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If you guys have ever seen WWE do the Power 25 then you know what the Power 7 is. The Power 7 is basically my opinion on how guys rank after each PPV. There will only be a Power 7 entry after every pay-per-view so that I have enough to by and judge where the seven wrestlers rank. So yeah, that's basically what this is. The only posts in this thread will be the power rankings. If you want to discuss it, please go to the discussion thread and discuss it there. Only creative members are allowed to post here.



Just missed the cut........

Unranked - Axel Way


#7 - Austin Angel


#6 - Derek Jacobs


#5 - Freddie Vos


#4 - Daiko


#3 - Darius Black


#2 - Dr. Nero


#1 - Kyle Elric

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Bruce Thorn Jr.

Thorn is off to a great start to his PWC career thus far with 2 wins in 2 matches. If he keeps going the way he's going he could stake a claim to a Legacy Title shot soon.



Daiko falls down two spots in the rankings after a tough loss along side Xander Black against Dr.Nero and Darius Black. Daiko has had his ups and downs thus far in his career so expect a bounce back soon.


Freddie Vos

Vos retains his #5 spot after a bounce back win on Vortex this week. The Regime are recruiting more members and can Vos convince someone else to join the ranks? Time will tell.


Derek Jacobs

The muscle of The Regime jumps up two spots this week after another win this week on Vortex. Jacobs may be the muscle of The Regime but he's been more impressive lately than his partner has.


Darius Black

Darius bounced back from a tough loss with the World Title on the line by winning in tag action this week on Vortex. If he keeps going the way he's going he'll have a case for another title shot down the road but for now, he seems to be at the back of the line.


Kyle Elric

The champ may have been out of action this week, but he's still holding the World Title. None the less being out of action this week has caused him to fall one spot in the rankings.


Dr. Nero

Our reigning Legacy Champion comes in at the #1 spot this week after not only remaining champion at the PPV but also coming out on the winning side of the main event tag match on Vortex. Nero is one defense away from earning himself a World Title shot, but he has a returning Famine and possibly others breathing down his neck. Can he survive another challenge or will he fall just short? Another question is, will Nero risk it all by giving up his title and challenging for the World Title if he gets the chance? Time will tell.​

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Here's the third edition of the Power 7 folks. I hope you like the new graphics. They aren't that different from the first ones but I didn't save the template for the first edition so I had to make some new images. I like doing these stuff because it sort of motivates people to try and get better and move up the ladder in the Power 7. I'll be updating the Power 7 thread after every two shows then after the PPV, depending on how many shows happen before the PPV. Will we see some new people in the Power 7 soon? Let's hope so as we see people jockey for position.

1. Xander Black

2. Cheri Hayven

3. Dr. Nero

4. Gino Galucci

5. Jensen

6. Reggie

7. Bruce Thorn Jr.

Just missing the cut: Serenity Skye, Crowley, Marcus Kendall, Mike Damage​

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Here it is. Another edition of the Power 7. Apologies if it took this long to post this. But like what it says in the OP, I'm only going to do this after PPVs. Also, go read the OP as there are new rules to follow. Please read them. After that, enjoy reading these power rankings!



#1. Dr. Nero (NEW PWC World Heavyweight Champion)

#2. Cheri Hayven (PWC Legacy Champion)

#3. Bruce Thorn Jr.

#4. Jensen & Gino Galucci

#5. Donald Hammerpunch

#6. Ivory

#7. Xander Black

Just Missed The Cut: Marcus Kendall, Crowley, Daiko​

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PWC Power Seven

For those who are unaware, the Power Seven is a list that documents seven wrestlers who were on top form in the last week. This is a kayfabe list, so it focuses on achievements during the shows.

Number Seven - Dr. Nero

Dr. Nero may not have advanced in the Legacy Tournament, but losing a match didn't make him look any less dangerous. The broken body of Barney Williams can confirm that teaming with Dr. Nero can often be just as dangerous as facing him.

Number Six - Remy Dieu

While things didn't work out for Remy, he had a strong showing this week, seeing off Bruce Thorn and Shio Corin with tag partner, Jacob Bianchi. While his dominance wasn't rewarded with a shot at the Legacy Championship, it does only seem like it's a matter of time for Remy.

Number Five - Shadow

Things may not have gone perfectly for Shadow, but against the man he's facing, things rarely do. Regardless, after three strong defences of the Legacy Championship, he has cashed in, and is about to stand toe to toe with the most dangerous man in the PWC, King Crowley.

Number Four - Mr. Jalapeño

Another man that didn't end the week on a high spot, but this spicy competitor will be incredibly happy with where he stands now. Deemed one of the rank outsiders before the tournament, Jalapeno was a part of the team that saw off not only Dr. Nero, but also the dominant duo of Bianchi and Dieu. Now he's just one step away from the Legacy Championship.

Number Three - King Crowley

The self proclaimed ruler of the PWC gave us all another mere glimpse of his power as he tormented the next challenger to his Crown. For Shadow and his friend's benefit, we here at PWC.com hope that our King feels like being a benevolent ruler. The alternative has shown to be a terrifying experience.

Number Two - 'Primetime' Jake Masterson

The other half of the Legacy Tournament winning duo, Masterson showed a vicious edge following their win as he struck down his partner, Mr. Jalapeño. He pulled his fair share of the weight in the fights against Dr. Nero, Bianchi and Dieu, and it was his quick thinking that ensured the victory as he stopped Bianchi from breaking up the pin. Now it's just Mr. Jalapeño who stands in between 'Primetime' and the Legacy Championship.

Number One - Jacob Bianchi

His team may have fallen to Mr. Jalapeño and 'Primetime' Jake Masterson in the Main Event, but Jacob Bianchi quickly reminded all of us that no matter how low we think he has sunk, he will always have another plan in place to gain himself the power he so desires. The revelation that he has information that paints our Owner, Ernesto Clement, in a negative light has shocked the entire PWC Universe.

We do not endorse the behaviour that Bianchi showed during his meeting with Mr. Clement, but we will admit to our interest in where things are about to go in this company, which is why Jacob Bianchi is our pick for #1 in the PWC Power Seven!

Thank you for reading this weeks issue of the PWC's Power Seven, and we here at PWC.com hope you'll continue tuning in week after week. Remember to tune in to Vortex to catch all of your favourite PWC Wrestlers week after week.​

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PWC Power Seven

For those who are unaware, the Power Seven is a list that documents seven wrestlers who were on top form in the last week. This is a kayfabe list, so it focuses on achievements during the shows.

Number Seven - Dr. Nero (7)

It seems like seven is heaven when it comes to the God Complex. Nero had another good week, despite not having a match.

If cutting Ernesto Clement at the knees wasn't enough for him, Nero stood toe-to-toe with last week's #1, Jacob Bianchi, and challenged him to a one on one match at Desolation.

This match has the PWC Universe on the edge of its seat as the single most dangerous man in the PWC's history goes against one of its brightest young stars. If we're honest, we here at PWC.com don't even know who we're siding with.

Whatever way this match ends, we're still not entirely convinced that Mr. Clement will enjoy the outcome.

Number Six - Ryan Barron (-)

This week was a mixed bag for our debutants, but Ryan Barron can be all smiles (or whatever the Scottish equivalant of a smile is) as he saw off La Pantera in a fantastic showing.

He even got in Flexx Palumbo's path, and the two shared words. We'd like to confirm what was said, but until our translator arrives, we can only assume that their words were less than civil.

Number Five - Leo Masters (-)

Wow... Just wow.

Leo Masters didn't just see off debutant, Hannibal Howard III, he made him look like a joke. We didn't have a stopwatch ready, but there's no chance that match went over 15 seconds.

What a showing from Masters, and what a way to get a much needed win. Well done, Leo!

Number Four - Jensen (-)

One of several outside men this week, Jensen makes his way into the Power Seven, having missed out on last week's list.

This week Jensen saw off one of the two Legacy Championship Contenders, Jake Masterson, and if that wasn't enough, he helped the other as he drew Hunter Jackson's attention, ensuring Mr. Jalapeño's victory.

More shows like this one, and Jensen should easily find a permanant place in the Power Seven.

Number Three - Jacob Bianchi (1)

Last week's Number 1 drops two places.

Following the end of last week's episode of Vortex we've all been waiting with bated breath, trying to predict Bianchi's next move in the PWC, and we weren't disappointed when the Italian gave us a look at his hand.

Not content on getting under Mr. Clement's skin alone, he decided to go after one of the most dangerous men in this company's history, Dr. Nero.

Bianchi's decision to add another name to the ever growing list of enemies he has may be seen as a foolish move by some, but until this all plays out, we'll just have to keep watching and waiting.

Number Two - Shadow (5)

We're not even sure how to begin describing Shadow's week, but we can assure you that it was a momentous one.

Fighting 'King' Crowley in an arena is often a task that breaks competitors, but Shadow made his way into Crowley's world and has come out looking ever more dangerous for it.

We're sure that Crowley is going to have some twisted vengeance planned for Shadow, but now we're all siding against our self proclaimed King. We just witnessed a man spit in the face of the Devil and then walk out with barely a scratch.

Bring on next week, and bring on King Crowley. In Shadow We Trust.

Number One - Bruce Thorn Jr. (-)

The highest rising of this week's Power Seven debuts manages to take both a victory and first place from Jacob Bianchi.

The Vortex crowd bore witness to a momentous win for Bruce Thorn Jr this week as he saw off Jacob Bianchi, despite the Italian's attempts to stack the deck in his favour. Bruce showed nigh on inhuman resilience, fighting through steel chairs, an injured arm and even a shock appearance from our Owner, Ernesto Clement!

All of this, and so much more, is why the younger Thorn has jumped from nowhere to the Number One spot of PWC.com's Power Seven!

Remember to stay tuned to PWC Vortex to catch all of your favourite stars in action.

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PWC Power Seven

For those who are unaware, the Power Seven is a list that documents seven wrestlers who were on top form in the last week. This is a kayfabe list, so it focuses on achievements during the shows.

Number Seven - Barney Williams (-)

Barney Williams returned this week and managed to make an immediate impact, defeating Mr. Primetime himself, Jake Masterson, in what had to be the shortest match in PWC history. If Williams can figure out just how he beat the former contender to the Legacy Championship, he'll be a force to be reckoned with.

Number Six - Bruce Thorn Jr (1)

An up and down week for Bruce Thorn Jr as last week's Number One fought both Ivory and Dr. Nero in two instant classics.

Thorn and Nero continued their new born rivalry on Vortex, as the two men went to war, both delivering monstrous blows to each other, and each of them tearing away at the other's limbs.

Thorn may have looked down and out when Jacob Bianchi eventually interfered, but we all know that we should never count out a Thorn.

Desolation was a lot better for Bruce as he defeated the returning Ivory. He followed this victory up with an instant challenge to the winner of Desolation's Main Event, stating his intentions to win the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

Number Five - Ryan Barron (6)

A good week for Ryan Barron this time out as he faced off against Flexx Palumbo twice, meeting him at both Vortex and Desolation and winning both encounters.

Neither win came easy for the self proclaimed 'Mad Lad', but they were wins none-the-less, and Barron sees himself rise a spot from last week.

Number Four - Jensen (4)

A great week for Jensen isn't quite enough to send him up the ranks this week, but we're sure the brand new PWC Television Champion won't be too upset by this.

His first match of the week saw him face off against an old friend in Hunter Jackson, who seems to have thrown his lot in with Jensen's newest rival, Remy Dieu.

It was Dieu who stood opposite Jensen at Desolation, and despite the attempted interference by Hunter Jackson, Jensen managed to see off Dieu and claim the PWC Television Championship in a brutal Cage Match.

Number Three - Mr. Jalapeño (-)

Mr. Jalapeño may have lost his match on Vortex, but I don't think we've ever seen anyone in the PWC's history show quite as much fight as the Spicy Luchadore did that night.

Desolation turned out to be a lot better for Jalapeño, as he stood toe to toe with Primetime Jake Masterson for a grand total of around a minute. Masterson's attempt to end the match early backfired poorly, and Jalapeño brough the bout to an end instantly, becoming the newest Legacy Champion.

Number Two - Jacob Bianchi (3)

Bianchi only just misses out on the Number One spot this week, having come off the back of another great seven days.

On Vortex he continued to get under the skins of both Dr. Nero and Mr. Clement, continuing to hold whatever dastardly material he possesses over our beloved Owner's head. As a result, Mr. Clement once again interfered in Bianchi's match, this time allowing Bianchi to see off Mr. Jalapeño following Jake Masterson's interference.

It was Desolation where Bianchi truly shined though as he managed to sneak his way into Dr. Nero's entrance, and from there, he brutalised the Doctor in a fashion that we have never seen Nero succumb to.

Number One - King Crowley (-)

Beating a former World Champion is often reason to celebrate, but to say that King Crowley beat the returning Kyle Elric would be underselling it. Our self proclaimed King destroyed The Gaijin in what was one of the single most terrifying displays of power he has ever shown.

If that wasn't enough, he also went on to defend his World Heavyweight Championship against Shadow in a curious fashion. Despite Crowley's disbelief about the ending of Desolation, I'm sure he is completely unsurprised about finishing in the NUMBER ONE SPOT on this week's PWC Power Seven.

Once again, we here at PWC.com thank you all for tuning in to the shows, buying our PPVs and most of all, being fans. Remember to stay tuned to PWC Vortex to catch all of your favourite stars in action.
Until next time, everyone.

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