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I thought it would be fun to try and predict some of the feuds heading into Wrestlemania 28 which will surley be a night where the youth movement finalizes and they all become the top stars.

The Biggest Names in Sports Entertainment Collide
John Cena vs. Brock Lesnar

World Heavyweight Championship
Randy Orton(c) vs. John Morrison (Royal Rumble Winner)

WWE Championship
CM Punk(c) vs. Dolph Ziggler(face)

Mexican Themed Match
Alberto Del Rio vs. Kofi Kingston

20-0 Streak
The Undertaker vs. Sting(If it doesn't happen this year)

Triple H vs. The Miz

Daniel Bryan vs. Wade Barrett

Divas Championship; Special Referee Trish Stratus
Awesome Kong(c) vs. Natalya

Tag Team Ladder Match for Tag Titles
Sheamus and Drew McNtyre(c) vs. Canada's own Edge and Christian

Pipers Pit with Hall of Famer The Rock (Chris Jericho and Santino Marella guest star)
Making arguably one of the best in ring segments of all time.

Anybody who says its not possible to make a Wrestlemania worthy card.. imagine this a year from now. ARe you jizzing in your pants yet?

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Cena/Taker has to happen next year, it HAS TO and I think it is a lock barring any injuries of course. As for the rest I have no clue. Last year I don't think anybody could have predicted Miz/Cena or ADR/Edge, hell one of them wasn't even in the company.

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Pipers Pit with Hall of Famer The Rock (Chris Jericho and Santino Marella guest star)
Making arguably one of the best in ring segments of all time.

That would be terrible cuz The Rock and Jericho couldn't say there catchphares and go all out in the promos cuz of this PG shit

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^Since when was saying "finally, the rock has come back to ......" or "if you smell what the rock is cooking" banned on PGTV?

And their usual catchphrases aren't banned either. Sure Cena did apologize for it(I think mostly cause of all his younger fans, if someone like Orton said it, he probably wouldn't apologize) but I'm sure WWE would let Rock or Jericho "swear"(though that is allowed on pg so it really isn't swearing) and make it seem like they werent supposed to say that.

But Pipers pit with rock,jericho and santino would be great. Advertise that for a Raw one week and watch them get like 7M viewers if it's a 20 min segment.

Feuds for WM:
Nexus-Corre(it still could happen, Nexus minus Punk is 4, Corre is 4 right now, Orton doesn't want to team with the Corre so we have 2 diff matches)
Edge-Del Rio-Christian(if Christian does return, it'll make sense and he won't wrestle as much since there's 3 guys in the match so he won't always have to be involved)
Big Show-Nash(still see this happening)
Sting-Taker(lol if this does happen, will be crazy. I really dont see anyone Taker could face since Cena faces Miz, Barrett is involved with Corre-Nexus stuff, Jericho can't randomly return and start a feud with a returning Taker)

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I started a thread a year ago asking for people to do the same for Wrestlemania XXVII during the build-up for Wrestlemania XXVI, and the results were interesting... We all said Undertaker/Cena, but looks like that's being saved for next year. Let's hope.

Just some wild stabs in the dark, obviously.

Wrestlemania XXVIII

John Cena vs. The Undertaker--The Streak

Randy Orton vs. Alberto Del Rio--WWE Championship

Kofi Kingston vs. CM Punk--World Heavyweight Championship

Drew McIntyre vs. Edge--Edge's Career at Stake

Alex Riley vs. The Miz--Riley as a face turning on Miz in a feud

Rey Mysterio vs. Triple H (this one's for Starbuck, ha)

John Morrison vs. Daniel Bryan--I don't know, it'd be a good match, though; hopefully given some time

Dolph Ziggler vs. Wade Barrett--babyface Dolph vs. Barrett

Ezekiel Jackson vs. Mason Ryan

Cody Rhodes wins Money in the Bank

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Undertaker vs. John Cena - The Streak
Rey Mysterio vs. Mistico - Mask vs Mask
CM Punk vs. Kofi Kingston - WWE Title
Alberto Del Rio vs. Sheamus - World Heavyweight Title
Randy Orton vs. Christian
Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho
Money In The Bank

It's weird how many people I've contemplated retiring at this event. Undertaker, Mysterio, Triple H & Edge will all be very close. What HHH & Edge would be doing at the PPV, I have no idea. Edge may well have retired before then. Morrison & Barrett need to participate in something other than MITB.

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Cena vs Taker
ADR vs Orton WWE
HHH vs Morrison WHC
Edge vs Christian (Probably will take this long if it does happen)
Bryan vs Punk
Miz vs Mysterio
Otunga vs Barrett vs Mc Intyre (Random fued lol)
Usos vs Show & Jackson

A bit random byr you never know, plus there'll be injuries etc.

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i think its not predicting, its guessing.....because it is almost anything that could happen..did we ever predict Cena/Miz? Alberto/Edge? Taker/Barrett, hell two of these weren't even in the WWE...

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Hmm, hard to predict, really. Anything could happen, like new wrestlers main eventing and even new ones debuting, but I'll give it a try:

Undertaker vs Cena
Triple H vs Alberto Del Rio
Randy Orton vs Edge vs Christian WHC
CM Punk vs Miz WWEC
HBK vs new guy or current midcarder
Wade Barret w/ Vince and Shane vs Celebrety

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Randy Orton/Dolph Ziggler
Triple H/Drew McIntyre

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^^No it isn't...
In terms of buyrates, yes it is, Brock has proven he is a huge draw, possibly the biggest draw for UFC. If he were to come back to WWE after he finishes that one match left on his contract, then I think they would do Cena vs Lesnar over Cena vs Taker.

Chances are its not gonna happen, so Taker vs Cena seems like the only lock for now.
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