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I'm an amateur poet. I'm going to share some of my poetry here and other authors too. If you've written poetry you can post it here too. I like doing the A-B-C rhyme scheme but sometimes I also like to write free of restrictions.

The deadly dance of daylight
Rising like the sun
Stiff bodies fill the landscape
In the vain pursuit of might
Automatic, one by one
And to us also - no escape

The Beautiful
Adorable joyfulness
Jovial fierce lightness
Lovely simplicity
Elegant presence
Effortless perfection

Forgotten Souls
The poor were forgotten
What will be of mankind
If men can't stop the greed?
Rich souls became rotten.
So every person needs to find
The best way to plant the seed.
Good food and sheets of cotton
We need to be nice and kind
To every one of us in need.
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