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A crack of thunder shakes the household of Ace Kicks, jolting him up. He sighs as his heart begins to regain a normal beat. He glances over to the other side of his bed. Next to him lies Debbie, Ace's wife. Ace is careful not to wake her as he gets out of his bed and walks over to the window. He stares out into the storm. He is nervous. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath and slowly exhaling it.

Debbie-"Ace? Is everything ok?" She says as she sits up.

Ace-"Of course Hun." Ace turns around towards her. "Sorry I woke you up. I'm just super nervous about my debut."

Debbie-"Don't be nervous." She gets out of bed and walks over to her husband and wraps her arms around him. "I'll be at ringside rooting for you baby."

Ace-"Thanks, I need the encouragment, since I am facing the man who just competed for the Legacy Championship. Famine is no joke. I have lots of respect for him."

Debbie-"Well your big debut is in a few days, you need to get your rest. Let's go back to bed."

The two go back to laying down, but Ace doesn't sleep that night. He has way too much on his mind.

The time has come, he is moments away from his big debut, and is pacing back and forth right before his match. Debbie is seen sitting down, playing on her phone. Nerves are taking the best of him as his legs are shaking with anxiety. Suddenly, Danny Eriksen walks up with a microphone and a cameraman. A confused Ace looks at him with his head turned sideways.

Danny-"Ace? My name is Danny Eriksen, and I'm an interview here in PWC. Mind if I ask you a few questions?"

Ace doesn't know what to say, he is very flattered with Danny's proposal.

Ace-"Um, sure?"

Danny-"Wonderful, thanks so much. Ok, tonight you make your debut against Famine, what are thoughts are going through your mind right now?"

Ace-"Whoa, where to start? I'm scared to death to be honest. What if I mess up and botch a move? I would be so embarrassed. But I am going to try my best. I will try my hardest to put on the best match I can for the fans."

Danny-"So do you feel at an advantage knowing that Famine only has one arm he can use?"

Ace-"What does that mean? Famine can kick most peoples ass with one arm. Hell, didn't you see that match he had against Dr. Nero for the Legacy Championship last Vortex? There is a reason why he was in that match."

Danny-"Sounds like you have lots of respect for Famine?"

Debbie stands up and puts her arm around Ace's waist.

Ace-"Of course I do, he is one of the reasons why I came to PWC. I wanted to wrestle him for the longest time. Never in a million years would I thought I would do it in my debut."

Danny-"So what are your'e goals in PWC?"

Ace-"Same as everyone else, I'm here to win. That's what I plan---No, thats what I will do tonight agaisnt Famine. I will kick his head off. Then move onto winning the Legacy Championship and to start my own legacy.""

Danny-"Speaking of kicks, I hear you are study Capoeira. That's like dancing right?"

Ace-"Yes it takes the movement of dancing and combines it with the art of fighting. I use my legs alot in a match, and most of my kicks come out of nowhere. I'm dangerous standing up but can be even more dangerous when I'm down.

Ace is distracted by the sound of his music. He knows it's time for his debut. He takes a deep breath. Debbie kisses him on his cheek to help calm his nerves.

Danny-"Ace one final question?"

Ace nods.

Danny-"If you could say anything to Famine right now what would it be?"

Ace ponders for a second before answering.

Ace-"Good luck."

Ace turns around with his wife and goes through the curtain, leaving Danny alone with his mic.

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Johnny Gold GOATing again :lmao :lmao

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Fuck................it's gone..........damn you JamJam :jose

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It featured the shooting of a porno. A threesome :hayden3

Gold accidentally ejaculated on the other guy's face and a fight broke out. Gold beat everybody, the girl got impressed again and they fucked.

And the shark from the first RP made a comeback as his pet btw.

That's about the gist of it. He did say he'll beat his opponent somewhere between all that.

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It featured the shooting of a porno. A threesome :hayden3

Gold accidentally ejaculated on the other guy's face and a fight broke out. Gold beat everybody, the girl got impressed again and they fucked.

And the shark from the first RP made a comeback as his pet btw.

That's about the gist of it. He did say he'll beat his opponent somewhere between all that.
Johnny Gold, you scoundrel! :clap:clap

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Dream State


For the record, I would be lying if I said that I have never been knocked unconscious before. With almost 10 years of wrestling experience under my belt, I've suffered my fair share of black outs at the hands of my opponents fists, chair shots, kicks, as well as other dangerous
objects flying towards my head.

Despite the horrible thought of hitting the ground with no chance of bracing yourself for a fall, or the horrible health risks associated with head trauma, being unconscious is definitely not the worst way to injure yourself. It is nothing like a broken bone. With a broken arm, for example, you carry it around with
a cast and a sling, which limits your day to day activities.

If you want to wrestle a match you are out of luck.

Want to bench press a few hundred pounds? Guess again.

You feel like juggling tomahawks? Well,find something else to do because you have a broken arm.

Being unconscious is quite different. Unless you wake up with a concussion, the worst you can wake up to is a massive headache no different than a really bad hangover. But the moment before you slip into a nap on the floor can be quite otherworldly. The next time you experience a blackout, take some solace by looking at the ceiling. You will not recognize it.
3Arena- Vortex 17
Dublin, Ireland

"I'm never gonna dance again
Guilty feet have got no rhythm..."


"Though it's easy to pretend
I know you're not a fool!"


Waking up from being knocked out is never an easy experience, especially when you wake up laying next to a laundry bin and a dirty towel on your face.

"....Guilty feet have got no rhythm..."


It took me a moment or two to regain my composure before I finally realized that it was my cell phone which had awakened me from my slumber. Which reminds me, I really need to change my ringtone. I sat up quickly to answer my phone, especially after realizing that it was my sister Hayley on the other line.

Uhm, Hello?

Hey its me! I just thought I would call to give you a huge congratulations on your victory tonight. Way to choke out Cerberus! You know I would have been there tonight if I didn't catch this damn cold.

Huh, oh right. Thanks.

Are you ok? You seem a bit out of it, well more so than usual.

To tell you the truth, I feel like I have... uhm... just woken up from a bad dream. It might be worse than that dream where you’re falling and falling and then you wake up and the guy in the next seat has his hand on your thigh. Seriously though, I have no idea what is going on. I feel like there is something important I should be doing.

Ok, you are starting to worry me a bit. Let me talk to Hunter.

I should have known something was wrong the moment I woke up staring at a towel. Flashes of being attacked by Karl Wyndham and his goons begin to flood back. Hunter was there too. Where the hell did he go? Suddenly, it hit me.

The voice of Karl Wyndham echoed through my head.... Karl Wyndham: Take him
The code must have taken Hunter as I was busy fighting against the laws of gravity after receiving a face destroyer to my temple.

Jensen? Are you still there?

Listen Hayley, I need to call you back.

After quickly saying bye to my younger sister, I set out in search of my best friend and the monster who took him. I searched through out the arena. I could hear the sound of the crowd, which means that I could not have been out for too long, and that the entirety of the PWC staff were still in attendance.

I began searching the arena high and low for Hunter. Along the way, I ran into Danny Eriksen who seemed like he was taking a short break from his interviews, which was the perfect time for me to approach him. After a few minutes of some interrogation techniques I learned from television, I found out that Karl Wyndham and already left the arena, along with what looked to be an unconcious Hunter Jackson.

After getting all the information I could gather, I made one final stop before leaving the arena.


I waited outside of Brittany Page's office for a few moments before gathering the strengh to go in. I was slightly dizzy so it took a few moments to compose myself. This was an important meeting for me, so it was important that I looked confident.

I then knocked on the door.

Brittany Page
Come in. Jensen, what can I do for you?

Well, I am not doing so well, but thanks for asking. The reason I am here is that I demand to know where Karl Wyndham is right now?

Brittany Page
Sorry, I can't help you with that. You know as well as I do that men like that are found only when they want to.

Fine, then give him to me in Paris.

Brittany Page
I can't do that either. You are booked against Johnny Gold next week.


It took me a second to realize who she was talking about. I can't say I wasn't disappointed in my booking, especially since I have bigger fish to fry, one big anarchist fish to be specific.

Oh, the guy who loves sharks. Listen Brittany, I don't have time to face somebody like Gold. The man has no heart, he is a failed actor who is trying to make it in wrestling. I have no interest in fighting him. Give me Wyndham. Please.

Brittany Page
I'll tell you what. You can have him at the hext PPV. It is only a few weeks away, so might as well get your revenge on the big stage. Also, if you happen to get your hands on Mr. Wyndham before then, feel free to dish out what ever you need to in order to get Mr. Jackson back

I let out a huge sigh. It was obvious that I am not high enough on the food chain to get what I truly want, so I have to take what is given to me.

Fine. I'll take the match with Gold. That way, once I get through with him, Wyndham could see what I have in store for him.

Suddenly, the light headedness came rushing back to me, and I fell forward. At least this time, I passed out with Brittany page looking down upon me. Much better than a towel.

Brittany Page
You should probably see a doctor....




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Tears Don't Fall​

I had so many pressure over my shoulders when I was a kid, my father was a psychopath whose only goal in life was to run the madness of violence on his own son. I built a shelter in my mind on which I always tried to escape from the pain inflicted by my Dad on those nights. Where the warm blood was running through my skin where the anger and the resentment were consuming my soul. I always tried to scream loud as possible to see if someone would noticed my suffering but nobody listened​

After escaped from the orphan on which I was imprisoned I was wandering on the dampened and cold streets of New York. I had to hide myself from the thin lights and accusing sights from people ready to humiliate me. I had to rob, beg and I even had to search for food in every can of trash of the city. Every day was an internal struggle with myself from my own demons from the same death that was teasing me with a gentle whisper and a promise of an eternal rest and I was tempted to take that as a chance to forget all the pain and suffering in my life

I remember the first time I had to rob and how insecure I was and how the fear was consuming my innocence step by step. After a couple of months that fear disappeared like every ray of light in the night and suddenly I realized that my boundaries were overshadowed by those corrupted and dark streets. I had to fight for my life countless times because there was only one thing that mattered to me and that was to see my Mother one more time even when I knew that after all this years she was probably death. She was the only person who filled my life with compassion, love and happiness. She was dying slowly day by day the cancer was taking her life and it was taking her away from me too​

Can you imagine how good all that was for me God?​

And here I am with my damp, worn and dirty clothes standing in this place where my parents meet each other for the first time and on which they married. You know, I was teaching by my Mother that this place was pure full of sanity and peace, I trusted her and for a short moment I thought that was true I really wanted to believe in you in the same way I believed in her. But you piece of trash… you let her die. You have the power to save her.

Crowley pulls his hair and after a couple of seconds he fell on his knees and stares at the altar that contains a cross​

Do you know how I felt every time I saw her lying in her bed? How the savior has abandoned you. Your Lord your Christ he did this to you, he took all you had and left you this way. You never stray, you never said anything bad or judged someone, you never thought to question why and you still praise the one who left you broken down and full of pain. Why?​

When The Shadows Fall

Crowley went to see her mother who was admitted in the Bellevue Hospital Center on where she spent the last 3 years of her life fighting against cancer. She received many letters from Crowley as a promise of him to keep in contact with her until he finally had the chance to meet with her again​

I opened the doors of the hospital I was eagerly waiting for this moment more than anything else. I went directly to the administration I asked for her, an old lady with black hair and good manners answered me.
She seemed worried about my appearance she probably thought that I was sick she took the risk and approaches to me and said​

Are you lost? What’s your name honey?

I answered her. I’m looking for Alessandra King. She’s my mom and she was sent to this hospital 3 years ago when her health got worse. My name is Stephen King I have 10 years old

She doubted and insisted to me. Are you sure you’re ok?

I lost my patience and I pushed her back. Goddamn please I need to see my Mom. I wanted to run and look for her in the whole hospital if necessary. She started to search in tons of papers for a couple of minutes till she finally found the folder with the medical case of my mom through this 3 years.

Look here is, she’s… in the room 97

We walk through the hall until we finally reach the elevator. The door opened and we enter I was nervous after a couple of minutes the doors opened again but this time we were in front of her room. The door has the number 97 on it, the nurse told me; she’s been fighting cancer this whole time but hopefully as soon as she sees you she may feel better

I enter the room and I saw her lying in her bed just like the last time I saw her. She was unrecognizable and I was in shock, she looked so deteriorated, sad and the only thing I can think of was why I would have stayed with her all this time, why they took my away from her.

There was a window near close to her with a green chair to the right side of her. I sit in that chair waiting for her to woke up after a couple of minutes she opened her eyes, she took her time to recognize me surely I grew up a bit from the last time she saw me. I took her hand it was soft and warm, she then smiled at me and approached her hand and touched my face in a softly way I haven’t felt in a long time. She said to me

Have you been son? I missed you so much. Her eyes had that sparkle I guess she was happy to see me.

I missed you so much too. Mom?

She stares at me and take my hand

Yes honey

I know all this years were hard, I know that you’ve been feeling down and if you only knew how I felt for you. If I could take your pain I wish that I could wash it all away…She stopped me from what I was talking I know she wanted to said something but I couldn’t avoided

Mom do you remember the letters I sent to you? I’m sorry if my letter made you cry to be honest with you, I don’t think that I wanted to die even when I think I’m cancerous in other’s lives. It’s kind of hard walking through life with my distorted eyes. I thought about everything I said in those letters and questioned whether or not it would be better if I was dead. You would have been better without to worrying about me all this time

I saw her smile and I swear that I was feeling her compassion there was no need to use words to know what she felt and how happy she was

It’s better to die and sleep then linger on dare to live in my condition. I know I wasn’t able to be with you all this time it was my duty as your mother to raise you but this life it doesn’t belong to me anymore. You have been hurting yourself too much and that isn’t fair, I should let myself rest and take with me your pain. She take a deep breath and holds my hand with more force than the last time.

You have been running around for so long don’t you?

I didn’t understand why she said that in that moment. And my answer was

I guess…

I won’t interfere with your life anymore. Your Dad and I raised you in an elaborated way that you soon will see the truth with your own eyes

I wasn’t able to understand what she was telling me “so naïve” my Dad was a psychopath who made me suffer since when I was a baby and my Mom was the opposite of the madness of my Dad. I was confused I couldn’t

Deep inside you know, seeds that I and your father planted will grown. One day you will see and dare to come to me in hell. The ritual has begun, Satan’s work is done. You can’t see it now how black your future will be but son, never show mercy or pity never show yourself as weak let the darkness take power of your soul.

I won’t deny that I was petrified in that moment my hands were shaking I couldn’t understand what she meant to said but… now that I’m here standing in this church I know what she meant.

None other human or god shall be above me. I will conquer all​

Paris, France Vortex 18​

Inside of the Bercy Arena we see the figure of Danny Eriksen walking on the hall asking for Crowley’s locker room behind him is his cameraman. After some minutes later he finally find it

Ok are you ready he’s very special you know!! The cameraman nods at Erikseen who’s ready to knock the door. Ok let’s do this. *knock* *knock* hey Mr. King the show is almost close to start and we’ll appreciate an interview. There is no sign of Crowley at the moment

Hey Mr. King are you there? *knock*

Did you see his car in the parking lot? He probably doesn’t want us here, ok turn off the camera. We need to interview other wrestler as well

Suddenly the door open and the figure of Crowley is visible he’s wearing a dark hood he makes a fast move and grabs Eriksen’s neck and pushed him against the wall

Don’t you dare to use my name in vain you silly bastard. I am not your friend I don’t like you, you’re too nice for my liking and how many times do I need to tell you that you should stay away from me? Huh, I told you this last time Danny Eriksen hold Crowley’s arm in a weak attempt to escape.

You got lucky this time because now I really want this interview
Crowley steps back leaving Eriksen taking a huge breath after being suffocated by Crowley. He fixes his suit.

Oh and another thing, tell your cameraman that if he keeps shaking that camera then I’m going to break that in his head. Crowley take a glance at Eriksen.

Are we clear?

Hey you heard him don’t shake that camera please. The cameraman nods at Eriksen.

Alright let’s start this.
Hello at every fan of the best wrestling company in the world PWC!!!
Please welcome to a special guest that not all the days I have the privilege to interview. Crowley!!!

Jeez I’m really excited for this because I really wanted to asked you what do you think of your opponent you know Cher….Crowley doesn’t let Erikesn finish what he was going to say but everybody know at who he was referring.

Look, there is only one reason of why I’m in favor of this interview in the first place. The main reason is Ernesto Clement.

I hate every rich person in this world, they always wear those expensive jewelry and fancy clothes. Their behavior is such as typical of every rich person a regrettable, despicable arrogance like if this world were part of their vain material things. I want to damage his image and show him the crude reality of this world. I want to make him suffer and what a best way to do that than with his lovely Cheri.

You know Cheri nobody has given you a good reception thus far so let me tell you this:

Welcome To the Jungle.

You want to be successful in this company? If you want it you’re gonna bleed it gets worse here every day. You learn to live like an animal, that ring is the jungle on where we play. I’m paranoid I’m always looking for satisfaction, I want to see you cry I want to break your throat expect the worse of me in that ring I will show you no mercy or pity I will conquer your soul. You are a solitary person whose only surrounded by your bodyguards so should know that all the money in the damn world can’t buy me one second of trust or one ounce of faith in anything.

Crowley approaches to the camera and push the cameraman back which leads to see the image fades black.

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Before the opening credits of Vortex begin, the scene opens to the entrance of the Bercy Arena. Coming through the entrance is a dashing red Porshe that dons some chrome wheels. The door on the driver's side opens and out comes the Legacy champion, Dr. Nero, complete with his title draped on his shoulder. Being the shrewed gentleman that he is, he walks over to the passenger side to open the door. Out comes nurse Ellie dressed in a short, red dress that shines in the light, matching he color of the car. As if on cue, a valet comes into the picture who Nero simply tosses the keys of the car to.

Ellie takes the arm of Nero as they enter the arena. However, before they even are able to reach the door, PWC owner, Ernesto Clement, greets the Legacy champion and his companion.

Ernesto Clement: Mr. Nero, welcome to the Bercy Arena. You see, you're the man of the hour. After completing the Legacy champion gauntlet, you now have a touch decision. And well, I'm a man who likes to live in the present Mr. Nero. So I'll ask you here and now. Are you relinquishing the title for a shot at the biggest prize in PWC, the PWC World Title?

Nero squints his eyes towards Clement as if loathing him so much, asking him to make a decision this quickly. The Legacy champion has his free hand in his pocket, pondering Clement's proposal. However, Ellie seems to want to give Mr. Clement a piece of his mind.

Nurse Ellie: How dare -

Nero holds up a hand, prompting Eliie to cease speaking. Clement raises an eyebrow at this gesture by Nero as he tilts his head towards the Legacy champion.

Clement: Look, maybe I made a mistake. You can give me your decision by then end of -

Before Clement can finish his sentence, Nero shoves the Legacy title into the owner's chest, almost knocking him down. Not liking what Nero just did, Clement glares at him. Nero does nothing but smirk as he asks for Nurse Ellie's arm. She obliges and the two walk off but not before Nero pats Clement on the back in another gesture towards disrespect for authority.

Vortex Episode #18
Paris, France
Bercy Arena

The camera pans around the Bercy Arena who seem hot as hell after the encounter they just witnessed. The loud screams and applause from the crowd set the mood right for what look to be a great episode of Vortex. We now go over to the announce table...

Stan Chambers: A sort of different way to open the night. But ladies and gentlemen, welcome to PWC Vortex! We are live from the Bercy Arena in Paris, France. Charles, what a night we have planned for the PWC universe tonight. I can tell it's gonna be a great night, just listen to this crowd.

Charlie Campbell: You think Stan? Every time we get a crowd as hot as this, they stay hot the entire night! I can't blame them though. We here at PWC always put on a hell of a show.


Chambers: Hmm? It seems like the boss has something he has to say. After what we saw went down between him and Dr. Nero, the owner can't be happy.

Campbell: All I know is, is that I wouldn't want to piss off the boss even if he seems like he's in a good mood all the time.

Clement comes down the ramp donning a bright, green suit that catches the eyes of many. The boss gets a huge pop from this French crowd. The owner wears the Legacy title over his shoulder as he slaps hands with people in the front row.

Chambers: Plus, he's not alone. He has the Legacy title with him. Looks like we're getting an announcement about the title. This should be good partner.

Campbell: That's our boss. Always thinking on his feet. What could he possibly have to say right now?

Clement is finally in the ring as he asks for a microphone from a ringside worker. Before he gets to talk, he does a little dance and revvs up the crowd! The Bercy Arena crowd eat this up as they cheer and scream louder for the boss.

Ernesto Clement: Paris, France - welcome to Vortex! Yeaaah!

The crowd is still hot from the beginning and they don't let up just yet.

Clement: Wooo, that felt good. Well, ladies and gentlemen, as you can see, Vortex started a little differently tonight. Earlier on, you just saw an encounter between me and Dr. Nero.

The crowd showers Clement with boos after mentioning Dr. Nero.

Clement: Now now let's not let Dr. Nero ruin our fun. You see, he just relinquished his Legacy title to me for a shot at the world title.

Clement removes the belt from his shoulder and raises it up for all to see.

Clement: And now, we're without a Legacy Champion. We can't have that now can we? Well folks, get hyped because tonight, right here in the Bercy Arena - in Paris, France....

Clement gets some cheap pop for mentioning the city they're in, very Foley-esque of him

Clement: We're gonna have ourselves a tournament! There will be a series of matches before our next PPV, Right To Rule. I won't announce the competitors just yet because hell, even I don't know who the competitors will be yet. But that'll change over the commercial break. All I know is, that the finale of this tournament will take place at our next PPV, Right To Rule.

The crowd eat up this announcement from the boss. Clement does a little dance as he wears the Legacy title yet again. He drops the mic before leaving the ring. He shakes hands with the announce team before slapping more hands with people in the front row.

Campbell: What an announcement from the boss just now, Stan.

Chambers: Great way to start off the broadcast partner! The boss better get to the back quick to get some competitors this tournament.

Campbell: Leave it to Mr. Clement to come up with an innovative idea like this on the spot. The night has just become unpredictable. I wasn't ready for this!

Chambers: Neither was I partner. But you've gotta love the unpredictability of tonight's show! We'll be right back folks, right after this commercial break.

- - -

The camera cuts to the lively audience and then back to the commentary booth.

Campbell: Boy, that’s classic PWC for you! There’s no telling wh-

Chambers puts two fingers on his headset and puts his other hand on Campbell’s shoulder.

Chambers: Sorry to interrupt you there, good buddy, but I have just received word that PWC inside man, Danny Eriksen, is on the scene with PWC’s very own Gino Galucci! Let’s follow the action live!

The jumbotron shows a red-faced Eriksen, struggling to keep up with Gino’s exuberant stride. Gino’s moustache is looking exceptional yet again and he is carrying a flat, square box. He notices Eriksen behind him, stops, turns around and flashes his set of early whites.

Gino Galucci: Buonasera [Good evening] , Meestarr Erriksan! How can-a Gino be of asseestance?

Danny Eriksen: Gino, I’m glad I caught up with you. As you and the PWC-fans know, tonight you are competing in the first round of the tournament regarding the Legacy Championship. How does that make you feel?

Galucci: Oh, I am-a so excited! My heart... it-a beats like-a the Ferrari engine! I’m-a back where I-a belong! PWC is mi amore... mi passione!

Eriksen: Quite. Now from what I gather, you’ll be in one of the more gruelling round one match-ups against Freddie Vos-

Galucci: AHH, SI! You remind-a me! Can you guess what’s een these box?

Danny sees the shape of it and the ventilation holes near the centre. Steam rises from them. Gino wafts the scent closer and Danny smells something that he can only hope is native to the planet Earth.

Eriksen: Uhm...

Galucci: I’ll give you a hint!

Eriksen: Okay... is it a piz-

Galucci: SI, IT IS A PIZZA! Old Galucci family recipe, in fact... I’m-a going to geeve the pizza to Freddie right now!

The disconnect between Gino’s cheerful demeanour and his own sense of dread catches Danny off-guard. Gino turns on his heel and starts his nippy stride once more.

Eriksen: Do you think that’s a good idea?

Galucci: I know Vos is-a a mean old stinkyface, but I bet I can-a change that! He just needs-a a belly full of anchovies, pickles, gorgonzola and love.

Gino arrives at a door and nudges it open. A knife cuts through the air and hits Gino right between the eyes. Vos grins at his handiwork.

Galucci: That’s-a not even a good photo of me!

Vos rips the picture of Gino out of the wooden plank. Without saying a word, he holds up the punctured photograph to Gino.

Galucci: You have quite-a the aim, I must-a admit, but I am here for sometheeng else.

Gino opens the box and offers Vos a slice. Freddie takes one sniff of it and backs away.

Galucci: Won’t you have a try? This recipe was invented by great grandmamma Galucci.

Vos moves closer to Gino, looking at the piece of cuisine. He hunches over and takes a piece.

Galucci: Good, good, that’s-a more like it! Now, the first flavour you’ll pick up is-


The slice lies on the ground, right where Vos dropped it. Gino’s smile starts to drain as Freddie starts to grin.

Galucci: You know what? An insult to Gino is-a one thing, but that was-a the last time you insult the memory of Great Grandmama Galucci!

Freddie opens the lid of the pizza-box, spits in it and flips it out of Gino’s hands, leaving it to land face-down next to the first slice. Gino transforms right in front of Eriksen’s eyes – his breathing quickens, his face turns a shade of red and he balls his fists. Like a flash, Gino zips across the room and nearly knocks Vos out of his wrestling boots! Freddie stirs, but already Gino is on him.

Galucci: You no-good bully! That recipe got the Galucci family through-a


Galucci: the recession!


Galucci: the mob!


Galucci: and two world wars!


Freddie manages to give to the bottom of the practise plank. It topples over the other way towards them, connecting with the top of Gino’s skull. Freddie spots the gap and pushes Gino off of him. Next, he takes the plank and delivers an overhead swing to Gino’s back, leaving the plucky Italian writhing in pain! With weapon in hand, Vos turns around. The camera angle drops and is accompanied by the sounds of Eriksen and his crew running away. The last thing the tron shows is an low-angle shot of Freddie, standing over the camera. He lifts up his army boot, brings it down and the transmission turns to static.

The Bercy Arena is in silence for a moment, before a thunderous chorus of boos sweeps through it.

Chambers: Looks like Gino and Freddie are going to start off their match early tonight!

Campbell: I love it! I love the unpredictability that comes with Vortex, but Gino should have known better than to approach! He’s not here to make friends!

Chambers: No, he was being a good sport! Gino reached out to Freddie and this is the thanks he gets? What about sportsmanship? What about healthy competition? What about Grandmama Galucci?

Campbell: Anyway, I’m hoping the officials will be able to get a handle on this fight when we get back from commercial.

Chambers: That’s right, folks! Vortex will be right back after this commercial!



Chambers: And we’re back! It’s time to get the festivities underway officially.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen... the following match is scheduled for one fall and the winner will advance to round two of the Legacy Champion tournament! Introducing from Bloemfontein, South Africa, weighing 238 pounds... Freddie Vos!


The lights dim and an expectant crowd boos the shit out of him, but there is no Vos to be found anywhere. Instead, Ernesto Clement pops out from behind the curtain and the crowd roars to see the owner of their favourite promotion. He is followed closely by his lovely assistant, Brittany Page, as well as intrepid PWC-reporter, Danny Eriksen.

Ernesto Clemet: Why, thank you for that! Merci, merci [thank you]... Hey, Emma, why don’t you drag Gino’s ass here instead? He’s more cooperative.

Emma shrugs and grabs her microphone with both hands.

Mason: Alright, then. Introducing instead, from Rome, Italy... weighing in at pounds... Gino Galucci!


The European fans raise the roof for their guy... but there is no one, yet again. Emma looks confused, along with the rest of the arena.

Clement: You know where they are? I’ll tell you where they are! Danny here just told me how Vos and Galucci wrecked one of my locker rooms.

Clement takes a pink, frilly handkerchief and dabs the sweat from his forehead.

Clement: I’ll tell you what I’m going to do, though... I’m going to get those two in here for all of you to enjoy! If they want to fight, I won’t let them rob you of a match!

Clement points to a cameraman and beckons him to come along. The jumbotron shows Clement as he disappears backstage. His pale hair blows backwards as he marches down the corridor and his voice bounces off the cement hallway.

Clement: Hijack my show, will they? I’ll show them!

Dull noises get louder as Clement makes a left turn. He opens the locker room door, but finds nothing.

Clement: Look, over there!

He points to two bodies exiting the arena into the parking lot.

Clement: Come on, follow me!

The two of them rush towards the exit and stumble upon a bizarre scene.

Gino Galucci: Eat it! Eat it and-a tell me how good-a it is!

With one arm, Gino has Vos’s head pinned to his body and with his free arm, he is trying to force a rolled-up slice of pizza down the South African’s throat. Vos retaliates literally by biting the hand that feeds him. Gino yells and grabs his fingers.

Clement: Hey! You two! I want to have word with you!

Gino doesn’t seem to hear and Vos doesn’t seem to care. Freddie reaches out to a nearby car and yanks off one of the wipers and starts pelting Gino across the head with it. Gino responds by snapping off the aerial of the same car. Vos brings down the wiper again, but Gino parries with the metal aerial!


Galucci whips Vos on the legs a few times and Vos decides to upgrade his weapon, discarding the flimsy wiper and ripping out the car’s side-mirror instead. Using the solid piece of metal like a club, Vos is able to break through Galucci’s aerial-rapier and lands a few blows to Gino’s neck and head. Gino is dizzy, but he manages to shake out the cobwebs just before Freddie swings wildly at his head... and misses!

Clement: Wait a second... was that a purple side-mirror? HEY, STOP! GET AWAY FROM THERE, NOW!!!

Gino catches Vos off-balance. He tackles him onto the bonnet of the purple car and cracks the front window. Vos groans in pain, balls his fist and-


The arteries on Clement’s neck look like spring-loaded coils.

Galucci: Oh, Senor Clement! I, I am-a sorry, I didn’t notice you.


The purple Cadillac is a wreck. Missing wiper, side-mirror and aerial aside, the bonnet is dented, the roof is scratched and the front window is cracked beyond repair. Even the custom plates have fallen off... custom plates that read “EC4PWC”.

Clement has his hands in his hair, before stroking the damages vehicle. In the meantime, Vos rolls off of the bonnet and catches his breath. Gino puts his hand over his mouth as the penny drops.

Clement: Look what you two... BRUTES... did to my beautiful Clementine...

A single tear rolls down Clement’s rosy check.

Clement: That’s it... THAT’S IT! I try to give good people around the world a show they can enjoy, then two of my fighters don’t even turn up so that they can kill each other behind the scenes? Nuh-uh, I’ve had it with you two!

Clement is standing in front of the Caddie, with Galucci and Vos on opposite sides of it. Clement first turns to Vos, then to Gino.

Clement: Vos, I’m not surprised you’re involved in this. You’re about one rabies vaccination away from a shooting rampage...

Freddie glares at Clement with an unblinking and dead gaze.

Clement: ...but you, Gino? You’re such a stand-up guy... You always greet everybody in the company and you never let a fellow human being go hungry or pizza-less.

Galucci: But-a let-a me explain-

Clement: Save it! No excuses! You boys wrecked my car and I’m going to make damn sure the repairs come out of your paycheques! Since you ruined something of mine, I’m going to ruin something of yours – as of right this second, both of you are out of the tournament!

Before they can protest, Clement raises a finger.

Clement: Silence! You two need to learn that in PWC we do things a certain way. You two can have your fight, but it will be in a regular match in a PWC ring, presided over by PWC officials – no other way. If I catch you two fighting before your official match, I will tear up your contracts and I mean it! I’ve had a long night and it’s far from over.

Gino looks at Clement in confused disappointment, but Vos is seething.

Clement appears to remember he has a cameraman with him and dramatically turns towards the lens.

Clement: These two will have a match, alright... and that match will be at PWC’s next pay-per-view, Right To Rule!

The scene cuts to the arena, with the fans excited at the prospect of the match.

Campbell: I wholeheartedly agree with the boss – Galucci and Vos can fight, but on his terms.

Chambers: I can tell you right now, it’s going to be brutal. Making the wrestlers wait so long when there’s obviously some bad blood brewing there... Stay tuned, fans, we’ll be right back.

- - -

Crowley: Where are you, lonely songbird, hm? Somewhere copying down someone else's tune no doubt.

The Italian high-flyer, Crowley, is seen stalking through the halls of the arena, seemingly looking for his opponent before their match is even set to begin. He peers down each hallway and knocks on a few locked doors while calling out the woman's name.

Crowley: Hayven? Come now little girl, do you really want to do this? You can't truly want to enter a man's world, let alone my worl--

The man's words are cut off as he nearly collides face first with a stranger roaming the halls whose eyes were far too intent on the device in his hands. The man looks up in startled response, instinctively yanking the Nintendo DS to his chest to protect it from falling or theft, revealing himself to be one of Cheri Hayven's Groupies, Terry.

Terry: Hey man, watch where you're... oh, you.

Terry moves to blow by Crowley, but the Italian Cultist places a hand on the gamer's shoulder to stop him and 'guides' him to the nearest wall. Terry again moves but Crowley steps into his way to block his path.

Crowley: Where's the little miss, is she hiding? Has she thought about the mistake she has made, the lie that she told herself that made her believe she could face me?

Terry: Why don't you ask her all about her 'lies' while you're screaming in pain. You get this one chance to remove your hand from me, you won't get a second offer.

Terry calmly put his DS in his back pocket and once again moved to put distance between himself and Crowley but again the Prophet stopped him.

Crowley: Your threats are as fantastical as that game you were playing. You may be used to threatening little boys who try and fawn at your woman, but you are in a world of men now. I will find her, no matter how well you protect her, and she will be screaming for deliverance by the end.

Crowley pushed away from the younger Groupie, forcing him to bang into the wall once again as he painted a despicable smile across his face. He turned on heel to continue his search, only to nearly run into someone yet again...

Cheri: I hear you're looking for me, huh? Can't wait even just a few more minutes for me to make you scream?

Crowley: You! I've been looki--

Cheri: Yes dear, we've established that...

The Italian stepped forward into the woman, staring her down as he raised his arms to his sides in a threatening taunt.

Crowley: Spin your words however you like, they will mean nothing in the ring. You cannot continue to hide once I get my hands on you.

Terry moved forward behind him but Cheri shook her head and bit her lower lip as she looked over the Cult Leader.

Cheri: Vous ne réalisez je vous ai trouvé, non? <You do realize I found you, no?> (The Paris fans cheer in the background, hearing their native tongue.)

Crowley: Your words are going to get you into a lot of trouble songbird...

Crowley shoved Hayven backwards, causing her to stumble and nearly lose her footing. As she regained her balance, the man came in and pushed her again, this time pinning her to the opposite wall and leering into her eyes from mere inches away.

Crowley: And none of your disciples will be there to save yo--

Ernesto Clement: Just what in the hell do you think you're doing?!

The Italian initially seethed in exasperation after being interrupted yet again, though quickly cooled when he recognized the presence of Ernesto.

Clement: Let me ask again... what in the HELL... do you think... you're doing?! Are you not aware that I already tossed two hooligans out tonight, I'm not afraid to get rid of either of you! I'm tired of this backstage crap! You want to fight, do it out there where you're supposed to!

Clement stepped in between the two and separated them, then turned to Cheri and pointed down the hall to the entrance way.

Clement: You, rookie! Get out there, now!

He then turned to Crowley and shoved him as he stepped towards Hayven again.

Clement: And you! Get the hell out there with her! You will NOT ruin this night for me! You two are so very lucky that I need to fill a spot in the Legacy tournament or both your asses would be sent back to the hotel right now! I don't care what you do to each other, but do it out there where you're supposed to, and earn something around here!



Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen... the following is the opening match for the vacated Legacy Championship tournament! Introducing first, from where the mic drops, well known European songstress... Cheri.... HAYVEN!


The Paris crowd roars in response to the promise of seeing the popular singer for the first time in an arena that helped make a name for her. First, her largest groupie*, Donovan, steps out into the entrance way during the intro of her entrance theme. When Amy Lee comes in with "Now I will tell you what I've done with you..." Donovan steps to the side to reveal that Cheri is behind him with her back to the crowd. The Paris crowd is elated to see the singer, torn between wanting to see her wrestle and wanting to hear her sing.

Charlie Campbell: Ladies and gentlemen, if you haven't figured it out by now, Ms. Cheri Hayven is coming into PWC with quite the large fan base already, but for her music rather than her fighting.

Stan Chambers: That's right Charlie, she's well known here for a few songs she did for our line of work actually. But from what I've heard, she's no slouch when it comes to a fight, bringing a very different kind of style to the ring that really hasn't been seen.

Her other three groupies* stream out from the entrance way and snap pictures of Hayven while she bobs her head to the music, spinning around to face the crowd and spreads her arms wide, mouthing the words "Gooooooing Undeeeeeeeer" when Amy Lee sings them. Donovan then starts walking forward towards the ring with Cheri in tow and the rest of her groupies* following close behind while trying to stop the crowd from touching her. Cheri reaches out several times though to connect with the crowd, bouncing back and forth to each side to connect with those that love her. When he reaches the ring, Donovan holds the ropes open for Cheri to climb through and she poses in the center of the ring, unzipping her jacket to reveal her outfit underneath while the rest of the groupies* snap photos. Donovan leaves the apron after he takes her jacket and looks around to make sure his client is safe.

Emma Mason: And her opponent, from The Casalesi Italy, the Prophet.... CROWLEY!


The lights dissapear suddenly a monster riff starts and Crowley appears onto the stage with the most evil smile you could saw he then make a slightly reference as soon as he starts to walk down the ramp confident of himself with a microphone on his hands he enters the ring. The lights turns on, people look to each other looking for answers.

Charlie Campbell: I have to make this clear for the audience, this is a dangerous, dangerous man. They may love Cheri to death, but this isn't a concert or a mosh pit right now. She's stepping into the ring with a man that wants to strip people of their dignity and inflict as much pain as he can.

Stan Chambers: I agree, Cheri cannot, I repeat cannot treat this match or any other like it's some sort of stage party.

Match One
Cheri Hayven w/ groupies* vs. Crowley

Crowley immediately storms across the ring to get into the face of the first woman of PWC. He shoves her into the corner and backs off, taunting and screaming about the lies she sings to the world. Hayven steps away from the turnbuckles and replies with a grin, stepping into Crowley's shove yet again. She looks out towards the crowd and moves into the center again, though this time charging into her opponent with feigned attack combinations that cause him to back off, not wanting to be struck. The crowd boos Crowley for running from their favorite singer which makes Cheri grin even more. The Italian, seemingly, has already had his fill of both the crowd and the woman and rushes her, coming in with a rushing clothesline. Hayven, having goaded Crowley in, ducks under the attack and catches the man's arm, reversing her momentum to yank Crowley's own arm around his neck and dragging him to the mat with her, using his own body part to supply the pressure for a sleeper submission. Crowley, not having expected this, frantically fights out of the sleeper before it's fully applied and rolls away to the ropes, glaring at the woman the entire time. He slowly stands, eyes shooting daggers at his opponent as he screams about luck and deceit. Cheri just beckons him in.

The two meet in the middle again, Crowley proving to be a bit faster this time and forcing a collar and elbow tie up. Being the bigger, stronger competitor, he easily forces the woman back into the corner and unloads a long combination of punches into her before whipping her across the ring into the opposite turnbuckles. The Cult Leader charges in, leaping to score with jump kick but Cheri rolls out of the way, causing Crowley to wrap his leg over the ropes. The woman springs to action to take advantage of the situation and pulls Crowley's trapped leg at an angle it's not supposed to bend at. The man howls in pain and swings at the woman, barely missing a backhand as she dropped to pull the leg again. While he cries out in pain, the referee rushes in to admonish Cheri for using the ropes and forces her to back off. Crowley, now visibly limping is seething with anger, unable to comprehend how a woman could be doing this to him. He charges in but rolls to the side, slipping under Cheri's attempt at a meeting and snaps to his feet, catching the surprised woman with a dropkick to the face. The Italian quickly collects the fallen opponent and hoists her up, only to drop her yet again with a DDT in the center of the ring. He goes for the first cover of the match...


Cheri rolls her shoulder off the mat just as the count of two lands, but still finds herself in Crowley's clutches. The man unloads a series of quick punches into her face, much to the displeasure of the fans. Crowley scoops her up and plants her with a basic slam before hitting the ropes and taking to the air with a leaping elbow drop that drives the point of his elbow into her sternum. He covers again...


Hayven again gets free of the potential loss, holding her chest and coughing multiple times to catch her breath. Crowley plants a well aimed boot into the woman's stomach and shoves her face with an arrogant kick. He circles around his fallen prey and lines up for another kick as she slowly collects herself. Coming in hot, the man hits nothing but air as his target rolls out of the way and picks his other leg, the damaged one, and drags him to the ground. With his leg in hand, Cheri returns the favor and drives several elbows into Crowley's leg, hitting the knee, the calf, the inner thigh and questionably too close to the groin. She leaps over the prone Italian, hamstringing his leg so that it is pulled at a deeper angle than it's supposed to. The man screams out in pain as he clutches his leg, swinging at her with his hands whenever she comes in to try and resume her offense. Crowley crawls over to the ropes to try and use them to get up, but finds himself actually being helped up by Cheri herself. The woman drags Crowley, hopping on one foot, away from the ropes by his injured leg and smiles mischievously at the man. Taking a quick look out to the crowd, she steps in and drives her elbow into the man's thigh just above the knee then takes him down with a Dragon Screw Leg Whip. With both competitors on the mat, Cheri slips Crowley's damaged limb into her arms, locking in a knee bar submission. The man screams out, pounding the mat with his fist to try and fight off the pain, reaching out towards the ropes to find salvation. Unable to cause a break this way, he forces himself to his back and lays in kick after kick at Hayven's face, connecting enough times in his desperate barrage to force the woman to break the hold.

Cheri holds her jaw, blood spilling from a busted lip and shakes her head to regain her senses. While she recovered, Crowley limped to his feet and slipped to the outside ring apron, testing his leg to see if he could possibly jump. Showing an incredible display of athleticism, Crowley springboards off the top rope using only his one good leg, taking to the sky and coming at Hayven with a flying clothesline. Like before however, Cheri steps to the side and catches Crowley's arm, slamming him down into the center of the ring then floating over to his legs, trapping his bad ankle in her ankle lock, The Cure for the Pain. Crowley gets to his elbows and tries to roll through but Cheri follows him, keeping the hold cinched in. Crowley tries to kick at her again but she drops down, slipping her own leg in between Crowley's thigh and calf while she torques the ankle and keeps herself safe from his kicks. He tries to grab at her, claw at her, tries to roll, but every action he takes to escape is met with a reversal to keep the move locked in and finally... Crowley taps out.

Winner: Cheri Hayven @ 10:27

Chambers: Oh man, what a debut by Cheri Hayven! Did you see how methodical she was in there!

Campbell: Indeed she was my friend, I was somewhat expecting her to take wrestling and this match a little less than seriously, but she certainly proved us all wrong tonight. And no one more so than Crowley who is seething!

The crowd erupts in cheers and "YOU TAPPED OUT!" chants as Cheri's hand is raised, the woman wiping the streaming blood from her chin. The camera focuses in on the injured Crowley who is clutching his leg in pain and screaming at the new comer, promising her end will come soon. The show cuts to commercial as Cheri leaves the ring with her groupies*.



The cameras go backstage where we see PWC's management, Ernesto Clement and Brittany Page are walking with the latter holding a clipboard as they walk.

Ernesto Clement: So let me get this straight, after kicking Vos and Gino out of the arena earlier tonight we don't have ANYBODY to fill their spots in the Legacy Championship Tournament!? We have to have someone!

Brittany Page: Not that I'm seeing on my list sir.

Clement: What about that guy with the loudmouth manager, Bob McEfoy? He's still around right?

Page: No, he was released quite a while ago.

Clement: How about the little guy with the mask, Mircoburst?

Page: Again no.

Clement: It's like people are only signing up to get the free dinner I treat them to for their contract signing! Well don't we have some newer people we can throw in there!?

Page: Well we do have some rookies who are debuting tonight, we could add them to the tournament. In fact one of them is right over there.

Brittany Page points to a nearby hallway where we see one of the newest signees to PWC, Serenity Skye shadow boxing to prepare for her match tonight. Clement nods in approval and leads the way over to her with Brittany Page following close behind.

Clement: Hey you! How'd you like to have your match tonight be a Legacy Championship Tournament Match?

Skye quits shadow boxing and looks up at her bosses before nodding with excitement and smiling.

Skye: I'd love that!

Clement: Perfect. You're in then.

Clement now turns to his ASSistant, who writes something on her clipboard.

Clement: That cover our open spots?

Page: Well... not all of them.

Clement: Just, I don't care anymore. Just fill the open spots with whoever wants them and let's hope I don't have to kick anybody else out of the arena tonight.

The two bosses of PWC walk off as Serenity seems confused about the whole exchange, but smiles to herself at the thought of having a chance to win a championship this early in her career as we cut back to the ring.

Campbell: This match seems like it could be really interesting I think, what do you say?

Chambers: I'm not sure partner, Cerberus is still relatively new and is coming off from a loss last week... AND he's facing against Bruce Thorn Jr. I just, I hope we kind of see a repeat of what Cheri did earlier and not something else...

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen... the following match is your second Legacy Title tournament match! Introducing first, from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Bruce... Thorn... JR.!


Tommy Thorn comes striding out first onto stage with a smug look on his face, he then stepped to the side of the stage queuing the arena to dim the lights and shine a spotlight on the entrance ramp where Bruce Thorn comes out with his Hoodie on and head down.

Uncle Tommy steps back onto stage in front of Bruce who then puts his hands on Tommy’s shoulders who leads him down to ringside with the spotlight on both of them. Bruce goes into the ring and kneels down raising both arms and pointing toward the sky. Uncle Tommy stands on the ring apron and claps.

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen... his opponent, from The Holy Land... CERBERUS!


The lights in the arena dim, and "Pale Rider" hits, Mars walks out dressed in cloak; groups of followers right behind him. The lights flicker on and off as he makes his way down the ramp, and he stops mid way down the ramp and falls to his knees and prays to god. Before flicking his fingers and "turning" the lights back on as he sends his flock back and makes his way into the ring.

Match Two
Bruce Thorn Jr. vs. Cerberus

Thorn looks thoroughly unimpressed with the religious rookie and doesn't even pay him any mind as he gets into the ring. When the bell is called, he hops around the ring a bit and jaw jacks with the referee about his disappointment with his opponent. Cerberus, seemingly taking offense to his opponent's disrespect charges in at Thorn who ducks away, hits the opposite ropes and hits Cerberus with the Spear out of absolutely no where. He struck the man so hard that the referee nearly fell out of the ring from the impact. Thorn, wasting no time, pulls the groaning Cerberus to his feet and drops him hard in the center of the ring with an absolutely vicious Thorn in Your Side and makes the cover.


Winner: Bruce Thorn Jr. @ 1:41

Campbell: Uh... wow. I uh... partner?

Chambers: Bruce Thorn Jr. everyone. He wants the title. Bring your A game people. We'll be right back.



Emma Mason: The following contest is a first round match in the Legacy Championship tournament and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Dallas, Texas... Serenity SKYE!


Unfamiliar with the theme music, the fans look on towards the entrance ramp to see whoever the new comer is. As the lyrics kick up, Serenity skips out onto the stage and nods her head to the beat of the music as she looks out at the fans. Unfamiliar with the woman, most of the fans stay quiet save for a few cheers for seeing another girl ready to enter the ring. After a moment of waving, Serenity jogs down the ramp and slides into the ring under the bottom rope. The Texan then stands and climbs up to the top turnbuckle, making a "guns up" hand symbol to show pride for her old college Texas Tech and pull in the fans. She then jumps down after making a motion to shoot off the guns, hopping in place to prepare for her opponent.


Emma Mason: And her opponent, making his return to PWC. from Adelaide, Australia... Jack HAYDEN!

The camera pans over to the entrance way as the fans throw out a smattering of cheers for the returning superstar. A good minute passes with the song continuing in the background and the cheers dying down in response to no one appearing in the aisle. The music cuts so Emma can make the introduction again.

Emma Mason: And her opponent, making his return to PWC. from Adelaide, Australia... JACK HAYDEN!

The Emperor's Soundtrack begins again and carries on for another solid minute with various cameras focusing on the entrance way from different angles, yet none seeing the young man appear. The cameras cut to Emma who is shrugging her shoulders in response to questions from the ring crew and the referee before cutting back to a camera that has started to make its way backstage. Before the cameraman gets too far, he's stopped by a figure dressed in blacks and whites, with a face painted to match. He tosses his hair back with a snap of the head and grabs the camera lens, pulling it and the man wielding it up to get a close up of his face.

Stranger: That man was a good man... but he was not yet ready to create his legacy. I am. I am Corvus, and you will know my legacy.

The man named Corvus lets the camera go as he walks past, stepping out from the entry way into the aisle. The cameraman hurries further backstage to find Hayden knocked out in a pile of equipment, obviously in no condition to compete in a match. Cutting back to the aisle, we find Corvus has already slid into the ring in front of the very confused Serenity Skye who is questioning the equally confused referee. Corvus steps up into Skye's face and spreads his arms wide, declaring his intentions while security begin to rush out from the back.

Corvus: I am here to earn what I believe should be mine, to prove that I have the power to show you all the right path. I have no quarrel with you... but you are in my way.

Skye takes a step towards Corvus, who hits her over the head with the mic before jumping on top of her and attacking with wild punches as security enters the ring and begins to pull him off, but he fights back by punching any of them he can as Skye stumbles to her feet. Corvus continues to try and fight off security until Skye hits him with a stiff side kick into his ribs to double him over. The remaining members of security that are standing grab Corvus, but before they can take him out of the ring he gets dropped by a Curb Stomp from Skye! Corvus goes down as Brittany Page runs out onto the stage with a mic as security drags Corvus to his feet and handcuff him.

Brittany Page: Corvus! I understand trying to make an impact but taking out Jack Hayden, who had accepted a tournament spot, and attempting to do the same to Serenity Skye is NOT the way to do it! For that reason I'm gonna ask these fine gentleman to escort you out of the arena and MAYBE we'll let you compete on Vortex 19 if you're lucky!

The fans aren't quite sure how to react to this as security takes Corvus out of the arena while Serenity Skye now leans against the set of ropes closest to the ramp as Brittany Page looks up at her.

Page: As for you Serenity Skye, I understand you were supposed to wrestle here tonight but thanks to Corvus that isn't an option. There for you win tonight via forfeit and advance to the second round of the Legacy Championship Tournament. I promise this won't happen again.

Brittany Page now walks backstage as Skye stands in the ring, unsure how to react but shrugs when the referee raises her arm in victory.

Campbell: Partner, I gotta tell you... I would not want to be anywhere NEAR Mr. Clement right now. He's got to be beyond furious with how this night is going.

Chambers: You don't have to tell me twice my friend, this night has got to be the most embarrassing night for him and Ms. Page. So many lackluster appearances by people who claim they wish to make it to the top, to create "legacies" and all they're doing is, well frankly, phoning it in. And that isn't in any way entertaining to our fans.

Campbell: I certainly hope that we didn't have all our excitement spent on Gino and Vos, and then on Cheri and Crowley.

Chambers: I hope not. Anyway folks, commercial time!



Emma Mason: Ladies and gentleman our next match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 219 lbs, from Portland, Oregon... Jensen!

***Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue***

As the music begins, the lights throughout the arena go out, but the darkness doesn't last long as multicolored strobe lights start flashing. Soon a shadowy figure is seen at the top of the ramp wearing a bulb-fitted light up jacket. The crowd begins to cheer the figure as his back remains turned. Soon, Jensen turns and begins to walk down the ramp.As he makes his way towards the ring, Jensen interacts with several fans, giving a few high fives along the way.

Stan Chambers: You got to give it up for Jensen, folks. Despite what he has been through recently, tonight he is out here for the fans.

Charlie Campbell: Well said Stan. But it is impossible to miss the sheer look of determination on his face, tonight he is all business.

Soon Jensen makes it inside the ring. As Jensen shakes out his arms to prepare for his opponent, an out of focus figure on the Titantron appears. The camera than zooms out revealing Karl Wyndham from an undisclosed location.

Karl Wyndham: Hello Jensen, you look a little worse for wear. I wonder why that is?

Wyndham then lets out a small chuckle.

Wyndham: All kidding aside, I have something that belongs to you.

Wyndham then steps back away from the camera revealing a beaten and bloody Hunter Jackson, who at the moment was currently restrained by ropes.

Wyndham: As you can see, he is here in one piece. He would say hello, but at the moment he is currently tied up with other things.

Campbell: What a despicable man!

Wyndham: Now, let's get to business. Of all the people in the PWC, why would I take Mr. Hunter Jackson? Well, isn't it obvious? He is everything I stand against, and I am everything he hides from. The fact is Hunter Jackson needs me. You see every genuine boy is a rebel and an anarch. If he were allowed to develop according to his own instincts, his own inclinations, society as a whole would be much better off. But Hunter goes out of his way to avoid this. He runs from his true self...

Jensen then motions towards a member of the PWC crew for a microphone. He then stands in the center of the ring to address Karl Wyndham.

Jensen: I've have had about enough of your rambling. Right now you are hiding in some basement with my best friend, and I want him back. But the fact is Karl, you should be hiding.

The crowd cheers.

Jensen: Because when I was younger I spent a lot of time watching pirate movies. It would break my heart that they would spend their whole lives following a map, when the real treasure is the friendships they built along the way. Friendship means a lot to me, so you should know that I am going to do whatever it takes to get Hunter back.

Karl Wyndham is seen on the screen, and then smiles.

Wyndham: I am glad that you said that Jensen. So glad in fact that I will offer you a deal. If you happen to beat me at Right to Rule, you get him back. But are really prepared to dig deep inside and let out what's inside? You may not like what you see.

Jensen: You better believe it Karl! Good friends are hard to come by, especially ones that are willing to delete "Careless Whisper" from your internet history without judgment. You've got yourself a deal!

The crowd pops as Jensen agrees to the terms of the deal with Karl Wyndham. As Jensen stands in the middle of the ring, he is blindsided by Lonnie and Eddie, who have entered the ring from behind. The two members of the Group of Anarchy begin to take control of Jensen, taking turns kicking him while he is on the mat. Lonnie then picks up Jensen and throws him shoulder first into the ring post. Jensen is able get in some offense, but his movements are limited as he is pinned in the corner of the ring. As they continue to take turns hitting Jensen, Karl Wyndham looks on from the Titantron.

Out of nowhere, Jensen manages to land a huge elbow smash to Eddies head, dazing him for a few moments. The elbow smash creates gives him just enough time and space for Jensen to land a huge uppercut to Lonnie. At that moment, the crowd becomes alive and cheers on Jensen

"LETS GO JENSEN" is heard all throughout the arena, which fires up Jensen even more. As the dazed Eddie steps backwards, Jensen charges forward with a clothes line to Lonnie, which knocks him down.

Eddie soon regains his composure and charges at Jensen with a wild clothesline, which Jensen easily ducks under. As Eddie turns around, Jensen takes a step backwards to deliver a falling overhead kick to Eddies head, knocking him straight down into the mat!

Lonnie gets up, but only to receive several kicks to the midsection from Jensen. Edddie is able to regain his composure, but instead of attacking Jensen, he runs over to his partner and the both roll out of the ring.

Karl Wyndham could do nothing but look on as his two associates retreat from the action. Jensen then stands on the turnbuckle as the crowd continues to cheer him on.



Emma Mason: Ladies and gentleman our next match is scheduled for one fall. First, making his way to the ring, from Ukraine though now residing in Sierra Blanca, Texas... FAMINE!

Campbell: This match should be great, although I'm a bit disappointed this isn't also a tournament match.

Chambers: To be honest, I don't think anyone wants to give someone like Famine a shot at any kind of title with what he's done lately.

Silence fills the arena as Famine makes his way out to the ring. After his recent actions, a mixed reaction greets Famine who seems unphased. He slowly makes his way down the ring as the spotlight follows him.


The unfamiliar theme of PWC's newest signed blares through the PA system. Out comes an energetic young man who performs a few capoeira moves to excite the crowd. After a few moves, he finally makes his way down the ring but not before slapping hands with people in the first row.

Match Three
Famine vs. Ace Kicks

Referee Gwen Jeffers is in charge of this bout as she calls for the bell. The two combatants stay in position with Kicks dancing around trying to fool Famine with his movements. However, Famine doesn't look too impressed as he stands his ground. Kicks moves in looking for a lock up but Famine has none of it and instead, lands a kick right on Kicks's gut, doubling him over. Famine pounds on the back of Kicks, feeling the pain with each blow. Famine raises Kicks up with his head locked in and scores with a swinging neck breaker! Famine doesn't waste any time here as he goes for Kicks's left leg and wrenches it back as he connects with a single leg Boston crab. Unlucky for Kicks as he's in the middle of the ring. Famine wrenches back on the leg even more causing Kicks to writhe in pain. Referee Jeffers asks Kicks if he wants to give it up but gets an emphatic no for a reply.

Kicks begins throwing rights to the arm of Famine, looking to break the hold. But this causes Famine to pull back on the submission maneuver even more. Kicks seems ready to tap but instead, he starts getting pumped up. With the crowd cheering on PWC's newest signee, Kicks uses his elbows to crawl towards the bottom rope - and finally gets it!

Famine let's go of the hold and Kicks can finally breathe even just for a bit. Seeing an opening, Famine continues to work on the left leg of Kicks. Taking him out of his game, Famine begins stomping on the left leg of Kicks, with each stomp stronger than the last one. Referee Jeffers even begins a five count so that the torture from Famine may cease. Famine whips himself off the ropes and drops a knee right to the left leg of Kicks. He does this one more time - and the pain on Kicks's face is obvious. Famine tries for a pin -


The crowd cheers for Kicks for kicking out of that one while Famine looks a little surprised. Kicks begins trying to punch some feeling into his left leg but it's no use. Famine goes on the offensive yet again and this time, he helps Kicks to his feet. Kicks hobbles and is barely able to stand on his own. Famine whips him to the corner with all his strength causing the small of Kicks's spine to connect with the turnbuckle.

Kicks is on all fours now but is quickly picked up by Famine. It looks as Famine is going for a sunset flip, but Famine jerks back up and connects with a sunset flip powerbomb - dropping Kicks right on his head, wow! Here's the pin -


But Kicks uses all his strength left and powers over Famine, rolling him into an impromptu school boy! Kicks with his first pin attempt of the match -


Winner: Ace Kicks @ 5:32

Chambers: What a victory out of no where for the kid!

Campbell: With his display tonight, even if this wasn't a tournament match, I think the boy may be well on his way to deserving a shot at whomever the champion will be!



Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of the following match will advance to the second round of the PWC Legacy tournament and it is scheduled for one fall!

Stan Chambers: Up next we have an absolute last-minute replacement for Kameron o’Ryan.

Charlie Campbell: While nobody knows who he is, all our sources told us is that he is a very angry, angry man!

Emma Mason: Introducing first, from the Forest, weighing in at 150 kilograms... Reggie!

*Für Elise*

A blonde brute comes walking down the entrance ramp. He scowls at the audience upon his arrival.

Chambers: This must be Reggie!

Campbell: Would you look at the muscles on that thing?

Reggie’s intense stare scans the arena and he jumps onto the apron, but he notices a teensy bit of metal poking out from under the ring. He jumps down, pulls the partially exposed steel chair out from under the ring and bashes it on the concrete! Warping the chair out of shape, Reggie becomes even angrier! He stomps on the chair in an attempt to straighten it out again.


Having made a perfect indentation of his own boot, Reggie tosses the steel chair back under the ring and makes sure it is completely under the ring. He gets back in the ring and pulls against the ring ropes in his corner.

Emma Mason: His opponent... from Perth, Scotland, weighing 185 pounds... Daiko!


Campbell: Just listen to that ovation, Stan!

Chambers: You never got a reaction like that, did you?

Campbell: Hell, no! Daiko is riding high and the fans know it. The sarcastic Scot is easily one of the most entertaining wrestlers ever to work in PWC.

Daiko struts out of the gorilla position. He raises his hands to the cheering fans and high-fives a bunch of them on the way to the ring. He flips over the ring, but concentrates on Reggie the moment he lands. He tosses his jacket to a lucky member of the audience. PWC-official, Roger Hains, steps to the centre of the ring and signals for the bell.

Match Four
Reggie vs. Daiko

*ding ding ding*

The angry, angry man charges at Daiko. With his feet nearly punching holes in the mat, he sprints all 330 pounds of rage Daiko’s way, but Daiko hits the deck and Reggie passes over him and crashes into the ring-post. Reggie gets upright, looks at the red bruise on his shoulder and (seemingly impossibly so) gets even angrier! He stamps on the ring and spins around.

Reggie makes a run for Daiko again and this time Daiko hops into the air, does a split and Reggie speeds by under him. Reggie runs right into the turnbuckle. Seeing as his face was already red, now it’s turning a lovely shade of mauve. Reggie looks to Daiko and beats his chest, grunting and groaning. Daiko, on the other hand, winks at Reggie, sending him further over the edge he already went over minutes ago.

The crowd is delighted at seeing one of their favourites outsmart the enraged Reggie.

With reckless abandon, Reggie stampedes towards Daiko, but Daiko dives out of the way and hops onto the middle rope, completing the manoeuvre with a graceful springboard moonsault... but Reggie catches him in mid-air!

Daiko’s limbs flail about, but Reggie lifts him high over his head with the greatest of ease. After holding him aloft for a few moments, Reggie sends him down again with a gorilla press slam. Daiko gets some breath knocked out of him, but he’s fresh enough to roll away and get to a vertical base before Reggie can continue his assault.

Needless to say, Reggie did not like Daiko getting up one bit and he starts roaring at him. Reggie’s meaty arms grab wildly at his opponent, but Daiko darts out of the way. Another grab, another evasion. Shooting a quick glance at the ropes, Daiko starts to run away from Reggie. Eager in the hunt, Reggie pursues Daiko... until Daiko reaches the far side of the ring and catches him by surprise with a springboard back elbow!

Even angry, angry men have regular jawbones and Reggie goes down. Daiko gets in an early cover: One, tw- Reggie throws Daiko off his body with such force that the fan favourite travels two feet into the air! Reggie and Daiko arise and Reggie absolutely livid. Reggie leads with a toe-kick and gets Daiko into position for a suplex. Still handling Daiko’s weight like a children’s toy, Reggie picks up Daiko and holds him perpendicularly to the ground. He huffs, he puffs and he throws his opponent down with a reverse suplex!

The angry, angry man glares at Daiko and screams at his downed adversary. The Parisian people look on in shocked silence as Reggie picks up Daiko, holds him high over his head and drops him over the top rope and out of the ring!

Daiko is a crumpled mess lying next to the ring. It takes him a while, but he grabs hold of the guard rail and pulls himself up. Fans pat him on the back and voice their support. Daiko takes a deep breath and lowers his head, before hopping onto the apron. Reggie runs in to maul him, but Daiko ducks out of the way and head-butts him in the stomach. With Reggie doubled over, Daiko rolls over the top rope and Reggie’s back to get into the ring. Daiko grabs Reggie in a side-headlock and moves him a little closer to the corner. Reggie powers out of it and hollers at Daiko, but he didn’t expect Daiko to run to the ropes and return through the air with a springboard hurricanrana!

Daiko nearly snaps Reggie’s head off, but he’s not done – he scales the ring post and positions himself on top of the turnbuckle. He raises his hands to the crowd, acknowledging them, before flying through the air and connecting with a diving senton right on Reggie’s abdomen! Daiko keeps it there for the cover and Hains makes the count: One... Two... Th- Reggie gets a shoulder up.

Nearly foaming at the mouth by now, Reggie gets up and swings at Daiko, throwing wild (but herculean) punches. Daiko dodges a couple and blocks a few, but with every hit, he winces painfully. Reggie decides to switch it up and while Daiko is trying to anticipate from which side a melon-sized fist will come, Reggie headbutts him! It only takes a moment of Daiko being stunned for Reggie to lock in the double underhook. Daiko groans as Reggie stretches his already-damaged arms and then again when he gets slammed with a double underhook suplex!

Daiko rolls away desperately and scrambles to his feet, but Reggie seems to have some difficulty getting up. He is sweating profusely and gasping for air. Daiko swoops in to seize the opportunity, sets him up and throws him with a quick snap suplex. Daiko rubs his back a little from suplexing the much larger opponent, but he shrugs it off and soldiers on. However, that little lapse in offense gave Reggie a chance to get his considerable bulk to a vertical base.

Reggie tries a right hook, but it’s slow and Daiko can sidestep it. Reggie swings with a clothesline, but he is dragging his feet and Daiko has little trouble ducking underneath it. Daiko starts going on the offensive with a kick to Reggie’s ribs. Daiko takes a bit of a run-up and connects with a Yakuza kick!

Like a big blue-gum tree, Reggie starts to lose his balance and slowly crashes onto the mat with a thud. Daiko briefly considers going for the pin, but decides to make sure he slays the beast. Instead, he goes to the corner once, hopefully for the last time. From the bottom rope the crowd urges him on, all the way until he reaches the top. He waves at the fans and the Bercy Arena explodes with cheers.

Daiko bends his knees and takes a last look at Reggie before taking the plunge for the moonsault. He swings his arms upwards and launches himself up high. Crisp and elegant, he glides through the air, reaching the peak. He rotates and lands... on Reggie’s knees! A groan echoes through the fans. Reggie managed to defend himself at the absolute last moment! Roger Hains rushes to Daiko, but Daiko beats him away with one arm while the other hangs limply at his side.

As if smelling blood, Reggie charges in on his last bit of adrenaline and tackles Daiko. The angry, angry man makes an angry, angry pin: One... Two... Three!

*ding ding ding*

Winner: Reggie @ 14:56

Emma Mason: Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match and advancing to round two of the Legacy tournament... Reggie!

*Für Elise*

Reggie gets his arm raised to a ton of boos, but he is beyond caring. He’s even too tired to get angry about it.

Chambers: What do you make of that, Chuck?

Campbell: This new guy Reggie is a force unlike I’ve ever seen before. If you told me yesterday that this snarling, incoherent Wildman would defeat one of PWC’s finest, I would tell you to lay off the crack pipe.

The PWC-medics arrive and check up on Daiko, who has a grave look on his face. One of them feel and prod near his shoulder and Daiko grits his teeth from the pain.

Chambers: What’s this? This doesn’t look good! This doesn’t look good at all!

Campbell: No! Say it ain’t so! I hope that’s not what I think it is.

One of the medics run over to Stan, before running back and escorting Daiko to the ramp.

Chambers: Viewers, I have just received some terrible news – I have just been informed that Daiko did indeed suffer a broken clavicle during that last moonsault.

Campbell: You hate to see this sort of thing happen. This means that PWC won’t have Daiko around for at least a couple of months.

Chambers: It’s a terrible injury, but these things do happen in pro wrestling. Viewers, please know that he is in good hands and will definitely be back in time. We at PWC wish him a speedy recovery.



PWC returns to a view of the Bercy Arena’s interior. Fans welcome Ernesto Clement and Brittany Page into the ring, which is decorated with a polished oak desk and five comfortable office chairs. Clement looks like a man who has had a difficult evening, because he has. Still, he manages to appreciate and acknowledge the reaction the fans show him. To his left, Brittany hands him a piece of paper and they sit down onto the two seats in the middle.

Charlie Campbell: One thing’s for sure, somebody backstage has a crick in his back after moving all of this stuff around.

Ernesto Clement: Does anybody know what this is?

He raises the piece of paper and shows it to the audience.

Clement: This is a contract for a match, but not just any match! If your name is on this contract, you will be in the main event of Right To Rule for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship! As you have all seen earlier tonight, one man went to great lengths to ensure he’ll sign on the dotted line. That man is-


Doctor Nero: That man is me!

Nero and Ellie are greeted by jeers and heckling as they get to the ring. They take the two seats on the left.

Nero: It’s time to give me what is mine, Clement.

Nero leans menacingly close to his boss.


The fans are on their feet as the champ walks in, with the belt snugly around his waist. Elric gives it a tap on the PWC-logo.

Kyle Elric: Oh, you mean this championship right here? I don’t think so, Nero!

Immediately, Nero is on his feet, but so Clement, trying to calm him down. Elric does a few shadow-boxing punches and raises his fists to the fans, who cheer him on. Kyle spins around and takes the one remaining seat on the far right.

Nero: We’ll see just how cocky you are at Vortex 20 when I am the new champion!

Nero’s fingers dig into his chair’s exquisite leather finishes.

Elric: We’ll just have to see about that one, won’t we? Don’t get me wrong, Nero, I respect what you’ve done as Legacy champion, but-

Nero: I don’t want your respect, I want your title!

Elric: But... the truth is that this is MY title now and if you want it, you’ll have to pry it from my grave, because nobody is taking it from me!

Clement: Gentlemen, please! The last thing I need is more chaos on tonight’s show. Let’s sign this thing and make it official!

Clement passes the contract to Nero, who reads it thoroughly before signing. Clement passes the contract to Elric, who twirls the pen playfully and then signs it.

Clement: Thank you, gentlemen. See how nice it is when everything goes according to plan?

Campbell: In all my years in the wrestling business, this is the first public contract signing where nobody got hurt!

Chambers: That’s why PWC is such a trailblazing organization! You saw it first here on Vor-

The lights go out and the whole arena becomes dark. Here and there, pools of blue light sweep through the audience.

Campbell: I guess I spoke too soon, huh?


The strobe light kicks in and Xander Black is in the ring! The crows goes bananas when they see their hero! He hits an off-guard Kyle Elric with a belly-to-belly suplex. Nero realises what’s up and makes a run for the contract, but Xander beats him to it and strikes quick and true with the Message! Both Elric and Nero are down and the arena lights return to normal. Dumbfounded, Clement remains seated, but Nurse Ellie and Brittany Page have retreated to the announcer’s table.

Xander takes the pen from Clement’s shaking hand and holds up the contract.

Xander Black: I have unfinished business with Elric and Nero. I think we’re in for a change of plans!

The audience laps up his words.

Xander signs the contract and presents it neatly to the owner of PWC. The arena turns dark again, but when the house lights return, Xander is gone. Nurse Ellie runs to Nero’s aid and Elric is stirring as well, making sure he still has the championship around his waist.

Chambers: What the hell just happened, Chuck?

Campbell: I’m speechless! Does this mean...?

Chambers: It sure does! Xander Black just forced his way into a World Heavyweight Triple Threat at Right To Rule! Mister Clement’s exact words were “whoever’s name is on the contract”...

Campbell: Dammit, why didn’t I think of that?!

Chambers: Well, this just changed things completely! What is Nero’s next move, considering the recent developments? How will Kyle Elric adapt to a new threat to his title? What state of mind is Xander Black in? Find out the answers to these questions next time on PWC Vortex 19! On behalf of my broadcasting partner and myself, this is PWC, signing off!

Opening: Jammy
Gino / Vos segment: MTB
Cheri / Crowley segment and match: Eric
Clement / Page / Skye segment: HN
Thorn / Cerberus match: Eric
Corvus / Skye segment: Eric and HN
Jensen / Wyndham segment: ATF
Famine / Kicks match: Jammy
Reggie / Daiko match: MTB
Contract signing: MTB

Cheri defeated Crowley to advance to Round 2 of tournament
Thorn defeated Cerberus to advance to Round 2 of tournament
Skye defeated Corvus to advance to Round 2 of tournament
Ace Kicks defeated Famine
Reggie defeated Daiko to advance to Round 2 of tournament

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Vortex 18 Review:

For a segment-dominated episode that saw a ton of no-shows, this was actually very good. While the matches themselves were definitely the weak links here, we got to see a lot of good character development through the segments.

The biggest story coming out of the show was, no doubt, Nero cashing in his Legacy Title for a shot at Elric's World Title. I think everyone knows that this is going to be an amazing feud and absolute money. Nero is a monster and has been on a path of absolute carnage for the past few months. The champion is in serious jeopardy, especially considering the forthcoming match is a triple-threat with none other than his archrival Xander Black.

The Gino-Vos segment was pretty long but very funny. Gino's segments have proven to all be hilarious and this one here was no exception. This apparent feud between he and Vos might be considered a "comedy" feud, but, if you think about it, both characters embrace comedy in different ways. Gino is more traditional in this sense; he's funny looking and clumsy but he has a big heart. Vos is a dark and macabre character that utilizes a lot of satire and morbidly humorous imagery. This fascinating contrast in style makes this feud more interesting than it may seem.

As for Crowley-Cheri, I'm not sure if I agree with the decision to have Crowley tap out when Demon Hunter submitted an RP. On one hand, you have automatic fan-favorite Cheri who is put over big time, but it makes Crowley look extraordinarily weak when he didn't no-show and submitted a great RP.

Not much to say about the next match other than Thorn Jr. is an absolute stud and, most likely, the next Legacy Champion. It's a shame that Cerberus continues to no-show because his character is unique and there are a lot of guys on the roster he with which he could mesh well and pull out entertaining feuds with.

Corvus attacking Skye was a little confusing at first (considering we haven't really heard anything from or about him lately) but it was a decent impromptu (given the no-show) way to introduce him as a monster and Skye as a sympathetic character. However, I have to say, the image of Corvus attacking Skye like that came off as really over-the-top and almost comedic despite the fact that it probably wasn't supposed to be.

I was a bit confused as to why Famine would get a mixed reaction, especially after what he went through in the feud with Nero. Perhaps the crowd has lost confidence in him for coming up short in two straight title matches? Good showing from Ace here, escaping with a victory against a man that, uncharacteristically, seems to be close to losing it. For Famine, this is definitely a sign that that his manager's betrayal and losing that last title match has gotten to him. Where does he go from here?

Wyndham's antics here are what everyone initially hoped/thought Bray Wyatt would bring in WWE but, thus far, has not. I really love this character. Kidnapping someone else's NPC (that was, just a short time ago, an actual character no less) definitely brings the feud to a whole new level and just makes it a lot iller. Things are a lot more interesting and fun when guys that are feuding take the time to communicate and agree to work together on ideas like this. Awesome work guys.

Daiko's opponent no-showed yet he still lost? If he's taking time off (which appears to be the case with the injury), it makes sense. If such is the case, as one of PWC's biggest and most established stars, he will surely be missed.

The final segment started a bit slow but definitely picked up when Xander Black appeared. That triple-threat match is going to be sick. These guys are all on another level and will surely bring their very best for this one.

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Vortex 18 Review:Daiko's opponent no-showed yet he still lost?
Jammy or someone will probably post the RP eventually. Reggie being in the match was always planned as far as I know.

I'll have feedback from a new guy's perspective up before new years maybe. I'll probably be overly harsh (especially since I liked it - and who can't love a Reggie win?) but I'll try to be fair since this fed is still young :)

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With a whir a VCR tape kicks itself into action as its display flickers before showing what seems to be a small French cafe...

Welcome back to "The Search for the Angry Angry Man". Our quest to catch up to the elusive beast has brought us to the barrens of inner city Paris, where we believe the Angry Angry Man to be hidden within the wilderness of the concrete jungle and old French decor...

As the English voiceover begins, the camera walks inside the cafe to reveal a seated Reggie, alone in his wrestling gear and sitting next to the bar breathing heavily with his eyes closed...

Watch as we see the Angry Angry Man seated, waiting for an order of eggs Benedict with extra salmon and a hashbrown. Notice that his eyes are closed, perhaps due to the concentration needed by the Angry Angry Man to stay sane after the waitress who took his order almost wrote down that he wanted ham in his meal instead of the aforementioned salmon.

A male American tourist notices the odd sight of a muscly man in what is effectively underwear and shifts his bar stool next to Reggie...

This is both a rare and astonishing sight to behold! The human male, unaware of the dangers surrounding the Angry Angry Man, appears to be trying to instigate a conversation with the beast - perhaps trying to obtain some sort of comradery or friendship in the process. Let's take a closer look.

The America tourist leans over to Reggie whilst chowing down on what appears to be a grilled ham, bacon, pork and cheese sandwich. As he chews, he chuckles to himself before looking off int the distance and going on a ramble about how the kids these days don't communicate anymore. Reggie's left eyelid begins to twitch as his concentration intensifies to remain calm until he gets his meal.

As you can see, the combination of unwanted chatter and the wait for his meal has made the Angry Angry Man reasonably grumpy, but with the reward of quite a delicious meal hanging in the balance this doesn't seem to be just enough to tip him over the edge just yet. Let's observe for a little bit longer as the Angry Angry Man receives his food...

Reggie's plate arrives and looks as delicious as it sounds, and as Reggie takes his first bite into the meal a tear forms in his eye. The American tourist, however, quickly dampens Reggie's happy mood as he pats him on the back while still rambling on about nothing important enough to approach a stranger, causing the currently not so angry Angry Angry Man to flinch for a second.

It appears that the Angry Angry Man has been presented with a conundrum; now that he has tasted the glory that is a perfectly done eggs Benedict should he continue eating the meal that has brought him such joy, or should he snap and destroy the overly friendly tourist for bothering him?

Reggie slowly puts down his fork before standing up with such force that the tourist is flung across the cafe. The camera rushes outside the building to escape the rage filled destruction that is to come...

It appears the Angry Angry Man has made his choice, hopefully after this tragedy there will still be enough eggs Benedict for him to enjoy.

The roars of Reggie, smashing and banging of various objects flying around provides the background music as we fade to black...

Clearly, the lesson to be learned from this encounter with the Angry Angry Man is that when you come across some kind of loner who happens to be a mountain of muscle, don't be a creepy tourist and interrupt his calm state - for all you know he could be some kind of incredibly strong beast who gets angry at that sort of thing

We fade back in to see a scientific lab where technicians are conversing about various different sciency things...

Through the magic of science and a hair gathered from the cafe belonging to the Angry Angry Man, people such as these lab-coated individuals are trying to find out why the prospect of friendship with a stranger triggered the Angry Angry Man's rage. In this case, studies have concluded that the Angry Angry Man appears to be a sad creature, whose one true desire is indeed to make a friend, but since almost everything on the planet happens to make this particular Angry Angry Man angry, it is unfortunately impossible to do so. He does not want to hurt the humans he meets, actually quite the the opposite, but the various little quirks and imperfections that make those humans "human" are too much for him to handle and as such he is doomed to a life of solitude and exclusion. Other supposed "loners", however, seem to hold a special place deep within the Angry Angry Man's rage, since there is no physical barrier holding those people from making the friends that they lack. This appears to not only make the Angry Angry Man angry, but also rather sad since he views those people as taking for granted the ability to make friends, one which he himself lacks.

But, there are another type of humans who the Angry Angry Man gets angry at even more than those "loners", and they are the ones who suddenly gain an abundance of friends without even trying. Ones such as Daiko who start off as a loner before suddenly becoming a hometown hero without any explicable change. Indeed, the Angry Angry Man would appear to be quite angry if for some unforeseen occurrence he were to, say, run into a man like a Daiko during a match on PWC Vortex 18 and unleash years and years worth of jealousy and rage...

But for the sake of Daiko and everyone in attendance at the show, let's just hope a situation like that never happens...

Everything fades to black...
PWC is coming back sometime in January. Until then recharge and come up with some good ideas for your character. PWC is gonna rock in 2015!

Laserblast, thanks for the feedback on the show. The reason there were so many surprises was that we didn't want to advertise people making their debut as it would ruin the surprise. I can see why the Skye/Corvus thing would be awkward. Corvus, who is played by meeks_56, no showed so we just came up with something. I agree that some matches could've been lengthier btw we'll work on that. We're getting better for sure. Hopefully I get my laptop back soon so that I can do more. Thanks again for the feedback.

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Yeah Reggie and Corvus we're planned all along for the show. We went all Vince Russo and pulled out some swerves.

Also lets make one thing perfectly clear, Serenity Skye is the next Legacy Champion, NOT Bruce Thorn Jr! At least I hope so.

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Yeah Reggie and Corvus we're planned all along for the show. We went all Vince Russo and pulled out some swerves.
Just to add to what Hollywood said, Gino/Vos was always going to be just a segment. I had an hour or two to burn, so I wrote something for poops & giggles.

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Here are a few thoughts I have regarding the show. It isn't a full review though...

-Great intro segment for the show, especially in regards to Nero relinquishing the Legacy title to set up the tournament.

-As others have pointed out the matches were a bit short. I guess it couldn't be helped though, especially with the amount of no shows. Hopefully, the new characters stick around for a bit. But the storytelling made up for it, with lots of progression of the storylines. It was a good way set up the upcoming PPV

-Vos/Gino segment was great. Nice little set up for a feud out of nowhere. LOL

-Great closing segment with Xander Black forcing his way into the title picture.

-Nice debut from Cheri Hayven. She is already super over with the crowd and was booked really strongly. I wonder how Crowley will retaliate especially being embarrased like that.

-Shocked to see Daiko injured like that. It looks like we lost another classic PWC character...

-Famine suffered a shock defeat to a debuting Ace kicks. I wonder where he goes from here

-PWC Legacy tournament is interesting. It was both good and bad to see random characters thrown into it, especially with Ernie Clements wandering around backstage trying to fill the slots. Good because we have no idea what to expect, but bad because it shows how thin our roster has been.

-No Jensen match equals unhappy fans. :side:

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