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ok i got probably the dumbest question in the books but what is the "points" for? I don't get that i just knows it increases and stuff.
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You gain them by posting. 5 per post and 15 per thread. Check the store for things to buy.
It's 15 for starting a new thread? Heh, never noticed. I know it used to be 10, but they probably changed it when they changed gettin points for the first 5 views/replies. Never really bothered to look into it myself. Learn something new everyday. :D
It's been 15 since I joined, I never saw a change.
Well I was gone for over a year, maybe I didn't notice back then either lol Not sure now. Damn resin in me gulliver. :D
I just notice it was 15.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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