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Potential stars/mega stars wasted by wasted story lines.

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Every one complains about the lack of stars in the WWE & how Cena cannot turn heel because no one is a big enough babyface to be the face of the company. True. But WWE is the one to blame.
Over the years, there has been so much potential in storyline that the WWE fail to capitalize on...

If WWE didn't drop the ball with so many storylines, who do you would have been big stars or bigger stars than they already are now?

My answer:
Randy Orton. Having come back from injury in late 08, winning the Royal Rumble, having a brilliant feud with Triple H(especially considering it was in the PG Era), taking out the entire McMahon family the way he did(I don't even think Stone Cold did that, correct me if i'm wrong)... WWE Could have made Randy Orton into a much more bigger star in 2009 if they had him go over HHH at WM25. Orton headed into WM25 with so much momentum, this could have been the ultimate payback for against Triple H. But Orton losing at WM25 IMO COMPLETELY killed his momentum... so what if he won at Backlash, the damage was done - hell, it wasn't even a 1 on 1 match?. Had he won at WM25, he could have been on the road to becoming the next Triple H.​
But it was after he said "I Quit" vs Cena is when his character got butchered.