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All good things must come to an end.
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Let's create a story together using only pictures. I mean, pictures speak a thousand words, right? :jericho3

Rules of the game:
- One picture per user until someone else posts after you. Then you are free to add to the story again.

- The picture you post most follow the previous picture to some extent, as we are obviously trying to create a story. You can't have one post as if you were in New York and the next being in Egpyt suddenly for example. If that was to happen, you'd have to show that together in pictures (Travelling to the airport, getting on the Flight etc)

- The story can end. But that user must then provide the basis for a new story (picture) to start off with.

Have fun! I'll start off with the obvious start to any story, our character waking up, the rest of this story is up to you guys :benson

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