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It just turned dark in Newark, New Jersey. It's a pretty warm night as Pizza Delivery Guys rolls along making deliveries with his windows down, blasting the radio so he can't hear the honking of cars typical of that area of New Jersey. Nothing doing, the honking is still too loud, and it's too hot to roll up the windows. This leaves Pizza Delivery Guy in a worse mood than usual.

Pizza Delivery Guy- Another delivery in this broken-down trailer park. Where do these people get the money to pay for pizza all the time anyways?

Pizza Delivery Guy comes to a stop in front of one of the worst trailers in the park. The paint on the boarding is all chipping off and there are numerous holes in the house itself. There are no lights in the windows. Pizza Delivery Guy knocks on the door. A skinny, bearded, drunken guy opens the door, scratching his ass all the while.

Pizza Delivery Guy- Here's your pizza.

Drunken Guy- How much I owe ya?

Pizza Delivery Guy- Fifteen ninety-

Pizza Delivery Guy has no time to finish his sentence. The door is slammed shut on him. Unbelievable! Pizza Delivery Guy is used to not getting tipped, but at least every customer before this one had payed in full.
Pizza Delivery Guy turns around and starts down the few steps leading to the driveway, but then decides to turn back around. He doesn't want to let this low-life get away with a free pizza. Pizza Delivery Guy stares at the door for a few seconds and all of a sudden, rams his shoulder right into the door. It cracks right out of the door frame and falls into the house. Pizza Delivery Guy sees the drunk starting to sit down on his dirty, disgusting couch. Pizza Delivery Guy runs right at him and tackles him from behind. Pizza Delivery Guy's massiveness lifts the drunk for a few seconds before he lands on his couch. Pizza Delivery Guy opens the pizza box and stuffs the pizza right in the drunk's face.

Pizza Delivery Guy- Call and complain if you want. I really don't care any more.
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