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Possible injury to Nikki Bella

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Someone reported from the House show last night that it looked like Nikki Bella may have hurt her leg pretty badly

I was at the WWE live event Saturday night in Abilene and it appeared as though Nikki Bella hurt her quad or hamstring in her match against Natalya.

Natalya never worked on her leg for her to be storyline hurt but when she went for the rack attack its like she couldn’t get her up and they ended up having to scratch that ending and Nattie lost via an x-factor instead. After the match Nikki was visibly having a problem putting a lot of weight on her left leg.

Now it is PWMania which I know isn't the most reputable site, so I checked around, and sure enough, other people mentioned Nikki not being able to pick Natalya up for the Rack Attack

Nikki couldn't lift Natalia into the rack attack. Major Botch!! #WWEAbilene they had to go to an alternate finish with a steated face buster
So yeah, may be something in this.

(p.s-I know they mentioned Bryan in the PWM article, but that sounded like more general selling; Bryan did that a lot even before he injured his arm, he sold the arm as hurt to make matches seem more grueling.)