring in more fans than anyone you’ve got on the roster. That’s a guarantee.

Mr. Clement: I’m sure the fans will be very happy to see him in PWC.

The man known as Iris can’t help stop himself from laughing a little at that notion. The slick manager taps his cane on the floor and then turns to leave the office.

Iris: They hated him then and they’ll still hate him now. Good day Mr. Clement.

Rather quickly Iris opens the door and exits the office with the large contract in hand. The camera looks back to Clement who is left wondering what he has just gotten the company into.


Back from commercial, the camera cuts to Nyx's locker room, where we see chairs and cameras being set up for the sit down interview with Nyx's mother, which is up next.

Stan Chambers: First of all, welcome to Vortex, Mrs..

Old Lady: Martha. Martha Deathcrust.

Stan Chambers: Oh. Umm.. Mrs. err.. Deathcrust, lets start off. There's no one who knows Nyx better than you do as you're his mother, so can you explain the course of events leading to Nyx becoming what he is today?

Martha Deathcrust: Nyx was just like every other kid as a child, loving, jolly and playful. One day, he fainted while coming back home after a game of football if I remember correctly. We took him to a nearby hospital and he was cured and the doctor said it wasn't anything serious. But that's when he started acting weird. After a few days, he stopped going outside, he liked to stay in his room all alone. And after a few weeks, he started experiencing hallucinations. He used to speak to himself, scream and shout, and cry a lot. And we never noticed any of this as we were hardly home as both I and Nyx's father used to work all day long in the office. And when we were home, he used to make sure we didn't notice what was wrong with him.

Stan Chambers: So when did you get to know that your son wasn't the same anymore?

Martha Deathcrust: It was a fine Sunday evening and Nyx and I went out on a walk. While coming back home, we came across a stray dog who as wandering down the street. The moment Nyx saw that dog, he ran towards it and pounced over it. He started cuddling that dog right there and started speaking with it while me and my neighbor, who were watching all this happen, couldn't really understand what was going on with him. He came running towards me and said that he wants that dog. I didn't oblige because it was just a stray dog and I said that we'd buy him a better dog if he really wants one. But Nyx started acting rude and overruled my decision and took that dog home. That's when we realized something was wrong, because he never behaved like that. And even to this day, I don't know why he was attached to that dog so much.

Mrs. Deathcrust takes a moment, looking on the verge of tears.

Martha Deathcrust: Since then, he never spoke to anyone except for that dog, who he started calling 'Shadow'. And then, by the time we found that he was suffering from schizophrenia, it was too late. His mind had already withered into psychosis, and he was just getting more scarier as days passed. He used to shove us down if we tried to enter his room and used to create a scene if we tried to call a doctor. He did weird and terrifying things like putting his own hand on fire and laughing out loud while doing so, cutting himself and sucking his own blood, hitting himself with wooden planks and enjoying the pain, and oh, there are some things that I can't even talk about on live television. Long story short, it was just getting worse day by day. And one day, he just left our house and was never to be seen.

Stan Chambers: Oh my! That's... scary! So that was the last time you saw him?

Martha Deathcrust: No, I did see him at the jail when he was ordered to serve life imprisonment for shooting a bank cashier. That was the last time I saw him, until last week.

Stan Chambers: Last week?

Martha Deathcrust: Yeah, last Monday to be exact. Yeah, the day he was scheduled to compete in a match on Vortex, he was with me. For the first time in around ten years, he came back home!

Stan Chambers: What? And why?

Martha Deathcrust: The clock striked seven in the evening and I heard a dog's bark from Nyx's room which was locked ever since Nyx left. I walked in slowly and saw him weeping while speaking to Shadow. As much as I was scared, I even got a bit emotional, after all it was my son. I tried to speak to him, but just like always, he didn't respond. He then threatened me to leave him alone. Although I left the room, I couldn't resist to know why he was crying, so I had my ear on the door and...

Suddenly the lights go off and Stan calls for help from the production truck as it appears to be a technical fault. But within a matter of seconds, the lights come back and we see Nyx standing behind Martha. He grabs Martha's throat from behind and shouts

Nyx: You want to tell them stories?!

Nyx shoves Martha down and goes after Stan but the referees and the security personnel arrive on the scene in time. Stan runs out of the locker room to save his life, while the medics check on Martha as we go to our final commercial break of the evening.


Back from the break, we hear from the announce team and this time, Stan Chambers is back in his seat and doing commentary.

Charlie Campbell: Hey partner, you alright? You look a little rough after what happened back there.

Stan Chambers: Yeah, yeah, I’m fine. Boy, I don’t know how Eriksen does his job, kudos to him, I was terrified after that incident.

Charlie Campbell: Well, glad to have you back here in one piece.

The cameras go back to the ring for the final time tonight as the fans begin buzzing about our main event of the evening.

The fans boo loudly as Jesus Valentine steps out onto the stage and strikes his signature savior pose on the stage while the fans reign down boos on him. Valentine now stands up and begins walking down the ramp making sure to show his disappointment in any fan who dares to be supporting Austin Angel tonight, which seems to be almost everybody. Valentine slides under the bottom rope and stands up, removing his white cape and tossing it out of the ring.

Emma Mason: The following contest is our main event of the evening and it is a first round match in the PWC Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Tournament! Introducing first, weighing in at 235 pounds, from Liberty City, Florida he is The Savior, Jesus Valentine!

Stan Chambers: It’s time for our main event of the evening partner. First out is Jesus Valentine and boy, what a roll this guy has been in. He’s definitely not someone I’d mess with, just look at his demeanor. The way he walks down the ring, there’s just something off about him.

Charlie Campbell: Yeah, we sure do have an interesting bunch here on PWC. But there’s been some bad blood between Valentine and Angel already which we saw on the debut show of Vortex when Valentine put Angel through a table!

Stan Chambers: This’ll be one hellacious battle!

The fans give a nice pop for the start of the music of The Rock God as Valentine shakes his head, digusted inside the ring. The music plays for 30 seconds as a spotlight shines down onto the center of the stage and we hear someone yell "ARE YOU READY TO GET ROCKED?" then as the songs vocals begin, Austin Angel walks out onto center stage and into the spotlight. Angel begins playing air guitar with full hip shaking dance with it then walks quickly down the ramp, slapping hands with as many fans as possible on his way down the ramp. Angel reaches the bottom of the ramp then points to a fan in the front row at ringside, the cameras pan over and its a gorgeous blonde woman who is watching Angel closely as he walks over to her and puts his sunglasses on her. Angel now jumps onto the ring apron and plays air guitar again before stepping through the ropes and tossing his fur coat out of the ring and into the outstretched arms of a ringcrew worker.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, weighing in at 208 pounds, from Hollywood, California he is The Rock God, Austin Angel!

Charlie Campbell: Well, this kid is not short on confidence and I like it.

Stan Chambers: He’s definitely one of the more energetic guys we have on the roster. With the #1 contendership within their sights, it probably adds extra incentive for both men to do well in this match.

Main Event
Jesus Valentine vs. Austin Angel

As the bell sounds the two men glare at each other, eyes filled with hate. Valentine steps into the middle of the ring and asks for a test of strength which Austin accepts but as soon as he locks knuckles with Valentine, Valentine uses his free hand to sucker punch Austin in the gut! Austin crumbles to his knees as Valentine locks up his other fist and then shoves Angel down onto his back and goes for the quick pin attempt while keeping the grecko roman knuckle lock on! 1....no! Angel powers out quickly!

Valentine breaks the knuckle lock and attempts a quick jumping elbow drop to the face of Angel, but Angel rolls out of the way and Valentine's arm slams hard against the hard mat of the ring! Angel gets to his feet and shoots off the ropes with a low running dropkick to the face of Valentine! Angel takes the advantage as he stays in control by pulling Valentine to his feet and setting him up for a neckbreaker but before he hits it, he points to the blonde woman he gave his sunglasses to and yells "THIS ONE IS FOR YOU BRITTANY!" then he does a pelvic thrust in her direction before connecting with a vicious neckbreaker floating right over into a pin! 1...no! Valentine escapes!

Angel goes right back on the attack with punches to the back of Valentine, that is until Valentine shoves him off and Angel gets to his feet, only to get drilled with a big running clothesline! Valentine laughs as Angel stumbles back to his feet, but Valentine drops him with a double arm DDT! Angel is down as Valentine bails from the ring and stands outside the ring with his arms out to his side soaking in the boos from the fans. Valentine then walks over to Brittany at ringside and snatches the sunglasses Angel gave her from her face and throws them on the ground before stomping on them multiple times to break them into pieces which causes LOUD boos from the fans!

Valentine tells Brittany she can do so much better to which she looks digusted as Valentine turns around, and he gets nailed with a running suicide dive through the ropes from Angel! Angel jumps onto the ring apron and he dares Valentine to get up and he uses the guard rail for support as he gets up and here comes Angel charging across the ring apron and dropping Valentine with a running hurricanrana from the ring apron that causes Valentine to land face first on the steel steps! The fans let out a loud "OHH!' as Valentine is down face first on the steps while Angel rolls into the ring, but rolls right back out as he was just breaking the count.

Angel now climbs up onto the ring apron as Valentine is still face down on the steel steps and Angel throws up the rock on symbol before pointing to Brittany at ringside as if to say he’s doing this move for her. Angel charges towards the steps and goes for a running leg drop, looking to crush the skull of Valentine on the steel steps, but Valentine pulls away at the last second and Angel's leg slams hard on the top step as Angel lands hard on the floor with his leg still propped up on the steps!

Valentine stands back in shock as he realizes what would have happened had he not moved out of the way. Valentine however gives Angel no chance to recover as he walks over to his rival and throws him into the ring then slides in after him and hits a knee drop onto the injured leg! Angel rolls away as Valentine grabs his leg and slams it down, knee first on the mat! Angel rolls into the ropes holding the left leg as Valentine walks over to the ropes and grabs the injured leg of Angel but Angel kicks him away with his good leg!

Valentine stumbles away as Angel pulls himself to his feet using the ropes, but Valentine comes running from behind and kicks out the bad leg to take The Rock God down! Valentine now drags Angel into the middle of the ring and goes for a quick pin attempt. 1....2....NO! Angel kicks out! Valentine seems surprised as Angel has kicked out of the pin even with a bad leg!

Valentine however doesn't get angry and instead locks in a single leg boston crab! Angel realizes he's trapped in the middle of the ring and this one could be about over! Valentine now sits down on the bad leg to add more pressure and nearly eliminate the option of countering out of the hold as Angel yells in pain and slowly tries to crawl to the ropes, but Valentine stands up and drags him into the middle of the ring then locks in the hold again! Angel could be done for here as Valentine has the nasty single leg boston crab cinched in and appears to be closing in on the victory as he yanks on the hold but doesn't sit down.

Angel tries to roll over onto his back, but Valentine blocks it then kicks Angel in the side to keep him on his belly. Angel now uses the last bit of energy he has to lunge himself towards the ropes and he's just fingertips away rom the bottom rope and breaking this hold! Valentine realizes this however and breaks the hold, only to drag Angel back into the middle of the ring! Angel came so close to forcing a break as Valentine tries to lock in the hold for a third time, but Angel counters with a small package pin out of nowhere! Can he get him? 1...2...NO! Valentine kicks out at the last minute!

Angel rolls into the ropes and clings to them so he can't be locked back in the hold as the fans begin chanting "LETS GO AUSTIN!" as Valentine stumbles to his feet and the corwd chant is only making him furious! Angel stumbles to his feet as Valentine charges his opponent and goes for his Heavens Gates which would presumably knock him out of the ring, but Angel sidesteps and Valentine flies through the middle rope and to the floor! Angel stumbles into the middle of the ring as Valentine is recovering on the floor. Angel slaps his leg to get some feeling back into it as Valentine stumbles up to his feet on the floor and shakes the cobwebs out of his head, but right after he does this, hes taken down by an incoming Austin Angel who hits a springboard clothesline from the ring and to the floor!

Both men are laid out on the floor as Brittany looks down at her friend worried while the rest of the fans in the arena begin chanting THIS IS AWESOME! which causes Austin to throw up the Rock On symbol while laying on the floor which causes them to begin cheering loudly! Valentine begins to stumble to his feet but just when the fans think Valentine is gonna make it to his feet first, Angel kips up and blasts Valentine out of nowhere with the Austin Kick! Valentine drops as Angel rolls him into the ring then slides in after him and hooks the leg for a pin and this one HAS to be over! 1...2...NO! Valentine still manages to kick out!

Angel can't believe it as he rolls into the ropes and looks at Valentine in shock as he has kicked out of a nasty superkick! Angel goes out onto the ring apron then climbs up to the top turnbuckle and he could be closing in on the victory! Valentine lays on the mat not moving as Austin stands up and goes for Fall From Heaven, but Valentine gets his knees up to block it! Valentines knees go right into the back of Angel! Valentine stumbles up to his feet before pulling Angel up, then dropping him quickly with The Rapture! A Burning Hammer move he calls The Rapture and this one must be over as Valentine covers Angel hooking both legs for the pin! 1.......2.....NO! SOMEHOW ANGEL HAS SHOCKINGLY MANAGED TO KICK OUT OF VALENTINES FINISHER!

The fans, the referee, Jesus Valentine and even Austin Angel are all shocked by what just happened as Valentine screams in the face of the referee and even grabs him by the collar and threatens him as the referee assures him that Angel did kick out at 2 and a half! Valentine throws the referee down in anger and turns around to get back to work on Angel, but Angel catches him off guard with a quick small package pin! Angel could have this one as the referee floats over and counts the pin! 1......2......3!

Emma Mason: Here's your winner, The Rock God, AUSTINNN ANGELLLL!

Stan Chambers: Angel got it, he won the match!

Charlie Campbell: Oooh, tough luck Mr. Valentine. He probably shouldn’t have taken his eye off the ball.

The fans stand up cheering for Austin who bails out of the ring quickly to avoid a possible revenge attack from Valentine who is on his knees, yelling at Austin in anger. Austin walks over to Brittany who seems impressed with that great match as Austin grabs her by the face and kisses her lips until she pulls away as she’s in shock! Valentine bails out of the ring as Austin winks at Birttany, but Valentine drills Angel in the back of the head with a running double sledge!

Stan Chambers: Oh c’mon, we don’t need this. Someone stop this right now.

Valentine stomps on the back of Angel out of anger and hate as he drags him around the ringside area to in front of the announce table and pulls him up to his feet then nails him with a spinebuster, putting Angel through the announce table for the second time in 3 weeks! The fans begin booing loudly as Valentine is quickly escorted away by every PWC referee as he yells at Austin about the victory and the medics check on Austin Angel as this episode of PWC Vortex comes to a shocking end!

Freddy Vos def. Tommy Hendrix
Sam Dancer def. The Reaper and Louie Spindoli
Joey Holt def. Tseung
Darius Black def. Daiko
Muhammad Islami def. Daniel Reese
Austin Angel def. Jesus Valentine
Sorry for the lateness of this show everyone. Creative has been quite busy but the show is here now. Big thanks also to everyone who wrote something for this show. Thanks to Nyx and Vos for writing up the Nyx's mother segment and the triple threat match. I think we may have guest writers a lot from now on as it lightens the load for creative. Feel free to leave some feedback, enjoy!
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