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I 'll just start after Veangence, and i want some reply's to see how im doin, okay?


Heavyweight title, hell in a cell, HHH(c) vs. Goldberg

Eugene vs. Kane
Cena vs. Flair
Edge vs. Kurt, #1 cont. for IC at summerslam,
Thrish vs. Lita

WWE Veangence

We start off with a video package describing the horrors of the cell. After the intro, we go to pyros.

JR -" Welcome to Veangence !! We are live in boston, and king what a night it is going to be"
King - " Thats all it's been in my mind alll day, its that Hell in a Cell. Oh, its going to be a blood fest!"
JR - " 2 men...i championship, who is leaving tonight the heavyweight champion?"
KKing -- " Tough question, and Evolution is banned from ringside, it's not going to be a great night for triple h !! "
JR - "And we also have our spanish announcers, Hugo and ???"

Spanish Announcers speak, and Cena's music hits. The Fans get on their feet.

JR - " And what a way were gonna start off vengeance!! With none other than John Cena !!"

Cena gets on the ring, grabs a mic.

Cena - ' Yo,yo,cut my jam. ( Music stops ) Wussup, boston !! ?? (Pop ) How we doin' tonight ? Yo, ya'll homeboy got sometin to say. Now, tonight im facing none other than the legandary Ric Flair. ( Pop ) Dude, how old is he ? Im surprised he still has hair... Yeah. Man, he thinks he got me tonight, nanana, we in boston tonight !! Boston dont play... can flair beat me? I say.. no way...IN Hell!!! Speaking of hell, look up. ( The camera looks at the roof where we see the cell ) We got hell hovering above us. Just like Triple H is hovering above evolution.Yo, flair, get out of evolutio. It aint you. The flair i used to know... didn't suck up to noone. Man, it must suck to be ric. Just like HHH's sucking rics di^^ !! ( Its ppv, it doesnt bleep ) "

Flairs music hits, and he comes out to his usual robe. He is accompanied by batista. Goes in, undresses and gets into cenas face. The ref seperates them and the bell rings.

Match-up # 1 - John Cena vs. Ric Flair

They circle around, and a lock up. Ric gets a headlock, and cena whips flair off. Flair shoulder blocks john down. Flair is surprised and woos, and does the strut. John turns flair around and clotheslines him. John builds momentum as he clotheslines ric again. He yells at the crowd getting a good response. Flair gets up and cena kicks him in the gut. Whips ric and gets a back drop. Pin and a kick out. Cena gets up and gets a suplex. Another cover and a kick out. John slowly picks up flair, and ric gets his old eye poke. Woos and kicks john, whip to a corner. Runs at him, and john boots him in the face. John hits ric's face in the turnbuckle a couple of times. Cena then goes up and hits flair 10 times with the crowd counting along. Whip to a corner hard, so hard that ric walks sort of tipsi and falls getting a laugh from the crowd. Cena poses for the crowd. Pin and a kick out. Cena then locks on a headlock. Ric gets punches , gets out and john goes for a dropkick. But ric grabs his legs and turns it into a figure 4 lock. Cena cant get the ropes. So he turns it around. Ric is in pain. JR - " My god, if flair taps out to his own move, that would be beyond embarrising. "
Flair grabs on the ropes. Cena releases. Ric goes to th eoutside to get a breather. Cena waits in the ring. Ric goes back in, cena gets a running clothesline. Then a back drop. Pin and a kick out. Ric looks like he hurt his knee, and the ref checks on him. Batista runs in and bombs cena. Ric 'miracly' recovers and pins cena. Kick out, and ric is shocked. Another cover and a kick out. Flair picks up cena and john sets up the F-U. Batista gets on the ropes, cena sets flair down and knocks out batista. Turns around and F-U s flair. Pin and the win.

Winner - John Cena,in a 8 - 10 minute match

Cena celebrates. Grabs the mic.

Cena - " Yo... orton...batista....and flair. Down...Triple H...im after you,son."

More celebration.

We cut a promo for the Diva DVD.

Backstage, Todd is with Goldberg.

Todd - " Goldberg...tonight you take on HHH for the heavyweight title...in your first hell in a cell match. What are your thoughtts coming in the match?"

Goldberg - " The only thing in my thoughts...is triple h...laying in a pool of his own blood, as i show off my newly won world title. And boston... just like the series. ... were gonna have our selves a shocker

JR - " Little words, but a strong message to triple h."
King - " The only thing i dont understand is... why is goldberg thinking of triple h in a blood bath?"
JR - "Well, im not getting into that , but... our main event is the hell in a cell match for the heavyweight title."

Thrish's music plays and we get ready for a womens title match. Litas music hits and she comes out with torrie wilson.

Match - up # 2- Thrish vs. Lita (w/ torrie )

As lita made her way through the ropes, thrish began on the attack. She kicked her, and whiped her against the ropes. Trish ducked down for a backdrop, and lita turned it into a swinging neckbreaker. Pin and a kick out, Lita then starts kicking untill the ref stops it. Picks up trish, whip and a power slam. Pin and a kick out. Then lita got up and went up the ropes. Shes setting up to a areial attack, but trish pushed lita off to the outside !! Fans were amazed as we took a replay look. Lita looks to be hurt as trish just looks on with a evil smile. Torrie checks on lita, untill trish attacks her. Picks up lita back in the ring. Cover and a kick out. Trish gets her on her feet and body slams her. Pin and another kick out. Trish continues to beat up lita.Untill lita kicked her in her gut, set up the twist of fate, but trish reverses it into a type of pin, gets a 2. Trish is on the top as we continue, and hits her bulldog. Pin and lita makes a shoking kick out. Trish is desperate, she hits her chic kick. Cover, and a surprise victory out of nowhere.

Winner – and STILL Womens champion, Trish Stratus

As trish leaves, Torrie checks on lita, and trish comes back and hits the chic kick on torrie.

JR – “ What was that for ? Uncalled for from trish…”
King – “ I think that there is some bad blood running here.”
JR – “Well, trish is still the womens champion, and coming up next… Eugene, erics own flesh and blood, will take on his hitman if you will, kane.”
King – “ Well, ive been waiting to see eugene in a position where he wants to quit raw. And that’s what we might see next. Oh, its gonna be great !”

Package of Kane and eugene history shows, showing kane on a mission to destroy eugene in order for eric to grant him a restraining order from taker.

Kane’s pyros explode. His music plays and he comes out with a smile.

Eugene’s playfull theme music beats with regal alongside.

Match – up # 3 – Kane vs. Eugene

Eugene looks like everything is a-ok. Wants to handshake with kane. So, kane does so and eugene squeezes it hard that kane goes down begging for mercy. Eugene lets go and checks on kane. Kane uppercuts him down. Kicks and a whip against the ropes. Goes for a boot to the face, but eugene dodges it and runs against the ropes and hits a clothesline. Pin and a kick out. Eugene then helps kane back up. Kane chokes eugene , chokes him at a corner. The ref stops it. Eugene then is whipped and kane gets a backdrop. Runs off the ropes and gets a leg drop. Pin and eugene kick out. Kane picks him up and hits eugenes head to the turn buckle. Eugene goes hulk hogan style mad, points at kane ‘YOU !’ punches kane over and over suplexes him. Then gets a legdrop. Pin and a kick out. Eugene goes over at regal’s corner for a tip. Turns to a mad kane who destroys eugene. Hits a backbreaker and pins, but eugene gets a arm up. Kane stomps on eugene. Whip off the ropes and a huge side walk slam. Pina nd a kick out. Kane looks like eugene is invinsible. When eugene gets up , kane throws him to the outside. Goes after him and bounces his head off the table. Whips eugene into the steps. Kane starts laughing, puts eugene back inside. Pin and another kick out. Goes back outside, gets a chair. Goes in, about to hit eugene , but the ref grabs the chair away. And eugene gets a school boy.Kick out. Punches to kane, whips off the ropes. Spine buster. Then hits the rocks Peoples Elbow. The fans loved it, and goes for a cover. Kick out. Eugene then goes at a corner, and starts stomping on the ground. Could it be ? Kane gets up and eugene goes for a sweet chin music , but kane grabs his legs. Throws eugene down. Kane then sets up the chokeslam. Hits it. Just then , the lights go off. A blue light hits on kane, who nearly crapped himself. Everything goes back to normal, kane shuts his eyes and screams ‘NO !!!’ Turns around for a stunner. Pin and its over.

Winner – Eugene

Regal and eugene celebrate, but regal is more concerned on getting the heck outta there.

Backstage, HHH is looking at his belt.

JR – “ Well, still to come… the hell…in a cell. It is going to be rutal. But, folks up next…a # 1 contenders match for the IC at summerslam… Edge and Angle…this is going to be a real classic. And its all for the IC.”

A package of the history between Angle and Edge is shown.

Edge comes out and its announced we’ll be live for raw tommorow in boston again for 2 shows in 2 nights.

Kurt’s music plays with his pyros aswell. As we get ready, Orton ‘s music plays and he joins jr and king.

Match – up # 4 – Edge vs. Kurt Angle

They circle around. Rko says he can beat any of these guys. Lock up. They head for the corner, where the ref stops it. They separate. Another lock up. Kurt gets a headlock. Keeps it locked tight. Edge then whips off kurt, and gets a arm slam. ( Where you grab an arm, lift him up and down.) Pin and a kick out. Edge gets on his own head lock. Locks on for about a minute or two. Kurt begins to get momentum, hits elbows to edge’s stomach. Gets out and runs off the ropes. Clothesline and edge goes down. Kurt picks up edge and a british style uppercut. Kurt then whips edge to a corner.Kurt starts to kick edge down into the corner. Orton makes a comment about how none of these man are worthy enough, but will use them as examples at summerslam. Kurt looks over at orton. Edge then dropkicks kurts legs, and he falls. Orton says never keep your eyes off your opponet. Edge starts to kick away at edge. Grabs kurts arm and does a sumbission with his arm. Forgot what the name is. Edge grabs the ropes for more pulling, and the ref makes him stop it. So edge release and kicks way. Picks up kurt and whips him. Powerslam and a pin. Kick out by kurt. Edge starts choking at kurt on the ground. The ref counts to 4, and edge releases. Edge then begins to kick away. Kurt gets up, dodges a punch and clotheslines edge down. Kurt comes on the offense and starts kicking at edge. Kurt woos, and orton says kurt is too cocky. Kurt gets a amature style headlock. He has a headlock on the ground , like a crossface, but his legs are resting behind him. They are both sweating. Edge starts going for a rope, gets it. Gets out and kicks at edge. Picks up edge, and edge punches at kurt. Whips kurt and hits a dropkick. We replay it. Edge pin and a kick out. Edge now punches at kurts back. Kicks even.Picks up kurt. Kurt starts punching away at edge. Goes for a german suplex. Hits it. Goes for another. Hits it. Slowly gets up and gets another one. Hes not done yet. Holds on to the waist. Starts getting up slowly. Goes for another one and gets it in. He still holds on. Orton says hes just desperate and overdoing it, Picks up edge for another one. But edge doesn’t go up. He reverses and gets his own german suplex. Pin and a kick out. Both men are down. The ref starts counting. He’s at 9 when they both get up . They start exchanging hits. Edge gets a kick. Whips kurt to a corner. Kurt recovers and they start exchanging hits again. Edge gets a low ropkick on kurt, and he falls. Edge goes to a corner and sets up his spear. Kurt slowly gets up and edge goes for it only for kurt to move out the way. Hits his angle slam out of desperation. Takes off his straps. Locks on the ankle lock. Edge is so far away from the ropes. But slowly he goes by it. He’s so close… and kurt pulls edge in the middle of the ring. Locks it on tighter. Edge is desperate he cant get the ropes….and he taps. Taps and taps. It’s over.

Winner – Kurt Angle

This was a real classic match. Kurt celebrates and orton just stares down.

Summerslam Hype promo.

Back live, Kurt is still celebrating.

JR – “ Folks, iv’e been in the WWE for about 15 years…and I can say this… this was one of the greatest match I have ever seen. And folks will talk about this one for years to come. But , the next time we are live for pay-per-view , will be summer slam. And it is a joint ppv, meaning both smackdown and raw superstars will be live I naction. It will be live in Houston,Texas . And I am getting word that there alreay 20,000 people sold out for that event,”

King – “ Wow. That is like a wrestlemania. 20,000 fans? That is a lot of people.”

JR – “ But, ladies and gentlemen…our next contest will be for the heavyweight championship. And it is inside a 15 foot high hell in a cell. It will be brutal… and it will be life-threatning. Here is the history between the champion, triple h, and the challenger, Goldberg.”

The package shows with music by audioslave.” Be Yourself”

The fans are pumped live as Lillian announces the rules. Then , Goldbergs music plays. He comes out as the cage surrounds him.

Triple H then comes out.

Match – up # 5 – Cell, heavyweight title, Goldberg vs. HHH(c)

The cell lowers down. The bell rings 3 tmes. They stare for about a minute.Goldberg then punches hhh at a corner. Triple H reverses and punches goldberg at the same corner. Whips him off to the corner opposite. HHH runs at goldberg, and goldberg boots him down. Goldberg picks up hhh and hits his head on the corner repeadtly. Kicks and then suplexes him . Pin and a kick out…. Goldberg then locks on a headlock. HHH gets out in 45 seconds. Revereses and gets a waist lock.Goldberg reverses to his own waist lock. German suplexes hhh.
Goldberg is in controlle as pumps the crowd. HHH gets up and goldberg locks a millatary lift. Throws him to the outside, hitting his side on the cage. Goldberg goes out and we replay the throw. Goldberg picks up hhh and rubs hhh’s face against the cage. Gets a bloody face. Goldberg then whips hhh against the steel steps. Goldberg puts hhh back in. We replay the whip to the steps. Goldberg goes in and stalks hhh as he tries to crawl away. Goldberg gets a small elbow drop, and begins kicking at hhh.
Goldberg then picks up hhh and throws goldberg tru the buckle corner. HHH’s ribs get hit. Goldberg kicks at hhh some more. Goldberg pins but he gets out himself.
Now, goldberg is just torturing hhh. Goldberg lets hhh get by himself. He’s got blood running down. HHH gets a hit on goldberg’s stomach. Then, hhh gets a kick. Whips and goldberg reverses the whip. Goldberg gets a spinebuster. Pin and a kick out. Goldberg picks up hhh, and hhh gets a low-blow. It’s a no dq. Goldberg goes down. HHH starts to kick away. HHH then whips goldberg. Gets a knee-to-the-nuts after a spine buster like lift. Pin and a kick out. HHH goes to a corner and starts to take off the turn buckle pad. Goldberg gets up and kicks hhh. Sets up a powerbomb and hits it. Pin and a kick out. Goldberg whips hhh and he ducks a clothesline. Runs off the other ropes and jumps on goldberg. Starts to punch at goldberg. Gets up and kicks at goldberg. Goldberg gets up and hhh hits a running knee. Pin and a kick out. HHH rolls out and goes under the ring. He pulls out a hammer. Goes in and measures goldberg. Gets up and goes for a hit. But goldberg grabs it. Kick to the stomach of hhh. Goldberg throws the hammer down. Sets up another powerbomb. He throws hhh to the outside again. We replay it. Goldberg goes after hhh,and the game escapes through the door. Goldberg stalks hhh and he heads toward the spanish announcers. Goldberg hits hhh and bounces hhh’s head off the table. HHH lowblows goldberg and whips him toward a corner buckle. Hits his head , busting it. HHH starts to take off the t.v.s , wires, and the cover. Sets goldberg on top. HHH hoes up too. Sets up a pedigree. Goldberg back drops hhh to the other table. He goes through and people chant ‘Holy Sh^^’
After a recovery, goldberg grabs hhh by his shoulders. Sends hhh on the cage. Goldberg picks up hhh and walks him back in the ring. Goldberg sets up the spear and hits it. Sets up the jackhammer and hhh escapes. Goldberg starts kicking. HHH secretly grabs the hammer. Goldberg starts up the jack hammer again.And hhh hits goldberg in the gut with the hammer. Then hits goldbergs back with it too. HHH sets the pedigree and hits it. Cover..1………2………3.

Winner – HHH, STILLL Heavyweight champion.

Goldberg and HHH are bloodied, with hhh a little more busted. Evolution come out and help hhh out with the belt.

JR – “ And through helll..hhh stands before us…still the champion.Da^^it!! HHH is still the champion !!! But, how,long ??!! How long will triple h’s luck run out??? He’s still the champion..”

We fade as the show is over.

Reply's please

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July 28 2005

Music by Audioslaves ' Be Yourself ' plays as we see highlights of vengeance.It ends with hhh holding his belt.
Raw's opening video plays
Pyros go off and Jr & King welcome us to Raw.

Evolution's music plays and hhh takes center stage. He has a bandage on his forehead. He is also limping.
HHH gets on the mic and says goldberg was a mere example of what the game is all about. And claims hes gonna take
off a month or two off. But, eric B.s music plays. Tells hhh that tonight, a 15 men rumble will take place. # 1 contenders
for his title at summerslam.

**Cut to commercials**

Match-up # 1 -Thrish, jazz vs. Lita, gail ( Face )

The Finish - While the ref checks on a hurt gail, torrie hits her version of the chic kick on trish. Lita pins her and it s over.

Winners -Lita and gail kim

Trish is left mad.

Backstage, Flair tells batista to gang up on cena at the rumble. HHH comes in and hits a lamp mad. Makes ric promise
that he or batista will win.

**Cuts **

Todd interviews the # 1 cont. for the IC at summerslam, Angle. Kurt says he will make orton tap out.

Backstage. Goldberg looks mad. Then smiles and says at summerslam...hhh is his.

SD!! REBOUND, Matches made for SS by sd - WWE Title , Eddy (c) vs. Brock Lesnar, benoiot vs. shelton in a ladder for US


Match - up # 2 -Kane vs. Maven
The Finish
- Kane chockeslams maven. Easy victory. Grabs the mic and says he entered the rumble, and noone....noone will stop him from winning.

Backstage, Edge tells terri he will do whatever he can to win tonight,

Also, a limo arrives and its the owner, Vince mac


Match - up # 3
- Hurricane vs. RKO
First , rko grabs mic. Asks what is hurricane doin'? Challenging orton for the ic? He should challenge for the womens... but he might loose though. Hurricane strikes and we start.
The Finish - It seemed hurricane could pull a big one, but orton got the rko.

Backstage, Eric is on the phone when coach, who is out of breath from running, runs at eric. Eric tells coach to wait,
hes at the phone. But coach says its important...vince is in da house. A shocked eric is shown with his mouth wide open


"No Chance" plays and vince o mac comes out. Fans bow in respect.

Vince tell them to sit down. They act like the new pope is here. He first announces that summerslam is live in just 4 weeks.
Also asks if eric B. would come out. He does , looking scared. Says raw needs to change. So, he first fires eric. Welcomes the temporary GM -Eric's own nephew, Eugene. He comes and whispers something to vince. He smiles and says sure. Eugene looks at eric and screams 'Your Fired !!!! '. Eric says ( 2 the fans ) well, i hope your happy. The fans cheer LOUDLY. Eric leaves to a chorus of 'NaNaNaNa Hey Hey Goodbye" Eugene makes his first call...at summerslam...he wants to referee the main event. Yeahhh!!! They leave as fans are left shocked.


Match-up # 4 - 15 Men rumble

Competetors : Batista, Flair , Cena , Rosey , Edge , Maven ,Richards , Goldberg , Kane , Bubba ,D-von , Conway ,
Greneir , Dupree , Booker T

Order of Ellimenation - Maven ( By kane, at the 2 minute )...........D-von ( By edge and booker )......... Grener ( By Goldbrg )
.......Richards ( By Batista and flair )..... Bubba ( by batista )..... Rosey ( by kane )...... Booker ( by batista )..... Conway ( via edge)........Dupree ( by cena ).......Flair ( by goldberg ).....Kane ( after undertaker's song hits, cena threw him off )

Final 4 - Batista, Cena, Goldberg, Edge

Cena ellimenated Bat.

Goldberg ellimenates Edge

Cena ellimenates Goldberg

Winner - John Cena, # 1 cont. for title at SS.

End of Show.

NOTE: I wont do full matches on raw,only on ppv. If you can, replies would be greatly appreciated. Where do i stand in here?


To be a man, you gotta hang with the powerman , 2 be a man , with chickens in hand !!!

OK, I just realized this was my worst shows ever.. so my next shows should be better.
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