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Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

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Credit to ManureTheBear for writing this

So, you want to be an e-fedder?
You’ve seen the sigs and read the comments, you’ve read the posts related to PWC, you’re a BTB-guy with aspirations of shoot-fighting glory or we’ve relentlessly PM’ed you until you cracked. Whatever the reasons, here you are at the gilded gates of PWC. No doubt you have manyc questions, but all will be revealed, in time...

What is an e-fed?
This forum’s e-fed is called Premier Wrestling Circuit (PWC). The regular shows are called “Vortex”, with various “PPV’s” at certain junctures. It is a fantasy-based, written wrestling show posted for our enjoyment. PWC is a competitive fed, meaning that the results are NOT scripted. Members whose fantasy characters get pitted against each other on the following show’s card each submit a piece of writing called a role-play (RP) to compete. Based off that, a match is written, featuring the two (or more) characters.

Who runs the show?
These are the guys who put in a lot of extra work – creating storylines and cards, judging RP’s and writing up the shows themselves. The current creative team consists of Daiko, HollywoodNightmare, ManureTheBear, and Quoth the Raven.

Regular members (this means you!) are encouraged to assist them wherever they can by pitching their ideas and suggestions, be it for spots, feuds, asking some earnest advice regarding the result of a match, or even helping by guest-writing some of the matches. The keywords are mutual respect and trust – the regular members trust the creative team to not bury their characters and to give them a show to mark out for and the creative team trusts the rest of the roster to refrain from backstage politics and tantrums.

Creating a character...
The sky’s the limit! Check out the OP for specific details on applying. What you’ll need to do in your application, essentially, is tell us who your wrestler is, how he/she looks like and what moves he/she does. Yes, we allow female characters as well. You will also need to supply a sample RP for the application – this is just to see if you have the basics of RP’ing under your belt. You are only limited to one character though. You can't be in control of two characters.

Be original! Make the character your own. Character changes are allowed, but it’s not a bad idea to make a character and gimmick that you’ll be comfortable writing for a long time.

When creating a character, don’t throw realism out the window. Yes, you are only limited by your imagination, but you have to consider the nature of the other characters in the fed. For example, you can’t apply as a real zombie, but an emotionless and pale man with an undead fixation will probably make the cut.

This goes for the move-set as well. Don’t expect creative to okay a 400-pound giant to do a 450 splash – Bam Bam Bigelow is not a member of PWC. By the same logic, don’t give a flying midget a gorilla press gutbuster as a finisher. It’s all about balance. Remember, it’s not your move-set that will win matches, but your RP’s.

PLEASE consult the “ban-list” in the OP when designing your character. Certain finishers, character reps and theme songs are already in use by other posters.

What is an RP and how do I write one?
An RP is the regular member’s main contribution to the fed. Periodically, a Vortex or PPV thread will be created, containing the card and the deadline for the RP’s to be submitted.

Typically, an RP is a little story featuring your character. Narratives and interview-promos are commonplace in PWC. It’s also not unheard of to provide script-like comments like including a camera in the RP.

How you write is up to you. The best way for a noob to get a good feel for RP’ing is to simply read other RP’s in the fed. As a rule of thumb, don’t forget to mention your opponent in your RP, or why your character should win. Length is also up to you, but an RP of 500 words is generally considered too short to be a match-winner, while 6000 could get boring really quickly.

When reading the RP’s, you’ll notice that they’re also formatted in a certain way. While not set in stone, usual PWC formatting includes ways to distinguish dialogue, be it by dialogue assignment or by using different colours.

Lastly, a big no-no is to simply respond to your opponent’s RP. Blatantly responding to an RP means plagiarising and if you’re caught doing this, your character will get punished. In short, if your opponent submits his RP earlier than you, you are not allowed to steal his ideas.

PWC is not PG, so feel free to express yourself and use themes and motifs that are challenging. Having said that, if a character drops more than twenty f-bombs in a promo, creative will spot it as a crutch, making up for a lack of creativity on the writer’s part. PWC also accommodates serious and humorous writers equally, so play to your strengths as a writer.

How do things happen in PWC?
So you know what PWC is and you know what an RP is and you know who calls the shots... Now this is how PWC functions:

Creative sorts out angles, feuds and the like. Keeping that in mind, they release a card (with a deadline) for the next Vortex or PPV. Normally this process doesn't take longer than a day or two.

This is where you come in. Your main job is to submit an RP in the match-thread. That’s it. A show’s deadline is usually between a week and two weeks after the card is released, that way everybody can have enough time to write an RP.

The next step is creative deciding the outcomes of the scheduled matches, actually writing the matches, as well as adding additional segments to the show. This process is subject to creative’s real-life time constraints, but typically takes one or two weeks.

If you’re a new writer, struggling, or just looking to improve, feedback on your RP is a good way to get better, but also to get a feel of what the PWC fans want. (Wrestling is about the buys, after all...) Regulars usually give each other feedback in the match thread, as well as predictions before the show is posted and reviews afterwards.

While PWC is still in its first calendar year, the proposed “cycle” is that between each PPV, there will be four episodes of Vortex.

Deadlines and no-shows!
Deadlines for RP’s are there to ensure fairness. At PWC, we understand that real life gets priority over a hobby, but RP’ers should remember that the more extensions the creative team grants, the longer the wait is going to be. Be sure to ask creative for an extension if you know time-management will be a factor the moment you’ll see a collision. Also be sure to ask for time off (if you’re going to have longer commitments) BEFORE the cards are released.

The worst thing an RP’er can do is no-show (not submit an RP for his match). Shooting hard on every member of creative and calling them a ****** is exponentially better than no-showing! No-showing means that there’s a ton of uncertainty surrounding the show and the planned programme for your character probably has to get altered. As a rule, a no-show means that your character loses his match, simple as that. Under certain circumstances (like death and even then, preferably your own!), creative will find a way around the no-show, but in most cases (“Oh, I forgot!” or “Didn’t feel like it!”) your character will get jobbed out and made to look weak. Posters who no-show repeatedly are shown the door – it’s the only way to keep things running smoothly. It’s hard enough for people to write an entertaining show every few weeks without last-minute changes.


Have fun and don’t take things too seriously. If you didn't love wrestling, you probably wouldn't have been on WF anyway.
Real Name:

Wrestler Name:

Height & Weight:


Billed From:

Alignment: (Face or Heel):


Hair Style/Color/Length:

Eye Color:

Facial Hair:

Ring Attire:

Entrance Attire:



Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick:

Characteristics of Gimmick:

Brief Biography:

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:

Fighting Style:

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche:

Strengths/Weaknesses (2 or 3 for each):





Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12, NO FINISHERS!):


Sample RP:
Real Name: Aaron Jones

Wrestler Name: Aaron Knight

Height & Weight: 6'1, 215 lbs.

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Billed From: Dallas, Texas

Alignment: (Face or Heel): Face


Hair Style/Color/Length: Buzzcut, Light Brown hair.

Eye Color: Green

Facial Hair: N/A

Ring Attire: Black and White boxing shorts, Black boots with white kickpads, black elbow pads, black and white gloves.

Entrance Attire: Same as ring attire but with a black robe similar to what a boxer would wear.

Tattoos: N/A


Sample Photo of Character:

Main Gimmick: Submission specialist who has a background in MMA and Boxing.

Characteristics of Gimmick: Knows a counter to just about every submission hold there is, However while he knows many counters and is a great striker, he can't match the sheer power that a big man will bring to a match and he can't fly around the ring with a high flyer and must rely on his ability to ground them.

Brief Biography: Knight has trained for 10 plus years to hone his skills in boxing and MMA. However he has always had a love for professional wrestling and plans to take the next step in being considered the greatest fighter in the world.

Entrance Music:

Entrance Description:
Knight walks out onto the stage and quickly makes his way down the ramp, ignoring all the fans no matter what they do. He stops at the bottom of the ramp and jogs in place before jumping onto the ring apron and stepping through the ropes. Knight jumps up to the top turnbuckle and shadow boxes before taking off his robe and tossing it out of the ring as his music cuts.

Fighting Style: Striker, Submission Specialist

Previous Injuries/Character Psyche: Knight has issues with his left arm after years of MMA he broke it once and it was never the same. If the arm is attacked too often he may start to lose feeling in it. However his head is freaky strong so he could headbutt people and it will have little to no effect on him.


Strength: Very good and very fast striker.

Strength: Can use any part of his body as a weapon, making him extra dangerous.

Weakness: Weak left arm from years of MMA fighting.

Weakness: Plays by the rules: Knight refuses to break the rules and tends to fight fair as much as possible. This leaves him at a disadvantage in hardcore matches because he would prefer not to use a weapon in any fight, however if he has to he will.

Finishers (Maximum of 2):
Elbow of Justice (Bullhammer Elbow)
Snap Back to Reality (Kimura Lock)

Signature Moves (Maximum of 3):
Knight Light (Spinning Back Fist)
Dream Catcher (Rear Naked Choke)

Character Moveset (Maximum of 12):
German Suplex
Roundhouse Kick
Heel Hook Submission
Cross Armbreaker
Running Double Knees in the corner
High Knee to the jaw
Jumping Armbreaker
Running Big Boot
Belly to Belly Suplex
Single Leg Boston Crab
Repeated Punches to the ribs (Usually done with his opponent in the corner or in the ropes.)

Sample RP:

We see a man who is sparring in a boxing ring with an older gentleman. The younger of the two ends up getting popped in the jaw and this causes him to lose it and connect with a Spinning Back Fist to the jaw of the older man.

The younger of the two quickly realizes what he's done and checks on him.

???: Bob! Bob! Are you okay? I didn't mean it!

Bob, as we now find out his name is slowly sits up.

Bob: Yeah. I'm alright Aaron. But you need to get those anger issues of yours under control.

We now know the younger of the two is our very own Aaron Knight.

Aaron: I know, But luckily now that i'm a professional wrestler I can do that without fear of getting DQ'ed in a fight.

Bob slowly gets to his feet with the help of his sparring partner and the two exit the ring, both grabbing a bottle of water from near by.

Bob: And you will do great things there, Just like you did with boxing and MMA.

Aaron: It just won't be the same not having you in my corner though.

Bob smiles and pats Knight on the back.

Bob: Aaron, you are like the son I never had and you don't need me in your corner to do great things. Besides you know I will always just be one phone call away.

Aaron smiles at this and takes a sip from the water bottle.

Aaron: Thanks for the sparring session today. I needed it.

Bob: Anytime.

The two embrace with a hug as the scene fades to black.
Team Name:

Members of Team:

Combined Weight:

Entrance Theme:

Tag Team Finishers (Maximum of 2):

Tag Team Signature Moves:

Creative Team: Daiko, HollywoodNightmare, ManureTheBear, Quoth the Raven

Axel Way (Nevermove)
Bruce Thorn Jr. (Saber Rider ^-^)
Crowley (Demon Hunter)
Daiko (Daiko)
Darius Black (The Fourth Wall)
Derek Jacobs (meeks_56)
Dr. Nero (Lariatoh!)
Elijah King (Biblet2014)
Famine (Laserblast)
Freddie Vos (ManureTheBear)
Gino Galucci (Jamjam22)
Hunter Jackson (hyourinmaru)
Jensen (Attila The Fun)
"KO" Kameron O'Ryan (The Big Bratwurst)
Karl Wyndham (ForeverRed)
Kyle Elric (Quoth the Raven)
Nathaniel Grey (DarksideEric)
Robert Hollander (L-DOPA)
Xander Black (C3K)

The Blackouts ("KO" Kameron O'Ryan and Nathaniel Grey)
The Blazers (Hunter Jackson and Jensen)
The Regime (Derek Jacobs and Freddie Vos)


PWC World Heavyweight Champion: Kyle Elric

PWC Legacy Champion: Dr. Nero

Championship belt image credit goes to ABrown

PWC Owner/General Manager: Ernesto Clement
Commentary Team: Stan Chambers and Charlie Campbell
Ring Announcer: Emma Mason
Backstage Interviewer/Whipping Boy: Danny Eriksen
GM's Personal ASSistant: Brittany Page
Senior Referee: Gil Artman
Referee: Roger Hains
Female Referee: Gwen Jeffers

Adam Cole (The Big Bratwurst)
AJ Styles (Daiko)
Balls Mahoney (Nevermove)
Brian Kendrick (hyourinmaru)
Chris Cornell (DarksideEric)
CM Punk (DojoBrother)
Cody Rhodes (Jamjam22)
Corey Graves (Demon Hunter)
Dean Ambrose (The Fourth Wall)
Dolph Ziggler (RAVEN)
John Morrison (HollywoodNightmare) - Inactive
Ken Doane (ThatWeirdGuy) - Inactive
Ken Shamrock (AwSmash) - Inactive
Leo Kruger (ManureTheBear)
Luke Harper (meeks_56)
Manu Bennett (Prince Jax) - Inactive
Mark Jindrak (Saber Rider ^-^)
Prince Devitt (Attila The Fun)
Raven (L-DOPA)
Randy Orton (Lariatoh!)
Roman Reigns (NotoriousTCG) - Inactive
Rusev (ForeverRed)
Seth Rollins (C3K)
Soberano Jr. (Mascarita) - Inactive
Sting (Laserblast)
Austin Angel (Hollywoodnightmare)
Fall From Heaven (630 Senton)
Wings of an Angel (Styles Clash)

Axel Way (Nevermove)
Hangover (Fisherman suplex hold and lift, dropped into a brainbuster style drop)
Axelation (Edgecator)

Bob McEfoy (AwSmash)
WOWEE Bomb (Brainbuster)

Bruce Thorn Jr. (Saber Rider ^-^)
The Thorn in your side (Rock Bottom)
Phoenix Splash (Phoenix Splash - Only as a last resort)

Crowley (Demon Hunter)
Static-X (Corkscrew Shooting Star Press)
C'est La Vie (Muta Lock)

Daiko (Daiko)
Night’s Embrace (Texas Cloverleaf)
Time Lapse (Impaler DDT)

Darius Black (The Fourth Wall)
Good Night (Diamond Cutter)
No Where To Go (Anaconda Vice)

Derek Jacobs (meeks_56)
Paydirt (Gogoplata Submission)

Dr. Nero (Lariatoh!)
Amputation (Heel Hook Submission)
Scalpel (Angel’s Wings ala Christopher Daniels finisher)
Time of Death (Sit-out Crucifix Powerbomb)

Famine (Laserblast)
Chernobyl Destroyer (Canadian Destroyer)
Scorpion Deathlock

Freddie Vos (ManureTheBear)
Dirtnap (Skull Crushing Finale)

Gino Galucci (Jamjam22)
DAT FINISHER DOUGH or simply DFD (Powerbomb dropped into a double knee backbreaker aka Project Ciampa for all you ROH fans)
Pepperoni Slam (Alabama Slam)

Hunter Jackson (hyourinmaru)
Finding Serenity (Cattle Mutilation)

Jack Hayden (NotoriousTCG)
Gallaria (aka Mickey Driver)
Dragon Sleeper w/Leg Scissors

Jay Rush (ThatWeirdGuy)
Rush Kick (Shining Wizard)

Jensen (Attila The Fun)
Censored Colors (Reverse Bloody Sunday)
Gold Front Necktie (Peruvian Necktie)

"KO" Kameron O'Ryan (The Big Bratwurst)
Lights Out (Torture Rack into GTS)
CKO (Swinging Side Slam into a Back Breaker)

Karl Wyndham (ForeverRed)
Face Destroyer (spinning wheel kick straight to the face)
Whirlwind (sit-out Black Hole Slam, only used in big matches)

Kyle Elric (Quoth the Raven)
God’s Last Gift (Small Package Driver)
Vertebreaker (ala Homicide’s ****** Killah)

Microburst (Doradafan)
Mayday (Cross Armbreaker)
The Final Gust (Corkscrew Moonsault)

Muhammad Islami (Principino)
Diving Elbow Drop
Silver Clutch (Camel Clutch)

Nathaniel Grey (DarksideEric)
Shades of Grey (Neckbreaker, most often used from impromptu situations/positions such as transitioning from a standing suplex into the neckbreaker)
Grey Skies (YES! Lock)

Robert Hollander (L-DOPA)
You're Broken! (Wrist Clutching Lariat/Rainmaker)
Modified Scorpion Cross Lock

Xander Black (C3K)
Figure Four Death Lock (Leg Lock Cloverleaf)
Death Nail (Future Shock DDT (Drew McIntyre’s old finisher))
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Episode 2
Episode 3
Episode 4
Episode 5
Episode 6
Episode 7
PPV: Alpha & Omega
Episode 8
Episode 9
Episode 10
Episode 11
PPV: Hell's Judgment
Episode 12
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PPV: Desolation
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Not quite sure what an e-fed is but if i find out more info on it and what it is, i'll sign up for sure.

EDIT: I looked it up, sign me up, i'll learn while i go along with it.
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Not quite sure what an e-fed is but if i find out more info on it and what it is, i'll sign up for sure.

EDIT: I looked it up, sign me up, i'll learn while i go along with it.
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

An explanation would be nice? :aries2

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Opening post has been edited, sorry about that. Go ahead and read it to understand more.

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

Sure why not, what's the RP though? Role playing? Because that's what I do in the bedroom OH
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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

I want in.

Just to make things clearer in my mind, we write RP's (I'm presuming promos) and then a couple guys decide on which is the best and they write the whole show too with the results?

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re: Premier Wrestling Circuit - Discussion, Sign-Ups & Information (WF's E-Fed)

If anyone needs some things to be cleared up, please PM me. Also, if anyone isn't quite sure as to what an RP is, I can explain it real well now. So just shoot me a PM for that as well. Glad to see the interest is there, hope to get this rolling soon! :D
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