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Note: Unfortunately due to Brat's accident earlier in the week, our RPs may be (probably are) really messed up and uncoordinated so... here goes ^^;


Here comes the kick.

Nathaniel Grey stepped to his left, dipping his head and shoulders just slightly to let the high swinging attack arch just over his head, so close that if it had been a blade the hair would have been sheered from his scalp.

He ain't gettin' what's about to happen.

Grey stepped in behind the kid, cinching his arms around his waist and popping his hips to start the lift. His opponent, some young stud dubbed 'KO' fought the throw, snaking his leg around Nate's and pushing the arms around his waist down to counter the leverage.

You ain't stoppin' it.

The older fighter yanked one arm free and raised it to tuck under KO's right armpit, a move that drew the kid's defense away from both the waist and leg. KO uncoiled his leg from Nate's and tried to side step to put his ribs against Nate's stomach so he could attempt an arm trap to lead to an arm bar.

Fuckin' predictable.

The arm that was about to be trapped dropped back low to be caught by the hand still was around KO's waist, creating the vise once again. Grey shifted with the younger fighter's movements, following the turn and putting a stop to it by slamming his left knee into KO's right hamstring as hard as he could. KO buckled slightly as his short burst of momentum was cut off mid turn. With Nate again directly behind his opponent, he hoisted the kid up this time, only a few inches off the ground, but turned his body to drop the man face and chest first to the mat with a short swing belly-to-back suplex.

Here comes the elbow.

As soon as KO had found himself between the canvas and Nate, he rolled into the older man with the point of his right elbow leveled for the side of his head in an attempt to deal damage and break free.

Always from the right side.

Nate tucked his head in low against KO's shoulder blade, both causing the man to hit nothing but air and be stopped short, once again, in his rotation. With the younger fighter's arm up in a higher position, Nate snapped his arm up under the right armpit again, this time committing to the move by placing his right hand on the back of KO's head and forcing it down while forcing the trapped shoulder to slide in a direction it wasn't really meant to go in.

Roll kid.

The younger fighter screamed out in pain and frustration, hollering at the ref to back off when he came in low to check for the submission. KO tried to press the right side of his body down to get his left arm free from being trapped underneath him. Every time he made the attempt, Nate cinched in the pressure on the right shoulder while arching KO's side up away from the ground. Nate's left hand pulled away from KO's waist and wrapped around the kid's jaw, placing his left hand on his right forearm to create a variation of a crossface to force the neck to arch towards the shoulder and to push the shoulder up towards the sky.

Just fuckin' roll.

The referee came down to ground level, fixing his gaze on KO's pain filled expression in preparation for the end. The trapped fighter swiveled his hips under the crouching Nate, releasing a bit of the weight that was keeping his left arm trapped. His back popped as he turned, the gasses being released from between the vertebrae, and his left arm shot out from under him towards the referee in a desperate grasp for help.

Night kid.

As soon as Nate sensed KO was making the roll he was forcing him to perform, the crossface submission was all but dropped, leaving KO free to snag the ref's shirt and put his back and shoulders on the ground. The young fighter stared up towards Nate, fully realized that he had let Grey have a mount position with both arms free. KO, Kameron O'Ryan, saw nothing but blackness after the elbow was leveled into his jaw.

* * *

Nathanial stared down the young Kameron as they stood within the hub of a large crowd, all waiting with bloody anticipation to see the man, whom obviously knew one another, come to blows. The older man pulled the dark shades from his eyes and tucked them into the collar of his shirt, a shit eating grin joyfully painting its way across his features.

Don't this Bambi remember last time?

"You do realize the location ya'in son, right?"

The crowd continued to froth, many of them knowing who Nate was and what he was capable of. Those who didn't simply hopped on for the ride when the shoving began. Many of them, too drunk or too dumb to know better, began shoving about themselves, already breaking into arguments of who would beat who or to get out of the way so others could see.

"I'm surprised you're not too drunk to remember who I am! Last time I saw your old ass, you were stumbling around like you were swimming in brew!"

This kid ain't seen nothin' yet if he thought that was bad.

"Yeah, and last time I saw your pasty l'il ass, you were laid out in t'middle of the God damn ring. Then after that, wailin' about a grown man drinkin', like you were some coddl'd bitch I was suppos'd t'take care of or something."

Here comes the right.

O'Ryan came in swinging with a wide right hand, aimed square at Nate's bearded old jaw, figuring Nate was too drunk to see it coming. Unfortunately for KO, Grey side stepped the wild swing and shoved the younger man away towards the crowd. As he hit the wall of people, they all erupted in blood thirsty cheers, calling for more and spilling their libations on Kameron, soaking him in a stink he's hated since he was a kid. KO lept towards Nate, who side stepped and shoved him towards another human wall, grinning all the while.

"You going to fight me you old piece of shit?!" KO shoved back several drunks as he screamed venom at his former opponent, taking the time to slug one man down who spilled nearly a full bottle of booze on him.

Bet he ain't see this coming.​

"Sorry kid, I ain't inclin'd t'fight my partners before a match." Nate pulled a coffin nail from his jacket and lit it, taking a long drag before motioning to the crowd to let him through. The drunks, disinclined to see a potential brawl take place, resisted. But Grey insisted, clenching a fist and staring with cold grey eyes at the group huddled together in front of him. As drunk as they were, they parted ways to let him pass.

"What the Heel did you just say?! I'm not your partner! What the hell are you talking about?!"

Nate paused amongst the sea of people during his exit, turning to set his eyes on KO while he pulled himself away from the drunks.

"You an' I been put together as a team for t'next show kid. Yer gonna love it."

He's gonna try t'kill me.

This is gonna be fuckin' great.


Bring back Gary Oak!
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The Hydro in Glasgow is enveloped in fireworks. Blue, grey and white lights ignite the Scottish sky. In the middle of the ring, Ernesto Clement is kitted out in a red and green tartan suit. He does a 360 and waves to all the fans.

Ernesto Clement:
Good people of Glasgow, thank you for being here for Vortex 15! I know we said we’d visit sooner, but thanks for being so patient with PWC’s European tour. That’s right, you heard correctly! If you’d take a look at the titantron, I’d be happy to reveal the schedule up until the next pay-per-view.

Vortex 15: Glasgow, Scotland
Vortex 16: Manchester, England
Vortex 17: Dublin, Ireland
Vortex 18: Paris, France
Vortex 19: Berlin, Germany
PPV (TBA): London, England

Ernesto Clement:
The management at PWC thought it would be a great opportunity to show off our international selection of highly trained athletes. That’ll be all. Enjoy the show! Lang may yer lum reek!

Stan Chambers:
Well there you have it, folks! Good evening and welcome to the fifteenth edition of Vortex! I’m Stan Chambers and with me, as always, is my broadcasting partner, Charlie Campbell. Chuck, that’s some big news Mister Ernesto Clement just dropped on us, right?

Charlie Campbell:
It sure is, partner, but it makes sense when you think about it. Premier Wrestling Circuit sports a host of international talent from all over the globe, so a European tour could just be the beginning. I tell you what, the whole world deserves a chance to see a PWC event up close and personal.

Stan Chambers:
With that said, our first match of the night is bound to excite. At Desolation, a group of extremely talented individuals came up through the ranks and have since all been looking to impress and grab some of that coveted PWC-spotlight.

Charlie Campbell:
All three of these gentlemen are very ambitious individuals and it’ll be a hard-fought contest, no matter who steps away the victor.

Emma Mason:
The following match is a triple threat match and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, accompanied by his uncle Tommy, at 238 pounds, from Philadelphia, PA.... Bruce Thorn Jr.!


The crowd boos when Tommy Thorn struts out to the top of the ramp and points to the entrance where Bruce is about to come out. The lights dim and a spotlight shines on Bruce Jr. As he comes out his face cloaked by his hood. His shifty uncle rubs his shoulders and whispers strategy in his ear while they proceed to the ring. Bruce Thorn Jr. Gets into the ring and awaits the opposition.

Charlie Campbell:
You have to admire this kid, Stan. He is the whole package. Power, speed, skill... it’s every promoter’s dream to have a guy like that.

Stan Chambers:
Yeah, but I can’t help but wonder how that uncle of his has been influencing him.

Charlie Campbell:
I get what you mean. If they weren’t a package deal, I don’t think Clement would let that guy anywhere near the building. He can’t be trusted.

Emma Mason:
Up next, weighing 235 pounds, from Houston, TX.... Here is Robert Hollander!

***You’re Broken***

Hollander steps out of the gorilla position and ignores the crowd. Instead, his eyes dart around the arena, scouting for perceived enemies. He gets into the ring and goes to sit in a corner muttering to himself and slapping himself across the face.

Stan Chambers:
I don’t really know what to make of this guy, how about you?

Charlie Campbell:
Some look at Robert Hollander and see a crazy person that should be kept away from society, but when I look at him, I see a relentless wrestler with that necessary mean streak. I mean, he’s dangerous a wrestler that I wouldn’t invite to my house, but still...

Emma Mason:
And the third person to compete in this three-way match... he weighs in at 224 pounds and is from Portland, OR.... Jensen!

***Purple, Yellow, Red and Blue***

The lights go out and a rainbow of colours strobe in the Hydro. The crowd eagerly welcomes the shadowy figure at the top of the ramp with his bulb-fitted, light-up jacket. The lights go back on and Jensen bobs his head up and down, in synch with the crowd and his theme music. He is all smiles and on his way to the ring he takes the time to high-five each and every fan he can reach from behind the barricade.

Stan Chambers:
Come on, tell me you don’t like Jensen, I dare you, Campbell.

Charlie Campbell:
Can’t be done, I’m afraid! A lot of pro wrestlers will only give you the time of day if you give them ten bucks and promise to buy their action figure, but not Jensen! This man is the most likeable guy you’ll ever meet and I don’t say that lightly – I’ve had tea with Robbie Coltrane!

Stan Chambers:
Out of these three, Jensen is the only one I want to see win this match. The sheer amount of effort he puts into acknowledging his supporters is what distinguishes him from every new star in PWC during the recent months. Let’s see how things shape up for him in this triple threat!

Referee Roger Hains kicks off proceedings by signalling for the bell to get Vortex 15 officially started.

Match #1 | Triple Threat Match
Bruce Thorn Jr vs. Jensen vs. Robert Hollander

The three competitors circle around the ring, reluctant to leave themselves open to a counterattack.

A chant breaks out in the arena. First, in little pockets, growing stronger and stronger.

LET’S GO, JENSEN! *clap clap clap* LET’S GO JENSEN! *clap clap clap*

For a moment, Jensen turns to the crowd, beaming. He raises both his hands and the stadium goes receives his warmly, but Hollander and Thorn take one look at each other and hit him from behind with a clothesline apiece. The people in Glasgow are disgusted by this poor sportsmanship and reacts appropriately, but it’s not like Thorn and Hollander notice. The moment Jensen turns to face them, they hit him with a double suplex. Jensen’s eyes are wide and he has to scramble to get back to a vertical base and away from his opponents, but he gives the crowd a thumbs-up while pacing away from the two.

Hollander rubs his palms together as he walks closer to Jensen and Thorn’s Uncle Tommy is screaming instructions at him from the sideline. Jensen decides to take action and speeds forward, knocking over both men with a diving crossbody! The crowd is elated as Hollander is down. Thorn, however, springs back to his feet and cracks his knuckles. The natural athlete strikes Jensen squarely on the jaw and the man from Portland is knocked back, but not knocked over! Jensen strikes back with a right of his own. The two men stand and trade for a while, but Thorn’s explosive power proves to be too much for Jensen and soon he finds himself with his back against the ropes. Thorn leans all of his weight on Jensen’s windpipe, choking him against the top rope, until Ref Hains breaks it up and Jensen rests with his back on ropes, holding both hands on his throat, gasping for air.

Thorn looks down on the much smaller referee and gets into an argument with him, but their conversation gets rudely interrupted by Hollander who catches Thorn from behind and takes him past the referee with a running bulldog! Hollander pops up, leaves Thorn right there on the ground and dropkicks Jensen right over the top rope! Hollander pops up again, but this time he gets caught flat-footed and gets to eat a discus elbow courtesy of Bruce Thorne Jr. for his efforts!

The slightly bigger Thorn sets up Hollander for a suplex and lifts him into the air with hardly a grunt or groan. Displaying some impressive upper body and core strength, Thorn balances Hollander upright for some time, delaying the slam. He takes a little stroll around the ring, before finally completing the delayed vertical suplex. Hollander’s usually pale face is flushed a deep crimson from being upside down for so long. Still not done, Bruce hooks Robert’s feet under his armpits and rotates his body, thereby applying his signature version of the Boston crab, the BTJ.

Robert Hollander is a strong and resilient person, but even he cringes as Thorne applies a lot of pressure with his muscular frame. Hollander is in no small amount of pain, trying desperately to crawl towards the side of the ring he kicked Jensen over not much more than a minute ago. Suddenly, to his surprise, a four fingers and a thumb come to rest on that very same side of the ring, which leads to a massive cheer from the crowd. The next moment, he sees two hands on the bottom rope, followed by the upper body of Jensen!

Jensen takes a few deep breaths to regain some strength and composure then slides underneath the bottom rope, feet first. He connects with Hollander’s face and breaks the hold! The crowd let out a pained groan for Hollander’s sake, but Bruce Thorn gets back up and he looks even more pissed than before.

Thorn plants his boots in the canvas and rushes towards Jensen. Things look to be in dire straits for the crowd favourite, but Jensen deftly turns Thorn’s speed into a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker! Moving quickly, Jensen goes for a follow-up attack in the form of an elbow drop onto Thorn’s chest. To Jensen’s left, Hollander starts to stir. To his right, Thorn also looks to have recovered a little. Hollander and Thorn are both on their knees now, but Jensen knows how to take advantage if this situation! He delivers a roundhouse kick to Hollander, then one to Thorn!

Another to Hollander!

Another to Thorn!

The fans are going nuts for this crowd-pleasing hero and Jensen points to them in acknowledgement. He waves at the fans in front of him and turns to show some appreciation to the fans behind him.

Big mistake!

While Thorn collapses on all fours, Hollander gets to his feet gingerly, but there is an eerie madness in his expression. Jensen turns back towards his opponents and Hollander leads with a toe-kick then wraps his arm around Jensen’s head. He hooks Jens’s leg with his free arm and takes him for a ride with a fisherman buster. Jensen is on the deck, clutching at his back. His pain brings an insane smile to Hollander, who gives him a swift stomp to the back, only letting up in his attack to deal with the ever-dangerous Bruce Thorn.

Thorn is still resting his torso on his elbows, when Hollander pulls him to his feet and tucks his head in-between his legs, setting up the powerbomb. Thorn snaps out of playing possum! Instead of getting his legs lifted onto Hollander’s shoulders, he straightens his back and powers out of the hold. Before Hollander knows what’s going on, Thorne punches him in the gut and grabs his head while he’s doubled over in pain and proceed to plant his head on the canvas with a DDT!

To everybody’s surprise, Thorn does not take advantage of a stunned Robert Hollander. Instead, he runs to the farthest corner and climbs up the turnbuckle. Both Jensen and Hollander are getting to their feet and Bruce looks over to his uncle with his palms upward. Uncle Tommy is pointing to Hollander rabidly. Suddenly, Bruce’s actions make sense and he leaps through the air and nails Hollander with a coast-to-coast dropkick. Hollander is on his back and some of his limbs are twitching, but Thorn still can’t attempt the cover! He has Jensen (and the thirteen thousand plus fans at the Hydro) to contend with.

Jensen is tired, he has red welts all over his body and his legs have looked steadier, but he throws all caution to the wind and charges at Thorn with all he has left. Thorn swings with a right hook, but Jensen traps the arm instead and slams him down with a neckbreaker! Both men get up again and an angry Thorn tries a right jab, but Jensen counters again with another neckbreaker! Thorn struggles to get up, but just manages to do so in time to field Jensen’s volley of kicks. He blocks one with his beefy left arm, but another kick finds his ribs. Jensen grabs Bruce’s arm and whips him into a corner.

Jensen places his hands on his knees for only a couple of seconds, digging deep into his energy reserves. The crowd starts clapping and it fires him up. He runs to Thorn and steps off the middle rope to connect with a high knee, followed by a bulldog. Jensen checks on Hollander, who is still incapacitated, so he turns to Thorn once more. He drags him to his feet, lifts him up and drops him on his head near the side of the ring with Censored Colours! Thorn lies motionless on the mat! Jensen hooks a leg and Ref Roger Hains checks to make sure that Thorn’s shoulders are pinned. Satisfied, he starts the count: One... Two... T- The ref breaks up the count at the behest of Tommy Thorn, who points to Bruce Jr.’s free leg on the bottom rope.

For the first time in the match, Jensen displays genuine rage. He picks up Thorn’s arm, only to let it fall limply to the ground. The arena is outraged, having seen for themselves Tommy Thorn putting his nephew’s foot on the rope with his own hands. The ref saw nothing, however, so the match continues. Tommy heaves and is barely able to drag Bruce Junior’s bulk out of the ring. Tommy snatches a water bottle from a nearby fan and splashes it on Bruce’s face, reviving him.

Meanwhile, back in the ring, Robert Hollander has had long enough time to take a breather. He’s on his feet, but he’s pretty banged up. His face is pretty bruised from Jensen’s size tens and he’s looking to get him some. Fighting against ache and fatigue, he comes at Jensen, the only other person in the ring. Jensen tries his very best to outwrestle Hollander, but the latter is seeing red and slowly working him toward the corner. Bruce Thorn is next to the arena, looking to enter the ring, but his uncle grabs hold of his shoulder, delaying him. When Jensen and Hollander show signs of slowing down, Uncle Tom hurries Bruce inside the ring.

Jensen fielded vicious punches from Hollander, but with a mighty shove he manages to push him away. Just as he creates some separation, Thorn stomps in with an explosive stinger splash to both men in the corner! Thorn turns Hollander away from Jensen, so that both men are propped up against the corner, facing him.

Thorn runs to the opposite corner, knocks his forehead against the turnbuckle and lets out a mighty roar! He turns around, charges and spears Hollander into Jensen into the steel ring-post! He drags Hollander away from the ropes and half-collapses on him for a cover: One... Two... Three! Uncle Tommy grins his greasy grins and helps Bruce to his feet. Both Hains and Tommy raise Thorn’s hands in victory and they get out of the ring, celebrating all the way up the ramp and off towards the locker room.

Winner via Pinfall @14.08 - Bruce Thorn Jr

Charlie Campbell:
Bruce Thorn has an amazing future ahead of him in this company. If there was ever any doubt about this man’s ability...

Stan Chambers:
It was a great showing by all three, but you have to mention Bruce’s Uncle Tommy for the assist.

Charlie Campbell:
Hey, he’s his manager, it’s his job to help his client win, just like it’s our job to be unbiased and call the action in the ring fairly.

Stan Chambers:
I suppose you got me there, but spare a though for Jensen, who is gaining a massive following here in PWC. On any other night, he might have taken it.

Charlie Campbell:
Don’t forget about Robert Hollander. He’s crazy as hell, but he’s a great talent.

The competitors from the previous match just finish clearing out, when Vortex gets a visit from a familiar figure...


Kyle Elric appears on the ramp, acknowledging his fans. He is dressed in a smart grey suit, instead of his usual attire. The PWC Heavyweight Championship is draped over his shoulder. He makes a small bow to the audience.

Stan Chambers:
Speaking of talent, here comes a guy who arguably has the most in the whole company.

Kyle Elric:
Thanks for having me, Glasgow! It’s an honour to visit your beautiful country.

He lifts his belt much to the joy of the crowd.

Kyle Elric:
Another honour... is being your champ. I try my hardest to perform at my absolute best, not for myself, but for the people who love this company and who make my dream of being a wrestler possible – you guys. Make no mistake, with or without the belt, Kyle Elric leaves it all in the ring, but this belt represents something... It represents my fighting spirit. You see, as long as I have my hands on this most treasured of prizes, there’s a target on my back and everybody who gets a chance to do so will try to take it from me.

Kyle pauses, as if to ponder what he just said.

Kyle Elric:
But for as long as I have fight in me, I will defend this title proudly. At this point in my career, there are two people who have me in their sights – Xander Black...

The crowd cheers loudly.

Kyle Elric:
...and Darius Black.

The crowd boos vehemently.

Kyle Elric:
This is my message to them, this is my message to ALL who aspire to be champion: I am a fighting champion! I will respect what it means to be a champion and I will grant challengers the opportunity to fight for it, but when you face me for this title, I will push my mind, my heart, my own flesh and bones to and beyond their limit to defend it!

He holds the belt aloft.

Kyle Elric:
You want it? Come get it!

He bows to the arena and exits through the curtain.


Stan Chambers:
And we’re back, viewers! Remember when we said that PWC features a host of international talent? Well, it doesn’t get any more cosmopolitan than this!

Charlie Campbell:
What? You mean we’re going to send viewers fashion tips and ten-step guides to a put the romance back in their relationship?

Stan Chambers:
I probably set myself up for that one, didn’t I? No, what I meant was that here we are in Scotland and the next fight features two men from Italy.

Charlie Campbell:
Oh, you mean Mister “No faults given” and the Galucci brother? Yeah, even though they may be compatriots, they could not be more different people. It’s inevitable that they would collide at some point.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen! The following match is scheduled for one fall! First, fighting out of the Casalesi, Italy and weighing in at 210 pounds... Crowley!


The lights go out for a while and when the magic of Pantera kicks in, Crowley is in the ring, speaking incoherently and grinning eerily.

Charlie Campbell:
You know those people that fall in with the wrong crowd? That’s the kind of vibe I get from Crowley. He’s such a tremendous and exciting wrestler, but he has all this strangeness surrounding him. I wonder what sort of company he keeps.

Stan Chambers:
I think it’s more a case of him being the wrong crowd. I mean, can you tell me what the hell he’s doing right now? It makes no sense!

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, from Rome, Italy and weighing 210 pounds as well... here’s Gino Galucci!


Gino comes through the curtain with his chef’s hat, dragging a trolley of pizzas. He waves to the thousands of fans and twirls his chocolate-coloured moustache.

Stan Chambers:
Gino’s really going all-out here tonight! He’s got a whole trolley with him!

Gino’s dazzling and nearly blinding smile widens as he lifts up the lids of a few pizza-boxes. Strange and alien aromas waft along after him as he drags the trolley. He starts unloading the boxes and throws them into the crowd like rectangular, cardboard Frisbees. He must’ve given away at least thirty pizzas. Gino throws his chef’s hat into the crowd and a couple of fans fight over the memento. He makes a last stop at the commentary booth and plonks down a box he’d been saving.

Stan Chambers:
Strictly speaking, we aren’t supposed to be accepting gifts from the wrestlers, you know-

Charlie Campbell:
How did he know?! Lobster, mustard and ice-cream pizza – it’s my all-time favourite!

Senior referee, Gil Artman, checks that both competitors are ready and gets the match started.

Match #2 | Singles Match
Crowley vs. Gino Galluci

Crowley throws a few kicks Gino’s way, but the pizza-maker jumps back with each one, avoiding them. Crowley fakes a punch, but flies in another kick instead. Gino manages to catch the kick, but Crowley steps in with an enzuigiri! He knocks Gino right on the facial hair and he’s down.


A thunderous tremor reverberates throughout the arena, but nobody in the Hydro seems to know where it comes from. Crowley takes advantage of the situation and kicks Gino while he’s down. Gino guards his midsection and manages to get to his feet while batting off Crowley’s kicks with his forearms. Gino strikes back with a powerful European uppercut, sending Crowley right into the ring ropes, but Crowley regains his composure and rebounds off the ropes and flips over for a handspring backflip tornado DDT! Crowley props up his opponent and connects with a dragon stunner!

Gino falls to the floor and Crowley covers him: One... Tw- Gino kicks out! Gino rolls onto his chest, gets onto one knee and storms at Crowley! His boxing backgrounds proves instrumental in knocking the crap out of Crowley! Gino whips Crowley into the ropes and flattens him with a Thesz-press and rains punches down on him some more!


A mechanical noise, reminiscent of an engine can be heard somewhere, but nobody quite knows what’s going on. The only man not distracted is Crowley, who rolls Gino off of him. He’s still a little dazed, but in good fighting shape. For good measure, he pokes Gino in the eye while Artman’s back is turned. A wave of disapproval rains down on Crowley, but he doesn’t care. Gino is doubled over and only now does Ref Gil turn to the match. Crowley goes for a small package: One... Two... Gino kicks out!


The source of the mysterious machine is found! Both Gino and Artman stand in awe as these mechanical sounds come from the gorilla position. Crowley ascends the turnbuckle and screams at Artman to pay attention. He sails through the air and he connects with the Static-X! He hooks Gino’s leg and Ref Gil gives the count: One... Two... Three! The crowd can’t believe it! Crowley doesn’t care about any strange noises and walks back to the locker room, ignoring the boos from the Hydro.

Winner via Pinfall @6.42 - Crowley

Gino shakes his head is disappointment, but he perks up when the mystery is revealed. Appearing at the top of the ramp is a giant, brightly-painted... metallic mushroom with wheels? Gino jumps up and down in excitement, leaving the audience stunned. A hydraulic door opens and out of the mushroom pop out two men. One of them is short and portly and the other is tall and skinny, but other than that, they look exactly like Gino!

Gino Galucci:
My brothers! This visit is-a unexpec-ed-ted, baht you make-a me so-a glahd to see you!

Short brother:
Gino! Wee-a need your help! We gave-a you our blessing to make the world a better-a place through wrest-a-ling and pizza, but we told you that we would-a need your help one day.

Gino Galucci:
Yes, so the princess has-a been keednapped again?

Tall brother:
It would appear-a so. Say goodbye to-a your friends, Gino.

Gino turns around to look at the crowd. He beams his brilliant smile at them.

Gino Galucci:
To all my new-a-found friends... Thank-a you for opening your hearts to mee! I weel leave you with these: One – There-a is always a chance to help somebody who ees hahving a bad day. Two – Support locahl beesnis and orgahnic produce. Three – Deleever in thurrty minutes or-a else it’s free!

As the crowd shower him with cheers, he is still smiling back at them, but a single tear runs falls from his right cheek. With that, Gino Galucci rejoins with his brothers and rides off in their little mushroom cart.

Stan Chambers:
Well, that was surreal.

Charlie Campbell:
It can only be Gino Galucci, Stan, but take nothing away from Crowley. He showed up and got the job done, while everybody else’s minds were elsewhere.

Stan Chambers:
You think his mind is all there?

Charlie Campbell:
Hell no, but when you’re already two eggs short of a baker’s dozen, a giant mechanical mushroom won’t phase you in the least.

***This Means War***

The people in the Hydro are still sad to see Gino go when Derek Jacobs and his associate, James Parker, come walking down the ramp and enter the ring.

Derek Jacobs:
I am Derek Jacobs and I am here to tell you that tonight marks a new age in PWC. Shut up and listen well!

Boos sweep through the arena.

James Parker:
Derek, listen to that. I don’t think these people understand the gravity of the situation.

Derek glares at the fans. He waves an arm towards Parker.

Derek Jacobs:
For those of you who still don’t know, the man to my left here is Mister James Parker. You’ll be seeing a lot of him in the future. In many ways, it was this man who had the vision to put together two of the meanest mothers in pro wrestling today, thereby inspiring the Regime. This is the man to thank for that resilient alliance!

In stark contrast to Jacobs’s indifference, Parker seems buoyed by the crowd’s vocal disapproval.

James Parker:
Speaking of that alliance, where IS Freddie?

Derek Jacobs:
He is still backstage, preparing. He will join us shortly. In the meantime, these people should give you the acknowledgement you deserve.

Once again, the two get booed.

Come, my powerful protégé... enough about me. I am not the big news the world has been waiting for.

Derek Jacobs:
Indeed! Glasgow, as you all know, your people stand before a very important decision. It is one you are going to vote for – yes or no. But I, Derek Jacobs, god of war, stand here before you to show the plain truth – a truth that demands that you vote in the affirmative! I stand tall, representing a mighty union! I tell you, here and now, to choose independence, to vote YES... on joining the Regime!

It seemed that Derek touched a nerve and the crowd jeer him vehemently.

Derek Jacobs:
Fools! Don’t you know that if you’re not with us, you oppose us?

Jacobs eyes a particularly provoked audience member and starts to make his way toward the ropes as if to exit, but Parker holds up his hand.

Easy, Derek! I’m sure that there must be at least ONE person in the crowd that knows better than to rebel against the Regime.

Derek Jacobs:

Jacobs paces around the ring.

Derek Jacobs:
Do I see ANYBODY in the whole arena willing to join the Regime team? Come forward and enlist!

The camera pans around the arena. No signs of movement from the crowd...

...until one man weaves his way through the packed arena. An orange wig sits on his head, not entirely covering up strands of black underneath. A tartan mixture of red and yellow kilt hangs from his hips and the left half of his face is covered in blue face-paint.

Look, Derek, this true Scotsman wants to join us!

Suspicious Scot:
Ja, that’s right!

Without missing a beat, Derek shakes the man’s hand vigorously.

Derek Jacobs:
What’s your name, good man?

I am Wallace McVos from the southern parts of Scotland... way, wayyy south.

Freddie’s grin is highlighted by the blue dye on his lips.

Derek Jacobs:
Yes, yes, I can see that. You’re tanned and muscular and overall a much finer specimen than any of the locals here.

Freddie Vos:
Thank you. Yes, it is true - I really want to join the Regime. Like the rest of the world, especially the locker room, I am terrified of this powerful force and would much rather join than be destroyed. Unlike some people who call themselves supporters of PWC, I like to play for the winning team.

Derek turns his attention away from “McVos” and addresses the crowd.

Derek Jacobs:
See how much simpler this is?

Freddie undoes his kilt, revealing his more military camo pants underneath. He throws his wig out of the ring and puts his feet onto the second turnbuckle. With his free hand, he motions to Jacobs and Parker.

Freddie Vos:
You should listen to these people! Join while you still can, the dawn of our new era is upon us!

He jumps back onto the canvas and takes in a place alongside his comrades.

James Parker:
When we start the insurgency, PWC will tremble.

Derek Jacobs:
Bank on that!

The trio gets a tough reception, but the heckling is cut short.

Nathaniel Grey:
Hey, scumbags! You ready to put your money where your mouths are?

The Regime spins around to find the duo of Grey and O’Ryan positioned at the top of the entrance ramp. James Parker retreats and puts his hands on his troops’ shoulders. Grey peers into the ring from over his shades and O’Ryan’s face is partially covered by his hood. The crowd goes nuts for the Blackouts!

Kameron O’Ryan:
Looks like you forgot we still have a match! Let’s do this!

Stan Chambers:
Finally, the Blackouts rush in to make the save! I’ll tell you what, Chuck, if I had to listen to another minute of that, I’d lose my mind.

Charlie Campbell:
While their methods won’t win them many fans, the Regime has a solid strategy at the base of their operations – strength in numbers. I agree with you about the Blackouts, though! They’re an exciting pairing and I know I’m not the only one excited about their debut.

Gingerly, Emma steps into the ring, throwing a cautious eye to the Regime.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen... already in the ring, at a combined weight of 515 pounds... the Regime!

***Nothing to say***

Vos and Jacobs shake hands and nod to each other while Parker slips out of the ring.

Emma Mason:
And introducing the team of Nathaniel Grey and Kameron o’Ryan, at a combined weight of 440 pounds... the Blackouts!

***Enter Sandman***

The Blackouts strut down the ramp, urged onward by scores of adoring fans. O’Ryan flings back his hood and Grey hands his sublime shades to a lucky little kiddo behind the barricade. They enter the ring and acknowledge the audience.

Stan Chambers:
The Blackouts are the new team on the tag scene and it looks like they’ve had enough of these guys.

Charlie Campbell:
While it’s true that Jacobs and Vos have more experience as a team, these two Blackouts have unpredictability on their side. You can’t defend against something you’ve never come across.

Stan Chambers:
Indeed! Viewers, you can’t afford to miss this next one!

Emma leaves the ring and gets replaced by veteran referee, Roger Hains. He waits for KO and Jacobs to exit the ring, leaving Grey and Vos in their respective corners. Hains signals for the bell and the match gets underway!

Match #3 | Tag Team Match
The Regime vs. The Blackouts

Eager to begin, old hand Grey rubs his palms together and offers a lock-up. Vos accepts. The two collar-and-elbow each other across the ring. Neither man really gets the upper hand, but Freddie backs his opponent into a neutral corner. He pushes Grey’s back against the turnbuckle and kicks him on the shin. He goes for kick number two, but the wily old dog hops onto the second turnbuckle, out of harm’s way! Grey follows this up with an elbow drop, knocking Freddie on the noggin! The South-African is on his back and punches the canvas in anger. Grey displays a little smirk, seeing as he just outsmarted his opponent.

Vos snarls at Grey and circles him like a predator. Defiant, Grey extends his left arm with his palm facing upwards. He flicks his four outstretched fingers towards himself, motioning Vos closer. With a wry smile, Vos refuses to oblige and retreats to his corner instead. He turns to his partner and tags in Derek Jacobs.

Jacobs steps over the top rope and strides towards Grey. Grey throws a punch, but Derek catches it and returns one with interest! It hits him squarely on the jaw and Grey rubs his face vigorously. He opts to switch out for somebody with more knockout power, his tag-partner!

They make the tag and O’Ryan is fired up. He gets in the ring and stands toe-to-toe with Jacobs, glaring up at the big, bearded man. Derek shoves him away, but Kameron rebounds off the ropes and surprises Jacobs with a Pele kick, right on the kisser!

Derek reels back, staggering toward the side of the ring. He spins around and supports his body weight with the ring ropes. He looks up and sees Vos and Parker scream at him to turn around – O'Ryan is charging straight at him! At the last second, Derek gets his leg up and stops him dead in his tracks with a big boot. On the other side of the ring, Grey is leading a rally! He hops up and down, clapping his hands. The crowd joins in and a “Let’s go, Blackouts!”-chant breaks out.

O’Ryan comes to his senses and scrambles towards his partner, but Jacobs cuts him off, dragging him away by the leg. O’Ryan rolls so that his back is on the mat and he kicks Jacobs away with both legs. Although he is still on a vertical base, the big man is pushed back just enough for KO to get to his feet and jog over to his corner. The Blackouts make the tag and Grey gets in the ring with his partner. They run off the ropes both run into Jacobs at the same time! This time, the big guy takes a tumble. O’Ryan rolls out of the ring, while Grey makes the cover. Ref Hains slides in for the count: One... T- Jacobs throws a fist in the air. Grey rolls off and Derek spends a second shaking out the cobwebs before getting to his feet.

Seemingly in an attempt to move the fight away from the opposing corner, Grey yanks on Jacobs’s arm and whips him towards the Blackouts corner, but Derek is having none of it. Even after having some steam taken out of him, Derek uses his considerable weight advantage to resist. Instead, he leans back and it’s Nathaniel that gets sent for a ride into the corner. Derek pummels him with a few elbows to the body and tags in Freddie. Ref Hains motions for Derek to get out of the ring, but the Regime make use of the five-count rule first.

Vos takes down Grey with a side Russian leg-sweep and Jacobs completes the sequence with a leg drop. Derek rolls out of the ring just before the ref’s five-count.

The double-team left Grey a little winded, so hurries to his feet and backs closer to his partner, but not quite yet in tag-range. Quick to capitalise on a dazed foe, Vos leads with a toe-kick, then pulls Grey onto his shoulders and brings him to the ground with a Samoan drop. Following up on that attack, Freddie rushes back up and nails Grey with the Garvin Stomp, trampling his ribs, legs and arms. Vos hooks the leg: One... Two- Grey kicks out! The fans are elated at the experienced veteran’s instinct and resolve!

Freddie is furious and roars something incoherently, but still keeps his eyes on his opponent. Sizing him up, he waits for grey to get back to his feet. He whips him onto the ropes and awaits his target. Vos throws all his weight into a right hook, but Grey neatly dodges it! While Vos is off-balance, Grey unleashes a beautiful spinning back-fist! Vos is dazed and Grey grabs onto him, sending him flipping over with a snapmare. While Vos is seated, Grey hammers his fist down hard on his shoulder. The South African manages to roll away, wincing at the sharp sting in his shoulder.

Grey doesn’t give him time to get too far – he gets into Vos with an arm-wringer, twisting those hurt shoulder joints. Grey rounds off the motion with a quick elbow to his opponent’s arm. Turning back the clock on his aging body, Grey takes a knee and his arm is a blur as he absolutely pastes Vos across the face with the Undercut Uppercut! The Glaswegians are on their feet, O’Ryan cheers along with them and Grey proudly displays a palm full of Vos’ blue facepaint!

Vos is a dazed and confused mess in the middle of the ring. Grey jogs over to Kameron and tags him in. Grey hoists up Freddie in preparation for the Underground and O’Ryan runs the ropes. He rebounds and sprints back at full pace, tearing through the air with a leading elbow, but what’s this? At the very last second, Vos manages to break loose and drops to the floor and KO hits his own partner with an elbow smash!

Grey is on the floor with an accusing look of shock, O’Ryan is desperately trying to help him up and get him out of the ring before the five-count and in the confusion Vos sneaks off to his own corner and tags in Derek Jacobs, who steps over the top rope like a man possessed, with a rabid James Parker shouting encouragement from the sidelines. KO is barely able to help his partner to safety, when he gets lifted above Jacobs’s head. In an impressive display of strength, Jacobs holds him in a military press for a few seconds, before slamming him back down on the mat. The arena falls silent, the crowd totally deflated.

Jacobs glares at O’Ryan for a few moments, before trapping his neck and one of his shoulders with his arms. He falls to the floor and wears him down with a gator roll. He pulls O’Ryan back to his feet and throws him into a neutral turnbuckle for the snake eyes. The big man flips KO onto his back for the cover: One... Two... No! The fighting spirit of Kameron O'Ryan was enough to see him through this sequence of attacks and he kicks out!

Derek feels he has been cheated and raises his voice at Roger Hains. Poor Ref Hains tries his best to explain his fair cadence, but Jacobs wants none of it. Suddenly, Jacobs gets a tap on the shoulder, followed by a speedy right hand! O’Ryan is up and on the offensive! The crowd is amazed by this guy’s punching power! Jacobs is dazed and doesn’t see O’Ryan’s roundhouse kick coming! Derek’s legs buckle and he drops to a knee, giving KO the opportunity he needed – he strikes with a textbook shining wizard!

The crowd is on their feet and Kameron looks over to Nathaniel. Not only has Grey recovered somewhat, but all is forgiven and he is cheering on his partner like a madman! Kameron hooks the leg: One...Two...-T- At two and a half, O’Ryan feels Vos’ boot hitting him between the shoulder blades, breaking up the count. This infuriates Grey, who enters the fray himself. He throws Vos onto the canvas with a belly-to-back suplex!

The he himself gets floored by a vicious lariat by Jacobs... who, in turn, gets to suffer at the hands of O’Ryan with a reckless moonsault seemingly out of nowhere! The four bodies are strewn all over the PWC-ring! Motionless, save for some deep breaths, the two teams lie there, trying to regain some of their strength, while the ref starts his five-count.


Kameron and Freddie are the first to stir. Vos looks over to the ref and crawls over to Jacobs.


Grey comes to his senses, realises what’s happening and gingerly rolls out of the ring.


Freddie gives Derek a slap on the cheek, trying to get Derek going again.


Kameron gives Vos a swift kick to the ribs. Rather than retaliate and get disqualified, Vos opts to roll out of the ring as well. While Vos still has KO’s gaze, Jacobs is stirring. The ref stops his count and the match continues. Grey screams at his partner to pin Jacobs, but O’Ryan can’t hear him – Vos is on the ring apron with one leg inside the ring and hesitantly ducking his head under the top rope, as if to enter. When KO comes closer to him, Vos pops his torso out of the ring again. They repeat this twice, until O’Ryan decides he’s had enough and shoves Vos off of the apron anyway.

That’s when Kameron O’Ryan sees what his partner tried to tell him about: Derek Jacobs back on his feet and brimming with rage. He unloads a flurry of punches, all to the body of O’Ryan. He brings KO to ground with a T-bone suplex near the Regime’s corner. Jacobs gets up quickly and Vos is already perched on the top turnbuckle. Jacobs sets up KO for a piledriver and the Regime drop O’Ryan on his head with the Ten Feet Under. Grey tries to get into the ring for the save, but the shady figure of James Parker is clinging onto his leg for dear life! Vos escapes the ring again and Jacobs makes the cover: One... Two... Three!

Winner via Pinfall @18.53 - The Regime

***Nothing To Say***

Stan Chambers:
It was a spirited showing by the Blackouts, who showed a lot of grit and determination in a match that could’ve gone either way...

Charlie Campbell:
Yes, but it didn’t! Jacobs and Vos make my skin crawl, not to mention that Parker guy, but maybe there IS something to be said for their strength-in-numbers strategy.

Stan Chambers:
You call trickery and deception strategy?

Charlie Campbell:
You call that Southern drawl of yours good broadcasting?

Stan Chambers:
Let’s just, uh... focus on the action here, shall we?

Charlie Campbell:
And what incredible action it is, Stan! Tonight will see two of PWC’s very best compete for a title shot at the Legacy championship. On the one hand, you have Famine, who has developed quite a problem with the current champ, Dr. Nero.

Stan Chambers:
Then, on the other hand, you have one of the most impressive rookies PWC has ever seen in Axel Way, who seems to be unstoppable at this point. Holding the Legacy championship can open up so many doors. Current champion, Dr. Nero, needs only one more title defence before he’s eligible to trade it in for a shot at the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

Charlie Campbell:
But will Nero do it? It’s a double-edged sword, because he’ll lose the Legacy belt if he trades it in and Nero and that title has gotten pretty close in the last few months.

Stan Chambers:
We’ll see, but right now, we have a very important match on our hands – the fight a shot at the Legacy Championship.

Emma Mason:
The following match is for the number one contendership for the PWC Legacy Championship and is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, at 290 pounds, from Des Moines, IA.... Axel Way!

***Animal I Have Become***

Axel’s music blares through the speakers and he raises his arms. One hand is in a fist and the other is holding a steel chair. One fan looks like he’s about to throw a can of soda at him, but Way holds out the steel chair to him. He gets into the ring and taunts the referee, Gwen Jeffers, with the chair. The audience is irate at this sort of behaviour and make sure Way knows it.

Stan Chambers:
Is that the kind of man you would want as a possible representative of this company?

Charlie Campbell:
To tell you the truth, Stan, I’d want whoever is the better wrestler.

His opponent, weighing 210 pounds and from the Ukraine, but fighting out of Sierra Blanca, TX.... is Famine!

The arena lights go dim as Famine marches out of the gorilla position. He clasps his hands together and the arena strobes go off. He walks to the ring and points to Axel Way with his new and improved metal arm.

Stan Chambers:
Wow... I know he’s technically handicapped, but I would never say that to his face. Look at that shiny new arm! I am genuinely terrified.

Charlie Campbell:
Looks like they rebuilt him. They had the technology...

Jeffers signals for the bell and the fight for a chance at the coveted Legacy Championship begins.

Match #4 | #1 Contender for the Legacy Championship:
Axel Way vs. Famine

Famine offers a lock up, which Way begrudgingly accepts. He eyes Famine’s right arm cautiously and with good reason, too! Gears and hydraulics do their work and overpowers Way, even though he is the bigger man. Gwen’s eyes narrow, but since Famine didn’t use the mechanical arm to strike with, it’s perfectly allowed in the rules. The crowd cheer Famine on as the seemingly weaker guy gets the upper hand. Famine uses his superior grappling ability to get in behind Way and launch him back over his head with a German suplex. Way lands hard on the back of his head.

Way’s a little dizzy, but he gets back up. He does land a few hard-hitting shots to Famine’s body, taking care to avoid the metal arm. In fact, Way is so mindful of the right arm, he leaves himself open to a left-arm clothesline. Way is stunned, but the tough guy is still on his feet. Famine tries to whip Way into a corner, but Way uses his size to reverse the whip and sends Famine running towards the ring ropes. He rebounds off of them and Way lines him up nicely for a sit-out spinebuster! Way goes for the pin and quick victory: One...T- Famine gets a shoulder off the mat and a fist in the air!

Famine is first to get up and lifts Way up and drops him down onto his knee with an inverted atomic drop. Way is doubled over in pain, but Famine floors him with a lariat from his left arm. He yanks on Way’s arm and brings him to his feet near the ring post. Famine climbs onto the corner turnbuckle and chops Way on the arm with his Old School. Axel is holding onto his injured arm, nursing the sharp pain. Confident in his wrestling skills, famine offers a lock up, but Way hits him in the face instead! Axel follows up the combination of elbow strike and forearm smash. Famine is down and Way climbs to the same top rope Famine hit him off. Way spreads his arms out wide and drops towards Famine with a diving headbutt, but at the very last possible moment, Famine manages to block his body with his right, enhanced arm!


A sickening thud of metal on flesh makes the crowd groan in sympathy. As tough as the hardcore brawler is, he is still flesh and bone. Famine rolls him up and Jeffers slides in with the count: One... Two... Three!

Winner via Pinfall @4.19 - Famine

Famine gets his hand raised by the referee, while Way is still out cold. Famine gets a wild ovation as he gets named the new contender for the Legacy Championship. The lights strobe again and only return to normal once Famine has disappeared backstage.

Stan Chambers:
Wow, that was unbelievable! Famine is back and looking better than ever!

Charlie Campbell:
What’s unbelievable is how pissed-off Way is going to be when he wakes up.

The medical staff check on Way, who is groggily sitting up. He punches onto the mat and threatens PWC’s incoming medical staff with his ever-present steel chair. They back off and Way walks back, one hand on his injured head.

Stan Chambers:
Axel Way is a fierce competitor. Tonight wasn’t his night, but he’s still a guaranteed future champion here in PWC.

Charlie Campbell:
But for now, all eyes are on Famine, who is back on track to challenge for the PWC Legacy Championship.

Stan Chambers:
And now for something completely different!

Charlie Campbell:
You know, Stan, I find that the only think better than popping a cherry... is popping three cherries at the same time!

Stan Chambers:
Say what, now?

Charlie Campbell:
I’m just looking at the card here and the next match will feature no less than THREE brand new and exciting wrestlers joining PWC.

Stan Chambers:
I see what you did there, partner. Yes, it’s true. Just like in the wild, three young bucks are going to slug it out to prove who the alpha is.

Emma Mason:
The following match is a triple-threat match and is schedule for one fall! Introducing first, from the rough side of New York... weighing in at 158 pounds... it’s Elijah King!

***Right to Censor***

The debutant is a slightly built man in long blue jeans and a dress shirt. The crowd is very much annoyed by the wailing of the sirens and consequently boo King as he walks to the ring, ignoring the fans.

Emma Mason:
All the way from the mountains of Tibet... weighing 180 pounds... for the very first time on PWC... please welcome Hunter Jackson!


Jackson is followed down the ramp by his long, flowing, virginal white robe. His hands are clasped together and the hood covers his face. After he gets in the ring, he picks and empty corner and meditates quietly. A mysterious and chilling mood settles into the arena.

Emma Mason:
Lastly, also making his PWC-debut... from Anarchy City, CA... at 260 pounds... Karl Wyndham!

***The Great Satan***

The serene atmosphere is disrupted as an unruly man busts onto the ramp. His curly black hair points in all directions and he wears a tattered red shirt displaying the Anarchy logo. The arena is cast in darkness, except for a few yellow spotlights. Wyndham is accompanied by two hangers-on, who he chases away after getting into the ring.

Charlie Campbell:
Well, that’s something you don’t see every day.

Stan Chambers:
If I follow... these three debutants are – in reverse order- the bad, the good and the un-kinky? Let’s get ready for the action here on Vortex!

Plucky referee, Gwen Jeffers, signals for the bell and the acid test for the new bloods begins.

Match #5 | Triple Threat Match
Elijah King vs. Hunter Jackson vs. Karl Wyndham

Wyndham eyes the competitors and flings off his ripped t-shirt. Immediately, he turns to the monk and glares at him, as if drawn to the monk’s calm demeanour. Undeterred, Jackson rises and casts off his oversized white robe, draping it neatly over the ropes. Meanwhile, King is tapping his foot, waiting for the two to finish facing off.

Wyndham is the first to take action and stomps toward Jackson. He puts up his fists and aims at the man in white. A punch, a side-step; a kick, a dodge – Wyndham strikes nothing but thin air as Jackson applies his evasive technique. Not being the kind of man who lets such an opportunity pass him by, King decides to get in on the action and sneaks in a kick to Jackson’s kidneys when he wasn’t looking. The monk goes down and Wyndham rubs his hands together in anticipation. He kneels beside Jackson and fires off three fierce body blows.

Jackson is left clutching at his stomach when Wyndham moves in for the kill. Hunter sees danger approaching and in spite of his injured midsection, kicks up his legs, rolls them over his head and plants them on the mat before pushing himself up. The crowd is impressed by this improvised, grounded backflip and gives him a few cheers. Wyndham is not amused by this feat of flexibility and strikes Jackson with a European uppercut. Jackson reels back, but supports himself with the ring ropes. The next thing he sees is Wyndham hopping into the air, then bringing his head down with a jumping DDT! Karl Wyndham goes for the cover: One... Jackson kicks out and rolls out of harm’s way.

Suddenly, Wyndham feels the arena slide out from underneath him – it’s King with a sneaky roll-up! One- Wyndham kicks out. He gets up slowly, glaring and King. King just gets up and shrugs, before hastily exiting the ring for a breather. This leaves Jackson and Wyndham alone in the ring, once again. With feline grace, Jackson skids across the ring, awaiting his opponent. Wyndham charges towards the monk, but Jackson turns defence into attack with a drop toe-hold!

With the powerful man now grounded, Jackson applies an arm lock. The anarchist’s powerful left arm provides a lot of resistance, but Jackson doesn’t let up. Wyndham’s right hand digs into the canvas and he drags the to the bottom rope. Ref Gwen starts the five-count, but Jackson honours the competition’s rules and releases Karl immediately.

Wyndham shakes his arm, trying to restore the circulation in it and Jackson keeps a watchful eye on him, but that vigilance turns out to be a mistake! Too late he picks up a flying figure in his peripheral vision! Elijah King is back in the ring and lunges onto Jackson with no less than a springboard tornado DDT! Jackson slams onto the mat and looks to be very shaken up. Capitalising on his own brilliant opportunism, King locks Jackson in a Boston crab. Jackson’s abnormal flexibility does force King into an awkward position while leaning into the hold, making it much easier for Wyndham when he rushes in and breaks up the hold.

Wyndham gets King into position and whips him to the ground with a crisp snap suplex. He puts his boot on King’s windpipe and starts to choke him. Gwen Jeffers sees something objectionable about this and admonishes Karl, but he barely acknowledges her presence, so she starts her five-count. At “three” Wyndham isn’t throttling King anymore, but not of his own accord! Jackson weaved his arms underneath his shoulders and is working on his upper region with a classic full nelson straight out of the wrestling handbook! Wyndham struggles to get free, but just as he looks like he’s going to outmuscle the slender Jackson; the monk takes a step back and forces his opponent’s head farther forward. Wyndham’s flailing arms start to slow down and Jackson’s face is the picture of determination.

Wyndham’s head drops and Ref Gwen raises his arm. It drops limply. She does so again... but Elijah King looks to score a quick victory with another roll-up! Jackson releases Wyndham and is looking up at the stadium lights: One... Jackson kicks out! He gets up and casts a sideways glance at King, who motions him to attack Wyndham. King eagerly rubs his hands together at the thought of the possible two-on-one, but Jackson isn’t interested. Instead of concentrating on Wyndham, Jackson sets off to neutralise the remaining threat.

The penny drops and King shakes his head and waves his arms, but Jackson moves quickly and puts him in a facelock. Using this hold, he positions King in the centre of the ring and suplexes him. Then, while both are down, Jackson scurries over and locks King in a crossface. The man from Tibet lowers his head and pulls back on King’s head and neck, causing incredible discomfort. King’s free hand rises and lowers above the canvas for a moment... but Karl Wyndham strikes Jackson with a club to the back of the head and the submission is broken. King wriggles away and gets some distance between him, his mystical attacker and the reawakened hell-raiser.

Wyndham looks enraged anew, while Jackson is as composed as ever. Wyndham runs in with a clothesline, but Jackson drops to the floor and ducks it. Wyndham rebounds off the ropes and this time Jackson jumps over his assailant’s head. King wants nothing to do with this conflict and jumps out of the ring and Wyndham bounces off the ropes again. Instead of evading a third time, Jackson grabs onto Wyndham and hurls him over his head with a monkey flip!

Jackson grapples with Wyndham and applies the Finding Serenity. Wyndham tries desperately to use his legs to get to a bottom rope, but he has difficulty to move in this unfamiliar wrestling hold. Jackson is so focussed on maintaining the hold, that he doesn’t notice King climbing to the corner turnbuckle. He flies off the post and into Jackson with a Five-star Frog Splash! Wyndham is released and he makes it to his feet, but Jackson looks to be out cold.

He grabs King, who is still recovering from the massive leap he took, and nails him with forearm after forearm after forearm to the face. Wyndham paces back to take his run-up, then he lunges forward, rotates and his boot collides with King’s face for the Face Destroyer. Wyndham hooks the leg: One... Two... Three!

Winner via Pinfall @ 13.29 - Karl Wyndham

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen... your winner of this triple threat... Karl Wyndham!

***The Great Satan***

Wyndham’s two minions rush to the ring and celebrate with their master. They walk up the ramp, celebrating. Jackson pulls himself up by the ropes and hears Wyndham’s theme realising he lost. For a moment, the cultic leader stops what he’s doing and looks to Jackson from afar. Jackson glares at Wyndham, who smiles smugly before disappearing backstage.

Stan Chambers:
Well, now. I think I need to write a congratulatory letter to the PWC talent-scouts.

Charlie Campbell:
It certainly was an interesting triple threat. I wonder what would’ve been the situation had it been a one-on-one. Elijah king certainly made a nuisance of himself.

Stan Chambers:
Funny you should mention that... I don’t think we’ve seen the last fight between Karl Wyndham and Hunter Jackson. I think there could be some animosity brewing.

Charlie Campbell:
Do monks even have such a thing?

Stan Chambers:
Looks like we’ll find out! In the meantime, PWC-stalwart, Danny Eriksen, has caught up with the new #1 contender for the Legacy Championship.

Danny Eriksen:
Famine, let me be the first to congratulate you on your dominant performance tonight! It was breathtaking.

Famine stares at Danny, but turns away, slowly walking off. Danny looks a little panicked.

Danny Eriksen:
Please, Famine, give the viewers something to look forward to!

Famine slows down his step and halts, looking over his shoulder at Eriksen.

Nero... did this to me. I will break him as he did me.

The scene fades to static and PWC cuts to commercial.



Blue and white lights circle the arena. Xander bounces on his heels, in time with his theme. He nods to the fans and walks to the ring.

Xander Black:
Good evening, Glasgow!

The whole stadium greets Black excitedly.

Xander Black:
Before the main-event tears the roof off of this place, I’m going to make a declaration of intent. Kyle Elric, I know you’re somewhere in the building, holding on to my heavyweight championship and that’s fine! You earned it, you’ve defended it and you are a worthy opponent.

As he speaks, Xander paces comfortably around the ring.

Xander Black:
You are a worthy competitor, but I am the ultimate competitor! I know I have what it takes to win back my belt. Know this, Elric, I still have my rematch-clause and you better believe that I’m going to invoke it. Inside me I have an insatiable hunger that will only be satisfied when that title is where it belongs... around my waist!

He motions to his middle.

Xander Black:
I mean business, Kyle, so enjoy your reign as champion. You’re one of the best and I respect that, but me... I’m the very best.

The crowd goes nuts at the thought of seeing this rematch.

Xander Black:
Okay, I said what I needed to. Emma, would you get yourself up here and get this party started?

Emma winks at Xander, even though he doesn’t return the favour.

Stan Chambers:
I can’t wait for this fight!

Charlie Campbell:
Neither can the fans, Stan! What more needs to be said when participants of this calibre grace the ring. Let’s just let their performance do the talking.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, this is your main event of the evening. The following is a tag-team match and is scheduled for one fall. Already in the ring, weighing 215 pounds, from Parts Unknown... Xander Black!

Xander raises his arms, getting the fans to scream louder.

Emma Mason:
His teammate, at 185 pounds, from Perth, Scotland... Daiko!


Emma is barely heard over the supporters in Glasgow after she said “Perth”, but Daiko appears at the entrance with his hood covering his face. He pulls it back and his fans are off their feet! He slaps hands with his fans and hops in the ring. He shakes hands with Xander and Xander points two fingers at Daiko and looks to the arena, which explodes with cheers once again.

Emma Mason:
They will be facing, from Seattle, WA, weighing 223 pounds and accompanied by the lovely Nurse Ellie... “The Surgeon”, Doctor Nero!


Nero comes walking down the ramp, mindful not to touch any of the supporters. Behind him, Nurse Ellie follows, holding his prized Legacy Championship aloft for all to see. When they get to the ring, she helps him with his scrubs and holds the ring-ropes for him to get in.

Emma Mason:
And his partner, weighing 220 pounds, from Chicago, IL.... Darius Black!

***In The House, In a Heartbeat***

Darius shuffles to the ring, also ignoring those in attendance to death. He steps through the ropes to a chorus of boos.

Doctor Nero and Daiko remain in the ring, while Darius and Xander Black take in their positions on the apron. Senior official, Gil Artman, signals for the bell.

Match #6 | Tag Team Match
Xander Black & Daiko vs. Darius Black & Dr. Nero

Daiko and Nero move across the ring, feeling each other out. It’s not long before Daiko strikes with a hit-and-run kick to Nero’s ribs. He gets in another swift boot to the ribs, but his third attempt is thwarted by the surgeon, who grabs the foot and spins him around with a dragon screw! Daiko is wary of Nero’s Amputation submission, so he pulls back his legs and rolls to his feet. Daiko still in good shape, hopping around the ring. Nero adopts a more methodical approach by lowering his head and calmly stalking Daiko. Daiko twinkle-toes his way toward his corner and no-look tags in Xander. Xander rolls back his neck and steps into the ring.

Xander’s hands are held up; looking for an opportunity to have a go at Nero, but Nero stuns him with a punch to his nose, followed by a dropkick to the knee. While Xander is left on the mat, grabbing his knee, Nero tags his partner in. Darius runs in like he’s been waiting all day for an opportunity and looks to hit Xander with a knee drop. Xander rolls away and Darius strikes nothing but canvas.

Now Darius is the one holding his knee and Xander the one looking to capitalise. Xander moves towards Darius and hits him on his side with a running leg drop. Xander gives Darius a kick for good measure then tags in his high-flying teammate. Darius scurries away to his own corner and tags in Nero, who wipes his gloved hand on his scrubs after the tag.

Daiko decides he’s had enough pussyfooting around and kicks the match into overdrive! He runs the ropes and gets back to Nero, connecting with a Yakuza kick. He goes to his corner and tags in Xander, who jumps onto the turnbuckle. He measures up Nero, tags Daiko (making him the legal man) and slams onto Nero with a crossbody! Xander gets out of the ring before Artman can admonish him and now Daiko crashes into Nero with a springboard moonsault! The supporters in Glasgow are loving it and Daiko stays in position for the pin: One... Tw- Nero kicks out and Daiko rolls away.

Nero blinks his eyes furiously and tries to shake out the cobwebs, but he can’t seem to regain his composure. Choosing wisely, he staggers to Darius and makes the tag. Darius rolls under the bottom rope and pops up. He tilts his head to the side, before lunging at Daiko and grabbing him in a headlock. Daiko tries to pry Darius’s arms loose, but it’s no use – Darius has it locked in. Darius runs forward, kicks out his legs and completes the running bulldog. With Daiko still on his chest Darius grabs his wrist and applies and armbar. Xander has seen enough of this and gets into the ring. He dives at Darius, breaking up the hold. Darius gets up and screams at Xander, but the latter Black has already exited the ring, leaving the legal man, Daiko, to shake back the feeling in his left arm.

Sensing vulnerability, Darius grabs that same arm to Irish whip Daiko into the ropes, but it backfires! Daiko comes back at full force with a springboard back elbow! Darius staggers and collapses in his team’s corner, but not before stretching out an arm and letting Nero make the tag. Daiko winces at the niggling pain in his arm and tags in Xander.

The arena cheers Xander as he and Nero face off. The former Heavyweight champ and the current Legacy champ start to slug it out. It would appear as though Xander is getting the better of the exchange, but then Nero puts a lot of weight into a wind-up European uppercut. Xander is almost knocked out of his boots! He gets up, rubbing his smarting jaw, but Nero closes in and wraps his arms around the back Xander Black’s neck with his Anaesthesia! Suddenly Xander’s eyes widen as he realises he has to get to safety. He wiggles around on the back of his legs, trying desperately to find a rope somewhere! Xander’s movements become less and less frantic and his eyes start to fade, though. As Nero is squeezing the life out of him, his partner Daiko is hopping up and down in their corner. Suddenly, Xander’s face becomes a mask of sheer determination and through luck and willpower alone, Xander manages to get a foot on the bottom rope. Artman tells Nero to break up the hold, but the surgeon blatantly refuses. Ref Gil starts his count and Nero only releases at four-and-a-half, incurring the crowd’s wrath.

Xander pulls himself up the ropes and uses the top rope to support his bodyweight, heaving heavily. He walks toward Daiko in their corner, but Nero doesn’t want to give him a chance to recover. He grabs Xander by the hips and drags him back into the ring, but Xander is desperate – he begins his charge anew. Daiko holds out his outstretched hand and they ever so slightly touch fingers. Artman says the tag is legal and Daiko jumps right over the top rope and clotheslines Nero. Nero gets back to his feet, but he doesn’t see Daiko’s lightning-quick attack coming! Daiko hooks onto him with a springboard hurricanrana and Nero lands back first onto the mat. Nero is looking worse for wear after this flurry and has difficulty getting up. Daiko, conversely, does a kip-up that the crowd goes mad for!

Choosing the safer option, Nero retreats for the tag before Daiko can press home the advantage. In an attempt at an aerial manoeuvre, Daiko sprints towards Darius, but Darius stops the Scottish dead in his tracks with a back kick! The wind gets knocked out of the supporters’ sails. Darius turns to the crowd and starts taunting them, lapping up their displeasure. Unbeknownst to him, however, was Daiko laying on his back and waving his fists in the air, making precious seconds. Darius turns back and the fans go absolutely berserk and Daiko hits Darius with a kip-up Frankensteiner. Now totally and utterly spent, Daiko crawls back to his corner and tags in a much fresher Xander Black.

Xander weaves his arms past Darius’s shoulders and throws him with a tiger suplex. He continues the offensive with a Russian front legsweep, ramming Darius’s face into the mat. He measured Darius up, waiting for him to get back to a vertical base. The next thing Darius sees is Xander clasping his arms around him for an overhead belly-to-belly suplex! Xander hooks the leg: One...Two... Nero rushes in and breaks the pin, but not only does he break it, he applies a half-nelson to Xander, then slams him with a Paralyser! Xander’s legs flail through the air and he lands on his back. Artman chews Nero out for his actions, but the surgeon makes a big show of getting out of the ring.

In the ring, Xander crawls on all fours. Daiko also looks pretty bent out of shape, but his trouble is more fatigue than injury. Xander tags in Daiko and collapses as he rolls out of the ring. Daiko gets ready to give Darius all he’s got, but Darius’s unconventional style catches him off-guard with an unexpected headbutt! Daiko is momentarily stunned, but that’s all Darius needed. Darius successfully connects with Good Night and the brave Scotsman falls to the floor. The entire arena holds its breath when Darius makes the cover: One... Two... Three.

Winners via Pinfall @21.09 - Darius Black & Dr. Nero

Celebrating with Nurse Ellie, Nero exudes a cocky smirk, while Darius’s unnerving grin causes the fans to be even more upset.

Stan Chambers:
I can’t believe it, Chuck, what an amazing performance by Doctor Nero and Darius Black!

Charlie Campbell:
They brought their A-game, alright! What you’ve witnessed tonight were four amazingly talented men. They took each other to the limit.

Stan Chambers:
Folks, I’m exhausted after all this excitement! On behalf of myself and my partner Charlie Campbell, this is PWC, signing off!​

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