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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

Arena: Bercy Arena
Capacity: 16,065
Location: Paris, France

Singles Match
Gino Galucci vs. Freddie Vos

Singles Match
Cheri Hayven vs. Crowley

Singles Match
Jensen vs. Johnny Gold

Singles Match
Bruce Thorn Jr. vs. Cerberus

Singles Match
Jack Hayden vs. Serenity Skye

Singles Match
Famine vs. Ace Kicks

Singles Match
Kameron O'Ryan vs. Daiko

+ Some superstars make their returns. Also, Will Dr. Nero vacate his Legacy Title for a shot at the World Title? Tune in to find out!

Deadline for RPs is 11:59 pm GMT on December, 14, Sunday.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

As always, feel free to leave your predictions in the thread. Also, we like feedback on the shows as well :D

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Singles Match
Gino Galucci vs. Freddie Vos

It is great to see a returning Gino against a high profile opponent. However, I do believe that Freddie Vos will prove to be too strong for the pizza man. Lots of questions to be asked going into this match, where does Freddie Vos go next and what the hell happened with the Gino and the princess?

Singles Match
Cheri Hayven vs. Crowley

Finally we get to see the long awaited debut of Cheri Hayven. Crowley is a good opponent and will put up a hell of a fight. Definitely looking forward to this match.

Singles Match
Jensen vs. Johnny Gold

My tag partner was kidnapped, seriously kidnapped! Jensen is focused and ready to fight.

Singles Match
Bruce Thorn Jr. vs. Cerberus

Cerberus has a huge battle on his hands, as he is looking to earn his first victory in the PWC. But his opponent is Bruce Thorn Jr.

Singles Match
Jack Hayden vs. Serenity Skye

Who the hell is Jack Hayden? Even with the mystery, I go for the 5'3 115 lb girl from Texas.

Singles Match
Famine vs. Ace Kicks

Excited to see the debut of Ace Kicks. But I think Famine has a point to prove after coming up short in a wild main event

Singles Match
Kameron O'Ryan vs. Daiko

Kameron O' Ryan? We haven't heard anything from him in months. Very interesting nonetheless.

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Singles Match:

Gino Galluci vs Freddie Vos

Glad to see Jam back and I'm intrigued in to know what happened with his brothers/princess but does he really has a chance against Vos? I don't think so but last show has shown us how unpredictable can be this company so anything could happen.

Cheri Hayven vs Crowley

An important match for both. Cheri wants to prove herself on PWC and make a great impact on her debut while on the other hand Crowley needs to prove himself for once.

Jensen vs Johnny Gold

If Jensen is focused on this match he has a great chance to win. But I'm wondering what the Golden Boy will bring for this match?

Bruce Thorn vs Cerberus

Cerberus had a good debut but he goes against someone who has proven to be a solid wrestler who's making a name for himself in this company with a little help from his uncle.

Jack Hyden vs Serenity Skye

Everything is bigger in Texas will Serenity be a bigger star on PWC in the future?

Famine vs Ace Kicks

After losing against Nero in a tight match Famine is looking for revenge and Ace Kicks will be witness of it in that ring.

Kameron O' Ryan vs Daiko

After been awhile for months Kameron needs to prove why PWC sign him but in that ring is going to be Daiko one of the biggest stars from PWC.


Huge card and hopefully everybody will show up with great RP's. :side:

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Singles Match
Gino Galucci vs. Freddie Vos
- I can't vote against myself but I know that Vos is gonna do well, he always does. All I'll say is that I'm pumped for Gino's return and I'm not gonna slow down. Should be a fun match for sure.

Singles Match
Cheri Hayven vs. Crowley
- Crowley's more established but I think Cheri has a lot of momentum right now since the last segment she was in. Should be a fun match as well. This could go either way so even I chose Cheri to win, I think Crowley is more than capable of taking this one.

Singles Match
Jensen vs. Johnny Gold
After the GOAT RP Gold just wrote, I don't think he can top that. Jensen just lost his best friend in Jackson so I think he'll be pumped up to win this one. Maybe we'll finally see Jensen with an edge. At least, that's what I hope happens. This'll be great though, Gold is...gold :p

Singles Match
Bruce Thorn Jr. vs. Cerberus
- Thorn Jr. has slowly becoming one of my favorite characters in the fed. I think that now that he has a certain direction with his uncle Tommy, he'll be very dangerous. Cerberus debuted with a lost but he might be able to surprise people. Don't count him out just yet.

Singles Match
Jack Hayden vs. Serenity Skye
- During Hayden's first run, he was pretty impressive. I think that he'll be just as good, if not, better. However, he's up against some tough competition in Skye. I know Skye is a new character but I think HN is ready to RP after his long lay-out.

Singles Match
Famine vs. Ace Kicks
- Famine's been solid his entire time in PWC and I feel he continues that here. Despite losing to Nero, Famine will bounce back and unfortunately for Kicks, it'll be against him. Kicks has RP'd before though and I hope he sticks around as his character sounds pretty interesting.

Singles Match
Kameron O'Ryan vs. Daiko
- Daiko's slowly building momentum and I don't think O'Ryan stops him here. I like the direction the Daiko character is going in. Plus, he beat the world champion. Yes, Elric no showed that match but a win is a win. Daiko is on the rise and I expect him to pull out the win.

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#Parttimechamp #Ironcladcontract

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Soon. Calm your horses :lol

Within this weekend.

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Can't wait! The anticipation is killing me

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Jensen has been granted a 24 hour extension. The rest of you, get your RPs in. If you NEED an extension, say so here.

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Yeah I want an extension Jam.

I haven't finished my RP yet but I prefer doing this rather than a no show. Sorry.

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Extension is cool and thanks for the heads up instead of just no showing. So just for the record the only people with a 24 hour extension right now are Crowley, Jensen and their opponents. Everybody else has until tomorrow to get their RP's in, PLEASE DON'T NO SHOW!

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Vortex 17
The Main Event​
Gary and Dr. Nero circle each other over Famine’s body as the crowd anticipates another brawl. However, Gary extends his hand to Dr. Nero and the two shake before Gary ascends the ramp and leaves. The crowd is appropriately shocked at this enigmatic show of camaraderie between supposed rivals.
However, Gary extends his hand to Dr. Nero and the two shake before Gary ascends the ramp and leaves.
Gary extends his hand to Dr. Nero.
After so long, Famine had finally reached the apogee of despair. It was as if his body and soul had dissipated into dandelion dust and disappeared into the depths of night.

But was it over?

The United States of America​

A slightly cool breeze permeated throughout an auditorium. A young, thinly mustachioed man, clad in a grey suit, sat cross-legged and tapped the eraser of a pencil against his brow. In modest repose, he directly faced two podiums, three rows from the bottom, dead center. The low murmur of distant conversation gradually began to increase as more people began to file into the room. In a flash, the seats had mostly filled and the fanfare was to begin. Two men - a skinny American bureaucrat and a stern looking Easterner, ascended the stage and took their places behind both of the lecterns. The bureaucrat tapped his microphone before speaking.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, scientists, good evening; we’ll get ourselves started here. First of all, thank you for being here tonight and, in that, accepting a rare, and, might I say privileged, opportunity to break down cultural, political, and scientific boundaries in one fell swoop, as it were. The Union of Soviet Socialist Republics is an entity that is admonished and admired all the same. We’ve had our differences and, per the peril of human nature, that constant is here to stay. However, we believe that through this program, we may attempt to bridge the gap and happen upon a solution that advances our collective scientific interests while healing old wounds. So, without further ado, may I extend a congratulations to all of you, our bright American scientists, who have been selected for the Multilateral Exchange Program of the Sciences, or, per the myriad of letters I’m sure you received, the M.E.P.S.. I would now like to welcome, at this time, Soviet premier Leonid Brezhnev!”​

The Easterner, in a thick Russian accent, repeated each line the bureaucrat spoke in his respective language. Following the speech, a careful applause echoed throughout the auditorium. A frail looking man, escorted by two others, emerged from stage left, the pattering of his cane on the wood floor becoming more audible as the applause descended to a haunting still and the large room’s pressure dropped. He shook hands with the skinny bureaucrat, their persons turning to absorb the flashes of press cameras in the orchestra pit. Using the podium to hold himself up, he spoke briefly in Russian with the Eastern translator, this time, repeating his words in skewed English.

“We hope for this to be the beginning of a healthy, renewed, and prosperous relationship between the Soviet Union and the America.”

“Thank you, Mr. Brezhnev. Now, for the next three hours, we’ll focus on every aspect of the program and how we’ll make the transition as smooth as possible...”​


The mustachioed man sat at a desk perusing through file folders. At his back, the amber setting sun basked through venetian blinds. A man knocked on the closed office door once before entering and sitting on the desk, pushing aside a book titled Learn Russian.

“Yo, D, let’s hit up the nudie club tonight. I needed booze and babes, like, yesterday.”

“No can do. I got a lot on my mind right now. I got a big assignment today and I don’t think my wife is going to take it particularly well.”

“That M.A.P.S. shit you were telling me about? Ain't you known about that shit for a while? Just tell ‘em no. Keep your regular old job and your wife happy at the same time.”

“M.E.P.S., Ned, Multilateral Exchange Program of the Sciences. Look, I’m a new world man. I can’t turn this down. This is the biggest opportunity of my career and I will not squander it. Something goes wrong and it's World War Three. They won't let that happen. All is for the best.”

He repeated to himself, tapping his desk.

“All is for the best...”


With a file folder box in his arms, the mustachioed man rang the doorbell to his home. The door opened and a young crescent beam of moonlight caressed the face of a petite woman in a summer dress with an infant child in her arms and two small children at her feet. She put her arm on the man’s shoulder.

“You never ring the doorbell. Do you need help, dear?”

“No, no, just take this here book off the top of this box and study it.”

The woman extended her left hand to grab the book titled Learn Russian.

“Listen, I have a lot of work to do. We-we’re leaving for Ukraine in two months.”

The woman did a double take.

“What? Ukraine? Dennis, do you care to tell me what’s going on?”

The children tugged on the woman’s dress and the child in her arms began to fuss.

“It’s for work, Lat. I’ll be working at a nuclear plant in Pripyat. Pripyat, Ukraine. It’ll be a good cultural experience. The kids will get a lot out of it."

“What? Why didn't you tell me before? No, no. The children and I will stay here.”

“The provision says,” the man set the box down on the ground and pulled out a stack of assorted papers, shaking them, “only married men and their families can make this move. It’s a trust thing; an exchange, if you will. Scientists over there are moving here, too.”

The woman put her hand to her cheek, her mouth slightly agape.

“It’s not the same, Dennis. We’ll be going to a-a,” the woman struggled to find her words, “communist icebox and they get to live high on the hog in the free world! What about our children?”

“All the same, dear, we’ll take our chances. You need to trust me. We’ll be living in luxury. It’s in the brochure,” the man pulled out a flimsy brochure and thrust it at the woman. “You know the nature of my work."

Just trust me...”

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A Shot Of Serenity: The Night That Changed Everything

The scene opens with the inside of a busy and packed bar. Most of the patrons are bikers but there is some non biker patrons at one small corner of the bar. The bar is quite loud but no place is louder than the bar itself which is loaded with bikers, most of them drunk. Behind the bar is a short, long haired beauty, pouring glasses of whiskey and mugs of beer as fast as she can. The bartender finally finishes all her drink orders and takes a sip of her cola before tying her hair up in a pony tail. The bartender begins talking to a couple of the regulars for a minute until a biker at the other end of the bar rudely bangs his empty mug on the bar.

Biker: Hey bitch! Why don't you make yourself useful and get me another beer instead of socializing over there!

The bartender whips her head around and shoots a glare at the biker before walking over and snatching the mug out of his head.

Bartender: The name is Skye, and don't ya ever call me a bitch again.

We now know the bartender is PWC's very own Serenity Skye as she walks away with the mug to the center of the bar, filling it with Budweiser beer before walking over to the rude biker and slamming the beer down in front of him as he has a smirk cross his face.

Biker: Don't get sassy with me little lady! You'll regret it.

Skye rolls her eyes at the man and walks away, trying to ignore him.

Three Hours Later...

We go back inside the bar, it's now empty minus Skye and a few other employees. Skye finishes cleaning up the bar and goes to help clean up the floor, but a man who looks to be about 6'4 with some scruff going for facial hair walks up to Skye and pats her on the back.

???: Why don't ya get going kid? I'll help them finish, ya had a rough night with that asshole. Go on and get goin'.

Skye goes to object, but receives a stern look in return and with that, she sighs before letting out a smile and hugging the man.

Skye: Thanks Uncle Jeff, ya sure ya don't want my help?

Jeff: Nah kiddo, get goin. Even with your dad passed out drunk in his office I think I can handle the rest of the cleanin' with the couple people left here.

Skye nods and puts on her leather jacket, zipping it closed before walking out of the bar as her uncle goes back to cleaning. Skye now walks down the sidewalk towards the parking lot, but when she reaches an alley, she sees headlights flash on. She turns to look down the alley, and jumps when she sees the angry drunk biker from earlier, sitting on his Harley with a toothpick in his mouth.

Biker: I told ya not to get sassy with me didn't I?

Skye takes a step back as the biker turns off his bike and steps off. He now begins walking towards Skye, who looks back at the bar to see no one coming out. Skye sees the biker almost reach her, and pull out a switch blade, blocking her path back to the bar so she takes off running for the parking lot! The biker runs after her, obviously at a slower pace and it allows Skye to reach the parking lot as she fidgets with her keys as she reaches her car. Skye gets the right key and starts unlocking the door, when a hand grabs her hair and throws her down to the ground! Skye hits the ground hard as the biker once again pulls out his switch blade as Skye crawls to a nearby car and slowly starts to get up as the biker closes in on her, slams her against the car and holds the knife to her throat! Just as the big biker is about to deliver on his promise, all of sudden Skye sits up in bed and screams!
Skye is breathing heavy in bed as she grabs her phone to check the time, realizing it's 6 AM. All of sudden the door to her bedroom opens as her uncle bursts into the room.

Jeff: What's wrong?

Skye: Nothin...I had the dream again.

Skye sighs as her uncle turns on the light in the room and walks over to his niece, pulling up a chair next to the bed and takes a seat.

Jeff: That was a bad night, but ya gotta remember that he ain't did nothin' to ya cause I was there. Plus now ya know how to fight and could take him yourself. But lets not focus on the past, lets talk bout your PWC debut comin' up this week. I hear your fightin' Jack Hayden?

Skye: Yes sir. I'm lookin' forward to it, gettin' to prove right away that size don't matter!

Skye smiles as her uncle nods his head in agreement.

Jeff: Just remember to be careful darlin, just cause I taught ya to fight and trained ya in MMA don't mean ya can't get hurt.

Skye nods in understandment before speaking up.

Skye: Oh I know, but I'm stronger than ever and Jack Hayden, well bless his heart but he ain't in fightin' shape no more from all his time off. I'm ready for this Uncle Jeff, I'm ready to prove that even though I'm a girl and I'm small don't mean I can't kick some butt!

Skye smiles as her uncle kind of chuckles. Skye now gets out of bed and walks over to the nearby dresser, pulling out a black tank top with matching shorts and turns to her uncle.

Skye: Ya gonna help me with one last trainin' session before I gotta leave tonight?

Skye smiles as her uncle smiles back and stands up.

Jeff: Sure, but I need my mornin' coffee first.

The two chuckle as Jeff walks out of the room and closes the door behind him, giving his niece time to change into her workout clothes as the scene fades to black.

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Cheri! Cheri! Cheri! CHERI!

The lithe body of the California native fell back, plunging back first into the sea of people screaming her name, feeling the rush of intoxicated humanity swarm in to catch her on their swelling waves. She felt a hand slip across her breast, another cupped her shapely lower half as it passed it on for another inspection within the crowd. She was guided around aimlessly, a human raft riding the mortal torrent, letting everyone of her lovers get a taste, a view and a fantasy. The nightingale basked in all that she lived for, both pride and pleasure surging through her, ordering the woman to drop into the ocean that surrounded her. She reached for the nearest hand she could find, pulling in a beautiful young woman with glazed eyes. Roaring like thunder in reaction to the kiss taking place before them, the fan nearly collapsed to the ground as she was let go back into the waiting hands of an over exuberant boyfriend. Giving a wink, Cheri screamed to the crowd to take her back and vaulted back into their waiting hands. If that one lone woman wasn't on drugs yet, she had certainly found a new addiction to her idol's lips.

Black heels touched down on the wooden stage, finding Terry's hand wrap around her wrist to fish her out from the screaming sea.

★ ♫ ♫ ★

Six feet and eight inches of stacked muscle strode on heavy footfalls through the over packed hallway. As it moved, so did the crowd, recoiling in against itself... for Donovan had come. The elder man was not to be hounded during his duty and even the most rabid of fans knew they'd have little chance to touch their beloved singer with him in the way. Every time a giant mitt reached forward, heels dug into the ground in a backpedal to give a wide berth to the Head of Security. Donovan did not stop his forward press until he had arrived just outside a sturdy dressing room door, the name 'Hayven' scrawled in a wide arching cursive type script. The mountain of a man lifted a fist into the air, causing the crowd to recoil, and rapped it dully against the door to signal those inside.

The crowd erupted in a raucous fever, spotting their beloved star as she bounded down the length of the clear hallway. She leaped up onto the back of her giant protector, the face of beauty offering a smeared smile to her adoring fans. The singer pulled the scrunchie from her green dyed hair, reaching out to the full extent of her arm to release it to the first fan that could capture it. The swarm paused in their surge, for the cold stare of silent Donovan kept them at bay. Despite his demeanor, his gaze did not deter the one young girl that dared to step forward. She couldn't have been much older than her eighteenth, but with all the gumption in the world she stepped forward and wrapped both hands around the scrunchie with tears in her eyes. Cheri retracted her hand and leaned into Donovan to whisper into his ear.

"She gets to come."

★ ♫ ♫ ★

You can try and read my lyrics off of this paper before I lay 'em

An aqua, white and black head bobbed up and down, swishing to and fro now and then to match the beat of the music.

But you won't take the sting out these words before I say 'em

Head ducked left, fitting snuggly against the forearm that protected it. It then snapped back into the previous rhythm while hands worked invisible drums in the air in front of her.

Cause ain't no way I'ma let you stop me from causing mayhem

For every fifth drum beat she threw a mock combination, for every eighth she dropped into a guard to protect the head and body, matching her fight and drumming to the Marshall flow.

When I say I'ma do something I do it

The woman's hazel eyes stared intently while she moved, locked tight on the television screen in front of her. There was no audio that could drown out the hip hop in her head, but the sight of C'est La Vie screamed out to her louder than any lyric could.

I don't give a damn what you think

Her body flowed like a stream into each transition while she studied how Crowley locked in the move, taking note of how Mitchell struggled and finally tapped. But what kept her attention the most was the look of the move, the awkwardness of the set up, how it seemed to need the set up of a dead fish for it to be applied. The woman swung around, bringing her right hand slashing out to cut through the air in a backfist... however, the blow was caught unexpectedly.

I'm doing this for me--

Staring her straight in the eye while holding her clenched fist inches from his cheek was Joseph, the lone Asian of the close knit Hayven community. The woman stared at him incredulously for a breath then pulled her hand away with a sheepish grin, realizing how tuned out to the world she had been. The woman, Cheri Hayven, pulled the black ear buds out and wrapped them around her hand like athletic tape while Joseph rubbed the sting out of his palm.

"What's up?"

"Just checking in. Is this the one?" he asked, nodding to the television where Crowley is seen exiting the ring in victory.

"Mhm. I've been watching this match in particular many times over the past few days."

"Why the special treatment?"

"Only one he's won by submission... and it's not a very good one."

"Oh?" Joseph, well versed in submission himself, retrieved the remote and rewound the video to the start of the C'est La Vie and studied it beside his client. Several times the man shook his head, pausing the video and tossing the remote to land on the nearby couch. "I have to agree with your statement. Does he specialize in submission?"

Before he could even finish his question Cheri was shaking her head.


She flashed a grin again, though this time it was far from sheepish.

"Good. Z is accompanying me to the store, do you wish to come or would you prefer to stay her with the boys?"

Cheri pocketed her ear buds and snatched the pure black hoodie from the couch. "I'll ride along, let's leave them to their Nintendo." She shared a knowing smirk with Joseph, the two of them knowing full well of what happens when Terry and Donovan do when they speak about games... let alone play them.

★ ♫ ♫ ★

"What's going on in that head of yours?" Zelda, commonly known as 'Z' to the woman whose hair she was stroking, questioned to break the silence of the return trip in the car. Cheri fluttered her eyes open, having been drifting in and out of sleep, trying to recharge after the long day. The superstar singer rolled to her right slightly, finding a more comfortable position on the back seat of the luxury car and stared up at the beautiful young lady from her lap.

"They're going to hate that they love me." Hayven rubbed some of the sleep out of her eyes and glanced over at Joseph who was lightly drumming one of her songs on the steering wheel while he drove.

"Doesn't fuckin' everybody?" She tousled her friend's multicolored locks playfully.

"Well yeah, but not in the way you're thinking," she slyly winked, "they're gonna hate what I do to them in there, but love the fact that I can do it."

"You're planning on making that King guy scream, aren't you?"

The lady bard sank her teeth into her lower lip while she thought a moment, contemplating making the easy joke or keeping with the serious tone. The naughty thought was quickly let go however in favor of continuing the discussion, "the plan is to make them all scream, you know this. I think they should all see where their line is, when they cross it and reveal that talking about ass kickings and holding titles isn't the true measure of strength, passion and legacy."

"I'm still amazed you're going through with this. I don't think I could actually get into a ring of any kind, except for when we tangle, even if I had the same amount of skill as you." Zelda continued to stroke her friend's hair while she unclasped the two top hooks of her white blouse to let the air that flowed in from the window cool her better.

"Just something I was born to do I guess," a smile broke her thoughtful expression, "like music I suppose. One passion often leads to another."

"And you're very passionate about making people scream."

"Well... yeah," she stated without remorse, "life's no fun if you're staying at the same volume forever."

"You know anything about this guy you're debuting against?"

"He's just like everyone else, something to prove. He's got his ideology and I've got mine. He wants to expose lies, I want to shed truth. Whatever spin you want to give it. I see him kind of like a... "


Hayven glanced up passed her dear friend's bosom again, her expression painting a portrait of confusion.

"For the moment, from what you've said, this guy is going against the values you feel are in everyone, provided they're willing to fight for them. I would assume that this guy, like you said, wants to expose everyone as 'liars' or something... that they're weak at heart."

"I suppose you're right, though I don't think 'counter-culture' is the right descriptor sweetie." She stuck her tongue out gaily, "but I know what you mean. In an odd way, after watching him in action, I can see you being spot on. He flies high to come crashing down on those beneath him, but then his method of getting people to submit to him is so... antiquated."

"You're bouncing between metaphors dear."

"He's got no form, no flow. That submission move of his..."

"You're talking about one move?"

"Well..." she thought on it for a few moments, searching to present her logic in the proper words, "kind of, I guess. What I remember seeing was a man whom already had his victory, already knew where his opponent's strength had finally failed and was following the philosophy you stated earlier; he was stripping his opponent, like his only intent from that point after was to show that the person didn't deserve the dignity he had earned during his struggle. So he used a move, one so telegraphed that it could be right out of the early 1900's, to force his opponent to endure even more pain after he already clearly been beaten."

"He tightened his grip to crush, not to inspire the spirit to fight." Joseph chimed in from the front seat, knowing very well the ideology that the two women were discussing.

Zelda nodded in understanding while she wove her fingers through Cheri's hair yet again. "I see why that would stoke your fire love, with all you've been through."

"No... it's not so much a personal thing Z, where like, I have to prove my way is the 'right path' or something. I just, didn't care for his methods and I'll remember what kind of person I've seen him to be in our match and treat him as such, which... y'know, won't be pleasant for him at all." Cheri looked over at Joseph as he rolled the car to a stop back at the arena and checked her phone, noting that the next show would be in just a few hours. Turning her attention back to Z she leaned up and kissed the girl on the cheek, giving her a friendly smile. "You guys head back in, I'm just going to chill here for a while and watch his tapes s'more. Okay?"

"Just don't fall asleep out here, alright?

"If you're cooking up what you bought today, there's no way I'm snoozing through that." She winked at her friend and waggled her fingers at Joseph as the two exited the car and locked the doors behind them. Hayven slipped her ear buds into place and pulled her hoodie high and tight over her vivid locks. The singer flicked through the various screens of her phone and turned on both her music and the video of Crowley in action.

So fuck the world

She started to bob her head.

Feed it beans, it's gassed up, if it thinks it's stopping me

The combinations began to fly again.

I'ma be what I set out to be, without a doubt undoubtedly

She slammed a corkscrew open palm thrust into the back of the seat in front of her, inadvertently knocking the headphone cord out of her cell phone and sending the device to the floorboards of the car. Over the lyrics of the music, the screams of Mitchell tapping could be heard.

And all those who look down on me

She punched the back of the seat again, this time with a closed fist.

I'm tearing down your balcony


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“The only time a man can be brave is when he is afraid.”

Paris, France, Radisson Blu Le Metropolitan Hotel Paris, 3 days before Vortex

*Knock* *Knock*. My concentration broken, someone was at the door. I considered not answering for a moment; my very essence seemed entrenched into the light of my laptop computer screen.

*Knock* *Knock*. Room service, Monsieur Thorn. I had completely forgotten that I’d ordered supper a while ago. Not answering wouldn’t do. Tommy was in the room next door and he’d be sure to emerge whining about how I needed to keep up with proper meal times, not to mention a wasted item on the hotel bill.

One moment. He brought the food into this finely put together room. The more matches I’d won in PWC the better the accommodation seemed to become. Tommy being on the phone complaining to Brittany Page every other day helped too, how he managed to spring for this place though I had no clue.

There were crisp white curtains flowing everywhere, a bedroom bigger than my own at home, flowers by the bedside and a newspaper delivered with coffee every morning. Who cares if I didn’t read French? And that view, a mind blowing view. An oval window filled with the glowing magnificence of The Eiffel Tower lighting up the Parisian night sky in the background.

I couldn’t bring myself to eat as hard as I tried. I should be happy. Less than a week ago I had beaten one of the greatest performers in PWC history, Xander Black, with some help from Tommy of course but who’s counting, I’m not anymore. I was in this beautiful room, with this beautiful view, in a great city but none of it mattered.

I sat back in front of my laptop, notes strewn around the desk from an afternoon of obsessive research. The obsession was finding out who killed my parents. The Bruno Crime Family – Philadelphia

I could see why Uncle Damien thought they had something to do with it. They controlled just about everything in Philly since 1910. Drug trafficking, murders, extortion, corruption of the highest order, they did it all. It’s always a prosecutor dead or an investigating officer disappeared. No wonder Uncle Damien didn’t trust the police with this either. The sordid stories of corruption filled the internet when it came to The Bruno’s.

A murder as professionally done as my parents would undoubtedly have caught their attention, no way someone does something like that in their city with them not knowing about it or maybe even being a party to it.

The current boss Angelo Bruno also happened to be in charge when everything happened which was perfect. This wasn’t going to be hearsay then, I’d get my answer from the horse’s mouth. Angelo was a real piece of work. Supposedly the most vicious boss they’ve ever had.

The worst part was these days he was painting himself the family man who turned his life around. His first wife died around the same time my parents died, killed in the cross fire of another horrendous incident this family was famous for but in front of his daughter and son as well. How ironic. The more I uncover; the more Damien’s suspicions about their role in the murder made more sense, perfect sense. A video call notification flashes on my screen.

Incoming call - Barbara Thorn.

It was my little sister Barbara. I hadn’t spoken to her in weeks.

Barbara hey!

Bruce! Look who’s finally online long enough to actually answer one of my calls.

Eh, sorry about that Barb, this European tour has been ridiculously busy. I should have made time though, there’s no excuse for it. I was ashamed in that moment. My sister was laid up in a hospital bed with a life threatening illness and I was too worried about training for some wrestling match to bother to call.

Silly Bruce, you know I don’t mind right. I’d be the first one on your back if you were half assing training, probably harder than Uncle Tom would.

She gave me that heart-warming smile only she has. She looked so much like our Mom, such bright kind eyes. Barbara was too young to remember our Mom in all her warmth, kindness and judgeless love. She’s so much like her. Barbara felt like the last connection I had with my parents, she meant as much to me as anything else in this world.

All that training seems to be paying off though; I mean you beat Xander freaking Black.

Well thanks. Wait you’re a Xander Black fan girl aren’t you, there was that poster in your room right. I see the disappointment actually, shame on you *laughs*

I’m a fan yes, but a bigger fan of my big brother. If anyone had to beat him I wanted it to be you though.

Barbara loved wrestling. She’d probably be in training herself now if it wasn’t for the illness.

I was half expecting to see you still celebrating the win actually. Or maybe you’re just mad that Uncle Tom interfered in another match.

I’m done complaining about that Barb, winning is everything in PWC and I’m not going to get hung up on the little details anymore. We have to do with it takes to get the job done.

Well that’s a change. You’ve always hated when Tommy got involved. All I want is for you to not let all of this change you though; make you something you’re not.

It already has, I wasn’t the same person I was last week let alone the last time I saw Barbara. I needed to become someone else to get the job done and I was.

Never Barbara. Whatever happens I’ll always be the big brother, you know that.

I know you will. So who’s next at Vortex 18.


That big priest guy right?

Yeah. He’ll probably be the most physically imposing opponent I’ve had in PWC.

Better keep the pace quick, strike and try and get him off his feet with your technique, you’ve got this of course.

Word for word exactly what Tommy said. He should just retire and you should totally replace him as my manager.

*laughs* I can’t help it, I’ve got so much down time, watching wrestling's like an escape *laughs*.…..*coughs* Barbara began to cough violently and hold her chest.

Barb, are you okay. She didn’t answer, just kept on coughing. Where’s the doctor, call the doctor. She closes her laptop and ends our call, why? I was in a state of panic. I ran out of my room and into Tommy’s.

Uncle Tommy, it’s Barbara, We were talking on a video call and she…..she didn’t look well. We need to call that hospital.

The blood seemed to leave Tommy’s face as the words left my mouth; he looked more terrified than I’ve ever seen him.

I’ve got the number on my phone. His hands were shaking. Tommy loved Barbara as much as I did and if anything ever happened to her, it would break him.

Tommy called the hospital yelling at the top of his lungs for someone to help his niece. My phone rang, it was her.

Barbara you okay.

Hey Bruce sorry about that, just a belly laugh that went the wrong way. The doctors here and says I’m fine. You know us ill people can’t even laugh.

You sure you’re okay, I want to speak to your Doctor and so does Tommy.

Oh, you two need to relax.

Let me talk to her Bruce. Tommy took the phone and looked as relieved as I was to hear Barb in good spirits. I’m not sure what the world would think if they saw the loving fatherly side of Tommy Thorn.

That horrible feeling I felt when I thought Barbara was in peril brought it all back. It brought back the pain of losing my parents, that dark ache that always overcomes me when I think about it. Being in that ring was the only thing that eased that pain. At Vortex 18 I’d make Cerberus feel my pain.

Paris, France, Bercy Arena, Vortex 18

The PWC cameras find Danny Erikson in the backstage area of the Bercy Arena ready to interview Bruce and Tommy Thorn.

Danny Eriksen: Please welcome my guests at this time, Bruce and Tommy Thorn.

The camera moves to a wide angle shot to reveal Bruce and Tommy Thorn standing next to Danny Eriksen.

Danny Eriksen: Gentleman coming off your massive yet controversial win over the former World Heavyweight champion Xander Black last week, tonight you’re up against the dark preacher, Cerberus.

Tommy Thorn: “Controversial” Danny? I don’t appreciate the myriad of hypocritical idiotic Xander Black fans that’ve had the audacity to claim that Bruce didn’t deserve to win last week. No one cares what you think, Bruce doesn’t care what you think, I certainly don’t care what you think; your hero failed and he’ll be one of many others who will fail, so get over it and take your tears somewhere else.

As for our opponent tonight Cerberus, well I’ll give him this, he’s undeniably charismatic. He has this massive flock ready to take a bullet for him. We’ll never take a man capable of that lightly, especially not when his 6.5” tall and 290 lbs.

But Cerberus what you have understand is just who you’re in the ring with.

Tommy motions to Bruce.

Tommy Thorn: There’ve been plenty of people who’ve thought they had a chance against Bruce. But what are you going to do when Bruce smashes you with all his might for the first time, what are you going to do when Bruce outwrestles you, what are you going to do when Bruce out-quicks you, what are you going to do when the man standing next to me outthinks you.

I’ve seen it countless times Cerberus. The look in a man’s eye when they realise for the first time who’ve they’ve stepped in the ring with, when they realise for the first time that all the hype surrounding Bruce Thorn Jr. isn’t just hype, its fact. They’re in there with a man that’s simply better than them and there’s nothing they can do to stop him.

I’ve seen that look, that look of shock, that look horror, that look of complete hopelessness, that look of total and utter resignation to one’s fate. You know that look Bruce.

Bruce steps in front of the camera. The camera focuses in on Bruce’s eyes.

Bruce Thorn Jr.: I love seeing that look, I live for that look. And tonight Cerberus, I live for beating you.

Scene fades out.

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All I’m saying is that there are two of us and one of him. Won’t you come along? Please?

Danny Eriksen adjusted a few buttons and his tie. Brittany Page almost seemed amused as his chubby sausage-fingers danced around on the fabric.

I don’t mean to be cruel, Danny, but it’s really not in my job description. I’m Mr Clement’s assistant and his alone. You’re the interview-guy.

She adjusted her reading-glasses and went over something clamped in her clipboard.

Plus, with everybody so busy with the upcoming you-know-what, my head is spinning, because when the boss organises a thing like this, you know who does all the hard work, right?

Danny nodded. For all his vision and passion, Ernie Clement wouldn’t be where he is without Brittany dotting the i’s and crossing the t’s and she’s smart enough to make sure he knows it.

You do.

That’s right. It’s my job. No you go do your job and I’ll go do mine – I have to set up this grid and somehow find a handful of teenagers to put up these Vortex flyers and another group to follow the first group to make sure they don’t just toss them all in the rubbish like last time. Cheer up, Dan, I’m sure he won’t be as bad as you told me...

Not as bad, huh? I’ve been threatened at gunpoint, knife-edge... and remember that time he left me stranded with a truckload of fuel and a lighter next to the road?!

Her high-heels clicked sharply on the corridor’s uncovered wooden boards as she walked away and the sound bounced off the pale white walls.

You’d better not keep him waiting then.

Eriksen almost felt literally deflated as he let out a huge sigh.

Do you at least know where he is?

Without looking back or breaking her stride, she replied.

I do, but you’re not going to like it...


Danny finds some comfort in the metal box he’s enclosed in. The service elevator’s doors slide open and he finds himself on top of the arena.

The Bercy Arena in Paris is known for its pyramidal facade, its versatility as a sports venue and as regular stomping ground for Iron Maiden. It occurs to Danny that he is about to experience one of its lesser-known features – a deeply disturbing and possibly homicidal individual on the roof.

About twenty feet away, he spots him in the faint drizzle –facing away from him and slogging at a home-made punching bag- and proceeds with caution.

Freddie, mind if I have a word?

At first, he doesn’t seem to register, but he does stop what he’s doing. Danny decided to bite the bullet and walk right up to him.


No response...


Still nothing...

Mr Vos?

Slowly Vos turns around.

It’s “Corporal”...


Nevermind. What do you want?

Danny considered this: At that moment he wanted a warm blanket, maybe some cocoa and a Franch pastry, but what he really wanted was to get back in the elevator and go back to his dressing room. It didn’t really matter, as long as he was gone.

I just... want to ask you a question.

Vos looked at him, his eyebrows contracted in furrow. Eriksen draws a blank.

Well? Spit it out! What is it?

Why... why are you up here?

The rain keeps me cool.

Vos turns back to his piece of exercise-equipment. His punching bag is a burlap sack stuffed with sand and pebbles. As the droplets fell on his cheeks, they revived a stressed Eriksen, who suddenly remembered his conversation with Brittany.

I’ll make you a deal, Sir. I’ll let you do your job uninterruptedly, but you have to let me do mine as well. Deal?

Vos shrugs.

Okay, Freddie, if you could give me one comment about your wrestling match tonight with Gina Galucci, I’ll be out of your hair.

He’s the greaser with the pizza shop, right?

I wouldn’t use those exact terms, but...

I know who he is and I know he can punch. So can I.

The water hitting the Bercy Arena is the only thing breaking the silence. Danny hoped for a bit more, but knows better than to push it.

You know, there was a reason I came here. I wanted to be left alone.

Danny takes the hint and starts to trudge back towards where he came from, leaving Vos to his own devices. However, as he walks back, as he fixes his parting and as he buttons his buttons, Eriksen’s inner journalist got the better of him.

Wait... you’re over a hundred feet in the air. You thought it was a good idea to take the elevator all the way to a slippery roof in the rain because it “keeps you cool”? Who does that?

Vos peered over his shoulder at Danny and then past him.

There’s a lift here?

Yes! Of course there’s a bloody lift! How else did you get here?

Vos pointed to a drainpipe protruding from rain gutter. Eriksen moved closer, only to see it go down to the grass outside of the arena.

You can’t seriously be telling me you climbed up using that thing, with that bag tied to your middle. The slightest misstep and you’d be killed! It’s such a long way down!

You know what they say about curiosity, Mr Eriksen. If I were you, I’d leave me alone. Just like you said, it’s a long way down. Now move along, little kitty.

Danny retreated towards the elevator, quickening his step exponentially. The last thing he sees before the metal doors close is Freddie’s unblinking stare...

Bring back Gary Oak!
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Daiko! Daiko!!

A camera bobbles up and down as three men race across the Phones 4 U car-park towards a jet black car sat near the exit. A fourth figure throws his bag into the car and closes the door before turning to face the oncoming Danny Eriksen and his two man interviewing crew.

Thank goodness we caught you before you left, Daiko. One second please.

Eriksen doubles over and tries to catch his breath as Daiko sighs and looks over Eriksen's lackeys who, like Eriksen, are struggling to catch their breath.

You three are clearly too tired to be interviewing anyone, so I'll just get out of your hair and let you all get some rest.

He grabs the handle to his door, but before he can open it, Eriksen straightens up, sorts his suit and tie, and motions for his lackeys to get ready.

Not at all, Daiko. We had an arrangement, and while it won't be on the show now, I'd quite like to get your thoughts on your match with Mr. Elric for our website.

Daiko lets go of the door handle and glares at Eriksen for several seconds before sighing once more and nodding his head, signalling Eriksen to just get started.

Excellent. We'll try not to waste too much of your time.

Eriksen turns to his crew and the cameraman counts him down.

Three. Two. One. Go.

Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Danny Eriksen, and I'm stood outside the Phones 4 U Arena in Manchester, England with the man who just defeated the current PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Kyle Elric.

Eriksen turns to face Daiko, who is leaning against his car door.

Daiko, I just want to get your thoughts on your match with Kyle Elric.

Daiko takes a second to compose himself and begins to talk in a slower manner than usual, clearly choosing his words carefully.

You want my thoughts on my match with Kyle Elric? How do the words disappointing, waste of time and chicken soup sound?

Eriksen pauses for a second, clearly confused by the last comment, but he pushes though, determined to get his story, but before he can talk again, Daiko cuts him off.

You seem confused, Danny, so let me explain myself. This match was disappointing because we're here in Manchester, England. A city that I don't care a lot for personally, but still holds a certain degree of importance to me right now. We're in the middle of our European Tour, which has been a great thing for me as I get be close to my family and I get to be close to the fans who have supported me through thick and thin here in the PWC. Tonight should have been the night where I repayed them for everything. Tonight, every penny that they've spent should have been made worth it in that one match with Elric, but instead of repaying these fans, we made out like bandits, and had a match that probably lasted about four minutes. I may have beaten the Champion, but I feel like I've robbed these fans of a match that they deserved, and that's not good enough.

Daiko takes a second to calm down.

The waste of time comment follows along with what I just said. There will be people in that Arena tonight who flocked from all corners of the UK, just to see this match, and we robbed them of that, and therefore wasted their time.

Eriksen nods and cuts in, trying to stop Daiko from getting a head of steam and doing something that he would later regret.

Understandable. Could you explain the chicken soup comment, please?

I'm hungry and would like to go back home and eat some of the chicken soup I have there. It's a fairly long drive, so if I could get going as soon as possible, that would be lovely.

Daiko motions for Eriksen to back away so that he can open his door and get on the road, but the interviewer has other ideas in mind.

Daiko, one last question, and as always, feel free to just say 'no comment', but I'd like to know if you're harbouring any ill feelings towards your opponent tonight.

Danny, I'm pissed off that Elric barely bothered to turn up tonight, but there's no ill feelings towards the man. Everyone has their off nights. I just wish it didn't happen on this tour and in this match.

Eriksen nods and thanks Daiko before backing away from the car, allowing the Scot to jump in, start it up and drive off. Eriksen turns towards the camera just as Daiko exits the car-park.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, there you have it. Those were Daiko's thoughts on his win tonight against our World Heavyweight Champion, Kyle Elric. For now though, I've been Danny Eriksen here on this PWC.com exclusive, and I hope you all enjoy the rest of Vortex 16.

Danny signals to his crew and the camera cuts to black.


The light from the moon almost looks like it's dancing to Daiko as he drives down an empty street, admiring the way the light bounces off the windows and road, turning what is normally a dull grey lifeless street into a moonlit Swan Lake. The moonlight quickly disappears though as he turns into a car-park and the thick tree tops above block all but the smallest slivers of light from reaching the ground. Daiko reaches into the back of his car and grabs a small gym back and hops out of the car. He locks his door before jogging over to the backdoor of his old haunt, the 'Perth Railway Amateur Wrestling Club'. He pushes open the door and walks inside and is greeted by a familiar sight as his old trainer, Billy stands to the side of a 16x16 wrestling ring, puffing on a cigarette and glaring at his former student who is looking around with a big grin on his face, drinking in all the old memories.

You just gon' stand there with your mouth open, gawping at this place, or are you going to get into your gear and get into the fuckin' ring?

Daiko laughs.

Nice to know that you haven't changed much, Billy.

He walks into the changing rooms in the corner of the room as Billy shakes his head and takes a big final draw on his cigarette before putting it out and getting into the ring.

Several minutes pass before Daiko comes out of the changing room, kitted up in his regular black trunks with his black kickpads. He slides into the ring and runs the ropes several times before turning to face Billy who is holding a sheet of paper with a ton of writing on it, detailing all the plans for an intense daily training routine that is sure to make sure that whoever is running it can 'dominate the weak and destroy the strong.'

Billy hands Daiko a copy of the sheet of the training routine, which Daiko rolls his eyes at, scoffing at the corny motivational lines scattered throughout it. He places the paper into his gym bag though and returns to the center of the ring, waiting for Billy to
get this started.

The older man rubs his hand on the back of his neck for a few seconds before turning to Daiko.

Okay, big shot, drop and give me a hundred clean press-ups. If even one of them isn't too my liking, you'll be doing them all again.

Daiko nods and drops, used to his trainers more alternative methods of training. He decides to spark up a conversation, so that they're not both sat in silence.

Billy, you seen Ryan lately? Haven't had the chance to speak with him in years, having been in America without his number.

The older man nods.

Not exactly lately, but he was here along with a big group for that Desolation pay-per-view that you were on.

What? Did you all just sit in here and talk? I doubt a TV has ever graced these halls, never mind one that would have access to the channel that we were on.

Billy thinks for a second, clearly out of his depth with the way the conversation is going.

Nah, Ryan brought his wee computer thing and a projector and threw it up onto that wall over there.

And? What did you think of it?

It was... interesting. Watching one of my own win on a big show like that always brings a smile to my face, but the whole thing was a bit... Much. There was too many fireworks, too many cameras and that stupid screen showing videos is nothing more than a waste of money.

Daiko chuckles.

That's what Wrestling is nowadays, Billy. It's just as much about the bright lights and colourful characters as it is about the Wrestling now. The days of the small warehouses are gone.

Billy grumbles about kids these days before talking again.

Your match was something else though. That Kyle Elric kid was great too. A good strong Champion.

Talking of Elric, did you hear that I beat him?

Billy looks taken aback by this, and turns to Daiko's bag as if half expecting the title to jump out and wave at him.

It wasn't a title match, Billy, so don't get your hopes up too much. It was some crappy exhibition thing and the match lasted about three minutes. It wasn't pretty, it wasn't good, and I doubt it was worth anything.

It's Billy's turn to chuckle, as he looks down at his student.

Aaron, stop with the whining. You beat the goddamn Champion of a company that's big enough to draw about ten-fifteen thousand even when they're not in their home country. That's a big fuckin' deal, son. You might not get a shot at his title instantly, but if you think they're lookin' past you now, you're an idiot. That win will have opened their eyes to you. Just give it a few weeks, and I'll guarantee that you'll be doing something big again.

Daiko pauses mid push-up and grins up at Billy, who gives him a quick grin back.

Cheers, Billy.

Billy nods.

No problem, kiddo. Oh, and by the way. You're back on one. I didn't say you could pause.

Daiko groans and begins to do his push-ups again as his mentor cackles to himself. The scene fades to black as Daiko continues his push-ups.


A light flickers into life, shining down onto Daiko, who is sat on a chair in the middle of a hotel room. He takes a second to compose himself and plan out what he needs to say before looking up at the camera.

Kameron O'Ryan, tonight you and I are going head to head in the Main Event of the Eighteenth Vortex, here in lovely Paris in what should be a very interesting clash of styles. He'll be out there trying to knock my head clean off as I'm doing whatever the hell it is that I do. Technical Flying, I think... I dunno.

Daiko thinks for a second, but shakes his head and carries on.

Y'know what? It doesn't matter what I do in that ring, as no matter who I face, I'm going out there to get the win, no matter the cost to my body. I will stand in that ring, with my screaming fans behind my back and put everything I have on the line, just to keep myself from returning to that form I started with in the PWC.

O'Ryan, you and I haven't interacted a whole lot, so I'm not going to come out and say that we're great friends and I hope this match is great, but, when we step into that ring tonight, you and I are going to steal the goddamn show, because that's what we do.

Daiko takes a second and thinks about saying more, but he clearly decides against it, and reaches over to the camcorder that is sat on a table across from him, and flicks a button, causing everything to cut to black.
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