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pop ups

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why do i get a yahoo pop every new page i open it is realy annoying and im getting annoyed
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· Buzz Killington
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Sa11y said:
site has gone to shit
Give it time, in a couple weeks it will be as good as new. But if you choose to keep that attitude you won't be around to see it.

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yeah the site just went through a hard time and lots of stuff got deleted it will take a while (man i lost all my posts and everything so i just made a new account since i only had 40 posts after the site went down!)

· Better Than You
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Xx****xX said:
^^ Don't make multiple accounts. You will be banned for it.
He only made that account because his account was deleted.

And btw, don't complain about pop-ups. Just deal with it, download a Pop-up Blocker and get rid of them. God, some people are just damn lazy.
1 - 18 of 18 Posts
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