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TFC/DC United "postponed" half an hour before game start this morning due to covid.

Welcome to the world of North American sports for the next who knows how long.

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Hello as a long term Everton Fan.

I have noticed that current squad has deficiencies in midfield areas.

Jean-Philippe Gbamin

The number 6 has been inured, so we have not really seen what he can do according football manager 2020 he currently 140/200 and potentially 146/200 or 79 in Fifa 20. However, his future at Everton depends on if Ancelotti has enough faith in him.

Gylfi Sigurðsson

The number 10 has been in consistent his numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 141/200 and potentially 152/200 or 83 in Fifa 20. In football manger 2020 his vision is 11/20 and in FIFA 20 it 86. It will interesting to if he stays next season or goes somewhere else as he has been inconsistent and has only scored 2 goals compared to last season with 13 goal.

Personally I think Everton should think about replacing him with someone else as he ok for bottom middle team in Premier League 10-15 position or a bit higher but not a top teams as he would have stayed at Tottenham Hotspur and not joined Swansea city.

Fabian Delph

The number 8 has been doing ok this season his numbers is football manager 2020 he currently 135/200 and potentially 148/200 or 81 in Fifa 20. He can do defend and attack in equal measure.

I think he will stay part of squad as he experienced

André Gomes

He is a deep lying playmaker and has been good when not injured his numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 146/200 and potentially 161/200 or 80 in Fifa 20.

His instincts and vision means he should stay next season as he fits Ancelotti’s formation of 4-4-2.

Tom Davies

Tom is still one for future at number 6 his numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 131/200 and potentially 152/200 or 75 in Fifa 20.

I, this he will stay at the club as Ancelotti can guide him to being a better 6.

Anthony Gordon

He is a player who can play anywhere in front line left right and central,his numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 113/200 and potentially 133/200, or he is not Fifa 20.
He is one for future and is still learning what position is best for him.

Alex Iwobi

Alex is a winger who can play on both sides of pitch and his numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 144/200 and potentially 158/200 or 79 in Fifa 20.

He is slightly inconsistent however if he can be more consistent he will extremely well at Everton.


He is Everton’s best left-winger and technically one of the best players at Everton
and his numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 143/200 and potentially 160/200 or 84 in Fifa 20.

What he needs is better players in central midfield positions at number 6 and 10, so he has the freedom to do his thing.

Theo Walcott

He is one of Everton’s faster players on the pitch, and he can play right wing or striker. His numbers in football manager 2020 he currently 131/200 and potentially 160/200 or 85 in Fifa 20.

His form has been hit-and-miss, it depends on if Ancelotti wants to keep him.

I am currently in 2 minds if Ancelotti can get him to perform like he did at times for Arsenal then he should stay as not many players can cope with him at full speed, but that depends on Ancelotti plans for next season.

Otherwise in defence and in attack Everton are good.



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If man utd get to win the Europa lge and finish third, some of our fans have classed that as a good season, it is for where have been the last few seasons, but we are winners and next season has to be better, success didn't just come easy. It took Sir Alex a good few years to make us winners, he was nearly sacked in 86 but we won the FA cup, it might've been a lot different, if he had been sacked and we lost the cup,

Ole needs to be given the same amount of time, bruno was a great signing, we need rid of shaw, pogba and lingard , plus the other fringe players who aren't good enough, now I'm not saying pogba isn't good, but he ain't consistent enough and has a bad attire, there was a reason he was sold for 1.5m to Juventus off Sir Alex, mans got all the talent in the world, most french players are like that who have played for man u, barthez, slivestre, now pogba.

Roll on the next europa match!!!
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