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PPV Video Pictures?

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It's been around for well over a decade, but does anyone else think WWE should do away with the segments where they just show pictures of what happened at the PPV the night prior when recapping it?

I get that they try to just show people pictures of what happened so that those who didn't buy the event might suddenly want to buy it after seeing what happened, but honestly....who would actually buy the event on PPV when they know the results and are already watching the Raw happening the night after?

It gets abit boring the night after PPVs when they just show 1-2 pictures of a match, and it takes 30 seconds-1 minute to recap it so all we see is a picture with commentators talking about it. Why not just show fans small clips of the match?
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i remember being a kid and watching the raw after the DX ppv with austin vs rock for the Ic title. they showed still pictures of it and i was thinking "my god i need to see this more than anything in the world"

so yeah, i have experience of it making people want to buy it. I was a kid but it still holds true
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