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POWERMAN is here and ready to begin a fresh new thread. I couldnt add on to my last thread mainly because i had community service i had to do, and i just decided to start over and try not to get into any more trouble.

The Raw Draft

John Cena
Kurt Angle
Rob Conway
Thrish Stratus
Torrie Wilson
Val Venis
Steven Richards
Orlando Jordan

First Raw will be up Friday , and will take place after Backlash PPV,

HHH Def. Goldberg ..retains title
Rko Def. Edge...retains IC
Batista and Flair def. Dudleys...retain Tag Team
Other Fueds undecided.

Trust me...im sticking with this one. Hopefully.

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Powerman presents....

Boston, MA

Raw's intro plays and go live where the pyros hits. JR and King welcome us to the NEW Raw. And WWE Heavyweight champ, HHH comes out alone. Grabs the promo and says last night, Goldberg became another victim of the game. He wasnt able to beat the game. Flair and Batista come out and begin to celebrate with vodka. RKO comes out with a present. Its a giant Portrait of HHH beating goldberg to a pulp last night. They celebrate, untill Cena comes out and F-Us flair and RKO, but batista and HHH beat him down. Then, Goldberg comes out and cleans house.

( Breake Time )

Backstage, Eric tells HHH tonight, its HHH,RKO and Batista vs. Cena and 'Berg. Thrishs music hits and we get ready for a womens title match. But first Trish grabs the mic and begins to insult the Torrie Wilson and Lita. Lita's , music plays and we got to a match.

# 1 - Trish vs. Lita, this match starts out fast with lita and trish working solid. But after a clothesline from trish, the match slows down. Trish eventually gets the chic kick and pins lita 1...2...3.

JR - " And its over. Trish is still the womens champion..."

Trish continues the beating, untill Torrie Wilson saves the day.

Backstage, Todd Grisham interviews Kurt Angle. Hurricane passes by with a burger, and kurt begins the beating , making him tap out with the ankle lock. Security takes off kurt.

JR - " What is Kurt's problem?"

King - " I dont know, but i wouldnt get in his way...."

(Breake Time )

Backstage…taker is wondering in a dark hallway. JR says he will return to the ring tonight.

HBK comes out to discuss his match with Conway last night in the flag match. Says he loves america more than anyone. Conway’s music plays and he tells HBK just what he thinks about america. He faces shawn, and grener attacks HBK from behind. They destroy shawn, untill Rhyno ( who hasn’t made tag team with tajiri yet ) saves. Eric makes the tag match, and we’ll have it next.

(Breake Time )

# 2 – HBK, Rhyno vs. La Ressistance
, we come from the breake where hbk and conway are at it. Conway hits a devastating slam, and takes controlle. La rez. Basically is in controlle, untill HBK fights back and makes a hot tag to rhyno, who cleans house. We end with HBK hitting his sweet chin music and wins the match. Afterwards, HBK grabs the USA flag and celebrates. Fans are on there feet. Then, some arab music plays and Muhhamad Hussan and Davari come out and beat up HBK and Rhyno. La rez. Helps in.

(Breake Time )

JR and King replay the assault. Kurt Angle comes out. Then Hurricanes music plays.

# 3 – Kurt Angle vs. Hurricane. The match is over in 2 minutes after a beatdown by kurt, the angle slam and the tapout with his ankle lock.

SD! Rebound

(Breake Time )

Backstage, Kurt is walking p’d. RKO walks up to him and welcomes him to Raw. Says one day… kurt will be like RKO. Kurt smiles and tells the ‘punk’ Funny…very funny. Kurt leaves, and RKO is left with a smile.

Backstage, Orlando Jordan is on the phone with JBL. Tells him Raw is a hell hole. Whines that hes not on SD! Anymore. Cena walks up to him. And says Raw is where Cena belongs… Tells Orlando that he’s not man enough to make a big impact on raw like cena is… A-HA!

Backstage, Taker is walking to the stage….

(Breake Time )

Simon Dean comes out looking scared… then the lights go off. Takers music hits and makes his first raw appearance. In the ring, simon gets on the mic and does a good promo, asks him to try his vitamins. Taker throws them away and chokes simon, simon escapes and we start this match.

# 4 – Simon vs. Undertaker, taker ends it with a tombstone. He does his end match pose thing with his hand.

JR – “ I can tell this man will make a big impact here on raw…’”

King – “ No kidding.”

(Breake Time )

Backstage, Dudley Boyz convince eric to give them a Tag Title rematch next week. Kane storms in and demands eric to trade taker back to sd! Eric doesn’t approve. And makes a deal… if he destroys eugene into making never to return to raw, then hell make a restraining order. Kane smiles. Laughs.

Backstage, Regal just saw that on T.V. and runs off finding Eugene. Finds him and book a hotel room.

JR – “ How cold hearted of eric bishoff to make that deal.”

King – “ I think its great ! After eugene licked my royal head…eww!! I wouldn’t mind him leaving raw.”

JR – “ Well, our next ppv is called vengeance and will be live in 4 weeks and should be a great event.”

King – “ Yes, it should.”

JR – “ Coming up next… Tag Team Handicap – next!!”

(Breake Time )

Evolution is heard around the arena as all 4 members come out. All wearing gold.

John Cena’s music hits and the fans nearly poop their pants. The 3 opponets begin the beatdown on john , untill goldbergs music plays and he skips his pyros and cleans house. We eventually need to go to a breake…

(Breake Time )

When we return, its cena vs. batista. The match is getting physical and long. After many near falls, and orton being escorted out… Goldberg gets a spear on flair and batista. Cena, in a raw moment, F-U’s HHH. Goldberg sets HHH for the jackhammer, hits it and gets the pin. They celebrate… and we end the show.


I started early just becuz, man disturbed rules.

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I beleieve this has potential but....


-You need to write your matches longer
-There are other people worthy of HHH's belt than Goldberg. Trust me.
-Give the midcard some depth and good matches. That's whatb makes them pumped for the upper-mid and upper card.

-Used colors, bold, and itatics.
-Everybody was in character
-Cena is at least not a upeer champion and is building his way properly.]

This thread has potential but there are some stuff that needs to be fixed. I give this a 3/5. Hell, check other threads, like mine, to get good ideas.

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Raw intro plays and the pyros go off.

JR - "Welcome everyone to monday night raw ! We are live in tucson and what a night it is going to be tonight. Where Goldberg and HHH will have a contract signing tonight for there rematch at vengeance."

King - " And if you thought that was something, you dont know nothing yet...because, live tonight the divas of raw will promote their new DVD in the ring live ! "

JR - " And plus, the dudley boyz go for the tag team championship - tonight !It is going to be a blockbuster night, no doubt about it."

John Cena's music plays and he comes out to a huge pop. He stands in the middle of the ring with a mic. He pauses as the crowd chant his name. We se fans with signs that say ' this is our time' and 'cena-the future'.

Cena - " Yo, Yo,yo,yo,yo,yo !! ( POP ) We in da dessert tonight. (Pop) Last week..right here in the ring...i F-U'd the game. F-U'd him so hard that he needsto stand up when he unloads a dump. Yeah, then we got batista. ( Flexes his muscle, taunting batista ) (Fans laugh ) He aint all that... he may be the biggest man... but he aint so big where it counts. Evolution ? More like a big group of clowns. Then, we got randy orton. He says he's the future. Man,that punk is trying to be me, homy he cant see me. Wooo ! We have ric flair, that dude is old. If he thinks he can beat me, man he aint got noone sold. Cuz the chain gang's in da house tonight.And tonight we goin' do it raw style. So, tonight, im challenging any evolution member in a match- here live."

Flair's music hits, and he comes out.

Flair - " It just so happends that everyone in evolution is booked solid in matches. But if youre looking for a fight... then at vengeance, its gonna be you and me ! Yeah... but next week...you will face...batista !! "

Batista comes out and poses then points at cena.

JR - ' Batista and Cena wll go one on one next week, live on raw, But, up next.. Kurt Angle is in action.”

( Breake )

# 1- Kurt Angle vs. Rosey

They both go at it, and rosey takes controlle. But in the end, angle is able to hit his angle slam. Locks the ankle lock and wins.

Winner - Kurt Angle, in about 8 minutes.

Edge then comes out and spears him. Edge grabs the mic.

Edge - " Randy orton !! At backlash...you screwed me out of the intercontental title !!! So, i want you right now !!! "

Then, out of behind kurt attacks, and locks the ankle lock. Edge taps out.

Backstage, Kane is wondering and sees eugenes room. Smiles.

(Breake )

We get a reminder of the contract signing.

# 2 - Randy Orton vs. Regal.

Randy easly dominates most of this match. After orton hits a dropkick, eugene walks down to watch. Randy is distracted and regal school boys randy. Randy kicks out, the match keeps going. But in the end, randy gets his RKO, pins and wins. Randy looks to have hurt his arm, so he wont wrestle at the ppv. When randy leaves, eugene checks on regal. Kanes pyros go off, and he chokeslams eugene. Puts the chair on eugene's neck, goes on top of the ropes, and regal saves eugene. They run off. Kane just smiles.

Backstage, the divas are coming.

(Breake )

Stacy's music plays and she, torrie, christy, maria, and some other diva i cant remember the name.

Stacy - " We are here to announce our new dvd, viva las diva !! And here on raw, we have a special clip from the movie. Take a look."

The clip shows.

Just then, thrish's music plays and she comes out.

Thrish – “Well, what do we have here ? The raw slu*s. Heh, look at ya’ll. Christy hemme…your not even a real wrestler. “

Torrie Wilson faces offf with trish,

Thrish – “Oh, what? Are you gonna hit me? Oh,right…youre not a wrestler. And if you think you can ever hold this…( Shows off title )… Then you better think again.”

Torrie hits her down.

Torrie – “ I.. am training to become a wrestler by none other than Lita !! “

Lita comes out and does the twist of fate.

SD! Rebound

(Breake )

JR and King officially announce the Trish / Lita match at vengeance.

Backstage, Orlando is complainig to a reffere, saying raw sucks. Eric confronts him.

Eric – “ Orlando Jordan, that is your name.”

Orlando – “ Uh…yeah.”

Eric – “Im sorry, its just that I havent seen you wrestle once on raw… so, youre going out there tonight, and wrestling…the undertaker. Good luck to you.”

Orlando is left looking scared.

Then eric comes back.

Eric – “And its next !!”

Fans love it.

Backstage, HHH looks at himself in the mirror as his servant is fixing his suite. JR reminds us of the signing.

(Breake )

Orlando comes out looking scared, he grabs the mic.

Jordan – “This is for you…JBL.”

Taker’s entrance goes and we get ready for our 3rd match.

# 3 – Jordan vs. Undertaker

Immediatlly, orlando begins to attack taker. But taker soon dominates. The fans were realy into this one. Taker did all his moves here. But later on, orlando seemed to be running away towards the stage. Taker followed him, and the bashams made a shocking appearance by attacking taker.

JR – “ This is not right, the bashams are on smackdown! This just aint right.”

Backstage, HBK pleads eric to book him against muhhamed hussan at vengeance. Eric accepts.

Speaking of muhhamed, muhhamed will introduce himself next week live on raw.

(Breake )

JR and King announce all the vengeance matches so far…

Theme song – “ Be Yourself “ , by Audioslave

HHH / Goldberg – Heavyweight title

HBK / Muhhamed Hussan

Thrish / Lita – Womens title

Kurt Angle / Edge

Undertaker / The Bashams

John Cena vs. Ric Flair

# 4 – Dudley Boyz vs. Flair, Batista

Batista starts off with bubba. Batista basically dominates this one, tags ric , who taunts bubb a ray a lot. But, bubba comes back with deathdrop, pin and batista makes the save.Batista destroys bubba, making easy pickings for ric. After a quick tag to batista, he destroys bubba. Bubba crawls over to D-von, but batista pulls him away. Batista connects with a spine buster. Pin and a kick out. Tag to ric, who gets pounded by bubba, he tags d-von who clotheslines ric 2 times, then takes out batista. Gets a powerslam, pin, kickout. Tag to bubba again, who does his ol’ 3 punches, grab crotch and a knock out. Pin, and batista kicks it out. Bubba gets a suplex on ric and tags d-von. D-von pounds ric. Ric gets the sneaky eye blind. Arm wrench take down, and d-von escapes. Tags bubba, ric tags batista and they both collide with clotheslines.

JR – “ Both men are down, and we have to take a short commercial breake…

(Breake )

Live again, the match has spilled outside after batista clotheslined d-von to the outside. Batista whips dvon to the steps, and the ref starts counting. Batista picks dvon back in the ring.
Pinfall, and a kick out. The match continues for another 6 minutes before batista clotheslined the ref. Then batista sets up d-von for the bomb, and cena comes in, clotheslines batista and flair. And F-U’s them both.

D-von crawls slowly and gets the pin.1……2…….3!!

Winner,and NEW Tag Team Champions…The Dudley Boyz

They celebrate, as batista looks p’d at cena.

Backstage, Goldberg is coming.

JR – “ Well,,,, coming up next…the contract signing between Goldberg and HHH.”

(Breake )

Eric Bishoff comes out to the ring. The ring is covered with a red carpet. There is a table with a chair on the opposite ends.

Eric – “3 Weeks from now…it’s going to be…Triple H vs. Goldberg, at vengeance for the World…Heavyweight championship. But, tonight, we will have a signing for the official stipulation of the match. So, first please welcome the heavyweight champion….Triple H !”

Triple H comes out with a suite on.

Eric – “ And the challenger…Goldberg !”

Goldberg comes out with his pyros.

Eric – “ Now…we need a stipulation that the fans will remember for a lifetime. I was,personnaly thinking of , maybe, steel cage.”

HHH – “ In this buisness…it takes more than a one hit wonder, to become successful. Goldberg…is a one hit wonder. You were WWE heavyweight champion – one time. I am a 10 time heavyweight champion. And at vengeance…I will remain the world champion. So, if you want to talk about stipulations… I say we go all the way…. Hell in a Cell !!”

Eric – “ Wait, wait !! Goldberg…do you accept the hell in a cell match in 3
weeks ?”

Goldberg – “ I….accept. With one exeption. Evolution… banned. No flair, no batista, and no orton. Just me.. and you. One on one. “

HHH – “ You know what ? It doesn’t take evolution for me to be great. And as far as this evolution banned exeption goes… it’s on.”

Eric – “ Then HHH… will you sign the contract ? “

HHH signs it.

Eric – “ And now… goldberg, please sign the contract “

Goldberg first goes over the contract, and then signs it,

Eric – “ So, it Is official…at vengeance…it will be… Goldberg vs. HHH…. In a
Hell…in a Cell.”

Goldberg smiles, throws away the table. Wants HHH, but he just slowly walks away.

JR – “ And triple H wants no part of goldberg, but at vengeance, it is official…a hell in a cell. Thank you very much, and we’ll see you next week !!!

If you read this, please reply. That'll be cool

Just to let y'all know, ill write out matches in full on PPVs only.
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