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The Fourth Wall's Magnificent Feedback

WWE -vs- TNA
I really liked this one. It was a lot shorter than some of the others but that's why I liked it. You stuck to the point and I think that really paid off well. Also, I love how descriptive your writing is, it really adds to your RPs. I think that you really built your character well despite losing the Battle Royal. You played that well in to the RP and I felt the disappointment in your character for not winning the PWC Heavyweight Championship. Great job on this RP, short and sweet.

Daiko (Jobber) :punk2
Just joking. I really liked this RP. I thought the interview was very well written and you made it clear how much your character wanted to win the World Championship. I liked how you represented your character's feelings against Xander Black. I enjoyed your little shoot on him and the fact that you'd stick back in the sidelines and wait for the right moment. That was smart of you to say incase you keep jobbing as you could just be waiting for 'the moment'. Despite losing you brought your character back to relevance and and your reasoning for losing the Battle Royal was smart. Your RP overall was very well written and I enjoyed it. Let's just hope you can live up to your promises, ay? :cena3

Mr Cook
This was a really well written and detailed RP. I like how much you delved in to the back-story. Your character has a great story and you portrayed that well in your RP. I honestly can't find many flaws with your RP because I could tell that you really tried on it. Keep it up, I really enjoyed reading it and think you have the potential to be really successful if you keep up that standard.

This RP was awesome. Spudsy is probably one of the most interesting characters in this fed. One thing I'd say about your RP is that it felt a bit short. I know it's about quality and not quantity but I do feel that your RP could have benefited from a bit more. I do really like your character though and the style of your writing, some parts of your RP were quite funny. I think Spudsy is going to be one of the best characters in this E-Fed as it's unique and entertaining. Overall, a good effort and a enjoyable RP.

The Fourth Wall

I really enjoyed this RP. Even though it was short it worked perfectly. This is different from the previous one where I would have liked to have seen a bit more. I feel like this one worked perfectly as short. Your character is very interesting and I really like your style of writing. Also, I loved your sly little shoot on me: Sure you will :bron2 Nice content in your RP and good job! (Y).

Oh look, it's PWC's resident Bully and Burying Machine. How ya' doin'? Anyway, on point, I don't know whether to be nice to this RP or horrible towards it considering the fact that you are my opponent? :punk2 Just joking. I really enjoyed this RP and I honestly don't know who will win our match. You will probably win though as your RP was fantastic. Nice little shoot on me, brah. But don't act confident for too long. You're going down! I really loved the content of your RP and the overall feel of it. I feel like you conveyed the feelings of your character well and it's not hard to see why you won the Battle Royal and the World Championship.

Really nice and detailed RP here. I like how detailed you went in to the back-story and the back-story overall was intriguing. I'm interested in your character and I think that you could be successful as this continues. I can see improvement growing in your RPs and I really liked how this one turned out. Good job with it.

Hmm, jamjam. Don't worry bro, I'll get my revenge on you in time. When I first looked at this before reading it I thought "Seems a bit short." but it worked perfectly. I enjoyed the content of this RP and I loved the interchange between the characters. Really good job on this and I really enjoy your dialogue.

Cloverleaf and Hollywood
You two have a tag team RP so thought I'd review both together. Both RP's fit really well together, I really enjoyed Cloverleaf's part of the RP a lot and I absolutely loved the detail on display. I really loved the dialogue in both RPs and I thought you both did a really job of portraying your characters. Don't really have any problems with either RP if I'm honest, so I haven't really got much to say in terms of improvement. I really enjoyed both equally. Nice job guys! (Y)

I really liked the interview in this RP although I would have liked to have seen a bit more back-story to your character before the interview took place but that's only a minor criticism as your RP was very good and I really enjoyed the dialogue of your character. I thought it was funny how your character didn't let Danny speak. Overall a good job! Don't really have any other problems with it! (Y)

Thought this RP was nicely done as short and sweet although I would have liked to have seen some more back-story like mentioned previously. I would have liked to have learned a little more about your character before it shot to present day again. Overall a god job really, keeping it short works most of the time if the content is good and I thought the content was good here so it worked.

Nice RP but I would have liked to have heard more about your character and his feelings. Not got any problems with how the interview was written though as it was written well and structured well. Your character was explained well and you displayed how your character was determined and ready to beat Freddy Vos. I also liked how you turned losing the Battle Royal around and turned the attention away from you and how you made it seem like it took so many people to try and eliminate you because they were scared of you. That was really smart in my opinion and kept your character looking strong! Well done! (Y)

I really enjoyed this RP man and I love your writing style. Your character is unusual but very interesting, plus Donnie Darko! :mark: I think you're going to very successful with your character because there is a lot you can do with it and a lot of avenues you can go. You will definitely be Heayweight Champion down the line if you keep this standard of RPs up.

Really detailed RP here, great job! I like the detail you went in about the back-story and the week before. Not really got any problems with your RP or improvements. I think it flowed really well and I think that you did a really good job! Nice work man! (Y)
Excellent Feedback, its appreciated :)

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Brye / Joey Holt
(What I liked)
*Dialogue. Are these guys from New Jersey?
*The scruffy brothers have a fun relationship. I loved when Carl interrupted the interview to put Joey over.
*The gym and the wrestling spots you wrote were a nice touch.
*Very charming RP, overall.
*While the formatting is something different, it works, because you haven't had too many characters speak at once. As with the previous RP, the story seems to be action-driven, which you could do a lot with, especially since Holt is an MMA guy. To come back to the formatting - since you use colour for the narrative, why not use different colours to describe different moods, maybe?
*I'm assuming you are an MMA fan, since you're writing an MMA-character. I would love to see some "flashback fights" of Joey, where you describe the MMA holds and attacks we don't see in wrestling.

Nightmare / Austin Angel
(What I liked)
*This is a compliment - AA reminds me of Heath Slater. Everything I like about that guy's character, I like about AA's. He is a megalomaniac underdog!
*Your formatting makes it a treat to read.
*The light tone also makes the RP breeze by, the general dicking around by these guys is hillarious!
*Colourful RP, man!
*One or two concord and punctuation errors (not in the dialogue), but it's nothing major.
*Austin's very cocky for a true face, maybe have him tween?

Jam / Daniel Reese
(What I liked)
*I'm not a touchy-feely guy, but the scenes with the boy and with the basketball were moving and sweet.
*I love how you write Daniel as a very modest, polite and decent chap - very likable guy to root for.
*All-in-all, a very complete, feel-good RP with character development and mentioning the match.
*Nyx won his first match? Freddie took him down himself! Having said that, Nyx is one of my favourite characters and maybe Dan could've put him over more as a monster, especially since Reese is such a good guy.
*When Daniel told the father his dad's dead, that's an important part of dialogue. Maybe you could have stayed on that for a few lines more.

*Your descriptions were very good, it stood out in this round.
*You didn't explain away Daiko (a mysterious character)'s backstory. I get that we'll probably never know completely where this hooded man came from.
*The character is very abrasive, he just rubs me the wrong way and it's good heat.
*That promo was magnificent! Gold star ;)
*Dialogue assignment tags - it's a petty complaint, but I'd prefer "Eriksen" or "Danny" to just "DE".
*The "Aaron" part of the RP ended a bit abruptly. It could've been a paragraph or two longer, but if that was your intention, good job.

*Fourth Wall / Darius Black
*My favourite part was where you were "shooting" about Xander having the same surname. You should crack the fourth wall in every RP, man!
*The first soliloquy gave great insight as to what Darius's motivations are and that promo explained him, you've got a very good handle on your character.
*Very good rhetoric!
*You're such a nice poster and it was a little shocking to see this dark contrast - well done!
*The subtlety of a man in a madhouse telling himself (audibly) that he isn't mad was sublime.
*There's only so much one can do with an "obsessed by the title" angle. My guess is that it he's mad enough to talk to himself, he's crazy enough for a LOT of potential angles.
*I'm not saying that it's the case here, but be careful to rely too much on images to tell the story that only YOU can. Still, I liked the choices you did make for the images.
*See my point about formatting at Brye's feedback.

Bring back Gary Oak!
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*Your descriptions were very good, it stood out in this round.
*You didn't explain away Daiko (a mysterious character)'s backstory. I get that we'll probably never know completely where this hooded man came from.
*The character is very abrasive, he just rubs me the wrong way and it's good heat.
*That promo was magnificent! Gold star ;)
*Dialogue assignment tags - it's a petty complaint, but I'd prefer "Eriksen" or "Danny" to just "DE".
*The "Aaron" part of the RP ended a bit abruptly. It could've been a paragraph or two longer, but if that was your intention, good job.

I'm sure you'll get to know more about Daiko as time goes by.

He's the greatest wrestler of his generation and people like you just hate that fact. It's a fire that burns away in your heart that you'll never be able to quench which just kills you inside. Don't worry though child, there will come a day when all your petty hate will be out in the open and you can join the herd. Remember this though. When that days comes and you join the herd, you'll be nothing more than prey to him.

Yey! Gold Stars :mark: (On that note, I have to thank Jamjam for letting me turn to heel as it's let me bring out the best of my writing abilities. #SomeMoreJamjam #NoMoreC3K)

Sure, I'll change that up in my next Write Up.

That was the point. I ended it early and on a cliffhanger to keep people hooked which seems to be working.

Raevolution is a Mystery
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Thanks for the feedback/suggestions, guys. :eek:

And yeah, MTB, I was kinda going with a similar relationship to the Ward brothers from The Fighter.

Exploring Planet Alpha
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Check your rep Grizz...er I mean Bearman.

I would offer feedback but ya know, on creative and such so it might give away who I voted for/who's gonna win.

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June 19, 2013
Save Mart Center - Los Angeles, California
Kicking off the second edition of Vortex – we get a long video, highlighting the best of last week’s action, including Jack. picking up his first victory along with Daniel Reese and Freddy Vos. To end the package we see every single roster member in the ring, before the battle royale kicks off and by the end, we crown Xander Black as the first ever PWC World Heavyweight Champion!

The theme music seems to be a little familiar now with the crowd as they boo Freddy Vos making his way down the ring. He walks down the ramp methodically, focusing on the ring, looking at no one else. As he enters the ring, he goes to a corner and just sits there, awaiting his opponent.

Emma Mason: Making his way to the ring, from Bloemfontein, South Africa, weighing in at 230 pounds, FREDDY – VOS!

Stan Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the second edition of PWC Vortex! And looks like we aren’t wasting any time as Freddy Vos makes his way to the ring.

Charlie Campbell: You’re not kidding Stan. The boys in the back are locked and loaded, so why not start the show with some in-ring action!

Cregg has that strut to his step tonight as he makes his way down the ring. He gets boos just by the way he walks down the ramp and has no fear for his opponent as he enters the ring.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Los Angeles, California, weighing in at 245 pounds, SAM – CREGG!

Charlie Campbell: That’s Sam Cregg partner, a second generation star but he’s not looking to follow in his father’s footsteps, he’s looking to make his own mark.

Stan Chambers: This Sam Cregg character has guts for sure, but I just don’t like the way he goes about doing work. The young fella has got a long way to go if he wants to surpass what his father has done.

Match One
Freddy Vos vs. Sam Cregg

The two men lock up in the center of the ring, the advantage going to Vos as he goes for the go behind. Cregg tries to get out of it, but before he does, Vos slams him down with a side suplex. Not wasting any time, Vos goes for the omnoplata! However, Cregg makes his escape before Vos can lock in the hold fully. Vos smiles at Cregg but Cregg is not impressed as he’s backed down in a corner. They lock up once again but this time, Cregg gets the advantage by simply raking the eyes, which earns him a mouthful from the referee. With Vos tending to his blurried eye sight, Cregg whips him off the ropes and on the rebound, baaam! What a dropkick by Cregg, he goes for the cover, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Cregg wastes no time as he gets to the outside to climb the turnbuckles. With Vos’s vision still not the best, Cregg awaits for Vos to turn around. Vos finally gets to his feet and turns in the direction of Cregg, FLYING CROSSBODY CONNECTS! Another pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Cregg is frustrated with the referee but the referee won’t budge and stands by his call of a two count. Cregg gets back to Vos and helps him to his feet. He locks his head in, lifts him up for a suplex, but Vos lands behind him, and pulls Cregg in for a Samoan Drop! Vos takes the time to recover for a bit after this move. Instead of going for the pin, Vos now goes on the offensive. Both Vos and Cregg are now up, but Vos connects with multiple European Uppercuts that daze Cregg. Vos hits with a snapmare and whips himself across the ropes only to hit with a RUNNING KNEE STRIKE! What an impact! And here’s the cover, 1 – 2 – 3! – NO! A KICKOUT!

It seems Vos has Cregg right where he wants him as he gets up on the corner with a sinister smile on his face. He takes Cregg’s right arm, and drives it on his knees as he connects with the DOUBLE KNEE ARMBREAKER! Vos isn’t pleased yet though, he does this one more time and another! Cregg’s right arm is in significant pain now but that’s when Vos makes his move. He goes over to Cregg, locks in his right arm and stretches Cregg’s arm in an OMOPLATA! Cregg has no shot here, he immediately taps out!

Emma Mason: And your winner by submission, FREDDY – VOS!

Stan Chambers: Vos pulled out the win with an Omoplata, wow! Haven’t seen that move in a while. This just shows how dangerous Vos can really be.

Charlie Campbell: No kidding, Vos has been impressive and is now 2-0 in singles competition on Vortex. I wouldn’t be surprised if this continues on.

The cameras go to a hallway backstage where we see PWC's resident Rock God, Austin Angel walking listening to music on his iPod with brand new headphones after his old ones were destroyed last week by Jesus Valentine. Austin is singing along to Every Rose Has It's Thorn, loudly and horribly while playing air guitar, quite masterfully.

Angel turns the corner and walks towards the locker rooms, where he sees his tag team partner for the night, Tommy Hendrix, sititng cross-legged outside his locker room.

Austin Angel: Dudeeee what's up? Wanna rock out to some music bro?

Tommy Hendrix: Sure man crank it up!

Angel gives Hendrix one of the headphones and he jams it into his ear so Angel cranks up the volume as high as possible. Suddenly Louie Spindoli opens his locker room door and glares at the new found friends.

Louie Spindoli: Will you guys shut the hell up!??! I'm trying to get some peace and quiet here and all I hear is you two punk kids out here singing!

Austin Angel: Woah man do you know who you’re talking to?? I AM A ROCK GOD! NOBODY SPEAKS TO ME THAT WAY!

Louie steps out of his locker room and gets in the face of Austin Angel. All the while, Tommy Hendrix quickly takes the iPod into his own hands and stands back watching to see what will happen.

Louie Spindoli: Wanna repeat that again boy? I'll whip your ass right here right now.

Austin Angel: I said nobody speaks to me like that cause I AM A ROCK GOD! You think I fear you? Go back to your nursing home you cranky old man!

Louie has heard enough and goes for a right hand to the jaw of Angel, but Angel ducks and Louie hits the wall! Angel then swings with a left of his own but stops himself just as his fist is about in inch away from the face of Spindoli.

Austin Angel: Youth wins again gramps.

Angel laughs but just as Louie is clearly starting to get very angry, Tommy Hendrix steps in and pulls Angel away from the situation.

Austin Angel: What the hell man?! I could have taken him! I'm younger, faster, and way better looking, he had no advantage over me!

Tommy Hendrix: Save the ass beating for our opponents tonight! Come on, lets go talk strategy dude.

Hendrix and Angel walk away towards Angel's locker room as Spindoli mutters something under his breath about these damn kids in wrestling today before going back into his locker room and slamming the door shut as we fade to a commercial.


Back from the break, we already see two wrestlers in the ring, Gunner Star and the Reaper. The two eagerly await their next opponent and the crowd waits too, to see if the second match of the night can top the opening bout.

Jesus Valentine makes his way out from behind the curtains, taking in the jeers from the crowd but he gets some pop as well. He slides into the ring, laying on his front for a moment, seemingly in meditation which catches the attention of his opponents, before springing to his feet. He climbs the turnbuckle to pose for the crowd before coming back down, jumping in place, ready for his match.

Emma Mason: And their opponent, from Liberty City, Florida, weighing in at 235 pounds, THE SAVIOR – JESUS – VALENTINE!

Stan Chambers: I’ve heard nothing but great things from Mr. Valentine over here. However, he does keep to himself a lot and I haven’t gotten a chance to talk to him yet, but judging from what he can do in the ring, I wouldn’t bet against him.

Charlie Campbell: Unlike you, I actually got the chance to talk to Valentine. It’s as you say it, he’s a loner. We didn’t really get much to having a conversation but what he said was enough for me to be intrigued by him.

Match Two
Gunner Star vs. The Reaper vs. Jesus Valentine

The match began with each guy trying to get the advantage over the other, the feeling out process if you will. Neither man could get an advantage and instead, it was the Reaper’s offense that really got going. With Valentine taking the time to catch his breath, Reaper went for Gunner. Reaper mandhandled Star with a flurry of punches and worked heavily on Gunner’s back. He did a number on it so much that he simply threw Gunner to the outside.

Valentine was now up and saw his chance as he connected with a BIG BOOT RIGHT BETWEEN THE EYES OF REAPER! It was such a huge blow that it forced Reaper to go to the outisde to rethink his strategy, or simply to just recover from that blow. Valentine went to the outside but went for Gunner who was using the ring apron to help himself up. Every time Gunner tried to get his offense going, Valentine had a counter for everything. Valentine rolled Gunner over in a snapmare before whipping himself across the ropes, he hits with HEAVEN’s GATE (Shining Wizard)! That looked to put away Gunner. Here’s the pin, 1 – 2 – Valentine is pulled to the outside by Reaper!

Reaper kicks Valentine in the midsection and plants him with a DDT on the outside! Reaper then made his way into the ring, looking to capitalize on Valentine’s manuever earlier on. He goes for the pin, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Reaper and Gunner then slug it out for a while. Reaper has Gunner in the corner, driving his shoulders to the abdomen of Gunner. However, as he turns around, BAAAAAM! RUNNING KNEE STRIKE TO REAPER! Valentine connects on such an impactful move! He doesn’t go and pin Reaper though as Gunner is slowly getting out of the corner and Valentine sees his chance, BAAAAM! CRUCIFIX ELBOW! The elbow connects with authority and just drops Gunner. And finally, here’s the pin, 1 – 2 – 3!

Emma Mason: And your winner by pinfall, Jesus Valentine!

Stan Chambers: The matches tonight just keep getting better, that match was as good, if not, better than the opening contest. Just shows how good our roster is huh partner?

Charlie Campbell: Definitely partner. Big win for Jesus Valentine there. He’ll be prepping for his tournament match for next week, but by the looks of things, he’s ready.

The cameras go backstage and we see Mr. TCK who seems to have recovered from that beating he took from Spudsy last week. TCK though, was very observant as he watched every step he would take to avoid getting a repeat of last week. He then was approached by a male backstage worker sporting a hoodie that said PWC Vortex.

Backstage Worker: Mr. TCK, welcome back to Vortex. Mr. Clement is expecting you in his office.

TCK: Oh right, thanks. Where’s Mr. Clement’s office by the way?

Backstage Worker: Oh, it’s right down that hallway.

TCK: Thanks! See ya around.

TCK then makes his way down to the direction in which the backstage worker pointed him at. TCK is walking with a strut to his step but that all went down the drain as SPLAT! The worst thing that could happen has happened once again for TCK, HE STEPPED ON A POTATO! Why is there a bad thing you ask, it’s because the owner of the potato, is none other than Spudsy who was about five feet away from TCK as he stepped on his potato.

TCK had no idea what to do as his eyes became as big as the moon with Spudsy closing in on him. TCK tried to make his escape but Spudsy had caught him. Spudsy hoisted TCK on his shoulders and put him through the buffet table! This wasn’t enough for Spudsy as he took his left over potatoes and shoved one in TCK’s mouth to silence him because of TCK’s girlish shrills. Spudsy again hoisted TCK who is completely out of it and begins walking forward. He opens a door which leads to the parking lot. Spudsy walks around and finally finds a Toyota Echo (god damn, what a car!) and see’s that it belongs to TCK because the license plate says TCK. Spudsy runs full speed (or however fast a man that size can go) and PUTS TCK THROUGH THE FRONT WINDOW RIGHT INTO HIS CAR!

Spudsy: Bye bye TCK!

The car alarms around TCK’s car blare out which makes Spudsy look around to see if anyone had seen him. Spudsy did what only he could do, he skips out (AJ Style) as if everything is normal, disappearing from the scene. Just then, a hooded figure comes onto the scene. It’s the same hooded figure who was the backstage worker that talked to TCK earlier on. He puts down his hood and is revealed. No one knows who he is but it seems he has played a big part in ending TCK’s career. He just shrugs for the camera to see and smirks before fleeing the scene.

Just then, a pickup truck backs up right infront of TCK’s car. A group of about four men come out of it and have a giant box that could fit just about anything in it. They see TCK out cold and drag him out of the car. The four men have no trouble with TCK and put him inside the box! We see some text on the box which clearly says AFRICA. A Thousand Miles by Vanessa Carlton blares out from the pickup truck with the four guys gleefully dancing to the beat, carrying TCK in a box in their trunk. And that’s the story of how the career of TCK has ended as we fade out to commercial.


We come back from the break and cut to ringside as the cameras close up on PWC’s gorgeous ring announcer, Emma Mason.

Emma Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Washington D.C., weighing in at 220 pounds, he is ‘The Silver Sheikh” Muahammed Islami!

Stan Chambers: Well this is one angry young man. He seems to be very anti America...yet he lives in America. I must say I don't get it.

Charlie Campbell: Well he says he feels he’s being sterotyped and so are his people. All I know is an angry wrestler is never a good thing to have to deal with.

Islami walks out with his keffiyeh loosely draped over his head and shoulders to loud boos from the fans. On the way down the ramp, he glances at fans with a disgusted look on his face. He leaps onto the apron and slings himself over the top rope and into the ring before walking to the middle of the ring. He raises his arms to loud boos for the second time during his entrance as his music cuts.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Perth, Scotland, weighing in at 183 pounds, DAIKO!

Stan Chambers: You know, I'm still not sure what to make of this kid Charlie. He was eliminated early in the battle royal last week after a stupid mistake but he does seem to have some high flying ablity.

Charlie Campbell: Even weirder for me is he's a high flyer but the fans boo him. That's a rare thing in wrestling but I guess this kid just rubs people the wrong way.

Daiko walks out onto the stage to a small amount of boos with his hooded jacket covering his face. As the vocals on the song begin, Daiko throws his head back causing his hood to fly off and he has a death glare on his face as he quickly walks down the ramp with Islami in the ring pacing, ready to fight. Daiko reaches the bottom of the ramp and slides under the bottom rope into the ring and backs into the corner, tossing his jacket out of the ring as his music cuts.

Emma Mason: And their opponent, from Chicago, Illnois weighing in at 245 pounds The Chicago Kid!

The music begins and the crowd is DEAD, however no sign of TCK anywhere. After a few more seconds with no sign of TCK, the music turns off.

Emma Mason: And their opponent, from Chicago, Illnois weighing in at 245 pounds The Chicago Kid!

Again the music hits and again the crowd is DEAD, clearly they couldn't care less about TCK tonight. After 30 seconds more of nobody coming out, we see a backstage worker run down the ramp and slide into the ring as he whispers something to the referee who in turn informs Emma Mason of the news. Mason looks slightly confused and hesitant to announce what she just heard, but does it anyway.

Emma Mason: I have just been informed that The Chicago Kid is not here tonight because he was shipped off to Africa which means he will be unable to compete tonight and per orders of our general manager, this match is to begin right now as a singles match!

Match Three
Muhammad Islami vs. Daiko

Well it seems were gonna have a singles match here instead of a triple threat match as the bell sounds and Daiko charges at Islami in the corner, but Islami sidesteps and Daiko slams head first off the top turnbuckle! Islami scoops up Daiko now and slams him down with a running powerslam! Daiko rolls into the ropes from the impact of that move, but Islami stays on the attack by hitting a running kick to the side of the head that knocks Daiko out of the ring! Islami hops out of the ring and hits a curb stomp to Daiko on the floor before pulling him to his feet and ramming him spine first into the guard rail! This one has been very one sided thus far as Daiko stumbles back towards Islami who lifts Daiko onto his shoulders and attempts an airplane spin, but Daiko counters with a hurricanrana!

Daiko jumps onto the ring apron and waits for his opponent to get back up then springboards off the ring ropes and takes him down with a springboard moonsault! Daiko throws Islami back into the ring and climbs onto the ring apron, but Islami springs to his feet and hits a big right hand to the jaw of Daiko! Islami hooks the arm of Daiko and attempts a suplex, but Daiko lands back on his feet on the ring apron before connecting with a right hand of his own to send Islami stumbling backwards! Daiko now springboards off the top rope, looking for a springboard hurricanrana, but Islami catches him in midair and drops him with a sitout powerbomb! Oh my god that was nasty!

Daiko looks like he may be knocked out as Islami rolls him onto his back and hooks the leg for a pin! 1....2....but Daiko gets the shoulder up! Daiko rolls out of the ring and onto the ring apron but Islami is back up and pulls Daiko to his feet with his back to the ring and grabs the waist then launches Daiko into the ring, going for a german suplex from the ring apron, but Daiko lands on his feet in the ring! The fans are shocked and even give a small pop for Daiko for landing on his feet from that and Islami charges Daiko, looking for a big clothesline, but Daiko ducks and gets a school boy roll up pin! Could he catch him off guard here? 1...2....NO! Islami kicks out!Daiko gets to his feet and argues with the referee about the count and even grabs him by the shirt and threatning him, but Islami low blows Daiko! Daiko lets go of the referee who didn't see a thing and Islami gets to his feet while Daiko crumbles to the mat.

Islami raises his arms to signal for the The Silver Clutch as Daiko stumbles to his feet and Islmai takes him down with a standing dropkick! Daiko falls down as Islami rolls Daiko over onto his belly and locks him into The Silver Clutch! Daiko screams in pain as Islami yanks back on the hold and this one could be just about over. Daiko struggles and ends up crawling into the middle of the ring, but that just put him farther away from the ropes! Daiko may have just done himself in as Islami keeps yanking back on the hold, until eventullay Daiko taps out! This one is over!

Emma Mason: Here's your winner by submission, Muhammed Islami!

Islami doesn't let go of the hold until the referee yells at him which causes him to let go and raise his arms in the air to a chorus of boos from the fans. Daiko rolls out of the ring holding his back in pain as Islami gets his arm raised by the referee.

Stan Chambers: Wow that was impressive! Islami has one impressive submission hold there eh partner?

Charlie Campbell: Couldn't agree more. I know I wouldn't wanna get locked into the hold! Daiko's back is still hurting him from being in it!

The cameras cut backstage where we see Danny Eriksen with a grin on his face, ready to conduct an interview.

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, Jack.

Jack’s rabbit mask almost takes up the entire shot which makes Danny back out a little which gets a chuckle from a good portion of the crowd. With Danny struggling to conduct the interview, Danny decides to just leave the shot and conduct the interview with him not in the shot.

Danny Eriksen: Jack, you are one of the more unique characters we have on the roster, can you give us a brief description on yourself?

Jack: Danny…Danny…Danny… if there was another way to present myself, believe me, I’d do it, but I just wouldn’t feel comfortable. This suit that I wear along with the rabbit head is what best describes me. If you don’t understand and if all the people I encounter in this company don’t understand, then so be it. I didn’t come here to please your needs or anyone else's.

Danny sounding a little scared, takes a moment before asking another question.

Danny Eriksen: Fair enough. But uhmm, can we get your thoughts on your opponent tonight, Carlton Manilow?

Jack: Ah yes. It’s funny how his last job was being a comedian. He should’ve stuck to that job because after what I do to him tonight, he’ll be the biggest laughtingstock on the face of the earth. Not only that, but he’ll learn that this rabbit will hop all over his face all around that ring tonight. Be there. To witness. GREATNESS.

With that, Jack exits the scene and finally Eriksen is seen just looking bewildered at who he just interviewed. After that, we go back to ringside.

Emma Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Los Angeles, California weighing in at 235 pounds, Daniel Reese!

The rumbling beat of Daniel Reese’ music begins to play, getting the fans ready before the music kicks in to high gear and Reese explodes from behind the curtain, to a fantastic pop. The former basketball player stands in the centre of the stage, soaking in the very positive reaction, dressed in green trunks with a white lightning bolt on the side. He makes his way down the ramp, taking the time to slap a few of the fans hands, and then sliding into the ring, making a beeline for the second turnbuckle, rising up above the fans and then pretending to shoot a basketball as he steps off the buckle!

Emma Mason: And his opponent from, uh, The Gas Chamber, weighing in at 307 pounds, Nyx!

As Emma was introducing Nyx, the slow beat of his music played, setting the fans on the edge of their seats for a glimpse at one of PWC’s most dangerous, most ominous characters... but no matter how long the music played, no one would appear from behind the curtain. This got the fans into a confused state, as well as the referee, Daniel Reese and Emma Mason.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, Nyx!

Still no sign of Nyx, and with Reese trying to get some information from the referee, the crowd begin to boo.

Stan Chambers: Uh... well, folks, we don’t know what to tell you. It appears as though Nyx won’t be appearing for his match.

Charlie Champbell: This is very disappointing, but I guess there must be a good reason. He wouldn’t back out of a fight like this. Something must have happened, Stan.

Stan Chambers: What does this mean for the result though?

Charlie Campbell: It appears that Emma has something to say.

In the ring, the referee has just had a word with Emma, she nods dutifully and brings the microphone up to her mouth.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentleman, as Nyx has not showed up for this match, the referee has no choice but to award this bout to Daniel Reese!

Despite getting the victory, Reese doesn’t show any positive emotion, instead he looks down and then back up at the stage, perhaps hoping for Nyx to appear for the match but he’s disappointed in that regard. The fans do give him a nice cheer, but most are upset at not seeing a potentially great encounter. Reese thanks the fans for the cheers by clapping them but then exits the ring, walking up the ramp.


Back from the break, we waste no time as we’re in the middle of Emma Mason introducing the next match.

Emma Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from a nameless city deluged by a continuous rain, weighing in at one hundred and seventy pounds, JACK!

A flashing array of strobe lights that engulf the Save Mart Center as the bunny man's music hits. After a few moments, out comes Jack in his suit and rabbit head with the fans still not quite sure how to react to him. Jack makes his way down the ramp and into the ring before backing into the corner after his music cuts.

Stan Chambers: Well Charlie, what do you think about this Jack fellow so far?

Charlie Campbell: He certainly was impressive last week in his match against Gunner Star, we'll see if he..er, I mean it can stay undefeated in singles action.

Stan Chambers: Let’s just hope he stays away from the announce table this week.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Las Vegas, Nevada, weighing in at 190 pounds, Carlton Manilow!

Out comes Manilow who boogies on to the stage, doing the splits at the top of then stage to a great pop. From there, he continues dancing down the ramp, clapping hands with the ringside fans, whilst he sings to the iconic song. He does a complete 360 around the ring, having a good time and getting the crowd going before entering the ring and posing, climbing the second turnbuckle and backflipping off, before taking off his shirt, tie, shades and sweatband and throwing them in to the crowd.

Stan Chambers: This young man seems to be having a good time tonight, he seems very different than his opponent tonight.

Charlie Campbell: He sure does. But I must say this Manilow fellow doesn't scare me like Jack does. This should be a good match of two very different styles.

Stan Chambers: Agreed partner.

Match Four
Jack vs. Carlton Manilow

The match begins and right away Jack charges his opponent and drops him with a big lariat clothesline! The fans are in shock as Jack has dropped Manilow with his signature Laughtrack Lariat right away and this one could be over right here as Jack hooks the leg for the pin! 1....2....but Manilow kicks out!

Jack stays on the attack and begins pounding on the back of Manilow right after he kicks out! Manilow shoves Jack away and stumbles to his feet, only to get hit with a big headbutt from Jack! Manilow stumbles into the corner and Jack charges him, and hits a big corner clothesline only to get scooped up and slammed back down! Manilow is down and possibly out as he's been dominated this whole match and Jack slowly climbs up to the top turnbuckle. Jack gets to the top, but Manilow jumps up to his feet and hits a jumping kick to the head which crotches Jack on the top turnbuckle!

Manilow climbs up to the top and hits a couple right hands to the jaw then goes for a superplex, but it's blocked as Jack hits three quick headbutts to the jaw which knocks Manilow off the top turnbuckle and to the mat! Jack recovers and gets to his feet on the top turnbuckle, but Manilow gets back up and dropkicks the legs of Jack out from under him which causes him to fall forward to the mat! Manilow realizes this could be his chance to win and covers Jack. 1...2...but Jack kicks out! Manilow waits for Jack to get to his feet and grabs him by the waist, but Jack reverses and throws Manilow off him. Manilow goes back to work on Jack, but Jack gets him on his shoulders and spins him around and kicks him in the gut then drops him the Parodic Self-Explanation Stalling Brainbuster! Carlton Manilow is laid out as Jack drags him away from the ropes and hooks the leg for the pin as this one HAS to be over! 1...2....3!

Emma Mason: Here's your winner by pinfall, Jack!

Jack gets to his feet and celebrates his dominate victory here tonight over Carlton Manilow, who never seemed to quite get out of the starting blocks. As Jack bails out of the ring the cameras cut quickly to the announce table.

Stan Chambers: That victory was certainly impressive tonight by Jack.

Charlie Campbell: He's now 2-0 in singles matches Stan, this Jack guy is on a roll right now.

Stan Chambers: That's very true. I guess time will tell if anybody can stop this guy.


We return and it’s time for the first tag team match in PWC history. All four men have made their entrances during the break and are ready to get started, the bell rings!

Match Four
Austin Angel & Tommy Hendrix vs. Trae Walker & Tseung

Angel and Walker start the match for their teams looking to gain the advantage early on. The two men lock up in the center of the ring and it’s Walker using his strength to push off Angel with force. Angel looks up at his partner who just shrugs while Walker has a grin on his face. The two men lock up once again, or so we though. This time, Angel goes behind and hits some blows to the back of Walker. This strategy seems to have worked as the big man has slowed down. Walker is on one knee right now before Angel springboards from the ropes and hits with a clothesline taking down the big man! The first pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

Angel goes to his corner and talks some strategy with Hendrix all the while Walker is now up on the corner. Angel sees this and runs full speed and connects with a running dropkick that floors Walker! Angel quickly makes a tag to Hendrix who whips himself off the ropes and hits with a running senton right to the back of Walker! And another pin attempt, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT! Hendrix doesn’t let Walker recover and simply connects with repeated elbows to the head of Walker. The referee had to get in to stop this but Hendrix wouldn’t listen. The referee got to the count of 4 before Hendrix stops. He tags in Angel and he goes for the cover, 1 – 2 – KICKOUT!

For the next couple minutes, Angel does more damage to Walker’s back. He connects with knee shots right to the spine, even repeatedly stomping on it which got Angel a few boos from the crowd and much more boos came as Angel did his air guitaring again. This gave Walker some time to recover by using the ropes. Angel sees him up and runs at him, but Walker runs opposite of him and when he rebounds, POUNCE! Walker hits Angel with the pounce which send Angel flying! Both men are now down! The referee gets to a count of seven before Hendrix and Tseung are tagged in.

Hendrix runs full speed at Tseung who simply evades him and scores with a low side kick which gets a couple chuckles at ringside. With every offensive move that Hendrix could dish out, Tseung used used his wits to counter every move. Including a palm thrust which looked to have broken Hendrix’s nose as he was holding it. But Tseung wasted no time and hit the superkick right on Hendrix’s nose! Here’s the pin attempt, 1 – 2 – 3! NO! Angel gets in the ring to break up the count. Walker sees this and BAAAAM! POUNCE ON ANGEL ONCE AGAIN! This time, Angel rolls to the outside due to the impact. Walker gets back to the corner asking for Tseung to tag him, which Tseung does. He tells Tseung something and Tseung simply nods his head. Tseung whips Hendrix across the ring and avoids him as he comes back. Meanwhile, Walkers whips himself to Hendrix and hits the POUNCE – ON TSEUNG?!

Hendrix avoids it and Walker hits the pounce on Tseung instead which surprised Walker. Walker went to check on Tseung who simply just rolled out only for Hendrix to whip Walker to a corner, SPLASH! Hendrix runs at Walker again, another SPLASH! Walker falls on his stomach but Hendrix turns him over to his back before climbing the turnbuckles. COWABUNGA! A BIG SPLASH FROM THE TOP ROPE! HERE’S THE PIN ATTEMPT, 1 – 2 – 3!

Emma Mason: And your winners by pinfall, Austin Angel and Tommy Hendrix!

Stan Chambers: What a tag match by both teams. Despite not being familiar with each other, I think both teams did quite well. Just some miscommunication from Walker and Tseung there, that really cost them the match.

Charlie Campbell: Yeah, no kidding. Props to Hendrix for getting out of the way of that pounce. I wouldn’t want to get hit with that move.

Stan Chambers: Who would partner? You've got a 280-pound guy running full speed at you. That’ll send you right to the hospital for sure. But don’t go anywhere folks because soon, we’ll hear from PWC’s World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black.


We come back to the second edition of PWC Vortex only to hear the crowd buzzing once again as we hear from the lovely Emma Mason. Spudsy is already in the ring and Emma Mason is already halfway through his introduction.

Emma Mason: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring weighing in at 262 pounds, from Potatoville, Spudsy!

The cameras pan to the corner where Spudsy raises his stubby right arm and stretches in the corner.

Emma Mason: And his opponent, from Osaka, Japan, weighing in at 245 pounds, Joey "Lightning Bolt" Holt!

The cameras quickly pan to the stage where Joey walks out with his hands in the air to a decent pop from the fans. White lights flash around the entrance ramp as he makes his way out. He shadowboxes his way down to the ramp where he gives some fans on each side a high five. He quickly runs up the steps to the ring and walks across the apron, waving. He climbs up to the top rope and poses by raising both arms into the air and then hopping into the ring.

Stan Chambers: Charlie, this is a battle of heavy hitters here. What do you got on these guys?

Charlie Campbell: On paper, these guys seem pretty even with Holt having a height advantage. While Spudsy may not be the most serious competitor in the world, he is a hard hitter. I wouldn't take him lightly if I was Joey Holt.

Stan Chambers: I couldn't agree more partner but let’s get back to the action.

Match Five
Spudsy vs. Joey “Lightning Bolt” Holt

Holt and Spudsy walk to the middle of the ring and lightly fist bump each other as a sign of respect. Spudsy and Holt now lock up and a test of strength begns. Spudsy shockingly wins the test of strength as he brings Holt to his knees and clubs him over the head! Holt goes down as Spudsy stomps on him, that is until Holt trips Spudsy and locks him into a triangle choke! Holt tries to cinch the choke in, but Spudsy lifts Holt off the mat with the choke still on before slamming him back down with a powerbomb!

Holt is down as Spdusy sees this could be a big win coming for him and he bounces off the ropes and goes for the French Fly Flop, but Holt gets his knees up to block it! Holt jumps up to his feet as Spudsy stumbles up and walks right into a running lariat clothesline from Holt! Holt backs away to let Spudsy recover and he does while pulling himself to his feet using the ropes. Spdusy turns around and Holt comes running, looking for a big boot only for Spudsy to pull down the top rope and send Holt flying over the top rope and to the floor!

Spudsy rolls out of the ring and waits for Holt to get up to his feet before ramming him spine first into the guard rail! Spudsy hits a couple right hands to the jaw of Holt then pulls him away from the guard rail and scoop slams him on the floor! Spudsy is shockingly in control of the bigger man as he throws him back into the ring and Spudsy follows him in and hooks the leg for a pin. 1...2...but Holt kicks out!

Spudsy seems a little surprised but alas he bounces off the ropes and goes for the French Fly Flop, but Holt rolls out of the way and Spudsy crashes and burns on the mat! Spudsy is holding his ribs as he seems to be out of breath after the crash and burn, and Holt sees this and decides it's time to move in for the kill! Holt pulls Spudsy up to his feet then lifts him up onto his shoulders and walks into the middle of the ring with the heavier man resting on his shoulders before dropping him with Thunderstruck!

Spudsy looks knocked out from that move but instead of going for the pin, Holt locks in a triangle choke on Spudsy and quickly cinches in the hold! The ref checks on Spudsy who doesn't give an answer about if he wants to give up. Holt however only locks in the hold tighter and begins hitting elbows to the skull of Spudsy! The ref quickly checks on Spudsy but still gets no answer so he lifts his arm up, and it drops to the mat! The ref lifts his arm again and again Spudsy lets his arm drop! Holt is still firing off elbows to the head and the ref again lifts the arm of Spudsy and for the third time it drops! The ref calls for the bell and this one is over!

Emma Mason: Here's your winner via knockout, Joey "Lighting Bolt" Holt!

Joey Holt breaks the hold as soon as the bell rings and he stands up and gets his arm raised in victory. Joey now bails out of the ring and walks up the ramp as the ref checks on Spudsy who is still somewhat out of it from that vicious submission hold.

Stan Chambers: Wow! That was a surprise to see Spudsy get knocked out from that vicious submission hold!

Charlie Campbell: I agree partner that was very impressive, almost as impressive as him hitting that Burning Hammer move on the 265 pound Spudsy.

Stan Chambers: Not that Joey is a small man either but Spudsy has a good 20 pounds on him and he still lifted him up for the Burning Hammer move which he calls Thunderstruck.

The cameras catch Joey Holt walking backstage to a decent pop from the fans as Spudsy gets helped to his feet and shoves the ref away from him and leaves the ring on his own, which causes a few fans to clap for him out of respect for being able to even walk after getting knocked out.


We comeback from commercial but cut to ringside as the cameras close up on the announce team.

Stan Chambers: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to PWC Vortex. It’s been one hell of a second episode and we’re not done yet!

Charlie Campbell: That’s right. We have our main event left but the crowd’s been hot all night, I’m not sure they have enough energy for what’s in store next.

Stan Chambers: Never fret partner. Also folks, if you look up at our titantron, we reveal the brackets for the tourney matches. Take a look!

Freddy Vos/Tommy Hendrix
Jesus Valentine/Austin Angel

Daniel Reese/Jack​
Charlie Campbell: With Daniel Reese and Jack coming out victorious tonight, they’ll be each other’s next opponents. But that’s not all, next week, we see the qualifying matches of Freddy Vos vs. Tommy Hendrix and Jesus Valentine vs. Austin Angel, it’s gonna be great, so don’t miss it!

The cameras get a shot of the Save Mart Center and pans around to random fans. The fans they focus on get their five seconds of fame on the camera, holding up various signs. A theme then blares out…

Smoke begins to fill the stage as the very eerie music of the NEW PWC Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black engulfs the arena. The fans rise to their feet, booing the new champion mercilessly. He ignores them, walking down the ramp, clad in his black ring attire and his trench coat, the new championship around his waist. He climbs up the steel steps and enters the ring, demanding a microphone.

Xander Black: I stand before you all today, the first ever PWC Heavyweight Champion.

Massive boos for that.

Xander Black: You only boo me because you do not understand me. You people do not understand what it means to hold this championship... you do not know what it means to be a champion.

More heat.

Xander Black: And you do not know what it means TO ME, to be World Heavyweight Champion.

Black takes a pause.

Xander Black: I’ve fought my whole life, I’ve done things that you people would be disgusted at, but I done them because, not only was I told to, but because I wanted to.

Ominous words.

Xander Black: You people haven’t seen the monsters in the dark, the figures standing over your bed at night, searching... searching for that one man or women who is worthy to be a vessel. A vessel of the destroyer, a vessel of the demon... a vessel of lucifier.

Black looks down.

Xander Black: But I do. I’ve seen the depths of hell, I’ve seen what sights await us all. You people shy away from it, but I accept it. Admittedly, it took a while for me to accept it, it took the loss of a very special person, it took the loss of my family, it took the loss of my soul. But I am a better person now because of it.

Huge heat.

Xander Black: I was given a mission, that had many parts. Part one – become PWC Heavyweight Champion... I did that with ease last week, eliminating enough men to be crowned the champion. Part one... complete.

A small grin appears on his face.

Xander Black: I am the Messenger of the Devil, and in the parts to come, each and every one of you will-

Initially, it’s a big pop for the interruption, but when the fans see who it is, they begin booing. Darius Black, walks onto the stage, dressed in all black attire, he has a microphone in his hand and walks down the ramp. He climbs into the ring, getting in the face of the PWC Heavyweight Champion.

Xander Black: Do you realise who, and what you just interrupted?

Darius Black: Yeah I do, and y’know what, I was sitting in the back, listening to what you had to say and I came out to tell you to stop talking out of your ass.

Xander shakes his head.

Darius Black: You think you’re the only one who has had it tough? You think you are the only one who has had to fight and claw to get here. DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!

Black gets in the face of the World Champion, with huge intensity.

Darius Black: You might be one of the most dangerous wrestlers in this company, but my name is Darius Black. You would have heard of that name before, surely? DO YOU REALIZE THAT I AM A FORMER MENTAL PATIENT?!

The two Black’s are face to face now.

Darius Black: That alone proves how dangerous I am, you can talk about your imaginary demons and devils, but I am the real thing, I’ve seen people that would kill you at the click of a finger. I’ve seen people in strait jackets because they were too dangerous to be let loose. And Xander, I am one of those people. That PWC Heavyweight Championship, you won’t be holding for long because-


The shock of the blow puts Darius on his black, and Xander is right on top of him, laying into him with multiple closed fists! But then Darius manages to turn the tables, he gets Xander on his back and now it’s his turn to lay into the other Black! Suddenly, security rush the ring, sliding in and pulling the two of them apart! But they still want a piece of each other, as Xander escapes the clutches of the guards, running straight at Darius, who escapes himself and they meet again in the centre of the ring, trading blows but the guards separate them again!

Suddenly, a voice is heard!

Ernesto Clement: Woah, woah guys, hold on a second!

Everyone calms down a little.

Ernesto Clement: Now listen, you two, everyone knows you will face off tonight in our main event, but I’m changing that match, it will not take place RIGHT NOW! And IT WILL BE A NO DISQUALIFICATION MATCH!

Huge pop from the crowd as the two Black’s continue to try and reach each other, desperately trying to escape the clutches of the guards but unfortunately it appears we are heading to a break.


Back from the commercial, the referee has just rung the bell and main event of the evening has begun.

Main Event – No Disqualification
Darius Black vs. Xander Black

In the main event of the evening, the action came thick and heavy as the beginning of the match saw some more pure brawling. The two jockeying for position on the mat, laying into each other with heavy punches, this rivalry getting heated already. Eventually, the match would come to a standing base, where they would continue to trade blows, but Darius Black would take advantage in the early going, ducking a wild punch, hitting the ropes and returning – PLANTING XANDER WITH A BULLDOG! He went for the cover but only managed to get a short two count, he looked at the ref for conformation. The next couple of minutes, Darius worked over Xander, wearing him down for the final nail in the coffin, hitting him with a multitude of moves such as a belly to belly suplex and an elbow drop from the top rope!

But despite this, Xander kept kicking out of Darius’ moves, which led to frustration on his part, and that frustration got the better of him, he took the eye of the ball and began to argue with the referee, which gave Xander some time to recover. Darius turned around, and got kneed in the stomach by Xander, before being thrown over the top rope! Xander then climbed to the top rope, and waited on his opponent getting to his feet – AND THEN SOARING THROUGH THE AIR... CONNECTING WITH A CROSS BODY!

The action spilled to the outside now, with Xander bullying Darius around the ring, using the barricade and steel steps to his advantage. But then he began to set something up, he got Darius in position – AND HIT A TIGER SUPLEX... ON THE FLOOR! This got a huge gasp from the crowd but Xander was up in a flash, pulling Darius up and sliding him into the ring, going for the cover! ONE – TWO – NO! Darius keeps his hopes alive, managing to get his shoulders off the mat! Xander looked up at the referee, but keeps his cool, not falling into the same trap that his opponent did. But he takes his frustration out in a different way, exiting the ring and grabbing TWO STEEL CHAIRS! He throws one over the top rope, and then the other, before looking underneath the ring and grabbing a KENDO STICK!

Xander climbs into the ring, but takes his eye of his opponent, allowing Darius to get up, and while Xander was getting the stick, Darius had grabbed a chair! AND HE RIFLED THE CHAIR INTO THE MID-SECTION OF HIS OPPONENT! Xander keeled over, and then Darius again – USED THE CHAIR... SMASHING IT INTO THE BACK OF HIS OPPONENT! The Heavyweight Champion hits the deck, and Darius goes for the cover! ONE – TWO – XANDER KICKS OUT! Big mixed reaction for the kick out, and Darius again looks to the referee with anger in his eyes.

He gets up and grabs the other steel chair, and begins to WEDGE IT INTO THE TURNBUCKLES! But this took some time, and when he turned around – XANDER LASHED THE KENDO STICK OFF THE SKULL OF DARIUS! He looks knocked out as Xander sinks into the cover – ONE – TWO – DARIUS GETS THE SHOULDER UP! Bah gawd! The action will continue as Xander looks up, shocked at the kick out, and just like Darius before, he gets on the referees case, but he knows to cool it down and he does just in time, as Darius gets to his feet... AND XANDER GRABS HIM... SWEEPING HIS FEET AWAY AND GOING FOR THE FIGURE FOUR DEATH LOCK!



Emma Mason: And your winner by pinfall, your PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander – Black!

Charlie Campbell: And the champ shows just why he’s the champ. Things got heated quickly and it even took our own general manager, Mr. Clement and his security crew to break the two men up. Great decision by Mr. Clement to make this a no disqualification match.

Stan Chambers: I agree one hundred percent. Mr. Clement has been delivering great matches to the PWC crowd and this is just another one of those. Good win for the champ, but make no mistake about it, Darius Black was very game tonight. On another day, Darius would’ve pulled out the victory but tonight belongs to the champion.

Xander takes his belt from the referee and climbs the turnbuckle to show his title off. The cameras show a shot of Darius, holding the back of his head, looking right at Xander and walks away angry because he didn’t get the win tonight. The cameras go back to Xander as he’s in the middle of the ring, showing the belt off to all corners of the ring this time as we fade to black.


Apologies for the lateness of this show. Everyone just got busy outta nowhere. Also, Calum went on vacation but has submitted his portion for this show. However, the champ will not have a match on the second show as he won't be able to RP, but we'll see what happens. Also, all feedback is welcome. Remember, if you think you won't be able to RP, please let creative know in advance. Enjoy the show fellas, expect the new matches to be up in a day or two.
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