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Hey guys/girls,
I think 2011 has alot of potential to be a great year. I personally think that 2010 was a pretty lame year but thats just me. I wanna see some people's predictions of the future in wrestling. Here are some of my predictions:
1) Nexus transforms into Straight Edge Society.
2) Morrison main events wrestlemania.
3) Cena turns heel (its happening now, if not then look at his TLC match aftermath.
4) Sheamus gets injured from something he did to himself.
5) Undertaker retires @ wrestlemania
5) Raw's GM is triple h(no suprise)

I'd like to hear if there is any one else that think these predictions could happen

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Boink the Clown becomes WWE champion
Hornswoggle becomes World Heavyweight Champion
Cena tags up with Sheamus to become Tag team champions
Otunga rules the WWE by winning every championship possible in one PPV (Tag Team with his son).

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Sheamus retires Triple H at WM

Alex Riley gets fired (unfortunately, but it's inevitable)

ADR wins the world title, Barrett wins the WWE title

Nexus disbands (I think this is a safe bet. :side:)

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-CM Punk get his usual burial of the year (this time by John Cena as it seem)and this time he will be special guest time keeper instead of announcer.

-Sheamus will still be adding title wins to his resume without pinning anyone credible yet.

-Alex Riley will still easily keep outperforming The Miz in every aspect.

-Hopefully a new/fresh babyface superstar arise from the ashes since only new big Heels are being pushed right now. (Miz, Barrett, Sheamus)

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For 2011: Epic Cena/Punk feud, which will include a promo involving Punk spraying Cena with Diet Pepsi a la Stone Cold Steve Austin.:p

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1. The Miz will become Monday Night Raw's top heel.
2. Edge will have another transitional world title reign.
3. John Morrison will become WWE Champion.
4. Wade Barrett will become WWE Champion.
5. Alberto Del Rio will become World Heavyweight Champion.
6. Either The Undertaker, Kane, or both will retire.
7. Sheamus will become a 3x WWE Champion.
8. The Nexus will disband.
9. Cody Rhodes will become Intercontinental Champion.
10. Ted DiBiase will remain unover.
11. Triple H will return.
12. Christian will return.
13. Sheamus will fued with Triple H.
14. Randy Orton will stay on the same level he's at right now.
15. The Raw GM will be revealed.
16. Drew McIntyre will turn babyface.
17. Naomi, AJ, Aksana, and Maxine will get called up to the main roster.
18. Chris Jericho will return, but as a babyface.
19. Raw will continue to dominate SmackDown in ratings.
20. Alex Riley will turn on The Miz.
21. John Cena will start to take a more backseat role on Raw.
22. John Cena will still be the face of the company.
23. The Miz will become a 2x WWE Champion.
24. SmackDown vs. Raw 2012 will be no better than SmackDown vs. Raw 2011
25. WWE will still be PG.
26. TNA will still suck.
27. NXT will be cancelled.
28. CM Punk will fued with John Cena.
29. CM Punk will win another world title.
30. I'll still be posting "15 things I learned from Raw" every Monday night.

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my Predictions for 2011.

Daniel Bryan will feud with Mark Henry.

Daniel Bryan will turn heel.

Triple H will feud with Sheamus.

Triple H will win the WWE Championship.

John Cena will win the WWE Championship.

Santino Marella and Tamina will be move to smackdown doing the draft.

Beth Phoenix will feud with Melina.

Beth Phoenix win the Divas Championship.

Dolph Ziggler will turn face.

Kofi Kingston will win the Intercontinental Championship.
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