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In the bleak midwinter ....
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Welcome to the game!

A young group of high school students seek to change the world for the better, but find themselves increasingly thrust into the spotlight, and into the schemes of the corrupt ...

Game Rules

- Do not discuss the game outside of the thread unless your PM specifies you may

- Do not flame unnecessarily - I like a bit of edge, but lets not go off the deep end!

- Don't bother trying to break the game

- Flavour is of varying length and depth, don't bother hunting off it

- Scum have been provided with fakes of an unspecified level of quality. Don't bother hunting off those either

- IMPORTANT Any character with multiple roles is permitted to use only 1 per night, unless stated otherwise in their PM

- Odo's action resolution order will apply (See below)

- There will be no compensation of any kind. If I make a gamebreaking error, I will consult players outside of the game for their opinion

- The town alignment is Phantom Thieves Aligned, and their win condition is to eliminate all threats to their alignment. The Mafia alignment is Villains Aligned, and their win condition is to control the voting majority, and for that status to be unchangeable

- I sent all QTs attached with this game within the last 30 minutes. Don't hunt with that either

- The game has been FITZ-proofed, just play

- Day 1 will last 36 hours, and Night 1 will last 24. Subsequent phases will be 28 and 14 hours respectively. I reserve the right to adjust this at any time.

Action Resolution

As ever in my games, roles will resolve sequentially. In order to avoid frustration, I have adjusted the order in which this takes place in order to feel more intuitive:

Passive Roleblock / Nexus
Roleblock *
Bus Drive / Redirect *
Kill / Poison / Arson
Watch / Track / Follow / Voyeur / Motion Detect

* If these roles interact in such a way as to create a paradox, the roleblock will take precedence

Players Alive (7)

6. Big Man
8. Smark
9. Alco
11. Peter
12. Rop3
16. TKOK

Players Dead (13)

Doddsy was Chihaya Mifune, 5x Diviner, Lynched Day 1
Jeffatron was Toranosuke Yoshida, 2x Motivator, Killed Night 1
Jaune Valjaune was Shinya Oda, Vanilla Townie, Killed Night 1
LethalWeapon was Suguru Kamoshida, 3x Bodyguard, Lynched Day 2
Poyser was Hifumi Togo, Non-consecutive Bus Driver, Killed Night 2
Mikey Damage was Junya Kaneshiro, Mafia JOAT, Killed Night 2
Junk was Ichiryusai Madarame, Roleblocker, Lynched Day 3
Lawls was Makoto Niijima, 2x Gunsmith, Killed Night 3
Chimp was Tae Takemi, Healer, Lynched Day 4
Curry was Yuuki Mishima, 2x Voyeur, Killed Night 4
CamillePunk was Kunikazu Okumura, Rolecop & Corporate Spy, Killed Night 4
Skybox was Goro Akechi, Serial Killer, Lynched Day 5
Rugrat was Sae Niijima, Jailkeeper, Killed Night 5


Zane B


Misfortune - Day 1
Trouble - Night 1
Breakthrough - Day 2
Progress - Night 2
Exposure - Day 3
Standoff - Night 3
Malpractice - Day 4
Cutthroat - Night 4
Justice - Day 5
Conviction - Night 5

It is now Day 6.
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