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Please Update Me........

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going to give tna another chance tonight, haven't watched since they gone live a while back, the first live thursday show

how has the show been overall and what are the notable stuff i need to know

last time i watched brook hogan was the new womens leader and sting was in the title match
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Austin Aries defeated Bobby Roode to become world Champion.
After Roode lost title, he cost James Storm his final BFG series match and possibly a shot at the title, and they will now fight at BFG with King Mo as special enforcer.
Jeff Hardy defeated Bully Ray to win BFG series and goes on to face Aries for the title at BFG.
Joey Ryan continued his attacks on Al Snow on gutcheck until Snow invited him to the ring and said Ryan would get one more gutcheck match and it would be against him, Ryan hasn't accepted yet.

Kaz/Daniels are the World tag team champs and they will face Kurt Angle/AJ Styles and Chavo Guerrerro/Hernandez in a 3 way for the title.

Tara turned on her best friend Brooke Tessmacher (the KO Champ) and says she has a boyfriend from Hollywood who convinced her she was better then Tess, so they fight at BFG for title.

The Aces and 8s (masked biker gang) made an ultimatum to Sting and Hogan last week. At BFG, 2 of the Aces and 8s will face 2 guys Hogan chooses to represent TNA (one of them is likely Sting.) If Team TNA wins, Aces and 8s is banned from Impact. If Aces and 8s wins, they can roam the Impact Zone freely. Also Joseph Park (Abyss' lawyer brother) has been taken hostage by Aces and 8s and he'll be released after BFG match, so he's being held as collateral.

Also Samoe Joe defeated Mr Anderson to win the vacated TV title (which Devon held and has since left the company) and he will likely face his ex-tag partner Magnus for the title at BFG.

All that and more will be explained tonight on Impact. It's also the debut of King Mo.
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sounds alright, is the show getting better in the last few months?
sounds alright, is the show getting better in the last few months?
The show as been awesome.
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