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OOC: Ok, so I understand this isn't a wrestling diary but there's not much audience in the MMA community or even places in it to post such stories. I had asked in the Discussion thread on whether or not there'd be an audience for this or if it'd be permitted and to no response I decided I'll just post this now and if it's against the rules it'll get deleted. Anyway my next updates should be a little more aesthetically pleasing as I typed this one up in Word and didn't type in Color code or search for pictures to embed.

January 4th, 2010

A deal that has been in the works for a little over a year now has been completed. Sports afficionado, Dallas Mavericks owner, and MMA supporter Mark Cuban has sprung a deal with Fox Sports analyst and MMA enthusiast Jay Glazer to start a joint-venture MMA promotion of their very own. Over the past year the two have been quietly applying for sanctions to hold shows in states around the nation and in other countries while assembling a staff of backstage workers as well as Fighters. To complete the deal it is now official that FOX will be hosting a monthly televised MMA special entitled FOX Presents: MMA Live and another on Mark Cuban's very own HDnet Television network aptly dubbed MMA Live. In order to differ from the UFC, Premier MMA has a few different rules. Knee Strikes to an opponent who is downed as well as Stomps to a downed opponent are legal, although are not legal in the UFC and are also illegal in many Regulated areas of the United States. Fighting still takes place inside of an Octagonal cage as is UFC but the round structure is slightly different; non-title fights are still 3 five minute rounds but title fights consist of 1 ten minute round and 2 five minute rounds afterward. Jay Glazer is a strong supporter of pure MMA fighting and allowing the fighters to do what they do best, and as a result it is also impossible for the Referee to seperate fighters for inactivity.

Mark Cuban was quoted as saying, "Mixed martial arts is becoming a growing sport and phenomenon with today's youth and society in general. It's an entertaining sport and a helluva lot more fun than boxing so I wanna make sure I hit while the iron's hot, ya know what I'm sayin? With some backing we could take off and hopefully we might have more to offer than the UFC and maybe we can tap into the cable market since CBS and Versus are showin' these fights than what the hell right?"

Premier MMA also contains a Super-Heavyweight Division which is not included in the UFC.


Super Heavyweight
Abe Wagner
Analu Brash
Bobby Lashley
Dan Severn
David "Tank" Abbot
Eli Joslin
Eric "Butterbean" Esch
John Brown
Marcus Jones
Mariusz Pudzianowski
Paulo Cesar Silva
Ruben Villareal
Semmy Schilt
Tim Sylvia
Wagner da Conceicao Martins (Zuluzinho)
Wesley "Cabbage" Correira
Zak Jensen

Aleksander Emelianenko
Andrei Arlovski
Bobby Ologun
Demico Rogers
Denis Stojnic
Henrique Nogueira
Ian Freeman
Jeff Monson
Jon Murphy
Jose' Canseco
Justin McCully
Ken Shamrock
Kimbo Slice
Kiril Sidelnikov
Mostapha al-Turk
Patrick Smith
Rex Richards
Ricco Rodriguez
Rolles Gracie
Sam Hoger
Sherman Pendergarst
Tengiz Tedoradze
Travis Fulton
Valentijn Overeem

Light Heavyweight
Alexandre Ribeiro
Andre Gusmao
Antonio Braga Neto
Bernard Ackah
Bobby Southworth
Brian Ebersole
Carmelo Marrero
Christian M'Pumbu
Chuck Grigsby
Darrill Schoonover
Eliot Marshall
Glover Teixeira
Houston Alexander
Jake O'Brien
James Lee
Lance Evans
Lew Polley
Marcus A. Hicks
Mark Coleman
Phil Davis
Po'ai Suganuma
Razak Al-Hassan
Ricardeau Francois
Ricardo Arona
Rodney Glunder
Roger Hollett
Wayne Cole

Alex Stiebling
Amar Suloev
Andrei Semenov
Brandon Sene
Chris Price
Chris Rice
Crafton Wallace
Daniel Acacio
Dean Lister
Denis Kang
Din Thomas
Eduardo Pamplona
Edwin Dewees
Falaniko Vitale
Gerald Harris
Giva Santana
Gustavo Machado
Hector Ramirez
Herbert Goodman
Jaime Jara
Jake Rosholt
Jamie Yager
Jason Day
Joe Vedepo
Jordan Radev
Kala Kolohe Hose
Kris McCray
Kyle Noke
Lucio Linhares
Marvin Eastman
Matt Horwich
Murilo Bustamante
Nate Loughran
Nick Klein
Rodrigo Gracie
Terry Martin
Thales Leites
Yoon Young Kim
Yuki Kondo

Alexandre Franca Nogueira
Blas Avena
Brian Geraghty
Edilberto de Oliveira
Frank Trigg
Gunnar Nelson
Jason Von Flue
Jonathan Goulet
Karo Parisyan
Kyle Baker
Matt Jaggers
Shonie Carter
Tony DeSouza
Yuri Villefort

Adriano Martins
Bobby Green
Bojan Kosednar
Brian Cobb
Cameron Dollar
Caol Uno
Charles Bennett
Dale Hartt
David Bielkheden
Dominique Robinson
Duane Ludwig
Eddie Alvarez
Hacran Dias
Hermes Franca
Ido Pariente
James Edson Berto
Jason Reinhardt
Johan Croes
John Gunderson
Josh Neer
Kotetsu Boku
Kultar Gill
Luiz Firmino
Matt Grice
Mongkhon Wiwasuk
Paul Sass
Poppies Martinez
Richard Crunkilton
Rob McCullough
Ronys Torres
Ryan Schultz
Satoru Kitaoka
Seung Hwan Bang
Takanori Gomi
Thomas Denny
Tony Hervey
Yves Edwards

The listed roster is being criticized as too much of a focus on Name Recognition and value and not enough on talent, with the roster littered with older fighters that have once had an impact but are lacking skill now in the twilight of their careers. Promising fighters like Phil Davis and Eddie Alvarez however help curb this feeling to an extent.

It has been confirmed that the first event for Premier MMA will be in the first week of July.


January 23rd, 2010

Upcoming Premier MMA Schedule Released
Premier MMA has released its upcoming schedule for the Summer. The first event will be on Tuesday July 27th on FOX from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. The second scheduled event will be on August 10th on HDnet from the Dr. Pepper Arena also in Dallas. Then on October 8th, will be the first PPV event Premier 1, live from Tokyo, Japan. Preliminary Match Cards have been anounced. The broadcasting team for these events has not been confirmed but it is believe Jay Glazer will be apart of the team.

FOX Present: MMA Live - July 27th from American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas
Main Event: Aleksander Emelianenko vs. Kimbo Slice (Heavyweight Championship Match)
Co-Main Event: Thales Leites vs. Rodrigo Gracie (Middleweight Championship Match)
Main Card: David "Tank" Abbott vs. Eric "Butterbean" Esch (Super Heavyweight Championship Match)
Main Card: Jose' Canseco vs. Patrick Smith (Heavyweight Match)
Under Card: Alex Stiebling vs. Jake Rosholt (Middleweight Match)
Under Card: David Bielkheden vs. Cameron Dollar (Lightweight Match)

MMA Live! on HDnet - August 10th from Dr. Pepper Arena in Dallas, Texas
Main Event: Frank Trigg vs. Karo Parisyan (Welterweight Championship Match)
Co-Main Event: Caol Uno vs. Josh Neer (Lightweight Championship Match)
Main Card: Dan Severn vs. Josh Brown (Super Heavyweight Match)
Main Card: Crafton Wallace vs. Eduardo Pamplona (Middleweight Match)
Under Card: Paulo Cesar Silva vs. Eli Joslin (Super Heavyweight Match)
Under Card: Andre Gusmao vs. Antonio Braga Neto (Light Heavyweight Match)

Premier 1 on inDemand PPV - October 8th from Sumo Hall in Tokyo, Japan
Main Event: Ken Shamrock vs. Mark Coleman (Catchweight Match)
Co-Main Event: Bobby Lashley vs. Mariusz Pudzianowski (Super Heavyweight Match)
Main Card: Denis Kang vs. Gerald Harris (Middleweight Match)
Main Card: Phil Davis vs. Christian M'Pumbu (Light Heavyweight Championship Match)
Main Card: Jonathan Goulet vs. Edilberto de Oliveira (Welterweight Match)
Under Card: Bobby Southworth vs. Po'ai Suganuma (Light Heavyweight Match)
Under Card: Charles Bennett vs. Bobby Green (Lightweight Match)


February 16th, 2010

Broadcasting Team Confirmed and Trash Talk Begins
The broadcast team for the Premier MMA events has been announced. Jay Glazer and NBA All-Star Shaquille O'Neal will be taking the lead on the Domestic televised broadcasts with Jay Glazer and ex-Professional wrestler and MMA enthusiast Bill Goldberg handling the PPV in Japan.

Trash talk has usually gone hand-in-hand with organized fighting and it seems that this promotion is no different. Fedor's younger brother Aleksander Emelianenko has begun his training to fight Kimbo Slice but is laughing at the upcoming bout. "He's not a MMA fighter, he's a guy that throws punches," Emelianenko said just this week. Slice was asked for comment and his response was, "Laugh me off. I'm gunna knock his teeth out." Many MMA fans are claiming that Premier MMA is in no way a true mixed martial art promotion and is looking to cash in simply on star power, evidence of this is putting Kimbo Slice up for the belt, hiring Butterbean, Dan Severn, Ken Shamrock, and Jose' Canseco. Bets are already being taken and the countdown begins until the circus that is Kevin "Kimbo Slice" Ferguson enters the Cage again.


March 24th, 2010

Key Additions
Premier MMA has not stopped in it's quest to add talent. The majority of the new signings share something in common...their last name. The Gracies have long been the First Family of MMA since the days of Royce and Renzo. Jason Pierce and Alavutdin Gadzhiyev were also added to the Premier roster but the other additions include Gregor, Roger, Ralek, and Crosley Gracie.

There was also another addition but this one was to the Broadcast team. Former King of Pancrase and UFC Heavyweight Champion Bas Rutten, who is also a Co-Host on Inside MMA on Mark Cuban's HDnet and a former Colour Commentator for PRIDE joins the team. He provides Inside the Cage experience and is likely to broadcast all Premier events along with Jay Glazer. This also ensures that once Shaq returns to the hardwood in the Fall the broadcast team will remain at 2.

Alavutdin Gadzhiyev (Middleweight)
Jason Pierce (Welterweight)
Gregor Gracie (Welterweight)
Roger Gracie (Heavyweight)
Ralek Gracie (Middleweight)
Crosley Gracie (Middleweight)


July 26th, 2010

Today were the weigh-ins for the very first Premier MMA event scheduled for tomorrow night at 9:15pm. As expected all fighters made weight but a brief scuffle is the story. After months of trash talk, mainly generating from the Emelianenko camp belittling Kimbo Slice and his MMA skill led up to a cliche' confrontation. After weighing in at 263 1/4lbs Emelianenko stepped down from the scale to hear someone from Kimbo's side of the room yell "Fatass!" after Kimbo had weighed in at a lean 219. Emelianenko then came toward Kimbo Slice shouting obscenities and soon members of each man's entourage was holding them back from flinging punches 24hours earlier then scheduled. The American Airlines Center is a near sellout for this event, which was largely expected due to the prescence of Kimbo.


July 27th, 2010

FOX Presents: MMA Live! from the American Airlines Arena
*Opening Sequence; Music plays and camera pans over arena as logo appears.*

Jay Glazer: We're Live! Welcome to the very first Premier MMA event ever! Brought to you live by Fox from the American Airlines Arena in Dallas, Texas. Tonight we bring to you a mixed martial art promotion like none you've ever seen. I'll stop wasting your time and cut to the chase, tonight's main event promises to be interesting to say the least as a proven foreigner and brother of the best Heavyweight in the world Aleksander Emelianenko takes on fan favorite, heavy handed, but very rough around the edges Kimbo Slice.

Shaq: Yea, most people probably don't realize that I've been doin alotta MMA crosstrainin' for the better part of about 10 years now and Kimbo isn't the most technically sound dude.

Bas: Well I can tell ya from bein in there, all ya need is a lucky punch or catch a guy the right way and you can't sleep on a guy with power like Kimbo.

Jay Glazer: I agree with you guys but we have plenty more great fights lined up tonight other than the Main Event, we get to see Rodrigo Gracie take on Thales Leites and we get too see cult favorite Butterbean take on MMA long stay Tank Abbott.

Shaq: I think I'm excited to see Canseco get in here again. He'sa funny dude. Big as hell though. He's takin' on Pat Smith who has said that no matter the outcome of this fight he's retiring.

Jay Glazer: Well we'll have all the details and our first fight of the night after these messages from our sponsors

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Welcome back to MMA Live here on Fox. We have just a little bit of time before our first fight gets underway between David Bielkheden and Cameron Dollar

Bas: Bielkheden is a BJJ guy. He doesn't have the best standup ever so he'll look to go to the ground early and often. That being said he isn't the best on his back and might have trouble if put into a bad position.

Jay Glazer: He was released from the UFC following a loss by Rear Naked Choke to Mark Bocek. And it's funny because Cameron Dollar was a contestant on the Ultimate Fighter and was noted for his wrestling ability. He likes to take ya down and hold you there, which could be a problem for Bielkheden since he's not great on his back

Shaq: But if he doesn't stay busy on the bottom how long can he hold him there before Bielkheden slaps on a crazy submission or somethin he's no slouch.

Bas: No slouch is right, Bielkheden holds several awards in grappling so he knows how to clinch and takedown, and if he decides he doesn't wanna hit the mat I think he can control that.

Jay Glazer: Well Bielkheden has just entered the octagon and Dollar is walking in now so we are about to find out, let's check the Tale of the Tape

Bielkheden - From: Sweden / Age: 31 / Height: 5'11" / Weight: 155lbs / Record 15-7 / Reach: 71" / Discipline: Brazillian Jiu-Jitsu
Dollar- From: USA / Age: 23 / Height: 5'11" / Weight: 151lbs / Record 3-2 / Reach 71" / Discipline: Wrestling

Glazer: Now let's hand it over to Ring Announcer Joe Pedicino

Joe Pedicino: Welcome to MMA Live! from the American Airlines Center in Dallas, Texas. For the thousands in attendance and the millions watching around the world!!!! WE ARE LIVE!! FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME! And now for the very first Premier MMA match, it is a bout scheduled for 3 rounds in the Lightweight Division. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Wrestler, with a professional record of 3 wins against 2 losses. He stands at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs in at 151 pounds. Fighting out of Colorado Springs, Colorado - CAMERONNNNN DOOOLLLLARRR

And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 15 wins against 7 losses. He stands at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs in at 155 pounds. Fighting out of Stockholm, Sweden - DAVID BIELKHELDEN

The referee in charge of this bout is Arthur Cousins.

Arthur Cousins: You two were read the rules in the locker room and I expect a clean fight, touch gloves if you wanna and head back to your corners.

Jay Glazer: The men are ready and we are underway!

Round 1:
They touch gloves and the match is underway. Dollar leads with a light jab that finds a home on the chin of David Bielkheden. Dollar makes a move for a clinch but Bielkheden dives for a double leg. STUFFED! They come back to their feet and begin circling one another. Dollar throws a jab and a straight followed by another jab and the second Bielkheden covers up he pounces in for a single leg takedown. Bielkheden had it telegraphed and hops away from it. He throws out a hook trying to catch Dollar on the way up but it hits nothing but air and Dollar counters with an effective hook. Dollar throws out a jab, looking to judge distance. Dollar is trying to track down Bielkheden but can't close the distance. With a minute left, Dollar springs in for a double leg takedown which doesn't takedown Bielkheden but pins him against the cage. Dollar begins fighting for a takedown and is finally granted one as Bielkheden attempts to pin a guillotine on him but fails. And just as Bielkheden hits the mat the bell rings and round one comes to a close.

Jay Glazer: That round was alot of feeling each other out. Trying to find the dirstance between one another. Dollar was much more active even though no damage was done.

Shaq: I agree on that one. He did enough to win the round

Bas: That's all ya really need to do right? Fans won't be pleased with a boring round like that though.

Jay Glazer: Well what should Bielkheden do to change his luck?

Shaq: Haha, something. Anything really. He didn't do much.

Bas: Shaq's got it right on the head. Ya gotta move, I've seen more animated corpses.

Jay Glazer: Well the men are up outta their corners and Round 2 is under way.

Round 2
Bielkheden tosses out a jab that doesn't even come close. Dollar bullrushes Bielkheden and catches him in a clinch and forces him into the cage. Dollar is just holding Bielkheden there. Each man is tossing a few weakhearted punches into the torso of the other but two minutes go by and the men haven't changed position. Dollar goes for a trip takedown on Bielkheden but Bielkheden spins out of the back and escapes altogether and heads to the center. Dollar tries to get closer but Bielkheden keeps circling away and dodges a jab. Dollar springs in and goes for a takedown Bielkheden sprawls and they return to the stand-up. Bielkheden isn't holding his hand up anymore and he looks completely gassed. Dollar circles planning his next move and Bielkheden plods around until the bell.

Jay Glazer: More of the same again. Nothing's changed and now David Bielkheden is in a bad spot.

Bas: This is here you lay it all out. He doesn't have a great stand-up game but here's where you swing for the fences because he can't seem to take him down.

Jay Glazer: But doing that you can get caught yourself.

Shaq: What does he got to lose now anyway? It looks like he just got done runnin' the Boston Marathon. He can't even breathe.

Jay Glazer: Normally we'd take a look at the rounds highlights but there weren't very many other than Bielkheden's last second escape of the trip takedown.

Bas: That wasn't too shabby though I'd love to be able to do that. Maybe he can show me that.

Shaq: I wouldn't be up against that cage though so I wouldn't need it haha.

Bas: You're a cocky one huh?

Shaq: Gotta be.

Jay Glazer: You two can duke it out later heh but now Round 3 is under way

Round 3
Dollar and Bielkheden circle one another. Each man tosses a jab or two to test out the distance. Dollar feints in and Bielkheden hopes back the second he sees the shoulder drop. Dollar is beginning to look tired too and his hands begin to fall. Dollar charges for a double leg and this time he gets it as Bielkheden hits hard and he ends up in half guard. Dollar is trying to work his way into side control but Bielkheden holds him in place but seems content on his back. Dollar tries to fire off some shots but most miss and the others blocked. Bielkheden reaches up to grab an arm but Dollar fights it off and smothers Bielkheden by laying on top of him and keeping him pressed against the ground. The bell rings and they stand-up, Bielkheden embraces Dollar and raises Dollar's hand.

Jay Glazer: That wasn't the most exciting fight.

Shaq: Dollar was all money tonight, he dominated the swede from start to finish.

Bas: It wasn't very close at all but it wasn't very entertaining either.

Jay Glazer: I'm not sure if that was the best way for a new promotion to kick off but at least we're under way. So some fight analysis?

Bas: Well Cameron did a great job of cutting the ring in half and not allowing Bielkheden alot of room to move

Shaq: He controlled him from start to finish and locked him up. It was a good strong showing by Cameron over a quality opponent.

Jay Glazer: Let's not get ahead of ourselves lets head to Joe for the official announcement.

Joe Pedicino: This fight has gone to decision. After 3 rounds and 15 minutes the judges scorecards read 30-27, 30-27, 30-27 for your winner by Unanimous Decision CAMERON DOLLAR!

Jay Glazer: I'm here with your winner, Cameron Dollar. And I gotta ask how are you feelin after that win?

Cameron Dollar: I feel great. I was able to come in and do what I needed to do and I was able to grind out a win.

Jay Glazer: How confident were you coming in knowing you were facing a more experienced opponent, a BJJ black belt, and a guy who has one awards worldwide for grappling?

Cameron Dollar: I was very confident ya know? I felt that I could beat this guy and I was right. He's a talented guy, he really is but I figured by watching tape and everything that my wrestling was good enough. I wasn't really thrilled to attempt to take this to the ground but I knew that in the clinch and in the Stand-up I could best him and that's what I did.

Jay Glazer: Well you did a great job and you improve to 4-2 and I'm sure there are bright things in your future. Let's here it for him everyone!

Shaq: We'll be right back after a word from the sponsors

*commerical break*

Jay Glazer: Moving right along here, hopefully this second fight will be more exciting. Bas, whadda you think about Stiebling vs. Rosholt

Bas: Well it's a matchup between to wrestlers so expect alot of grappling and positioning. Surely both of them will want to go to the ground and probably want to remain ontop. Expect round one to be a bit of a feeling out process

Shaq: Rosholt is one of the up an comers in the MMA sport. I got a chance to see him train before and he looks good. I think it was Randy Coutore said that he has a vicious ground and poun.

Jay Glazer: The guy looks promising for sure but let's here more about Alex Stiebling.

Bas: Well Stiebling is a wrestler and holds some grappling credentials but he is also a BJJ guy himself. He's well rounded on the ground but maybe not so much in the standup.

Shaq: That's going to be the key I'd bet. You're looking at a fight very similar to the last one and I bet that it's gunna work the same. Dollar held Bielkheden up and beat him in clinches and I think that if Rosholt can do the same he wins.

Jay Glazer: We'll find out soon enough as Rosholt is entering the octagon let's check the tale of the tape:

Rosholt - From: U.S.A. / Age: 27 / Height: 6'1" / Weight: 185lbs / Record: 7-2 / Discipline: Greco-Roman Wrestling
Stiebling - From: U.S.A. / Age: 33 / Height: 6'2" / Weight: 185lbs / Record: 18-11-1 / Discipline: Brazillian Jiu Jitsu and Wrestling

Glazer: Well it's go time, let's hand it over to Ring Announcer Joe Pedicino for the introductions

Joe Pedicino: This is the second bout of the evening! Scheduled for 3 rounds in the Middleweight Division. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Greco-Roman Wrestler with a professional record of 7 wins against 2 losses. He stands at 6 feet, 1 inch and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Standpoint, Idao - JAKE ROSHOLT.

And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 18 wins against 11 losses and 1 No Contest. He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Indianapolis, Indiana - "The Brazillian Killa" ALEX STIEBLING.

The man in charge of this match is Referee Arthur Cousins.

Arthur Cousins: You men were read the rules in the locker rooms, I expect you to follow those and I want a good clean fight, now touch gloves if you want to and return to your corners

Jay Glazer: The bell sounds and here we go!

Round 1
Stiebling starts off with a jab that hits air. Rosholt charges Stiebling and wraps him in a clinch. Stiebling seemed near willing to comply. Rosholt fires off a few shots inside to the top of the head. Rosholt achieves a body lock and uses it to force Stiebling against the cage. Rosholt begins to fire off some more close shots to the head, not enough to do to much damage but enough to score points. Stiebling shoves Rosholt off of him as Rosholt gears up for a punch and the clinch is broken and the men are back at ring center. Rosholt dodges two quick jabs and fires off a heavy counter hook after each one. Rosholt dives in for a single leg takedown and brings down Stiebling and ends in half guard with half the round gone. Rosholt slips into FULL MOUNT and Stiebling looks like he's in a bad way. Rosholt tries to rain down some shots but Stiebling does a suprisingly good job of blocking away most of them. Rosholt then grabs an arm and starts pulling away and slips into position for an armbar. Stiebling struggles for a little but isn't strong enough and gives in. With too much time left on the clock he has no choice but to tap out.

Jay Glazer: Look here check this replay. Rosholt was in control throughout and I don't think there was ever much of a doubt as to who was winning the fight to this point. He then springs in for a single leg takedown and pops into half guard.

Shaq: For being a BJJ guy he's not much on his back is he? He put up little fight and ended up allowing his opponent into mount.

Bas: He didn't do a bad job avoiding the strikes but I figured he would put up a bigger contest against an armbar.

Shaq: My thoughts exactly.

Jay Glazer: Let's head to Joe Pedicino for the official announcement.

Joe Pedicino: Here is the official result! Your winner by way of submission via armbar at the 4:05 minute mark in Round 1! JAKE ROSHOLT

Jay Glazer: I'm here with your winner, Jake Rosholt. You gotta enjoy they way you won that one huh?

Jake Rosholt: Well of course. I'm thrilled! Anytime you can force your opponent to say "I quit" it's a good victory.

Jay Glazer: After a win like that what do you think is next in your future?

Jake Rosholt: More win.

Jay Glazer: Short but sweet. I like that confidence and we wish you the best.

Jake Rosholt: Thanks

Bas: That match proved to be much more exciting than the last one.

Shaq: It was, but now we have to head to a commercial break.

*commercial break*

[replay showing Rosholt submit Stiebling.]

Shaq: That was a classy armbar. But now the fight I've been waiting for. Jose' Canseco vs. Patrick Smith.

Jay Glazer: What many people don't realize is that like you Shaq, Jose' Canseco is an accomplished martial artist. He is a respected Karate fighter.

Bas: Yea but he can't win any fights. He fought that Partridge family kid.

Shaq: Bonaduce

Bas: Yea him, and it ended in a draw. He was beat by Hong Man Choi in his only official fight and he was knocked out in the first round of a fight against that football player Sikahema in the first round and that guy was 5'9" and way smaller.

Jay Glazer: Are you saying he has no shot?

Bas: Someone always has a shot but Pat Smith said this is his last fight, no one wants to lose their last fight, ya wanna go out with a bang. Plus he was a world reknowned Kickboxer going 66-8 in his career. He's also a 3rd degree black belt in Taekwondo and has a black belt in Kempo Karate, Tang Soo Do and Hapkido. He is no bum and he knows how to handle himself

Jay Glazer: Seems like Canseco may be overmatched but as the fighters enter the 8-sided cage let's check the tale of the tape:

Canseco - From: U.S.A. / Age: 45 / Height: 6'4" / Weight: 265lbs / Record: 0-1 / Reach: 76" / Discipline: Karate
Smith - From: U.S.A. / Age: 46 / Height: 6'2" / Weight: 245lbs / Record: 20-15 / Reach: 75" / Discipline: Mixed Martial Artist

Glazer: Let's toss it over to Joe for the introductions.

Joe Pedicino: This is the 3rd bout of the evening scheduled for 3 rounds in the Premier Heavyweight Division! In the Blue Corner! This man is a Karate fighter with a professional record of 0 wins to 1 loss. He stands at 6 feet, 4 inches and weighs in at 265 pounds. Fighting out of Los Angeles, California - JOSE' CANSECO

And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 20 wins against 15 losses. He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighs in at 245 pounds. Fighting out of Denver, Colorado - PATRICK SMITH

Your referee in charge of this match is Arthur Cousins

Arthur Cousins: You two were read the rules in the locker room prior to entering the cage, I expect a clean fight touch gloves if you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: With that announcement it's go time

Round 1
Smith sprints towards Canseco and leaps into the air with a flying knee! Canseco skirts the move and immediately grabs Smith into a grapple and pushes him into the cage. Canseco is able to pin him there for about a minute using his 20 pound weight advantage to his...advantage. Canseco decides to throw a punch from the clinch and it was sloppily done, so sloppy in fact Smith catches it and spins him around so that Canseco is now backed against the cage. Smith is having a hard time controlling Canseco and breaks away from the grapple but gets caught with a jab on the way back. Smith looks like he might be a little tired from trying to pin Canseco against the cage. Canseco presses forward and grabs him again in a tight clinch. He achieves a body lock and slams Smith into the cage again. Smtih is fighting back though and Canseco has him pinned but by no means controlled. Suddenly Pat reaches and nabs Canseco in a guillotine choke! Canseco lifts Smith and slams him into the ground probably saving himself from losing via the choke hold. Canseco lazily postures up and fires off some punches and the bell sounds.

Shaq: Now this is the first truly action packed round we've had tonight. I thought Canseco had was a huge underdog Bas?

Bas: Well, Canseco did very well and he used his weight and superior strength to his advantage. He was nearly caught with a guillotine there at the end.

Jay Glazer: We have the replay here. Smith nearly had him and if you look you can see Canseco's eyes shut for a brief fraction of a second. He then picks up Smith and I think out of desperation plants him on his back.

Bas: What he did was effective and if he can do more of that then he'll win this fight. Smith needs to try to move away from the clinch and throw more strikes otherwise he might not have a chance after all.

Shaq: If uhh, Canseco can uh do the same thing he did I think it'll work but I bet hes got some knockout power in those hands and legs too.

Round 2
Smith starts the round with a huge head kick followed by a ferocious right hook but they both find air as Canseco backpeddles away. Smith circling around Canseco and Canseco cuts off the ring to try and close distance on Smith. Canseco reaches for a clinch and Smith breaks away but backs himself into the cage and Canseco races over to clinch him, a sloppy struggle fines Canseco in control with double underhooks and holding Smith against the cage. Canseco is looking exhausted and right now he's more or less just laying on Smith. Smith is being suffocated, but tosses a leg kick which unsettles Canseco. Smith applies a standing guillotine and Canseco can't fight it off! Smith pulls him to the ground and Canseco has no choice but to tap out!

Jay Glazer: WOW! A shocking end to a fight dominated by Canseco.

Bas: We saw it at the end of round 1 and it almost caught him, naturally you don't fix what ain't broke and he got him with it at the end of round 2.

Shaq: If he coulda fought it out for another 18 seconds or so he woulda made the round, but that's a long time when you can't breathe.
Jay Glazer: At the end of Round 1 we all said Smith had to improve his strike game and out slug Canseco because he wasn't doing anything in tight. But it turned out that maybe Smith's plan was just this?

Bas: It coulda been but nobody plans to get manhandled and pray for a submission. I think Smith was smart and took a chance to win a fight he was obviously losing and that's something that comes with the experience of 30+ professional fights compared to Canseco's 1.

Shaq: That's why this sport is so unpredictable. In a basketball game if a team is up by 40 points in the 4th quarter you can say game over, but you can never call a MMA fight over until the final bell sounds. That's the nature of the sport.

Jay Glazer: Well let's hand it over to Joe Pedicino for the official call.

Joe Pedicino: The official result is in. Your winner by submission via guillotine choke at the 4:42 mark of Round 2, PATRICK SMITH!

Jay Glazer: I'm here with your winner Patrick Smith. Man you look all types of exhausted. So is this your last fight and how do you feel?

Patrick Smith: I said comin' in that I would fight one match for Premier MMA against anyone they put me up against. I got the call for Jose' and decided what the hell ya know? So I came in here and did what I had to do.

Jay Glazer: Did you expect that from Jose'? Did you maybe take him too lightly, it seemed that you had alot of trouble in there for awhile.

Patrick Smith: Well I expected Jose' to come in here and give it a real shot and I don't think I underestimated him at all. He's a strong guy and I had trouble dealin' with that but I've got more MMA skill and I knew that if I had a chance I could submit him.

Jay Glazer: Anything upcoming in the future? What's the next thing we can expect from Pat Smith?

Patrick Smith: Your guess is as good as mine. I have no clue what to do next. About the only thing I'm sure of is gettin' plastered tonight before I go back to the hotel haha

Jay Glazer: Well that sounds like a plan. Congratulations on the victory and best of luck on wherever you go from here. We're going to take another quick commerical break and when we get back we'll have the Tale of the Tape for our next fight, Butterbean v.s. Tank Abbott for the Premier MMA Super Heavyweight Championship so don't touch that dial we'll be right back!

*commercial break*

Shaq: Well now we have a bout between to cult figures in this sport.

Bas: That's for sure, much like Jose' Canseco these guys are known outside the MMA world. Butterbean is known for his boxing prowess and the fact that he's just a huge guy in general.

Shaq: And David "Tank" Abbott is known because he once did some wrestlin' for WCW and he did some tv appearances as a MMA fighter.

Jay Glazer: That's right! He was on a Friends episode once.

Bas: Tank is a member of the old guard, much like myself in a way. He's been around for some years in this sport even though he hasn't been a consistent pro fighter he's fought alot throughout.

Shaq: He might not be the most skilled guy but he can win a fight. Butterbean on the other hand is just one big dude.

Jay Glazer: Butterbean is a guy of some considerable size for sure. He is expected to come into the Octagon tonight somewhere around 400lbs compared to Tank who will be coming in around 280 - 290.

Bas: It's not like Tank Abbott will come in weighing anymore than 300lbs and as you said probably less. Anytime you give up around 100lbs or more to an opponent it's going to be trouble. Especially since Tank likes to control guys because typically he's always been bigger.

Shaq: Butterbean will be able to overpower Tank in the clinch, and he also has much stronger hands. He's not the best on the ground but getting him on the ground will be a task and in all fairness for a man of his considerable size he isn't horrible. Tank isn't light on his feet by any stretch of the imagine, but I think he might be quicker than Esch so if he bounces in and out he could do some damage.

Jay Glazer: Like you said though, Abbott might not be much quicker than Butterbean and if he's not that could be a problem. It's time to check the Tale of the Tape:

Abbott - From: U.S.A. / Age: 45 / Height: 6'0" / Weight: 281lbs / Reach: 74" / Record: 10-14 / Discipline: Pit Fighting
Butterbean - From: U.S.A. / Age: 43 / Height: 5'11" / Weight: 401lbs / Reach: 78" / Record: 15-7-1 / Discipline: Boxing

Glazer: Now let's head over to Joe Pedicino for the official introductions.

Joe Pedicino: This match is for the SUPER HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP. It is scheduled for 3 rounds, the first of which 10 minutes and the subsequent 2 lasting 5 minutes each. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Pit Fighter with a professional record of 10 wins against 14 losses. He stands at 6 feet, 0 inches and weighs in at 281 pounds. Fighting out of Huntington Beach, California - TANK ABBOTT!

And in the Red Corner! This man is a Boxer with a professional record of 15 wins against 7 losses and 1 Draw. He stands at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs in at 401 pounds. Fighting out of Jasper, Alabama - BUTTERBEAN<BR><BR>The man in charge of this matchup is Referee Cristobal Solares.

Cristobal Solares: You have been read the rules in the locker room. This is a championship fight and I expect it to be a clean fight. Touch gloves is you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: The men are ready and the first championship fight in Premier MMA history is underway!

Round 1
The round is under way and Butterbean charges Abbott for a takedown and ends up getting stuffed, however he was able to stick Abbott against the cage. Butterbean using his superior weight advantage to pin Tank and begins to fire off some shots inside. Butterbean continues to bully Abbott at the cage but the fans begin to boo loudly. Ever the showman Esch steps off of Tank and yells something. Abbott charges and fires some punches but Butterbean blocks most and even dodged a few then fires off a straight. Abbott takes some more shots and I guess he realizes he can't win the stand-up and initiates a clinch. Butterbean works a body lock but has a hard time moving Abbott. He picks Tank up but can't put him down, instead rams him into the cage. Both men are already looking a bit winded and Tank shoves Butterbean off of him but it looks like it took nearly all his strength. Esch sticks him with a jab. 5 minutes down and 5 minutes to ago as Butterbean lands another solid jab. Abbott charges Esch and even takes a body kick at Butterbean but it misses and allows Esch to lock him up again. Esch has him in a single collar tie and fires off a sharp elbow. He then moves into Double Underhooks and walks Tank back too the cage wall yet again. Both men look tired but Butterbean still largely in control. He holds him in the clinch before Abbott fights his way free with only 5 seconds left. Abbott lands his first real shot of the round as Esch comes away from the clinch and then the bell rings.

Shaq: Easy round for Esch. Used his weight much to his advantage and no way Abbott could do anything.

Bas: That was domination. Pure domination. We said that Abbott was an underdog and that was why.

Jay Glazer: Well here's some round highlights. First we can see Butterbean lock up Abbott and drive him into the cage. Then right here Tank shoves him off.

Shaq: Movin' a guy 100lbs heavier is gunna tire you out

Bas: He needs to avoid the clinch. You can't keep doing that or you'll get gassed.

Jay Glazer: I think it's too late for that, but quickly suggestions for Abbott, avoid the clinch right?

Bas: Exactly that.

Shaq: He's an inch shorter and 100lbs heavier no excuse to let him catch you.

Round 2
Round 2 starts and Esch still looks tired although Abbott looks a bit fresher now. Tank fires off a huge overhand, looping Right that hits air, but if that would've hit Esch it mighta been lights out. As a result Tank is off balance and Esch clinches him up and runs him into the cage. Little action as Butterbean holds Abbott in place. Butterbean holds him there and begins to pound away with dirty boxing shots. He's throwing elbows and short head shots, some knees and even a few body punches and Abbott seems useless to stop it. The round eventually comes to a close with nearly no response from Abbott.

Jay Glazer: More of the same and Esch asserts his dominance yet again and Abbott is pretty messed up.

Bas: He doesn't look good and he needs a knockout or stoppage or submission, idk but he can't let this go to the judges.

Shaq: If you're Abbott you start swingin till your arms fall off.

Jay Glazer: Gotta lay it all on the line now. Let's take a second to listen into the corners.

Abbott's Trainer: Listen to me Dave. Don't get wrapped up in a clinch, he is way stronger and bigger, fight smart. Quit tryin to f***in overpower him it won't happen. Look for a shot, if you need to just start throwin, it's knockout or nothin'

Butterbean's Trainer: More of the same baby, this is your match. Do what you've been doing, if you can take him down and finish him but just watch out for a lucky shot. This is all yours.

Jay Glazer: Well you heard the corners, not much different from what we said. Here's the start of Round 3 let's see how it ends and who will be your Super Heavyweight Champion!

Round 3
Butterbean begins the round with a dive for a double leg, Tank stumbles but avoids it. Esch quick to his feet flings out a series of strikes that miss and Abbott capitalizes with a series of blasts to the skull of Butterbean. Esch dives in again for a takedown but this time he catches Abbott but he just can't tip him over but Abbott has to work very hard to stuff it. Both men back standing up. Buttebean flings some more strikes only a few of which hit clean, then dodges an Abbott combination and takes advantage of the miss for a clinch. Butterbean grabs a Muay Thai clinch and CRUSHES ABBOTT WITH A KNEE and Abbott sinks to the mat but it was hit right as the bell rang! Referee Cristobal Solares waves it off, no knockout but not a late hit. Abbott is unconcious, his nose is bleeding badly and Butterbean raises his hands.

Jay Glazer: I have never seen, nor heard of a finish like that ever.

Bas: Well it makes sense I guess, he hit him with the knee with 1 second left but Abbott hit the mat after 0. So I guess the call was right.

Shaq: Whatever happened, Abbott was crushed, if he wasn't beginning to stir right now I think I might be fearing for his life haha. He was knocked out cold.

Bas: That's a shame too, he knocked him out but it's gunna end in decision.

Jay Glazer: Let's see that again. I've never known Butterbean to be a man with powerful legs but he does own a 3-4 professional kickboxing record.

Shaq: I don't know if it was so much strong legs as it was a good move. He forced Tank's head down hard and brought up a stiff knee, no one can take that heavy of a knee to the face and not feel it.

Bas: They have him standing now but I think he's still shaking off cobwebs. They're slowly escorting him out of the cage and his nose won't stop bleeding. I'd have to wager that it's broken.

Shaq: Yea that looks bad. Jay is heading into the ring so here's Joe with the official announcement.

Joe Pedicino: The official results are in! The judges score the bout 30-26, 30 - 25, and 30-26 for your winner and the New Premier MMA Super Heavyweight Champion of the WORLD - BUTTERBEAN!!!

Jay Glazer: I'm here with the elated Butterbean, and for such a big man you are happy as a little kid. How do ya feel right now?

Butterbean: I'm ecstatic ya know? I'm thrilled to win this belt.

Jay Glazer: Well, you nearly ended the fight early but it was just a little to late there.

Butterbean: Yea well I'm disappointed I couldn't end it when I did. No disrespect to Tank he's a good guy but I had his number all night and I knew that I wore him down enough in the first two rounds I'd have the chance to win it late.

Jay Glazer: Well you nearly finished him and it was a beautiful shot, lets take a look here at the woulda been knockout. You really caught him with a huge shot, thoughts?

Butterbean: Well I don't know really. I wanted to end the fight since I had been in control so long. I felt I almost had to end it and I was lookin' for it, I can't let my fans down. I caught him in that Muay Thai and I knew the clock was low but I had no idea how low so I just took a knee shot since I knew he was tired I didn't think he could block it

Jay Glazer: Well he did block it, with his skull. That shot was wicked man. Congratulations on the title win and hopefully you'll be leading this division for some years to come.

Butterbean: Thanks alot

Jay Glazer: Well guys that was an exciting finish even though it will go down in the books as a decision.

Bas: Certainly was. We'll have more MMA action up next with tonights Co-Main Event of the evening! And still to come we are edging closer to seeing Kimbo Slice take on Aleksander Emelianenko for the Heavyweight Championship. Don't touch that remote!

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Our next match-up is almost upon us already. It is our co-main event of the evening for the Middleweight title between too BJJ masters, Thales Leites and Rodrigo Gracie.

Shaq: Well this matchup will be a fun one to watch. I've trained with Rodrigo and he knows what he's doin, like all the Gracie's do.

Bas: Thales is a solid competitor too and he's a serious threat to Rodrigo and I would assume he's the favorite in this fight. He's younger and I think a bit more vibrant, and mma is a young man's world.

Jay Glazer: Predictions? I'm goin' Leites

Shaq: I think Rodrigo will pull it out

Bas: Leites easy

Jay Glazer: Time for the Tale of the Tape:

Gracie - From: U.S.A. / Age: 35 / Height: 6'0" / Weight: 185lbs / Reach: 75" / Record: 6-2-1 / Discipline: Gracie Jiu Jitsu
Leites - From: Brazil / Age: 28 / Height: 6'1" / Weight: 185lbs / Reach: 78" / Record: 17-3 / Discipline: Brazillian Jiu Jitsu

Glazer: The men have entered the ring and Joe Pedicino takes over for the introductions.

Joe Pedicino: This is the Co-Main Event of the Evening. It is a Middleweight title fight scheduled for 3 rounds following the championship format. In the Blue Corner! This man is a practioner of Gracie Jiu Jitsu with a professional record of 6 wins against 2 losses and 1 No Contest. He stands at 6 feet, 0 inches and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Torrance, California - RODRIGO GRACIE

And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 17 wins against 3 losses. He stands at 6 feet, 1 inch and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Rio De Janeiro, Brazil- THALES LEITES

Your referee in charge of this match is Cristobal Solares.

Cristobal Solares: Cada um de você foi lido as réguas no vestuário. Esta luta é para o título e eu espero um fósforo agradável e limpo. Toque em luvas se você quer a e retorna a seus cantos

Jay Glazer: This is the co-main event for the middleweight division title. And we are underway

Round 1
Leites leads off with a jab but Gracie dodges it easy. Gracie looks like he's chasing after a grapple but Leites is quick. Gracie lunges with an uppercut that misses by centimeters. Leites goes for a double leg but Gracie stuffs it. Gracie plants a jab but Leites fires off two of his own. They trade straights. Leites fires off some hooks that miss the target but he uses them as a diversion to attempt a takedown, but Gracie stuffs it and pulls him into a clinch. Gracie then uses his strength to back Leites into the cage. Gracie is able to hold Leites there for the better part of a minute but he throws a knee wich Leites catches and uses to turn the clinch around so Gracie is against the cage. Leites then fights for a trip takedown and after some struggle achieves it and Gracie has to pull guard. With a minute left Leites is trying to advance position but Gracie isn't budging and seems to be near comfortable on his back. The bell sounds and puts an end to a close round 1.

Jay Glazer: That was perhaps the most even round we've seen all night.

Shaq: I'd agree, there was no clear winner of that one. I had Leites just ahead though 10-9

Bas: Yea, Leites was just busier and did more. Plus his clinch reversal and the takedown I think give him the advantage.

Jay Glazer: Well here's the replay of Gracie's takedown stuff. As you can see he uses this as a way to pull Leites into a clinch and eventually pins him against the cage. Now we fast forward a bit and you can see Leites with the trip takedown here.

Shaq: I'm not sure if either of them had an advantage in the stand-up and the only thing to seperate them that round was the Leites takedown.

Bas: He did enough to win the round, seems to be the story of the night.

Jay Glazer: Well, with the 10 minute round gone the 2 5 minute rounds left and the bell sounds, and we are starting Round 2

Round 2
Gracie grabs Leites and they are in a tight clinch, Gracie is using some dirty boxing but it doesn't seem to be working and he loses his double underhooks and Leites gets the over/under. Leites fights his way into a double underhook and uses it for a hip throw. And there it is, Leites slams Gracie into the mat but isn't quick enough to take advantage and Gracie pulls full guard. Gracie is holding onto Leites' head and not allowing him to posture up or advance position. Gracie and Leites are fighting on the ground. Gracie reaches up for a guillotine but Leites blocks it. The clock continues to tick away and eventually runs out as Leites basically lies on top of Gracie trying to avoid being swept.

Bas: Another back and forth round but that wasn't as close as round 1.

Jay Glazer: Yea, this round was a little more obvious for Leites although it's not a thrashing by any means.

Shaq: Both guys look tired from all the ground work they're doing, if Rodrigo could end up ontop then the fight might be different but he's spending more time trying to stop takedowns then make them himself.

Jay Glazer: Well I think it's obvious that Rodrigo needs to work a submission from his back in this round right?

Shaq: Well yea. I have him losing the first two rounds so he's already behind, and Leites wants to go to the ground. So beat him off your back

Bast: And if anyone can win a match from off their back it would be a Gracie

Jay Glazer: Well Round 3 is underway and we'll see if anything changes for Rodrigo here.

Round 3
The men start the round and touch gloves. They begin to circle one another. They each float out some jabs and Gracie fakes a lunge. Leites tries to catch him by surprise with a takedown attempt, but it's blocked. Gracie keeps chasing Leites around the ring but can't seem to catch him. Leites is doing a brilliant job of killing time. Leites comes in for a takedown but it's reversed. Rodrigo falls ontop of Thales and he glances at the time. Only 30 seconds left in the round. Rodrigo fights but he is able to crawl into half guard, and then from half guard to side guard with almost ease. He latches onto an arm and starts to crank for the Kimura. Only 10 sceonds left! Leites is in pain but he sees the clock and the bell sounds! Leites escapes the round

Jay Glazer: Well he nearly nabbed him there at the end but Leites hung on.

Shaq: I was thinking it was over but Leites is a warrior and he fought it off there.

Bas: Leites lost that round but I think he won the fight two rounds to one.

Jay Glazer: Look at this replay you can see once Gracie had him on the ground he had little trouble transitioning to the Side Guard but he just couldn't get that kimura in fast enough and the bell sounded.

Shaq: We all had Leites winning 2 rounds to 1 but that first round was close enough that it wouldn't be a stretch to give it to Rodrigo.

Jay Glazer: Let's toss it up to Joe Pedicino for the official announcement

Joe Pedicino: The official results are in. At the end of 3 rounds we go to the judges scorecards. The Scores are as follows, 29-28 Gracie, 29-28 Leites, and 29-28 for your winner and the new Premier MMA Middleweight Champion of the World! THALES LEITES

Jay Glazer: Well I'm here with your winner and new Middleweight champ Thales Leites. You gotta feel good, that was the fight of the night fo far.

Thales Leites: I feel very good after the uh fight. And uh I'm real excited to be champion.

Jay Glazer: That kimura at the end nearly cost you the fight, what was running through your mind as he was just cranking that thing?

Thales Leites: I was just hoping I could survive it. I knew that if I held on, I could win it. But I can't lie it hurt haha.

Jay Glazer: Well any time you can beat a Gracie you gotta be happy and I can see it on your face, I wish you all the best man and congrats on the victory. Ladies and gentleman don't move we have to go to commercial break but when we return we have the Main Event of the night, Kimbo Slice vs. Aleksander Emelianenko.

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Well we're back. Can this upcoming Main Event provide the excitement we're hoping for?

Shaq: I think so. These men don't like one another and that could mean a big time brawl especially since both men can swing.

Bas: In the Standup, Aleksander would lose. Aleksander will win if the fight is in the clinch or on the ground and that's where he'll look to take it.

Jay Glazer: Well Slice is entering the arena now and he looks to be in good shape, although a bit heavier than he's been in recent memory.

Shaq: Listen to the crowd go nuts, they love this guy

Bas: Well Kimbo is fighting a guy who has to cut to get to 265. Typically Kimbo would like to fight in the 230 - 220 range because he feels really good there at his age. Now We all saw what happened in his fight against Matt Mitrione, when he fought a larger opponent who carried a 40 pound weight advantage. Maybe he's trying to fight bigger against a bigger guy.

Jay Glazer: What effect could that have?

Bas: Well it's simple. You could get gassed quicker. Maybe you'll tire out faster than you want to and seeing his last fight we know his Cardio could be an issue.

Shaq: This fight is certainly an interesting one. You gotta love a main event like this.

Jay Glazer: Well these guys are settling in the ring it's time to check the tale of the tape:

Slice - From: Bahamas / Age: 36 / Height: 6'2" / Weight: 255lbs / Reach: 77" / Record: 4-2 / Discipline: Street Fighting
Emelianenko - From: Russia / Age: 28 / Height: 6'6" / Weight: 265lbs / Reach: 79" / Record: 16-3 / Discipline: Sambo

Glazer: You can see Emelianenko is more experienced, more MMA trained, longer reach, younger, weighs more. He has all the advantages and now let's head to Joe Pedicino for the official introduction to our main event.

Joe Pedicino: Ladies and Gentleman this is your Main Event of the evening! Scheduled for 3 rounds for the Heavyweight Championship of the World. In the Blue Corner, this man is a Street Fighter, with a professional record of 4 wins against 2 losses. He stands 6 feet 2 inches and weighs in at 255 pounds. Fighting out of Miami, Florida - KIMBO SLICE!

And in the Red corner, this man is a Sambo fighter, with a professional record of 16 wins and 3 losses. He stands at 6 feet 6 inches tall and weighs in at 265 pounds. Fighting out of St. Petersburg, Russia - "The Grim Reaper" ALEKSANDER EMELIANENKO!

The referee in charge of this match is Cristobal Solares.

Cristobal Solares: You two have been read the rules in the locker room. This match is for the championship and I expect a clean fight. Touch gloves if you want to, and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: Both men refusing to touch gloves and glare at each other angrily from the corners. Alot of hate in their eyes and here we go.

Round 1
The match starts and Kimbo pulls Emelianenko into a clinch quickly. Aleksander attempts to pick him up for a slam but Kimbo pulls away nearly entirely although Emelianenko catches him in a Single Collar tie. He goes for a takedown but Kimbo sprawls and returns to his feet and the men are standing at center. Kimbo lands two solid jabs. Emelianenko springs to life with a few shots but Kimbo backpedals and they miss and he counters with a solid hook. Kimbo fires off a 1-2 combo hitting Emelianenko and forcing him backward. Kimbo continues to circle away from Emelianenko and catch him with short hard shots when he gets close. Emelianenko comes in for a takedown but Kimbo catches him with a knee on his way in and he looks rocked. Emelianenko falls back on his butt and Kimbo moves in, Emelianenko springs to his feet but dazed. Kimbo fires a hook that lands flush and Aleksander Emelianenko is down and out. He's knocked out the Referee Cristobal Solares is waving it off. Spectacular knockout for Kimbo Slice and just the win he was looking for.

Jay Glazer: THERE IT IS!!!

Shaq: HUGE shot! That was beautiful

Bas: He caught him flush with that shot.

Jay Glazer: We saw Butterbean deliver a great knee earlier to Tank Abbott but that was out of the Muay Thai clinch. Kimbo had the forethought to land that knee as Emelianenko was coming in.

Bas: That was great move, a smart move. The more I see the replay the more I think it was luck though.

Shaq: He took a step back first, I think he really did plan on landing that.

Jay Glazer: It's a good thing he did too, that set up the HUGE overhand right that exploded on Emelianenko's jaw. Emelianenko sprung up quick after running into those knees, maybe too quick and we saw Kimbo plant a well placed shot.

Bas: That'll do it though, picture perfect shot.

Jay Glazer: Let's go to Joe for the official announcement.

Joe Pedicino: This match has been stopped by referee Cristobal Solares at the 6:15 mark of the very first round, for your winner, by knockout, and NEW PREMIER MMA HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION OF THE WORLD! - KIMBO SLICE!!!

Jay Glazer: I'm here with the newly crowned champ Kimbo Slice. After the months of bad blood that win has to feel good.

Kimbo Slice: Yea man, you know he's a good fighter and I got respect for him. I don't like him but I respect him and hopefully a knockout like that will shut his ass up.

Jay Glazer: Speaking of that knockout lets check it out up here and take me through the video. It was all setup by this knee that you hit him with as he was diving in.

Kimbo Slice: I saw him comin in right, and I knew I had a shot I guess so I just brought my knee up and it hit him right on the spot.

Jay Glazer: He stumbles back and ends up sitting in the ring for a half second, you let him up and then right here with that beautiful overhand right just crush him

Kimbo Slice: Yea I decided I wasn't gunna try and stand over him and throw because I didn't wanna get caught with somethin so I let him up and did what I do best.

Jay Glazer: Well your best was good enough tonight congratulations on the KO and the title.

Kimbo Slice: I just wanna tell all those people that believe I don't belong here that I'm some brawler and embarassment. I just KO'd a world Sambo champ baby and I can fight with the best of em out here. That's real talk

Jay Glazer: Thanks Kimbo, we're taking a quick commercial break and we'll be right back to rap up the show.

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Welcome back to MMA Live here on FOX. So thoughts on tonight's card?

Shaq: Canseco has heart, Leites is a force and Kimbo can throw.

Bas: My thoughts? The UFC better look out, there's quality competition out here.
Jay Glazer: Well for Shaq and Bas I'm Jay Glazer and this has been a presentation of FOX Presents: MMA Live! brought to you by Premier MMA. Immediately following this broadcast is the wrap-up show on HDnet so be sure to turn it. Good Night everyone!

(Fight of the Night - Leites def. Gracie

KO of the Night - Kimbo def. Emelianenko

Submission of the Night - Smith def. Canseco)

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Interesting to say the least dont really like ur roster that much I mean their some gold some where but theirs to many old obsolete fighters and other than a name here or their its not a great roster.I mean theirs some good names out their not in the UFC and maybe cross promoting with Strikeforce or something like that.

Now on to the fights Dont know about opening the night with a boruing fights as you put it tho I do like Bielkheden and really dont understand why you mde him to look like a chump but you know what u wanna do so I guess you wanna build up Dollar as a prospect.

I was excited to see Rosholt fight even tho I didnt know his opponent and glad to see him finish in the first round really dont know why they released him he was an upcomer that I was really excited about.

You made Conseco look decent but why have Conseco vs Smith a washed up fighter vs a never has been questionable match making

Speaking of that Tank vs Butterbean any time would be bad but in 2010 and going 3 rounds sounds boring and uninteresting liked the ending even tho I havent seen enough Butterbean to know if he has a good clinch.

Leites fighting just makes my stomach sick but in a Co-Main Event in a title fight just scares me especially with another BJJ guy and by the way Champioship fights are 5 rounds not 3 Leites is a big name but dont know about exciting fights.

And then your last title fight Kimbo vs A Emelianenko for the Heavyweight Title another fight I dont think MMA fans would want to see and defiantely not a Title Fight Main Event and then to let Kimbo KO him in spectacular fashion I just dont know about that I mean you might need a star but come on Kimbo TDD is awful chin is awful and I think anybody that watched MMA knows Kimbo wouldnt have a chance.

I like the idea the layout needs work along with the roster and maybe building of some prospects but u have a reader as this unique a BTB for MMA and I might try on out as well

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Thanks for the review and I completely understand your concerns. In order for a more non-bias simulation I use a game to process my outcomes (the game being WMMA2 by Grey Dog Software). What I do is wirte up a summary based on the winner and method of victory. As far as having older and obsolete fighters I completely agree and stated such in my opening post and the reason for that is most of the big names are tied up with Strikeforce and UFC meaning I can't quite sign any of them just yet especially as an upstart promotion so focusing on older guys with bigger names works better for me. Hardcore MMA fans only make up a small fraction of the audience that actually watches MMA fights, same for boxing. Brock Lesnar and Kimbo draw more of an audience than BJ Penn just on name recognition. That being said I have to throw out fighters with name recognition in order to compete with the Big Two and although Kimbo might not be a top notch guy, nor is Butterbean or other guys, they present more name recognition giving me more of an audience.

I have top notch youth talent like Dollar, Rosholt, Davis and in time they will become bigger names but as of right now I have to manage with what I have. Fans won't watch a Rosholt main event and considering there aren't alot of Brock Lesnar's lying around I have to use what I can find. Hell my first PPV is Shamrock vs. Coleman. I build up my Reputation and I can sign guys like Lesnar or Fedor later on when they're contracts come up.

As far as Canseco is concerned he has trained in MMA and I put him against Pat Smith who had a respectful career in hopes that Canseco could notch a victory and gain some respect even is Pat Smith is well over the hill. Since Canseco is a name and a freak show he draws an audience but unfortunately he couldn't get it done and his tenure with my company may be ending quite soon

As for the fights I did the best I could manage and Leites does have some name value and anytime a Gracie is involved it's likely to draw some interest. Also I only did 3 round because the first round in 10 minutes and the last two are 5 a piece. That's how my format is

In time I hope to be able to put out more top notch fighters but only as they become available. As I said before thanks for the review and I take it to heart, I know I got alot of work to do.

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Honestly, Dollar should have lost - Kimbo should have lost. Butterbean's fat ass should be nowhere near a double leg - unless it's of the turkey kind. LMFAO at the thought of Tank Abbott putting the brakes on a Butterbean attempted double leg...talk about an UGLY sight.

Overall...Very interesting idea. i understand completely why you have the roster you do. Even though, I cant help drawing comparisons between your MMA BTB and real life TNA... LOL!!!! All of the basics are covered, you obviously know your product, and you have clear goals. Like you already know - the format is a little plain, but thats just cosmetic. Keep it up, as this is already proving to be interesting.

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July 31st, 2010

The legendary Royce Gracie has signed a 7 match contract to join Premier MMA. Royce Gracie is the newest addition to the Middleweight Division and the Legendary 43 year old is looking to make an impact. When asked why Gracie decided to commit himself to one promotion as opposed to continuing his freelancing he said, “Well I can only fight in so many places before I begin to miss my family and the way I see it half of them are already fighting here haha.” It is true that several of the Gracie’s are committed to Premier MMA and the addition of Royce brings the count to 7.

August2nd, 2010
Another Signing for Premier MMA

It’s been confirmed that undefeated 31 year old Welterweight Jason Pierce fresh off his stint on the Ultimate Fighter UK vs. US has clinched a deal to join Premier MMA. Pierce presents another solid competitor in the young promotions growing roster.

August 4th, 2010
New Signings and Smacktalk
Dan Bobish, Gary Goodridge, Dokonjonosuke Mishima, Gan McGee and Drew Fickett all bring their talents to Premier MMA.

“The Bull” Dan Bobish at 6’2” with a record of 17-9 and weighing in at 345lbs is looking to make an impact, even at the age of 40, in the Super Heavyweight Division.

Gary “Big Daddy” Goodridge is another veteran addition at 44, 6’3” and 235lbs is a master of Kuk Soo Won and promises big things in the Heavyweight division and is looking to improve his 23-20-1 record.

Dokonjonosuke Mishima at 38, 5’7” looks to dominate the Welterweight division and 19-7-2 has been a successful member of the MMA community and is searching to continue his winning ways.

Possible the most promising signing is “The Giant” Gan McGee who stands it at a tall 6’10” and weighs in at a lean 240 of pure muscle looks to be a threat in the Heavyweight Division, his “large” knock being his lack of technical ability but his strong take down defense and right hook beg to differ.

Possibly the biggest signing out of the lot is Drew “The Master” Fickett. Only 30 years old and in his prime the Welterweight boasts a strong 37-13 record. A successful fighter through the course of his career 5’10” 170 pounder holds a great Submission background and a successful career in the Octagon with several Promotions including the UFC and Strikeforce.
As for the upcoming Main Event for Premier 1 approaches Mark Coleman and Ken Shamrock would seem much more than cordial, the upcoming match for MMA Live! On HDnet between Frank Trigg and Karo Parisyan has been much less. Trigg has announced that this match is to reassert his dominance in the Welterweight division whereas Parisyan has insisted that Twinkle Toes is a washed up has been with more bark than bite. “Trigg is nothing but a old guy in tight shorts and it matters tome little what he saus.” Was Parisyan’s quote to our very own Bas Rutten. There’s been a lot of bad blood boiling between the two since the fight was announced and now just 6 days away from the event it looks like a promising fight.

August 5th, 2010
The Freak! Bob Sapp joins the Super Heavyweight Division

Bob “The Beast” Sapp has been a mainstay in the Japanese MMA community, known for his immense size and average fighting ability the 6’5” 385lbs Super Heavyweight is looking to make his mark in America with the first serious American promotion with a 265+ division.
Dean Amasinger is fresh off his UFC stint on The Ultimate Fighter: USA vs. UK and seeing as his Rugby career is all but dead in the water for years now and it was high time that he came back to MMA and the 5’9” 170 pounder has clinched a deal with Premier MMA.

August 10th, 2010
MMA Live! On HDnet From the Dr. Pepper Arena
*Opening Sequence; Music plays and camera pans the crowd*

Jay Glazer: Welcome to the Dr. Pepper Arena and the second MMA event courtesy of Premier MMA! Tonight promises to be as action packed as ever with a lot of key matchups and some more open championship belts. At this time let me welcome my cohorts Shaquille O’Neal and Bas Rutten.

Shaq: Good to be here Jay.

Bas: Likewise

Jay Glazer: So guys tell me, what match are you most looking forward to?

Shaq: I’d have to say the Main Event, I know it’s cliché’ but I wanna see if Twinkle Toes Trigg still has it in him.

Bas Rutten: I have to say I really like the opener. Antonio Braga Neto is an up-and-coming prospect in this Light Heavyweight Division and he can jump out to a great start with a win tonight against Andre Gusmao.

Jay Glazer: Well right now Gusmao is entering the arena and we’ll head to commercial break. The First match will be ready to go as soon as we return. Stay tuned!

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Well both Andre Gusmao and Antonio Braga Neto are in the ring now let’s quickly check the Tale of the Tape:

Braga Neto- From: Curitiba, Brazil / Age: 22 / Height: 6'3" / Weight: 205lbs / Record 5-1 / Reach 74" / Discipline: Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Gusmao- From: Goiania, Brazil / Age: 33 / Height: 6'2" / Weight: 205lbs / Record 6-2 / Reach 76" / Discipline: Jiu-Jitsu

Glazer: And now let’s turn it over to Ring Announcer Joe Pedicino,

Joe Pedicino: To the thousands here in attendance, and the millions watching around the globe, let’s get this show on the road! Welcome to the Dr. Pepper Arena in Dallas, Texas for tonight’s MMA Live! On HDnet courtesy of Premier MMA. We have a 6 match night ahead of us and this is our Opener. In the Red Corner! This man is a Jiu-Jitsu practioner with a professional record of 6 wins against 2 losses. He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighs in at 205 pounds. Fighting out of Goiania, Brazil- ANDRE GUSMAO.
And in the Red Corner! This man is a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu artist with a professional record of 5 wins against 1 loss. He stands at 6 feet 3 inches and weighs in at 205 pounds. Fighting out of Curitiba, Brazil – ANTONIO BRAGA NETO
The referee in charge of this match is Cristobal Solares.

Cristobal Solares: Você dois foi lido as réguas no vestuário antes de entrar na gaiola, eu espero luvas de um toque da luta limpa se você quer a e retorna a seus cantos.

Jay Glazer : And now it’s fight time

Round 1
The round starts and Braga Neto immediately lunges forward with a looping right hook that gets nothing but air as Gusmao races backward. Braga Neto continues charging forward forcing Gusmao to move around the ring away from him. Gusmao suddenly lunges for a takedown but Braga Neto could see it coming and moved out of the way quickly. Gusmao tries a leaping uppercut on the way up and barely misses his opponent’s chin. Braga Neto slips away from a jab. Braga Neto begins forcing the issue again and reaches for a clinch but Gusmao maintains distance and uses a few strikes that don’t land but force Braga Neto to think twice about coming forward. Halfway through the round and a speculative waist-high kick by Neto finds nothing but air. Gusmao reacts by firing off a few shots that missed but then tries to come in for a takedown that Braga Neto stuffs. Gusmao begins to backpedal again trying to keep out of Braga Neto’s range. Under a minute now and Braga Neto moves in for a clinch and they end up grappling. Braga Neto backs Gusmao into the cage. Gusmao reaches for a guillotine choke but doesn’t get it on right and the round comes to a close.

Jay Glazer: Rather boring round there. A bit of a feeling out process.

Shaq: Yea…Antonio seemed to win out but not by much.

Bas: Only because Gusmao kept backing up the whole round, he didn’t really lose but he definitely appeared too.

Jay Glazer: That’s definitely the case. Well Round 2 is about to start.

Round 2
Gusmao immediately aims for the takedown and once gain Braga Neto strafes away. Gusmao reaches and grabs a hold of Braga Neto. Gusmao is able to muscle Braga Neto into the cage but not for very long before Braga Neto flips him around and has Gusmao against the cage. Braga Neto keeps his hands on Gusmao’s wrists and delivers knees into his thighs and leans on him keeping him pressed against the cage for the better part of 2 minutes. Fans begin to boo with chants of “Boring.” The chants seem to get to Antonio Braga Neto as he tries to bring an elbow into the skull of Gusmao to no avail and Gusmao is able to turn Neto around so Gusmao is now the one in control with Braga Neto against the cage once again. Gusmao attempts to bring Braga Neto down from the clinch but can’t; he then tries for a trip takedown but Braga Neto pushes him away and escapes the clinch all together. Time quickly expires and both men go to there corners.

Jay Glazer: Much more entertaining round but a more definite round for Antonio Braga Neto

Bas: Yes definitely. He was able to control the Octagon and take it to Gusmao that round.

Shaq: Braga Neto was looked at as an underdog in this one but he’s really proving otherwise. At 23 he’s a real promising competitor.

{B]Bas[/B]: A win here puts him in a wonderful spot.

Jay Glazer: Yea and a win here is what he’s on pace to get barring a stunning KO or submission in the last round. And the men are coming out of the corners now.

Round 3
Gusmao tries a lunging jab that misses badly and Braga Neto hits him hard with a counter jab. Gusmao follows Braga Neto around the ring as Braga Neto realizes all he has to do his survive without being rocked. Both men look gassed and Gusmao catches up to Braga Neto enough to land a stiff jab. Gusmao comes in for a takedown and again gets stuffed. Halfway through the round and Gusmao hits another solid jab. Gusmao is again looking for a takedown and Braga Neto bounds backward avoiding being brought to the mat yet again. Gusmao is able to force a Muay Thai Clinch on Braga Neto and lands a crushing knee to the face and the round ends before Gusmao can land another shot.

Shaq: That round has to be chalked up to Gusmao but I think the previous two mean that Antonio Braga Neto walks out a winner

Bas: I said coming in this was the fight I was looking forward to the most and I was looking forward to seeing how Antonio Braga Neto would handle what many considered a stronger opponent. And seeing this fight has me thinking that this kid might be able to make waves in the Light Heavyweight Division, but he’ll need to become more rounded and get some more flair.

Jay Glazer: Let’s head now to ring announcer Joe Pedicino for the official decision.

Joe Pedicino: This bout has gone all 3 rounds and it is time to head to the Judge’s Scorecards. All 3 Judge’s score the bout 29-28 for your winner by Unanimous Decision, ANTONIO BRAGA NETO.

Jay Glazer : I’m here with your winner Antonio Braga Neto. Congratulations on winning the fight Antonio.

Antonio Braga Neto: It was a very successful victory for me and I’m happy on how I did it.

Jay Glazer: Pre fight odds had you as an underdog in this one, any thoughts on that?

Antonio Braga Neto: Not really. I thought I was the better fighter coming in and I knew I was the better fighter in the Octagon tonight.

Jay Glazer: Well at 23 years old we expect more of the same and you can only get better, best of luck to ya. And now time for a commercial break, when we return we’ll be gearing up for our next bout “Giant Silva” Paulo Cesar Silva and Eli “Nightmare” Joslin in the Superheavyweight Division.

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Welcome back to MMA Live! On HDnet and our competitors are just now hitting the ring, and let’s check the Tale of the Tape:

Silva- From: Sao Paulo, Brazil / Age: 47 / Height: 7’2" / Weight: 420lbs / Record 2-6 / Reach 93" / Discipline: Brawler

Joslin- From: Mariposa, California / Age: 31 / Height: 6’2" / Weight: 272lbs / Record 2-0 / Reach 77" / Discipline: Striker

Glazer: Quickly thoughts on the fight.

Shaq : Well ya gotta look at the obvious. Silva is almost 50 and that can’t bode well for him at all; Especially 50 and 420lbs.

Bas: Yea well as you said ya gotta look at the obvious and what’s obvious to me is that Silva is a foot taller, has nearly 20 inches more in reach and weight 250lbs more. That to me spells disaster for Joslin.

Jay Glazer : Well we’ll have to see as we’re now turning it over to ring announcer Joe Pedicino.

Joe Pedicino: This is the second bout of the evening, scheduled for three five minute rounds in the Superheavyweight Division. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Brawler with a professional record of 2 wins against 6 losses. He stands at 7 feet, 2 inches and weighs in at 420 pounds. Fighting out of Sao Paulo, Brazil – “GIANT SILVA” PAULO CESAR SILVA!
And in the Red Corner! This man is a Striker with a professional record of 2 wins against 0 losses. He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighs in at 272 pounds. Fighting out of Mariposa, California – ELI “NIGHTMARE” JOSLIN!

Joe Pedicino: The referee in charge of this match is Vyacheslav Petrenko.

Vyacheslav Petrenko: You two were read the rules in the locker room prior to entering the cage, I expect a clean fight touch gloves if you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer : And with that it’s fight time.

Round 1
The fight begins with Joslin doing a bit of moving around the ring and Silva is content to stand there and watch Joslin. Silva begins to plod forward pressing the issue but Joslin just backs away. Halfway through the round and Silva cuts the ring in half and is able to latch onto Joslin. Silva nabs a single collar tie but his hand is big enough to virtually palm Joslin’s head. Silva uses this to force Joslin into the cage with his massive height and weight advantage. Joslin is able to weasel out of the grab by outmaneuvering Silva then throws a waist-high kick that find nothing but air. Silva is able to catch hold of Joslin again and forces him back into the cage where he controls him for about a solid minute until the round ends. Both men head back to their corners, Silva looking winded.

Jay Glazer: Well with this division you often get whacky weight differences and this is no exception but anytime you begin creeping over the 265 mark you find most guys get winded quicker.

Shaq: And you see that here. Silva is getting tired and his energy level was just folding as the seconds ticked off but he was able to get Joslin where he wanted and all Joslin was able to do was run.

Bas: Yea, it’s not fun to fight someone that much bigger than you and we saw what happened in the Tank Abbot – Butterbean fight. Like I said at the top undefeated or not Joslin is only 2-0 and fighting someone that dwarfs him in weight and height isn’t the best way to extend that streak.

Jay Glazer: You could definitely see that round that Silva had the upper hand but we’ll have to see just how good his cardio is as we are just about ready to start Round 2.

Round 2
The Round begins and Joslin immediately goes for a takedown which Silva stuffed….well more like Joslin didn’t have the strength to tip him over. Joslin throws a great overhand right that lands square into Giant Silva’s gloves but can’t follow up. Joslin reaches in and stick a jab into Silva’s chest. Joslin launches in for another takedown and this time Silva backpedals away. Silva lands a pair of hooks, a right and then a left and Joslin takes a step back. Joslin continues to play keep away and the round comes to a close.

Jay Glazer: That round seemed to be a step back. It looked like Silva as in no hurry to force the issue and Joslin was afraid too.

Bas: Yea and it ended up that Silva landed the only real shots of the round and on my card I have him up 20-18.

Shaq: Same here Bas, and I’m hoping next round is more exciting, especially since Joslin needs to finish the fight now.

Round 3
Round opens with Joslin seeming refreshed and energized. Joslin begins circling around Silva and even lands a jab. Silva suddenly unloads with a barrage of punches but Joslin is able to duck and then evade all of them. Joslin hits another jab then backs away quickly and sees Silva’s jab and subsequent uppercut miss. Joslin avoids a jab and sticks Silva with one, then leaning back to avoid another Silva jab. Joslin unloads with a few more jabs and the round sees the two standing around sizing one another up until the bell.

Jay Glazer: Certainly not the most exciting fight and just like the first one I have Silva winning the first two and taking the third off.

Shaq: Yea I’m sure we were all hoping for a quicker paced fight but Silva did what he had to in order to win.

Bas: What strikes the fans and us as boring is just as stressful and intense as any fight for the guys in the cage there and I’m sure Silva will be pleased with the result.

Jay Glazer: Let’s turn it over to Joe to find out the result.

Joe Pedicino: After 3 rounds of fighting this match will go to the Judge’s. The Judge’s score the bout 29-28 Silva, 29-28 Joslin, and 29-28 for you winner by split decision ELI “NIGHTMARE” JOSLIN

Bas: I have to say I’m surprised by that decision

Shaq: Yea I have to say I had that fight the other way as well.

Jay Glazer: Well I’m here with fight winner Eli Joslin and I have to be honest Eli I thought you lost this one.

Eli Joslin: I knew it was a close fight and I knew I was fighting a guy with a size advantage so going into the last round I knew I had to lay it all out and try to land enough shots to really ensure that I won it.

Jay Glazer: Did you find Giant Silva to be more of a challenge than you expected or were you ready for the fight overall?

Eli Joslin: I probably should have trained a little harder but hey hindsight is always 20/20 and I walk outta here 3-0. Something to take with me for next time.

Jay Glazer : Well we wish you the best and congrats on the victory. We’ll be right back with more MMA action do not change that channel!

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer : We’re sizing up the third match of the night and we’re already halfway through.

Bas : And each fight is getting continuously better

Jay Glazer : That’s exactly right in this one we have Middleweights Crafton Wallace and Eduardo Pamplona; Two proven Middleweight competitors with enough talent to put on a great fight.

Shaq : This one’s great because they use two completely different styles. Pamplona is Gracie Jiu-Jitsu and Wallace is a Kick Boxer so you gotta love the aspect.

Jay Glazer: Let us check the Tale of the Tape as Pamplona is entering the ring:

Wallace- From: Naples, Florida / Age: 37 / Height: 6'0" / Weight: 185lbs / Record 17-4-1 / Reach 74" / Discipline: Kick Boxing

Pamplona- From: Sao Paulo, Brazil / Age: 37 / Height: 5'11" / Weight: 185lbs / Record 12-2 / Reach 73" / Discipline: Gracie Jiu-Jitsu

Glazer : Let’s turn it over to ring announcer Joe Pedicino

Joe Pedicino: This is the halfway match of tonight’s card. Fight number 3, scheduled for three five minute rounds in the Middleweight Division. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Kick Boxer with a professional record of 17 wins against 4 losses and 1 No Contest. He stands at 6 feet, 0 inches and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Naples, Florida – CRAFTON WALLACE
And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 12 wins against 2 losses. He stands at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs in at 185 pounds. Fighting out of Sao Paulo, Brazil – EDUARDO PAMPLONA

Joe Pedicino: Your referee for this match is Arthur Cousins

Arthur Cousins: You two were read the rules in the locker room prior to entering the cage, I expect a clean fight touch gloves if you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: Crafton Wallace. Eduardo Pamplona. Here We Go!

Round 1
Round starts and Pamplona stick a jab into Wallace’s chest as he tries to move forward. Pamplona eventually allows Wallace to move in and he’s content to grapple with him. Wallace tries to muscle Pamplona back but Pamplona wiggles outta the hold and both men are standing at center. Wallace goes for a double leg and gets it without much struggle but Pamplona is able to pull guard. Wallace trying to stay busy but not much is working as Pamplona keeps him in a body triangle and pulls on his head from posturing up. Pamplona sweeps Wallace and both men end up back on their feet. Halfway through the round Pamplona rifles in another jab this time right to the nose of Crafton Wallace. Time ticking away as each guy circles the other, sizing him up. With roughly a minute left Wallace springs in for a takedown but Pamplona counters it and then falls on top, in half guard. Pamplona is fighting for a kimura but he’s not finding much luck as Wallace is keeping his arm straight and elbow locked. Pamplona is trying to work on the arm but it’s not working for him and the round comes to a close.

Jay Glazer: Interesting round there. Surprised by Wallace’s want to go to the ground?

Bas: I have to say I am. I figured Crafton would want to keep distance and pick Eduardo apart with leg kicks and jabs but it just wasn’t his gameplan I guess.

Shaq: Definitely, and Wallace lost the round because of it. I don’t quite grasp why you wanna go to the ground against a BJJ guy.

Jay Glazer : Well round 2 is underway and we’ll have to see if that gameplan changes.

Round 2
Wallace opens the round by catching Pamplona in a Body Lock but Pamplona retaliates by pummeling his way out of it all together. Wallace lunges for a single leg but Pamplona gets his leg free and hops backward. Pamplona feints a takedown and Wallace steps back and then launches a swift head kick that just barely misses Pamplona’s skull. They again grapple and this time Wallace is able to press Pamplona against the cage. Into the final sixty seconds and Wallace backs off and launches a flurry of punches but Pamplona ducks and avoids most of them as he spirals away from the cage and then stick a crisp punch into Pamplona’s gut. Wallace comes in for a takedown and knocks Pamplona into the cage, he then picks him up and slams him onto the mat. Wallace finishes the last 10 seconds of the round on top of Pamplona.

Jay Glazer : Well Wallace had a very effective end to that round.

Bas : That might very well have given him the round as well.

Shaq : Both men were active and ending the round on top did him a lot of good and heading into Round 3 this is anyone’s fight to win.

Jay Glazer: Well it’s time to see what happens in the last chapter of this fight. Round 3 begins now

Round 3
Pamplona backing away and Wallace chasing him, Wallace is able to catch hold of Pamplona. Wallace is looking very tired and can’t keep the grapple for very long. They continue this game of cat and mouse for awhile and time continues to tick away. They come in each delivering a series of strikes but both men miss. Pamplona delivers a strong uppercut into the elbows of Crafton Wallace but doesn’t follow up. A quick exchange of strikes produces nothing worth mentioning. Final minute of the round now and Pamplona hops around from foot to foot, looking for an opening. Crafton comes in a throws a big head kick that misses and he spins right around allowing Pamplona to deliver a meaningless leg kick and the round comes to a close.

Jay Glazer: Well that was a close round and a close fight

Bas: Very tactical bout and alotta work from each guy

Shaq: Definitely a close bout ya gotta wonder how the judge’s scored that last round

Jay Glazer: I have the fight 29-28 Pamplona but my scorecard doesn’t matter, let’s hear what the judge’s have to say.

Joe Pedicino: This bout has gone all 3 rounds and it’s time to go to the Judge’s Scorecards. The bout is scored 29-28 Wallace, 29-28 Pamplona, and 29-28 for your winner by Split Decision CRAFTON WALLACE!

Jay Glazer: I’m here with the winner of this fight Mr. Crafton Wallace. How ya feelin’ after that bout

Crafton Wallace: I’m tired haha. I have to say I’m happy I came out with the win

Jay Glazer: He was a tough opponent and ya did well to beat him. Congratulations and we wish you the best.

Crafton Wallace: Thank you.

Jay Glazer: Please do not change that channel as up next is MMA legend Dan “The Beast” Severn trying to track down win #90 in his Superheavyweight Debut against Big John Brown

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Welcome back everyone and Big John Brown is standing in the Octagon as Dan Severn makes his way to meet him you can hear the crowd gettin’ loud, this man is a legend.

Bas: That he is, anyone who has won 89 fights in his career is a legend and the people love him. He’s recently been trying to prove he’s ageless and even in his upper 50’s he is trying his best to keep fighting.

Shaq: Well ya gotta be debating how much he has left in the tank if anything really especially fighting a guy that dwarfs him in weight. That being said you can’t count the Legend out.

Jay Glazer: Well let’s check the Tale of the Tape:

Severn- From: Coldwater, Michigan / Age: 56 / Height: 6'2" / Weight: 280lbs / Record 89-16-7 / Reach 74" / Discipline: Wrestling

Brown- From: Biloxi, Mississippi / Age: 33 / Height: 5'10" / Weight: 410lbs / Record 4-7 / Reach 72" / Discipline: Brawler

Glazer: Now we’ll turn things over to Joe Pedicino

Joe Pedicino: Everybody this is the 4th match of the evening and is scheduled for 3 rounds in the Superheavyweight Division. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Brawler with a professional record of 4 wins against 7 losses. He stands at 5 feet, 10 inches and weighs in at 410 pounds. Fighting out of Biloxi, Mississippi – “BIG” JOHN BROWN
And in the Red Corner! This man is a Wrestler with a professional record of 89 wins against 16 losses and 7 Draws. He stands at 6 feet, 2 inches and weighs in at 280 pounds. Fighting out of Coldwater, Michigan. This man is a Legend in the Sport of Cage Fighting. He is a Hall of Famer. Let me welcome to the octagon, DAN “THE BEAST” SEVERN!

Joe Pedicino: Your referee for this match is Vyacheslav Petrenko.

{B]Vyacheslav Petrenko[/B]: You two were read the rules in the locker room prior to entering the cage, I expect a clean fight touch gloves if you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: Well now it’s time to get this show on the road, let’s see if it’s the size of the man or the size of the reputation that wins here.

Round 1
Severn starts the round off by landing a crisp jab. Brown is coming forward and Severn lunges in for a double leg but Brown stuffs it and brings Severn up into a clinch. Severn begins to pummel and out maneuver Brown so Brown quickly shoves him away and we’re back to a stand-off. Severn follows him though and grabs him right back into the clinch. That might not have been the wrestler’s best move though as Brown uses his weight to force Severn into the cage. Brown is just suffocating Severn against the cage and time is ticking away fast. A lot of the crowd is becoming restless, they want more movement. John Brown is looking very tired but the clock soon expires and the round is over.

Jay Glazer: Not much exciting in that round but Brown was able to use his weight to play to his advantage.

Bas: The expression size doesn’t matter has no place in this sport but size certainly isn’t the only thing that matters.

Shaq: Severn needs to get busier and try his best to bring Brown to the mat, from there it should be a cakewalk.

Jay Glazer: Well we’ll see as Round 2 is getting set to get underway.

Round 2
Severn begins the round hunting for a takedown again but Brown uses his large weight advantage to stuff it and force Severn back up into a clinch. Brown forces Severn into the cage and lays on him until the round ends as both men are breathing very heavy. The crowd begins to berate them with chants like, “This is Boring!”

Jay Glazer: There’s no way of sugar coating that round, it was ugly and dull but effective.

Bas: Big John Brown did just what he needed too to ensure he won the round. Even though the fans can’t appreciate that and it was a “boring” round Brown will be happy with his performance so far,

Shaq: Definitely and now Severn is staring a Loss right in the face. If he wants win #90 he needs to go out there this round and lay it all on the line, maybe it’s his age but at one time he was a world-class wrestler and could bring anyone down now matter their size.

Jay Glazer: Time to see if The Beast has any tricks up his sleeve in this round.

Round 3
Severn leans in and lands a right hook to the ribs, although I’m not sure that really did anything. Severn searching for an opening and Brown is just standing in ring center watching him, breathing heavily already. Severn throws three punches that all connect to Brown’s chest and stomach and then tries for a takedown that Brown stuffs again. Severn however picks up the 400 pounder and slams him into the mat and is able to maintain control of him as he’s stuck in Brown’s guard. And the rest of the round slips by with Severn just lying on top in Guard smothering Brown but Severn didn’t do anything to ensure he won the fight after losing the two previous rounds.

Jay Glazer: Certainly not what “The Beast” had in mind. And unfortunately the legend is going to be tagged with a loss

Bas: Well that’s what happens. MMA is a young man’s sport and 33 is a lot younger than 56.

Shaq: I know what it’s like to be called over your prime and in need to retire so I’m not going to comment any which way but Dan needs to hit the gym and make sure he’s in much better shape if he wants to enter this octagon again.

Jay Glazer: Well we were wrong about one decision today let’s see how this one turns out.

Joe Pedicino: This fight has gone the limit. After 3 round the Judge’s score the bout 29-28, 29-28, and 30-27 for the winner by Unanimous Decision, BIG JOHN BROWN!

Jay Glazer: I’m here with “Big” John Brown. How does that feel to beat a legend in the sport that handily?

”Big” John Brown: Definitely is a confidence booster ya know? I’m really happy to be able to beat a guy like Dan.

Jay Glazer: Well certainly past his prime ya gotta be thinking about a series run up the ladder now after beatin’ him.

”Big” John Brown: I’d like to think so and I’ll fight anyone you and Mark throw at me

Jay Glazer: That’s great to hear and we’ll be looking forward to seeing you again. Don’t change the channel our Co-Main Event is up next.

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Welcome back! It’s time for our Co-Main Event of the evening. A 5-round bout for the Premier MMA Lightweight Title. So Who’s it gunna be guys? Caol Uno or Josh Neer?

Bas: I have to go with youth on this one, Josh Neer is gunna win.

Shaq: I don’t think Neer will have enough to fend off Uno’s Wajutsu.

Jay Glazer: Let’s check the Tale of the Tape:

Uno- From: Kanagawa, Japan / Age: 35 / Height: 5'7" / Weight: 155lbs / Record 25-13-5 / Reach 70" / Discipline: Wrestling and Wajutsu

Neer- From: Des Moines, Iowa / Age: 27 / Height: 5'11" / Weight: 155lbs / Record 27-10-1 / Reach 72" / Discipline: Muay Thai

Glazer: Let’s move this over too Joe for the official introductions

Joe Pedicino: Ladies and Gentleman this is your Co-Main Event of the evening. It is scheduled for one ten minute and two subsequent five minute rounds, as it is a Championship match for the Premier MMA Lightweight Title. In the Blue Corner! This man is a Muay Thai Striker with a professional record of 27 wins against 10 losses and 1 No Contest. He stands at 5 feet, 11 inches and weighs in at 155 pounds. Fighting out of Des Moines, Iowa – JOSH “THE DENTIST” NEER
And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 25 wins against 13 losses and 5 draws. He stands at 5 feet, 7 inches and weighs in at 155 pounds. Fighting out of Kanagawa, Japan – CAOL “UNO SHOTEN” UNO

Pedicino: Your referee for this match is Cristobal Solares.

Cristobal Solares: You have been read the rules in the locker room. This is a championship fight and I expect it to be a clean fight. Touch gloves is you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: This is a championship fight and it’s go time!

Round 1
Uno opens up with a leg kick that Neer avoids. Neer starts to back out of range. Uno is happy to let him back away and tries to chase him with a very quick series of strikes but Neer moves out of range. Neer slips out of the way of another series of strikes. Uno snaps off a quick jab that catches Neer square in the nose, making him pause. Uno lunges in for a takedown and Neer steps back. Neer launches a vicious uppercut that catches Uno flush as he comes in and he’s down! Neer takes a step back but Uno is out cold, referee Cristobal Solares waves it off. Neer wins by Knockout!!!

Jay Glazer: Big knockout! That’s an exciting win.

Shaq: That was a huge shot and times just right. You won’t see many strikes better than that one.

Bas: I expected a much closer and much longer battle than that, he absolutely crushed him with that blow.

Jay Glazer: Yikes! Uno is just now getting to his feet. Let’s head to Joe for the official call.

Joe Pedicino: Ladies and Gentleman! This fight has ended at the 3:05 mark in Round 1 via Knockout! Your winner and the new, Premier MMA Lightweight Champion of the World! JOSH “THE DENTIST” NEER!!!

Jay Glazer: I’m here with your winner and new champ Josh Neer. Huge shot Josh take a look at the replay here and walk me through it.

Josh Neer: Well I don’t know, I just saw him coming and I didn’t wanna go to the ground so I launched a shot. To be honest I wasn’t even expecting it to land I just wanted him to slow up.

Jay Glazer: Well it certainly landed and you have made a big splash in the Division and the Company, and you’re going to be leaving the arena today with the belt. That’s gotta feel great.

Josh Neer: Well I expected it but for it to happen the way it did I’m ecstatic. I gotta thank my family, friends, all the boys back at the gym and most of all you Jay and Mark for giving me this chance.

Jay Glazer:Well you are certainly welcome and you didn’t disappoint. Congrats on the victory Champ and we hope to see you back here soon. Only one fight left tonight so don’t change that channel!

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: That last bout ended in exciting fashion to say the least. We only got one left boys and it’s our main event.

Shaq: Alotta bad blood between these two as of late and you gotta imagine they’re itching to get in there and rip each other’s heads off.

Bas: Once again a tale of youth versus experience and in this one experience might finally chalk one up tonight.

Jay Glazer: We’ll definitely find out, let’s check the Tale of the Tape,

Parisyan- From: North Hollywood, California / Age: 27 / Height: 5'10" / Weight: 170lbs / Record 18-5 / Reach 74" / Discipline: Judo

Trigg- From: Las Vegas, Nevada / Age: 38 / Height: 5'9" / Weight: 170lbs / Record 19-8 / Reach 71" / Discipline: Wrestling

Glazer: Let’s turn it over now to Mr. Pedicino

Joe Pedicino: This is the moment you have all been waiting for! This is the Main Event of the evening!! Scheduled for one 10 minute round and two 5 minute rounds in the Premier MMA Welterweight Division. In the Blue Corner! This man is Judoka with a professional record of 18 wins against 5 losses. He stands at 5 feet, 10 inches and weighs in at 170 pounds. Fighting out of North Hollywood, California – KARO “THE HEAT” PARISYAN
And in the Red Corner! This man is a Mixed Martial Artist with a professional record of 19 wins against 8 losses. He stands at 5 feet, 9 inches and weighs in at 170 pounds. Fighting out of Las Vegas, Nevada – FRANK “TWINKLE TOES” TRIGG

Pedicino: Your referee for this match is Cristobal Solares.

Cristobal Solares: You have been read the rules in the locker room. This is a championship fight and I expect it to be a clean fight. Touch gloves is you want to and return to your corners.

Jay Glazer: The biggest fight of the night just about under way here we go!

Round 1
The fight starts and it’s barely 15 seconds and Trigg shoots for a takedown. He’s stuffed but maintains a hold of both legs and edges Parisyan into the cage. He starts to tug away and eventually is rewarded with the takedown he was looking for and gets into Parisyan’s guard against the mat. Trigg is trying to pass but Parisyan is preventing it, however Parisyan can’t prevent Trigg from posturing up. Trigg makes a move to get into side control but Parisyan grabs his arm and wrenches it, and is able to flip him over with an armbar. Trigg is trying to fight it off but Parisyan pulls the arm straight and nothing left for Trigg to do but to tap out.

Jay Glazer: That’s a big time victory for Karo in a big time way!

Bas: Parisyan made a statement there, all the trash talking stopped and it was stopped by Karo.

Shaq: I can’t say I particularly saw that coming. I thought it was going to be more of a battle but that was a great move by Parisyan to get the better of the wiley veteran.

Jay Glazer: Time to hand this one over too Joe for the announcement.

Joe Pedicino: This match has ended at the 2:24 mark of the very first round via Armbar Submission. Your winner and new Premier MMA Welterweight Champion of the World! KARO “THE HEAT” PARISYAN

Jay Glazer: I’m here with the champ Karo Parisyan and I gotta ask ya man, it feels to good to score that win after all the talk that went on with you and Frank in the lead up to this match.

Karo Parisyan: Definitely, I was just happy to win and win the belt but I won’t lie and say that didn’t make it sweeter.

Jay Glazer: That was a very classy armbar my man.

Karo Parisyan: I knew if there was going to be a chink in the Twinkle Toes armor it would be a submission, so I knew I was on my back and that wasn’t a good spot so I took an opening and I’m happy it worked.

Jay Glazer: So Karo is there anyone you’re looking at to defend your belt against now?

Karo Parisyan: I don’t know honestly but I heard that Drew Fickett recently signed for Premier so maybe he’s on the radar. There’s Shonie Carter or anyone of the Gracie’s. I mean maybe Jonny Goulet. But that’s enough calling out people for me haha

Jay Glazer: Well I’m sure any one of those matches could be made sometime soon. We wish ya the best and don’t go away we’ll be right back to wrap-up the show.

*commercial break*

Jay Glazer: Another great night of fights! A thanks to Mark Cuban, my co-hosts Shaquille O’Neal and Bas Rutten, and all the fighters out there tonight and all the fans in attendance and watching on television. Congratulations to the winners and best of luck to the losers. Until next time I’m Jay Glazer, Good Night Everyone!

(Fight of the Night: Parisyan def. Trigg
Submission of the Night: Parisyan def. Trigg
KO of the Night: Neer def. Uno)

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These are very much allowed. AMP had a MMA fed back when he was a booker. The difficulty in keeping an MMA fed manageable is in the one key difference between MMA and pro wrestling - pro wrestling is fixed, MMA is not. Good luck on keeping the thread going, though. More power to you if you make this work.

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I like me some WMMA action (I'm currently UFC'ing a game at this very moment, got UFC 164: Silva vs. Harris just around the corner), however I'm really not enjoying your upstart promotion thus far. Whilst in the game it may work using older more name valued guys, as a reading it kills my interest somewhat, so I'm out, but may return when the likes of Tank and Butterbean aren't fighting off for a title. The format also turns me off, I think following the more unified rules of 3 x 5 mins and 5 x 5 mins for title fights would be better, especially as you've alot of older guys and bums essentially, whom fighting for 10 mins straight could kill people through boredom.

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OOC: Well logically big names draw crowds so even if they're not quite up to par anymore, people still watch a-la Ken Shamrock and Royce Gracie or even Couture and Lidell. So the idea is that realistically speaking people wouldn't turn into an event with young upcoming stars but not particularly big names headlining. I throw out older guys because people will watch Shamrock, Gracie, Trigg, Butterbean.

As far as the format I wanted to do it a little different than the UFC does so that's why I had it like that, so I don't seem like I'm too similar. Maybe I'll change that somewhere down the road after a few more events I'll go ahead and say that the fans or fighters or both didn't enjoy the idea so much.

I understand older guys are boring and you lose interest reading but I can only work with what I have to work with. I can't sign Lesnar if the UFC has him so as the months go by bigger names might fall my way :), just keep reading as the updates come out and hopefully I'll be able to report some stronger acquisitions.

(The game is simply being used as a way to decide winners so I'm not biased, for injuries and for competition between the other Promotions. So if Kimbo wins a fight, whether he should have or not, it's not me who told him to win that fight it's just what happened. Same for Dollar over Bielkhelden. All I can do is say that Emelianenko lost because he was outta shape hence my emphasizing his weight issue by saying he came in heavy. That way it looks more feasible. As soon as UFC begins shedding talent, which it does like WWE in EWR, I'll pick some more up. So bear with me guys ^_^)

P.S. I'm doing a UFC, WMMA career as well and my last PPV was Lesnar V Fedor 2 I think. Lesnar won the first by SplitDecision and the second by a KO after 15 seconds

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These are very much allowed. AMP had a MMA fed back when he was a booker. The difficulty in keeping an MMA fed manageable is in the one key difference between MMA and pro wrestling - pro wrestling is fixed, MMA is not. Good luck on keeping the thread going, though. More power to you if you make this work.
Sorry for the double post I didn't see this. Thanks alot, it won't be the easiest but I have no problem with the various events that unfold. My only hurdle is finding the 2 days to sit down and type all this out for a few news events and one show. Thanks for the vote of confidence as well and I hope to keep this thread alive for as long as I can.
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