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Predict Feuds for Wrestlemania 28

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I thought it would be fun to try and predict some of the feuds heading into Wrestlemania 28 which will surley be a night where the youth movement finalizes and they all become the top stars.

The Biggest Names in Sports Entertainment Collide
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton(c) vs. John Morrison (Royal Rumble Winner)

WWE Championship
CM Punk(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler(face)

Mexican Themed Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

20-0 Streak
The Undertaker vs. Sting(If it doesn't happen this year)

Triple H vs. The Miz

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Divas Championship; Special Referee Trish Stratus
Awesome Kong(c) vs. Natalya

Tag Team Ladder Match for Tag Titles
Sheamus and Drew McNtyre(c) vs. Canada's own Edge and Christian

Pipers Pit with Hall of Famer The Rock (Chris Jericho and Santino Marella guest star)
Making arguably one of the best in ring segments of all time.

Anybody who says its not possible to make a Wrestlemania worthy card.. imagine this a year from now. ARe you jizzing in your pants yet?
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Undertaker vs. John Cena - The Streak
Rey Mysterio vs. Mistico - Mask vs Mask
CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston - WWE Title
Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus - World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Christian
Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho
Money In The Bank

It's weird how many people I've contemplated retiring at this event. Undertaker, Mysterio, Triple H & Edge will all be very close. What HHH & Edge would be doing at the PPV, I have no idea. Edge may well have retired before then. Morrison & Barrett need to participate in something other than MITB.
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