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Pregnant teen dies after docs deny chemo over abortion ban

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Even as someone that's against abortion this is just stupid. The baby was not going to make it. Either the chemo was going to kill her or her mother dying was going to kill her. Now the mother and the baby are both gone when it sounds like the mother actually had a chance.
^Agree, must of been a sucky dilemma
That is saddening news to read, my prayers goes to her family and friends. :(
I'm absolutely convinced those against abortion have simply never had to face the same kind of scenario as found here. If abortion weren't illegal, the child would have died but the mother could have lived and gone on to have more children in the future anyway.

Instead, the child and the mother are now dead. Go, pro-life!
It's not really pro life when denying the treatment leads to two people dying. I'm really not for abortion at all but this is a case where the mother obviously has to be treated. I mean if she's dead she's not going to have the baby. It's as simple as that.
Yeah, kinda ironic that anti-abortion (pro-life) led to the deaths of 2 people instead of 1.
That's sad. And it's a shame there aren't exceptions. It's clear the baby wasn't going to make it.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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