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PG, TV-14... why not both?

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I know I know, every internet fanboy wants Attitude back, or a TV-14 product, but WWE seems to want to stick to PG. There are great arguments on why each rating is better business wise, and better product wise. My thought is, why not have them both?

WWE has two shows, Raw and Smackdown. Why not make one show, a bit more edgy, whereas, the other one, more family friendly. That way, we'd get the best of both worlds. Make Smackdown the more family orientated show, and make Raw the edgy show?
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Can a mod please be proactive enough to just create a "PG rating discussion" sticky or something?
This. I am getting so sick of people bitching about it being PG. Honestly, besides John Cena's shitty jokes, there really isn't a difference.
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