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good pics, good editing, kinda boring.

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huh, not a single tip yet.

This isnt good. The border is the worst thing here.

The text is bad, especially the drop shadow.

The middle cut is horrible. Really really really bad. Theres a clear cut line on both sides of batmans cape, showing a terrible cut. And it doesnt fit in with the background. (Which i hope isnt just a pic). Cus it looks like a toy infront of a toon.


Id change the border. If you cant do a good one, just put a black line around it.

Work on the cutting. And find a better pic. If its too big resize it.

If u made the background, its good. But i doubt u did.

And take away that glow on the left pic, or put a glow on the right one. And dont make the right one transparent like that.


plz plz plz go there.

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TheStylesClash said:
Hey, I made this on another forum.
You made it on another forum? Hmm... I use photoshop, but okay.

As for the banner, I don't really like it. The font is way too bold, why don't you try finding the batman begins font? The background is pretty Meh. Also, the cuts are actually quite nice. Could use a few effects though.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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