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"The day of the Jackal is imminent."

1. The Corre as heels
They took down the GM smackdown.
They have one main target. (the bigger target than the GM or big show).
Probably their main target is undertaker. Why ?
Because "one man" ask them to do it, as they are mercenaries.
One man who have hope the streak will finally be beaten.

2. The Corre as face
They found out who took down the GM smackdown.
The ministry of darkness is returning (as heel).
They fight the ministry of darkness.

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I would actually LOVE the idea of the Core being a FACE.

Think about it,

They can play it off as the major turn around for those particular members.

They find out who took out Long, rival with said person. Then they can become Long's little wrecking crew. Imagine Long being all hateful towars them, then using them for his oun reasons.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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