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Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

Arena: Save Mart Center
Capacity: 12,000 (Let's just say it's this much)
Location: Fresno, California

Singles Contest:
Freddy Voz (ManureTheBear) vs. Nyx (CRIMSON)

Singles Contest:
Jack (Obfuscation) vs. Gunner Star (iKyriaki)

Singles Contest:
Darius Black (The Fourth Wall) vs. Daniel Reese (Jamjam22)

PWC World Heavyweight Championship - Battle Royal:
Every Roster Member Involved


Deadline for RP's is 11:59pm (GMT) on Tuesday 11th.

This thread will be used for posting your RP's, if you want to feedback on someone's RP then go ahead, post the feedback in here. Once the show is posted, you can feedback on that, if you like. Everything else can be posted in the discussion thread.

Also, the six people who have a singles match along with the Battle Royal, you don't need to post two RP's, just one will do.​

Hey guys, I decided to do a sample RP so that you guys can be familiar with how it’s supposed to be like. I wanted everyone to have a fair chance because the first show will crown the first World Champion of PWC. So I hope this RP will help you out a lot.

So I’ll be using my character in PWC, Daniel Reese. In this scenario, I’ll just use HollywoodNightmare’s character as my opponent. This is fictional alright? We’re not really opponents but this is something I’d do for an RP if my opponent was “The Rock God” Austin Angel.

Four Years Ago​
It’s a bright morning with the sun’s rays piercing through the window. The heat is definitely being felt by everyone under it, especially Daniel Reese who is seen infront of a mirror dressed quite well. However, the expression on his face tells a different story than the clothes he is wearing. He struggles to put on his tie and does the only thing he can think of at this time.


Daniel is nervous but his expression has calm down a little bit when his mother arrives. They come into contact and his mother just smiles at Daniel, almost laughing at him because of his struggles to tie his tie.

Here, I got this honey. Big day today, you ready?

Honestly mom, I’m nervous. You think I’m ready for this?

I know you’re ready son.

Both Daniel and his mother look back at the door to see his father, nodding his head at Daniel, looking to motivate him. He puts his hand on his son’s shoulders and looks him straight in the eye. It seems to be one of those motivational speeches.

You’re ready son. I’ve seen you grow into a very good player. Not only that, but you’ve become a fine young man and everyone sees that.

Thanks dad. I just don’t want to disappoint. I know playing basketball is a big part of all of our lives so I want to make the right decision.

And I’m sure you will. But you know where I hope you’re going.

Daniel’s father winks at his son signaling where he wants Daniel to attend college at. On that note, a loud knock is heard on the door. Both of his parents look at Daniel while Daniels nods his head, seemingly ready to make his decision.


Fast forward, we are now in a different setting. It seems to be the same house but it just looks…older, way different than the house we saw earlier. The scene picks up where we see people gathered around the couch. Only two people are sitting on the couch while the rest of the cameracrew each do their respective jobs. It’s revealed that Daniel Reese is being interviewed by PWC’s interviewer, Danny Eriksen.

Danny boy, thanks for taking this time to do an interview with us on such short notice. We really appreciate it.

Yeah, no problem. Anything to help out PWC. Plus, I love talking infront of this camera. Let’s this started!

Daniel’s enthusiasm seems to have changed over the years since he is now more confident to speak infront of the cameras. Eriksen looks at his notes before finally asking Daniel his questions.

Everyone knows that you have a match this week against Austin Angel who bills himself as The Rock God. Any thoughts on your opponent?

You know, I don’t really know much about Angel’s personality since we have never talked before. However, I do know all about his in-ring style. You see, the difference about me is that I take the time to study my opponents. This way, I know every crook and cranny that they’ll try and do in the match.

That’s good. Do you see Angel as a threat?

You can’t rule that out Danny. Even though I don’t know Angel personally, I’m pretty sure he can do damage in that ring. Every superstar in PWC has made it this far because they know what they’re doing, so Angel is no different.

Danny Eriksen nods his head in compliance, looking very impressed with the way Daniel has been going about in this interview.

Final question, how can you beat a guy claiming to be a god, a rock god nonetheless?

Daniel pauses, looking hesitant to answer. He looks down, contemplating on the answer he should give. It takes him a little while before he finally looks up, ready to give an answer.

Danny, every superstar in PWC is different. Which means there are different ways on how to prepare for an opponent. Facing a guy like Angel is no easy task. The dude can fly all over the ring and keep you off balance. However, if prepare the right way, you can come out on top. Angel thinks he’s a god, but I know there’s only God, and trust me, Angel is no god.
I hope this helps you guys out. This will be posted in the OP btw, so check out the OP if this gets lost. Calum will post the show thread soon enough. Please follow the instructions and we'll be able to get this thing started, woooo!
GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ

All good things must come to an end.
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Singles Contest:
Darius Black (The Fourth Wall) vs. Daniel Reese (Jamjam22)
AWWW YEAAAHHH! I'm ready! Let's do this! :mark: Will start writing up my RP, didn't expect to be in a Singles Match too! :cool:

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Since we decided to use a battle royal to crown the champion, we needed to fill out the show with a few matches so we randomly drew six people and paired them together. After this show, everyone will probably be involved in a feud/match in some way.

Also, after this post, could everyone use the stickied thread to discuss stuff, and only use this for posting RP's and RP feedback. That way it's easier for us to keep a track of who's posted their RP. Thanks guys.

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* the sound of rain is heard over a black screen... *

* slowly the visual of a room we've seen briefly before appears. Everything at a standstill. Eventually the door opens and Jack. appears. *

* he stands. No movements whatsoever. Proceeds to move in front of his couch only to stand facing outwards to what would appear to be looking straight at an audience. *

Jack.: "He doesn't like to talk."

* Jack. with a brief pause *

Jack.: "Nor do I, unless the circumstances given are those which lend itself to my reawakening."

* Jack. then sits down on the couch - stoic. *

Jack.: "Gunner Star. That's what he claims to be. The implications are clear."

* Jack. looks to the coffee table beside him. He picks up a boxing glove & a book. A book which appears to be a dictionary. He flips it open to a specific page. *

Jack.: "Analyze. Definition being: (To examine methodically by separating into parts and studying their interrelations.) You claim to do this. Let me give it a try to get into your mind. You analyze to scout. I am analyzing you and your 'hobby'..."

* Jack. holds up the boxing glove. *

Jack.: "This. This seems to be your scapegoat. You fight to run away from your own demons. Why? What has harmed you in the past? You won't explain b/c you won't speak. Thus leaving me to analyze there is nothing to fear about you. You fear yourself. You fear life. With this analytic analysis I've deemed you unworthy of my time."

* Jack. tosses the boxing glove to the floor. *

Jack.: "Gunner Star appears to be like the rest of this world. Thinking they know who they are. Pointless. Lifeless. False bravado placated by false lives. I'm the only one with focus. I'm the only one who is wondering what's next. Everyone else is blinded. Gunner Star, you sir, are blinded. For that, your challenge means nothing. Quite possibly after we meet you will no longer be blinded by fear. Perhaps you can be focused. Wonder what's next. Wonder who you will be."

* Jack. stands, clinches his fists together. The camera moves in closer to his body. *

Jack.: "After I do away with Mr. Star, my time comes. How fast we grow. Soon. A battle royal. I've raged in a couple of those during my lifespan(s). Some internal; some external. End result always being the same. I wonder who I will be. A question that has plagued me for far too long. PWC Heavyweight Champion? Perhaps this - this moment right here - is who I will be..."

*The camera begins to to fade after zooming in up to Jack.'s face. The sound of rain falling comes over yet again as the screen becomes black.*​

All good things must come to an end.
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*Darius can be seen methodically walking down a dark hallway. The camera focuses up on his face covered with darkness.*

Darius: "People always ask who I am and I never have a clear answer to give them. I'm just a guy, just a guy that wants to be successful and I'll do whatever it takes to get there."

*Darius with a short pause*

Darius: "I don't care if you like or dislike me, your opinion is completely irrelveant to me. I don't care about anybody else but myself. That may sound self-centered but it's the truth. Nobody has ever done anything for me, I've always had to do things for myself and that's how it's staying."

*Darius with a pause*

*Darius sits in a dark corner the camera keeps up close on his face but it cannot be seen. Darius continues talking*

Darius: "There's only two things I've got my mind on right now Daniel Reese and the PWC Heavyweight Championship. Firstly let's start with Reese. I don't know the guy and I don't think he wants to know me either, he doesn't know what I'm capable of doing and what exactly I can do to him. I will take away any sort of pride or confidence he may have and simply flush it down the drain. He really doesn't know who he's messing with, I'm not the type to forgive and forget, you want a fight Reese? It's on, but don't think you can get prepared for me. It's impossible."

*Darius with a pause*

Darius: "The second thing on my mind is what has kept me driven my entire life and that is winning the PWC Heavyweight Championship. To you it may just be a championship but to me it's life and it's what I live for. I don't live for family and I don't live for friends, I live for Championship Gold. I'm not going to lie, growing up in Chicago, Illinois was tough. To get somewhere you had to side with guys you might not usually side with in life. I did some things that I regretted at first but I no longer regret anymore. You see, the thing is, everything that has happened in the past has shaped me to be what I am today and without it I wouldn't be where I am. It made me ruthless and it made me aggressive and it taught me to 'Take No Prisoners' and that's exactly what I'm going to do."

*Darius walks out from the corner and back in to the hallway. The camera still cannot see his face and follows him and his back as he makes his way to the end of the hallway with his voice slowly fading away*

Darius: "It's my destiny to achieve that championship and it is my destiny to be successful. Just trust me when I tell you not to get in my way, you wouldn't like to find out what I'm truly capable of.." *(Voice fades out) as Darius walks out.*

*Scene fades to black*

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*The cameras cut to a partially darkened room where there's a hooded figure seen leaning against a wall. The cameras close in just as he begins to talk with a slight English accent.*

Welcome to the end of all days, where the world is darkness, the people are savages and the leaders are fat and corrupt. These are no longer simple times where children sing and dance, no. Instead, the women mourn their losses, children fight to earn their place in the world and the men are sent to war to appease those in power.

*The figure raises his head a little, to the point which only his startling blue eyes are visible.*

Welcome to my world. There's no heroes or villains, you can't trust your friends, betrayals happen in families on a daily basis and if someone gets between you and what you desire, you break them.

*He leans forward aggressively while roaring the last few words which causes the cameraman to stumble back a few steps before he regains his composure.*

Being brought up with this mindset, I could only end up in one place, the P.W.C. In here, if someone crosses me, I'll break them, I'll snap their backs in half and I'll not feel a thing after doing so. In here I can become a hero to those who need it most, those who still cling to the dregs of their life. IN HERE, I am a legend and at Vortex in the Battle Royal, I will prove it by becoming the very first PWC Heavyweight Champion.

*The camera fades out to black*

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*We are backstage as Sam Dancer and Emma Mason. Sam has a bottle of what looks like vodka in his hand and is wearing a nice crisp white suit with a rose in the breast pocket. He has a smile on his face and looks confident.

Sam Dancer: Milady

*Sam hands the beautiful interviewer Emma Mason a rose. She blushes and smiles*

Emma Mason: So Sam Dancer how do you feel going into the upcoming battle royale for the PWC Heavyweight title?

Sam Dancer (in a beautiful British accent): You see I have been studying my opponents matches on tape before going to lovely bars and clubs in this great great country. Oh yeah I am going to this new place called Propaganda want to come tonight?

Emma Mason (Still blushing): Um yes yes I would love to.

Sam Dancer: Tonight will be the last night I spend drinking however till the battle royale. I have looked at my opponents and let me analyse them for you. What we shall do is each do a shot before each person? You up for doing that?

Emma Mason: Yes sure but I still have a hour left of the....

Sam Dancer: Nonsense drink with me it will be fun. Now first shot time....

*Both of them down the first shot*

Sam Dancer: Trae Walker is a wrestling machine and a total monster. He worships his god like I worship this heavenly drink. He is someone no one should take lightly and will rip the competition apart. However he is a sprinter not a marathon runner which you need to be in a battle royale. Right next shot

Sam Dancer: Daiko is one of the best high flyers in the world today but you know what they say about things that go up? They must go down. He gets on the top rope in the battle royale while I am around and I will knock him out of the royale faster then I down a jagerbomb. Next shot

Sam Dancer: Jack he is a.... wait a talking rabbit. What? How many of these have I had?

Emma Mason: I love bunny rabbits. They so cute and fluffy. I want to pet it.

Sam Dancer: You know what you have had enough. We better head off to the club before you pass out dear. So I will say one last thing. All the other competitors, rivals in the battle royale just because I have not mentioned does not mean I have blanked out when it comes to you as threats. I have done the research and while some of your matches lead to me reaching for the bottle I will win!!!

San Dancer: Also Silver Shiek after your comments about the UK and the USA I will make it my secondary goal to eliminate you personally on way to victory. Now Emma to Propaganda.

Emma Mason: WOO WOO....

Sam Dancer: Please don't say that....

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Play as you read for maximum effect

This is a picture of a simple man that went by the name of Dr. Robert Farver. He was a kind soul, a generous man who would always go out of his way to help the innocent. He was a charitable sort of person, one who could always find a way to make you feel better about yourself. On June 2nd, 1952 a starving young boy in the street was shot in a gang war. Robert found him, barely alive, and brought him back to the hospital. Through surgery, he saved the child's life. But this young boy had no way of paying his hospital bill, so Robert paid for it out of his own salary...

Three weeks later, Robert was diagnosed with Lung Cancer. Robert was told, in what was soon to be revealed as an overestimate, that he had six months to live. He died on September 16, 1952, at the age of 41. Young death. Same old.

Lorenzo Aparo, commonly referred to as "The Don of the South" by his peers. Lacked emotion. Sociopathic Tendencies. Murdered, Stole, Raped. Same Old. Was responsible for the "Opera Hall Massacre" of 1973, in which he ordered his men to shoot up an opera house that four of an opposing gang's top men were attending with their families. It worked. 33 people, 11 of them children, died. So much death for such a small reason... I love it...

Lorenzo lived a long, long life. He died comfortably in his own home with his 5th wife by his side at the age of 93. Died of old age, natural causes. Not many were saddened to hear of his death.

This pathetic concept of "karma" is not a reality. No, the only thing we can all be certain of in this world is that we will die some day. It doesn't matter who you are, what you have done, or if you deserve it. Death awaits you. Death awaited these two men, and death will await every other person you will ever meet in your travels. I would know...

I would know.

You can pretend that you do not fear me. It is no matter. I will rise above you all, and take what is mind. You know this. I know this. Everyone knows this. No matter how 'good' or 'bad' you are in theory, death will come for you. I will come for you. Soon.

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*Spudsy appears on a podiun suited up in black*

Spudsy: Hello y'all. Arh am here to announce vat arh, Spudsy, will be starting marh new campaign to become worlds heavyweights champyan. I will be very much like va pol-a-tics in marh campaign. At the commencement of tahnights show I will be handin out FREE 'Spudsy 4 Champ' badges! *Spudsy pulls a badge and displays it to the camera* arh will also be doing ova pol-a-tic-al fings like kissin baybays ahnd meeting va royal majesty harself, tour the younited staytes of merica and eatin sack after sack of potatahs! But dun you worry baybay mommas, Spudsy ain't forgetting the real objectave, to prove that to y'all Imma rip vis tree out of va grownd *points to the wooden podium* and bodyslam it so y'all see my as a legitimayte contendah!

*Spudsy squats down to the base of the 'tree' and wraps his little nuggetty arms around it, Spudsy starts to pull the podium up in the air as his face turns bright red and sweat piles out from his pores. The podium is raised in the air as Spudsy flips it down onto the ground* SMASH*Spudsy jumps into the air and rams his stomach into the 'tree' causing it to implode* Spudsy starts screaming: Y'ALL AINT SEEN NUTHIN YET! IM THE MOST POTASTIC, ELECTRIFRYING, SPUDSULICIOUS WRASSLER IN ANY PROMOTSHAAN ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD, TUNE IN TO VORTEX AND Y'ALL SEE WHY ARHM SO CON-FI-DANT! GOOD NIGHT AMERICAH AND DUN FORGET VOTE 1 SPUDSY 4 CHAMPYUN!

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*An already frightened Emma Mason makes her way to a dark corner of the gas chamber to try and get an interview from Nyx. But in comes a black labrodor who barks mercilessly and scares her away as we hear an evil laugh in the background*

Never stare a lot into the dark, you might eventually see what isn't really there.

*The camera slowly pans towards the dark as we then see Nyx facing towards the wall*

Remember when your mother said that monsters don't exist? She lied. She never wanted you experience the wrath of a monster, didn't want you to feel the fear, the same fear Emma just felt as she walked into this gas chamber. The same fear, you are about to experience... very.. very soon.

*The black labrodor Shadow slowly walks towards Nyx, who then cuddles the dog*​

I was just another kid like all of you. Until one day. You see, you talk to your Gods and you call it praying. Your kids talk to their dolls, and they call it playing. But what would you do if your God spoke back to you? What would you do if those dolls answered your kids back? That's how my life is. I hear voices. I don't know who they are, I don't know what their purpose is, but they understand me, and they sure do make me feel good. And so do they. The first thing they told me that this is a bad, bad world. And they were right! This world which you call beautiful, is very, very inhuman. And this inhuman place makes human monsters. If it wasn't for Shadow, who became my family, a family I was in desperate need of, I would've been all alone in this inhuman world. And so would I.

*Nyx lovingly kisses Shadow on his head and suddenly drops him down*

You see this week, I'm facing Freddy Voz. Freddy Voz. Ex PMC Soldier. Kicked out of the army because of exessively violent behavior. Tough guy, impressive. But you know what? I've shot a guy, I've been imprisoned for that and in there, I've fought the toughest of them all. So if you think you're the one who defines badassery, think twice. And then, I've also got a little battle royal to take care of.. for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. I'm not underestimating any of you, but the ghost you're chasing, you'll never catch.

*Nyx yet again laughs in an evil manner*​

Oh, and I certainly don't suffer from schizophrenia. I quite enjoy it. And so do I.

*Both Nyx and Shadow then fade away into the dark*​

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It's dusk.
A faint glow can be seen emanating in the distance,
silhouettes danced to music whilst smoke filled the air.
A group of people had gathered at the beach to celebrate.
Tommy Hendricks was about to make a name for himself,
out in the real world,
outside of the bubble he had created.

A freelance cameraman with aspirations to be an investigative reporter had heard about the legend and wanted an exclusive interview with the man himself.

He approaches a group of people.

Man: "Hi, can somebody help me?"

Two women approach both wearing long skirts, similar vest tops and flowers in their hair. One of them speaks.

Woman A: "Hey man, you want some LSD?"

He replies

Man: "Hi, I don't, ummm thanks anyway. I'm looking for someone."

Woman B: "We're all looking for someone, right?"

The women giggle.

Man: "I'm looking for Tommy Hendricks…"

The girls almost faint and begin to swoon

Woman B: ooooh Tommy…we LOVE Tommy, he's the best.

Woman A: "Would you like some smoke, wanna join us in the purple haze"

The girls begin to dance again and the man becomes slightly on edge and frustrated.

Man: "I just want to speak to Tommy Hendricks, is he even here?"

Woman A: "Fine then, we were only being friendly, sheeesh"

The women walk back towards a fire that was burning brightly on the beach, talking loudly and giggling.


A man can be seen standing up and peering over to the now awkward looking man holding a camera.

Tommy Walks over.

TOMMY: "Dude, ignore Wendy and Brenda, so, how can I help you on this bodacious night? come with me yeah? Want some?"

Tommy gestures for them to walk up the beach and holds out a joint in between his thumb and index finger whilst looking at the man with raised eyebrows almost expectant.

Man: "I'm just here chasing my dreams and you're…."

Tommy holds his hand out, gets ditracted by his seemingly bendy fingers and then looks right at the man.

"Let me stop you there. You already know my name. Tommy Hendricks. The legend of the beach"

Tommy starts air guitaring, but no music is playing.

TOMMY: "Oh, uh anyway. I'm not gonna delve into my past right now, that's history, I'm moving on to the…to the…"

Tommy takes a long puff on his joint and exhales slowly letting out a sigh of relief.

"I'm hanging in The PWC now. This is where my future lies, ya digg?"

The man nods and acknowledges Tommy. Tommy continues.

"When you've achieved what I have in these parts man, you feel special, you feel loved. I mean, I am loved by these people, well most of 'em anyway. I think. I've always wanted to be great and In my eyes and the eyes of my peers, I am. I need that next level, you see where I'm going with this?"

"I need a fresh challenge, I need to test myself against the very best. I've had terrific rivalries with the likes of Mitch Buccannan, Sandy Wave and Savage Surfer. It's time to face a real challenge. I mean I've had classic matches and held multiple-beach titles but somethings been missing, man. I'm a keen surfer, ya digg, it's my other passion. I was wondering how you found me, but I guess that's obvious considering I'm a legend here. THE legend.

"I have a spot in a Battle Royal for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. This is huge man, ya digg?

The man attempts to answer the now apparent rhetorical question. He is cut off as Tommy Hendricks exhales an almighty puff of smoke into the face of this man.

"I want you to deliver a message of sorts to the guys at PWC prior to my arrival. Ask them, is it smoke and mirrors or cloak and daggers? Ya digg?

"Now, scram....whoa, wait a sec...What's ya name?

Man: "Steve...Steve ffilps."

TOMMY: "Nah, that's terrible. I'll call you 'Groovy Cat', yeah I digg that."

Tommy turns and walks back towards the fire.

TOMMY: "See ya later, Groovy Cat! Make sure they're all ready. Puff puff pass, YA DIIIIIIIIGG"

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On a cold rainy Jersey morning Louie and another man work hard unloading a cargo truck

Man - Ace this is the shits, lets get this done and get to the café for breakfast.

Louie - Don't be thinking about taking the option, we have got work to do, no backing out.

Man - I'm not trying any funny business

Louie - You better not be.

The Men continue to unload the truck, as the rain and wind pick up

Man - Hey Ace shouldn't you be prepping for the Battle Royal tomorrow in Cali?

Louie, responds in his usual calm demeanor

Louie - I'm not like these other pre Madonna's, I cant spend all my time in the gym, training, concentrating, game planning, I have got to get shit done, I have got a family to feed.. Everyone else in PWC may have time to say there prayers and take there vitamins;

Louie pauses and chuckles temporarily

But me I'm a busy man, who works for everything he has..

Man - I have to respect everything you say..

The man is cut off by a bystander who starts heckling him.

Louie interrupts, the tone of his voice changes although he stays relatively calm

Louie - Listen up pal, my buddy and I never said anything to agitate you so if you have a problem there is an open to forum to express your issue but if not carry on with the rest of the humanoids in the loathsome filth you call life.

The bystander quickly departs.

Louie finishes with the package he is carrying and looks out in the distance

Louie - Faith, strength, brotherhood, aspiration, all words that are associated with The Ace of Spades Louis Spindolei.. Faith in my abilities, my physical and most importantly mental strength, my trust in my closest friends, remember that closest friends, and my aspiration to be the best.. The best, hopefully I make my self clear PWC.. I'm not wasting my time in Fresno, oh no not by any stretch, im there to win.. Consider that Championship mine. When you have all these men in the most dangerous sport in the world all in one ring, only concerned they come out the winner you have to be tough.. The toughest competitors in the world are in PWC, exactly the reason I'm in PWC.. To be a Champion to be the toughest, to be remembered by my fellow competitors. At the end of the day, PWC you will rememeber the name Louie Spindoli, I promise you that.

The camera fades as Louis spits out his tobacco, and retires to the front seat of the truck​

Exploring Planet Alpha
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June 7th, 2012 8:00 AM
Los Angeles, California​

We go inside of Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles, California where we see thousands of people in the stands cheering and clapping. Suddenly a man walks out onto the center of the field with a megaphone and welcomes everybody in the stadium to Dodger Stadium and everybody at home to American Idol!

June 7th, 2012 1:00 PM
Los Angeles, California​

We are now in a huge conference room inside Dodger Stadium where hundreds of people sit and wait for they're name to get called. Everybody has a number on a piece of paper on they're chest., However one man stands out from the crowd as he's wearing tight pleather pants, a black vest and dark sunglasses. A few moments later this very man gets his number called and he stands up, walks down the hallway and into an office type room where the four judges sit.

The man in the crazy clothing introduces himself as Austin Williams and tells Randy Jackson that he's a huge fan of his and asks him to sign a CD for him. Randy chuckles and signs the CD as Austin begins to sing Don't Stop Believing by Journey. However about 30 seconds after he begins singing, the judges tell him to stop.

Austin: Why'd you ask me to stop? I am a Rock God! You should-be begging me keep going!

Randy: Yo dog, it just wasn't good dog. You were pitchy and all in one tone! I'm gonna have to say no dog.

The other three judges proceed to say no and Austin is in complete shock as he snatches his Journey CD away from Randy Jackson and throws it on the ground and stomps on it! Austin then throws the CD snapped in half into the soda of Jackson.


Austin ends up being escorted out of the office and eventually out of the stadium by security after his actions and comments in the office as the scene comes to an end.

June 5th, 2013 5:00 PM
Fresno, California​

PWC's resident "Rock God" Austin Angel is shown walking into the arena already decked out in his entrance attire as he carries a gym bag in the other hand and walks through the backstage hallways of Save Mart Center. Angel gets to his locker room and opens the door, placing his bag inside when suddenly...

???: Austin! Austin! Austin!

Austin turns his head and sees the official PWC backstage interviewer, Emma Mason running down the hallway with a mic, though all you can hear is the clicking of her heels on the cement floor as she runs up to "The Rock God".

Emma: Austin, Can I get a quick interview for PWCwrestling.com?

Austin: Well, I'm supposed to do one for TMZ later buttt I always got time for a sexy little thing like yourself.

Emma rolls her eyes, clearly not impressed but none the less she stays professional.

Emma: Austin, tonight you along with everybody else on the roster you will be competing in that Over The Top Rope Battle Royal to crown the very first PWC Heavyweight Champion. What's your strategy for the match?

Austin: Strategy? I can't tell you that! You never know who might be spying on us now!

Emma gets a laugh out of this as Austin looks around and sees nobody around.

Austin: Well, I don't think anybody is around so I can tell you my secret master plan...The plan is to go out there, play some guitar and rock everybody's faces with my mad skill!

Emma: Uhhh...okay then. Anyway next question, you call yourself a Rock God so what exactly makes you a Rock God?

Austin: Are you messing with me now girl? What makes me a Rock God is the fact that I got the sickest guitar skills, the most rocking name and a singing voice that rivals Axl Rose!

Emma: I see I see, Any last words for your opponents tonight?

Austin: Tonight boys, you will learn that not only am I a Rock God, but soon I'll be a Wrestling God! It doesn't matter how big or small you are cause I got a thousand ways to send you flying over the top rope before you can say Austin Angel! Tonight is my night and PWC, Your about to get ROCKED!

Austin throws up the Rock On symbol with his right hand and sticks his tongue out to the camera. Emma thanks Austin for his time and signals for the camera man to turn off the camera, which he does.

Emma: Thanks again for your time Austin, Good luck in the Battle Royal.

Austin: Luck? Who needs luck! Not a god that's for sure!

Austin now walks into his locker room as Emma walks away with the camera man and screen fades to black as the last thing we hear is the slam of the door to Austin's locker room and the click of Emma's heels on the ground.

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Three Months Ago

“You made a mistake ...”

“You told someone else ...”

“You know what happens ...”​

For the past week, sleep eluded him. Xander Black lay in bed, eyes focused on the ceiling, running through his thoughts, trying to keep the voices out of his head. He finally gave up on trying to get some sleep. Instead, he sat up, took a glance at the beautiful blonde peacefully sleeping beside him, before slowly leaving the room and walking into the living room.

The room was in complete darkness until he pulled open the curtains, the moonlight shining through, illuminating the room a little. He found his way into the kitchen and poured himself a cup of water, before returning to the living room and taking a seat on his navy blue couch. He took a sip, and wondered why the voices have returned, they stopped when he left high school, but for some reason they ...

Suddenly, the room lit up, and it takes Xander a couple of moments for his eyes to adjust, he turns around and spots Beth standing in the doorway, long blonde hair rolling down her shoulders and her piercing blue eyes looking at him. She gracefully made her way over, and sat next to Xander, rubbing his arm.

Beth: Still can't sleep, huh?

Xander nodded with a forced smile, focusing his gaze on the blackness beyond the window.

Beth: Maybe ... maybe you should cancel your booking tomorrow? That way ... you can do something to take your mind off these ... these voices, like spending the day with your girlfriend.

Beth playfully nudged Xander in the shoulder, and Black couldn't help, but smile, he loved the way she could change his emotion in a split second.

Xander Black: I could ... I'd love to. But I need to do this, I promised the guy, and apparently some scouts from some company in America will be there.

Beth: So, if you do well, you might get a contract over there? I always dreamed of living in America.

Xander Black: As long as I impress them, then I might get a crack at it.

Beth: Well, if you want to be at your best, you're gonna' have to get some sleep, babe.

Black sighed loudly, lowering his head.

Xander Black: Yeah ... I know. I just can't.

Beth: Y'know ... I really wish you would tell me more about these voices you hear.

Xander wanted to tell Beth more, but every time he let someone go that deep into his life, something bad happened to them, and he wasn't about to jeopardise her.

Beth grinned, she always took things in her stride, nothing really upset her, that's something that he loved about her.

Beth: Promise me something, if they don't stop, then please go see a therapist or something.

Xander Black: Alright ... but only for you.

Beth: Good ... well I had better get to bed, if I don't see you before you leave tomorrow, good luck with your match in England ... I know you'll do great. And, hey, I don't doubt that you'll be a World Champ' one day.

That was one of the sweetest things anyone has ever said to him, when he told his parents that he wanted to be a World Champion one day, they would simply laugh and insult his goal of becoming a big time professional wrestler, but from the moment he met Beth, she was the one that gave him that extra motivation.

She leaned in and kissed him on the cheek, she stood up and made her way back into the bedroom as Xander leaned forward, taking a sip of his water before sitting back and running through the possibilities of what could happen tomorrow.


Xander Black had just wrapped up his match for the small time promotion in England, and was resting backstage with a bottle of water, when a couple of men walked up to him, both dressed in very suave suits. They introduced themselves as representatives, scouts if you will, of a federation called Premier Wrestling Circuit and they wanted to speak to him about possibly getting him on board.

Obviously, Black jumped at the chance, so he followed the two men into a private area and they spoke for about an hour. Eventually, Xander re-appeared with a beaming smile on his face, as soon as he found his bag he pulled out his Samsung Galaxy S3 and called Beth.

Xander Black: Beth? Beth ... listen. They want me! You were right, they want to fly us to America to hash out the details of the contract ... but they want me. Beth ... Beth ...

Xander lowered the phone in shock, instead of congratulations from his girlfriend, all he got was the sound of a car screeching to a halt, and suddenly Beth couldn't be heard. Naturally, Black assumed the worst had happened, he quickly grabbed his bag, not bothering to shower, swiftly got jeans and a shirt on and left the arena.

He hastily got in his car, and began the long drive home.

It took Xander more than half the night to get back to Scotland, and the tiredness was setting in, and he even began to hear the voices talking again.

"You made a mistake ..."

"You told someone else ..."

"You know what happens ..."

Black pushed the thoughts from his mind; all he could think about was Beth, and what could have happened to her. He reached the outskirts of Glasgow when his phone rang; it was Beth's name and picture on the screen. A sigh of relief accompanied the call, as he chose to accept it, but it wasn't Beth on the other line. Instead, it was a man who introduced himself as a doctor.

Xander Black: Doctor! What happened!? Where is she?!

The doctor explained that Beth was being held at the hospital, but he needs to get here soon.


Black parked the car, not taking pains to make sure he was within the parking lines, and quickly got out, making a beeline for the front door. He hurried through the halls, and a nurse stopped him and asked him his reason for being there. He explained as best he could, and the nurse took him to a private room. A doctor and a couple of nurses were inside, huddled around a bed. He opened the door, and walked in, and almost burst out in tears as he saw Beth, lying on the hospital bed.


Present Day​

In a darkened hall way, Xander Black is sat on a stool, with PWC’s resident interviewer, Emma Mason sitting across from him.

Emma Mason: Xander, in a short time you will compete in a Battle Royal to determine the first ever PWC World Heavyweight Champion. My question to you is, do you think you can win, and what is it about you that makes you think that?

Black looks up.

Xander Black: Of course, I can win. The reason that I will be the World Champion? Is because I made a promise, a very special promise to someone and if anybody steps in my way to try and stop me fulfilling that promise ... then it will be the last thing they do.

He looks down at his exposed forearm, the word "Beth" tattooed on the inside.

Emma Mason: Alright, well, thank you for that. One last question, some people have said they find you to be a rather strange individual and that you hear voices talking to you at night, is that true?

Black looks off to the side, and then back at Emma, and then suddenly stands up, and leaves the scene. Emma watches him go with a perplexed look on her face as we fade away.


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Jesus Valentine's RP - If you're reading this, you may understand the backstory a little better if you read the biography on Valentine's roster page, as there are references to it throughout this RP. Thanks in advance for any feedback people have to give on this RP, I've been out of the game a long time, so my writing was a little rusty to begin with, and I had to revise this several times, good luck to everyone in the Battle Royal match.

Satanic Touch

The camera pans to a dark locker room. We see a hooded man, sitting alone.

Floor tiles are the victim of an ice cold stare.

The man raises his head, and pulls back the hood.

We see cuts.

We see scars.

We look into his eyes.





Doesn't even come close.

I was informed that the PWC was a place for the best of the best to fight against one another, for the prestige of holding the toughest championship belts in the entire country.

That's the spiel I was given.

For years and years, from Jerusalem to Liberty City, I've fought and I've battled against real men.

And although the driving force behind my hunger may have changed over the years, the burning desire I hold within me has not faltered once.

When I was a boy, I fought because I needed to eat. Have any of you ever been in the position, where you needed to win fights in order to merely survive?

Then, I began to fight for pride. My name became synonomous with destruction, and I loved every second of it. The reputation, the pride, and the respect.

Then, I fought for her. I fought for her pride, her admiration, and for her respect. Because she knew.

She knew what I had, what I still have.

I still fight for her, I fight for her memory, and I fight for her spirit. Her dying words spur me on, when nothing else can, and I am solely dedicated to making her proud, and not only cementing my own legacy, but also cementing hers.


I've reached the top before.

I've fulfilled her dying wishes.

Yet I'm still here.

The real reason I'm still fighting.

I beat the best EPW had to offer me. I decimated legends, dominated giants, and when they wouldn't give me what I wanted, I torched the company to the ground. Quite literally.

I could have ended my career on that day. I could have walked away from the trail of chaos and carnage which I left behind me.

But I didn't.

Not for pride. Not for money.

But because I have nothing left.

There are only two things I have ever loved in this life.

The first, my teacher, Navarro.

The second, the love of my life, Ella Valentine.

Both of those loves were taken away from me, they were stolen from me.

And now, I am forced to fill this void, fill this emptiness.

With something.



This feeling, it protects me from all the pain, all the anguish I've suffered, all the trauma from losing the people I cherished most in this world.

I need this.

Valentine's tone changes, from reminiscent, to intense.

Because without this, I have nothing. I feel nothing. I am nothing.

I'll scratch, I'll claw, and I'll tear every superstar to pieces to keep this dream alive.

Valentine stops for a moment to catch his breath, and his tone becomes a little calmer

So I digress,

I took a look around here earlier.

And I was disappointed.

Disappointed at the lack of talent, at the lack of experience, and I am downright disgusted at the lack of heart.

These other people who waltz around that locker room, they have no idea.

They're all pretenders.

They aren't worthy of anybody's respect, anyone's admiration, and why should they be allowed to love, when I can't.

They talk about sacrifice, and they talk about grit, and determination, and none of them have even the faintest clue about what those words mean.

I've worked harder.

I've given up more.

I've had no advantages, no privileges, no opportunities, and I have no companion, no friends, no loved ones left.

Valentine's eyes change, and he slowly begins to stand.


They pretend to be superstars.

I'm as real as it gets.

And with all the work I've put in, I'm the one who's wallowing in self-despair, barely able to function like a normal human being.

While these pretenders get to feel respected, and admired, and these pretenders, they get to feel complete.

Jesus winces at the thought, and begins to breathe more heavily

Despite all of the heartbreak, the loss, and the trauma.

The thought of any of those imbeciles becoming World Champion instead of me.

That's repulsive.

My only goal here, is to become PWC World Heavyweight Champion.

Then, I will fill my life with fight after fight after fight, until I'm dead.

Because that's what I need.

I need the pain.

I need the torture.

I need the hate.

Without the hate, I feel nothing.

Jesus holds his forehead, clearly in agony.

Consider this a warning.

When you step in the ring with Jesus Valentine.

You don't step in the ring with another man.

You don't look across the ring, and see an opponent.

You see a sick, twisted animal.

And all he wants to do, is hurt you.

There is no more room for love.

And hate has filled the void which has been left.

I was unstoppable, unbeatable, and the mention of my name would spread fear, like wildfire.

Even before I lost her.

And now.

I have no love.

Only hate.

And I'm more dangerous than ever.

Because you.

You may fight for money.

You may fight for pride.

You may fight for fun.

But I.

I fight, for survival.

Valentine's eyes light up, and his expression becomes slightly more alive

Come Vortex.

Every single one of you will step into a match against a demon.

A demon who fights purely for self-preservation.

A demon who has all the tools, all the skills, all the hunger, all the fight, all the grit, all the sheer power, both physical, and mental, and the ruthlessness to dominate, demolish and decimate every single one of his opponents.

And this demon will enjoy it.



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Was requested by C3K to do a review of his RP, so I fugred I would just write a few lines about everyone's, if the community gets involved with giving feedback on RPs, it helps everyone improve, I would also appreciate feedback on my RP, since I've not done this in a long time, and I want to see what people think.

Also, don't take my comments as pure absolute fact, because they aren't, I get things wrong, we're all human, and all this is based on my opinion, I'm just seeing if I can provide some insight to things.

Anyway, in order of post:

Obfuscation - I like the whole quirky nature of the RP. I would have liked to have seen more of the character (although the mystery seems to be a big theme here, which is nice) - however, transferring mystery across in an RP is always difficult, as you have to ensure you aren't being too open, nor too restrictive, but short & sweet, and I look forward to seeing how you build on it. Bonus points for having the RP really suit your character & biography

The Fourth Wall - I couldn't find your profile, I think its been mis-linked on the first page ( you should ask about that) - but from what I can see from your promo, your character is straight-talking, up-front no-nonsense, which I like, and you did convey your point effectively. Do bear in mind though, that there are many ways to express your points, and some ways ar emore impactful than others, try playing around with different styles and see what you come up with, but I liked it.

Daiko - There's a massive change between your profile, and your promo, which was different, and it looks like your character is taking a trip down the dark side. I liked the use of images to sell the RP. However, I feel it was too short this time around, the parts that were there though, were pretty good, and I liked the formatting too. You have a good grasp of how to write the spoken promo sections, so keep up that good work, and maybe a little more content next time.

Gambit - Like how the character really comes through in the RP. However, some of it doesn't really make grammatical sense, and there was no real point to the RP. Of course, this is only the first week, but you didn't big yourself up enough, or make the story deep enough so we can relate to the character in a way. Really felt like just a throwaway backstage scene, but possibly try a different style of writing next time, and I've no doubt you'll get your point across better, but a few humorous parts made this quite fun and light-hearted to read.

Obby - I really liked the feel of this one, mystery, and a focal point which came across well, and was fitting to your character. I would've personally liked a little more content, and also would have liked a little more focus on you, and your mystery rather than an external source, but a really unique idea and overall I liked the RP.

Batberg - I really laughed, I did. I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm not sure if "funny" is going to win matches here, its all down to the people who run it I guess. For what it was, it was pretty good, possibly getting the best of both worlds would be to lose the written accent, and try and keep the RPs light-hearted, but also have serious, and impactful undertones. Its a fine blend to master, but your RP really livened up my reading.

Crimson - Damn, there's a lot of "mystery" characters in this fed, I didn't realise there were so many. Again, fits the mystery very well, Using images does help to set the scene, and the whole RP had a mysterious tone to it, and hopefully we'll see more of your character in upcoming weeks. One thing though, I did feel it lacked a serious point as to why you would win, great at laying the foundations for character work, but not enough conviction in why you would win. Liked it though.

Cloverleaf - Again, like others, great character work. RPs are really fitting with some of the profiles which is great. I think we're going to have a good battle between story, and promo style RPs, as your story was good, and defined who your character was, provided a little bit of background, but like previous RPs I didn't really get the overall point of the story (which is the point with an RP, to make a point) - but definitely potential here once we get the basics sorted out.

Takers Revenge - Liked the simplicity of it, minimal formatting, minimal location-work, but still got the point across well. Just a normal guy, who works really hard, although I think you could've put the whole "working hard and not cutting corners" thing across a little more subtly, sometimes its no fun if you just come out and tell us. But again, potential is there, and I'm impressed with a lot of the work in this fed so far.

Hollywood Nightmare - Like the gimmick-work, the American Idol backstory was a little clunky, but definitely funny in parts, and I like that the RP was fitting to the profile as well. You mentioned the Battle Royal, could maybe have made a better argument as to why you would win, but maybe this is just my personal feelings coming through, definitely think the gimmick has potential, looking forward to seeing some more.

C3K - Really liked this one, the back-story, and the lead-up to the ending was great, and very well-written. Set the scene very well with the flashback, and really set-up a lot of the reasons as to why Xander is fighting today. A couple of minor phrases/sentences which could have been re-worded to help with the flow, but this definitely has lots of potential too, the ending leaves us wanting more, and I'm sure the "voices" gimmick can be explored quite a lot too.

Well, that's everyone who's posted so far, again, please take the feedback positively, and I'd love if more people began to offer feedback on other RPs, even if you aren't all-that experienced, it still helps to have someone different giving their view of things.

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Batberg - I really laughed, I did. I thought it was pretty funny, but I'm not sure if "funny" is going to win matches here, its all down to the people who run it I guess. For what it was, it was pretty good, possibly getting the best of both worlds would be to lose the written accent, and try and keep the RPs light-hearted, but also have serious, and impactful undertones. Its a fine blend to master, but your RP really livened up my reading.
Thanks for the feedback. Also Im only going to use the written accent until its established that my character has it. I've also got future plans that cancel out the over-the-top hick schtick so don't worry too much about the lack of seriousness :)
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