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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

Arena: Save Mart Center
Capacity: 12,000 (Let's just say it's this much)
Location: Fresno, California

Non-Title Match:
Xander Black vs. Darius Black

PWC World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Tournament:
Quarter-Final #1
Carlton Manilow vs. Jack.

PWC World Heavyweight Championship #1 Contenders Tournament:
Quarter-Final #2
Daniel Reese vs. Nyx

Tag Team Bout:
Austin Angel & Tommy Hendricks vs. Tseung & Trae Walker

Singles Bout:
Joey Holt vs. Spudsy

Triple Threat Contest:
TCK vs. Muhammad Islami vs. Daiko

Singles Bout:
Freddy Vos vs. Sam Cregg

Triple Threat Contest:
Jesus Valentine vs. The Reaper vs. Gunner Star


Deadline for RP's is 11:59pm (GMT) on Saturday 22nd.

The other men competing in the Tournament are Austin Angel, Tommy Hendricks, Jesus Valentine and Freddy Vos, which will take place next week.

This thread will be used for posting your RP's, if you want to feedback on someone's RP then go ahead, post the feedback in here. Once the show is posted, you can feedback on that, if you like. Everything else can be posted in the discussion thread.

For the tag team match, you guys may want to PM each other on how you wanna do it. Tag team RPing is very different from singles matches RPing. In tag team RPing, you have to somehow make your RP's relate, it's sort of like a part one, part two kind of thing. Let's say one guy writes about how the two partners got talking after the show, then the second person writes about how they'll train together to take down their opponents or something like that. I know this may be difficult but just shoot anyone from creative a PM about it and we'll get back at you ASAP.

Hey guys, I decided to do a sample RP so that you guys can be familiar with how it’s supposed to be like. I wanted everyone to have a fair chance because the first show will crown the first World Champion of PWC. So I hope this RP will help you out a lot.

So I’ll be using my character in PWC, Daniel Reese. In this scenario, I’ll just use HollywoodNightmare’s character as my opponent. This is fictional alright? We’re not really opponents but this is something I’d do for an RP if my opponent was “The Rock God” Austin Angel.

Four Years Ago​
It’s a bright morning with the sun’s rays piercing through the window. The heat is definitely being felt by everyone under it, especially Daniel Reese who is seen infront of a mirror dressed quite well. However, the expression on his face tells a different story than the clothes he is wearing. He struggles to put on his tie and does the only thing he can think of at this time.


Daniel is nervous but his expression has calm down a little bit when his mother arrives. They come into contact and his mother just smiles at Daniel, almost laughing at him because of his struggles to tie his tie.

Here, I got this honey. Big day today, you ready?

Honestly mom, I’m nervous. You think I’m ready for this?

I know you’re ready son.

Both Daniel and his mother look back at the door to see his father, nodding his head at Daniel, looking to motivate him. He puts his hand on his son’s shoulders and looks him straight in the eye. It seems to be one of those motivational speeches.

You’re ready son. I’ve seen you grow into a very good player. Not only that, but you’ve become a fine young man and everyone sees that.

Thanks dad. I just don’t want to disappoint. I know playing basketball is a big part of all of our lives so I want to make the right decision.

And I’m sure you will. But you know where I hope you’re going.

Daniel’s father winks at his son signaling where he wants Daniel to attend college at. On that note, a loud knock is heard on the door. Both of his parents look at Daniel while Daniels nods his head, seemingly ready to make his decision.


Fast forward, we are now in a different setting. It seems to be the same house but it just looks…older, way different than the house we saw earlier. The scene picks up where we see people gathered around the couch. Only two people are sitting on the couch while the rest of the cameracrew each do their respective jobs. It’s revealed that Daniel Reese is being interviewed by PWC’s interviewer, Danny Eriksen.

Danny boy, thanks for taking this time to do an interview with us on such short notice. We really appreciate it.

Yeah, no problem. Anything to help out PWC. Plus, I love talking infront of this camera. Let’s this started!

Daniel’s enthusiasm seems to have changed over the years since he is now more confident to speak infront of the cameras. Eriksen looks at his notes before finally asking Daniel his questions.

Everyone knows that you have a match this week against Austin Angel who bills himself as The Rock God. Any thoughts on your opponent?

You know, I don’t really know much about Angel’s personality since we have never talked before. However, I do know all about his in-ring style. You see, the difference about me is that I take the time to study my opponents. This way, I know every crook and cranny that they’ll try and do in the match.

That’s good. Do you see Angel as a threat?

You can’t rule that out Danny. Even though I don’t know Angel personally, I’m pretty sure he can do damage in that ring. Every superstar in PWC has made it this far because they know what they’re doing, so Angel is no different.

Danny Eriksen nods his head in compliance, looking very impressed with the way Daniel has been going about in this interview.

Final question, how can you beat a guy claiming to be a god, a rock god nonetheless?

Daniel pauses, looking hesitant to answer. He looks down, contemplating on the answer he should give. It takes him a little while before he finally looks up, ready to give an answer.

Danny, every superstar in PWC is different. Which means there are different ways on how to prepare for an opponent. Facing a guy like Angel is no easy task. The dude can fly all over the ring and keep you off balance. However, if prepare the right way, you can come out on top. Angel thinks he’s a god, but I know there’s only God, and trust me, Angel is no god.
I hope this helps you guys out. This will be posted in the OP btw, so check out the OP if this gets lost. Calum will post the show thread soon enough. Please follow the instructions and we'll be able to get this thing started, woooo!
GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ


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Play music to enhance RP..

Tseung rewound the tape again and leaned forward to hit pause on the VCR. He sat on the edge of the couch, staring into the light of the screen at the freeze-frame of the Battle Royale. The sound of crickets filled the front room of his apartment. A mild breeze from the open window blew the candles he had lit in the corners of the room. He swilled the protein shake around in his hand, making a circular motion of it in the glass, watching the light from the screen dance around the glass in the darkness.

He hit play on the VCR again and watched, as he was eliminated by Trae Walker. The man he would be teaming with on Vortex next week.

"Wei," a voice called him from behind.

He stood and turned to see it was Mia, his girlfriend.

"What?" He said, swigging the last of his protein shake.

"Come to bed, please?" She leaned against the frame of the door, a silk gown covering her nude body. "You've been watching that tape all night."

"I'm sorry," he said, casting his eyes to the floor.

"This is consuming you. It was just one match."

He sighed and looked back up at her.

"It wasn't just one match. It was my one shot at the PWC Heavyweight Title. It is hard to think I blew such an oppurtunity."

"There will be more chances, Wei. Really." She came over to him, placing her palms softly on his chest and looking up into his eyes. "I believe in you. You believe in yourself, don't you?"

He hesitated, before answering "..yes. I do."

"Then you know you will make it to the top one day. You just have to keep fighting, proving yourself. You can prove to the world that you deserve to be there. You have come this far..."

"What if this is the end of the road?"

He ran his hand down the back of her long black hair, staring out the window at the arms of the trees as they swayed in the light of the moon and the stars.

"There will never be an end," she said.

"Everything must end one day."

"No." She wrapped her arms around him. "Our love will never end. Some things are for eternity."

He wanted to argue, tell her she was wrong, let her feel the pain he was feeling inside. But he knew she was right. He could not bring himself to disagree with her. He hugged her back and kissed her on the forehead.

"You are right," he said, and he felt her smile against his chest. "Nothing has to end unless I want it to end. I am the master of my own destiny."


"And my destiny is to be the PWC World Heavyweight Champion. I know in my heart that this is true." He pushed her gently backwards out of his arms. "Look at this."

They sat on the edge of the couch together, Mia hanging on his arm. He leaned forward and hit play on the VCR. They watched, as Trae Walker was one of the men that eliminated Tseung from the Battle Royale. He let the tape play out, as he looked at her.

"This is the man I have to tag with on Vortex," he said.

"The guy who eliminated you?"


"Did you ever come across him in the indies?"

"No. This was the first time I had been in the ring with him. He is huge. All power. If I bring my pace to the team, I think we could be a success."

He leaned forward, rewound and let the moment play again. He stared at the look on Trae Walker's face as he. Then they sat in silence, watching the rest of the Battle Royale together, Mia soothingly running her hand up and down his arm. It came to the point, a futher 10 minutes into the Battle Royale, where Trae Walker was elminated himself.

"He lasted much longer than me in the battle," Tseung said. "He seems as though he has a formidable power. I know this style of wrestling doesn't suit me. I have always been about one-on-one competition. I still feel as though I have a lot to prove in PWC."

"I've seen you fight, Wei. I know you are better than this. I just hope that..." She paused in her tracks, looking down at her lap.

"Hope what, Mia?"

"I hope.. I hope you never give up."

He looked at the concern on her face and felt a pang in his heart. "I can't give up."

They embraced and sat and watched the rest of Vortex together, watching as Xander Black won the Battle Royale and was crowned the new PWC champion. He felt a rush of pain in his heart, then one of pride for the new champion. He knew Black was a good man, and a great fighter. He would do the company proud as the first champion.

"That will be me one day. Not today, not tomorrow, not next week.. but one day." he said.

"Maybe this tag team match with Trae Walker will help in some ways..." Mia said

"How do you mean?"

"You're not like everyone else on the roster. You don't have the full wrestling discipline. You know the basics, but your art is kung-fu. That's a positive and a negative."

"I think I know what you mean," he said, rubbing the back of his hand with his hand. "It's something I have already thought of myself."

"Because you are the Golden Dragon. Nobody can predict your kung-fu, but similarly, you can not predict some of their more traditional ways either."

"Yes, exactly."

"So tagging with Trae Walker will help you learn the ways of the American wrestling style better. Maybe if you form some kind of team together?" She shrugged coyly. "I know I am no fighting expert, but that's just what I feel."

"You're right, Mia." He kissed her on the cheek. "You're exactly right. I just hope Trae Walker is receptive to this idea."​

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13 Years Ago

*A woman wearing a drawn dressing gown bursts through a door and shakes a figure lying in a bed*

"Aaron, get up"

*She shakes him rougher this time*

"Aaron, you have to get up"

*'Aaron' groggily trys to bat the womans hand away with his arm, but she reaches over and slaps the back of his head*

"Aaron, get up NOW!"

*The boy turns and looks up at the woman squinting up through the darkness*

"Whaz th' matter? Whaz goin' on?"

*The woman opens the wardrobe to her side and throws some clothes at the lump trying terribly to hide under the covers*

"Son, you have to get up now! The entire town is going crazy and we need to get out of here fast!

*As she's talking, Aaron starts to get more and more consious of the banging noises echoing from the houses down the street*

"C'mon Aaron, move!"

*She starts for the stairs outside of the room just as Aaron puts his clothes on and hops out of his bed*


The Present

*The Cameras cut backstage to see Danny Eriksen standing with a microphone in hand next to Daiko who's shaking his head as if he's trying to focus on what's happening*

Eriksen: Ladies and Gentleman I am joined at this time by my guest, Daiko.

*Daiko glances at the camera before looking back Danny and nodding*

DE: It's safe to say that you haven't quite had the best start in the Premier Wrestling Circuit after being eliminated fairly quickly in the Battle Royal, can you give us any information on why that was? Were you injured or was this something else that has happened that had you a little distracted?

Daiko: I'm not going to lie and tell you that I am a fan of these interviews, but I'll give you this one. No nothing's wrong, I'm in the shape of my life and if I was injured, I'm sure that Clement would have pulled me from the Battle Royal. That was nothing more than a lapse of concentration which caused me to attempt the moronic which blew up in my face. Now, I need to make sure that nothing like that ever happens again.

DE: Okay, that's good to hear, but can you confirm anything about the rivalry that appears to be brewing between yourself and the new Premier Wrestling Circuit World Heavyweight Champion Xander Black? What's going on between you two and how do you feel about him being the man who eliminated you from the Battle Royal?

*Daiko smirks from under his hooded top at the mention of Black*

D: I don't trust him. Honestly, I don't trust anyone, not you, not Clement and after that mistake in the Battle Royale, I'm beginning to distrust myself. But I'm sick of this so called 'Messenger' running his little mouth and every moron falling into line behind him and it makes me furious that a moron like him was the one to have stopped me from achieving my goal in this company and then to make it even worse, he then won the damn belt himself.

DE: How do you think he'll cope being at the top of the ladder so soon after debuting?

D: He's cracking already, he's just not showing it yet. That Belt is going to be a beacon for the entire roster here in the PWC to hunt for and in due time, someone will strike and he'll fall and this whole dance will start again and again and again and.. You get the point.

They're like wolves fighting for the biggest kill. They're not going to stop until they've torn Xander Black to pieces and taken the title for themselves. Even then though, no-one's going to be truly safe as it's going to snowball until someone proves themselves to be the alpha of the pack and subdues the rest of this company to their every whim. At that point, I'll strike. In every promotion that I've been in before the PWC, I've proven myself by taking down the biggest name and asserting my dominance over the rest of the company. It's the pressure that I thrive under and it's what I've done my entire life. No-one does it better and no-one will be able to stop me when I eventually strike.

For now though, keep your title close Xander. I'm content to watch and wait.

Tonight however, I'm fighting 'TCK' and 'Islami' which is a fantastic challenge to start the revival against, and I'm sure that it'll be a fairly tough fight. Islami's going to be the main problem here as I'm sure that we can remove the man known as TCK from the fight fairly early on. But if either of them thinks they are going to keep me down for long whether I win or lose, then they better be ready to own up to the biggest mistake in their life. They're nothing but sheep following the herd and me?
*He chuckles* I'm the wolf that'll pick them apart piece by piece, one after the other until I am left alone in that ring.

*Daiko walks out of the camera shot as Danny Eriksen composes himself before turning to the camera*
DE: Back to you, Charlie and Stan at the announce table.

*The Camera fades to black*

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RP : Jesus Valentine

The song "Until The End" by Breaking Benjamin begins, guitar riffs echoing throughout the arena;

The crowd wait in anticipation for "The Saviour" to enter the arena. A man's voice begins to sing:

So clever, whatever, I'm done with these endeavors
Alone I'll walk the winding way (here I stay)
It's over, no longer, I feel it growing stronger
I live to die another day, until I fade away!

Jesus Valentine sweeps the curtain aside as he strides out to the entrance ramp. He strikes his signature "Saviour" pose at the top of the entrance ramp with confidence and conviction.

Why give up? Why give in?
It's not enough, it never is
So I will go on until the end
We've become, desolate
It's not enough, it never is
But I will go on until the end

Jesus Valentine strikes his "Saviour" pose once again, and slowly surveys the surrounding fans. He holds the pose as he stands elegantly atop the turnbuckle.

Jesus collects a microphone from ringside, and slides back into the ring, ready to address the fans. A chorus of boos can be heard, the crowd clearly having taken an instant dislike to Jesus Valentine.


I'm not going to waste any time, I'm out here because I'm sick to death of pretenders like Xander Black running around backstage like they own the place.

I'll make this short, and simple, winning a Battle Royale means absolutely nothing.

Absolutely nothing!

When you fill that ring with every damn superstar on the roster, you fill that ring with diversions, and distractions, and like you saw last week on Vortex #1, those distractions keep the rightful and the worthy from becoming champions.

Battle Royales are decided by absolute luck, and whomever it was backstage who made that match deserves to be shot for making such a disgraceful decision.

You have given the title, and concurrently given the first title reign of a new era to a man with no grit, no determination, and no steel.

You have handed your "prestigious" title to Xander Black, and by doing so, you have cheapened its value.

But, never fear.

Xander Black can enjoy what he will no doubt call a "championship reign"

And unfortunately, history may well be forever tained with Xander Black's name as the first on that World Heavyweight Championship.

But the history books will also show, that on his first title defence, Xander Black was massacred by Jesus Valentine.

And the championship was thus taken by its rightful owner.

But, enough about Xander Black, he will be dealt with accordingly in a few weeks time.

Tonight, I've been granted the ever-so-great honour of opening the show.

I'm not angry, in my years of experience in this business, I've learned that a man must sometimes be patient, before he takes what is rightfu-

Valentine pauses, and begins to rub his head.

He doubles over in pain, as a flashback forces its way into Jesus' head.

18 Months Ago

"Now Jesus, we're putting you in the opener tonight."

Jesus looks up at the man, with an ice cold stare.

It is what it is Jesus, you're just not popular enough any more, maybe its time for you to step out of the limelight for a while, we do have other fresh, young blood coming through.

Jesus stares blankly at the man, barely registering the man's words.

"Remember what I said, this is an exhibition match, so stick to grapples/submission holds/all the traditional wrestling type of moves okay?"


"Okay, the aim of this show is to showcase young talent, and I do want you to perform to the best of your ability, just don't be too rough with the new kid who you're facing tonight."


Jesus walks away from the conversation shaking his head, he hadn't been himself recently, and this demotion was just another burden to bear. But he had bigger problems.

And entering first, he represents Edge Pro Wrestling! "The Saviour" JESUS VALENTINE!

Jesus made his way down to the ring, cold and emotionless. He stepped inside the ropes and waited for his opponent to come down the entrance ramp.

And entering last, he represents Florida Championship Wrestling! "The Future" "The Technical Warrior"


Jesus watches on as David De'Marco excitedly bounces down the entrance ramp.

Just another kid.

I'll put on a bit of a show, and then head off to the bar.

David De'Marco begins to hi-five the fans, and stops when he reaches his girlfriend, and leans over the barricade and kisses her for good luck.

Jesus' begins to fill up with rage, the sight of David De'Marco and his girlfriend repulses him.

Who does this kid think he is?

Does he think he's better than me?

Because he's got someone to hold.

Someone to be with.

Someone to cherish and to love?!

Images of Ella Valentine flash before him and he relives some of the sorrow and heartbreak caused by her

tragic death.

No, no, calm...

He's just living his life,

You can't punish someone for that.

David De'Marco climbs on to the turnbuckle and begins to salute the fans, he jumps down and gives a cheesy smile to Jesus Valentine in the opposite corner.

The match begins according to plan, with both men performing a series of holds and counter-holds, Jesus gets the upper hand with his strength and forces David to the mat.

As Jesus applies a reverse chin-lock to David De'Marco, he feels an intense, throbbing pain in his head and releases the hold, placing both hands on his own head, as to numb the pain.

Ella, don't be like that.

You're a monster! How could you!

David seizes his oppurtunity and takes Jesus down with a fireman carry.

Jesus is still holding his head, his teeth clenched, signalling the amount of pain he is in.

Listen to me, I only did it so we could have a better life, so you could have a better life.

Get out of my sight! I never want to look at you again!

Jesus could remember the rage building inside of him, the woman he loved was walking away, and he had to do something, anything to stop her.

David capitalises again by landing a dropkick, sending Jesus through the ropes to the outside of the ring.

He lies flat on his back outside the ring, motionless for a few seconds.

Ella! Ella! Come back please! ELLLLLLLLAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!

And he felt the rage build inside of him once more.

Then everything faded into the distance, and all he could feel was anger.

"And Jesus Valentine picks himself up from a perfect dropkick by David De'Marco."

"David De'Marco springboards to the outside, diving clothesline!"


"OH MY GOD! Valentine just kicked De'Marco's head off!"

Ella, we can work this out.

"This man is vicious! De'Marco immobilized with one strike!"

No, this...us...it's over.

"Valentine picks De'Marco up, and what's he doing now, he's taking him over to the entrance ramp."

You really feel that way?

"And Valentine lifts De'Marco up!"


I can't go on like this Jesus, you're sick!

"De'Marco's not moving, he could be out cold!"

Ella, I haven't changed, I'm still the guy you fell in love with.

"What is Valentine doing now?! He's reaching into the crowd? NO! NO! THAT'S DE'MARCO'S GIRLFRIEND!!!

I don't know who you are any more! GIVE ME BACK MY HUSBAND YOU MONSTER!

"This is too much, its GONE TOO FAR!"

I love you, you know.

"Valentine is dragging De'Marco's girlfriend over the barricade!"

Well I don't love you anymore. How the fuck do you sleep at night?!

"What does he have planned for these two?!"

Because I know that I have the most beautiful woman on earth sleeping beside me.

"Valentine searches under the ring and NO! HE'S COME OUT WITH A BOTTLE OF LIGHTER FLUID!"

Not any more you won't, I'm leaving, tonight.

"Someone get out here and stop this!"

Where are you going?

"Valentine pouring the lighter fluid all over De'Marco!"

As far away from you as possible!


Is that so...

"Valentine fights back against the security guards!"

What's that supposed to mean?

"This man has ferocious resolve! Four security guards struggling to sedate him!"

It means, that you aren't leaving.

"Valentine still fighting the security guards! HE'S BROKEN FREE!"

You think you can just walk away?


After everything I've done for you?

I've fought for you.

I've bled for you.

I've done things, so degrading...

All for you.

To give you the best life I could!

And now this!


"He's got a lighter! NO VALENTINE DON'T!"


Leaving me?





Jesus Valentine stands above De'Marco's flaming body, his arms outsretched, his eyes clearly filled with rage, and body fillwed with adrenaline. The security guards tackle him to the ground, as he begins to laugh hysterically at the chaos which he has caused.

The crowd begin to taunt Jesus, as he picks himself up from the ground, memory still vivid in his head.


Jesus is clearly still affected by the powerful emotions involved by reliving that event in his memory.

His voice sounds a little crackly, and more raw.

The last time I opened a show.

Was 18 months ago.

They disrespected me back then, just like PWC disrespects me now.

But I showed them.

And I'll show all of you.

PWC wants to disrespect me, by putting me in matches against literal pieces of trash.

The Reaper.

Gunner Star.

I'm talking to you.

If you want to keep on wrestling.

I highly advise that you stay away from this ring tonight.

Tonight, everybody in the back will see what Jesus Valentine is capable of.

Tonight, everybody in the crowd will see what happens when you piss off such a dangerous man.

Tonight, everybody in the world will see the next World Heavyweight Champion.

And you two.

You will be the sacrificial lambs.

Burned to a crisp.

Jesus Valentine drops the microphone, and walks back up the ramp.

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Note: Im going to stop using the written accent because Im sure you all get it now and frankly, its fucking annoying to try and type that way.

*Spudsy appears on screen holding a gun with a police officer who is also holding a gun outside his barn at his potato farm*

Spudsy:Hey y'all, it's Spudsy. Unfortunately my 'Spudsy 4 Champ' campaign didn't get off to a good start but Im still going to work my potato peeling ass off for all the people so they get the champion they deserve! I'm here with Officer Walker to promote the good work I do within the community and explain why Spudsamania is running wild world-wide. Take it away chief

Officer Walker: Thankyou Spudsy, I am Officer John Walker from the Boise PD. Mr Spudsman has been an active member of the 'community clean up' initiative since the day it began in 2010. This gives people within the community the power to help police by making citizens arrests with low-risk crimes such as graffiting, bullying and harassment. Mr Spudsman has made over 50 arrests for graffiting done to his barn *Officer Walker mumbles "98% of the 'arrests' were just the painters he hired to paint his barn, such a waste of time"* and saved a young child from harassment on a Call of Duty game after the 11 year old bully called the 13 year old victim a "pussy faggot who is gonna get wrecked by him and the bandit crew irl" and the bully also claimed that he has sexual intercourse with his mother. For Spudsys efforts and his new found success we now annoint Spudsy to become an honorary member of the Boise PD *Officer Walker mumbles "Officer Doofy reporting for duty" and pins a badge to Spudsys uniform*

*The camera pans into Spudsys face as he stands with a perfect posture and a big dumb grin on his face

Spudsy: *Raises his hands in oath* I, Spudsy, swear to..

Officer Walker: Mr. Spudsman, please theres no need.

Spudsy: *proceeds despite Officer Walker telling him not to* ...wear this badge with honor and respect the code of honor

Officer Walker Theres so damn code of honor, cut it out now!

Spudsy: *Still continuing* ..and to hand wash, iron and dry clean my uniform on a tri-daily basis and... *Spudsy stops mid sentence as he stares into the distance, his stare soon turns into a demonic look as he starts screaming* HEY YOU! MOTHER SPUDDER! GET YOUR BAKED POTATOED ASS AWAY FROM MY BARN!

Random voice of a hispanic man: But sir, you hired me to paint your barn.

Spudsy: Thats what they all say, I ain't dumb *gun shots are fired at the direction of the barn and the camera quickly pans to where the shots are fired, you can see a man running into the distance running away into the fields*

*The camera pans back to Spudsy as he is on the ground with Officer Walker on him putting him in handcuffs*

Spudsy*exhaustedly gasps*: Me and Officer Walker are just practicing what we're going to do to that scumbag when we find him. You see that graffitists? Thats what y'all get when you mess with Officer Spudsy and Officer Walker, Joey Holt be expecting an arresting on Vortex and if you be resisting Ill give you a real potato style beating, motha spudda!

WHACK! *Officer Walker slaps Spudsys fat head*

Officer Walker: Shut the hell up. Your fat, retarded ass is going to jail.

Spudsy: *as the camera fades out Spudsy yells* CHECK OUT @SPUDSAMANIA ON TWITTER HASTAG SPUDSY4CHAMP!

All good things must come to an end.
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Five Years Ago:

The camera pans on Darius who is sat in a corner alone. From the walls we can tell that it is a Mental Institution. Darius puts his head in his hands and begins to talk to himself.

DARIUS: I'm sick of this place, I'm sick of what my life has led to. I shouldn't be here, I don't belong here. This place I'm in right now is known as a Mental Institution and is for the mentally insane. I'm not mentally insane, I can control my thoughts and feelings and my feelings and thoughts right now are that I want to get out of this place. I want to make a name for myself and I want to be someone. I'm sick of constantly trying to help people and getting absolutely nothing in return. I could die right now, right here today and absolutely no one would care. I want to change that, I want to become an icon, I want to become a legend, I want to become 'THE MAN'. I used to think that little gang I hung around with were friends but they weren't, they were just using me to get things for them. I should have clocked on it to really, I'm better than that and I'm better than them and when I am finally free from this place, I will prove that I can take care of myself independently and deal with business MY WAY.

One Year Ago:

The camera pans on Darius who is stood looking on at a Empty Rundown Gym.

DARIUS: This...is my training place. Heaven huh? You wouldn't be wrong for thinking no. It's a rundown empty gym that I found. As far as I'm aware nobody else comes here. Whilst being rundown and dead it's easily my favourite place to come. I can clear my thoughts here and more importantly I can train. I don't have a Gym Trainer, I don't have friends and I don't even have family. I have myself and that's all that matters to me. You see, I'm sick of all those times I tried to rely on someone else and all they did is let me down, every time. Well no one is letting me down anymore, I'm here for myself and I'm here to be successful. Sometimes I step in the ring, hold my arms in the air and imagine me feeling that moment. I imagine myself with the World Title in my grasp. I don't care who you are, I don't care what you do, I don't even care how 'big' you might be. You're absolutely worthless compared to me. Come in my way and I'll make sure that I wreck your body apart until there is nothing left than a empty shell of man.

Present Day:

Darius is stood with Danny Eriksen with a hood over his head.

DANNY ERIKSEN: So, er, Darius, what are your thoughts heading towards your match with Xander Black?

DARIUS: My thoughts? You're asking a man like me about his thoughts? I always knew you Backstage Interviewers were a bit out of it but this is out of control. In terms of Xander, I don't care who he is, or how big he may think he is but deep down he knows how worthless he is and how his reign is going to be very short-lived. He even took the second part of my name, pathetic. We all know Xander wants to be as good as me but deep down we all know he's not in even the same league as me. Just because he's holding a World Championship doesn't me he's any good, the match he won to get that Word Championship was a Battle Royal and we all know Battle Royals are about luck. I'm not bitter over my losses over Daniel Reese or not winning the Battle Royal because they were both just lucky. I had that match with Daniel Reese WON and everyone knows it and everyone also knows that I was the favourite heading in to the Battle Royal. But as you know, everyone has their bad days. I'm ready to absolutely decimate Xander in our Non-Title match and prove to him who really is the best in this business.

The Scene fades out and fades in, we're still in the Present Day, Darius is stood in a empty arena.

DARIUS: People always ask me why winning is so important to me and the simple answer I have for them is because it shapes me as a person. It makes me who I am today and most importantly it gives me something to aim for in life. I don't care how much money I make, I don't care how many people like or dislike me and most importantly I don't care what YOU! think. This is about me and that PWC Heavyweight Championship. If I don't get that, then my life is not complete, I won't be able to tell those people that doubted me that they were wrong until I achieve it. I won't stop at anything to get that World Title, I'd give up my life for it as it's the only thing I live for. Mark my words, I WILL get that Championship and YOU won't be able to do anything about it. You want to try and stop me reaching that goal, go ahead but get ready for hell.


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We cut to complete darkness. Absolute nothingness. Slowly, the darkness pans away, and reveals a chair sitting in a dark corridor.

A voice can be heard.

"Please. Have a seat. Hear what I have to say"

The camera starts slowly panning towards the chair. Over time, the music in the background becomes more eerie, and the camera starts to move faster. We get closer, and closer to the chair, until we see nothing.

Followed by a bloodcurdling scream.

*We are taken to what appears to be a ghost town. An empty city, with no life in sight.

"Heeuuhhh..." *heavy sighing*

"I am death. I represent everything you detest. Everything you despise. You fear me, because you do not know what I am. I confuse you."

"Death is not above confusion, however."

"Life isn't fair for anyone. Death always comes for you when it isn't your time. There's always been something you haven't done. You never climbed that mountain, you never told that person you were sorry. Why couldn't you have more time?"

"But death... death has no life to speak of. Could it be that Death is the one thing that can truthfully say that it has been treated fairly?"

"Not in this case. A man has cheated death it seems. A man has taken death down with him, and done the impossible. This confuses me."

*A picture of Darius Black, the man that eliminated The Reaper at the battle royal last week after being eliminated himself, is quickly flashed on the screen.

I will have my revenge on this man in due time. But it has become apparent that there are souls in greater need of my assistance."

*Photos of Jesus Valentine and Gunner Star flash across the screen*

"Death is coming for these men. It is inevitable."

*Suddenly, the abandoned city starts to collapse. Buildings crush against each other, the ground tremors and breaks apart as the skyscrapers fall.

"Even death has a heart"

"You will fall at some point. Even if you have me beat, you won't be able to take me down in the long run. I will find you, and with all of the angels of death as my witness, I will strike you down until you are nothing but a broken and forgotten soul. I am the heart of death. I represent your worst fears."

"Your time will come."

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We open up into a dark scene, it appears to be a locker room but it’s very dim, sat on two chairs are Danny Erikson and the World Champion, Xander Black.

Danny Erikson: The floor is yours.

Black turns to the camera.

Xander Black: After becoming the first ever PWC Heavyweight Champion, I’ve sat back and listened to members of the rosters whine and complain about how lucky I was, or how I don’t deserve to hold this belt. But let me tell those people this, if you really think I don’t deserve it, if you really think I was lucky, then meet me in the ring, I have no problem facing any damn one of you.”

Xander Black: Y’see, you people don’t know what the hell I’ve been through to get to this moment. I’ve seen things that would make your teeth crawl, I’ve heard things that would send you running for the hills... and all of these things have hardened me, so you’re words will just bounce right off me. If you want to get under my skin, don’t do it through weak words, do it in the ring, because right now I am the PWC Heavyweight Champion, an honour that none of you will hold.

Xander Black: I eliminated six members of the roster, that’s more than anybody else eliminated. If I don’t deserve this title then none of you do.

Xander Black: I’ve heard what people like Daiko, Valentine and Darius Black have had to say about me. Daiko? I’m not even going to bother with him, because frankly – he is beneath me. I eliminated him with ease last week, he’s no threat to me, or anybody else on this roster to be honest. Jesus Valentine? He’s one of the more experienced men on the roster, but experience doesn’t compare to pure talent – I am the holy grail of talent in this company, I am the man that sets the bar, I am the man that is simply the best wrestler in this company. Darius Black? He may have the same last name, but that’s where the similarities stop – he thinks he is World Champion material? Perhaps in another company, but not here, not while I’m here.

Xander Black: I have worked too hard to get to this moment, to have somebody like Darius Black defeat me, that will not happen. Mark my words.


One Hour Later

We are inside a car, outside a tall apartment complex at night, rain pelting of the windshield. Inside the car, is PWC Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black. He turns the ignition and begins to drive, eventually we arrive at what appears to be a graveyard. He parks the car, gets out, not bothering to grab an umbrella or put his hood up, instead he walks into the graveyard and he walks for a few minutes before stopping in front of one that reads...

Suddenly, Black stands up, alerted to something, he scans the area before he sees movement behind a tree. He sprints towards the tree, the person behind starts running away, but Black catches up to him easily, tackling him to the ground... it’s Danny Erikson!

Black stands up, enraged, and pushes Erikson against a nearby tree, holding him in place.


Danny Erikson: I- I – I-

Xander Black: ANSWER ME?!

Danny Erikson: YES ... yes. I- I just wanted to get a story you know, for PWC.com so I thought-


Danny Erikson: I just- just figured that it might tell me what the tat- tat- tattoo means.

Black glances down at his covered forearm before looking up with a very dangerous expression.

Xander Black: You picked the wrong place, and the wrong time, Danny.


Fade away.

The scene fades back in, and we are looking through Erikson’s eyes, he groggily looks around the dark room, and then catches a shadowy figure sitting in the corner. But suddenly his attention turns to behind him, where Xander Black is standing. Danny tries to move but he realizes he is shackled to the wall, both his arms and legs held in place.

Black makes his way towards Erikson, holding something in his hand.

Xander Black: You made a huge mistake by following me tonight... especially tonight.

Danny Erikson: I- I- I’m sorry!

Erikson is now sobbing as Black just shakes his head.

Xander Black: What’s done is done. And now, you need to pay.

Danny Erikson: N- n- no... ple- please no.

“Do it, Xander.”

“He deserves it”

“He tried to interfere”

The voices were back, but after the death, he had accepted them as a part of himself.

Xander Black: Danny, you wanted to know about my tattoo, right? Well since you are so interested in tattoos, why don’t... why don’t we give you one.

Erikson’s eyes go wide at that, and we see the redness of his eyes now.

Danny Erikson: No- no- no please NO!

“Do it!”

“Make him hurt”

“Make him feel pain”

The feed begins to fade away, as we hear the ripping of Erikson’s shirt, and then the buzzing of tattoo needle... before the screams of one, Danny Erikson.

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May 2008

Muhammad and Tarek arrive at the destination of a coffee house which they enter once Tarek parks the car. They speed walk at an almost jogging pace through the doors.

Tarek: The Silver Sheikh is up here.

Tarek directs his friend up the stairs of the coffee house, pulling him towards a table in the corner where an old Middle Eastern looking man is sat, sipping at a coffee. The two friends take their seat at the table as Tarek introduces the men of different generations to one another.

Tarek: Muhammad, this is the Yusuf Al-Awali, the great Silver Shiekh.

Muhammad nods towards the man who seems to be in his late 50s. Tarek kicks at Muhammad under the table as a way of telling him to show more compassion.

Yusuf: Tarek leave him be, this is all new to the young boy. (Yusuf directs his attention towards Muhammad). So you’re the young pretender, Muhammad Islami, a leading member of the Arab Alliance, Tarek has told me all about you, about your life. He told me your family went back home, and you decided not to take the easy way out, is this true?

Muhammad looks at Tarek and then begins speaking for the first time to the Silver Shiekh.

Muhammad: This is all true Yus- I mean Silver Sheikh. I could have left the country a few years ago with my family but I never wanted to run, this country was the home of my family as much as it was theirs but the prejudice we faced day in day out forced my mother, father and two brothers to flee. I was only 19 at the time, perhaps a little immature but not stupid, not stupid to give these people the satisfaction of seeing another ‘towel head’ or whatever they call us leave the country. I swore to myself the day I saw my mother’s tears when I left her side that no matter what I do and how I do it, we will not face the oppression we face today anymore. Whether I do this in the next 2 years of 20 years, this is my goal and I WILL achieve it.

At this point The Silver Sheikh notices Muhammad’s hands trembling with hate and his eyes tearing up with untold amounts of anger venting through the veins popping up along his temple area. Yusuf glances towards Tarek and back towards Muhammad.

Yusuf: Muhammad just take a second to calm down. Once you’ve calmed down, answer me this, how do you wish to achieve all of this through the Arab Alliance?

Muhammad rubs his face and runs his hands through his long dark hair before speaking again.

Muhammad: The Arab Alliance is the only outlet I have. We are essentially a band of brothers and sisters who in essence take no shit from anyone. The Arab Alliance is the only way we’ll ever overcome the blatant racism we have become so familiar with.

Yusuf: Yes yes, I’ve heard of some of your protests, they often get violent don’t they.

Muhammad: It’s a tactic we’ve taken from Malcolm X, we’re adamant that they only way we can make our point is if we have to get physical every now and then.

The Silver Shiekh smiles gently.

Yusuf: While I agree with what you’re saying Muhammad, it is SKILLED VIOLENCE that will make the difference, not these mindless acts you’ve been engaging in. Listen Muhammad, from what Tarek has told me, I understand you’re a very motivated and passionate individual and what you believe in is what I believe in but there are better ways of preaching your message of Arab empowerment.

Muhammad looks unsure and looks to his friend to shed some light on the situation.

Tarek: Mu, The Silver Shiekh wants to teach us to wrestle, both of us so we can get our message out to a larger audience.

Muhammad: Wrestling? It’s never crossed my mind, I don’t know Tarek.

Tarek: This is the ultimate opportunity for us, how many times do you want to be arrested and beaten by riot police Mu?

Yusuf tries to get some words in.

Yusuf: Muhammad, this country will never be accepting of our people, from the government to the bums on the street, these people don’t respect us, and it’s not because of 9/11 or anything like that, this mockery of our heritage was apparent way before that and you think you’re the first activist to fight for our cause? You’re just one of many who have come and gone, doing the same thing as everyone else. We can be different, don’t you understand, you can let all your frustrations out on opponents in the ring without having 10 officers beat you down and drag you away, all that does is give us a bad name. Let me help you, help us. Just think about okay? If you want in, meet me outside the local mosque after Friday prayer and we’ll take it from there.

Muhammad nods towards the Silver Shiekh and leaves with Tarek who kisses Yusuf’s knuckle as a sign of respect.

September 2010

Tarek (jokingly): I guess we’ll find out who the better man is Mu haha.

Muhammad gives Tarek a dirty look.

Muhammad: This isn’t a game you idiot, this is the future of our people we’re fighting for, if you’re going to act like that you may as well leave the building right now.

Tarek clenches his teeth.

Tarek: You’ve become a real jackass in these past two years Mu, if you weren’t my best friend I would’ve –

The Silver Sheikh wheels in on his wheel chair.

Yusuf: Muhammad, Tarek, come here.

The Silver Shiekh pulls them both down to his level and pulls their heads in touch distance with his own.

Yusuf: This is it, two years of training have come to this. I’ve never been so proud of two young Arabs as I have been with you two.

Tarek and Muhammad put their friendship into perspective once more before taking a firmer hold each other as a sign of putting their earlier spat into the past until the Silver Shiekh drops a bombshell.

Yusuf: I never want to see the loser again.

He rolls out of the room as Muhammad’s music begins to play through the small arena where the Washington Wrestling Community hold their weekly shows. They stand shell shocked in the center of the room, not saying a word at all before Muhammad walks out still trying to grasp the fresh ramifications of the forthcoming match.

Towards the match’s end

Tarek and Muhammad are fighting on the outside of the ring with the referee knocked out inside the ring itself. Tarek irish whips Muhammad into the steel steps before taking some time to catch his breath in the 1500 seater arena. He lines up his opponent and charges but is caught in a belly to belly suplex by Muhammad who throws Tarek back first on top of the steel steps. After a few seconds, Muhammad rolls Tarek into the ring as his friend continues to writhe in pain, holding his back in the process. Muhammad goes to check on his friend, however his eyes catches the Silver Shiekh’s whose at ringside, giving Muhammad both a disappointed and threatening look at the same time. Muhammad rolls out and grabs a chair from the ring announcer before slipping back into the ring, he checks on the ref’s position before slamming the chair into Tarek’s back a number of times, each time Tarek’s screams get louder and louder. He throws the chair out as the ref begins to regain consciousness. Muhammad then locks Tarek into the Silver Clutch, putting more pressure on the bad back of his friend as Tarek rapidly taps on the mat, the ref signalling the end of the match.

Muhammad releases the hold and takes in the boos and jeers of the crowd, he looks over towards his mentor and with greasy smirk creeping across his face, Muhammad slides out the ring and wheels The Silver Sheikh out of the arena, his former best friend laying in excruciating pain in the centre of the ring.

Present Day

Backstage with Danny Eriksen is the Silver Shiekh, Muhammad Islami.

Danny: Muhammad, last-

Muhammad: Hold on Mr Eriksen, you don’t have the privilege of calling me by my first name just yet, call me The Silver Sheikh.

Danny: Sorry, Mr Sheikh.

Islami looks annoyed but lets Eriksen carry on.

Danny: Last week you put in what many would call a solid performance in the huge battle royal for the PWC Championship, but obviously it wasn’t enough. What’s your say on that?

Muhammad: Listen you infidel, if I chucked you into the battle royal you wouldn’t have lasted one second, you don’t get too question my performance, hell you shouldn’t even be standing in my presence. Let me ask you a question Mr Eriksen, what do you think of me?

Danny: Well I hardly know you Mr Sheikh.

Muhammad: You know I’m Arab right? What do you think about my heritage?

Danny: I have no problem whatsoever with where you come from.

Muhammad: Air your true feelings to me Mr Eriksen, I promise I won’t lock you into the Silver Clutch.

Danny: But-

Muhammud: Shut up! I’m going to talk about my opponents now Mr Eriksen if you wouldn’t mind stepping away.

Eriksen leaves the camera view.

Muhammad: The Chicago Kid? Who in the hell are you? Daiko? I know who you are. Let me tell you something, there will be no William Wallace like triumph for you tonight, you’re a weak human being just like your people. You see, there is one thing our people have in common and that is that we have both faced prejudice and oppression from the powers that be HOWEVER, the big difference is that Scotland bent over for years upon years so that England could come along and take advantage. That kind of weak minded attitude is what puts the Arabs over the kilt wearing Scots, and I’ll prove that once again tonight.

Islami wipes the sweat off his face with his keffiyah before gradually walking away.​

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It was a nice, starry sky that filled the night as Daniel Reese drove in his 2012 Ford Explorer to the Save Mart Center. Reese was nodding his head to the beat of the song Faithfully by Journey. As if having his own concert, Reese had been singing his heart out since he got into the car. He enjoyed the scenery that Fresno provided but something caught his eye. It was a ruggedy, old basketball court but that wasn’t what caught his attention. In that old basketball court, a little boy, who can’t be more than six years old, and an elder man, who Reese guesses is the little boy’s father.

Reese has a soft spot for things like this because of his father so he makes his way to the court. Once the car is in sight of the little boy and elderly man, they stop what they’re doing and begin to look straight out at the car. Reese looks a little intimidating because of his stature so the little boy hides behind his father who is no small man, probably standing at 6’4.

Hello sir, I’m –

Before Reese can finish his sentence, the elderly man has a smile on his face.

You’re Daniel Reese.

Reese looks kind of surprised, not really. But he smiles at the elderly man.

Yeah, that’s me. Uhm, not to be rude, but how do you know me?

You’re Daniel Reese. You’re the basketball star turned wrestler, am I right? I’m Eric and this is my son, David. Even in your short career, we watched you play basketball and it was a thing of beauty.

Thank you sir, I appreciate it. I hope I’m not interrupting anything.

No, no. I was just teaching David over here how to shoot a basket.

Ahhh, that’s the reason I came by sir. Let’s have a seat on the bench so we can get comfortable.

The three then walk to the bench. David is now not afraid of Reese and even sits next to him on the bench.

I just noticed you guys as I was driving and it reminded me of when I was younger and my pop would teach me.

And look at you now. Where’s your father now?

Reese is silent for a moment, clearly still hurting from the death of his father but manages to answer Eric’s question.

Well, he’s watching us from above now.

Oh, I’m so sorry.

No, it’s fine, really.

So uhmm, now that you aren’t playing basketball, how’s PWC? I think I failed to mention that I’m a fan of wrestling as well. And when I checked out PWC, you were there so it got me interested. How was that transition?

Well it was sort of rough at first and it still is, but it gets easier with each show I guess.

And how about your next opponent, Nyx right? Sorry I’m asking questions left and right, I just haven’t met someone famous until you.

Reese is flattered and lets out a hearty laugh.

Yeah, he’s tough. He won his debut match so that proves he’s no pushover. I did my homework on him and it says he likes pain, which kind of freaked me out. I mean, who likes pain?

Eric looks intently at Reese, just listening to him.

But I’ll treat him like any other opponent, and that’s with the fear of losing. I really hate losing, I guess it’s my competitive nature. I guess it’s good that I did basketball first because what sport is more competitive than basketball am I right?

David looks at Reese clearly not knowing what they’re saying which catches Reese’s attention.

But enough about me. Hey David, I got a surprise for you. Hold on.

What are you – ?

Reese runs to his car and pops open the trunk. He searches around and finally finds what he’s looking for. Conveniently, he finds a marker as well, and signs the object that he found. He puts it behind his back and walks towards the bench.

I noticed that you guys were here in the basketball court, but what really caught my attention is that you guys were using a dodgeball and we know that’s the wrong ball for this sport. You guys really caught my attention because when my dad taught me, we used a dodgeball as well. So here, this is for you guys.

Reese reveals what’s behind his back and it’s a basketball signed with Reese’s signature. Little David takes the ball and looks very happy. Eric has a smile on his face as well and shakes hands with Reese.

I really appreciate this. You’re a good man, your father would be proud.

Thank you sir. Now if you’ll excuse me, I gotta head to the arena. It was nice meeting you both. I hope I bump into you guys again. David, don’t stop shooting and Eric, thank you.

With that, David tugs on Reese’s pants so Reese lowers himself and David sticks his hand out, signalling Reese to give him a hi-five, in which he does! Reese messes with David’s hair before walking back to his car, waving at both David and Eric. Now that that’s over with, he heads to the arena to get ready for what the night has in store for him.

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NOTE: You should probably read Cloverleaf's RP (if he ever puts it up :cuss:) before reading mine.

June 21st, 2013
Fresno, California 6:00 PM

We go inside the Save Mart Center where PWC's resident backstage interviewer Danny Erickson is standing, tapping his foot out of annoyance, that is until he sees the two men he's supposed to be interviewing, The Rock God Austin Angel and The King of the Beach Tommy Hendricks. Both men appear to be stumbling as they walk towards the interview area. As they reach Erickson, it's become very clear to him that both men are intoxacted as they reek of booze and Austin's hair is all a mess.

Erickson: Where have you guys been? Your an hour late for your interview!

Angel: We been at the bar have a damn good time gettin to know each other dude!

Hendricks: Yeah! What he said!

Hendricks stumbles and points to Austin.

Erickson: Uhhh okay...are you guys okay to do this interview or should we reschedule it for a different day?

Hendricks: Nahhh dudeee were good to goo!

Angel: Yeahh were gooood to gooooo!

Erickson decides to take their word for it and signals for the camera man to turn his camera on, which he does.

Erickson: Ladies and Gentleman, my guests at this time is none other than Austin Angel and Tommy Hendricks, who this week will be teaming up to take on the team of Tseung and Trae Walker.

Angel throws up the Rock On symbol with his right hand as Hendricks bows for the cameras.

Erickson: Gentleman, what is going to be your strategy this week to over come the very different styles of Tseung and Trae Walker?

Angel: Woah woah wassup wittdat jibberish talk there broseph? I AM A ROCK GOD! I will fly all over that ring and come crashing down onto Trae Walker before he can even finish his little dance he does on the way to the ring!

Hendricks: And as for the little ninja dude, I gots the mad skill that will leave him speaking japanise when i'm done with him!

Erickson: Um...Tommy...I think Tseung is Japanise...

Hendricks: Oh...then i'll beat his asss so bad he'll be speakin Chinese when i'm done with him!!

Angel laughs at his partners joke which causes Hendricks to laugh as well.

Erickson: Right sure, anyway how do you guys think your gonna work as a team?

Angel and Hendricks look at each other for a second then turn to face the camera.

Angel & Hendricks (at the same time): EXCELLENT!

After saying this, both men begin playing air guitar with Angel adding in some hip shaking while Hendricks just does it in place.

Erickson: Been watching Bill & Ted guys?

Danny chuckles from this but Angel and Hendricks just look at Danny confused, clearly not getting what he's talking about. As Erickson realizes they don't get the reference he awkwardly stops laughing and clears his throat, getting back down to business.

Erickson: Anyway final question guys, If you guys were to form an actual team one day, what do you think you'd call yourselves?

Angel: The most rockingist, sockingist, duo ever, THE ROCK GAWDS!

Angel does a quick air guitar dance with full on hip shaking as Hendricks shakes his head, disagreeing with that statement.

Erickson: Got a different name idea Tommy?

Hendricks thinks for a moment before making a decision.

Hendricks: Hmm...maybe Rocking Peace? We'd come up with something way cooler if the time came though bro!

Erickson: Not bad ideas guys. Anyway that's all the time we have for tonight. Thanks for your time gentleman.

Erickson signals for the camera man to turn off the camera which he does, afterwards Erickson shakes hands with both men before walking away.

Hendricks: DUDE! Are you ready to kick some assss out there this week?!?!?!

Angel: Helllll yeahhh brohiem! We gonna melt our opponents faces, ya know why? Cause they gonna get ROCKED!

Angel throws up the rock on symbol with both hands as Hendricks shrugs and does the same as the scene fades to black.

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In an interview area stands Danny Erickson and behind him a clearly pumped up Trae Walker paces back and forth.

Danny: We're trying to get a word with Trae Walker, here. Trae?

Trae: Yes sir?

Danny: How are you today?

Trae: I'm good, ya'self?

Danny: Well I'm-

Trae: You know what I'm betta' than good, I'm great!

Danny: O-

Trae: Know what? I'm even betta' than great I'm FIRED UP!! Ahhh!

Walker's passion shines through again as Erickson can't help but be a little pumped himself.

Trae: Ya' smell that Danny?

Danny: No, I-

Trae: Just get a whiff of that. Just- *Trae flares his enormous nostrils*

Danny Erickson sniffs lightly

Danny: I'm afraid I don't-

Trae: Dat's the spirit of competition blowin' through the halls of PWC! And it's blowin' fast and it's blowin' hard too! Wooooo!

Trae steps away from the mic for a moment to settle himself, Erickson is smiling at the intensity of the ultra-charismatic "Beast".

Danny: Trae.... Trae can I ask you about your upcoming tag team match-up and your thoughts on teaming with Tseung.

Trae: Man, I tell ya', people look at Tseung and then they look at me and they think we're very different people. But we ain't so different, no. See we may come from different cultures; we may come from different backgrounds, man we may even be from different sides of the globe. But there's one thing that's universal. Whether your American or Asian, whether you speak English or Chinese, whether your from Stockton or Hong Kong. And that is.... respect.

Trae looks right into the camera now as he speaks

Trae: Tseung, you have my respect. And trust me when I say that's not somethin' that is easily earned. Over the years I've met many men in many different walks of life and very rarely have I found a man who I respect. I respect you because you say "yes" when the rest of the world says "no". Because you know that success is not given, but earned by pushing yo' self to your limit and more. I respect you because you don't let that success quench yo' thirst... Your thirst to be the best. And that is how we are similar.

Trae is dead serious now

Trae: And because you and I are alike, because you have my respect; I will give you everything I've got. Whether it's five, ten, twenty, it can be thirty minutes it don't matter, I will give you everything I've got because I know you will do the same!

Walker is breathing heavily as he continues his sermon

Trae: Behold! How good and pleasant it is when brothers dwell in unity! Austin Angel! Tommy Hendrix! You boys better get ready, cause the pain train is comin', and we here to stamp yo' ticket!!

Trae puts on his do-rag and walks off.

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Where: Save Mart Center (Training Area)
When: Present day, 11 AM

Joey Holt is having his pre-match lift session in the gym. Being spotted by his brother Carl, Joey is at the bench press, doing reps of 300 lbs.

Carl Holt: C’mon bruddah, one more! One more!

Joey manages to put up the weight and sends out a large grunt. Carl helps Joey balance the bar back on the rack and Joey sits up.

Joey Holt: *breathing heavily* Thanks for the help today, man. Now let’s head into the ring, I wanna work on some moves if you don’t mind helping.

Carl Holt: Don’t you think you’re overworking yourself brotha? We’ve been here for two hours now and your match is tonight.

Joey climbs the ropes and hops into the ring, motioning for Carl to join him.

Joey Holt: Never enough training, bro. Spudsy seems like a dangerous guy and if I want to ever have the success that I once did, I need to perfect this stuff.

Carl reluctantly hops into the ring and the two lock up. Joey body slams Carl and climbs up to the top rope. Carl gets up and Joey hits a flying missile dropkick that connects right into the chest of Carl and sends him flying. Carl stumbles his way to a standing position and grabs onto the ropes.

Carl: Good job bro, looks five times better than it did last week!

Danny Eriksen comes in with a microphone and camera crew.

Danny Eriksen: Joey Holt, sorry to interrupt but can I get a minute of your time.

Joey Holt: Sure, no problem.

Danny Eriksen: So last week you put up a valiant effort in the battle royal, but you didn’t win. Any interesting competitors out there that you’re expecting to make an impact here?

Joey Holt: Well all I can say is that this place is chock full of competition. It’s just a matter of chopping each one down one by one and claiming my prize at the top of the mountain. It’s not gonna be easy…

Carl jumps into to the interview.

Carl Holt: This guy, this guy right here is putting the PWC on notice! Best fighter in the world and he’s about to be the best wrestler in the world! Be afraid, be very afraid!

Joey Holt: Haha, thanks bro. But like I was saying, it ain’t gonna be easy, but the cream always rises to the top, and soon enough, I’ll be champion.

Danny Eriksen: Thoughts on your match tonight against Spudsy?

Joey Holt: I don’t know much about the guy, but he’s big and looks like he packs a mean punch. He reminds me of a guy named “Big Country” Roy Nelson that I fought in my MMA career. Let’s just say I’ve got my plan and I plan on coming out on top!

Danny Eriksen: Thanks for the interview, Joe. Good luck in your match tonight.

Joey and Carl head back into the ring for some more training.​

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Sam Cregg walks in to the Save Mart Center, pulling his luggage carrier behind containing his ring gear. He walks past several groups of wrestlers having conversations, and feels their disapproving looks as he keeps his head down as he passes them.

Before he gets to the locker room, a producer calls out to him, "Cregg, your interview is in 20 minutes!" Sam turns and acknowledges the producer before putting away his gear.


Sam makes his way to the interview set, and hears Danny Erikson who has his back turned saying to the producer, "Can't believe this Cregg fellow is even here. Not like he has anywhere near the talent his father had." The producer, seeing Sam, gives a nod to Erikson, who is noticeably caught off guard by finding out that his comments were overheard by the second generation star.

Erikson turns to Sam, red with embarrassment, and says, "Ah you're here. Lets, lets, lets, lets do this then."

Sam stares a hole through Danny as they move to the set.

The producer gives the go ahead to start.

Erikson: Welcome everyone, I'm standing here with Sam Cregg, who takes on Freddy Vos later tonight. Sam, obviously the battle royal didn't go the way you would have liked, but you've got a chance to get on track here tonight when you take on Freddy Vos. What is your mindset going in to your encounter with the "Free State Fox"?

Sam: Well, it's no secret, Danny, that the battle royal didn't go the way I would have liked but that's okay. You notice that two and three and four people were constantly trying to eliminate me at once, more than anyone else, and you also notice that it took not one, but two people to eliminate me. It's not surprising though, that people want me out of the way early because they know just how dangerous I am. Now I don't blame people for wanting me out of the way, because everyone, and I mean EVERYONE knows just how much talent I possess. I mean, you can't deny that it's in my blood. I am a second generation wrestler, son of one of the greatest ever to step foot in the ring. There is no question that I am one of, if not the best wrestlers in this company.

Now, this Freddy Vos? Calls himself a Free State Fox? Some African warrior? Well, maybe he's got his dangerous past and all, but he's got no business even stepping into the ring with me. He wants to stand in my way? Well, that's fine. The powers-that-be think they can scare me by putting me with this guy? Freddy Vos - I'll see you. In the ring.​

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*Hush silence. The sound of rain. Yet, no sign of it anywhere. No sign of anything. Until a door opens up and a familiar face in a not so familiar location is seen. Jack. emerges.*

*Room is still black all around except for one dim light shining on Jack. He wonders around for a few steps; reaches a halt.*

Jack.: "A new location. A new fight. Same ol song and dance. Suppose I should have expected this. Then again, not exactly went the way I wanted it to within the battle royal. The world & myself only got a glimpse at who I truly am. My quest for absolution continues."

*Jack. proceeds to walk forward some more, extends his arm out and it appears he is scratching his fingers on a wall. Nothing can be see as it is still pitch black all around him.*

Jack.: "While this journey presses on, I have yet another one placed in front of me who seems to be searching for their identity too. A "comedian" as it were. Carlton Manilow. I've never been one for comedy in this existence."

*Suddenly a bit more light is shown directly to the left of Jack. & he sees a microphone propped up in what appears to be the center of this location. He walks to it. Appearing to glare at it, despite the nondescript mask remaining on.*

Jack.: "What purpose does your comedy serve, Mr. Manilow? Huh? To laugh. At what? Because of all the things I've tried to figure out in this "life" of mine, comedy has never caught my interest or been deemed worthy of my time. Is the appeal to hide from your troubles? Forgive me and my barrage of questions. I suppose naivety lies within all of us. I do believe I have you plenty figured out as it is."

*Jack. takes the microphone out of the stand. Knocks the stand to the ground and gazes upon the object.*

Jack.: "This is the sign of your pain. This is your outlet to the world to falsify your glory. To wear a mask among everyone who sees you and think you are as "happy-go-lucky" as your try to perceive. Just like the first challenger put in front of me I see right through the facade. As I discover who I will be, I will help you lot find out who you are in the same vein. I, Jack., am the only honest one left. This world is crumbling. People like you Manilow are the ones I have to change."

*Jack. grips the microphone ever tighter. Hand shaking feverishly.*

Jack.: "Your mother. Your mother is why you blind yourself for society. How tragic. Does this make you feel whole? Do you think doing this smiling act for a living will blind you into thinking your mother is somewhere looking at you being jolly herself? It appears I was wrong. The naivety that lies within you is far much greater than my own. I've studied you. I know about your life history. Your mother is gone. And she's doing exactly what she was doing while she was living now that she's dead. Who can blame her. She's just wanting to find out who she'll be next. Which is more than I can say about you."

*Jack.'s furious grips is relinquished. He begins to swings the microphone over and over by the cord.*

Jack.: "Mr. Manilow after our experience together I sure hope you're going to change. Accept things for what they are. Because I am willing to do the same. Including....learning comedy."

*Jack. releases the twirling microphone as it flies into the dark and shatters in the distance. It is silent until we hear something unusual behind Jack. It sounds as if someone is yelling, yet it is muffled. Jack. raises one arm, puts his fingers together and lets forth a snap. *SNAP* After the gesture the lights come on to reveal the location he is at. After a quick go around by the camera we notice it is the very location where Carlton Manilow gave his PWC introduction interview. Egg-cup chairs scattered behind Jack. He stands completely straight; stoic. Until he moves slightly to the left to show there is someone tied up in the center egg chair. Jack. approaches the person. It's a man.*

Jack.: "I wonder if he looks familiar to you, Mr. Manilow. Probably not. I feel you're the kind of man who doesn't remember faces if they aren't worthy of your time. This is the man who interviewed you in this very room. Do you remember? Your grand introduction to the PWC. A poor soul really. He had nothing to do with you socially, yet he's going to be the martyr."

*The interviewer man looks at Jack. frightened. Shaking his head not wanting any actions to occur.*

Jack.: "Oh, it's going to happen. You will be my key into leaning something new, Mr....Well. It appears I never quite learned your name myself. We'll only have to get to know each other a little better."

*Jack. peers into the camera.*

Jack.: "Mr. Manilow, I think I may just get this comedy thing after all."

*Jack. rips off the tape from the Interviewer's mouth who proceeds to scream for help. Jack. appears to be letting out a little chuckle as this is happening. Jack. looks directly at all of us through his form of broadcasting, raises his hand & snaps his fingers one more time. The screen goes black as all we hear are the screams of the interviewer. Followed by him being drowned out by the sound of falling rain as everything fades...*

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One week ago

Freddie gets up from the floor. While cheers are roaring up for the new champion, he strides out of the arena. He skips the post-match celebrations and the backstage area altogether. He doesn’t stop for a shower, he doesn’t stop for his gym bag. He heads out into the cool night air – his hair, drenched in sweat, gives off a faint trail of steam. After tracking down a taxi, he gets in and barks an order at the Mexican man behind the wheel.

Vos: Super 8 Motel, now!

He leans back in the cab seat and clutches at the pendants on his chest, still breathing heavily. The motor takes off and Vos closes his eyes, reliving the last moments of the championship match. He snaps out of it – his eyes wide open and his furrow deep.

Vos: You! Driver! Why aren’t we moving?

The driver shrugs. North Parkway Drive was clogged up, presumably because of the unexpected turnout at Vortex. Fan-signs featuring Austin Angel, Daniel Reese and Carlton Manilow adorned various vehicles. Freddie’s sharp eyes even spotted one man in a rabbit mask. He purses his chapped lips together and shakes his head in disappointment.

Vos: Stop the car.

Driver: But we’re almost there, holmes!

Vos leans closer to the window that separates passenger from driver and speaks in his slow, menacing tone.

Vos: Listen here, Boet (Brother)! If you don’t stop this car right now, I will punch a hole in this window and gut you like a fish!

Freddie takes his hunting knife out of his cargo shorts and scrapes it along the plastic window.

Driver: You kidding me, man? It’s reinforced Perspex, you won’t break this!

Vos cocks his head backwards, staring at the man’s face in the rear-view mirror through wild eyes. He manages to crack a smile that sends shivers down the driver’s spine.

Vos: Are you sure you want to take your chances?

Driver: Fine! I’m not risking me neck for a crazy gringo like you!

The car rolls to a stop. Freddie kicks the door open, lunges out and slams it shut again. He produces a crumpled dollar from his pocket and flings it through the cabbie’s window, leaving the taxi stuck in traffic. He shields his eyes from the harsh spotlight of the traffic jam and travels on foot to the motel.


Once he snuck past the guards, Freddie made it to his hotel. He flattens his palm against the door to his room and rests his forehead against it. In his foul mood, the Free State Fox forgot the key to his room, as well as his wallet. After delivering a knee to the pink, wooden surface, he turns around and slumps against his door. With both legs extended on the ground, he clenches his fists and makes a deliberate effort to slow down his breathing. For the first time since his early match with Nyx, Vos is breathing normally. The grimace fades from his face and he wipes the sweat from his forehead, taking the time to regain his composure. As luck would have it, the motel’s young receptionist walks across the parking lot to her minivan and recognizes the dark-haired man from earlier that day. She stops and looks over at him.

Receptionist: Hey, I remember you! You checked in today! Everything all right?

Vos: Evening. Actually, I seem to have left my room key at work.

The woman starts to walk towards Freddie. The night breeze playfully tucks at her orange miniskirt, but Freddie is in no condition to care. Her wavy, auburn hair falls across her eyes as she starts to rummage through her handbag.

Receptionist: Maybe I can help you. What sort of work do you do?

Freddie places his hunting knife on the ground, before getting up to meet the woman’s gaze.

Vos: That depends – usually a little bit of everything. At the moment I’m a ...butcher.

Receptionist: Oh, I can tell, with that big knife of yours. Are you going to skin me?

The lady lets out a high-pitched laugh, piercing Freddie’s eardrums. Against his instincts, he decides to play along and forces a half-smile.

Receptionist: Those wooden charms and that accent... You aren’t from around here, are you, Honey?

Vos: That is... very perceptive of you.

The young woman’s cheeks turn a bright pink, but Freddie winces slightly and puts his hand on the back of his neck.

Vos: I’ve spent most of my live in Bloemfontein – it’s in South-Africa.

Receptionist: Boy! You must be a long way from home!

That laugh! Freddie caught the woman’s hazel eyes stare at his neck and chest a few times, but even if he didn’t have such a rough night, her brash sense of humour would be enough to temper any attraction towards her.

Vos: Yes...

In silence Freddie enjoys watching the girl squirm. Finally she removes something from the leather accessory. It is a bronze key with a plastic tag “B-05” attached to it.

Receptionist: This is the spare key to your room. If you won’t tell on me, I won’t get in trouble. You can give it back to me tomorrow. You look tired...

She smiles at Freddie while she unlocks the door.

Receptionist: Could I persuade you to let me make you a cup of tea to relax the mind?

Freddie cuts in before the girl can enter the room. Positioning the door between himself and the woman, he ends the conversation, rather abruptly.

Vos:Long day, goodnight...

The door shuts and Freddie grins to himself as the annoying woman’s heels belie her progress away from his room. While he needed to feign the role of the worn-out worker, it had genuinely been a bitter evening. With the memory of his defeat at the hands of Xander Black still fresh in his mind, Vos crouches down onto the modest motel bed.


???: Quickly, son! Get in the truck!

The young boy looks up to see his mother and his two sisters running toward him.

???: Put down those silly toys and be quick about it!

The only boy on the cattle farm, the nine-year-old was usually seen somewhere outside. The soft sands near their home made for great cover for his plastic green miniature soldiers. He would execute basic tactics and collect the “executed” troops in the glass jar he kept them in.

???: Freddie!

His mother is screaming now and she grabs him by the sleeve, pulling him to his feet.

???: Didn’t you hear me? We have to leave! Your father’s almost here with his truck, then we have to go! They’re coming, children, they’re coming!

The mother huddles the children closer and starts to cry hysterically. Tears pour from her pale blue eyes. Freddie looks at his two older sisters, who are equally shaken up. After what feels like an eternity, the Vos’ double-cab skids to a halt.

???: Vera, did you get our things?

Vera: I have the money, a few warm things and your rifle. The rest will have to stay.

Mr Vos gets out of the truck. The strong breeze tucks at his khaki clothing.

???: Fine, load the children.

Vera: Jacob, what are you doing?

Jacob: I told you to load the children! Do you want them to have the house too? If we can’t have it, those damn baboons won’t have it either! Now shut up and pack our things!

Vera loads a few luggage bags into the cargo bed, while Jacob approaches the house with a square tin. He pours out some of the orange liquid inside it and tosses the tin through a living-room window, breaking the glass. He rips off a long piece of white curtain and places one end onto the gasoline-soaked window-sill. He lights the strip of cloth and runs to the vehicle.

Jacob: We have about six seconds.

Jacob Vos starts the engine and drives off, scrambling dust everywhere. The children are on the back seat, huddled closely together. The bumpy dirt road jostles them even more than usual, because of the trucks unusual speed in crossing it. Only Freddie peers through the rear window, to see their family home go up in flames.

Vera: What about the barn?

Jacob: I did the same there. If these people think they can take over what I’ve built from the ground up, they won’t get any help from me!

Vera: Will we have enough fuel?

Jacob: Enough to make it to Harare... We can refuel there. Let’s just take this one thing at a time, okay?

Jacob looks over to the children.

Jacob: Don’t worry, my children. Daddy won’t let anybody hurt you, but I do want you to cover your ears and close your eyes until I say otherwise. Got it?

The girls comply, but Freddie stares blankly at his father.

Vera: Jacob, have the labourers made it to the gate, yet?

Jacob: I don’t think so, but if they have, we can’t stop. You know what that means?

Vera: I do.

The truck slams and powers through the dusty road, with Jacob keeping a firm hand on the wheel. The main road that would lead to Harare was drawing close, but Vera spotted something in the distance that made her hands cover her mouth.

Jacob: Keep the wheel steady.

Blocking the farm gate, were dozens of farm labourers – workers that were employed by the Vos family for years. Brandishing stones and shovels, the mob rushed toward the truck.

Vera: We were fools to think that ours would be different. We should have moved when our neighbours went.

Jacob: Not now, Vera! Hand me the rifle and keep the wheel steady.

Jacob looks back at the children.

Jacob: Freddie? Freddie! Close your eyes and ears fucking now!


Freddie wakes up, drenched in sweat and breathing uncontrollably. He gets to his feet, but sinks back to his knees. The early morning sun starts to illuminate the shabby little room. The orange bed lamp shakes as Freddie’s hands pound the floor. Fist after fist after fist crash down on the creaky wooden surface. Eventually, Vos takes a deep breath, before jumping to his feet.


Present day

As Freddie approaches his dressing room, Danny Eriksen and his camera crew are waiting for him.

Danny: Mr Vos, before you go in to prepare for tonight’s match, a quick word on last week’s battle royale? You almost had the big one with a very solid performance.

Freddie looks grimly at Eriksen.

Vos:I came close. You know where second best gets you in the wild? I gets you eaten, it gets you preyed upon. Xander Black better know that I’ll be watching his every move and when he screws up, you better know that I’ll be there, seizing my opportunity.

Danny: Going into your match with Sam Cregg, what are your thoughts?

Freddie smirks at the name.

Vos:Let me tell you something: Because of his bloodline, that boy has gotten every chance to improve himself and his place in the wrestling world. Is he even in the tournament for the number one contender spot? When I was a boy, I learnt that if you aren’t driven enough, there will always be another soul who will take what is yours. Samuel... I’m coming for you.

Freddie silences Danny as he tries to continue the interview. Vos’s eyes are steely, a total contrast to his state of mind earlier that week. He is the picture of self-control. Ignoring the crew, Vos enters his dressing room and shuts the door. The crew hang around for a few moments, before dispersing.

Danny: When will I ever get a full interview from this nut?

The Loose Cannon
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4AM - Some alleyway.

Tommy Hendricks and Austin Angel found themselves in a sticky situation. Neither had money for a taxi and neither had a phone, so they had no way of calling anyone. They could hardly see where they were as the moon was dull that night and barely lit the rats that they could hear around them. Both heavily inebraited and without control of their legs were yearning for a way to find salvation.

8 hours earlier.

Tommy Hendricks had received an unexpected phone call from Austin Angel, one of Tommys rivals in the Premier Wrestling Circuit. Angel had a challenge for Tommy but it wasn’t what he expected.

Austin instructed them to meet at Aldo’s Nightclub, a thriving night spot in the heart of Fresno, at 8pm for some drinks. Tommy was late, he’d baked a fresh batch of BC bud brownies earlier in the evening and didn’t quite have all his mental faculties in place. Austin had told Tommy to say he was there to see The Rock God and that he was waiting for him. Instead, Tommy thought air-guitaring with the leg of the girl stood next to him, whilst singing his own name was a good idea. The bouncer had none of it and refused Tommy entry.

Tommy rang Angel and firstly forgot why he’d rang him, after a few minutes Austin came outside and he took Tommy in through the back entrance and into the VIP section Which Austin Angel was hanging out with his crew, he'd arranged everything. The music wasn’t too loud for conversation and not really to either mans taste.

Angel: “So, how’s it going Tommy? What the fuck was that stunt you pulled outside? Mr Aldo’s gonna be pissed. Anyway, what are you drinking? You sure you’re up to the challenge, Tommy.”

Tommy: “Dude, wuuuuuuuuuut? so many questions. Hey, are those cheetos?"

Tommy goes and sits down and starts piling cheetos into his mouth, Austin Angel follows him perplexed and calmly moves the bowl of snacks away from Tommy and replaces them with two rows of shots.

Angel: “Tommy, Here man, do you love tequila as much as me? I thought we'd start with these”

Angel stares at Tommy looking for some sort of communication, a sign Tommy has what it takes. Did Tommy Hendricks love tequila as much as Austin Angel?

Tommy did, he made this obvious by first giving Angel a stare back and then lifting the first shot glass, almost overflowing with golden tequila and knocks it back, only spilling a drop which rolls down his chin. Tommy doesn’t care, he wipes it with his left hand whilst picking another shot up in his right hand and proceeds to knock that one back. Tommy does 5 shots before Angel stops him by putting his hand on his chest.

Angel: “Whoa, whoa Tommy.”

Angel stands up and begins applauding, encouraging his crew to join in.

Angel: “We got a contender here everybody? Check out Tommy Hendricks the bad man.”

Angel sits back down and takes his turn; knocking back tequila after tequila after tequila. These two are now in full flow and turn to other tipples to wet their whistles. This game of one-upmanship escalated. Tommy had brought some of his special brownies with him, wrapped in foil, he offered Austin Angel a piece and tells him that he's baked it especially for him.

Angel: "Sure Tommy, I'll have some chocolate brownie in fact, it's one of my favourites."

It wasn’t till neither man could really string a sentence together and had lost most of their coherence. When they noticed two guys had snuck into the VIP section and were hitting on the women. Tommy and Angel decided there and then that they were their women and that these guys had crossed a line.

As they stumbled over in the direction of the intruders, mumbling to each other.

“Let’s get ‘em!”

“These guys *hick* are gonna gerrrrit!”

“Watch my sweet….uuuuh….right cross, in that suckers *hic* mouth.”

They get over there and Tommy shouts.

Tommy: “You guys think we’re, no, you’re tough…………..don’t ya? HUH”

He goes to poke one of them in the chest but misses entirely.

Guy A: “You guys back, you’re drunk we don’t want no trouble.”

Guy B: “Yeah, you guys don’t want to get hurt now do ya? Do youselves a favour and go sit back down?

Angel: “Do you know what we am? Who I are? I’m…ummmm…DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?

Angels sudden anger startled Tommy into action, before even contemplating what he was about to do, Tommy clenched his right fist tightly and swang at the frst guy, getting nothing but air, then *smack*.

Tommy connected with the other guys chin and he was now out cold.

Tommy meanwhile was propelled forward with the momentum and went crashing through a table causing glasses to fly.

Austin Angel once over his initial surprise at the sudden turn of events decided to make a name for him self. Angel grabs the first guy by the head and wraps his arm around his neck pulling him forward, then *wham* Angel plants a picture perfect DDT on his ‘opponent’.

Angel then climbs up onto the bar and announces very loudly so that everyone can hear.

Angel: “We are Austin Angel and Tommy Hendricks and we’re kicking ass!” “P duc C, P dub C, P dub C”

Austin Angels attempts to get a chant started had alerted the bouncers. Four large men, wearing security uniforms, darted over to maintain order. Angel spotted them and decided to make a name for himself. He spread his arms out like a Superfly Jimmy Snuka and lept high into the air, for Angel time slowed down, he managed to glance at a few random faces in the crowd and he could see, what he thought were excited people, soaking it all in. They were in fact all in shock of what was occuring before their eyes.

Austin Angel was grabbed first as things had gotten a little out of control. Tommy and Angels game of one-upmanship had landed them in trouble, they were dragged unceremoniously from where they had partied and towards the exit.

Things started to go get worse as Tommy remembered that they had left there phones and wallets at the bar, whilst comparing money and phone cellular strength, two things Tommy wasn't ashamed to be beaten on, he then realised that neither of them had their phones nor any money on them and what the real implications of that were and that it might be a problem.

Angel was literally being dragged along the floor, his eyes were now bloodshot red and he was worried that he was being taken to prison and paranoid of being raped by these huge men who continued gripping his arms with what felt like vice like hands, he began to sing, cause thats what he does when he panics.

They were dumped out through the back door. both men staggering eventually to their feet. Both men heavily feeling the effects of the night knew they had partied hard. The question was, would Angel find out Tommy had drugged him and that was why he was dragged singing from a nightclub being remembered by witnesses who saw his recreation of the classic cage match of 83 or would Tommy blame Austin Angels sudden anger and subsequent show of bravado in front of a packed out nightclub for turning the night sour?

Can they come back from this? Will they find their way home and can they pull together now that alliances have been formed?

All good things must come to an end.
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The Fourth Wall's Magnificent Feedback

WWE -vs- TNA
I really liked this one. It was a lot shorter than some of the others but that's why I liked it. You stuck to the point and I think that really paid off well. Also, I love how descriptive your writing is, it really adds to your RPs. I think that you really built your character well despite losing the Battle Royal. You played that well in to the RP and I felt the disappointment in your character for not winning the PWC Heavyweight Championship. Great job on this RP, short and sweet.

Daiko (Jobber) :punk2
Just joking. I really liked this RP. I thought the interview was very well written and you made it clear how much your character wanted to win the World Championship. I liked how you represented your character's feelings against Xander Black. I enjoyed your little shoot on him and the fact that you'd stick back in the sidelines and wait for the right moment. That was smart of you to say incase you keep jobbing as you could just be waiting for 'the moment'. Despite losing you brought your character back to relevance and and your reasoning for losing the Battle Royal was smart. Your RP overall was very well written and I enjoyed it. Let's just hope you can live up to your promises, ay? :cena3

Mr Cook
This was a really well written and detailed RP. I like how much you delved in to the back-story. Your character has a great story and you portrayed that well in your RP. I honestly can't find many flaws with your RP because I could tell that you really tried on it. Keep it up, I really enjoyed reading it and think you have the potential to be really successful if you keep up that standard.

This RP was awesome. Spudsy is probably one of the most interesting characters in this fed. One thing I'd say about your RP is that it felt a bit short. I know it's about quality and not quantity but I do feel that your RP could have benefited from a bit more. I do really like your character though and the style of your writing, some parts of your RP were quite funny. I think Spudsy is going to be one of the best characters in this E-Fed as it's unique and entertaining. Overall, a good effort and a enjoyable RP.

The Fourth Wall

I really enjoyed this RP. Even though it was short it worked perfectly. This is different from the previous one where I would have liked to have seen a bit more. I feel like this one worked perfectly as short. Your character is very interesting and I really like your style of writing. Also, I loved your sly little shoot on me:
I will have my revenge on this man in due time. But it has become apparent that there are souls in greater need of my assistance."
Sure you will :bron2 Nice content in your RP and good job! (Y).

Oh look, it's PWC's resident Bully and Burying Machine. How ya' doin'? Anyway, on point, I don't know whether to be nice to this RP or horrible towards it considering the fact that you are my opponent? :punk2 Just joking. I really enjoyed this RP and I honestly don't know who will win our match. You will probably win though as your RP was fantastic. Nice little shoot on me, brah. But don't act confident for too long. You're going down! I really loved the content of your RP and the overall feel of it. I feel like you conveyed the feelings of your character well and it's not hard to see why you won the Battle Royal and the World Championship.

Really nice and detailed RP here. I like how detailed you went in to the back-story and the back-story overall was intriguing. I'm interested in your character and I think that you could be successful as this continues. I can see improvement growing in your RPs and I really liked how this one turned out. Good job with it.

Hmm, jamjam. Don't worry bro, I'll get my revenge on you in time. When I first looked at this before reading it I thought "Seems a bit short." but it worked perfectly. I enjoyed the content of this RP and I loved the interchange between the characters. Really good job on this and I really enjoy your dialogue.

Cloverleaf and Hollywood
You two have a tag team RP so thought I'd review both together. Both RP's fit really well together, I really enjoyed Cloverleaf's part of the RP a lot and I absolutely loved the detail on display. I really loved the dialogue in both RPs and I thought you both did a really job of portraying your characters. Don't really have any problems with either RP if I'm honest, so I haven't really got much to say in terms of improvement. I really enjoyed both equally. Nice job guys! (Y)

I really liked the interview in this RP although I would have liked to have seen a bit more back-story to your character before the interview took place but that's only a minor criticism as your RP was very good and I really enjoyed the dialogue of your character. I thought it was funny how your character didn't let Danny speak. Overall a good job! Don't really have any other problems with it! (Y)

Thought this RP was nicely done as short and sweet although I would have liked to have seen some more back-story like mentioned previously. I would have liked to have learned a little more about your character before it shot to present day again. Overall a god job really, keeping it short works most of the time if the content is good and I thought the content was good here so it worked.

Nice RP but I would have liked to have heard more about your character and his feelings. Not got any problems with how the interview was written though as it was written well and structured well. Your character was explained well and you displayed how your character was determined and ready to beat Freddy Vos. I also liked how you turned losing the Battle Royal around and turned the attention away from you and how you made it seem like it took so many people to try and eliminate you because they were scared of you. That was really smart in my opinion and kept your character looking strong! Well done! (Y)

I really enjoyed this RP man and I love your writing style. Your character is unusual but very interesting, plus Donnie Darko! :mark: I think you're going to very successful with your character because there is a lot you can do with it and a lot of avenues you can go. You will definitely be Heayweight Champion down the line if you keep this standard of RPs up.

Really detailed RP here, great job! I like the detail you went in about the back-story and the week before. Not really got any problems with your RP or improvements. I think it flowed really well and I think that you did a really good job! Nice work man! (Y)
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