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I was just wondering how vast our collectors are in the WEForums (see what I did there?)

I know a lot of you are against getting much from expenses or other reasons, a lot of you just don't care. But I know some of you have a plethora of collections ranging from T-shirts, to DVDs, to Replica's, to Trading cards, Video Games, etc!

It doesn't matter how much you have or if you even consider it a collection, I was just wondering how much you had in general in the topic I guess of wrestling.

-Rey Mysterio, White and Blue old school with a cartoon graphic of the 619,
-Rob Van Dam, Black "Nobody Gets Higher"
-Rob Van Dam, Black "That's The Way I Roll"
-Batista, "The Animal, Batista"
-ECW, "EC F'n W"
-Eddie Guerrero, "RIP, Eddie"
-Finlay, "I Love 'Ta Fight"
-Randy Orton, "Age of Orton"
-CM Punk, "My Life, My Rules, Straight Edge, Hardcore"
-DeGenerationX, Top-Rope green shirt.
-John Morrison, "This is not a T-shirt"

-Rey Mysterio 6ONE9. I've been using it for my keys for years.

-Shawn Michaels "HBK, Armed for Battle"
-Shawn Michaels "HBK Cross"
-Matt Hardy, the purple key thingy.

*WWE Foam Belts

I've got 4 on display for looks,
-World Heavyweight Championship
-WWE Championship (Spinner)
-WWE Undisputed Championship (The Old WWE Championship Belt)
-The Intercontinental Championship.

*WWE Replica Belts
I guess what striked me for the idea of the thread, since I've been threads like DVD collections, and Replica belt collections, I was wondering about it ALL, even if you only have one of two items.
-ECW 3D Adult Sized Replica 2008 Heavyweight Championship

*WWE Magazines
-WWE Best of 2006
-Raw September 2005
-Smackdown March 2005
-WWE March 2007
-WWE Divas 2006
-WWE August 2006
-WWE May 2009
-WWE February 2007
-WWE April 2007
-WWE 500th Anniversary October/November 2007
-WWE Summer July 2006
-WWE Best of 2007
-WWE Holiday 2007
-WWE Divas 2007
-WWE Best of 2009

Note for magazines, a lot came free from friends crappy gifts, and freebies from buying from wweshop.com, they're in no order so I just wrote them down out of the huge pile of random magazines I have.

*Wrestling Books

-Chris Jericho, A Lion's Tale
-Batista Unleashed

*Wrestling DVDs
-WWE Royal Rumble 2009
-WWE Elimination Chamber 2009
-WWE Backlash 2009
-WWE Judgment Day 2009
-WWE Extreme Rules 2009
-WWE The Bash 2009
-WWE Night of Champions 2009
-WWE Summerslam 2009
-WWE Breaking Point 2009
-WWE Hell in a Cell 2009
-WWE Bragging Rights 2009
-WWE Survivor Series 2009
-WWE Tables, Ladders, and Chairs 2009
-Wrestlemania 25
-Wrestlemania 23
-Wrestlemania 22
-Wrestlemania 21
-Wrestlemania 20
-Wrestlemania 19
-Stone Cold Steve Austin Boxed Set
-WWE Ladder Match Boxed Set
-WWE Vengeance 2003
-WWE Armageddon 2006
-WWE The Great American Bash 2007
-ECW One Night Stand 2006
-ECW Blood Sport
-ECW Extreme Rules
-TNA Bound for Glory 2007
-TNA Lock Down 2006
-TNA Best of the X Division (My friend stole it a couple years ago. Douche)
-TNA Best of the X Division Volume 2
-TNA The Best of Samoa Joe
-TNA The Best of AJ Styles
-TNA The Best of AJ Styles Volume 2
-TNA Global Impact Japan
-ROH Stars of Honor
-XPW After the Fall (A gift, and after I watched about a minute of it, I never touched it again)

WWE Legends Vintage Pogs, (Unopened)
WWF The Monday Night War VHS
Random WWE Booster pack for something, some bonus thingy from buying from wweshop.com.
and Smackdown vs Raw, a bunch of them. I don't know what years, the last one I have is 2007, though. (Misc from PSP to PS2 to Xbox)
And I guess the best wrestling game ever, WWF No Mercy for N64.
And some crappy WCW game for the N64 too.

Chris Sabin, AJ Styles, Randy Orton, and Monty Brown action figures.

So yeah, I wanted to list my crap too see what I had totally.
That's a pretty big list of crap. I hope some die-hard collectors post their stuff. :D

And for anyone that remembers me, yes I'm back for a bit.

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Tons of dvd's, action figures, books, and magazines as well.
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