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Sorry, I didn't know where to post this, so I tried here. What are the points underneath my name about? How do I earn them, and what are they for? I looked in the FAQ but to no avail. Someone help please!
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You earn points by posting threads and replying to threads.
I'm not sure on how many it is per post.
You can redeem your points at the Store. The link is located at the top left of the main page in the Forum Stats box. Go there and check out what you can do with them.
If you ask Nitemare really nicely he might give you some more points. I doubt it though.

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I think the points go like this

10 points for creating a threat (like you've just done)
5 points for replying to a thread (like me and Rajah)
1 point if someone clicks on the "Rate this post" link on the side over there <-------------

Also I highly doubt that Nitemare would donate points, but how about you Rajah? Why don't you give him some of yours?
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