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Wrestling crowds have gotten increasingly retarded in recent years, and it's not just WWE. Lucha Underground crowds are beginning to annoy me as you have a company that spent 2 years building up the most evil heel on the roster and he gets big huge baby face pops because stupid wrestling fans today just refuse to respect kayfabe and play along.
The fans paid their tickets to watch and cheer their favorite wrestler, who happens to be a guy who breaks women's arms. Big deal; it's a goddamn wrestling show, get over yourself. Pentagon didn't really break Melissa's arm. It's going to be okay.

I sure hope you aren't a fan of Darth Vader, the baby killer. That'd make you an awful person.

At this point, I think maybe Japan has the best crowds.
You mean the crowds who cheer Naito, who is about as big a heel as you can be? He has goons who interfere during his matches, he doesn't respect authority, he literally spits in people's faces as an offensive move -- and guess what? The crowds adore him, because they came there to have a good time and cheer who they want to cheer.
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