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I'm just worried C3K hasnt posted his RP yet coz he usually does. This last moment posting is my deal :lol

All good things must come to an end.
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I was pretty reluctant to even get out of bed that morning. What was there to get up for exactly? I have nobody there to give me motivation, tell me to keep moving. Everyday I force myself to do ‘everyday things’ and interact with the scum of society in the hopes one day I make it big. Not just big big, I’m talking HUGE. At the point where nobody will ever see another Champion again. The only household name will be Darius Black. I’ll be in Movies, I’ll be on Television Shows, I’ll be in History Books. I’ll be the man. I’m already close to that point already.

Every morning, I give myself this speech and it’s the only way for me to handle my aggression. I can’t lose sight of the goal, and I can’t lose my place in this business. It’s the only thing I truly care about. I won’t let any little fucks getting in the way of that, especially that fucking lowlife Austin Angel.

There I go again, with the sheer mention of scum on this soil my aggression reaches a point I can’t handle. My slur of words becomes out of control, I want to kill somebody. Believe me, I’ve been close to doing that several times and make no bones about it, I will do it if it means furthering my place in this world. Angel knows what’s it’s like to almost experience death...and he will again. Only this cat does not have eight lives.

Anyway, after giving myself the daily speech, I put on my brown leather jacket and took a long and hard look at myself in the mirror, looking in to my eyes. It was like I was looking at someone else. They didn't feel like my eyes. I’m constantly plagued with visions of the Institution. That place changed me, made me something that shouldn't be allowed free in this world. At any point I could snap, and that would be it.

Would you look at that, I’m rambling once again. I will finish this story eventually, after fleshing out all of the details. Anyway, I made my way outside. It was a gloomy day, raining extremely heavily. I saw a young lady running with her umbrella down the path. I looked up at the sky, slicked my hair back and walked on to the path. That point from my home and to the path fills me inside with sickness. I don’t like being out there, will somebody make me finally snap, will I ruin somebody’s life? These are the questions I ask myself every day. I just hope nobody ever uses that word to describe me, ‘crazy’. That will be the last straw.

Luckily, it only takes me a few minutes to walk to the gym. It’s in a fairly peaceful area. Well, as peaceful as you can get in a city like New York. Nobody ever comes here, it’s why I picked it. This day was different however, a group of fucking scum were hovering the gym. I saw them walk inside. A trail of syringes could be seen on the ground near the entrance. It didn't take CSI to know what had gone on.

I looked back, wondering if I should just walk home and let the druggies have their hit and go home. But I knew they'd be back again, they would think this is ‘their’ spot. I couldn't be having that. I made my way up and walked inside. I never did like the stench of this place.

Surprise, surprise. They were all sat against the decayed ring. Three of them. As soon as I walked over, they began to give it the big mouth. One of them stood up, a horrible and scrawny looking fella, one of those guys that thinks their tough but would run at the sight of a tiny spider.

Druggie: What the fuck are you looking at bitch? This is our turf. Take that little cracker ass of yours and make your way outside

Another one stood up, who also thought he was intimidating.

Druggie #2: Don't just stand there you piece of shit, fucking leave before something bad happens to that pretty little face.

Druggie: This guy. Are you crazy or something? LEAVE.

I felt it, a click in my head. I didn’t want it to escalate in to this but I couldn’t control myself. I began to seemingly walk out, only to grab a metal pipe from the wall. I ran over with a rage slowly building up inside of me, and floored the scrawny little fucker. As expected, they grabbed their friend from the floor and ran. I used to be scared of people like them as a kid, but began to realize they never have the balls to make a move and will always run away. They’re pathetic.

So that was the day really. I worked out a little after that and came home to write this. To be honest, I’m not sure why I write in this Diary, and I don’t even know why I have a diary but it’s become a habit. Maybe it’s the one thing that keeps me sane, maybe.

There’s not much I do at home, what is there actually to do anymore? There was once a Golden Era for Television, when it was full to the brink of class and genius. On the odd occasion I switch it on, you see these nobody Celebrities that got famous for no defining reason other than some shitty reality show. Who the fuck thinks I care about their life? I have enough things to worry about. Angel reminds me of those REALITY SHOW Celebs. He’s the sort of guy you walk past on the street and instantly acknowledge that he’s a douche. Before I lose my temper again, I better stop writing here. It always comes back to him, I just need to get rid of him once and for all.

Cut to Greensboro Coliseum - Night of Hell’s Judgment

Darius is stood with his hood on backstage, Danny Eriksen approaches him with his soon to be 21 Questions.

Darius: Before you start filling my head with your bullshit, I’ll already cover everything you’re going to ask. No I’m not worried about Austin Angel tonight, and I certainly don’t think it will be anything of a Challenge. In fact, I think it will less than a squash if that’s a thing. A super squash we’ll call it.

That match tonight, it’s a Falls Count Anywhere match. You know what that means? Go on, answer it. What does that mean for Darius Black?

Danny Eriksen: Uh, you can pin anywhere in the arena?

Darius: Exactly. I can pin ANYWHERE. Literally everywhere, I could drag him home and go for a pin there if I wanted. I could lock him in a torture chamber and go for a pin there. Basically, there are no limits to what I can do tonight, I will use everything in that arena to my advantage and I will make sure that man...sorry, boy, will suffer.

I will give the guy some credit though, he’s actually managed to find a small set of balls to challenge me AGAIN. Shame 90% of it is an act. You can see the piss streaming down his leg as he shakes in fear. He tries ever so hard to put on this tough guy image to impress the fans, and when it comes to the time he just can’t get the job done. Like most people in this business, except me obviously.

Darius slicks his hair back and rubs his chin with a slight smirk on his face. It is clearly seen in his eyes and by his general aura that he is ready for the biggest fight of his life.

Darius: Tonight is the night I finally put an end to all of that. All of that worthlessness of a man, I’ve seen ladies stronger than him and I’ve personally experienced ladies stronger than him. How much of a joke can you be and not even realize it when you look in the mirror. I don’t get it, do you get it Danny? Probably not. You strike me as the kind of guy that licks all of the asses of the corporate sell-outs. Not your fault you will never get to a level this high though, just admire me Danny, everyone else does. Even Angel, though he struggles to admit it.

Oh and don’t bother asking me what I think of any of the other matches tonight becasse to put this bluntly sir, I couldn't give a shit. Did that answer all of the 21 Questions you were going to ask me?

Danny Eriksen: Well, actually..

Darius looks Eriksen deep in the eyes, as he stops mid-way through his sentence.

Darius: Did you hear me correctly Eriksen?

Danny Eriksen: Thanks for your time.

Eriksen rushes off as Darius leans back against the wall sighing as it fades out.

All good things must come to an end.
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I'm likely going to keep adding to it until the deadline and tweaking it, but wanted to get it up. I took the advice on board from last time and delved more into Darius' general life more than his previous Institution days.

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Defeat was not something that Derek Jacobs ever took lightly.
No matter what it was in, if Derek lost at something, he always did his damndest to come back stronger, faster, and bigger than ever. At PWC Vortex episode 11, he suffered his first defeat since stepping back into a wrestling ring. And even though he got some revenge after the match by delivering a hellacious con-chair-to to Blaze, he still felt the sting of defeat long after leaving the arena that night.
He had to improve.
The regime was about to take hold.

A couple of days after Vortex 11, Derek is sitting in a darkened room; something he does regularly to clear his mind and meditate. He focuses on the challenge from Daiko for Hell’s Judgement, and the revelations that will be made known at that show.​

A loud knocking interrupts Derek’s meditation, but he isn’t angry about it; he knows who wants to talk to him. It’s his best friend in the entire world, his manager James Parker.
Come in, James. I figured you’d be on your way over once you received my text.

What do you want to talk about Derek?

Your place in all this.

What do you mean?

Derek looks up at James for the first time since he entered the room. His eyes are intense as always.

What are you getting out of this? I know what I’m getting from our friend, but what about you? I thought you said you liked it better when I worked alone, remember? I'm just trying to figure out why you all of a sudden want me to form an alliance with someone we hardly know.

It's what's best for you, Derek. I've always had what's best for you in mind, ever since I've known you. You've trusted me this far to be your manager, are you saying that your trust in me is beginning to waver?

Derek's eyes look to the floor for a second as Derek tries to find the words to explain himself to his friend.

No..it's not that James. I trust you with my life, and you know it. I just...I just don't know if I can trust anyone after what happened with everything in Texarkana. I was taken in by someone who used me like a fool, and then disposed of me when it was over. How do you know that's not going to happen now?

James contemplates Derek's questions for a minute before answering.

Because, Derek. He's not trying to convince you that there's a higher power, or that your mission is to spread judgement. He wants you for one simple reason:

He knows how much damage you can do, and you've proved him right every step of the way. Ever since you came to PWC, you've been like a tornado that nobody can contain. The only reason you lost at Vortex 11 was because you were pretty much a one man team. You two have the potential to conquer PWC, and that's why you're here. Nothing more, nothing less.

James cracks a sly smile.

Well, besides the money we'll make.

A short time later, Derek stands on the rooftop of his apartment, overlooking Chicago. James is there with him, and he has a video camera in his hand. Derek has a message that he wants to send to Daiko before their encounter at Hell's Judgement. James turns the camera on and nods to Derek.

Derek has his head down, and he claps slowly three times.

Bravo Daiko. Bravo. At Vortex 11 you showed the entire world just how "brave" you were by challenging me to a match at Hell's Judgement. No doubt your fans are admiring your tenacity; your will to win. They call you brave.

Me? I just think you picked a beautiful hill to die on.

A wise man once said that the object of war is not to die for your cause, but to make another man die for his. I only have one question for you, Daiko.

Is it worth it?

Is this self righteous crusade that you've been embarking on really worth losing years off of your life? Because that's what's going to happen. When I get you in the ring at Hell's Judgement I will show no mercy, Daiko. I'll finish what I started this time. I won't just go for the maim. I'll go for the kill.

You'll be a part of something that will last longer than either of us.

A change is coming. The revolution is about to begin.

The regime rises.

Bank on that.​

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-There's been a long way to get here. Coming up from the bottom. No free rides, no advantages. Now that I’m on the top, I’m leaving my past behind me. Now that I can smile just like I saw the other kids do back in the day. Now I can live the life that I always wanted to have. Now that I can breathe the air I never had, see the light I never saw, hear the sounds of joy instead of misery. I utilize every moment of my life, to make up for all those years that I didn’t have that opportunity. Whoever could have imagined that this would be the faith of me, Ángel. There was never any hope for me, I was the kid who wasn't supposed to make it. I was never mean't to have a chance. But somehow, in some way I managed to win my life back. And that’s what it’s all about tonight. Overcoming obstacles is nothing new to me.. So feel free to let my smile and happiness fool you.. While I show what’s really inside of me.

Everything will be edited into this post.

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“Choices made, whether bad or good, follow you forever and affect everyone in their path one way or another.”
― J.E.B. Spredemann

I sat on my soft bed and lay my head in my hands. My face was read and I was fighting back tears. How dare he walk into my house and try to justify leaving me, especially leaving a few month after my Mother, his Wife died. I sat there, running through the conversation in my head. Telling him to sit down and listening to him try to worm his way out of the situation by giving false promises and false apologies.

He even had the nerve to say it was justified because of what I became. A World Champion. That was nothing to do with him and he knew it. He just wanted to compliment me, try to build a relationship again. It wasn’t happening. After a long five minutes of arguing, I finally asked him his real reason for showing up. He masked it by saying he wanted to see me, only to then say that he needs help. My help.

How dare he ask for my help. He never helped me and I wasn’t about to help him. I yelled at him to get out. He wanted money. He said he was in debt to some people and it was dangerous. I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to give money to the man that left me all those years ago. I told him to get out, but he came up to me and looked me in the eyes and tried again to convince, he even tried to hug me, but I shoved him in the chest and he fell back, hitting his side against the kitchen table.

He left soon after that. Beth showed him to the door, and I heard them talking but I couldn’t make out what they were saying. She came back into the kitchen and hugged me. But then she said that maybe he did need help. She explained how awful he looked and how desperate he seemed. I didn’t care about that, I didn’t care about him. I was so frustrated with everything that I said something that I now wish I didn’t, “You of all people should understand what with your Step-“, I did manage to stop myself but the damage was done.

Her mouth had dropped open and I felt shame wash all over my body. She didn’t deserve that, I was taking it out on her. She left the room without saying a word and I was about to apologise but I didn’t, instead I came to the bedroom to think things over.

I needed to talk to take my mind of things, so I stood up, walked to the front door and grabbed my jacket and keys.​


I sat in my car for a while, must have a couple of hours, running through things in my head. I needed to take my mind of things. Rain had begun and it started to get extremely heavy, bouncing off the car windshield. I couldn’t go home, I couldn’t face her after what I said and after I heard her on the phone to him.

I needed to something to take my mind off it, I needed someone. I reached into my pocket and pulled out my mobile. My hand was shaking. I was still agitated after what happened a couple of hours ago. Looking through my phone book, I was looking for someone to call, I wasn’t looking for her name but it was the one that stood out the most to me.

Chewing the inside of my cheek, I pressed the name, “CHRISTEN” and waited for her to pick up.



We met inside a small diner, we sat there for an hour, making small talk, learning about each other, I never told her my childhood issues, that would be too much. Whilst doing this we both drank a cup of coffee each and had dinner, it wasn’t anything special but it did its job.

We talked and joked and laughed but everything was still weighing on my mind. She obviously noticed because a small twenty seconds of silence between us, she rested her hand on top of mine and looked me in the eyes.

I noticed the deep brown in her eyes with her pupils dilated; I saw the little imperfections on her cheeks, her long black hair cascading down her shoulders, still a little wet from the rain. She was the opposite of Beth in every way. I didn’t feel an urge to pull my hand away, I should have, but I didn’t.

I’ve just had a bad day, that’s all.

She smiled a smile that seemed to brighten the room.

Well, I hope I made it a little better.

She did. She lit it up. Her smile faded, I felt her eyes burrowing into my soul, like she knew me.

You know, you can tell me what’s wrong. I know we’ve only just met but I feel like I’ve known you for years.

I didn’t mean too. I did it. I put everything out there in the open, everything that happened in my childhood, the deaths, and the fact that my Father just showed up asking for money. When I mentioned that, something in her brown eyes flashed.

“Your Dad ran off too, huh?”

She explained that her Father left her Mother to raise her on her own when she was two. I thought about my Father, leaving me at eighteen, at least she didn’t know the pain when the moment actually happened. At that moment, I felt connected to her, like nothing else in the world was important. We were so similar. I told her that he wanted money, and somehow that evolved into a conversation about my job and PWC.

Even though I just spilled everything out there, she managed to turn it around to something good, something I could focus on. I told her everything. It was getting late, luckily it was an twenty four seven diner. The waitress that brought us refills of coffees kept eyeing Christen up, I don’t know if she was interested in her or interested in me and studying the competition, either way I didn’t care.

So, you’ll be competing this week?

Tomorrow. Defending the title, actually.

Can I come?

To the show?

She smiled again, showing a devilish grin. It was cute.


The only other girl I had ever took to a show was Beth. Beth ... I still hadn’t mentioned her at all. Why? We were still holding hands on the table.

Sure, I’d love you to be there. Who knows, maybe you could be my lucky charm.

The diner around us was now deserted, the streets around were not moving at all and the waitresses were just killing time. I looked at my phone and saw seven missed calls from Beth and four voice mails from her.

It’s been great, this I mean. You really helped me take my mind off things.

Glad to help. I suppose this is where you say you’ve got to go?

Yeah. But we’ll see each other tomorrow at the PWC show right?

Her face lit up, like she had forgotten. I called the waitress over and paid the bill. We walked out of the diner and even though it was raining we stood there as she turned to me. She grabbed the collar of my jacket and pulled me in and kissed me. I had seven missed calls, and upset girlfriend waiting for me at home, I knew I needed to get back but something about Christen made me kiss her back.
I came to my senses quickly and pulled away, keeping her at arms distance.

What’s wrong?

Sorry. I have a girlfriend.


After leaving Christen by her car, I climbed into the front seat of my car and sat for a few minutes. She took it surprisingly well, she even apologised for kissing me, not that I minded it. I still had a girlfriend, an upset one that I needed to set things straight with.

I put the key in the ignition and headed for home. The drive in the rain gave me even more time to think things through. I reached the apartment and went upstairs, it was extremely late and I was ready to beg for forgiveness.

Something was wrong. The front door was kicked down. Inside the apartment, nobody was there. I looked in each room, called out her name but she was nowhere to be found.

The voicemails.

Sitting down on the couch, I held the phone to my ear and listened as the first voicemail played. It was Beth’s voice, her voice trembled as she repeatedly said there was somebody trying to get in to the apartment. The last voicemail told me the story, someone broke in and grabbed her.
I tried to phone her phone, but I got no answer. Then a text message came through.

If you want her to live, do not call the police; only leave the apartment for work and nothing else. We’ll be in touch with more details.

What could I do?

That night, after worrying and phoning her phone many, many times and pacing the apartment. I passed out on the couch from exhaustion.​



He had no recollection of how he arrived at this point. All Xander Black remembered was his name and where he was. He was deep underground, underneath a temple of sorts. He rubbed his eyes as he lay on the damp mud beneath him. It took a few seconds for his eyes to adjust. He was on a small pathway, inside what appeared to be a cave. The walls were lighted by small candles which illuminated the path in which he was facing, sitting up – and the one behind him.

He couldn’t see all the way down them, his face contorted and he glanced at the potential directions repeatedly. Thought after thought ran through his mind, wondering how he got there and who would put him there. He had a troubled childhood, filled with strange occurrences, but this was taking the cake.

Xander Black pushed off the ground and stood up. He had to duck his head to avoid clashing on the top of the small cave. He looked from side to side, debating the best way out.

“Right or left?” He mused aloud to no one but himself.

After much deliberation, Xander swiped his long black hair out of his face and placed it behind his ears and began walking right. His hands were left with a moist texture; he dried them off with the fabric of his blue shirt that sat nicely around his muscular chest and stomach.

He walked down the path, squinting at the candle light. Mud squelched and rocks crunched under his feet, but all that came to a stop when he walked into some kind of barrier.

Xander stumbled back and felt his forehead. Pain seared through and he could already feel a headache coming on. After a moment, he realized what had just happened. He stood up and walked slowly again with his hand held out. After a couple of steps, his hand hit an invisible wall.
“What the?”
His eye brows pinched as he moved his hand up and down the barrier. He looked beyond but couldn’t see anything apart from the darkness that was beyond. He turned around and faced the other direction. He shrugged his shoulders and sighed loudly, which was echoed as it hit off the walls, then he began walking in that direction.

No barrier blocked him this time as he followed the narrow path through the cave, the candles lighting his way. He had begun to sweat and his shirt had started to stain. He put the uncomfortable feeling to the back of his mind and continued forward, taking extra care not to trip on rocks or slip on loose patches of mud.

Five minutes had passed by and Xander began to wonder if he would ever get out of this cave, but then he reached a turn in the path. He followed it, going right, but when he turned he had to shield his eyes as the blinding light shone into his eyes.

He shielded them and allowed them to adjust to the abnormally bright lantern hanging over an arch. Beyond the arch was an oval room, that was laced with gold walls, rubies and sapphires and emeralds lining them. In the middle of the room was a platform, that had three levels with stairs running up the front. On top of the platform was a coffin shaped box.

Looking around the room, Xander stepped off the muddy cave floor onto the golden path below his feet. What is this place and how the hell did I get here. He walked slowly towards the platform, taking in the sights of this place. He noticed it was eerily quiet, it was almost unnerving. He felt the pendant around his neck for reassurance. He had no idea where he got a pendant from, but he knew it was important.

He climbed up the stairs and stood at the top of the platform. He noticed there was another cave beyond the platform, opposite the one that he came through.

Strangely the air in began to drop in temperature, which was a welcome sensation after walking through a dark and hot cave. He placed his hands on the golden coffin-like box and rubbed his hands along it, feeling the indents and the diamonds laced through it. He felt the top of the box move under his hands, he took a deep breath and shook his head.

"What the hell am I doing?"

Something in the back of his mind urged him to continue moving it. He used all his strength and lifted the lid off the box and let it drop to the floor. He looked inside and his eyes widened, he fell back, stumbling in horror.


Breathing heavily, he stood up and looked again. He knew that face. That was his Mother. His dead Mother. Her body lying in this coffin.

What the hell is this? Where am I?

He attempted to grab the pendant again, but when he felt his neck there was nothing to grab. The only thing he could feel was sweat.

His head darted around, his body following as he heard an inhuman shriek, that made his blood turn cold. It sounded demonic and it came from the cave entrance from where he entered. He stood there, frozen in place.



Fans are streaming into the arena with the a group of them waiting by the parking lot for any wrestlers that would show their faces. They got their wish. The biggest star in PWC, the unbeaten PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black walked towards the back entrance.

The fans begun calling for him but it was obvious that he had other things on his mind. He had spent the day calling around everyone he knew, but no one had seen her, he felt horrible. The voicemail told him to do nothing, act normal and that included going to work. Going to work meant inflicting pain on people, which at this point he needed to do.

He put his hood up, ignoring the calls for autographs and pictures. He knew as a popular member of the roster, he should stop and sign a few images and smile for a couple of pictures. He heard one fan say:

It’s no use. He won’t sign anything for us. He’s a c***!

The fans were fickle. They would turn on someone in a minute if they didn’t like what they saw. And, that’s what they were doing, as he walked towards the entrances, he received some unsavoury remarks. He was extremely close to going over and smashing the guys face in that called him a c***. He knew security would step in and he would just receive some lawsuit. He couldn’t afford a distraction, not now. Instead, he’d focus on defending his championship, but he couldn’t get her out of his mind. The worry still flowed and he was getting more and more anxious.

He pushed the door open and stepped in, slamming it shut and shutting out the fans. He didn’t worry about that, the majority would still cheer him, but at this point, with everything that is happening, he didn’t care at all.

Xander carried his bags towards his locker room, ignoring the staff that worked backstage. Black was half way to his locker room, but he was stopped by Danny Eriksen and a fat camera man.

Xander! Can we get a word?

Not today, Danny.

Please just one.

Danny put a hand on Xander’s chest. That was a mistake. Xander stopped in place.

Take the hand off. Now.

Danny nodded and took his hand away.

Just one question, we need too it’s for the PWC web-

With his right hand, Xander shoved Danny in the chest and he stumbled back into a nearby production box.

I said not today. Back off, Danny!

Xander turned and walked away. Danny called after him:

Clement won’t be happy!

Screw Clement!

He yelled over his shoulder. He finally reached his locker room and sat in a chair. He placed his head in his hands and continued to come up with reasons as to who did this, and why they did it.


Xander Black had just finished getting his ring gear on, wearing a special black and red design. Even though he had a huge match coming up, it wasn’t the reason why he was anxious or nervous.

His locker room door swung open and standing in the doorway was an irate Clement.

Good. An interview in ring gear will look even better.

I’m not in the mood for interviews. Get out now. You’re lucky I’m even here.

I am your boss damn it! You’ll do what I say, I don’t care what issues you’re having, now get out there and do the damn interview.

Xander sighed loudly. He knew that if he didn’t do the interview he risked losing his job. He thought it through and decided to get out the way, even if he had to ham it in. He pushed Beth to the back of his mind, as tough as that was, and brushed past Clement.

He met Eriksen in the interview area.


*TAPED FOR MAIN SHOW (may not be used depending on time)*

Danny Eriksen: I’m standing by with the man that will defend his PWC World Heavyweight Championship against Kyle Elric in the main event, please welcome Xander Black.

The PWC World Heavyweight Champion walks into the shot, looking at his phone. He doesn’t look at Danny, nor the camera. He just looks down.

Danny Eriksen: Uh, well. Xander, tonight you go one on one with Kyle Elric, defending the championship. Both of you are undefeated, does that change your mind set all?

He puts the phone away and looks at Danny ,then at the camera.

Xander Black: Kyle Elric, congratulations. You made it this far. You’ve done what I did. For the majority, you’ve faced the men that I’ve faced, hell, you even competed in a Gauntlet match and won, just ... like ... me.

He looks a little worn out and tired.

Xander Black: We’re similar. The best. But I’ve got one accomplishment that you don’t, the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. That makes me the best of the best. Everyone that I’ve faced has fallen before me, everything from Freddie Vos to Louie Spindoli, just like they fell before you.

He pauses.

Xander Black: Only two men remain standing. By the end of the night, only one man will. That man will be me.

Another pause.

Xander Black: I’m the very best that PWC has to offer, like no one was before. Tonight, remaining undefeated is my cause, but in the long run, keeping this championship, the PWC World Heavyweight Championship around my waist is my goal.

Danny nods along as Xander ignores him.

Xander Black: I need you to understand, Kyle. You’re the first opponent in a long time that I actually respect. But that doesn’t change the way I’m going about this match, the fans will be expecting a great match, and that’s what they’ll get, but I’m going to be as ruthless as I was with Freddie Vos, and by the end of the night-

We suddenly hear a loud beep. And we see Xander lift up his hand and look at his phone. The expression on his face changes into a worried expression.

Danny Eriksen: Uh, Xander?

He looks at Danny then at the camera.

Xander Black: At the end of the night, I’ll be the one standing tall.

He starts to walk away but stops and looks dead on at the camera.

Xander Black: This is a message to everyone in PWC, Kyle Elric and the whole roster, I’m the PWC World Heavyweight Champion for a reason and I’ll show that tonight. And this ... this is a message to PWC and anybody else that has a problem with me ... I’m a dangerous person, you mess with me, my friends or my family, then I will find you and I will make you pay.

Danny looks confused by that last line as Xander walks away.



Xander Black entered his locker room and looked at his phone. He had missed a call from Christen. He had totally forgot that he agreed to bring her, he didn't even think she would want to after finding out he had a girlfriend. He had tried to answer but it stopped ringing before he did. He called back, instantly it was picked up.

Hello, Xander.

Who is this? Tell me you son of a bitch.

You’ve been a naughty boy, Xander. Beth and Christen? You must give me some dating tips because-

Tell me who this is!

You’ll find out soon enough. In the meantime, don’t do anything stupid, no cops, no heroic acts, just continue on your life as normal. I’d hate to have to put a bullet through either Beth or Christens head. N

You dare hurt either-

Ahh, either. Good to know you care about both. Good to know. Rest assured, not a hair will be out of place when you see them, and you will very soon, we have much to discuss. But just one final piece is missing, once we find that, we’ll be in touch.

Hold on-

Oh, and good luck tonight.

Before Xander had a chance to speak the man had hung up. He tried redialling but it rung out. He sat down on the chair again and looked at the ground. He thought about Beth and Christen, and who could be doing this. He didn’t have a clue. Could it be someone from his childhood he thought, but he couldn’t think of anybody. It would remain a mystery for now.

He had to focus on his match, but as he started to warm up, his mind started drifting, not to Beth, but to Christen.

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Day Of Hell's Judgement 11:00 AM
Pearl Lake State Park, Routt County, Colorado

The scene opens in the beautiful state park, everything is very peaceful inside the park as birds are chirping, the wind is blowing ever so slighty to give a nice breeze to everybody in the park without making them cold and in the distance, kids can be heard laughing and playing. The cameras move towards the lake, that has a sparkle coming off it from the sun and it makes the water look so tempting to dive right into but nobody is seen swimming in the lake. The cameras keep moving along in the park as they pass the camping grounds, where a family is seen sitting at a picnic table eating a late lunch but the cameras keep moving until they are at the highest point inside the park, a small mountain top directly above the lake where finally we spot Austin Angel sitting indian style, deep in thought. The cameras stay focused on the PWC Superstar for a half-minute more before he says something.

Why did things have to happen this way? Everything seemed so much better back in the day.

The scene appears to fade out, only to fade back in a moment later with a very different scene. Instead of being in a park, we're now in an alley between two buildings that has 5 boys in it, none of them look to be any older than 16 or 17 as they huddle in close together and the one who appears to be the leader, wearing a long grey hooded sweatshirt, jeans and black sneakers speaks up.

Alright guys, when we get there we all split up. Grab as much food as you can without being caught and if you hear the code word, run as fast you can out of there and go to the hideout. It's every man for himself in there so don't fuck up! Got it?

The leader looks around, seeing if anybody objects and while nobody says anything, he notices one of his buddies has a worried look on his face so he takes a step forward, getting in his face.

What's your problem Austin?

I just don't know why we have to take the food Matt, I mean there has to be a better option...right?

Matt, as we now know the leader's name is shakes his head in annoyance before looking back at Austin.

How many times do we have to go over this? We have no money to buy food, so we have to take it to survive! God damn stop being such a fucking pussy.

Matt spits on the ground in both anger and frustration as Austin sighs before nodding in agreement with what Matt is saying as the group walks out of the alley and to the left, at what appears to be a grocery store entrance. Two of the guys put on baseball caps and pull them down low to hide their eyes as the other three slide the hoods of their sweatshirts up over their heads. The 5 now enter the store and right away, all 5 go their separate ways. The cameras follow Austin and Matt as they both head in the same direction before going down different isles. A few minutes go by before a store clerk and a couple of managers seem suspicious and go looking for the 5 teens. Upon discovering this, we hear an unfamiliar voice yell "OMEGA!" and upon hearing that, all 5 teens stop what their doing and run as fast as they can towards the store exit with employees chasing them, 4 easily escape including Matt and Austin but one of them has his shirt grabbed by a manager as the other 4 look around outside and realize they're short one.

Where's Johnny?

He must've been caught! We have to save him!

NO! I said before we went in there it was every man for himself so he can find a way out himself. I'm not going back for him.

Matt, the last person to speak starts walking away but stops when he realizes nobody is behind him. He turns around to yell at his friends but by time he turns around, they're already walking through the store entrance with all the food they stole on the ground outside as the scene fades out.
Or maybe not...

As the scene fades back in, we seem to be back in the park where we started at as we see Austin Angel has fully zoned out. Suddenly, we can hear footsteps coming up behind him before a hand reaches down and places itself on Angel's shoulder which causes him to jump. The hand pulls away as we can hear a women's laughter as Austin gets to his feet quickly but calms down when he sees that the person who disturbed him is none other than his ex, Tay.

Scare ya much?

Tay chuckles as Austin plays it cool and runs his hands through his hair, shrugging off his previous actions.

What are you doing here? Shouldn't you be hanging out with Matt? He is your boyfriend after all.

Austin and Tay walk over to a nearby tree and sit down under it to get out of the sun. After sitting down, Tay shakes her head slowly.

I'm sorry you had to find out like that, but I wanted to make sure you were alright.

I'm fine but I just have so much going on that I can't focus on this right now.

Yeah I know, I watched the last episode of Vortex, you did good against Golden Boy but I'm worried about you facing Darius Black. He seems like a dangerous guy. Maybe you need someone to watch your back out there.

Dangerous is an understatement, Darius Black lost his mind a long time ago and there's no telling what an insane person might do. Even more so in a Falls Count Anywhere Match. But as far as someone watching my back, I don't know maybe you're right. I had Tommy Hendrix at first and I was doing well. Then after he got injured I began losing my focus and ended up going downhill. Losing my focus is what caused me to lose my last match against Darius and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't worried about that happening again.

Then why are you taking the match? I mean last time you faced him, he nearly killed you and you missed 2 weeks of action. Who's to say he won't finish the job this time?

Tay raises an eyebrow and has a very serious facial expression as Austin thinks things over before scratching the side of his head through his long mane of hair. Austin continues to think for a bit longer before finally replying to Tay.

He won't be able to finish the job this time because I'm more focused than ever before on the task at hand. All that matters to me now is tearing Darius Black limb from limb and getting my revenge on him. Our problems may have started when he ended the career of my best friend Tommy Hendrix but since then, this has become personal. At Alpha and Omega I was fighting to avenge my friend, at Hell's Judgement I will fight for me and for all my fans out there who look up to me as their hero!

Austin stands up and begins pacing as Tay turns her head and watches him pace, waiting to see what else he has to say.

Ever since this war with Darius started, I've gone from a guy lost in his own little world to a very serious, very focused man on a mission. That mission is to destroy Darius Black and by the end of Hell's Judgement I will have succeeded in my mission. All the anger I've had building up inside of me against him from our last battle will be unleashed on him when we collide for one last war. Tonight isn't about winning or losing, it's not about fallen friends, all tonight is about is vengeance and setting things right in the world.

Austin stops pacing as Tay stands up and is giving Austin a weird look as this is a whole new side of him she's seeing tonight. Austin looks back at her and the two stare at each other for a moment before finally, Austin speaks up.

Not all soldiers return from war alive, and if I don't return I need you to know something Tay, I need you to know that I love you more than anything else in this world and while I may be broken inside right now, if I survive this war I'll engage in another one, one over your heart.

Austin walks over to Tay and pulls her in close to him before giving her a long and passionate kiss. Tay seems to be in shock at this but none the less, she kisses him back with all the passion he has behind his and after a few seconds, they break the kiss and Austin quickly walks away, leaving Tay standing there in shock, unable to move after the crazy last few days she's had as the scene slowly fades out.

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A white light envelopes the entire surrounding, making it hard to see anything. Slowly everything seems to come into focus, as people in white coats move forward in front towards a nondescript room. Where is this place? The walls of white seem to change with old posters upon older posters, and numbers on doors. The absolute silence turns into a whisper unrecognisable of any real voice. Is someone talking? Slowly everything seems to come into focus as the noise gets louder someone is talking, they are talking to me. I think. Yes, is it a question? Are they asking me something?

The people in lab coats lead me into a room, and at the centre is a man, in a bed. Is he asleep? Is he dead? Am I dead? Have I been here before? Yes, but when? Yes it is a question. Someone is asking me about the man in the bed. I look down at him, who is it? I’ve seen him before. I know the answer. Who asked me? It’s my mentor, the man who taught me everything I knew from when I was an intern. The man I beat into a coma, the man who made me lose control and therefore I lost everything.

I have to rebuild from this failure. I never fail. Wait I did fail, that’s why I’m not here. What are my hands doing? I’m strangling him, I’m doing it again. Why? Should I stop this? No one is doing anything to stop me. The silence is unbearable. Why can’t I stop my hands? White light coming from his eyes, his nose, his mouth. Blinding me. I can’t see, I’m choking. Drowning in the white. I can’t breathe.

Nero opens his eyes slowly. He is laying in his huge bed, his breathing is steady and relaxed. He looks over to his alarm clock, which ticks over from 3:59- 4:00am. Just like he does every day. He rises and makes his way to his white marble bathroom ensuite. The light automatically turns on as he walks over to the mirror. He checks to see if it is still there. Yes, the cut on his right cheek. The 5 stitches tying his skin together. The swollen black eye. A fire builds in his stomach. His perfect face, blemished. His perfect win/loss record, blemished. The cause, the symptom, Islami.

Nero, had moved into PWC to be nothing but professional. To move straight forward win after win, until he became Champion and then continue to defeat opponent after opponent until there was no longer anyone left to even challenge him. He was there to rebuild his fortune tenfold by reversing what he had learned in medical school. The disassembling of the human body, instead of putting it back together. It was about the money, it was about the fame, it was about the glory and being known the best in the entire world. It was about being perfect.

But the mark on his face, the puffed up eye, was a reminder that his perfect record no longer existed.

The night of Vortex 11...

“I’m sorry Jason but the result must stand, the official counted your shoulders to the mat, there is nothing we can do about it.” says Ernesto Clement, standing up for his Championship Committee.

“Your record has a check in the loss column.” There is a hint of fear in Clement’s voice but he stands up to the Doctor who is a stoic as a stature but his eyes are a raging firestorm.

“I don’t lose. I don’t fail. I have never failed. Everything I do is pure perfection. Your official record is incorrect. And I do not recognise it. Just like I do not recognise any of your authority here...”

“Just like you didn’t recognise the authority of your boss when you were beating him half to death and you ended up in jail? What’s next, you’ll do the same to me?!”, Clement snapped, with hesitation and slight fear in his voice, but still with his back straight and his eyes focused.

Nero sees the Championship Committee and Britney Page all sort of watching to see what he will do. There is an awkward pause, Clement is almost breathing heavily, while Nero raises his eye brow and looks down the point of his noise at them. A drop of blood from his cheek hits the floor breaking the atmosphere. Everyone looks down at it. Even more frightened than ever.

Nero looks down at the splash of blood. He touches his face. His face has been marked. As invincible as Nero thinks of himself, his own blood looks absolutely foreign to himself. Britney breaks the silence, “you should get one of the EMTs to lo...”.

“No one touches me, I will not have those butchers putting their hands on my skin. Clement, like I said, I do not recognise your official record. Islami interfered in my match. I therefore won by disqualification. You may not want to pay me my winnings, it matters not, as it will pale in comparison to the huge Championship bonus you will be forced to give me after I become Legacy Champion. “

“But just so you know, I’m going to end Islami’s career for what he did tonight. You don't want to reverse the decision? You don't want to punish Islami for his actions? ThenI will.

At the ppv it wont be Hell’s Judgment, no,no, no, no.

It will be God’s WRATH.

I have judged Islami, and I will lay my wrath, my vengance down on him.

And you will no longer have one of your precious super stars making all you fools in this room money. At the ppv I’m going to operate take Islami’s ability to walk away from him. The Doctor is in.”

Nero exists the room. The atmosphere can be cut by a knife as everyone in the room look to their leader who stood up to the 6 foot 5 physical and intellectual beast of a man. Hiding it from the others, Clements cracks a sly smile. He knows his co-main event is going to make him even more money, and everyone is going to be talking about Hell’s Judgement and PWC.

Nero’s home gymnasium - today

Looking into the huge gym wall mirror for what seems like an age, he assesses the stitches that he meticulously put in himself. They would indeed need to stay in for Hell’s Judgment. Nero’s brain once again begins to think. He has his game plan, he knows Ellie will fullfil her role perfectly. He knows the ins and outs of every move of Islami down to the body language he uses briefly before he plans to use each of them. He knows how he will apply each of his own moves to ensure victory on the night. But now there is an imperfection, and a possible plan of attack from Islami.

Nero believes he does not have a concussion from the shot, but he refused to have anyone see to him, to diagnose him. But Islami may very well go after the head. If anything to reopen the cut and cause blood loss and blurred vision. Nero must counter for such a game plan.

Islami may go the striking route. Headbutts, strikes, kicks. Will a grappling game plan be an effective counter to the strikes? But being on the mat, Islami could introduce a ground and pound type attack to the cheek and eye....

Nero’s brain runs hundreds of scenarios in his head as he begins his training regime for the morning. Nero is perplexed that he has some sort of weakness that can be exploited and therefore provide an advantage to his opponent. This is new ground for him. Something that he is not used to. When was the last time he had this weakness?

8 years ago Mercy Hospital

Nero walks out of an operating theatre. His eyes are on the ground. He trembles, he struggles to get his blood covered gloves off his hands. His mouth a gap, he has a look of bewilderment on his face. He cannot believe what happened only moments ago. His mentor, follows him out calling his name.

Nero cannot even acknowledge what is happening around him. "You did the best you could Jason, look at me Jason. You couldn’t save him.” Nero looks at his boss, his mentor.

“This won’t ever happen again. I won’t let it. No matter what I have to do in that room, I will not fail again!”

Nero storms off shouting “Never again!” as his mentor knows this happens to the best of them, and Nero will come to terms with it. Little did he know that Dr Nero would never come to terms with it, and would start his own unapproved methods of saving lives, that will cause the teacher and the student to change each other’s lives forever.

Today - Hell’s Judgment - Greensboro Coliseum

Thousands of excited fans are lining up to get into the building ready for the next big PWC ppv extravaganza. A stretched black limo tries to slowly carve its way through the people so it can get to the parking garage. The fans try to look in to see who is the limo. Ellie gets caught up in the euphoria of the fans, and she gets excited looking out the window. Nero with his leg crossed wearing sunglasses even though the tint is extremely dark does not approve of her reaction. She quickly notices this and sits calmly back in her seat.

The huge heavy garage door opens and the limo drives inside. The door opens and Ellie gets out first, she has quickly turned her demeanor to be as unemotional as her commander. Out steps Nero. Black suit white shirt black tie. Nothing out of place. The cameras, the questions, the flashing lights all descend on Nero and his gorgeous valet, but of course through all the paparazzi, they know Danny Erikson always has right of way.

Danny: Doctor, Doctor, how is the eye, the cheek bone? There are rumours going around you may have a concussion or even a fractured cheek bone. Care to comment?

Nero: Islami will face the consequences of his actions tonight, when I end his title reign and end his career. What he did to me was an act of a desperate man. A desperate man who knows he is no match for me. Islami wanted to injure me so he had some sort of advantage in the match or even have it cancelled all together. What Islami doesn't realise is there is no advantage over me.

You want an update on my condition Erikson, my update is this and it’s going to send a cold shiver down that coward posing as a Champion’s spine. I am 100%. Your question whether I'm to become the Champion is moot. Tonight I become the Legacy Champion. Islami knows it. The real question Erikson isn’t whether I’m injured or if I’m going to win, because the answer is obvious. What the real question is, is how badly and how long Islami wants to get hurt. Because you see with my expertise, I can beat a man and end his career without any pain. But that is not what’s in Islami’s future...

Nero looks directly into the camera, ignoring Erikson.

Nero: Islami, I’m going to hurt you. I’m going to hurt you very badly for what you did to my face, for making these people think I lost to a fool like McEfroy. It’s all up to you Islami, I’m going to win the title, that much is clear. What is not clear is how badly I hurt you.

Right now, I’m thinking you lose the ability to walk. But you might make my night annoying, so then I’m going have to take your arms. But you might want to actually try and defy me and try and go after my eye. Well then I’ll have to take away your ability to eat other than with a tube down your scrawny throat. And so on, and so on...and so on.... it’s really all up to you Islami.

See you on my operating table .... The Doctor is In.

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Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina​
In an empty arena, Famine and Gary stand opposite each other outside of the ring. Their respective eyes are obscured to one another by the ropes.

Gary: The cycle continues. Just as in times before, Pestilence has given way to Famine.

Gary circles the ring until he reaches the side in which Famine stands.

Gary: And, tonight, Famine will give way to war.

Famine: I don't want war.

Gary: But that's the battle royal, is it not? Scratching, clawing, trampling; of course, you are used to these conditions, I know. But winning this battle, here and now, would gain us one step closer toward realizing the dream. Think about your mother. Think about your father. Your brother and sister. See your opponents as your chemicals. Golden Boy, Daggershield, Stryder, Vos, McEfoy, Hayden, Preston, Microburst, Spindoli, Carnage. All elements that we can harness. The experiment goes on, yes? Help me create my elixir. Your elixir.

Famine: Just let it go. You know nothing about my family. I barely know anything about these wrestlers either. They haven't done anything to me. I'm fairly sure they fear me, actually. I'm going to play fair until they treat me otherwise.

Gary: But what about the story you told me that night I found you? The details were about as cloudy and wet, like a mixture in a beaker. I heard the desire in you to correct the formula. Don't you want revenge on humanity?

April 25, 1986
Pripyat, Ukraine
Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant​

In a dark room, the entity now known as Famine sat before the glow of a small television set. The sounds of grunts and groans, laced with static, emanated from the box. Sweat, spandex, and suplexes reflected lovingly in the boy’s pupils as he pumped his tiny fists for slams, punches, and an array of other high-octane moves that only the sport of American wrestling could provide. He loved the sweat. He loved the spandex. He loved this escape from the reality of literally living in a vault.

For the past two months, Famine had lived at the infamous Chernobyl nuclear power plant with his father, mother, brother, and sister. His father - a noted American scientist - was among many others of his kind working abroad as the Cold War was putting on the brakes for a final stop and cooperation between the world’s superpowers seemed to be on the upside. Due to the high-stakes and demanding nature of his father’s job, Famine did not see him much. And while not quite a gulag, the living quarters for families of American scientists were rather prison-like, with concrete walls and minimal furniture. No one was allowed to leave the compound due to what the plant brass labeled as “safety concerns.” In addition to that stipulation, the Ukrainian and Russian scientists, security officers, and military personnel were, ironically, growing increasingly less copacetic with the American scientists - and their families - by the day. Oh, but of course, this dissension did not stop the aforementioned natives from more than often attempting to seduce - and often succeed in doing so - the wives and teenage daughters of the American scientists. Tactics from the pop’n of x-tacy to drowning their pretty little mouths with cheap vodka in the night while the scientists were hard at work for their enemy.

Meanwhile, Famine’s mother tiptoed about the small room in her blue summer dress. The room included an interesting three-level bunk bed for the all three children to sleep and a cot for the adults. She picked up little bits of scattered clothing and tossed them into a basket. Famine continued to watch the wrestling match intently. His favorite wrestler, the Hulk, went for a slam on his opponent before the feed inexplicably cut out.

“Aw, gee,” Famine exclaimed.

“Now, now, [Unknown], you don’t want to wake up your brother and sister,” his petite mother whispered in his ear.

“I know,” Famine replied. “Hey, Mom, where is Dad?”

“He’s just finishing up at the lab,” she said, patting his head, “He said something about an important system test tonight.”

Mostly ignoring those last lines of his mother, the boy tinkered with the television’s antenna, hoping he could finish the wrestling show before heading off to bed. Was the match over? Had the Hulk won? As he continued to jab at the side of the television and twist the antenna, he heard muffled noises from the other side of the wall. Since there were no windows in the stuffy room, he could only press his ear to the concrete wall it in order to attempt to ascertain what exactly was going on. There was only silence for a moment, until what sounded like a singular alarm began to blare. The lights began to inexplicably flicker as well.

Suddenly, a voice rang out over the loudspeaker that was installed in every room, “Alert, alert, reactor [Unknown] has overloaded. Ready yourselves for evacuation! Leave all belongings behind!”

“Mama, I’m scared,” Famine said, clinging to her arm, “Where’s Dad?”

“I’m sure he’s just fine.”

Before long, booted men could be heard meandering through the halls leading up to the room. Alarmingly, it seemed doors were being forced open.

The voice from the loudspeaker continued its banter, “Alert, alert, reactor [Unknown] has overloaded. Prepare for evacuation! Leave your belongings behind!”

The top Soviet overseer of the plant, Colonel Alekseevich, was now patrolling the halls with his rifle loaded. He pondered over the situation with his comrades, “Damn, how much do you want to bet that this is the the fault of the American scientists? I knew they were plotting to do this! If we're going to die here, their families will die first!”

As Famine and his mother huddled into a corner, she suddenly realized that her two remaining children were miraculously still asleep! As the two stared toward the sleeping children, two soldiers burst through the door wielding shotguns. A soldier grabbed Famine's mother's arm.

"Let go of me!" she exclaimed, "Where is my husband?"

Just then, the air was let out of the building as Colonel Alekseevich entered the room. His red suit conformed tightly to his fat gut. He scratched his thin mustache.

"Where is your husband?" he started, "Hopefully burning in hell for his traitorous actions."

The Colonel gave Famine's mother a hearty slap, sending her to the ground. Famine, all of six years old, came to his mother’s aid, flailing his arms at the armed soldiers. One of the soldiers grabbed and tossed the boy against the wall as they led his mother out of the room. Outside, the same soldier held her face up against a concrete wall.

The situation had escalated so quickly, not even Colonel Alekseevich knew the full extent of it. Only his distrust of Americans caused him to act so irrationally. But what had truly caused the panic? And, more importantly, what had caused the reactors to malfunction?

“What’s the situation?” Alekseevich demanded through a phone-line.

“It appears we have lost more reactors, sir.” a soldier replied.

“Kill all the Americans! This is a deliberate attack on us by American forces! They have severed our power lines!"

The soldier holding Famine's mother pulled down his trousers and began to violently assault her.

“You like that, American?” the soldier yelled as he continued to assault the mother. She vomited blood which ran down the concrete wall and collected in a puddle at her feet. Her eyes glazed over, she looked over her shoulder to see her remaining two children, around four and five, respectively, rubbing their eyes and crying. A soldier, without hesitation, blasted them with shotguns. Famine, somehow, was miraculously able to elude the soldiers, who were occupied raping other women and shooting more children as their sudden insanity was reaching a horrifying breaking point.

Famine continued to sprint through an endless array of corridors with flickering red lights, frantically searching for his father. He eventually reached a laboratory that was filled with thick smoke. As he made his way through the laboratory, he stepped over tramped bodies of staff who attempted to escape at the same time. He made his way toward a faint light which gradually became stronger and penetrated the smoke. Soon enough, it miraculously cleared as Famine saw the silhouette of a man in torn up shawl that flapped akin to a cape in the wind. His back was to Famine who shielded his eyes from the now blinding light. The man looked over his shoulder.

He heard the man, his father, speak.

“Trust me.” he said.

Greensboro Coliseum, Greensboro, North Carolina​

Famine: I want you to stay out of this fight. No experiments. No transmutation circle. No dreams.

Gary: I give you my word. Just as I gave you my arm.

Gary begins to ascend the ramp and stopped to look over his shoulder.

Gary: Trust me.

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Hey guys really sorry to do this but could I grab an extension. Just finished my first week of Uni so haven't even thought about writing a RP. If I could have until Tuesday or whatever that would be brilliant because I really don't want to no show.

EDIT: just read the OP again, if I cannot get an extension then just eliminate me early or whatever.

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Hey guys really sorry to do this but could I grab an extension. Just finished my first week of Uni so haven't even thought about writing a RP. If I could have until Tuesday or whatever that would be brilliant because I really don't want to no show.

EDIT: just read the OP again, if I cannot get an extension then just eliminate me early or whatever.
Well McEfoy asked for an extension and he's in the Battle Royal so you get one too. Tuesday could be a bit late, can you try getting it in by Sunday 11:59pm GMT?

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December 2011

Drops of sweat trickled down his face, his long dark hair moist with the stench of a solid workout. This is it for Muhammad, the gym has become his second home since the encounter with Tarek. He’s taken the bitter lemons life has hurled at him and exercised them into the most wonderful, satisfying lemonade he could have imagined. Life is beginning to make sense to him now, his purpose now clearer than ever. It was never a matter of if he’d understand his true purpose, but more a matter when, and that when has become now. He was ready to get back into wrestling, for the long haul.
This gym in particular was useful to Muhammad since it had a separate area containing a standard sized wrestling ring, unfortunately it’s also the same ring where Muhammad paralysed The Silver Sheikh. The ring was once a haven where The Silver Shiekh taught Muhammad and Tarek everything he knew, from the basic collar and elbow tie up to Muhammad’s finisher, The Camel Clutch which he named The Silver Clutch in honour of his mentor.

Thoughts buzzed around his head and emotions ran on pure adrenaline as soon as Muhammad brushed against the worn out ring apron, the ring ropes were a bleeding red colour when he first started training years ago, it’s now a darker red, the ring structure itself had become way more shaky than usual which became glaringly obvious once Muhammad began running the ropes. However battered and bruised the ring may have appeared to be, you couldn’t cut the smile off Muhammad’s face with a kitchen knife, the idea of getting back into the old routing excited him, he almost jumped and screamed like a little girl before realising he was in a man’s environment, instead he gave a nod of approval to the ring, almost as if it were a living thing waiting to be appreciated.
On the sly, he peered around the room, assessing his fellow wrestlers in search of a training partner. He thought to himself that one of these misfits will have to do.

Two Months Later

Panting and gasping for oxygen, Omar takes a rest in the corner of the ring.

Omar: This..is not...an old man’s game…anymore.

Muhammad, rolling on the ring canvas in a fit of laughter, simply couldn’t bite his tongue.

Muhammad: We’ve been at this for only 30 minutes, where’s that Kenyan spirit man.

Omar, a 40 odd year old man who moved to Washington from Kenya 15 years ago, made ends meet on the independent circuit, admittedly it wasn’t a lavish lifestyle but it’s what he did best and he wouldn’t have it any other way. He continues in a thick Kenyan accent-

Omar: That Kenyan spirit? That abandoned me along with my age.

Muhammad burst out in a new round of laughter.

The chemistry between the two was there for all to see. The regular gym goers called them Laurel and Hardy in reference to the famous comedic duo from the 1920s and 30s due to their constant ribbing of one another during their ring sessions. Despite Muhammad being half his age, he wouldn’t trade Omar as a companion for anyone in the world. Omar offered Muhammad something the Silver Sheikh never did. Entertainment. Despite his love for the Silver Sheikh, he was never a man of humorous intentions. Omar was the polar opposite; he made Muhammad laugh both intentionally and unintentionally, whilst also offering him the perfect training partner in Muhammad’s bid to make a full time career in wrestling again.

Once the endless rounds of laughter were over, they got down to business. A collar and elbow tie up turned into a wrist lock which turned into an irish whip, followed by a belly to belly suplex. The sparring continued for another 10 minutes before Omar was laying face down on the mat. His eyes caught Muhammad’s blank stare into the abyss, Omar raised his voice to get his friend’s attention.

Omar: Muhammad, do it.

Muhammad nervously shook his head from side to side, indicating that he doesn’t want to. The image of the Silver Sheikh being in Omar’s position in the same ring where Muhammad paralysed him haunted him, despite the Silver Sheikh insisting that it was an accident. Omar’s mouth was moving but Muhammad couldn’t hear anything, he was in a state of shock, he never thought it would get to him like this. Omar eventually pulled himself to his feet before comforting Muhammad. Omar knew why Muhammad refused to perform the Silver Clutch on him and so persisted no more. He guided Muhammad out the ring with a gentle arm over his shoulder.

Omar: Next time brother, next time.

The Morning of Hell’s Judgment

Omar and Muhammad go over a game plan for tonight’s Legacy Championship Match against Dr Nero inside the ring at the local gym.

Omar: He’s very calculated Muhammad, I’m sure you realise this, his arsenal is full of moves that aim subdue his opponents and wear them down, he’s a surgeon in the ring.

Muhammad: We shouldn’t be worrying about him, he should be worrying about me. I’m the Legacy Champion for a reason Omar, I’ve got his number. Did you see what I did to him on Vortex, he’s on a downward spiral from here on out.

Omar sighs.

Omar: I’ve been in this business for 17 years, the single most important lesson I’ve learned is that underestimating your opponent leads to failure. I don’t want you to learn this the hard way Muhammad.

Muhammad signifies that he realises his friend is right.

Omar: Good. Now I’ll impersonate Nero.

Muhammad: Really? You look more like Spudsy to me Omar.

Muhammad giggles under his breath. Omar ignores it and carries on.

Omar: Anyway…I’ll go easy on you since your match is in less than 12 hours. Let’s lock up.

Muhammad goes to lock up but Omar feigns it and knees Muhammad in the gut instead.

Muhammad stumbles back on to the ropes, clasping his mid section.

Muhammad: What the hell man?!

Omar: I said I’d be impersonating Nero, not Ronald McDonald. He’ll try to deceive you in any way possible, you’ve got to make sure you’re two steps ahead of him at all times.

5 Minutes later

Omar irish whips Muhammad into the turnbuckle and immediately charges at him, Muhammad slips out of the corner just in time and Omar goes crashing into the turnbuckle. Omar stumbles backwards into a Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker. Muhammad takes a breather but Omar being the tough son of a gun that he is, begins staggering upright, Muhammad takes the opportunity to connect with an enziguiri. Omar, now laying flat on the canvas, looks up at Muhammad.

Muhammad: At this point, I’d lock in the Silver Clutch on Nero and win.

Omar clambers to his feet and rushes towards Muhammad before slapping him so hard that he leaves a little cut above his left brow.


He continues to wrestle Muhammad to the ring canvas but soon realises that Muhammad isn’t fighting back. Omar pushes himself away from his friend.

Omar: Muhammad, you perform the Silver Clutch every week in the PWC. I know what happened between you and The Silver Sheikh but that was years ago, you haven’t injured anyone since. I can’t understand why you won’t do it to me.

Muhammad (interjecting swiftly): Because I care about you.

Omar’s eyes widen a little.

Muhammad: You helped me at a time when I had no one, literally no one to call a friend. You’ve helped me over the last 2 years to get into the biggest wrestling organisation on the planet and most importantly, you’re like a brother to me, you ARE a brother to me. I know the chances of me breaking someone’s back again are slim to none but I’ll never forgive myself if it happened to you. You have to understand, I don’t care about the guys in the PWC, they’re just pieces of meat thrown in the same ring as me. You’re the closest thing I have to family now and I hope you understand.

Omar immediately embraces his brother for a few moments before letting go, leaving his hand on Muhammad’s arm.

Omar: Okay, let’s continue your game plan for tonight, brother.

At Hell’s Judgment

Muhammad paces back and forth, slowly stroking his beard before turning his attention to the camera. He taps on his Legacy Championship a few times, signifying what it means to him and sending a particular message to Nero. Muhammad begins speaking softly and calmly.

Muhammad: The good Doctor…(laughs to himself). You are precision personified, or at least that’s what you like to think. You walk around as if I’m beneath you, as if I don’t deserve to be in the same ring with you. Well let me tell you something Doctor, I’m the Legacy Champion, you’re here tonight to fight me, nobody else, you’re here to challenge for MY title and don’t you forget it Doc.

Muhammad sweeps his hair back as the tension rises within himself.

Muhammad: It’s time for a little history lesson Doctor. Let me tell you about an Emperor of Rome by the name of Nero, Nero was a self obsessed little worm that had his own mother and brother executed in order to ensure stability of power. He was tyrannical and concerned with no one but himself. Remind you of anyone so far? For years and years he continued on a path of self pity and selfishness…(Muhammad’s creeps down and positions himself closer to the camera, his voice almost becomes a whisper) until one day he was overcome with an uprising by the people of Rome, after months of revolt, Nero decided to take the coward’s way out and end his own life. What’s comical is that the little worm couldn’t even do it himself and ordered one of his men to do it.

Muhammad steps back to his original position.

Muhammad: Why am I telling you this? I’m telling you this because the people celebrated by learning of his death just as my people will celebrate when I defeat yet another self absorbed American. I could sit here and do my usual side-splitting act of impersonating my opponents but this is Hell’s Judgment and the pride of my people is on the line tonight. Hell that’s why I’m out here interviewing myself, I don’t need a little closet racist patronising me with dim-witted questions. This title means a lot more than the prestige it brings, it represents what I’ve been through to look after my people and there’s no chance in Hell you’re walking out of here with gold around your waist. You don’t need to worry about Hell’s Judgment Doc, the only judgment that matters tonight is mine.

Muhammad takes a breath before chuckling to himself.

Muhammad: And how could I forget what happened on Vortex. Doc, I’m sorry, I truly am, had I known a little interference would have tarnished your perfect record, I would have done it earlier. For most guys, their first loss hurts but I knew how obsessed you are with being ‘perfect’, ‘to the point’, ‘precise’, whatever you wanna call it and this is eating you up inside isn’t it? Yeahhh. You better bring you’re a-game tonight Doc or else you’ll have a little more to worry about than a dirty record. Just remember when I lock you into the The Silver Clutch that it was you that had the honour of fighting me. Ultimately, you’ll become a victim of your own perfection and you’ll learn that The Silver Sheikh lays down for no one.

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-There's been a long way to get here. Coming up from the bottom. No free rides, no advantages. Now that I’m on the top, I’m leaving my past behind me. Now that I can smile just like I saw the other kids do back in the day. Now I can live the life that I always wanted to have. Now that I can breathe the air I never had, see the light I never saw, hear the sounds of joy instead of misery. I utilize every moment of my life, to make up for all those years that I didn’t have that opportunity.

Whoever could have imagined that this would be the faith of me, Ángel? There was never any hope for me; I was the kid who wasn't supposed to make it. I was never meant to have a chance. But somehow, in some way I managed to win my life back. How? I will show you tonight. I made a leap into the unknown. I let go of everything that was holding me back. And that’s what it’s all about tonight. Overcoming obstacles is nothing new to me... So feel free to let my smile and happiness fool you... Tonight, I will bring what’s really inside of me, to this battle.
Ten minutes to ten. In the rainy night, Ángel takes his final steps on the highway shoulder line. It’s still rainy in Benespera as the lights go out one by one in the few households in the area. While they go to bed, Ángel is just about to start his day. Going to the gym, for him, is like waking up. The two hour walk from Guarda to Benespera... That’s his sleep. That’s when he can clear his mind…
A car flashes by, splashing water all over Ángel but he isn’t bothered. Heavy raindrops are falling, and it’s hard to tell whether the drops pouring down around him are coming from the sky or his soaking wet long hair.

He is leaving the road, and the lights behind him. There is no road to the warehouse gym; he must go through the forest. Lighting a match in this weather would be to no use, and with no lights, Ángel must rely on his senses to lead the way through the forest in the moonless night. But he knows the way. If you’re doing something, whatever if it’s a time you wake up, or a work you do, or a road you walk, it becomes a habit. It’s like when he was a kid, back in the good old days on the coast of Cascais, Portugal and he learnt to ride the bike with his mother & Miguel. Ángel was never the fastest on the bike, but you get the point. Once you’ve learned it, you know it. Forever.

Ángel gently moves a thicket out of his way and steps out on to the graveled road that leads him to the gym. But something’s not right. He can smell smoke, but he can’t see anything through the darkness he is surrounded by. He keeps walking the road, and there is a turn up ahead. The smell is coming closer... And when the road turns, and the trees on the roadside clears out of his line of sight…
It’s all gone. Small clouds of smoke are still climbing up in the sky and Ángel can’t believe what he is seeing, and it takes a few seconds for him to come to his senses. Run!

He starts running towards the burnt down warehouse, as fast as he can. The road is all muddy beneath the gravel and his feet keep getting stuck in the ground. When he finally reaches the warehouse, there is just nothing left. Small pieces of wood are still burning around the site.
Everything he had, everything that Jorge gave him is gone. He steps over two huge buckets, empty. He picks one of them up and smells it. It’s gasoline. Ángel screams out in anger as he throws the bucket into the woods.
He takes a few deep breaths...

-OK, I must find Jorge...

Jorge was living in the gym. But it wasn’t only just a roof. Just like for Ángel, this gym was everything Jorge had. With the gym gone, Ángel almost felt like so are they...
And it doesn’t take long until he can see that’s a fact. Bloodstains cover the leaves and Ángel can see some of them are carried away with the rills in the ditch.

-Come on Jorge! Wake up!

Ángel shakes Jorge’s lifeless body

-Wake up! You can’t go!!

It’s for nothing. It’s a clean kill, straight to the forehead. Execution style.

Jorge is not waking up and Ángel slowly starts walking away towards a lake nearby. Here he has never been before. When you know something, or have a routine. A good one. That routine becomes a part of you, of who you are. It can be everything. You’re whole life is a routine. You know where to go, and how to live it. It becomes natural. But when all that is taken away from you, you become like a little baby taking his first steps. You can’t ride that bike anymore.

Ángel trips over the snags multiple times... His face and hair is all muddy, and the rest of his body as well. As he finally stumbles down at the lakeside, he lays on a rock. He is taking his shoes off. He picks up what he has left of his joint. It’s not much, but he lights it and starts walking out in the lake holding his hand as a windshield.

When you have no idea what’s coming at you, you have no idea how to react. Ángel isn’t thinking of anything as he walks out into that lake. His mind is an empty room. The good thing about an empty room though, is there is plenty of space to fill up. With your emotions & knowledge and experience you gather in this whole new world that you walk into. Now it’s all about making the right move. Your life depends on it.

The joint is finished, but he is smoking all into to the roach until the glow falls off. As the glow hits the water, the light it gave him fades out with the sound of it being extinguished and floating off into the darkness.

As he walks around the lake, trying to clear his mind he stumbles on to something hard. It doesn’t feel like a rock, or at least not a rock that belongs here. The other rocks here all our covered in algae. Ángel puts his hand down on the bottom, trying to find what he just stepped on. As he moves his fingers on the floor of the lake, he soon finds it grabs a hold of it.

As the rain gets even more intense Ángel lays down on the water with the gun in his hand. The waves are carrying him further out into the lake. He starts crying a little, a cry which transforms into a scream when he empties the mag up into the pitch dark sky...

As the echo bounces over the lake, Ángel speaks...

-God! Why was I chosen to live this life? Why me? Answer me...

Ángel starts swimming back to land as thoughts are flowing through his head. He dreams of Cascais, where he grew up and used to swim a lot with his family as a kid. He practically learned to swim before he could walk. Sun shining all day, beaches with sand white as a nurse’s outfit and the light blue water splashing in over the high cliffs, right in the heart of the city. Cascais is forever Ángel’s home.

Ángel steps up on land, grabs his shoes and starts running up the hill. This time he isn’t stumbling, this time he is focused. This is where that empty room starts to fill up. A new life begins.

Jorge is still lying dead in the ditch. Ángel grabs his body and tries to lift it up. He can, but just barely. He slowly moves down the hill again, with Jorge over his shoulder. As he comes down, he lays Jorge down just at the edge of the water.

-Jorge. You remember when I told you about Cascais? Yeah.. I really wish you had seen that. There are a lot of things that I would have wanted you to see…
Ángel wipes a tear of his cheek.
-Like when I’m kicking your ass in that ring... It’s a shame you never got to see that… I will make you proud brother, trust me. This hasn’t all been for nothing. You are the only one who made my life possible up to this day... I have you to thank for everything. May God take well care of you, because you if anyone, deserve it. You were a great man, Jorge. And a part of you will always stay with me. Wherever I go. I promise you that. May you rest in peace. *Ángel crosses his chest*

Ángel lets go off Jorge’s body as he floats out into the darkness.

Ángel turns around & shakes of the water in his hair. He takes a deep breath and starts climbing up the hill once again…

-I'm not going back.


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A bright flash engulfs a camera as a well-lit classroom flashes into view. Sitting at a table in the center, looking at a nearby wall, Daiko drums his fingers on the table top.

Daiko turns his attention to the camera, and stands up, knocking the chair that he was sitting on over.

Daiko: I'll give you something, Jacobs, you got one over me. You bested me in that ring two weeks ago, and to make matters worse, you went that one step further and attacked me after the match. That was your first mistake.

Your second came last week when you accepted my challenge, and agreed to step into the ring with me at Hells Judgement.

Daiko sighs and picks up the knocked over chair, before sitting back down.

Daiko: I don't think anyone understands this whole 'injure fuckers left, right and center' thing better than I do Jacobs, but listen closely. I am the wrong guy to try and fuck with. Two weeks ago, you may have bettered me in the ring, and you may have gotten your little moment, but NO-ONE in this damn company comes back like I do. I've been at the lowest point of my career here, and there's no chance in hell that I'm going back there.

The Scot leans back and stares up at the ceiling for a moment, before looking back down at the camera.

Daiko: Jacobs, I've got no doubt that this fight of ours is going to go on for a while, so you better get ready to dig in for the long run, because no matter what the result is at Hells Judgement, nothing will save you from what I’m going to do to you.

Daiko looks at a spot just behind the camera and nods, just as the camera cuts out.

As Daiko nods, a figure behind the camera looks down and presses a button on the side, before looking up at Daiko, who has gone back to drumming his fingers on the desk.

Ryan: He’s gotten to you, hasn’t he?

Daiko: A little. Not with his words, but in the ring.

Ryan: How?

Daiko: I don’t recall any time that I’ve ever been so outmatched in the ring in my life. He’s got a huge height and weight advantage on me, and he’s just so fucking strong.

Ryan: Then why did you challenge him? We both know that he’s not going to hold back against you, especially after mauling that Blaze guy.

Daiko: Do you honestly think I was going to let him walk away without putting up some kind of fight?

Ryan: Not really, but how the hell are you going to beat this guy? He’s fucking huge!

Daiko laughs.

Daiko: I wish I had some kind of gameplan, but I think I’m just going to have to wing it.

Ryan: You’ll think of something. You’ll have to.


Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve only got 10 minutes to go until Hells Judgement and I’ve managed to get an interview with Daiko, who faces Derek Jacobs in the opening match of the evening.

Daiko walks out into the interview area that has been set up.

Daiko: Danny.

Danny Eriksen: Daiko, you’re going up against Derek Jacobs, who has been looking to make an impact here in the PWC.

Daiko: No shit.

Danny Eriksen: Yes, well, how do you plan to take on Jacobs so soon after he nearly ended your career?

Daiko: By keeping him in the ring, and keeping my head the fuck away from any turnbuckle.

Danny Eriksen: Surely that's not going to be enough? Last time you both fought, he beat you in the ring, and did it with apparent ease. Are the differences between you too much for you to overcome here?

Daiko: Danny, there's no man on this planet that can beat me when I have something worth fighting for, and this win is worth it. Jacobs has pushed me too far here, and it's time for him to pay for his sins. I'm not in this company to take any crap from anyone. I'm here to win tonight, and win is what I am going to do.

Daiko walks off past Eriksen and heads down the hallway and walks past a sign marked 'Gorilla' as Danny steps in front of the camera once more and reminds everyone to watch Hells Judgement, before walking out of the shot, leaving the camera to zoom in on the PWC logo which is spinning on a screen behind where the interviewer was standing.

The screen fades to black.


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Next to the R40, roughly two miles outside of Greensboro, stood a cramped bungalow. The once-bright yellow paint was mostly chipped off the concrete and dim lantern-light loomed through a cracked window. Shapes and shadows swirled onto the windows, creating an eerie illusion. Wrestling correspondent, Danny Eriksen, was not happy at all.

Mr Vos? Freddie?

A faint grunting noise...

Danny pressed his ear against the door.

Negentien... Twintig!*

The heaving ceased.

Een... twee...**

Mr. Vos!

Who is it?

It’s me, sir, Danny Eriksen.

It’s open.

The wood creaked as it swung open for the interviewer. At once Danny wished he was back outside, merely speculating about the shack. The bungalow smelt of sweat, diesel and tobacco. A stained mattress served as a bed. An empty bucket stood by the window and Danny couldn’t bring himself to guess its function.

He could smell Vos, but he couldn’t see him.

Mr Vos?

Two cold blue eyes dropped into Danny’s gaze, as if out of nowhere. Stumbling backwards across the floor, grabbing at soiled curtains for support, he eventually came to a standstill.

Boeta***, you should open your eyes!

Eriksen saw Freddie suspended in the air. He was upside down, hanging by his ankles from an old, knotted rope.

What the devil are you doing up there?!

The measure of composure Eriksen mustered up took a superhuman effort.

Sit-ups, Danny, have to keep the core strong! Pass me my knife, would you?

The foot-long hunting knife was lodged deep inside one of the floorboards. As Eriksen reached for it, he took a moment to observe Freddie. The South-African’s stringy hair dangled from his head – Danny took the time to notice a drop of sweat run down one of the strands, splattering on the floor.

What if I don’t?

A sense of dread washed over Danny as he saw Vos’s teeth grinning at him.

Then, Danny-boy, then you better hope I NEVER wriggle out of here.

With a shaky hand, Danny passed the knife.

Good boy.

With one clean swing, Freddie cut his legs free and landed on his back. As Eriksen inched closer to see if the man from the Free State was okay, Freddie sat up and got to his feet.

I would offer you a seat, but...

Vos motioned his hand across the room. The only seating was the makeshift bed and Danny didn’t fancy that at all.

It’s fine. I’ll conduct the interview right here.

Freddie shot him a sideways glance.

Wait a minute... How did you know where to find me?

Your associate dropped the letter, with your instructions, at reception.

Hmm... I see. Do you have this letter on you?

Well, it just so happens...

Danny fidgeted around in his navy blue double breasted jacket.

Here you go, sir.

Freddie studied the letter. The smooth, cursive writing was not his own. He folded up the paper and stuffed it into his back pocket. Without missing a beat, Freddie turned to Eriksen.

You have five minutes before I throw you out, seun****.

Alright, I’ll make this brief, sir.

Eriksen produced his tape-recorder and set it up between them. Always the consummate professional, Danny’s unease was momentarily pushed to the back of his mind and his rich TV-voice took over.

Hello PWC! This is your friend, Danny Eriksen, coming to you straight out of Greensboro. With me I have a man all the way from Bloemfontein, South Africa. He is none other than Freddie Vos!

‘Evening, Eriksen.

On the brink of yet another high-quality PWC production, I am bursting with excitement for Hell’s Judgement.

Hell’s Judgement is a very aptly-named show, Danny-boy.

Why is that?

Nearly a dozen fighters in an enclosed space for the battle royal, Danny... what do YOU think is going to happen? But Uncle Freddie has a surprise in store for all the other entrants.


Vos holds his finger to his lips.

Uh-uh, Danny... it wouldn’t be a surprise then. I have an ace up my sleeve and it’s mean and pissed-off. PWC’s next show will not be Hell’s Judgement alone, because it will be MY judgement! You will find me not nearly as merciful as the devil, Mr. Eriksen.

Freddie cocks his head back, but keeps his eyes on Danny and maniacal laughter reverberates through the shack. Amongst the dry chicken bones, the rancid rags and Vos’s damn voice, the room just got too much for Danny, who decided he had enough. He shoved open the door and stumbled towards the road, where the PWC driver was waiting for him. Hurriedly, he fumbled for the door of the black sedan. When he looked back, Freddie was gleefully howling at him.

That’s right, Danny-boy! You don’t want to play with Freddie Vos when nobody is watching!

After what seemed like an eternity to him, Eriksen flipped open the handle and half-fell into the vehicle. The car sped off, kicking up bits of dirt and tarmac. Freddie’s smile subsided and he spat on the tyre marks it left. Once more alone, at the side of the R40, Freddie stepped back into his bungalow, pawing at the ivory pendants that hung from his neck.

Once inside, he rummaged through the squalor. An old cellular phone appeared in his hands. Freddie extended the phone’s antenna and flipped it open. He dialled the number and held it to his ear.

Hello, sir. Guess who.

Freddie sat down, resting himself against the wall.

Let’s get down to business. Why did you lead that fool over here? Is everything in order for the pay-per-view? How’s my ace doing?

He nodded his head in agreement.

That is good news. I am very much looking forward to the meeting. Goodbye.

He flips the phone shut and discards it in the mess inside the room.

That is very good news indeed.

Only then did Freddie notice Eriksen’s recording device. He grabbed his knife and stabbed through it. He twists the blade and retracts the knife, its jagged edge dragging some tape along with it. Eagerly, he pulls the brown strip from the device, enjoying its smooth touch on his skin.

I am sorry for pulling out your entrails, Mister Cassette, but I don’t want to ruin the surprise. There will be hell to pay.

*Nineteen, twenty
**One... Two...

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Kyle “The Gaijin” Elric RP

Six Days Before Hell’s Judgment

Six days before Hell’s Judgment, Kyle dreamt. He usually wasn’t one for dreams- he couldn’t quite remember the last time he had one, but this was something unlike any dream he’d ever had. It was also a dream he’d remember for a long time to come.

He was stood on the edge of a precipice, looking down into the bottomless depths. He couldn’t see what lay at the bottom but he heard ocean waves crashing against the rocks- noisily, angrily, mercilessly. A strong cold wind blew against his body- making the hair on the back of his neck stand. It was pushing him- almost nudging him forward, asking him to take the leap. And before he knew he could hear birds singing. Ravens infact, which had now suddenly appeared from thin air and had started circling around his head.

One raven. Three ravens. Seven ravens. Ten. Fifteen. More.

“Fly, Fly, Fly” they seemed to say. More of them appeared, and they started flying and circling him faster, almost forming a dark crown around his head that got heavier with each passing second. As they completely obscured his view of the sun and the wind picked up even more speed, Kyle remembered jumping into the abyss to escape all of it.

He had tried flying. Opening his arms wide open, expecting wings to grow out and save him from a brutal end. But there hadn’t been any wings. Only the weight of the wind around him. The cries of the birds over him. The ocean waves beating against the rocks, beckoning him to them. The jagged surface seemed to be closer every second. Kyle remembered wondering with every passing second if it was his last.

When he bolted upright, cold sweat covering his forehead, vision hazy, he remembered a calmer voice calling his name. His eyes had taken their time adjusting to the scene around him and taking in every detail. It had taken a while before registering he was at Dani’s place. Dani, who had sat up beside him in bed. Dani, wearing a look of extreme concern- forehead creased, eyebrows scrunched together and voice cracking as she asked him if he was ok. And just to change that, Kyle had lied that he was. Dani hadn’t quite believed him, but snuggled close and laid down with her head on his chest, trying to go back to sleep anyway.

All night, Kyle wondered if she noticed his heart beating faster. Or his hand around her body, which seemed to be trembling.


Four Days before Hell’s Judgment

Four days before Hell’s Judgment, Kyle got a call from Jade, asking him to meet her at a burger joint a few blocks away from where she worked. At first, it had seemed strange and sudden to him, but he realised he’d been wanting to meet her for some time too, and thus his feeling of wariness gave way to one of relief. Dani hadn’t objected, although he did notice how she seemed to be wearing a slight frown when he mentioned his ex. It lasted for a mere millisecond before she replaced it with a perfect fake smile- wishing him luck and asking him to be the perfect gentleman. Kyle knew she was an expert at pretending to enjoy something she actually didn’t from her job. He wished he could stay and explain. He wished he could tell her how much of a weight would be removed from his shoulders. But how could she understand? Not so soon. He’d just have to make it up to her later.

He didn’t miss Jade’s bright diamond engagement ring on her finger. Purposefully or not, it was facing him the entire time they talked. She said how she was glad he showed up on time for once. Kyle had no answer to the truth, so he merely smiled and nodded- a display of humility that didn’t surprise Jade as much as it should have. After placing their orders and exchanging pleasantries, she surprised him by asking about his match first. Kyle knew Jade was never one for following a wrestling show but he remembered his daughter April confessing to being a fan when he met her a few weeks ago. Perhaps she had managed to make her mother watch too.

Kyle received compliments for his achievements inside the squared circle- getting a compliment from Jade after all these years brought up a few memories he had been successfully avoiding since coming back from Japan. There had been things said, promises made but broken, expectations left unfulfilled, so many things left in the past- buried, locked inside some corner of his mind, but they were coming back to him- and Kyle wasn’t sure how to deal with it.

Jade was nice enough to not bring up any of it though- not that he had expected her to. She had always been nice, that had always been her thing. Even when he didn’t deserve it, she did her best to be civil. In some way, Kyle was happy for her. Being engaged to a man who loved her like she deserved to be loved, being able to raise her daughter the way she wanted to, it didn’t matter that he wasn’t a part of it. It didn’t sting like he thought it might. So he asked her about it too, and probably for the first time while talking to her in all these years, he listened.

The longer they talked, the more the tension dissipated and by the end of an hour, they almost seemed like two friends. Kyle asked her about his daughter, her habits, likes and dislikes, favorite food, music, other things. He committed each of her answers to memory. Kyle was ashamed to admit he didn’t know his daughter’s birthday too, and when Jade told him it was the day after Hell’s Judgment, it didn’t make matters any easier. Jade wished him luck for his match, let him know how April would be cheering for her favorite wrestler and how their little daughter had high hopes from him for the pay per view.

After she left, Kyle sensed the air around him felt heavier. The weight of expectations was increasing and he wasn’t sure if his shoulders were strong enough to withstand it. His own hopes getting crushed, he could live with. He had hit rock bottom once before and come back stronger, but having his daughter’s heart broken? How could he live with that? How he wished he could promise Jade that he’d win and become champion, how he’d put the biggest smile on April’s face on her birthday. He desperately wished he could promise all that to Jade before she left, but truthfully he couldn’t.

Images from a time long past swam before his eyes. A pregnant Jade, waiting for him at the airport. A phone call, with promises from him of being there and getting away, building a new and better life for the both of them. Lies. He had never wanted a daughter back then, and now when he did want more than anything to be a part of her life, he wasn’t sure if he could guarantee her happiness on her birthday.

That night he dreamt the same dream again. Only, along with the birds, there was another voice asking him to fly. His daughter, who stood beside him on top of the cliff and kept whispering. Again, he had taken the leap, and again his wings failed him. Again, Dani had looked worried and he had lied. She didn’t wrap her arms around him that night and went back to sleep with her back to him. Kyle spent the night staring at the hands of the clock opposite him count down the seconds until the fateful day.


Three Days before Hell’s Judgment

Three days before Hell’s Judgment, Kyle decided to drive all thoughts away from his mind and stay busy with his training. He went to the basement, where he usually practiced, and started off with his kenjutsu. It was a tradition followed in Miyamoto sensei’s dojo, and despite not requiring it at PWC, he had never quite stopped practicing his skills with the sword. Miyamoto’s ancestors had been samurai, and even though no samurai remained in Japan, their families honoured the way of the sword and the bushido code just like their ancestors had. Sensei had once said it was expected of them, and doing so made them feel closer to the samurais of old in spirit. And so, Kyle had taken it up too.

He didn’t miss noticing the way his hands shook after gripping the bokken. Shrugging it off for the time being, he began. Imagining foes swinging at him, he concentrated on his center of gravity and footwork and feigned, cut, jabbed, thrusted and parried at the thin air where his hypothetical opponent stood. He noticed his strikes were weaker. He noticed he wasn’t as quick on his feet as he’d like to be. And scenes from his dream kept flashing before his eyes. It was a mess.

His physical workout suffered the same fate. He didn’t realize how much time passed but he was painfully aware of how little progress he made in that session. Realizing he just wouldn’t be able to concentrate, he abandoned his attempts and made his way back upstairs. The distance between him and Dani seemed to have increased manifold overnight. The distance was in the way her eyes avoided making direct contact when she spoke to him, it was in the way she moved her head slightly so he ended up kissing her cheek. Kyle knew he should probably let her know everything but he just didn’t feel ready to talk about it. And so the distance grew and he resigned himself to it. Three more days and maybe his collapse would be complete.

Later when she went out shopping and he was left alone contemplating, another memory greeted him. One with his sensei. His sensei had been a man with a lot of dreams. Not all of them were realized, but Kyle liked to think that he and others at the dojo would see that they were. Someday. He wished the old man were here to talk him through and offer some much needed advice now. What would he say if he noticed Kyle letting the pressure get to him? What would his sensei say if he’d known Kyle would crumble under the weight of all the expectations? Had he always known his pupil would act this way? Was it the task at hand that worried him or the consequences of his failure? A lot was riding on the match’s outcome- it wasn’t just a matter of winning or losing, it was about making a statement. To himself. To the fans. To his daughter. To Dani. And to his sensei. Kyle had never been able to figure out what kind of a man he wanted to become. Just the man the people close to him deserved. The man his sensei saw in him when he was picked from the streets all those years ago. And if he somehow lost, all those crushed dreams would become the albatross around his neck and he’d never be able to escape it. The prospect of failure loomed over him constantly, like the Grim Reaper awaiting it’s victim.

Later, after Dani was back and heating something up for dinner, his feet moved on their own accord. They took him to her and he placed both arms around her waist and buried his head in her hair. They stayed like there for a while, eyes closed, letting words unspoken mend the broken bridges. Dani sighed and relaxed, and Kyle breathed a sigh of relief. And then he took her hand firmly in his (he was happy it didn’t shake now) and led her to the table, where they sat and talked.

It was the first time Kyle was laying his soul bare for someone to read. From his early days to Jade to the way he left her to his streetfighting days in Japan to his time at the dojo, he told her everything. And once he was done and she smiled, he noticed how her eyes lit up as she looked at him, how she blushed when he kept staring at her eyes and he knew it was genuine.

And then she brought up his sensei and his daughter again. Her words came as sweet drops of water to a parched traveller. And this time, he didn’t worry anymore. The thought of failing them never crossed his mind. Because right now, by setting things right with her, he believed once again that he’d fight harder than anybody for the people he loves in this world.

“Your sensei dreamt of a world where people would have someone to look up to- someone with principles, someone who embodied the beliefs your sensei based his entire life upon. He wanted that someone to be you Kyle. He saw that in you and trust me when he died, he must have gone to sleep happy, knowing you won’t fail him.”

Kyle believed her. Would he be able to be up to the task was what always worried him. And Dani, as if on cue, read his mind and continued.

“I know there’s a lot of things riding on this Kyle. I know how much expectations can drag you down- be it your own or from the people you hold dear in your heart. Truth is, it scares me at times. When I arrived in this city, I wanted to be an actress you know? I could never fulfill my own expectations. Took up jobs I never thought I would thinking it would somehow take me closer to my dream. But it didn’t. And accepting it was tough. It crushes you to admit your own failures.”

Kyle told her she was anything but a failure. He tried explaining the best he could, how she, his one bright spot to look forward to everyday, was the furthest thing from a failure. He assured her they would work on still achieving her childhood dream, together. She shrugged it off, but seemed pleased.

“That’s not why I’m telling you all this Kyle”, she continued. Kyle saw the resolve in her eyes, inside those enchanting blue pools, there shined something bright- pride, Kyle figured. She was proud of him. It made him incredibly happy.

“No Kyle, you know why your sensei chose you to carry on his ideals long after he was gone? You know why he entrusted you with this burden, knowing very well how heavy it’d be? It’s the same reason your daughter trusts you to win, it’s the same reason I come home everyday happily, always trusting the next day to be better. I know, just like your sensei knew Kyle that this isn’t easy. It’s a tough path you follow, and no ordinary man could be blamed for not being able to walk on it successfully. But that’s the thing Kyle- you’re not just an ordinary man. You can handle it. Your sensei believed that, I believe it and even though she’s too young to know it, your daughter believes it too. I just need you to believe- and go out there and be the warrior we all know you are.”

Kyle promised her he would. He’d give his everything to emerge victorious and be champion. Earlier, he had been dreading the alternative, now he dismissed it. There would be no alternative. Only absolute certainty. He would become the symbol of hope for all the people watching him daily, he’d go to battle with all of the faith in him as his armor, and he would reward the faith the people had placed in him by becoming champion. He promised that to Dani and to himself.


One Day Before Hell’s Judgment

One day before Hell’s Judgment, Kyle got a call from Japan. It was Asuka and his former best friend- Ryu. It was awkward, but fruitful. Ryu assured him he wasn’t holding any grudges for what transpired between them, and that he had been watching Kyle rise through the ranks in the company to reach where he was today. Asuka told him about Miyamoto sensei’s family heirloom- a 19th century katana that had always been passed on to the successor and inheritor of the dojo. Kyle remembered it, his sensei had shown it to him once. He was childless, and planned to pass it to his worthiest disciple. In all those battles Kyle and Ryu had shared, both knew that part of the reason was to prove themselves worthy of the prized blade.

What surprised Kyle wasn’t the mention of the katana- but Asuka and Ryu willing to pass it to him. They said it’s what the old man had always wanted and now after watching him fighting with honor and dignity and achieving success, they could see why. Kyle was unsure of how to take the news, it had been a long time since they talked and they had been scarred for life from their past, but this showing of faith bolstered his self confidence. Apologies were shared, ice was broken, and Kyle conveyed his heartfelt gratitude to the both of them. They promised to watch his match and cheer for him and wished him the best.

Later, when he’d hung up, Kyle remembered his sensei saying how the one who carries the katana shall be one who is truly a samurai at heart, if not in name. His sensei had been the last samurai. It was Kyle’s turn now. And he couldn’t shame his samurai pride by coming up short at Hell’s Judgment. A few days ago, this would have been more pressure causing him nerves. Now, it was added incentive, pouring fuel to the fire that burned within him.

Tomorrow, it’d all come to a head tomorrow.

That night, there were no dreams. Kyle slept like a baby.


Night Of Hell’s Judgment

Greensboro Coliseum, 3 hours before PPV

Chants of “Elric, Elric” greeted him as his car entered the driveway. Kyle looked at all the expectant faces on both sides- young kids, boys and girls, young men and women and older fans, all united in their desire to see him as champion. Kyle knew he was getting popular, but he couldn’t help feeling awestruck at how much these people had invested in him and how much it’d mean to all of them if he wins tonight. Getting out of the car, he raised a hand to huge cheers and made his way over to a section of the crowd, almost getting mobbed by the huge wave of PWC supporters.

He looked back towards Dani, who was still standing by the car, taking the entire scene in. He could make out a teardrop falling from her eye, but she was absolutely glowing as she watched the fans drown him in an overwhelming display of love. There were so many faces and Kyle tried his best remembering as many as he could. There was a young girl of around April’s age and he couldn’t resist stopping for a few photographs with her. It was almost an hour before he could finally make his way inside the arena.

The corridors were empty as Kyle and Dani made their way in, but the shouts of the fans kept reverberating the whole way. Just before taking the final turn and entering the locker room, Kyle paused and looked back.

Briefly, he remembered the strong wind blowing against his back from his dream. He remembered the “Fly, Fly, Fly” shouts from the birds. Yes, it was finally time to take the leap and this time, he’d grow wings and not fall down.


30 Minutes Before PPV

The camera pans around to show the backstage area, specially set up to reflect the PPV theme. Danny Eriksen is standing with a mic in his hand.

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time- the Number 1 Contender for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship- Kyle Elric!!

Kyle Elric steps into the camera view, looking very focussed and confident.

Danny Eriksen: So Kyle, you against Xander Black. Two undefeated men. One world title. Thoughts?

Kyle Elric: I’ve said all there is to say about my opponent and this match tonight already Danny san. Now, what he hasn’t realized yet is it’s much more important for me than for him. Xander Black fights to prove he’s the best in the world- the title is a validation for his claim and I won’t argue with that. But I have a lot more to prove, a lot more reasons to win and as long as I have those reasons, that motivation, that push behind me, Xander Black won’t be able to stop the inevitable. You see Danny san, when everything else has faded away and two fighters remain- each equally skilled, each with the will to be champion, it comes down to what you’re fighting for. Xander Black is fighting for HIS title, HIS glory, HIS satisfaction, well that’s not the case with me.

He pauses for a short time before continuing.

Kyle Elric: People who I hold very close to my heart, they have given me the privilege of fighting for them. They honor me by placing their trust in me, and I want to take this time to thank each and every one of them. Your belief in me motivates me, even when I can’t go on any more, when I think I’ve lost, the strength these people lend me lifts me back up, makes me keep fighting and find a way. So yes, Xander Black may think he’s got my number but trust me, I’m prepared for everything he could possibly throw at me and I’ll take it. But will he be able to handle everything I throw at him and keep going? I doubt it.

Danny looks at Kyle for a while and asks him again.

Danny Eriksen: We all know it’s been a long road you’ve taken to get here. Has the thought that you could lose after all of this crossed your mind? What if despite your best, you lose?

Kyle lets out a small smile, and lets out a small sigh.

Kyle Elric: Quite simply, it wouldn’t be my best then would it? You see, all these alternate possibilities and what ifs, we only make it real by thinking about it, dwelling on it. I realized, if I am to beat Xander Black, I can’t afford it. It’s not a possibility at this point Danny san. I am going to go out there and give my very best and the only way Xander Black could fend me off is if he kills me. Coz I promise you, and all the people who came to see me- until the last drop of blood in my body, I will fight. I may be hurt real bad, suffer permanent damage but by God I will fight. Just as sure as the sun rises after a long night, Xander Black’s reign will end and I will be the champion- of this company and of the people. I don’t know if you believe that already or not Danny san, but by the end of the night, you’d be stupid not to.

Kyle ends the interview with a small bow before heading back to his room.


Bring back Gary Oak!
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Male Narrator:
For some, Hell is something to fear.

Shot of the PWC logo enveloped in flames.

Male Narrator:
Some people live their lives in fear of what awaits them after death.

Shot of the PWC ring on fire.

Male Narrator:
Hell isn’t something that is waiting for you on the other side. Hell is right here on earth.

Flashing shots of a few wrestlers.

Male Narrator:
These men do not fear hell. They embrace it. Tonight, these competitors will enter Hell, and be judged by their counter parts, by the fans and by themselves.

Shot of Muhammad Islami and Dr. Nero standing in the ring together.

Male Narrator:
For some, there is an added incentive. Something they will risk life and limb for.

Split screen of Xander Black and Muhammad Islami holding up their respective titles.

Then, another split screen of Kyle Elric and Dr. Nero watching on.

Male Narrator:
Championship gold makes people do crazy things.

Xander Black hits Kyle Elric with The Death Nail.

Male Narrator:
It makes them do things out of character.

Kyle Elric hits Gods Last Hope on Xander Black.

Male Narrator:
For Xander Black and Kyle Elric, it is not simply about titles. It’s about their Legacy. Whoever wins can lay claim to defeating all those that’s came before him.

Flashing shots of all the men that Xander Black has defeated.

Flashing shots of all the men that Kyle Elric has defeated.

Male Narrator:
Two men. Two undefeated streaks. One PWC World Heavyweight Championship. One battle.

We fade away with the image of Xander Black and Kyle Elric standing in the ring, staring at each other.


The sound of fire crackling.

We slowly fade into a scene from Alpha and Omega, where Darius Black has set Austin Angel on fire.

Male Narrator:
For two men, it’s not about championship gold. It’s not about undefeated streaks. It’s personal. It’s life or death.

Shot of Darius Black walking away from the car.

In the background we hear his voice.

Darius Black:
One by one ... they all fall down. Insane? Am I insane ... no ... perhaps they are the insane ones. Maybe I am the one unique man, the man in amongst sheep. They will all fall ... it is up to them to get back up. But if they do, IF THEY DO ... then I will just knock them right back down.

The sound of chilling laughter as we fade into darkness from Darius Black.

Then we explode into colour as Austin Angel attacks Darius Black, returning from his injuries at Alpha and Omega.

We fade away with Darius Black and Angel brawling.

Male Narrator:
Championships. Undefeated streaks. Blood rivalries. The demons of hell will run wild tonight when Hell’s Judgment arrives.

Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC)
... Presents ...

PWC: Hell's Judgment


The Greensboro Coliseum explodes as the cameras pan over the crowd on their way to the announcer’s table where Stan Chambers and Charlie Campbell are sitting with big grins on their faces.

Stan Chambers:
Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the Premier Wrestling Circuit’s second PPV, Hell’s Judgement! I’m Stan Chambers, and I’m joined here tonight by my broadcast partner, Charlie Campbell. Charlie, what are your thoughts on tonight’s line up?

Charlie Campbell:
Stan, the amount of talent on show tonight is incredible, and the Main Event is just out of this world!

Stan Chambers:
I can’t argue with you there, partner, as the Xander Black vs. Kyle Elric match could be the best match that we’ve ever seen from both of these men, and that’s no small task!

Charlie Campbell:
Indeed it is not, Stan, but putting the Main Event aside for a second, the rest of the card tonight is phenomenal! We’ve got a brutal match between two men who just don’t know the meaning of the word quit up first as Derek Jacobs and Daiko go head to head.

Stan Chambers:
On the note of brutal matches, we’ve got Austin Angel looking to get his revenge on Darius Black in a Falls Count Anywhere match to look forward to!

Charlie Campbell:
I’m just hoping that no-one gets set on fire this time.

Stan Chambers:
How about the 11 Man Battle Royal to become the Number 1 Contender for the PWC Legacy Title?

Charlie Campbell:
While that sounds like it could be great, Stan, I’m more looking forward to the Legacy Title match between Nero and Islami! I can easily see that becoming my favourite match of this year!


Daiko’s music blasts throughout the arena to a loud pop from the crowd which gets even louder as Daiko walks out onto the stage. The Scot walks down to the ring, stopping to slap a few hands along the way, before launching himself over the top rope into the ring. He jogs over to the furthest turnbuckle and climbs up before posing for the crowd who continue to cheer him.

***The Memory Remains***

Those cheers quickly turn to boos and jeers as ‘Dr. Pain’, Derek Jacobs walks out onto the stage and looks down towards Daiko with a sick grin on his face. Jacobs walks down to the ring ignoring the “Let’s go Daiko, Jacob’s sucks!” chants that are picking up steam. The 6’7 Chicago native gets to the bottom of the ramp where he grabs the ropes and pulls himself up onto the apron, before going over the top rope and entering the ring.

The referee moves in between the two men quickly and warns both that no fighting is to occur before the bell is rung, but neither man pays him any attention as they stare at each other from across the ring. Emma Mason hurries into the ring with a microphone in hand.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, from Perth, Scotland, weighing in at 185 pounds, Daiko!

The crowd pops.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, hailing from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 285 pounds, Derek Jacobs!

The crowd boos Jacobs, but the Chicagoan ignores them and continues to glare at Daiko. Emma Mason and the camera crew clear the ring, leaving the two competitors standing at the opposite ends of the ring from each other, and the referee who is trying to get their attention so that he can give them a quick rundown of any rules that he thinks might be broken. He gives up after a few attempts, and signals for the bell to be rung.

Match 1 | Singles Match
Daiko vs. Derek Jacobs

As soon as the bell rings, both men rush towards each other, and lock up, but it’s short lived as Jacobs pushes Daiko back into the corner. They go for another lock up, but once again, Daiko is shoved back into his corner, where he sits for a second before getting up again.

Daiko moves forward, looking like he wants to go for a third lock up, but just as Jacobs raises his arms to welcome the attempt, Daiko kicks out at the back of Jacobs’ knee. Daiko keeps kicking out at the back of Jacobs’ knees, trying to chop the larger competitor down to his size, but he’s forced to stop when Jacobs launches himself forward and smashes into him, knocking him down.

Jacobs take a second take get up, shaking out his legs on the way up, before dropping down on Daiko, driving his elbow straight into the Scot’s chest. Jacobs gets up onto his feet and drops another elbow into the chest of Daiko, before getting up and dropping another, and another, and another, and another. Jacobs drags Daiko into the middle of the ring and goes for the first pinfall of the match.


Daiko kicks out at one, but Jacobs seemed to be expecting it, as he rolled onto his feet just as Daiko kicked out, and started to drop more elbows onto the Scot’s chest.

Jacobs gets to his feet and taunts the crowd before dragging Daiko up to his feet and knocking him back down with a vicious looking lariat. Jacobs looks down at Daiko with a sick grin once more, and drags him up to his feet one more before yelling out to the crowd that their little hero will soon be no more. He takes several steps back before charging at the staggering Scot and goes for the Big Boot, but Daiko ducks down, and catches Jacob on the jaw with a swinging right hook.

Daiko rams the stunned Jacobs into the corner and lashes out with a stiff kick catching Jacob’ ribs. He catches Jacobs with several more kicks before catching the big man on the jaw with a vicious looking uppercut.

Daiko heaves Jacobs off of the turnbuckle and floors him with a rope assisted kick to the jaw! The Scot climbs up the turnbuckle and points out to the crowd before launching himself backwards, hitting the Chicagoan with a Top Rope Moonsault! Cover!


Jacobs throws Daiko off of him to the Scot’s dismay and tries to climb to his feet, but he’s stopped as Daiko catches him in the small of his back with a punt kick. Daiko goes to drag Jacobs to his feet, but he’s a millisecond to late, as Jacobs rolls out of the ring in an attempt to get a second to breathe. Daiko turns to the crowd with a smile on his face, points at the top tope which gets a loud cheer.

Jacobs looks up at the crowd wondering what they’re cheering for before looking into the ring, where he sees Daiko getting ready to jump, and it clicks, just as Daiko dives for a top rope Hurricanrana, but NO! Jacobs catches Daiko and hits him with a POWERBOMB OFF OF THE RING APRON!

The referee begins to count.

..1! Jacobs continues to admire his work as Daiko writhes in pain on the ground.

..2! Jacobs slides back into the ring.

..3! Jacobs taunts the crowd who are chanting for Daiko.

..4! Daiko stops squirming in pain and just lies still on the ground as he tries to get his breath back.

..5! Jacobs calls for the referee to count faster.

..6! Daiko stirs and starts trying to get to his feet.

..7! Jacobs yells at Daiko telling him to ‘stay the fuck down’.

..8! Daiko gets to his feet and rolls into the ring.

As soon as Daiko gets into the ring, Jacobs drops an elbow onto the exposed ribs of Daiko, who lets loose a great cry of pain, which is mocked by Jacobs as he gets back to his feet. On his feet now, Jacobs looks down at Daiko once more before dragging the Scot up onto his feet and then up onto Jacobs’ shoulders. The Chicago native then turns to the nearest turnbuckle and points, causing the crowd to boo heavily, but he just laughs as he hits Snake Eyes!

Daiko’s face bounces off of the turnbuckle, but instead of falling, he only staggers, but he’s soon put down as Jacobs hits the ropes before coming back and smashing Daiko with an incredible Big Boot! Clearly not satisfied with the boot though, Jacobs hits the ropes once more, this time hitting Daiko with a Leg Drop! He grabs Daiko’s leg and goes for the cover.


To everyone’s surprise, Daiko kicks out, getting a huge pop from the crowd! Jacobs turns to the referee and raises three fingers in disbelief and almost snaps as the referee shakes his head. He picks up Daiko, who still looks like he’s out cold and yells that it’s time to finish this.

Jacobs drags Daiko up on to his feet with a look of intent in his eyes. He drags his finger across his throat, and locks the Scot’s arms up before bringing him up onto his shoulders for the Money in the Bank, but NO! Daiko pushes off of Jacobs’ shoulders, landing behind the Chicagoan, with their arms still locked together! Jacobs throws his weight backwards, pushing Daiko away. He unhooks his right arm, and uses his left to drag Daiko back in to lariat, but NO! Daiko ducks under the lariat, waits, and catches the turning Jacobs with the Pele Kick!!

The crowd are electric as Daiko backs off into a corner and pushes his hair out of his face while he waits as Jacobs starts to get up. The chants for Daiko get louder just as Jacobs gets up onto his knees, and the hit their peak as Daiko charges forward and HITS JACOB WITH THE BOMA YE!


Winner via Pinfall @ 12.46 – Daiko!!

The crowd pop big as Daiko roll off of Jacobs with his head in his hands in disbelief at the victory!

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, the winner of this match, DAIKO!!

The crowd pop once again and Daiko gets to his feet and has his hand raised by the referee. The Scot rolls out of the ring and slaps a few hands before he makes his way to the back.

The cameras cut and a video is shown on the screen.

We are brought to a church scene. Rain is pouring in the early hours of the morning as a massive thunder storm is rolling in. The Church is in the center of a field and looks all but abandoned. A very faint Paint It Black by The London Symphony Orchestra can be heard. We are brought inside the Church to see The Duke of the Damned sitting in the priest chair under a cross with Jesus on it.

The Duke of the Damned:
I’ve witnessed sinners, the murderous, the thieves, the liars, the cheaters, and the rapist begging for a scapegoat. Someone who they can turn to in their time of need.

The camera scratches out as the scene goes outside to the field again. The Duke of the Damned is sitting cross legged in the field, letting rain splash on his face, he plucks a flower and holds it up.

The Duke of the Damned:
This flower represents innocence.

He crushes the flower, as it flies off in the roaring wind. He lets out a laugh.

The Duke of the Damned:
How quickly innocence is crushed. How quickly we forget about our innocence. Why should we remember our innocence? The time when we were weak, broken, alone, like the stray cat, wandering, and searching for someone to give us love and compassion. Love and compassion. Humans thrive off of love and compassion.

The camera scratches out back inside the church. The Duke of the Damned is sitting in front of the offering table.

The Duke of the Damned:
Jesus Christ suffered a crucifixion for our sins. He was a martyr just like I am the Martyr. The saviour.

The Duke gets up and walks behind the podium, he opens up a bible.

The Duke of the Damned:
"I will sweep away everything in all your land," says the LORD. "I will sweep away both people and animals alike. Even the birds of the air and the fish in the sea will die. I will reduce the wicked to heaps of rubble, along with the rest of humanity," says the LORD. "I will crush Judah and Jerusalem with my fist and destroy every last trace of their Baal worship. I will put an end to all the idolatrous priests, so that even the memory of them will disappear. For they go up to their roofs and bow to the sun, moon, and stars. They claim to follow the LORD, but then they worship Molech, too. So now I will destroy them! And I will destroy those who used to worship me but now no longer do. They no longer ask for the LORD's guidance or seek my blessings." (Zephaniah 1:2-6 NLT)

The camera scratches again and we go inside a confessionary, the camera is close to the Duke’s face now as he’s almost whispering the words.

The Duke of the Damned:
The almighty father was a murderer, a thief, a liar, a cheater, and a rapist. The almighty father, our lord and saviour God himself needs a scapegoat, someone who can provide that love and compassion. And you all need someone you can pray to and it isn’t God. It is I. You are all damned, and I, I am your Duke, and only I can save you. PWC, open your eyes for a prophet, a saviour, a God is coming.

The cameras cut backstage and Derek Jacobs is seen pacing in the locker room in a foul mood.

Derek Jacobs:
How did that son of a bitch beat me? HOW? I had him exactly where I wanted him.

Freddie Vos:
Yes, Mr. Jacobs, you did have him and you still failed.

Vos walks into the locker room dressed in his usual ring gear with a smile on his face. He looks up at Jacobs and starts absent-mindedly toying with the pendants that hang from his neck.

Derek Jacobs:
What the hell do you want?

Freddie Vos:
I want the hunter to catch his prey, Mr. Jacobs. Nothing more.

Derek Jacobs:
What the hell are you talking about? Hunter and prey? You’re losing it, Vos.

Freddie Vos:
My friend, you want this Daiko lying broken, right?

Derek Jacobs:
Damn right I do. I want to finish the job that I started.

Freddie Vos:
Then consider me an ally.

Jacobs looks confused.

Derek Jacobs:
Why do you want to help me?

Freddie Vos:
The thrill of the hunt, Mr. Jacobs. Something I hope you’ll never forget.

Derek Jacobs:
Vos, I have no fucking clue what you’re talking about with this hunt crap, but if this ends up with Daiko broken by my hands, then I’m more than happy to work with you.

Vos’ smile gets wider, and he extends a hand towards Jacobs, who nods his head towards the South African and shakes his hand. The camera cuts back to the ring.

The ring is filled with the wrestlers of PWC, all vying for that shot at the Legacy Championship. The bell rings and a melee ensues, as everyone rushes everyone.

Match 2 | 11 Man Battle Royal
The Golden Boy vs Theron Daggershield vs Stryder vs Famine vs Freddie Vos vs Bob McEfoy vs Jack Hayden vs Matt Preston vs Microburst vs Louie Spindoli vs Carnage

The first elimination occurs almost immediately, as Carnage is caught off guard by Freddie Vos, who clotheslines him right out of the ring.


Almost immediately, on the other side of the ring, Famine has Matt Preston on the apron! He goes for a final punch to knock him off but Preston ducks and pushes Famine away. For some reason, he doesn’t seem all that sure of himself so that allows Bob McEfoy to appear from out of nowhere, and drop kick him off the apron! Oh to be unsure.


A minute or so passes by without incident, until the cameras focus on Microburst who is in trouble, lying on the top turnbuckle as Louie Spindoli attempts to eliminate him. But The Golden Boy comes up behind him and grabs Spindoli, throwing him over the top rope, only for Louie to land on the apron. The two trade some punches until Spindoli pulls him over, but Microburst sees an opportunity and knocks both men off the apron!


After a minute of boring action, things heat up as Vos is being double teamed by Stryder and Theron Daggershield. He’s on the ropes as Stryder and Theron back away, before the two of them sprint at Vos who ducks and pulls the top rope down, sending both of them flying over the top! But Theron manages to land on the apron, but Stryder hits the deck.


As soon as Theron is back on his feet, Famine knocks him off the apron with his legal arm!


On the other side of the ring, Bob McEfoy is duking it out with Jack Hayden! The two go at it until Vos sneaks up behind them and hoists them both out of the ring!



We’re now down to two as Microburst fends off the attack by Famine. The two are battling near the ropes and see Vos running at them, they both step back and send Vos over the top but he lands on the apron. As Microburst tries to get rid of Vos, Famine takes advantage and hurls him over!



The two remaining men- Freddie Vos and Famine crawl to the opposite corners of the ring. Famine uses the ropes to make his way up on his feet while Vos remains seated with a sick grin slowly appearing on his face as he stares down his opponent and performs the cut-throat gesture with his thumb.

Stan Chambers:
It comes down to these two competitors Charlie. PWC’s resident sadist Freddie Vos and the mysterious, eerie Famine. One of them will become the No.1 contender for the Legacy Championship.

Charlie Campbell:
These two men have survived a hellacious Battle Royal my friend, but it’s an entirely different ballgame now. This isn’t going to be as simple as throwing the other over the top rope. Brittany Page wanted a definitive winner and that’s what we’re gonna get tonight.

A referee runs down the ramp and gets into the ring. Asking both wrestlers if they’re ready, he signals for the bell to be rung and the match is underway.

Match 3 | Singles Match
Freddie Vos vs. Famine

As soon as the bell rings, Vos jumps to his feet and rushes toward his opponent but Famine meets him halfway with a thunderous left arm clothesline!! Vos gets back to his feet, a little groggy and as soon as he turns around, Famine takes him down with another clothesline!! The crowd pops big time as Famine goes for a quick cover.




Vos powers out and tries crawling to the ropes. Famine grabs his hair and pulls him to a vertical position before trying to Irish Whip him to a corner. Vos reverses though, and sends Famine into the turnbuckles. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he runs toward his opponent but Famine catches him with a boot to the face! As Vos backs off holding his face in pain, Famine charges forward but this time Vos sees it coming and counters with a big SAMOAN DROP!!

Famine lies on the mat in pain and Vos looks pissed!! Seething at the referee and the crowd, he mounts his opponent and drops a rain of rights and lefts on the smaller man! The crowd starts booing heavily but Vos stays on top, unrelenting. Famine gets both arms up, trying to block the punches but isn’t entirely successful. The referee tries pulling Vos off, but that doesn’t work too. Finally, the referee threatens to disqualify him at which point Vos stops and leaves Famine alone.

This time, Vos pulls Famine up to his feet and shoves him into the corner. Vos starts kicking his midsection repeatedly, and keeps stomping away even as Famine goes down. Satisfied with his handiwork momentarily, the Free State Fox slowly backs up a bit, and taunts the crowd before charging ahead and ramming Famine’s head in with a Running Knee Strike!! Famine looks down and out of it as Vos pulls his motionless body to the center of the ring and goes for the cover-





At the last minute, Famine manages to get his shoulder up. A section of the crowd can be heard sighing in relief and Vos looks a little frustrated. Getting up, he starts circling Famine’s fallen body and Garvin stomping all three of his natural limbs before moving to his metallic one. He repeatedly stomps that arm before grabbing it with both hands and trying his best to detach it from Famine’s body!! Famine struggles to be free of Vos and tries punching him with his left arm but Vos doesn’t budge. The crowd starts clapping and cheering for Famine, as he slowly uses his legs to drag himself towards the bottom rope. He manages to get his foot under the bottom rope and Vos has to let go- but not before making use of the full 5 count.

Vos lifts Famine on his shoulders and walks to a turnbuckle, before dropping him face first with the Snake Eyes. As Famine is reeling, Vos runs to the ropes and rebounds, trying to hit a Big Boot but Famine ducks! As soon as Vos turns around, he is met with a Pele Kick!! And both men are down as the referee starts counting!

Vos gets up a second before Famine and goes for a right hand but Famine blocks and hits him with some left handed European uppercuts. Famine tries to Irish whip Vos to the ropes but Vos reverses, sending Famine into the ropes instead. Vos goes for a deep Armdrag when Famine returns, but Famine manages to land on his feet and counters with a huge DDT! Cover, as Famine goes for the pin-




The crowd boos loudly as Vos manages to get his shoulder up. He’s still down on the mat however and sensing the opportunity for a victory, Famine picks him up and hooks Vos’ head under his legs, signalling for the Chernobyl Destroyer!! Vos counters with a back body drop though and just as Famine gets back to his feet, hits him with an Atomic Drop! Refusing to go for the cover, Vos lifts Famine by his hair and positions him for a suplex. He picks up Famine and goes for a Slingshot Suplex but Famine manages to land behind Vos on his feet. Before Vos can react, Famine rolls him up from behind with a schoolboy pin attempt as the referee starts counting-




Winner via pinfall and No.1 contender for the Legacy Championship: Famine @ 8:23

The crowd cheers loudly as Vos remains in the ring, shocked at the outcome! Pestilence grabs Famine’s leg and helps pull him out of the ring before Vos can vent out his frustrations and the duo head back up the ramp, pausing at the entrance stage to pose and acknowledge the cheers of the crowd as Vos seethes in the ring like a madman.

Stan Chambers:
Wow I did not expect that Charlie! Freddie Vos dominated most of the match and I thought he had it in the bag but Famine surprised him and everyone in the arena with that pin outta nowhere!

Charlie Campbell:
Vos thought it was over for Famine and that error in judgment cost him big time partner. Famine has survived the Battle Royal and Freddie Vos and is now the No.1 Contender for the Legacy championship. Whoever is champion after tonight- Muhammad Islami or Dr. Nero, better watch out!!

As the PWC Cameras go back into the ring, we can see our GM, Ernesto Clement in the ring wearing a three-piece black suit. He has a microphone in hand as he waits for the fans to quiet down a bit.

How are you fine people enjoying Hell's Judgement thus far?

The fans in the jam-packed arena pop for this as Clement smiles and nods in approval.

Well I'm out here to make a very important announcement that will change the Premier Wrestling Circuit forever! But first, let me introduce my assistant, Miss Brittany Page!

***Burning Eyes***

The fans give a small pop as Brittany Page walks out onto the stage with a brown briefcase in her right hand as she walks down the ramp quickly. Page reaches the bottom of the ramp and slowly walks up the steps and hands the briefcase to Clement who sits on the middle rope like the gentlemen he is so his assistant can enter the ring. Page takes the briefcase back now as Clement raises his mic to his mouth.

As you all already know, we currently have two championships, the Legacy Championship which we introduced last month at Alpha & Omega and our World Championship, which was introduced on our very first show. But as our company grows and our roster gets more stacked with amazing talent, me and Miss Page felt it was time to add another championship. So, without further ado please open the briefcase Miss Page.

Clement turns his attention to the briefcase as Brittany Page opens it, revealing two matching championships that are turned towards each side of the ring so everybody can get a good look at them.

These are the OFFICIAL PWC Tag Team Championships, and over the next month we are gonna be looking for the two BEST teams this company can field to compete to crown our first tag team champions! So if you currently don't hold championship gold here and would like a chance to, now's your chance! Find yourself a tag team partner and fight for the right to become our first tag champions!

The fans pop for this as Clement once again raises his mic to his mouth as Page closes the briefcase.

I look forward to seeing the bright young talent we can get in the near future and to getting two more champions here in PWC very soon! But for now, enjoy the rest of the show as we still have plenty of great action left for you guys!

The fans clap out of respect as Clement's music hits and he leaves the ring after holding open the ropes for Page again and together, the management of PWC leave together for the back.

The cameras cut backstage once again, and Daiko is seen walking backstage in his regular street clothes. He nods to a few of the backstage workers who greet him, and continues on his way to the TV Room that had been set up for the workers to watch the show. As he walks through the hall leading to his destination, he sees Austin Angel sat on the ground with his legs crossed over each other and his eyes closed. Daiko walks over to him with a confused look on his face.

Angel, what the hell are you doing?

Austin Angel:


Austin Angel:
To relax both my mind and body before my match.

Does it work?

Austin Angel:
Normally it does.


Austin Angel:
Normally I don’t have someone asking me questions while I’m doing it.

Oh.. Well, I’ll take a guess and say that you want me to go.

Austin Angel:
Yes please.

Oh, well good luck for your match, and I’ll get out of your way.

Austin Angel:
Thank you and congratulations on winning your match.

Daiko walks away from Angel looking even more confused than he did when he walked over.

Sitting still keeps you calm? Why the fuck did no-one tell me that years ago?

The cameras cut back to the ring where Emma Mason stands with a mic, ready to announce the competitors for our next match of the evening.

Emma Mason:
The following contest is a Falls Count Anywhere Grudge Match! Introducing first, from Chicago, Illinois, weighing in at 220 pounds this is Darius Black!

Stan Chambers:
This is gonna be a brutal fight! Parents if you have young children watching now is the time to get them out of the room because this match is not gonna be for the faint of heart!

Charlie Campbell:
That's for sure partner, by time this one ends I'm not even sure either man is gonna be alive nevermind be able to walk!

***In The House, In A Heartbeat***

The fans boo as Darius Black walks out onto the stage with a grin on his face and a lead pipe in his right hand. As Darius begins walking down the ramp, he gets real close to the camera and says "have you met my friend Dominic?" before laughing in a crazy, maniacal way and heading down to ringside. Darius looks around before sliding into the ring and standing up in the middle of the ring. Darius begins pacing like a mad man as his music cuts, waiting for his long-time rival to make his entrance.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, weighing in at 208 pounds, from The City Of Angels, Austin Angel!

***The Death Of Me***

The fans give a big pop as the cameras begin panning the crowd in search of Angel. Darius has his "friend" raised high over his head as the cameras finally spot Austin Angel, slowly making his way through the crowd. Darius decides not to wait for his rival, and shoves the ref out of his way before diving out of the ring and hopping the guard rail, and this match has been kick started as the fight is on in the crowd!

Match 4 | Falls Count Anywhere Grudge Match
Austin Angel vs. Darius Black

The bell rings and the match is now officially underway as Darius and Angel are having a fist fight in the crowd! Angel gets the better of the fist fight and whips Darius into the guard rail, giving him to a chance to discard his leather jacket and sunglasses as Darius starts walking back towards him, but Angel charges Darius and clothesline him! Angel now dives on top of Darius and starts smashing him in the jaw with forearm shots as the referee climbs over the guard rail. Angel gets to his feet and picks up his leather jacket, whipping it at Darius as he rolls towards the guard rail. Darius gets to his feet and Angel charges him again, hitting a running dropkick that knocks Darius over the guard rail and to the floor at ringside! Angel jumps onto the guard rail and falls forward, hitting a weak looking splash onto Darius and hooks the leg for a pin.

But Darius kicks out.

Angel gets to his feet and flips over the ring apron, pulling out a chair as Darius gets to his feet, but he sees his opponent has a chair and starts walking away, only for Angel to charge him and smack him over the back with the chair! Angel has a smile cross his face as he slams the chair across the back of Darius, not once, not twice but three times! Darius yells in pain as Angel throws the chair down, dragging Darius onto the chair face down. Angel now looks under the nearest ring apron, and pulls out a second steel chair! Darius is still down as Angel seems to be setting up for an early kill shot as he taps the end of the chair on the ground three times before lifting it up over his head and this could be big trouble! Angel goes for the kill shot, but Darius rolls out-of-the-way at the last possible second and Angel drops the chair!

Angel is shaking out his hands after the impact stung his hands and Darius gets to his feet, and BLASTS Angel in the back of the head with a running punch! Darius starts stomping away at Angel before dragging him up, only to toss him head first into the guard rail! Angel is down and Darius looks in the ring, seeing his lead pipe laying there and he rolls into the ring. Darius grabs his lethal weapon and rolls back out of the ring as Angel rolls over onto his back. Darius walks over to him and places the pipe on his throat, choking the life out of Angel while yelling for the referee to ask if he wants to give up! Darius presses down harder trying to choke him out as the ref asks if he wants to give up, but Angel yells out NO! and knees Darius in the back of the head!

Darius drops the pipe as Angel regains his breath and both men end up getting up at the same time, with Darius trying to hit Goodnight quickly, but Angel counters with a sit out neckbreaker! Angel gets to his feet and slides into the ring as Darius gets to his feet, and Angel shoots off the ropes on the opposite side of the ring and dives through the middle rope, hitting a suicide dive to take Darius back down! Angel covers Darius quickly and hooks the leg for a pin.

But Darius kicks out again.

Angel gets to his feet and throws Darius into the ring before climbing up onto the ring apron as Darius gets up and spears Angel off the ring apron! Angel goes down as Darius rolls out of the ring and drags Angel by his hair to the bottom of the ramp, hitting an elbow drop across the back. Darius now walks back over to his pipe, and picks it up as Angel gets to his feet, and Darius charges him, taking him down with a pipe shot to the ribs! Darius now starts beating Angel with the pipe, giving him about 3 shots to the ribs in a row now before throwing the pipe down and pinning Angel.

But Angel kicks out.

Darius debates attacking with the pipe again, but instead he drags Angel up by the ramp by his leg, but Angel kicks him away at the top of the ramp! Angel gets up holding his ribs and Darius charges for a Running Swinging Neckbreaker, it hits and Angel is back down but now on the stage! Darius yells "THE END IS NOW!" as he hits a kick to the skull to keep Angel down then walks backstage. The fans are confused as the tron shows Darius walking quickly backstage, but what is he looking for? Darius finally stops when he finds a table leaning against the wall and he picks it up, and starts carrying it back towards the arena. Meanwhile in the arena, Angel is on his feet and looks around, before noticing the tron shows Darius backstage and he charges back there and dives onto Darius a minute later and exploding on him with punches!

The fans cheer for this as Angel drags Darius to the catering area backstage, and whips Black against a vending machine and charges him, but Darius sidesteps, AND ANGEL AVOIDS RUNNING INTO THE MACHINE BY JUMPING OFF IT AND HITTING A FLYING KNEE TO THE SKULL OF DARIUS! Darius Black falls onto a table full of food from the impact as Angel gets back to his feet and picks up a crock pot full of chicken wings and BBQ sauce, and dumps it all over Darius Black! Darius rolls off the table with BBQ sauce dripping from his hair as Angel pulls Darius to his feet and knees him in the ribs, then hits Wings Of An Angel on Darius Black through the catering table! Angel rolls Darius over and hooks the leg for the pin as the ref counts it.

NO! Darius kicks out!

The fans are shocked as is Austin Angel, as he thought he had it there but the ref assures him it was only a 2 count. Darius Black meanwhile, is still lying in the broken table as Austin Angel gets to his feet and stops for a moment to wonder what he has to do to put his long-time rival away. Finally, Angel picks up the table Darius dropped earlier and waits for Darius to get up, hatred in his eyes now as he looks to finish off his rival for good here. Darius stumbles to his feet, but Angel charges him, ONLY FOR DARIUS TO KICK THE TABLE INTO HIS FACE! Angel goes down as Darius falls on top of him for a pin and could he steal one here?

NO! Angel kicks out!

Darius stays focused though, and pounds on the back of Angel multiple times before setting up the table, and what does this insane son of a bitch have in mind here? Darius makes sure the table is set up where he wants it, before slowly dragging Angel to his feet and slapping him across the face as a sign of disrespect. Angel is still somewhat out of it as Darius lifts Angel onto his shoulders, and hits the Devastation Powerbomb through the table! Oh my god that was brutal and Austin Angel looks like he was broken in half! Darius however doesn't go for the pin and instead begins doing a manic laugh as he drags Angel to his feet, and scoops him up onto his shoulders and carries him away while the cameras quickly follow him!

Darius keeps walking with Angel on his shoulders as he finds an emergency exit and kicks it open heading outside to the front of the arena! Darius throws Angel down onto the cement in front of him and goes for a pin, but Angel counters into a small package pin!

NO! Darius kicks out!

Angel gets to his feet as clearly he was playing possum until now, and goes for the Austin Kick, but Darius catches his foot, spins Austin around and drops him with Goodnight on the sidewalk! Darius grins as Austin Angel is laid out and Darius walks over to a nearby bush, where he pulls out a bottle of lighter fluid and oh my god he's gonna try to repeat what he did at Alpha & Omega! Darius laughs as he sprays the lighter fluid all over Angel then throws the bottle down and pulls a box of matches out of his trunks! Darius laughs as he takes out one match but the referee sprints over and rips the box of matches out of his hands! Darius argues with the ref who throws them into the street and takes the last match away from him and chucks it into the street as well! Darius gets pissed at this and grabs the ref by the head, he's gonna hit the ref with Goodnight, NO! AUSTIN ANGEL COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WITH THE AUSTIN KICK! Darius goes down as the referee backs away and Angel sees a nearby parked car on the street and drags Darius over it to it before throwing him onto the hood!

Angel now jumps onto the hood of the car and pulls Darius to his feet, then drops him with Wings Of An Angel from the hood of the car, down to the pavement! Darius is knocked out as Angel rolls him over onto his back and hooks the leg for the pin and the ref counts!


Winner via Pinfall @ 14.22 - Austin Angel!!

Emma Mason:
Here's your winner, Austin Angel!

Back in the arena, the crowd pop big as Angel rolls off of Black and holds his ribs. The referee raises his arm but quickly drops it and calls out for the medical team to come to his position so that they can check on the two competitors. Angel pushes the referee away though, and walks off yelling something about getting a drink.

The cameras cut back into the arena.

We shift to the backstage interview area, where Danny Eriksen is waiting, mic in hand.

Danny Eriksen:
Ladies and gentlemen, my guest at this time, he is currently undefeated and will be facing the also undefeated reigning World Heavyweight Champion Xander Black in the main event later tonight, please welcome Kyle Elric.

Kyle Elric steps into the camera frame to a huge pop from the crowd. Kyle takes a moment to soak in all the excitement from the fans, before silently nodding to Danny, gesturing him to continue.

Danny Eriksen:
Kyle, last week on Vortex, after Xander Black had been through a hellacious match against Freddie Vos, you came out to congratulate him, but things didn’t exactly go the way we thought it would. Let’s take a look at the footage.

Video from the last few minutes of Vortex 11 plays on the titantron- showing Kyle Elric raising Xander Black’s arm in victory, before Xander tries hitting him with the Death Nail. But Elric reverses it and plants Black with the God’s Last Gift in the middle of the ring before draping the World title over his fallen body.

Danny Eriksen:
So Kyle, I wanted to know why exactly you were out there and what your thoughts are regarding the whole situation?

Kyle Elric:
It’s very simple Danny san. For better or for worse, Xander Black has been distracted lately. Ever since Alpha and Omega, he’s kept looking back to his past when he should have been focussing on what lies ahead of him- me. I respect him as a competitor and because of that respect, I have been obsessed with beating him. I’ve been training night and day, harder than I ever have to face Xander Black. And what has he done Danny san?

Danny stays silent for a moment before Elric continues.

Kyle Elric:
He’s stayed obsessed with Freddie Vos- the man he already beat at Alpha and Omega. Vos has been in his head this entire time when it should have been me giving him troubling thoughts, when it should have been me who was the cause of his worries. Just like he’s been for me. But I wasn’t afforded that same respect by Xander Black. Maybe he thinks I’m not as serious a threat to his title as Freddie Vos. Maybe he thinks it will be easier. Maybe I’m not that important enough. Or maybe he’s just too troubled and distracted to put things in perspective. So I had to come out at the end of his match. I had to come out to make him see who awaits him tonight and you know what Danny? I’m happy he tried to attack me. I’m happy I left him lying in the ring coz that sent the same message I’ve been trying to send all along- if you don’t treat me with the same respect I treat you with, it will cost you.

Danny Eriksen:
Now that it’s out of the way, what do you feel about your match tonight? Do you think you can do what no man has been able to do so far in PWC and beat Xander Black?

Kyle Elric:
See Danny san, that’s what I’ve been talking about. The way I see it is, Xander Black has to do what no man in PWC has been able to do if he wants to keep that championship. I gave him a wake up call last Vortex because when I beat him tonight, I want to beat him at his very best. No excuses, nobody saying I only won against someone not on top of his game. Nothing like that. We’re both in this to do something unprecedented tonight Danny- so it comes down to who has more motivation, who has more reason to win. And beyond the shadow of a doubt, believe me when I say it’s me. The next time we meet Danny, you’ll be talking to the NEW PWC World Heavyweight Champion. Believe that.

Kyle bows to the camera and the audience cheers and chants for him as he walks away.

Danny Eriksen:
There you have it ladies and gentlemen. Kyle Elric, and he will be facing Xander Black for the World Heavyweight Championship in tonight’s main event.

The cameras cut back to the ring.


Dr Nero’s music blares across the speakers of the arena and the crowd starts booing immediately as the former surgeon makes his way out, clad in his surgical gear, complete with the face mask. However he seems to have made his way out alone, as there is no sign of his valet. He stands on the entrance stage and raises his hands in the air, soaking in all the boos raining down on him. After a few seconds, a woman makes her way out, covered from head to toe in a black burqa. Reaching near Nero, she removes her hijab, allowing the audience to just see her face and we see it’s the Doctor’s valet- Nurse Ellie! They make their way down the ring and the burqa clad Ellie removes his mask and shirt before Nero slides into the ring, awaiting his opponent.

***Huka Blues***​

The crowd starts booing again as the PWC Legacy Champion Muhammad Islami makes his way out for his title defence. He has his signature keffiyeh draped over his head and shoulders and wears his usual grimace as he heads down to the ring. Stopping at ringside, he spots Ellie and wears a look of extreme disgust, chastising her for the perceived act of blasphemy, while Ellie mockingly does the assalaam walekum gesture to him.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, this match is scheduled for one fall and it is for the PWC LEGACY CHAMPIONSHIP!

Crowd cheers somewhat, but it’s a mixed reaction owing to the two competitors in the ring.

Emma Mason:
Introducing first, the challenger from Seattle. Weighing in at 223 pounds, Doctor Nero!!!

Nero climbs the turnbuckle and raises both arms in the air, making sure his back is turned to Islami.

Emma Mason:
And from Washington DC, weighing in at 220 pounds, he is the reigning, defending PWC Legacy Champion- Muhammad Islami!!!

The referee raises the Legacy belt in the air and the referee signals for the bell to be rung, and the match is underway.

Match 5 | Singles Match for the PWC Legacy Championship
Dr. Nero vs. Muhammad Islami

Both men circle around the ring, cautiously sizing each other up before locking up. Islami starts pushing Nero toward the ropes but Nero is able to reverse it, pushing Islami to the ropes, forcing the referee to call for a clean break. Both men free their arms slowly, but Nero sneaks in a cheap shot- slapping Islami across the face, causing the Arab to get incensed. Nero stares at him expressionlessly and Islami goes for a big right hand but Nero ducks and starts hitting Islami with some Forearm smashes!

Nero tries whipping Islami into the ropes but Islami reverses, sending the Doctor into the ropes instead. Islami goes for a big clothesline but Nero ducks on his way to the opposite ropes. This time Islami rushes forward to meet him just as he is rebounding though, and catches him with a big Belly to Belly Suplex!!

Ellie looks concerned as the Doctor makes his way to the corner turnbuckles, clutching his back in pain. Islami charges in aggressively, still pissed about the cheap shot earlier and drives his shoulders into Nero’s midsection repeatedly. After a few such blows, Islami hooks both of Nero’s arms, trying for the Butterfly Suplex, but Nero hooks Islami’s legs with his and manages to hold on. Islami drives his knees into Nero’s gut and tries again, but Nero manages to power his arms out of Islami’s grip and counters with a huge Wind Up European Uppercut that manages to disorient Islami a bit. Nero hits a few more of these uppercuts, pushing Islami back away from the corner. Nero goes for a clothesline but Islami ducks this time and just as Nero turns around, he is met with a hard slap from Islami as payback from earlier.

The crowd starts cheering for the action a bit, wanting to see both men get beaten up. After a brief standoff, both men lock up again and Islami manages to get a headlock on Nero. Nero tries breaking free with shots to the gut but Islami holds on. Nero finally gets to the ropes and tries an Irish whip to break free, but Islami still manages to keep the head lock applied. Nero tries for a back suplex, but Islami manages to land on his feet and sends Nero shoulder first into the ring post! Nero’s shoulder hits the ring post with a sickening thud and the crowd cheers as Nurse Ellie looks concerned. Pulling Nero away from the ringpost by grabbing his waist, Islami hits a German Suplex! He keeps his grip on and gets up again with a second German!! Slowly, he rises up again and tries for a third, but this time Nero manages to land on his feet behind Islami and hits a HUGE German of his own with a bridge, as he goes for a pin attempt.




Islami stays alive for now and both men lie flat on the mat for a while, trying to catch their breath. The referee starts counting and both men slowly manage to stand up at around the same time. Nero hits a big right hand and Islami retaliates. Nero hits another and Islami hits back again. Nero goes for another punch but Islami catches him midway and starts landing some punches pushing Nero towards the ropes, but Nero hits back with a rake to the eye!! Taking advantage, Nero retaliates with some vicious uppercuts. Islami is groggy now, and Nero clotheslines him over the top rope to the outside of the ring!

Nero follows the Legacy Champion to the outside as Nurse Ellie looks on. He spears Islami’s ribs against the barricade a few times, and then lifts Islami and drops him over the barricade rib first! Islami falls on the ground, writhing in pain and Nero takes this moment to pose for the hostile crowd. He picks up Islami and slides him back into the ring, near the corner ringpost. Staying outside, he grabs Islami’s left leg and rams it against the post with authority, making Islami cry out in pain. With surgical precision, he repeats it once, twice and a third time, each blow more intense than the one preceding it. Finally, he moves back inside and pulls Islami up, resting him against the turnbuckle, before charging in for a High Knee Strike. But Islami catches him mid-leap and counters with a HUGE Tilt a Whirl Backbreaker!! However, he lands Nero on his left knee, further aggravating his injury and is unable to take advantage!

Nurse Ellie starts slamming her palms against the ring apron, urging Nero to get to his feet. Islami uses the ropes to pull himself up, but he’s limping. He delivers a few chops to Nero’s chest, but Nero manages to grab his left leg and hits a vicious Dragon Screw, further injuring his knee! Nero keeps his grip on and before Islami can break free, applies his patented Amputation submission manoeuvre!! Islami cried out in pain and the crowd starts getting restless. Ellie screams at Islami to tap out but Islami proves to be resilient and slowly manages to drag himself to the bottom rope, forcing Nero to break the hold. Nero doesn’t waste any time and pulling Islami up, grabs his left leg again, for another Dragon Screw but before he can connect, Islami hits him in the face with a rough Enzuigiri that looks to have knocked the Doctor out. After clutching his knee in pain for a few seconds, Islami manages to secure the cover-




Nero stays alive!!

Islami drags Nero to his feet and sends him into the ropes with an Irish whip. Nero rebounds with a running splash, but Islami manages to roll over, Nero still in his grip and hits a Huge Fallaway Slam. Nero lies motionless in the center of the ring, and Islami tries making his way to the top rope, slowly because of his injured knee.

Nero gets up just as Islami is climbing the top rope and runs into the ropes, making Islami lose his balance and have a bad landing on the top rope. Nero climbs to the top too, and manages to hook both of Islami’s arms and tries for a SCALPEL off the top rope!! Islami manages to hold on though, and hits some stiff headbutts, causing Nero to come crashing down to the mat. Finally Islami manages to climb to the top rope again and leaps off, connecting with a HUGE Diving Elbow Drop!!! He can’t make the cover right away though, due to landing on his bad knee and tries using the ropes again to get back up.

At this point Nurse Ellie gets up on the ring apron and starts taunting Islami and the referee. Upset with her wearing the Muslim attire, Islami turns his attention to her and starts limping his way towards Nero’s valet. Sensing the opportunity, Nurse Ellie slowly starts taking off her burqa- throwing her hijab at Islami’s face!!As an incensed Islami tries grabbing her, she hops off down to the floor and takes off the rest of her burqa too, revealing some bright red lingerie underneath! Slowly she gets out of her Muslim attire and throws it down to the floor and steps over it, which sends Islami over the edge.

Islami tries going outside through the ropes, but Nero has caught up by now and when Islami is halfway out, he grabs his left leg and hits another vicious Dragon Screw against the ropes! Now pulling Islami back to the center of the
ring, he locks in the Amputation and there’s nowhere to go for Islami!!

Islami tries dragging himself to the ropes again but this time the Doctor’s got the submission locked in strong and eventually after a few minutes, Islami is forced to tap out!!

Winner via submission and NEW PWC Legacy Champion: Doctor Nero @ 14:27

The crowd boos the former surgeon as Nero is helped to his feet by the referee and Ellie. He is presented with the Legacy belt and he holds up the title, Ellie by his side, posing for his fans. Before he can continue his celebrations though, the lights go out and a bolt of lightning strikes the entrance ramp, following which, blue smoke starts appearing all around the ring and the entire entrance stage.

Famine makes his way out slowly, accompanied by his manager Pestilence and he stares down Nero from across the ramp. Slowly, he lifts his metallic arm, gesturing toward Nero’s title.

Stan Chambers:
Things have gotten very interesting in the Legacy title picture Charlie! We have a new champion in Dr Nero and a new challenger and the challenger’s got his eyes set on the prized belt.

Charlie Campbell:
Dr Nero may come off as cool and emotionless but I’m telling you my friend, it’s impossible to not be spooked by Famine. Dr Nero better stay on top of his game if he wants to get past his new challenger.

Stan Chambers:
And don’t forget about the former champion Muhammad Islami either. He’s got his rematch clause too and based on the way Nurse Ellie distracted him, I’d bet this story is far from over. For now though, PWC has a new Legacy champion and his name is Doctor Nero.

Famine quietly makes his exit and the lights come on again. Nero exits the ring with Ellie and walks up the ramp, displaying his new title proudly in the face of all the jeering fans while Islami sits in the ring- dejected.

The cameras cut to the interview area backstage, and Danny Eriksen is shown standing with a microphone in hand.

Danny Eriksen:
I’m standing by with the man that will defend his PWC World Heavyweight Championship against Kyle Elric in the main event, please welcome Xander Black.

The PWC World Heavyweight Champion walks into the shot, looking at his phone. He doesn’t look at Danny, nor the camera. He just looks down.

Danny Eriksen:
Uh, well. Xander, tonight you go one on one with Kyle Elric, defending the championship. Both of you are undefeated, does that change your mind set all?

He puts the phone away and looks at Danny ,then at the camera.

Xander Black
Kyle Elric, congratulations. You made it this far. You’ve done what I did. For the majority, you’ve faced the men that I’ve faced, hell, you even competed in a Gauntlet match and won, just ... like ... me.

He looks a little worn out and tired.

Xander Black:
We’re similar. The best. But I’ve got one accomplishment that you don’t, the PWC World Heavyweight Championship. That makes me the best of the best. Everyone that I’ve faced has fallen before me, everything from Freddie Vos to Louie Spindoli, just like they fell before you.

He pauses.

Xander Black:
Only two men remain standing. By the end of the night, only one man will. That man will be me.

Another pause.

Xander Black:
I’m the very best that PWC has to offer, like no one was before. Tonight, remaining undefeated is my cause, but in the long run, keeping this championship, the PWC World Heavyweight Championship around my waist is my goal.

Danny nods along as Xander ignores him.

Xander Black:
I need you to understand, Kyle. You’re the first opponent in a long time that I actually respect. But that doesn’t change the way I’m going about this match, the fans will be expecting a great match, and that’s what they’ll get, but I’m going to be as ruthless as I was with Freddie Vos, and by the end of the night-

We suddenly hear a loud beep. And we see Xander lift up his hand and look at his phone. The expression on his face changes into a worried expression.

Danny Eriksen:
Uh, Xander?

He looks at Danny then at the camera.

Xander Black:
At the end of the night, I’ll be the one standing tall.

He starts to walk away but stops and looks dead on at the camera.

Xander Black:
This is a message to everyone in PWC, Kyle Elric and the whole roster, I’m the PWC World Heavyweight Champion for a reason and I’ll show that tonight. And this ... this is a message to PWC and anybody else that has a problem with me ... I’m a dangerous person, you mess with me, my friends or my family, then I will find you and I will make you pay.

Danny looks confused by that last line as Xander walks away.


The fans explode as Kyle Elric walks out onto the stage, and get even louder as the man from Tokyo acknowledges both sides of the crowd. Elric looks up and raises his hands to the heavens, and seems to speak for a few seconds before lowering his hands to his neck, where a necklace is almost hidden by the leather jacket that he's wearing. He kisses the necklace and begins to make his way down to the ring, stopping only to slap a few outstretched hands as he goes. He slides under the bottom rope and makes his way to the nearest turnbuckle which he climbs up onto before looking out to the crowd and bowing.


The crowd gives mixed reactions as the arena turns a deep shade of blue and the lights start flashing just as the PWC Champion, Xander Black walks out onto the stage with a distracted look on his face.

Black doesn't acknowledge the crowd at all as he pushes his wet hair out of his face and makes his way down the ramp towards the ring. He too slides in under the bottom rope and heads towards the nearest turnbuckle, but instead of climbing it, he turns around and looks towards Elric who is once again on a turnbuckle bowing to the crowd.

The referee approaches Xander and takes the title belt from him, and holds it up in the air for the crowd to see. Emma Mason steps into the ring.

Emma Mason:
Ladies and gentlemen, the following match is scheduled for one fall, and it is for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship!! Introducing first, the challenger who hails from Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan and weighs in tonight at 225 pounds, Kyle ELRIC!!

The crowd pop big as Elric raises his hands to the heaven once more.

Emma Mason:
And his opponent, from Part's Unknown, he weighs in tonight at 215 pounds, and he is the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander BLACK!!

Mixed reactions once again for the Champion who only has eyes for the challenger.

Match 6 | Singles Match for the PWC World Heavyweight Championship
Xander Black vs. Kyle Elric

The referee calls for the bell and immediately the two wrestlers begin to circle the ring. They lock up quickly, both pushing the other wrestler back until Elric gets more grip underneath and manages to push Xander back into the corner. The referee calls for a clean break and Kyle lifts his hands and moves away, but Xander suddenly slaps him in the jaw! A very mixed reaction for that as Xander grins at Elric, who rubs his jaw and grins and says “Okay” and explodes towards the corner where Xander side steps him. He staggers back out of the corner and runs right into a deep arm drag.

Elric manages to get to his feet and the two take part in some chain wrestling with it ending in a stalemate as they both get to their feet. But, as they do, Elric rifles a slap on Black’s face. The champion feels his jaw as Elric simply looks at him. Xander nods and they lock up again, and transitions behind him and takes him down to the mat. But Elric gets up quickly with Xander attempting to slow him down with a side head lock, but Kyle backs up to the ropes and pushes him off. Xander rebounds and goes for a clothesline but Elric ducks. He hits the ropes again and runs right into the clutches of Elric, who connects with a T-Bone Suplex!

Despite the strong move, Xander kicks out at one! Elric spends the next minute wearing Xander down before pulling him to his feet and putting him in the corner. He hits him with a couple of knife edge chops before walking to the other side of the ring and then runs the champion, looking for a corner clothesline but Xander side steps and quickly rolls him up, only to get a one count. They both get up quickly and Xander ducks behind, grabs him and plants him with a Tiger Suplex! Instead of going for the cover, Black climbs to the top rope with his back facing towards the ring, which means he doesn’t see Elric get to his feet and dive onto the ropes, shaking them and causing Xander to lose his balance and fall onto his groin.

Kyle climbs up behind him, and pulls him up into a standing position on the top rope, THEN PLANTS HIM WITH A TIGER SUPLEX FROM THE TOP!! The ring shakes with the impact as Elric covers him but only gets a two count. The referee checks on Xander but he assures him he’s fine. Elric waits for his opponent to get to his knees and then starts to kick his chest, over and over, then winds up for a big kick to the temple, but as he goes for it – Xander ducks it. Elric anticipated this as he swings around right away and hits him with a Shining Wizard! The commentators make a big deal of the signature move, saying it’s over as he sinks into the cover. But he only gets a two count!

Elric looks at the referee before pulling Xander to his feet and whipping him to the ropes. Xander grabs them, stopping himself from rebounding. Elric sprints at him but Xander ducks and flips him over – but Elric lands, feet first, on the apron. However, Xander quickly catches him with a back elbow to the temple. Elric falls off the apron and lands with a thud. He gets up after a few seconds, but Xander is already running at the ropes and he LEAPS OVER THEM FLIPPING IN THE AIR AND HITTING A FRONT FLIP SENTON! He lands it and gets up slowly.

The next couple of minutes consist of Xander throwing Elric around the outside area, into steel steps and into barricades. He then throws him into the ring and gets a near fall. Xander keeps the pressure on, running through much of his move set and getting some near falls. Elric does manage to get some offense in but it’s too no avail as Xander cuts his comeback off before it begins. Xander gets Elric into a seated position, and begins to rain down elbows onto the exposed chest! Xander stops when the referee counts to four and he backs off. Elric climbs to his feet and ducks a running Enzuigiri! And then hits a standing Enzuigiri of his own! Both men are down for a few seconds but Elric goes for the cover after recovering, getting a near fall.

Elric pulls Xander up to his feet, but is caught with an Uppercut! However, Xander fires back with one of his own and the two trade blows. The uppercuts continue until Xander hits one then suddenly runs towards the ropes, and springboards off the second one and dives back towards Elric but KYLE CATCHES HIM WITH A MID-AIR UPPERCUT!! Roars come from the fans as Elric covers the champion but only gets a near fall. Elric pulls at his hair before pulling Black up by his and throws him into the corner. Elric turns Black around and lifts him up onto a seated position before climbing to the second rope. He wraps his arms around his waist and goes for a GERMAN SUPLEX FROM THE TOP... BUT BLACK COMPLETELY FLIPS AND LANDS ON HIS FEET!

Elric lands on his back, but gets up quickly and gets a running drop kick to the jaw for his trouble! Elric hits the mat and sits up, but Xander is right on him, connecting with a running knee to the head! The champion pulls the challenger up and kicks him in the stomach, hits the ropes again and connects with a running step up Enzuigiri! Elric hits the deck and is covered by Xander but kicks out at two. Xander gets up and looks at the referee, wide eyed. He doesn’t see Elric crawling up behind him and he rolls him up! But only gets a near fall! Both men get up at the same time and Elric goes for a spinning heel kick but misses! Then Xander hits the ropes and connects with a running cross body!

Then, Xander starts to wrap things up, measuring Elric as he stands up. He grabs him and goes for The Death Nail but Elric spins out and kicks Xander in the stomach and pulls him into a powerbomb position .. and hits The Buckle Bomb! Xander staggers out of the corner as Elric hits the ropes and connects with the spinning heel kick! He has Xander on the ground and climbs to the top rope and connects with a flying headbutt! But only gets a near fall!

Elric gets to his feet and measures Xander as he gets to his feet, and then grabs him, looking for God’s Last Gift but Xander saw it coming and sweeps the legs away and locks in The Figure Four Death Lock! Elric spends the next minute in the hold but manages to get to the ropes! Elric gets to his feet and Xander goes for The Death Nail but Elric spins out and grabs Xander, hitting Vertebreaker! BUT HE ONLY GETS A NEAR FALL!

Elric pleads with the referee before backing away and picking Xander up, but Black pushes him back and he is pushed right into the referee! The ref is down and as Elric turns back towards Black, he’s planted with The Death Nail! But there isn’t a referee to count! After a minute of trying to wake the referee up, because y’know, a small bump can knock a ref out for a lifetime, he turns around into Elric’s clutches, who hits him with God’s Last Gift! The referee comes back to life and makes the slow count... ELRIC WINS!



Elric rolls off of Black and raises his hands to the heavens as the crowd explode, chanting his name as he lies beside the still prone former Champion! Elric rises to his feet and accepts his new Championship which is being held out for him by Emma Mason, as the referee is still laying on the mat, struggling to rise to his feet. The ring announcer raises his hands to another huge pop from the crowd! Mason leaves the ring, as Elric stumbles towards the turnbuckle, which he climbs once again before raising his title to one last huge pop from the crowd. The cameras pull back from the ring to show the crowd on their feet looking down towards their new champion, and the screen fades to black.


Commentators intro (Daiko)
Daiko vs DJ (Daiko)
Duke hype Video (JCMaverick9)
DJ/Vos segment (Daiko)
Battle Royal (C3K)
Famine vs Vos (QTR)
Tag titles announcement (HN)
Angel/Daiko segment (Daiko)
Angel vs Darius (HN)
Elric interview (QTR)
Islami vs Nero (QTR)
Famine appears and staredown (QTR)
Xander interview (C3K)
Main event (C3K)

Match 1:
Daiko vs. Derek Jacobs

Battle Royal Final Two (Match 2 & 3)
Famine & Freddie Vos (Famine wins the 1 vs. 1 and becomes the #1 Contender to the PWC Legacy Title.)

Match 4:
Darius Black vs. Austin Angel

Match 5:
Muhammad Islami (C) vs. Dr. Nero

Match 6:
Xander Black (C) vs. Kyle Elric

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