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Nexus Debut
Daniel Bryan returns

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Batista's promo on Cena, and his general antics.
Shawn Michaels descent into madness culminating in his fateful confrontation (talking about the promo) with Taker.
Nexus debut.
Daniel Bryan attacking Cole (because everyone should beat the crap out of Cole).

And that's about it.

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- Bret and Shawn shaking hands/hugging and finally burying the hatchet. Any longtime wrestling fan can appreciate that moment.
- Shawn's retirement speech
- Danielson returning at SummerSlam
- Paul Bearer's return
- Cena being forced to join Nexus

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The ending of the Smackdown Elimination Chamber match
HBK vs Taker except for Shawn losing.
CM Punk's promo on the 900th RAW
Daniel Bryan Returning
Daniel Bryan winning the US Belt
Piper's promo on Old School RAW

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Chris Jericho wins the World Heavyweight Championship/Finally gets a WrestleMania main event win

The Miz winning Money In The Bank

Wade Barrett winning NXT season 1

Wade Barrett beating John Cena at Hell In A Cell and forcing him to join Nexus

Nexus's first appearance

Shawn Michaels retiring (and I don't mean in a happy, positive "I'm so happy he got a great sendoff" way. I mean in a "Just PLEASE fucking leave already" way)

CM Punk overshadowing everybody at the Royal Rumble

Alberto Del Rio's debut

Batista quits WWE

John Cena duct tapes Batista's legs in a Last Man Standing match :lmao :lmao

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(going PPV by PPV)
-Punk at the Rumble
-Vince McMahon screws over John Cena after an Elimination Chamber match...again!
-Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker
-John Cena tapes Batista's legs to win a last man standing match
-CM Punk goes berzerk after his cut at Over the Limit
-Kane wins MITB ladder/Kane cashes in MITB after fighting off Swagger/Miz wins the MITB ladder match
-Daniel Bryan returns at SummerSlam
-John Cena loses at Hell in a Cell

(on TV)
-The pre-WrestleMania Batista and John Cena promos
-John Cena confronts Vince McMahon about Bret Hart
-Shawn Michaels vs. Kane on the Raw before WrestleMania with Undertaker interference
-Daniel Bryan vs. Chris Jericho on NXT
-Edge spears the Swagger Soaring Eagle
-Swagger cashes in MITB
-Edge destroys the laptop
-The Nexus debuts
-John Cena says "You're damn right" to a fan who said "Never give up" and pretty much the rest of Old School Raw.

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Edge winning the rumble

CM Punk's promo on Rey's familia

Shawn Michaels' retirement speech

Daniel Bryan's "worked shoot" after being eliminated from nxt

Wade Barrett winning NXT

Debut of the Nexus

Edge/Christian confrontation

The Miz winning money in the bank

Daniel Bryan returning at Summerslam

Daniel Bryan winning the US championship

Kaval winning NXT

Alberto Del Rio's debut

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My picks would be:

- Bret Hart/HBK promo on Bret's return to WWE
- HBK Retirement speech on Raw
- CM Punk in the Royal Rumble
- Nexus first invading Raw
- Old School Raw
- mid-air RKO on Evan Bourne
- Rey Mysterio/HBK match on Smackdown before Royal Rumble
- Sheamus winning the title at Fatal Four Way PPV
- Edge promo on RAW after winning the royal rumble
- Kane cashing in his MITB on the same night
- The Miz winning the RAW MITB
- Edge entrance in the rumble
- Watching the HBK/Undertaker WM promo for the first time
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