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Alright, OZ Tutorial Time!


Make a new image, how ever big you want the grid to be.
Make a new layer.
Hit Control+A (Apple+A)
Then go to Edit > Stroke: Make it one pixel thick, and on the inside. Choose your color and all.
Now you have a box. Delete the Background layer.
Now Select All (Ctrl+A) again, if unselected, and go to Edit > Define Pattern.
Click OK.

Now Go back to your image, and make a new layer, then select all, then go to edit > fill: Make the fill type a pattern, the select the square you just made. It should be a grid, when done.

Scan Lines

Make a new image, 3 pixels tall, 1 pixel wide.
Make a new layer.
Delete the Background.
Select the pencil, then click on the very top of the image.
Select All.
Then Define Pattern.

Open your image, then make a new layer, go to Edit > Fill: Choose your Pattern you just made. Click OK.

Now it should be all striped. Change the blend mode to Soft Light, and play with the Levels. (Ctrl+L).

Thats how the pros do the tricks.

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