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We fade in to a lonely looking shot of the PWC ring, and empty arena to accompany the ominous view.

“Dark Ritual” begins to play over the image.

Creepy Female Narrator:
The beginning.

We fade into a shot of Daiko working on his mat wrestling in a deserted gym with an unknown person.

Then, we arrive at a deserted basketball court at night time, and in it is the lonely figure of Daniel Reese, shooting a ball at the basket.

Again, we fade to another area, where Kyle Elric participates in an illegal underground fight in Japan.

Finally, we see Joey Holt lifting up a championship belt after winning one of his many MMA fights.

And, we then we cut to the PWC logo, shrouded in a grey mist on the screen.

Creepy Female Narrator:
To get to this moment, some have fought, some have bled, some have suffered, and some have lost. But this is the beginning, this is the Alpha.

We now get a shot of a brand new Title belt, lying on a bed of velvet in a glass case, with the words Legacy Championship on it.

Then, we see Freddie Vos defeating Daniel Reese to become the Number One Contender to the PWC World Heavyweight Championship.

And, we then see Xander Black, outlasting the rest of the roster in a Battle Royale to become the new PWC Champion.

Creepy Female Narrator:
Rivalries have begun.

We see slow motion of footage of Darius Black attacking Austin Angel, and then afterwards angrily running his hands through his hair with a wide eyed expression.

Then, we watch as Freddie Vos manages to get under the skin of Xander Black, and he lashes out by putting the owner of PWC through a table.

Creepy Female Narrator:
But, in between the beginning and the end... there is the battle.

Shots of Trae Walker, Muhammad Islami and Sam Dancer each in the ring, battling against various opponents.

Creepy Female Narrator:
Once the battle is over, the ending to everything will come. The omega.

Now, we see Daniel Reese, sitting in the basketball court, staring at the basketball in his hands.

Then, an image of Freddie Vos sitting in a locker room, looking down at dog tags.

And, finally, we cut back to the deserted ring, only it’s not deserted anymore. In it, sits Xander Black, who stares down at his forearm.

Suddenly, the screen turns to black. And, then a split screen view of Freddie Vos and Xander Black’s faces appear on the screen.

Both Freddie Vos & Xander Black:
I am the beginning and the end. I am the Alpha & Omega.


Premier Wrestling Circuit Presents...
PWC Alpha & Omega

- July 28, 2013 -
Hammerstein Ballroom

Legacy Title Match
Joey Holt vs. Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker

Steel Cage
Sam Dancer vs. Daiko

Legacy #1 Contenders Match
Louie Spindoli vs. Dr. Nero

Parking Lot Brawl
Austin Angel vs. Darius Black

Singles Contest
Daniel Reese vs. Jay Rush

PWC World Title Match
Xander Black (c) vs. Freddie Vos


Mr. Clement has a very special announcement for Kyle Elric!


Deadline for RP's is 11:59pm on October 25. I'm not sure what timezone I'm in so you will be given a 24 hour warning before the deadline so don't worry.

This thread will be used for posting your RP's, if you want to feedback on someone's RP then go ahead, post the feedback in here. Once the show is posted, you can feedback on that, if you like. Everything else can be posted in the discussion thread. NO NO-SHOWS PLEASE.


Also, let's try something different. Use the match card as a predictions template and post your predictions here. ONLY PREDICTIONS. You can post your predictions without even seeing the RPs posted so yeah, it'll just be a guessing game. Don't post anything else but your predictions and your RP's in here, and ofcourse the show will be posted on here as well. The winner/winners will get hmm...the joy of winning a predictions contest? Or if they really want something, you can PM me or one of the guys in creative and we can offer some direction for your character. Although, you guys can do this already, we're just waiting for you guys to PM us, lol. ONLY PREDICTIONS, FEEDBACK, and RP'S GO IN THIS THREAD. NOTHING ELSE.

GFX Credit: CHAMPviaDQ
Match Card Credit: Jamjam22
Video Package Credit: C3K

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Amazing stuff. And DAT intro :mark: :mark: :mark:

What a video package and match card. Good job guys (Y)

Can't wait :mark:


1. Legacy Title- Very evenly matched, all three guys. I'll go with Muhammad Islami. I believe he will put out his best RP to date.

2. Steel Cage- Daiko.
Dancer may surprise us, but with their past RPs in mind, Daiko should win.

3. Legacy #1 Contenders match- Dr Nero.
I hope Spindoli wins, but Nero was VERY impressive in his debut and my gut instinct says this is the start of bigger things to come.

4. Parking lot Brawl- Darius Black.
TFW has been quiet as of late and I know he likes to take time and do research for his RPs. Could go either way but I think we will see Darius more wild and insane than ever and should be able to put away Angel.

5. Reese vs Rush- Daniel Reese.
The more experienced guy. Rush made a nice impression, but Jam knows his stuff and should prevail in a good contest.

6. PWC World Title match- Xander Black.
50/50 really. A week ago, I would have said Freddie, who is my favorite RP'er in the whole fed but C3K knows when to switch gears. I expect both to do awesome but C3K will likely pull out his best work yet- the thought is scary. But Vos has the best chance among anyone at ending that undefeated streak.

And special announcement for me from Clement? Fuck yes :mark:

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First on the Wrestler thingy! That obviously means I am the most important. I win.

Legacy Title Match
Joey Holt vs. Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker

Three good representatives of the Midcard here going head to head in what should be an excellent match. I've got Principino to win this, but I honestly wouldn't be shocked to see either of the other two pulling out the win here.

Should be a fantastic match to open the PPV with.

Steel Cage
Sam Dancer vs. Daiko

I can't go against myself here as Gambit hasn't really shown much in recent weeks and his typical RP has grown stale fast (seriously, change up the bar shtick and give us more of a look into the mind of Dancer) and I've had the last few weeks off, which should have given me time to think up a solid RP (it hasn't) or at least plan out the basics. (I haven't..)

Honestly, I think this will be Gambit's best RP, but if I get my damn head in place and start to work on this properly, I will take this.

Steel Cage tho.. :mark:

Legacy #1 Contenders Match
Louie Spindoli vs. Dr. Nero vs. Darren Dangerous

I've not really had much of a chance to see any of these three's work, so I can't really say with confidence who I think will win. Dangerous' Application Promo is one of the only ones I can still clearly remember, so I've gone for him. Fuck knows though..

Parking Lot Brawl
Austin Angel vs. Darius Black

Both are capable of pulling a fantastic promo out, but they've both dipped in quality a bit over the past few weeks. I'm looking for TFW to pull out the win here, but once again, I wouldn't be too shocked if I was wrong.

Singles Contest
Daniel Reese vs. Jay Rush

I've barely seen any of DWG's work, but he definitely has the 'Daiko Touch' when it comes to his annoying heel work. J2 should have this, but he'll need to improve on his reesent (aren't I so clever..) work. Haven't been a huge fan of it, but the PPV is definitely the time to shine.

PWC World Title Match
Xander Black (c) vs. Freddie Vos

I genuinely don't know.

C3 has been on incredible form lately and he's almost untouchable, but if anyone can take the title from him and end his streak, it's MtB.

Match of the Night - Xander Black vs Freddie Vos
First Blood - Austin Angel vs Darius Black
Longest Match - Xander Black vs Freddie Vos
Person to take Pinfall in the Legacy Title match - Trae Walker
Shortest Match - #1 Contender Match

Am I doin' it right?​

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The first time I'm doing predictions, had to be done for the biggest PPV OF ALL TIME BABAAYYY!!!

Joey Holt vs Muhammad Islami vs Trae Walker

Man, this is gonna be tough. Trae really pushed me and tbh I thought his RP was really good on Vortex. I'm a fan of Holt too. I think along with the main event, it's the hardest match to predict.

Sam Dancer vs Daiko

I know Dancer will change it up for the PPV, just can't predict how he'll do it so I'm going with the safe option of ma brutha from PWA.

Louie Spindoli vs Dr. Nero vs Darren Dangerous

Dangerous is unknown for now. I've enjoye Spindoli's RPs, I just wish he would format it a little, just to give a shine to his RP. Generally it's the content that matters but a little colour here and there won't go amiss.

Austin Angel vs Darius Black

Hard one to predict. I think Austin will edge it by a very small margin but a win for Black would be no shock to the system. Very excited to see what weapons they bring out, especially the maniacal Black.

Daniel Reese vs Jay Rush

Reese wins by default as we haven't really seen Rush as of yet. As long as Reese gets back to what he does best then a win should be in the bag unless Rush comes up with something special.

Xander Black vs Freddie Vos

Ugghhh, predicting this is gonna be a hard one, could seriously go either way. The two best RP'ers on the roster going at it in the main event, should be the best match of the night.

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1. Joey Holt vs Muhammad Islami vs Trae Walker

- Picking Principino to win this. His RP's have been fantastic leading up to the PPV and I'm really looking forward to see which way this match goes. I hope you all give your everything to win. Either one of you could take it if the effort is put in! (Y)

2. Sam Dancer vs Daiko

- Going with DaiGOAT. I think he will pull out a really good RP for this, I think it will be a close one though, for sure.

3. Louie Spindoli vs Dr. Nero vs Darren Dangerous

- Only just really getting to know the other two. Darren is unknown right now, I think this will be a win for Louie.

4. Austin Angel vs Darius Black

- Because self-confidence is healthy. Oh, and because I'm gonna' win, obvs. Ready to get buried Hollywood? :ti Bringing out the big guns for this.

5. Daniel Reese vs Jay Rush

- Reese has got this, I feel. Should be a good contest between the two.

6. Xander Black vs Freddie Vos

- This is going to be such a close contest as both are REALLY impressive. But, I'll go with C3K here, as I've been very impressed with his RP's and I think he will pull out something extra-special for the PPV.

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Joey Holt vs Muhammad Islami vs Trae Walker

All three have a legit shot at winning it here but I'm gonna take the underdog and go with Joey Holt. If Brye can switch it up from the typical RP he's been doing he may just pull this one out. However like I said he's the underdog so my gut tells me Islami or Walker wins.

Sam Dancer vs Daiko

I have to go with Daiko here. Dancer is winless still and Daiko has improved in a major way since the start of this. The stipulation in this will benefit Daiko as being a high flyer he'll have a 15 foot cage to dive off if need be. But we'll see what happens.

Louie Spindoli vs Dr. Nero vs Darren Dangerous

One RP and already I'm REALLY liking Nero. Gotta go with him to take the victory here but Dangerous looks like he has potential and Spindoli is improving slowly. I'll take Nero for the victory though.

Austin Angel vs Darius Black

I can't bet against myself but I think this may be one the closest matches on the card RP wise. I'm on a roll right now with I think 3 wins in a row but TFW is still putting out good work. Could go either way but my prediction is, Darius Black is about to get rocked!

Daniel Reese vs Jay Rush

One RP and I already think Rush is a douche. That's a very good sign for him and while Jam is far from this being his first rodeo I think we see an upset here with Jay Rush stealing the victory and making a name for himself. I bet this won't be the last time we see them face each other though.

Freddie Vos vs Xander Black (c)

Gonna predict the champ retains. This will be THE closest match RP wise IMO and Vos is pissed off after Xander cost him a win against Elric. Tough to call but I say Xander remains undefeated.

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Joey Holt vs Muhammad Islami vs Trae Walker

Honestly, this is a tough one to predict. All three are solid RP'er's who know what they're doing. This is a total shot in the dark, but I reckon it will be Principino that comes out after a hard fought round of RP's.

Sam Dancer vs Daiko

Gambit will probably put out his best RP yet, but Daiko's improved a lot since the beginning of this fed, so I reckon he'll pull this out the bag.

Louie Spindoli vs Dr. Nero vs Darren Dangerous

Austin Angel vs Darius Black

Another hard one to predict. I think in the end HN will come out on top.

Daniel Reese vs Jay Rush

If I'm honest, J2 has been a tad disapointing in his recent RP's, because I know what he can do if he's on point, whilst TWG put out a solid first RP and will probably continue that this time. Going with TWG.

Xander Black vs Freddie Vos

Eh.. I've got a pretty special RP (in my mind at least) planned in my head, it's just a question of how it will translate to paper. I reckon MTB will put out his best RP yet so this will be a tough one. One that I can't predict.

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Joey Holt vs. Muhammad Islami vs. Trae Walker
- I'm surprised that no one so far has chosen Walker to win this. If you guys go back a few shows, Walker put out one hell of an RP (I think it's in the episode 5 thread). I think that if he goes back to that, he'll likely be one major player in PWC, maybe even the face of the company. All three in this match are quite skilled and will more than likely be close but I think that if Walker gets his head in the game, he'd be very tough to beat.

Sam Dancer vs. Daiko
- I honestly hope that Dancer puts effort into this RP because it's a PPV, it's gotta be your best work yet. Despite that, I still think Daiko pulls out the win. Daiko's improved a whole lot but hasn't had that RP that has wow'd me just yet, I hope his PPV RP will be his best yet as well.

Louie Spindoli vs. Dr. Nero vs. Darren Dangerous
- I was actually rooting for Spindoli to win his last match against Holt and Reaper but Holt just put out a better RP overall. Spindoli's improved for sure but he can do so much better. His gimmick is really good and if he really starts writing the way I think he can, then he can pull it off. However, it's hard to vote against Nero here. Think about it, a doctor as his gimmick? That's like the ultimate heel. He can go many ways in this match so I fully expect him to win this one.

Austin Angel vs. Darius Black
- Going with Angel because he's been on a roll as of late. Darius is a good character but there's just something about him that I think is lacking. I think both guys will put forth their best RP here though so I'm excited to read them.

Daniel Reese vs. Jay Rush
- Don't you know that if you're on creative, you never lose PPV matches? :D: But in all honesty, I've got my work cut out for me. Rush is an excellent character and TWG is a great writer in his own right. I can't bet against myself here but if I don't bring my A-game, I can see myself losing this match. MOTN imo (Y)

Xander Black (c) vs. Freddie Vos
- All of you are right in saying that these two are our best RP'ers so it's tough to choose a winner. However, I gotta go with the champ here. Both guys have been producing high-quality RP's since the beginning of PWC and I don't expect them to slow down one bit. Okay, so maybe this'll be match of the night and will definitely be the hardest one to judge for sure.

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I've decided I don't like the book format, but I'm not going to rewrite this:

I have to admit, I was rather nervous. I had told my immediate family when I was younger about what was happening to me, they brushed it off so I dealt with it by myself. But now, now I was going to tell someone everything, including the fate that my grandmother had a year after the voices in my head stopped. I woke up that day and got dressed, went downstairs and saw my Dad sitting at the kitchen table, he wasn’t one for talking which was fine because today was all about one thing, saying what happened to me out loud and to someone that I know will understand.​

I’ve been hiding something from her since we met, not telling her of my past and the strange occurrences, so I know when someone else is hiding something. I know that something happened to Beth, it’s the reason she spaced out when I was punching the guy that stabbed me. I felt the tender area where the knife had been plunged in, and remembered that moment, it led me on a path of thoughts that led me to the words that my Mother said the morning of the day she died.

“I will always love you.” She said. It was like she knew something bad was going to happen that day.

Beth is hiding something, but that’s fine, I’m not going to force her to tell me, I don’t need to know what happened to her, or what she did. When I walked into the kitchen, my Dad looked up. “Hey, son.”

“Hey.” I replied. We didn’t talk much, not even the death of my Mum, his Wife, was enough to get us to interact. I skipped breakfast and headed outside. We were originally meant to meet at my house, but with my Dad being in today, we decided to meet at hers as her Mother wasn’t going to be around.

I walked along, thinking of how to say everything, trying to make it sound logically, but there was nothing logical about the voices that I heard. I noticed it started to get a little darker, and a thick grey cloud had appeared, I wondered if that was a sign.


“Hey, come in.” She said with a beaming smile. I walked into the house and we went up to her room and sat on the bed. We made some small talk, talking about how things have been since I attacked that man, she asked how my stab wound was doing, but small talk wasn’t the reason I was there, I needed to get this stuff off my chest.

“Alright, listen, you don’t have to listen to this. It’s not a pleasant story.” I warned.
She shook her head though, “I want to hear it, not because I’m nosy or want to pry into your business, it’s just I think once you tell someone then you can move. We can move on.”

I believed her and began to tell the story of my childhood.


When I was a kid, I was pretty normal, had a group of friends and had a pretty loving family. But, when I was ten, I watched a horror film that had this man and women use a Ouija board to contact some spirits. After a few weeks, one of my friends came up to me at school, and said they had found a similar thing and his older Sister agreed to attempt to use it with us. Interestingly, his Sister insisted that we use it my house, and we used the excuse that she would look after us whilst my parents went out for dinner.

When that night came around, myself, my friend his Sister sat around a table, in a dark room with this Ouija board sitting in front of us. We put our hands on top of a glass and my friends Sister, whose name was Abi, began the to try and contact some spirits.

“If any spirits are there, move the glass for us.” My heart was beating in my chest, almost like it was going to explode, which was weird, because at the time, I didn’t believe in this kind of thing.
“Please, is anybody there?” She continued to ask and I looked over at my friend who had a smile on his face, he looked like he was enjoying this, but the glass continued to stay still.
“Why don’t one of you ask?” Abi looked at her both, we glanced at each other and my friend challenged me to a game of Rock, Paper & Scissors which I thought was a really inappropriate kind of thing for a moment like this but I went with it.
With my free hand I lost by choosing paper whilst he chose scissors. I took a deep breath, trying to slow my heartbeat down.
“Is anybody there?” I held my breath, and after a few moments, the glass moved towards the ‘Yes’ section of the board. I looked at my friend and Abi, thinking they had moved it as a joke, but their eyes were wide with what seemed like a combination of fear and amazement.

We sat in silence, when the glass began to move around the board in circles, we followed it with our hands and then the glass flew off the table and across the room. It’s safe to say we were freaked out, my friend stood beside Abi as I stared at the glass. The lights in the room started flickering, and I felt a little light headed. I felt compelled to pick up the glass, so I slowly walked over and started swaying, as I bent down to pick up the glass – I collapsed.

I woke up in my bed, it was dark and it seemed to be night outside. I assumed that my parents were back and Abi and my friend left, I was a little thirsty so I left my room and went to get a drink. As I got a glass and poured myself a drink of water, I heard someone say something, I turned around, but nothing was there. I thought it was just my imagination so I just went back upstairs. Before going to bed, I opened my parents door a little and took a peek inside, they were asleep.

I can’t remember how I got from collapsing in the living room, to my bedroom but I was too tired to think about it. I climbed back into bed and tried to get some sleep. As I was drifting away, I heard someone whisper. I fell asleep, and had one of the worst dreams, at least I think it was a dream, of my life.

I woke up in bed. I thought I had just woke up again, but this was different, everything felt different – more ominous. I got up and opened my door, it didn’t lead to the hallway like usual, instead I was in the middle of nowhere. It was dark, and foggy, I could see a figure in the distance, it was adult size and it seemed human at the time. I didn’t have anything else around me, as I turned around and the room was gone. It was just me, and this figure, so bravely or foolishly – I walked towards it.

As I got closer, everything started to get darker and darker, until I was in complete darkness. I reached the figure that had a white glow behind it, so I felt a little better, but when my eyes adjusted to the white glow, I stood in front of my grandmother.
“Gran, what are you doing here?” I slowly asked. She didn’t respond, she just shook her head and said “What have you done?”

I tried to think what she meant, but then another figure appeared behind her, shrouded in a black crowd, he (or it) had a butcher knife in her hand and he grabbed her by the neck and slit her throat.

I immediately woke up, screaming, my Mother rushed through to my room. “What’s wrong? What happened?” I didn’t know what to say so I just said “Sorry. It was just a bad dream.” She hugged me and left the room, I thought about it and that’s just what it was, a dream... right?

A week later, I didn’t have any dreams like that again. I just had this inner voice, talking to me, I thought it was just my thoughts, but one day, I went to school and I accidently bumped into a kid that was a year older than me.

“Sorry about that.” I said, I went to walk on but he grabbed me and pushed me up against the wall. There was nobody around, he was saying something to me, but I couldn’t hear him, I could just hear a voice in my head, this wasn’t my thoughts, it was something else. “Fight back.”

I don’t know what came over me, I wasn't a very violent person, but it’s like I didn’t have control of my body and I didn’t know what I was that strong, as I grabbed his hand and ripped it off my chest and twisted it. I still couldn’t hear the guy, but I could tell he was screaming. I wanted to stop but then I heard that inner voice again, “Keep going.”

I kept going, this time twisting his arm. “Go on. Rip it out of the socket”. At the time, I didn’t know what a socket was, but I knew ripping something out of it wasn’t going to be good, so I fought against it. “Do it!” I continued to try and stop, I summoned enough energy and finally let go of the guy. He ran off, but then I heard that voice again, “You made a mistake.”

That day, I got spoken to by the Head Teacher, he gave me a lecture and sent me on my way home. I got back home, but didn’t tell my parents. That night though, I sat down on the couch and watched an episode of a wrestling program that I recorded and remembered thinking that I wanted to do something like that when I was older. But, then the phone rang – my Mother answered.



“What happened?”

“Car crash?”


Once my Mum got off the phone, I walked through to the kitchen where she was sat, she was crying. “What’s wrong, what happened?” She looked up at me with tears in her eyes.

“Your Gran... she, uh... I need to explain something called death to you.”

I sat down, and despite knowing what death was, I let my Mum tell me, and then she told me that my Gran had been in a car accident and apparently she died instantly. She had apparently seen someone on the road, and swerved out the way and off the road. I felt sick, my mind instantly went to that dream that I had, it couldn’t be connected, could it? It had to be a coincidence.

That night, I went to bed and I heard the inner voice again.

“Disappoint me again, and I’ll kill everyone you love.”

I told my Mother the next day, but she brushed it off. She was a little concerned, but she thought it was just kids dreaming up something bad.

A few years later, I would have been fifteen and I was sitting on the couch, watching wrestling again with my Dad. He was never a fan, he thought it was stupid and didn’t approve of my watching. I decided I wanted to be a wrestler, and went about joining a Judo class and would join a wrestling school in a few years. I heard that voice that night.

“You haven’t disappointed me lately. Good.”


I looked Beth in the eyes, hoping that she wouldn’t laugh at me as I just spilled everything out. But she didn’t. She stood up and hugged me.

The next few years were a whirlwind. The voices didn’t return, at least not for a while, and Beth and I grew closer. We left high school, she went to University while I got my start in a wrestling school and started wrestling small events. After she graduated, and I was a relatively experienced wrestler, getting rave reviews at the events I did, we moved in together. After a year of living together, I got a phone call from a promoter that I was going to wrestle at, and he told me that there would be a scout from a new company called Premier Wrestling Circuit at the small time event.

I impressed them and got a contract with them. I was driving home that night, and got a phone call. I was told that Beth was in a car accident.


I had a few days before my match at Vortex, so decided to go home. I got the first flight to London, and then hired a car to drive up to Scotland. I reached there for one purpose, to visit my Mother’s grave.

I drove up to cemetery, I had the PWC belt in the back of the car, and thought for a moment about leaving it. My Mother didn’t live long enough to know that it was my dream to become a World Champion, so I decided to leave it. I walked over to the grave and stood over it.

I took a deep breath and sat on a bench across from the cemetery. I started to remember everything that happened in the lead up to my booking that got me scouted for PWC.

Everything went through my mind, thinking about how if I lost the belt in a few days then what would have been the point in all of this. After spending a few more minutes paying my respects, I remembered what happened at the hospital after Beth was in that car accident.


I had rushed into the hospital and the doctor let me into the room. It wasn’t good, she was hooked up to every medical device possible. I looked to the doctor, “Is she going to be okay?”

He looked down at his papers and looked back at me, “She’s in a coma. It’s very unlikely that she’ll wake up from this.” Tears welled up in my eyes.

“But, there is a chance though?”
“Yes. But, it’s very unlikely.”

At that moment, Beth’s Mother showed up outside the room. She walked in and broke down in tears. Half an hour later, her Mum and I were sat by her bed, saying nothing, until she held back another round of tears and turned to me.

“You have to go.”
“What?” I said.
“I know about your wrestling thing, and I know that you had a trial type of thing, right?”
“Yeah. I got a contract, but I can’t go,” I turned to Beth, “not while she’s like this.”
“It’s what she would have wanted. She knows it’s your dream, so you go to America and you make your dream come true, you win whatever it is your after.” She turned back to Beth, tears welling up again.

“But, what if she doesn’t wake up.”
“She will, she’s strong, she’ll wake up and when she does you’ll be here, holding a title in front of her.”
“I can’t.”
“You have to.”

I thought about what she said, and left with a heavy heart.


It was getting dark in the cemetery, but I still had one thing to do before going back to America. I got in my car, and drove to the hospital. I reached behind me and pulled the title belt and put it on my shoulder.

After I won the title belt at Vortex in my first match, I got a phone call from a doctor who said she was still non-responsive and how it had gotten to the point that she needed to be on life support. They had told me the best thing would be to let her go, but I couldn’t, I couldn’t let go.

I stood outside the hospital for a moment, and then walked in. I found the room and walked in. It hadn’t been that long, but it felt like years and years since I last saw her. I sat down on the chair and looked at her, despite being in a coma, she looked as beautiful as ever. The doctor that I spoke with the first time I was here, and on the phone, opened the door and walked in. I ignored him.

“Mr. Black – I’m sorry you’re here to witness this. We have a problem, it’s been a month and a bit, and there has been no improvement.”
I looked at him.
“We believe that she will never wake up. It’s best if we just let her go, we have already had the blessing of her Mother, it was difficult but she did the right thing. Now, you must do the right thing."
He looked at me for what seemed like an eternity, but I was dealing with an inner struggle, do I let her go or do I be selfish and hope she wakes up. This was the women that I love, the women that knows everything about me, even the darker side to me.
The doctor pressed me for an answer. I got up, and kissed Beth on the forehead, and the doctor seemed to think that was an answer because he reached for the machine.
I snapped towards him and pushed him up against the wall.
“The answer... is no.”
I started choking him.
“If you turn that machine off, then I’ll come back, only this time I won’t stop until you realize you’ve taken your last breath.”
I let him go and knelt beside Beth’s bed.
“I’ll be back.”

I got on a flight and headed back to America. I decided to take a nap, but then I had a dream, a dream I’ve not had in a very long time.

I was in my old bedroom, I got up and left the room but it led to the same place it had before. A figure was in the distance, I had nothing else that I could do, so I walked towards it. I got closer, expecting it to be someone I cared about, but it was that shrouded figure that appeared before.

It told me, in the same voices I hear sometimes, that Beth could survive, but on one condition. I defeat Freddie Vos at Alpha & Omega.​


In a dark graveyard, the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black appears to be digging a grave with a shovel, in darkness, only illuminated by a flicker of light by a nearby lamp post. The camera begins to approach, and Black sticks the shovel in the mound of dirt that has been compiled and turns to the camera; he’s standing in front of the grave.

“”Tomorrow night, I go one on one with the number one contender to my PWC World Heavyweight Championship, Freddie Vos.”

Images of Freddie Vos competing in the ring, standing tall over various opponents.

“I know all about my opponent, I’ve studied him for weeks, watching his every move, learning everything I need to know to defeat him. We’ve built quite the rivalry, looking back at the very first episode of Vortex, it was he and I who were the last men standing in the Battle Royal, but I was the one who eliminated him at the very last moment and became the World Champion.”

Black grins as we fade into an image of Vos being eliminated at Vortex #1.

“And now look at us, he’s now the number one contender after winning a tournament, where the best and brightest of PWC competed for a chance to face the World Champion.

Now, an image of Xander Black holding the title belt up high on one of the Vortex’.

“When I won the World Heavyweight Championship, I was on top of the world, I had done what I set out to do. But it wasn’t enough, I still hadn’t done what I needed to do, but now I know... what I need to do... to the end the suffering and the torment... and that’s defeat you, Freddie Vos at Alpha & Omega.”

Now see the A&O logo flash across the screen with faded images of Xander’s and Vos’ faces behind it before cutting back to the graveyard.

“A week ago, it was about competition, the spirit of competition, even what you did at the contract signing didn’t change that, but what you did on the last Vortex... that changed everything. Now, you’ve made it personal, which I suppose I should thank you for, because you given me the loophole that I need to end it, end what I need to end.”

A slow motion video of the picture being burned on Vortex.

“You done something on Vortex that you can’t undo. The picture that you burned, represented hope, and the moment you burned that picture, you took all that way. That was the case, until I was told, that you are the person that must suffer, if I make you suffer... then I end the torment and suffering that has plagued my life and the life of others.”

The camera zooms in on Black’s face.

“You may have lost at Vortex, but I know how dangerous you are, but I want you to know that I am just as dangerous, if not more dangerous than you will ever be. I am the man that will defeat you, I am the man that will destroy you, I am the man that cause you pain and torment, I am the man that will end MY torment that started years ago... I am the beginning and the end... I am the Alpha & Omega.

The PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black walks off camera, allowing it to zoom in on the gravestone.

“Freddie Vos”


We open up to a shot of the PWC World Heavyweight Champion, Xander Black sitting on a couch in his apartment. He has the PWC World Title in his grasp, looking down at the gold belt, and looking deep in thought.

“I’ll do it for you.”

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Amazing stuff and a great story you're telling there C3K. Things have kinda come full circle. If I looked at Xander Black's entire life and career at PWC as a long book, you've brought arc 1 to a very satisfying conclusion, while leaving open a wide range of possibilities for the future. Amazing job :clap

I think there are some minor typos and errors that could have been edited but it's tough to do in a long RP like this. Also, great job in building up intrigue. Now, I'm curious if Xander is a natural heel or a slave to some higher power? If so, then is he slowly falling a victim to his "master"'s wishes? Also, the situation with Beth and Xander's decision- some masterful writing. I have always believed you specialise more in bringing out raw emotion than in painting a picture with your words like MTB does. Both of you have your strengths and you've highlighted yours perfectly here.

Also, another thing I always admire is how you are usually the first to turn in your RP, laying down the challenge for your opponent. Nobody has risen up to it yet, and it will be very interesting to see what Freddie Vos comes up with.

All in all, excellent RP for your match. Definitely PPV worthy. All your previous RP's also look even better in hindsight, since the payoff has been so good. I love it. :clap

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It’s a dark evening and Louie Spindoli is spending it the only way he knows how; playing cards and drinking beer with the boys. Louie is joined by an old friend of his tonight a person who Louie hasn’t seen in a very long time.

Joe – Hey Ace, buddy, how is it going pal?

Louie looks up slowly from his table at Joe.

Associate – Who the hell is he?

Louie – Don’t worry about it!

Louie throws down his cards and gets up from the table.

Louie – I’m out.

Both Louie and Joe head outside, Louie spits some Tobacco out on the ground as he steps outside and whips off his mouth with his left hand as Joe looks on.

Joe – How have you been doing lately Ace?

Joe says as he extends his left hand for a handshake.

Louie looks down at Joe, looks at his own hand whips it on his pants and pulls Joe in for a hug.

Louie – It’s been good pal, it’s been good.

Joe – It sure has been a long time since we last talked eh Louie?

Louie – Yeah I’m sure it’s been over ten years. And before that I don’t even remember, but I must say it’s good to see you.

Joe – You where amazing that day at that pickup. What did you do to come out alive?

Louie looks away in the distance and spits tobacco juice on the ground. He rubs his hands up against his stubble and looks back at Joe.

Louie – I stabbed them. Killed the guards with a knife, talked my way into getting the package and stabbed him too.

Louie sees a bird flying above chasing flies and smiles.

Joe – Wow that’s something Louie, something…. Louie.

Joe reaches over to get Louie’s attention as he is obviously not paying attention.

Louie – Birds are nice, I like the way they can go on their days and not have a worry in the world, not a care, no hardship, emotional pain, plain and simple just love life.

Louie looks back to the sky once again.

We now see a child at play running around a small back yard in Newark, playing in the leaves that have fallen with the coming autumn months.

Man - Louie get the hell over here. Come on quick, quick!

The young boy runs over to the man.

Louie – Papi, papi what is it?

Louie’s Father – Louie, listen up! I have to go, but first I have to tell you something.

Louie – You have to go?

Louie’s Father – Please Louie, listen! I have to tell you this. I know you’re young and might not remember this but it’s my last piece of advice for you and it’s very important. Ahh, um, ok. The greatest quality of a man is when his back is up against the wall, there nothing left but guts and you swing back and keep fighting, you stand tall, stand up for yourself and let no one tell you any different.

Louie’s father kissed his son on the head said bye Son and stood up. He ran his hand through his hair, sniffled, fixed his tie and spit some tobacco juice on the ground and walked over to a car sitting there waiting for him. Louie’s Father got into the car and just as he sits in Louie hears aloud pop and the car drives away.

The nice blue sky clouds over and its starts to rain. Louie stares off at the car as it drives away.

Back to Present Day.

Louie – Joe, my Father was an asshole, but do you know the last thing my father told me before he left?

Joe – No, Ace, what was it?

Louie – He told me, the greatest quality of a man is when his back is up against the wall, there nothing left but guts and you swing back and keep fighting, you stand tall, stand up for yourself and let no one tell you any different. And at the moment my back is up against the wall, so for the first time in my life that advice is finally reigning true. I finally understand what it means. Dr. Nero you’re a great competitor but you’re in the wrong place at the wrong time. You’re in my way, in my way of greatness and in my way of proving I am still an honorable man!

The clear night clouds over and it starts to rain, as Louie looks straight ahead.

Louie – Good luck Dr. Nero, you’re going to need it..

Louie spits tobacco juice on the ground and snarls which slowly turns into a sick grin.

Louie – Yo Joe, let’s go grab some Linguini.

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Ok, since I don't have to RP and I already posted my thoughts on C3K's RP, I've decided to do so for every RP.

You can call Kyle Elric the guest host of Alpha and Omega :lol

Louie Spindoli

I felt it was a bit short. You may have gone for the quality over quantity style, but I think it could have been a little longer since it's a PPV and you're in a match for a No.1 Contender's match for the Legacy title.

Now, as for the RP, it's again an improvement from your previous work. Don't have much complaints with what's actually in it. Louie has been on a losing streak and all odds are stacked against him, but he won't go down without a fight. I'm hoping to see a more vicious, more aggressive side of his starting now. I think you kinda built up to it, but I would have preferred actually seeing that side of Spindoli. You did include one line about him stabbing those workers at the pickup all those years ago, but there's so much more you can do with it. You could include that entire scene in a flashback, show the workers begging for mercy, show us how Spindoli reacts. Go for the "show, not tell" approach. Your character shouldn't tell us how he is as much as he shows us.

The dialog and overall mood of the RP is fine and befitting of the scene you try to create here. I kinda don't think two friends meeting after so long will start discussing that day at the pickup right away. Don't worry about the length of your RP, sometimes stretching out a scene really helps. You can also take us more into the mind of Spindoli, show us how he feels, what he thinks but it maybe because you wanna retain an aspect of mystery to your character so it's ok.

The stuff with his dad was fine, but again same thing- would have liked more. Maybe show us how his relationship with his father was. There isn't anything particularly wrong with how you're RPing, but there's scope for a lot more. Longer flashbacks will really help you. Also, a bit more emphasis on your opponent- Dr Nero. What you said was fine, it's just business, nothing personal, he's in your way but studying your opponent, finding some trait that you can use and exploit in your RPs really helps.

Overall, good job man. You are on an upward curve and don't make many mistakes. Take a few more risks maybe, show us more and you'll be fine :)
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The Confrontation:

July 26th, 2013 7:00 PM
Lincoln Financial Field, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

As the scene opens we can see a man standing outside the closed gate of the Philadelphia Eagles Football Stadium, walking around as he tries to figure out a way in. He tries to break the lock on the gate with no luck before trying to squeeze between the bars but it's far too tight of a fit for it to work so he takes a step back. As the camera comes around to show the mans face, we now see the man is none other than Austin Angel who looks very determined to find a way into the locked stadium.

Angel: Damn you locking these doors Vick! I know your in there! I'll find a way in...somehow...

Austin now looks around before spotting a near by tree. He looks back at the locked gates and sees the metal spikes on top of the railing and with that he gets an idea. He puts the hood of his sweatshirt on his head to hide his face somewhat then takes a running start, and jumps onto the tree! Angel uses his amazing skills to climb up the tree until he reaches a high and long branch and he carefully slides onto it and to the end of the branch, realizing it leaves about 3 feet between him and the metal spikes atop the gate. Angel backs up against the tree, then takes a running start and jumps off the branch! Will he make it?

Angel lands behind the gate with an amazing jump and upon landing, he tucks and rolls to avoid injury. Angel now gets to his feet and looks around, spotting nobody around he runs down the cement walkway, passing multiple stands that serve food during football season as he goes. He runs up a couple flights of stairs and looks around as he reaches the team offices on the highest level of the stadium. He spots a sleeping security guard and quietly walks over to the guard and waves his hand in front of his face to no reaction. Angel now walks over to the door marked "Private Office: KEEP OUT!" and tries to open the door, but it's locked. He debates breaking the window but realizes it won't work so he walks back over to the guard, and slaps him across the face!

Angel: Wake up!

The security guard shakes his head violently as he wakes up and spots Austin Angel standing over him with a grin on his face. The guard jumps up to his feet and reaches for his taser, but Angel grabs his wrist to stop him.

Angel: Relax buddy! I'm not gonna hurt you provided you follow my commands.

Guard: Who are you? How'd you get in here?

Angel: That's not important damnit!

Angel slaps the guard again, who gets angry and tries to grab his taser, but again Angel grabs his wrist to stop him. The guard tries to use his free hand to punch Angel, but Angel uses his lightning fast speed to catch his fist, then twist his arm behind his back and he pushes up on the arm which causes the guard to yell in pain.

Angel: I guess you wanna do things the hard way don't you?

Angel now drags the guard into an open janitors closet and slams the door shut behind him, we hear sounds of a struggle before the door flies open about 5 minutes later. Suddenly we see what looks like the security guard walk out of the room but now his pants are at least two sizes too big and the same goes for his shirt and hat. As the "guard" gets closer to the office door we can see it's Austin Angel dressed as the security guard and he pulls out the keys and unlocks the door and slips inside the room

Angel uses another key to open a file cabinet and pulls out a bunch of manilla folders and flips through them one by one and throws them on the floor after realizing they don't contain what he's looking for. This process goes on for 10 more minutes before Angel reaches the last folder and pulls out a piece of paper and throws it down on the desk where we can now clearly see it says "PLAYER PERSONAL INFO" at the top in big bold red letters. Angel skims down the page until he finds the info on Micheal Vick and he scribbles it onto his arm before throwing the paper to the floor with the rest and calmly walking out of the room.

Angel: Now to confront him, once and for all and end this thing.

Angel starts walking towards the stairs when suddenly he hears "HEY YOU! HANDS IN THE AIR!" and Angel spins around to see two cops standing there with their guns drawn and the security guard he stole clothes from, standing behind them trying to hide.

Angel: This is not the time to pretend we don't care and wave our hands in the air! Now if you'll excuse me gentleman, I have some important business to take care of!

Angel runs down the stairs, losing the security guards pants as he goes and the cops chase him. As he reaches the bottom of the stairs, he steps out of the pants that are far too big for him and keeps running while the two cops and security guard, who is only wearing boxers and socks chase him but suddenly Angel stops as two more guards step out of the security office and stand in front of exit!


Angel realizes leaving the stadium through the gate he came in is no longer an option and now he runs into the stands and down towards the field with all the security chasing him, trying to beat him onto the field. The PWC Superstar now hops over the railing and onto the field as the field as the guards all follow, but the one who is pantsless ends up tripping and getting caught in the railing and hes left hanging there upside down. Angel uses his lightning fast speed to take off running down the field as one of the guards tries to tase him, but misses by a ton. Angel reaches the end zone at the end of the field and does a quick air guitar dance, shaking his hips while he does it.


Angel laughs as the guards keep chasing him, but before they can come within 10 yards of him he dives onto the railing opposite of where he entered the field and runs up the stands and the guards give up on chasing him as he hops onto the gate for the exit before hopping over it and sprinting down the sidewalk outside the stadium.

July 26th, 2013 10:00 PM
Unknown Address, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The PWC cameras now show Austin Angel, now wearing all black clothing with a ski mask covering his face and head. Angel is lurking in the bushes outside the big house and he looks inside the house and sees a man sitting, watching old football games as Angel grabs a rock and throws it through the window before sprinting away to the other side of the house as the man inside the house jumps up and looks outside but doesn't see anybody. He grabs the rock and throws it back outside, takes one final look around and doesn't see anybody so he turns around to go get something to patch the window with when suddnely, he gets hit over the head with a vase and it knocks him out!

July 26th, 2013 10:30 PM
Inside Said Unknown Address, Philadelphia, Pennslyvania

The man who was knocked out earlier now wakes up, tied to a chair as Austin Angel paces back and forth in front of him with a plastic toy sword in hand. The man tries to speak but he has a dirty gym sock stuffed into his mouth and Angel smirks as he stands in front of the man and points the toy sword at him.

Angel: What's the matter Micheal? Upset I got past all your assassins and have found you?

The man tries to speak but it can't be made out what he said.

Angel: Of course I still have 1 more assassin of yours to defeat...and that's Darius Black at Alpha & Omega. But don't worry once your dead he will be powerless to stop me from avenging Tommy Hendrix's death!

The man again tries to speak with no luck, Angel now wacks the man in the throat with the plastic sword and that causes him to cough and eventullay spit out the gym sock as he gasps and coughs trying to regain his breath.

Angel: Now tell me why you have been sending assassins to kill me Vick!

Man: What the hell are you talking about? I don't even know who you are!

Angel: Liar! I know your Micheal Vick and have been sending assassins to try and kill me for some reason!

Man: Wait what? I'm not Micheal Vick!

Angel: Stop lying!

Angel slams the plastic sword down on the groin of the man tied up which causes him to double over in pain as Angel just laughs at his pain. The man finally sits back up and glares at Angel, who just watches him struggle to attempt to get free.

Man: I swear I'm not Micheal Vick, I'm his brother Marcus! Micheal asked me to stay here and watch his house for him while he's on vacation! Look man, I don't know who you are but I swear nobody in this family is sending assassins after you bro! If you don't believe I'm not Micheal just check my wallet in the other room.

Angel decides to trust the man and walk into the other room until he finds a wallet and opens it, pulling out the ID and he walks back into the kitchen where he has the man who claims to be Marcus Vick tied up.

Angel: It would seem your story checks out as you do look like your picture here..."Marcus". But in that case you better provide some damn answers about why your brother is sending assassins after me to try and take me out! How much did he pay Darius Black to come after me and Tommy Hendrix?

Marcus: I still have no idea what your talking about. But if this Darius guy took out your friend Tommy what makes you think someone paid him to do it?

Angel: Because why else would he do it and then target me?!?

Marcus: I don't know man but just let me go! I won't even call the cops man just let me go!

Angel shrugs and picks up the plastic sword and tosses it to Marcus.

Angel: Figure it out yourself. I have a Parking Lot Brawl to prepare for against Darius Black. He took out my friend and now I have my chance to finally get revenge for that and all the times he took me out. He better bring his A game because I'm going to beat the living hell out of him at Alpha & Omega! And if he even tries to end my career again....I'm gonna break his damn leg!

Angel storms out of the house as Marcus Vick is left trying to cut himself free from a set of ropes with a plastic sword and the scene fades out.

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Five Years Ago
Mental Institution
Darius' room.

Darius is sat in the corner of his room, hitting the padded walls with his fist as he does this more ferociously. He stares over at the cell door with a cold stare in his eyes.

DARIUS: I'm fucking sick of this place, I'm sick of looking at these fucking padded walls and quite frankly I'm sick of hearing my own fucking voice. I never thought I'd let this place get to me, but I'm here for all the wrong reasons and I'm sick of acting like I don't care about being here. I do fucking care and I WANT TO BE FUCKING OUT RIGHT NOW. I'M SICK OF THIS PLACE. DO YOU HEAR ME, LET ME OUT NOW, LET ME OUT YOU MOTHERFUCKERS, OR I'LL SMASH THIS FUCKING CELL UP WITH MY BARE HANDS IF YOU DON'T LET ME FUCKING FREE...

Darius stands up sharply and rushes over to the cell door, punching and kicking at the door, before just dropping at the door and sitting there.

DARIUS: What's happening to me? I said that this place wouldn't get to me and it's already happening. No matter how much I scream and shout, they are not going to let me out of this pathetic, scum-filled place. Darius, you can control your emotions don't let this place override them, you're not like them, I'm not crazy, I'm not insane. I'm just a normal guy, why can't people see that? I shouldn't be in this fucking place, YOU HEAR ME MOTHERFUCKERS? I SHOULDN'T BE HERE, I KNOW YOU'RE OUTSIDE THAT CELL LISTENING TO ME, LET ME THE FUCK OUT YOU PIECE OF SHITS.

Darius bashes the cell door again multiple times, before putting his head in his hands as he mutters to himself.

DARIUS: It's happening again, I'm losing control. I don't know how much longer I can keep my sanity, I just want to explode and I want to unleash my anger on every single person outside of that cell door.

One Week Ago

Darius is rapidly punching a punching bag with determination in his eyes. He ends it with a huge punch, before beginning to pace around the Gym. Darius sits down on an old rusty chair and places a camera on the table in front of him, the flickering lights can be seen in the background.

DARIUS: As I sit here tonight, by myself, in this Gym I start thinking. About the future in particular, what's in store for me and what exactly I can do shape my future to be the best it possibly can be. I won't lie, I wasn't really in the mood for talking tonight, but it's vital I get my message across, specifically to Austin Angel. Yes, you heard right, that no-good jackass Angel. I'm a straight up guy, I say it how it is. If someone doesn't like that, then they can take that up with me personally.

*Darius brushes back his hair, shakes his head methodically and gives a cold stare to the camera.*

But just be aware, I don't take kindly to people invading my personal privacy and trying to make me look like a fool. I'm not a fool and I won't allow it, I'll simply make you look like a pussy. I'll break every bone in your body and I'll enjoy every second of it. I'm not a nice guy, I'm ruthless and all of these years I've just had this aggression building up inside of me that's been waiting to come out. I just had to find the right guy. And guess what? I found him. With me, the wheel doesn't stop turning, I'm constantly on the move and I'm constantly building myself up to be an even more fierce machine. I'm the guy nightmares are made of and I'm the guy that ends careers. Just erase everybody else from existence, there's only one name you need to remember any more and if you don't know that name by now then you're not worth my attention.

Darius picks the camera up and walks around the Gym with it, giving a 'tour'.

DARIUS: So, this is paradise, great huh? I mean, everything just looks so rich, don't you think? This is actually my favourite place to be, you know why? The reason why, is because I never have any invasive fucks here, never. On the off chance someone does come here, well, they regret that instantly. This my territory, it's where I collect my thoughts and it's where I become a REAL man. Trainers? Pah. Trainers are for pussies. I train myself and each day, I become more and more stronger. Austin Angel, this business is changing and quite frankly, I don't think you can keep up. This rockstar thing you have going on, it ain't working and deep down, you know it isn't.

Darius gives a sadistic smile to the camera, before placing it on the ring and kneeling down with his eyes close to the camera, aiming the message specifically at Angel'.

DARIUS: It's funny how times change, huh? Just a few years ago, I was locked up in this cell, losing my sanity and now I'm out, still losing my sanity but for good reason. It will pay off in the end, I am able to control my anger and store it for when it's really needed. I will defeat you Angel and I will wipe the carpet clean of you, you're nothing more than just another guy to me. Another guy getting in my way between that World Title and quite frankly, it's not a hard obstacle to overcome..

Darius stands up and walks out of the Gym as the Camera continues recording. He switches off the lights of the Gym as it goes to pitch black darkness.

Hammerstein Ballroom

Darius is pacing around backstage, Eriksen approaches him with caution.

ERIKSEN: So, uh..

DARIUS: What do you want Eriksen? I'm trying to prepare for my match, not that I need much preparation for that Chump Angel.

ERIKSEN: You think it's going to be an easy ride tonight then?

DARIUS: No, I don't think, I know. Tonight is my match, a Parking Lot Brawl. That's what everyone around here seems to be forgetting. Just because I hurt their feelings, they are going to suck up to that jackass Angel. He's not even going to get one hit on me tonight, this is MY playground and in my playground, what I say goes and I make the rules. By the time tonight is finished, Angel will be sat in a hospital bed being told he will no longer be able to wrestle. I'm going to end his career and I'm going to have the time of my life doing it. There's no way I'm losing tonight, and if anyone actually thinks there is any chance I'm losing tonight. They're delusional and most of all don't matter to me. You've seen how many times I've taken out Angel, tonight is no different.

Now if you excuse me, I have a match to focus on.

Eriksen watches on as Darius walks off methodically.

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~~Three Years Ago~~
London, England

It is a dark night in central London, and we're transported right to the scene of an empty alleyway behind a popular bar. The alleyway is empty, other than two men. One man is standing up over the other who lies on the floor; and we can hear the man on the floor audibly groaning in pain and holding his stomach... but we cannot see his face. There's a pool of blood around the man on the floor. The standing man looks down at the man we can safely assume inflicted the pain on him, but he slowly looks up to the sky and we can see that it is JAMES RICHARDS (Jay Rush). Richards breathes heavily and the look in his eyes make him seem like he is unsure of what he is going to do. Suddenly, he looks back down as his victim is able to just mutter a few words.

James... please... get me an ambulance. I'm sorry for-

The man is cut off as Richards quickly drives his foot into the man's chest!

James Richards:
You shut the fuck up, you worthless piece of shit! Why the fuck would I want to do anything to help you?

Richards looks back up to the sky and it looks as if he has a tear in his eye. He looks up into the sky and closes his eyes as a tear rolls down his cheek.

James Richards:
She was right about you from Day One. She told me that you were nothing but trouble; and that you'd ruin my life. She was right and the three things I care about most in this world are gone because of you, you total fucking arsehole!

Richards quickly leans down and punches the man on the floor in the face three times, before he rises back to his feet again and steps away and takes a deep breath.

James Richards:
I'm just going to leave you here; you don't deserve the help of others. You've got everything you deserve tonight, I'll see you around... "Mate".

James' right shoe is the focus of the shot, but we suddenly see a knife drop into the shot and bounce on the floor in slow motion. Richards starts to walk away back towards the main road that can be faintly heard in the distance as the man lying in his own blood on the ground is heard shouting.



Episode II: Reassurance​

~~Ten Years Ago~~
Manchester, England
Storm Modelling Agency HQ Car Park

A red Renault Magane pulls up into a parking space marked "VISITORS" right near the front door of Storm's HQ. The front side passenger door opens first, and the younger JAMES RICHARDS (Jay Rush) steps out of the car and immediately has his eyes focused on the building in front of him. After a few seconds his mother exits the car from the driver's side and she has a smile on her face as she also looks at the modern architecture before her.

So this it the place?

James Richards:
This is the place. Storm Modelling Agency. I can't believe my first ever modelling job is going to be with these guys!

What have I told you about getting cocky, James? I only told you this morning! It is all good and well being confident but you don't know what is going to happen in there.

Richards looks down at his feet and then turns to his mother and leans on the car.

James Richards:
I know, you're right. You wanna know the truth? I'm bricking myself. This is huge. I'm nervous, Mum.

Quickly, Mum scurries around the car and grabs her son in a tight embrace. James tries not to make eye contact with the Storm employees walking past, and he tries to break free but he can't get away.

You might be growing up now and you might be Mr Cool to all of your friends, but you'll always be my little man, no matter what! You're perfect and don't let anyone tell you otherwise, and if these people don't appreciate your talent then it is their loss... who are you texting?

Whilst still in the hug, James is on his phone texting and ignoring everything his mother is saying!

James Richards:
Oh, it is just Simon... he said that I'm a big girl for going for this but he wishes me luck anyway.

Mum releases James from the hug, and then adjusts her bag and starts to walk towards the agency building briskly, leaving James to play catch-up.

James Richards:
Why do you do this? I don't understand why you don't like him!

Look, I have my reasons, okay? Come on, let's just get you to this audition so this journey wasn't a complete waste of time.​


~~Present Day~~
Manhattan, New York
Basketball Court​

We see a shot of a line of inner city basketball courts on the along the streets of Manhattan. The court that we are on is seemingly empty, but we can see a group of men in the middle of an intense game of basketball on the court next to the one we are on.

Oh Danny Boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling...

Singing the first line of the famous Irish folk song, JAY RUSH walks in from the side of the screen, and he's dressed in a way that we've never seen before. He's wearing a basketball jersey and shorts and he has a gold chain wrapped around his neck.

Jay Rush:
Daniel Reese, where do I start with you then, ey? Great win on Vortex, by the way! You're name might be the one going down in the victor's column but I was the one that was standing over you when all was said and done which is what really matters.

Rush looks at the camera with an inquisitive look.

Jay Rush:
I really think that I'm starting to understand you as well, 'Danny Boy'... you think that just because you think you've got a bit of an edge now, and because you were able to get a fluke victory over me on Vortex, that you're just going to breeze past me at Alpha and Omega? Am I right? Of course I am.

Rush starts to show off a bit of an aggressive side now.

Jay Rush:
Well let me tell you, 'Danny Boy', that you couldn't be more wrong. You, nor anyone in PWC has seen what Jay Rush is capable of yet and once you all do at Alpha and Omega I will be getting the title match that I deserve. I'm ready for you, Reese, I was born ready... just like I was born... beautiful.

A smirk comes across the male model's face as he says that line.

Jay Rush:
So I am going to wipe the floor with you and I am going to look good as I do it. Anyway, what is it that you guys call a basketball around here? A rock? Yeah, sounds stupid enough. Pass me the rock, you repulsive hound.

A basketball is flung at Rush with some force; the comments obviously annoyed the man behind the camera. Rush starts bouncing the ball up and down and he nods his head as he does.

Jay Rush:
'Danny Boy' I want you to watch this because I am going to prove that anything you can do, I can do better. But the one thing that you need to remember is that this Sunday at Alpha and Omega... you're going to get RUSHED!

With that, Rush turns around and sprints towards the basketball hoop behind him and lands an emphatic slam dunk! He pouts for the camera once he lets go of the rim and lands back on the floor and starts to walk back towards the camera and obviously thinking that it is off.

Jay Rush:
What a stupid fucking sport.

Just something to make a note of... The title of my first RP for Vortex #7 was

Episode I: Belief​

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We open up to a wide hallway embezzled with basketball posters of some of the great NBA players namely players from the organization, the Los Angeles Lakers. Posters of Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West, Shaquille O’Neal, and Kobe Bryant fill the hallways highlighting the best times of their careers. The cameras fade out and we see Daniel Reese is staring at the poster of Kobe Bryant, his favorite player in the sport he once did for a living. He scans the poster, even remembering those times he watched Kobe play live at the Staples Center. Just then, a voice rings out.

???: Dude, how has it been?

In view walks in a man, not shorter than Reese, about the same height of 6’6. He is dressed in basketball shorts and an official Lakers shirt with sweat dripping, seemingly just coming back from the team’s practice.

Reese: Andy, it’s been a while. How was practice?

The man is revealed as Andy Warren, Reese’s best friend since they were toddlers, and former teammates before Reese decided to pursue wrestling as a career.

Andy: Yeah, been a long while buddy. I see you staring at these posters, doesn’t it make you miss the basketball life?

Reese ponders for a moment about his answer before nodding his head.

Reese: Honestly, I do miss this. But I’ve got other things to worry about. Why’d you call me here by the way? And why’d you specifically ask me to dress to play some ball?

Andy has a smirk on his face that he just can’t contain.

Andy: Actually, I’ve got a surprise for you man. It took a whole lot of work but I managed to pull some strings. And well...

Reese: Well what?

Andy: We’re only an hour into practice and I’ve convinced the coaching staff to let you watch us practice. I don’t know, I just thought that it would cheer you up after your recent struggles in the world of wrestling.

Reese: Struggles?

Reese now looks annoyed, not happy one bit with his best friend. He lets out a big sigh thinking that maybe Andy was right about this one.

Andy: Look, I don’t mean to bash you bro, but I’ve been following your work in PWC. It looks like you could use a little motivation. Cause man, I remember when you were on the court, you were just guns ablazing, giving it 150% all the time. Now, it’s just like you’re going through the motions.

Reese looks down, clearly taking to heart what his best friend has just said. Could he be right about this?

Reese: I appreciate the help buddy, but I’m doing just fine. Didn’t you see what happened last week? I got a win over an impressive rookie in Jay Rush.

Andy: I did see that. But don’t you remember what happened after the match? He put you down man. The Reese I know wouldn’t have been on his back. The Reese I know would’ve taken that punk to school.

Again Reese lets out a big sigh before moving to the side and letting Andy lead the way to the court where the entire Lakers roster is having their practice. As if he didn’t know already, since he played for them before getting into wrestling.

The place was just as Reese remembered it. It was a nice, glossy court and all we could hear were shoes scrapping against the hardwood, making that squeaking noise. Andy took Reese to a spot where the media were at since the practice was being held live for the media. Reese had a pretty good seat to just take in the atmosphere of what was going on.

Andy: Stand by buddy. Sorry about the media but this is the best I could do.

Reese lets out a nod acknowledging Andy for his effort. Reese just sat there watching the Lakers players get on the court and do their thing. However, something triggered a reaction in Reese’s mind.

Reese: Oh boy, look at the life I could’ve had. The media attention, the financial support, and the joy of playing basketball. What more could I want? Instead, I’m stuck doing wrestling.

Reese has his hands in his head. Clearly thinking that he may have made a mistake jumping into the world of wrestling when he had something good going with basketball in his life.

Reese: Am I really cut out for wrestling? I may have jumped to conclusions too soon. It’s too late now. Just look at Andy out there, he’s killing it. That could’ve been me and him out there tearing it up in the court. Man, what have I gotten myself into.

Just then a hand comes onto the shoulder of Reese, and it belongs to Andy. However, Andy has something in a case in his hand. Reese looks totally confused. When he looks up, he sees that the stuff going on on the court has stopped, the media now has their attention to him and Andy. Not only that, but the entire Lakers roster had their eyes on what was going on.

Reese: What’s going on?

Andy: C’mon man. Have you forgotten already?

Andy brings up the case in his hand and hands it over to Reese who takes it from him.

Andy: Two years ago, you left the Los Angeles Lakers franchise to do something that was importantly not only to you but to your father and we greatly admire that. But don’t you remember what happened that year? That year, we won the NBA Championship against the Miami Heat. It was a great game.

Reese’s mind is jogging memories and it plays in his head, clearly out of it for a while.

Andy: In that case is your ring man. Your championship ring.

Reese opens the case and in sight is the championship ring. Embezzled in white gold and donning the colors of purple and gold, Reese put the ring on for all to see.

Reese: Oh man, I totally didn’t see this coming man. I completely forgot any of this happened because of what happened all those years ago with my father, it was just devastating. But one question man, why did you ask me to wear clothes fit for basketball?

Andy: Because...we want you to take the floor and practice with us one more time. For old times sake.

Reese has a big smile on his face as he gets into a manly hug with his best friend. A male reporter from ESPN then comes up to Reese asking him a question.

ESPN Reporter: So Daniel Reese, does this mean you’re headed back to the NBA?

Reese looks out of it after what just happened and then someone asks him this. However, Reese gains his composure and gets his answer out to the world.

Reese: You know what, the door to the NBA is not closed at this point in my life. First and foremost, I’m a member of the Premier Wrestling Circuit and I have my obligations. And right now, my obligation is to beat Jay Rush at the Alpha and Omega pay-per-view.

We then hear the members of the Lakers roster begin to applaud Reese.

Reese: Lately, I’ve been contemplating whether I was cut out for the whole wrestling shtick. And what I just realized is that yes, I am. And do you wanna know why?

Reese takes a moment here before he answers.

Reese: It’s because Daniel Reese is no quitter. No one ever said that path to wrestling would be easy. The things we want most in life are the things we need to work the hardest for. It’s like when I really wanted to play basketball for a living, I busted my tail to get to where I was in basketball. And now, I’m gonna bust my ass to get to where I wanna get in the world of wrestling.

With more confidence in his tone, Reese continues on.

Reese: I know this isn’t exactly what you guys were looking for but I wanna take this opportunity to address all my doubters out there. First of all, thank you. I realize now that I need doubters in my life because I sure as hell want to prove them all wrong. There’s just no better feeling than that. And lastly, to my opponent at Alpha and Omega, Jay Rush. Rush, I hope you’re ready because you’re getting the best of Daniel Reese now. I go 150% in that ring and you’re gonna feel all 150% of my skill in that ring. I need this win. I’m desperate for this win. Because if, no. WHEN I win, then that’ll be the indication to myself that I came through when I needed to the most. That I have what it takes to take me to the top of PWC. And believe me when I say it, but I’m gonna go into Alpha and Omega and collect my win against you Rush and continue going up from there because like I said…I’m desperate.

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September 2011

Muhammad: I’m home.

A few hours later

The gym bag turned into a makeshift suitcase is slung over Muhammad’s shoulders. He looks on in the warm air at the endless line of taxis, getting into the closest passenger free vehicle. The taxi driver stares at Muhammad through the rear view mirror, waiting for directions. Muhammad pulls out a slip of paper with the address of his family’s home which he found in his mother’s belongings. After reading the address out to the driver, Muhammad starts to appreciate the air conditioning in the taxi after being stood in the searing Middle Eastern heat for just a few moments.

30 minutes later

He’s been here maybe 3/4 times in his life on family holidays, it’s where his parents lived before they moved to America. The house is located in a safe, comfortable neighbourhood, in the near distance is where the business run city is, towered by skyscrapers owned by various corporations. Muhammad reaches towards the front door and rings the bell before stepping back slightly.

No answer.

He tries again.

No answer.

He tries looking through the window but the house looks deserted, he’s sure this is where his siblings were.

???: There’s no one living there.

Muhammad swings around to see an old lady in a pink and white headscarf. He introduces himself and his reason for returning in Arabic.

Old Lady: Your brothers and sister are in the Al Rayan orphan home. One of those fancy American men in an expensive suit came by with a few volunteers from the orphan home and took the children. It’s not far, I’ll get my nephew Habib to drive you there.


A young man the same age as Muhammad comes out the lady’s house, he stretches his hand out.

Habib: As-Salamu Alaykum.

Muhammad: Walaykum Asalam brother.

Habib: My mother has informed me of your troubles.

Muhammad: Thank you for helping me, we should be on our way.

A 10 minute drive later and they reach the destination.

Habib: Brother, I’ll wait in the car until you are done.

Muhammad nods before making his way into the 3 story building. He immediately notices the American man amongst the Arabs. He raises his voices as he approaches them.

Muhammad: Excuse me gentlemen, I’m told my brothers and sister are being looked after here. I need them to be discharged straight away.

The man behind the counter asks for ID. Muhammad pulls out his passport and passes it over the counter.

???: Mr.Islami is it?

The American man with greasy slicked back blonde hair and a navy suit introduces himself.

Mr Robinson: My name is Sean Robinson, I was the one who informed the orphanage of the untimely passing of your mother. My condolences.

Muhammad: Well I’m here now, the little brats won’t trouble you anymore.

Mr Robinson: May I ask, how do you plan on caring for your siblings? By my understanding, your time is taken up by anti-American protests and your wrestling antics.

Muhammad: I don’t d-

Mr Robinson interrupts.

Mr Robinson: Furthermore, there is no way your siblings will be allowed into the United States, not with an unstable future at your hands being their most likely destiny. I mean, you wrestle in high school gyms, that hardly puts food on your table, you can’t deal with 3 more mouths to feed. I’m sorry, but these kids are staying put until we can find them a new family to live with.

Muhammad replies through gritted teeth.

Muhammad: Mr Robinson, I’m close to making it big, sooner or later my wrestling career will take off and my brothers and sister will be taken care of. Now if you’ll please bring them out.

Three heads pop up from behind the glass conjoining the main reception with the play room. They bang on the glass joyously. Muhammad races towards the door to the playroom but is immediately held back by a number of the orphanage staff.

Mr Robinson: Mr Islami, you’re not permitted to see them until this nation’s government verifies your identity.

Muhammad: What…this is my mother nation, and now the white American has more authority than a native in his own country.

He shrugs off the men restraining him and makes his way to Mr Robinson.

Muhammad: I can deal with you people in the West. I can deal with the sick oppression you place on my people. But in my own country?

He’s just about able to hold in the rage.

Muhammad: Mr Robinson my blood is boiling and my fists are clenched. So I suggest you get your miserable ass out of my country, before blind rage takes over.

Mr Robison smirks before whispering.

Mr Robison: Make me, dune head.

Muhammad immediately cracks his head into Mr Robinson’s face, they both stumble back, Mr Robinson more so. Within a matter of seconds Muhammad is restrained once more before security arrive and handcuff him.

Blood trickling from Mr Robinsons right eyebrow, he leans in towards his foe’s face which is now squashed against the marble flooring, courtesy of the extra large security guard.

Mr Robinson: You’re gonna wish you never did that you dirty little Arab. I’m a powerful man in a powerful place. Within a matter of hours you’ll be on a plane back to your worthless life in Washington and you’ll never see these kids again. I’ll personally see to it that your darling little sister is adopted by a fat, old Arab man with a sick fetish for young girls.

Muhammad tries to fight out of the grip of the security staff in an attempt to get another satisfying taste of Mr Robinson’s blood.


Muhammad wakes up in a prison cell with a searing headache from a bump on his head. He pulls out a letter tucked into his trousers and begins to read.

Dear Mr Islami

Your citizenship has been erased and you’re gonna be placed on the next flight to Washington DC. I could have told you this in person but I fear for my well being in your presence. Rather, I’ve taken the chance to enlighten you about your ideology through writing.

We are not the enemy, you must realise this. We allow all kinds of people into our great nation, from black to yellow, purple to green, we’ve got them all. They have opportunities they would never obtain in the third world nations they come from, the same goes for your people Mr Islami. We give you homes, food, warmth and everything in between. After all this is it so wrong that we take the lion’s share of prosperity? In spite of everything, we’ve provided your people with everything they need to live a comfortable life in the United States. Therefore my concluding thoughts on you and your ideology is that you are a vicious man with a vicious ideology with the intention of dividing the human race based on a minority of cases involving racism towards the Arab people. This fact has been hammered home to me from the brief 10 minutes we spent in each other’s company.

Don’t hate us for being more successful, you should be embracing us for giving your people a way out.

This is the last you’ll hear of me because believe it or not, when I said I was a powerful man I meant it, therefore I don’t have the time to be bickering back and forth with you. You pushed me today and I’ve dealt with you, or rather your siblings as a result of this. You’ll not be seeing them again until they are old enough.

Do not bite the American hand that feeds you, Mr Islami.

Sean Robinson

The emotions flowing through him, Muhammad begins talking to himself, almost as if he were possessed.

Muhammad: No family…they’re all gone…Mum, Dad, Tarek, The Silver Sheikh, my brothers and sister, all taken away from me because of these FUCKING Americans throwing their weight around. No attachments anymore, no one holding me back, the words and wisdom of The Silver Sheikh is alive and kicking in me. I’ll make them pay father, I’ll make them pay.

Present Day

At your typical American diner in what seems to be red neck country, Muhammad is sat on one side of a table while the camera man is sat opposite.

Muhammad: Racists and Racettes of the PWC universe, here we are in some swamp like state of ‘this great nation’. What am I doing in this strange place I hear you ask. Well, today I thought I’d get out of Washington and try to broaden my thoughts, you see, I’ve been told I’m very stubborn in my beliefs and that I should, I quote, “get out more”. So I’ve come to a different part of America in order to research the people and their thoughts on me, as an Arab. Now I’ve literally been in this diner for 10 minutes and every single pair of eyes has been locked on to the brown man. I’ve be-

???: We kno watchyu are!

Muhammad: Ahhh, one of the intelligent life forms has spoken.

Muhammad gets up and stands in the middle of the diner, directed towards a man in his late 50s.

Muhammad: Yes Mr Speaker, and what am I?

???: Yuze a terrorist.

A couple of ‘yeahhhh’ and ‘that’s right’ shouts are heard across the diner.

Muhammad: And why is that Mr Speaker? Because I’m brown maybe? No no can’t be that, it’s because I’m Muslim right? Naahhh you don’t believe in prejudices in this here part of the US of A. You must have seen me, with your own eyes, fly a plane into a tower huh.

A few grumbles among the people of the diner. Muhammad whispers to Steve the camera man.

Muhammad: Steve go start the car.

Muhammad takes the camera.

Muhammad: You people are the same as the city folk you so despise. Without a second thought, you judge a man on his race. Now, I could go on with another of my truth speeches but I feel you’re too stupid as a result of your inbred genetics to understand it, hell you don’t even know what I’m saying even now. Maybe you’ll understand this.

Muhammad pulls out an American flag and a battle flag of the confederacy from his back pocket along with a lighter. He ties them together before lighting them up. The men of the diner, outraged, rise from their seats and charge, by this point Muhammad is already out the door, he dives through the window of the car as Steve the camera man drives off before the red necks could get them.


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*Danny Eriksen is seen walking backstage. He pauses outside a door, knocks and motions for his camera crew to follow him before he walks into what seems to be a Dressing Room. The room would be deserted if it wasn't for one lone man sat in the corner. As he leans over to pull his boots out of the bag that is lying on the ground, the camera focuses and it becomes clear that it's Daiko.

As Daiko pulls his boots out of his back, he looks up to Eriksen and nods with a bored look on his face. It looks like he was expecting Eriksen, but he's clearly not that interested in this interview.

Eriksen turns to his cameracrew.*

Danby Eriksen: You ready?

*Eriksens crew do their final equipment checks.*

Cameraman: Yeah boss.

Sound Guy: Mhmm.

Danny Eriksen: Right, mee mee mee moo moo...

*Daiko looks up slightly from his bag at the sound of the Premier Wrestling Circuit's Interviewer doing his vocal test and he shakes his head and stifles laughter.

Eriksen finishes his test and adjusts his tie before turning to the camera with a dazzling smile on his face.*

Danny Eriksen: Ladies and gentlemen, I'm here in the Save Mart Center with Daiko and can I ask, why are you preparing your ring gear? You don't have a match tonight, so is there something that you aren't telling us? Are you planning to interfere in Sam Dancers match with the PWC Champion, Xander Black?

Daiko: Of course I'm planning to interfere.. I'm guessing this interview won't be available for anyone to see for a few days though *Eriksen nods* so that point is fairly moot. For you lot though, enjoy what happens tonight. I know I will.

*Daiko starts to pull one of his boots on as he talk*

Of course, I won't need this *he motions to his ring gear* to cost Dancer his match, I'm just preparing to get back into the ring for the first time in two weeks after I picked up a slight injury in my match against The Reaper. I felt my ankle give way in my match with him and made the decision to leave the match and get it checked, which is the reason for me walking, but as we both know, Dancer decided to show his true colours and attack a wounded man. Knowing my body, I wasn't willing to risk fighting with him and instead decided to back off. Unfortunately, in my injured state, my mind was so clouded that I somehow ended up back in the ring which cost me the match.

*Eriksen looks a little supspicious of Daiko's words, but he doesn't seem to have a better explanation for Daiko's absence, so he holds his tongue*

Daiko: Now, I'm not here for vengence, I'm just here to stack the deck. In my eyes, we're one for one in our little feud and I don't like that. There's no reason for me to be breaking even with someone like Dancer. I've wrestled with the best wrestlers on this fuckin' planet and the only thing Dancer has done is wrestled with the decision to buy another drink.

*Daiko finishes lacing his boots up and stands up*

This is not a simple little feud, this is me proving my worth to the PWC, to anyone who still gives a damn about me on this planet and, most importantly, to myself. In that Steel Cage, there won't be any room for mistakes. No matter how injured I am and no matter how tired I get, I have to stand strong and keep my head. If not, I will have already lost.

*Daiko stares down the camera with an intensity that is unusual, even for him*

The time has come Dancer, so say your prayers and drink your last drop because when the referee counts the 1-2-3, your entire world comes crashing down around you, this was all on you. If you had just kept your mouth shut, the pain you will be feeling would have never needed to happen.

*Requim of the Drunk can be heard echoing throught the Save Mart Center. Daiko looks up and smiles*

Looks like I'm up.

*He grabs his hooded jacket from his bag and leaves the room. Eriksen turns to the camera with an annoyed look on his face*

Danny Eriksen: Can't stand interviewing him.. He never lets me get a fuckin' word in..

Cameraman: Uh Danny, we're still shooting here.

Danny Eriksen: Thank christ for editing.

*Eriksen laughs*


July 26th, 2013

3:12 am

*A dull flashing glow from the static on a television is the only thing that lights up a dark room. Daiko is seen sitting on the edge of a bed with his bedsheets drawn over his shoulders. He's staring down at the ground, but he looks like his mind is somewhere else entirely. A sudden light and vibration from the mobile phone right beside him snaps him out of the trance like state he was in. He lets the phone finish vibrating and then picks it up and unlocks it to see that he has a text message. He opens it and begins to read.*

Daiko: Aaron, meet me by the fountain at 3. We'll talk then.

*Daiko drops his phone back down beside him and lies back on his bed. He rolls over and tries to get some sleep, but it just won't come.*


2:57 pm - 'The Fountain'

*The sun is shining down on the Bethesda Fountain as Daiko stands by a wall and looks down on the gushing fountain. He gets a few odd looks from passing tourists which he ignores. A few minutes pass and a boy who looks no older than 12 walks over to Daiko with a pen and some paper in his hand.*

Young Boy: Ummmm, Mr Daiko sir, I've seen you wrestling on the TV and I'm, umm, I'm wondering if you could sign this please. I'm your biggest fan.

*Daiko looks down at his 'biggest fan'*

Daiko: No. Go away.

*The boy looks close to tears as he runs back over to his waiting parents. A man who looks like he could be his dad leans down and comforts him before walking over to Daiko who is looking back down at the fountain*

Possible Dad: Look dick, my kid has just begged me for 3 weeks to get a ticket just to see you fucking wrestle. The least you can do is take 10 seconds to squiggle some crap onto a piece of paper and make his day.

*Daiko ignores him.*

The Dad: Does making a kid cry make you proud? Huh? Is that something that you are fuckin' proud of?

*Daiko looks right into the eyes of the pissed off dad*

Daiko: Go away. Now.

*The dad shakes his head and mutters something under his breath before walking away*

The Dad: C'mon lad, just forget about that idiot.

*The family walk away with disgusted looks on their face and Daiko goes back to looking at the fountain until someone approaches him from just outside his field of view. The person coughs to get his attention*

Daiko: If you're looking for an autograph, you can fuck off too.

??: Why would I want an autograph?

*Daiko's head snaps round at the sound of a female voice that he recognises. A voice that he had wished he would never hear again for as long as he lived*

Daiko: Mum?

*Daiko looks on with a mixture of anger and pain on his face as his mother tilts her head and smiles at the son she abandoned years before.

Daiko takes a few seconds to regain his composure and a few more to mull over all the thoughts that are racing through his head before finally speaking*

Daiko: What the fuck are you doing here?

Daiko's mum: Excuse me?

Daiko: Oh, I'm sorry, where are my fucking manners. What the fuck are you doing here, bitch?

Daiko's mum: What the hell is wrong with you?

*Daiko throws his hands up in exasperation*

Daiko: Oh I don't fucking know, maybe it's the fact that I have a lot on my plate at the moment. Maybe it's that I was up until 3 in the fucking morning waiting for a call from what I thought was a friend or maybe it's the fact that the bitch who left me for dead has just waltzed back into my life and is expecting me to just act like the majority of the last decade never fucking happened.

Daiko's mum: Look, I know thi..


*A group of tourist nearby leap in fright at the sound of Daiko shouting and the closest police officers start to make their way towards the commotion.

Daiko's mum notices a police officer look in their direction and motions for her son to follow*

Daiko's mum: I know you really don't want to speak to me, but there's no other option at this moment. You can either speak to me and I can start to make amends for whatever I have done..

*Daiko opens his mouth to speak*

Daiko's mum: Let me finish. Please.

*Daiko shuts his mouth and an audible click is heard as his teeth collide against each other*

Daiko's mum: Now, we can try and fix what is wrong here or we can just go in opposite directions and never speak to each other again.

*Daiko spots the Police Officer who has started to walk in their general direction and motions to his mum*

Daiko: Lead the way.

*Daiko's mum lets out a sigh of relief and starts to walk towards the exit of Central Park with her son right behind her.*

Daiko's mum: So... How about that autograph then?

Daiko: Go fuck yourself.

*Daiko's mum laughs as the scene fades out*

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Present day
Near Fresno, CA

Faded reeds and dried blades of grass pierced the cold earth. Gust-swept bundles of russet leafs adorned the far-off piece of highway. The urban skyline of Fresno was barely in sight, but the harsh stadium lights of the Save Mart Centre were long gone. At an alarming ninety miles per hour, an ice-white ’06 Isuzu KB 250 was barrelling along the road. In the passenger seat, a jittery Danny Eriksen was grabbing hold of his seatbelt.

Mr Vos, I don’t know what the meaning of this is...

Eriksen saw Freddie shooting him a glance and a grin, his ivory pendants jangling in the speeding truck.

Come now, Danny.

Danny stared at Vos in horror as Freddie’s chilling blue eyes were off the road, far too long for his liking.

You always want an interview, don’t you? You won’t forget this one!


2008, April 20
Angola, specific location unknown

When Pvt. Benjamin Locke awoke, the world was a muddy haze. The dull pain in his left temple slowed his mind immensely. As he got to his knees, he saw the grey cement walls and the rusty iron bars. Instinctively, he knew that it was an Angolan jail cell. The metallic taste in his mouth hastened him to put his hand on his lip. His deep sense of despair, coupled with the crimson drops on his finger, caused his legs to lose some of their strength, but just as he began to topple over, a figure grabbed hold of his shirt and caught him.

Nee, Ben! You won’t leave me alone with these baboons again!

Locke conceded a wry smile when he saw the familiar face. Freddie wasn’t looking much better – the shiner on his left eye and the cut on his arm gave him comfort – yet he had the feeling that his countryman had been waiting in his recovery for a while already. Freddie let go of him and Ben was just about able to stand on his own two feet.

Where the hell are we, Fred?

Look, while we were trying to sniff out the rebels, we were attracting a lot of attention. Not our fault, though. Two white men asking questions in rural Angola? Of course we’d attract attention!

So the papers the Sarge gave us were bad?

No, the documents looked okay, but he couldn’t have known that the one monkey in this damn hell-hole that was actually worth a damn was working in a local police station in southern Angola!

Projecting his voice down the corridor of the holding facility, Vos’s voice boomed.


Wh- what?

Checking around for any sign of the guards, Vos pulled Locke over to one side.

Look, just follow my lead. Everything will work itself out if you keep quiet, okay?

Ben didn’t know what to make of any of this. Silently, he nodded his head.


Present day
Near Fresno, CA

Freddie slammed on the brakes. He threw out the truck’s rear and within seconds, the vehicle came to a standstill, much to Eriksen’s delight.

Get out, I have a present for you.

Freddie got out and opened the Isuzu’s canopy. Cautiously, Danny obliged and followed Vos to the back of the truck. When he saw what was inside, he took a step back.


2008, April 20
Angola, specific location unknown

After several hours alone in the dirty holding area, Ben perked up at the sign of approaching footsteps. Freddie was led along the concrete corridor, escorted by two massive Angolan men, dressed in military fatigues and brandishing AK-47’s. While the guards were of a grim disposition, Freddie was beaming. The rusted iron lock’s rattle was sheer bliss to Ben’s ears. The key twisted the cell open and Freddie beckoned Ben closer.

It’s all right, Boet. These fine gentlemen.. .

Freddie looked up at the sneering soldiers and gave them each a pat on the back.

...are going to escort the both of us out of here.

The four men marched back out the corridor and upon leaving, the two soldiers of fortune were handed back their possessions. Freddie twirled his hunting knife and gleefully concealed it in his back pocket. Without so much as a farewell, the pair walked out of the building. Noting Locke’s astonishment, Freddie gave him a gentle look.

Don’t worry. Let’s get back to the rendezvous point. When we get back to the sergeant, I’ll tell him what happened.

Freddie’s expression hardened.


Of course...

Putting his scepticism behind him, Locke joined Freddie on the trek back to the rural town of Ondjiva.


Present day
Near Fresno, CA

The silver Zippo gleamed brightly in Freddie’s hand. With the other hand, he flicked its cap open, letting out a chime. The flickering flame danced in the autumn breeze.

You know what this is, Eriksen?

It’s a lighter.

Eriksen did not know what to make of Freddie’s unnatural, toothy grin. The ex-soldier snap shut the Zippo.


With some effort, Freddie hauled two transparent plastic containers out of the truck. The two ten-gallon barrels made a dull thud as they connected with the ground. An auburn liquid swirled around inside them.

You know what that is, Danny? Go on, take a sniff.

The unmistakable scent of fuel entered Eriksen’s nostrils.

Holy shit, man! That’s gasoline! Where did you get this, Freddie?

Freddie kept silent for a few agonising seconds.

Mister Eriksen, please. I am asking the questions here, but yes, you are correct again.

Using his knife, Freddie punctured one of the containers. The high-octane liquid spilled all over the roadside, but some dripped from the weapon as well. There was another chime to be heard as Freddie was holding the open flame dangerously close to the gasoline. He lit the tip of the hunting knife instead. Within moments the blade briefly flared up. Freddy held the knife aloft.

You see this, Danny? So beautiful, so pure...

Mr Vos, I beg you, please put that away!

Instead, Freddie pointed the weapon at Eriksen. Vos’s smile vanished.

I will not warn you not to speak out of turn a third time, Danny.

The fire died down, but Freddie was still pointing the razor-sharp blade at Danny. He held the interviewer’s gaze again before lowering the knife.


2008, April 22
Angola, specific location classified

Sgt. Cooper was in a jovial mood when Pvt. Locke and Pvt. FC Vos made it to the rendezvous point. Just outside of Ondjiva, the twelve soldiers made themselves home on an abandoned plot of land. Many of the local farmers were scared off by southern rebel activity and farmlands like those were among the many casualties of the Angolan revolt.

Sorry we made it here before you, gentlemen.

It was a dilapidated hut, but it was a good enough barracks. The commanding officer improvised himself a desk out of two wooden crates and a plank of wood. It held maps, diagrams and a bottle of whiskey.

Privates Vos and Locke reporting in for duty, sir!

At ease, boys. All in all, the rest of the crew had a very successful sweep.

Ben spotted only ten of the original twelve men that joined them on their mission.

Venter and Williams, sir?

Cooper’s grin grew dimmer.

They haven’t returned. Local papers reported two unidentified bodies matching their description. I was wondering if you two shared their fate.

It was Freddie who interrupted the brief silence.

Well, Sir, at least I have some good news.

Freddie pointed his index finger on one of the maps cluttering his sergeant’s desk.

We ran into some of the local authorities. They double-checked our papers, sir, and arrested us but we were able to convince them that we’re on the same side, rooting out the rebel forces.


A local police chief was kind enough to share some of his intel with us. He says that’s where one of the rebel remnant armies pick up supplies from the locals. He said that they don’t have a large enough force to send regular patrols, so we came at just the right time.

The sergeant’s mirth returned as he keyed the coordinates into his mobile GPS-unit. He rose to his feet and shook the two men’s hands.

Well, done, boys, well done indeed! Take a break, you’ve earned it... Corporal.


Present day
Near Fresno, CA

Do you know the phrase, “scorched earth”, Danny?

I’m not sure where you’re going with th-

It’s quite the infamous military strategy. During the Anglo-Boer war, when the English invaded South-Africa, they amassed a great army – 500.000 strong – far outnumbering the Boers at 30 000, but the Boers had home field advantage...

Freddie takes a look at the fuel drums and clutches at the pendant on his chest.

The Afrikaners used guerrilla tactics, combined with pragmatism and their superior knowledge of the terrain, to inflict massive casualties to the English army. Those who didn’t die in battle, perished because of disease or because their pasty, weak, English bodies couldn’t handle the African sun. In 1900 a man called Kitchener decided to employ this “scorched earth”, forcing the Boers to surrender. The Khakis burnt down farms and homes – all the backward farmers had – until they had to surrender to the English.

Vos glares back at Eriksen.

Now, why am I telling you this?

Total silence befell a scared and puzzled Danny Eriksen.

Herbert Kitchener was made a lord and a general. He was given a hero’s welcome in Britain. Why? Because he murdered hundreds of innocent civilians in order to win. Some might call him a war criminal, but I call him a visionary.

Freddie stowed his hunting knife back into his pocket and removed the last item from the back of the truck – a man-sized burlap sack. He tugged the bag out of the vehicle and let it fall onto the pools of fuel. Eriksen’s eyes widened, he did not dare guess the contents of the bag.


2008, April 23
Angola, specific location classified

The unit drove to the location provided by the Angolan police. They were primed and ready, eager to complete their mission and to receive the compensation that comes with it.

ManureTheBear said:
Where are the rebels?

The whole population of the small African village were on their knees – all except the young and healthy men. About a dozen soldiers, armed with assault rifles, were keeping them subdued. The commanding sergeant, Sgt Cooper, was barking questions at the locals.
There was not a single Angolan rebel to be found in the entire, confused village.

ManureTheBear said:
Where are they? I’m not asking you again!

A village elder arose. He was clothed in a colourful cloak and a feathered headdress.

Why? Why do you do this to us? We have done you no harm!

Shut up, old man! Corporal Vos, deal with him!

With measured steps, Freddie approached the elder. He slung his rifle from his shoulder and, using the butt of the gun, bashed the old man in the back of the knee, forcing back downward. His carved, ivory pendants rattle as his face collides with them. It is kept there by the heel of Freddie’s boot.
Freddie never did find out the name of the old man – an anonymous casualty of war.


Present day
Near Fresno, CA

Let me tell you something, Danny.

Freddie relaxed his body against the Isuzu’s chassis.

To me, there is no line I will not cross.

The lighter-cap chimes open.

Xander Black is a tortured soul, already fraying at the edges. I’m in his head. He made the mistake of revealing his hand when he felt the need to interfere with my match against Elric.

The cap snaps shut.

He is not like me. He is not able to handle the pain he brings to both friend and foe alike.

The cap clicks open.

I am a battle-hardened warrior, he is an angsty boy.

The cap snaps shut.

I am going to get that World Heavyweight Championship, one way or another...

The cap closes for the last time.


2008, April 23
Angola, specific location classified

Even if Freddie did not know the unit, he could tell which of the men had taken their first life today. Two of the younger soldiers were throwing up all over the makeshift barracks and the rest of the band tried to calm them down – all but one. He could feel Ben’s stare from across the room, so he approached him.

Fred, there’s something I need to know.

Calmly, Freddie faced his friend.

What really happened back at the jail? You might have the sarge’ fooled, but I’m not buying your story for a second.


Present day
Near Fresno, CA

You want to know what’s in the bag, am I correct?

Y- yes, Freddie. This...

Eriksen’s wave of panic turned into a burst of resentment.

This has gone on far enough! What do you have in that bag?

Why don’t you have a look?

Because I don’t trust you! How do I know you won’t torch this whole damn piece of road?

I told you I have a little present for you, Danny.

Freddie flings the lighter at Eriksen, who barely manages to catch it. He breathes a sigh of relief and pockets the Zippo. With the threat of an incineration gone, he slowly unzips the bag.

Danny, I will do anything to break Xander Black.

Eriksen was taken aback. He did not expect this – inside the bag were dozens and dozens of photographs of Beth. Taking his eyes off Vos, Eriksen did not notice that Freddie hopped into the truck. It is only when Freddie slammed the door shut that he turned towards the truck. Not even looking in the rear-view mirror, Freddie speeds away with the vehicle, leaving Danny miles away from Fresno with the lighter, the photos and twenty gallons of gasoline.


2008, April 23
Angola, specific location classified

Freddie places his brand new ivory pendant between his thumb and index finger, holding it for Ben to see.

I took this pendant from one of the villagers we killed today. It serves as a reminder that I am alive and he is dead, that I... we... are survivors, not victims.

Ben began pacing back and forth, unable to look Freddie in the eye.

Yes, but what does that have to do with what happened in the prison?

Freddie waited for his friend to meet his gaze.

I did what needed to be done.

Ben’s eyes pleaded with Freddie.

You’re my friend, Fred. I need to know.

The anguish was clear in Ben’s voice.

Alright, boet... I’ll ask you a few questions.

Locke nodded in agreement.

Cooper told us that if we were caught by Angolan authorities, we would be executed as spies. You know that what we’re doing in this shithole is strictly off the books. Why would a low-level warden have intel on rebel forces anyway? Why would prison guards wear military fatigues instead of regular uniforms?

Fred... no... You don’t mean to tell me-

What I mean to tell you is that our private military company gets paid if we eradicate the remnant in Angola...

Locke’s face was deathly white.

and as far as everybody is concerned, that’s exactly what we did.
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