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Hello again wrestlingforum.com and welcome to a belated but still created wrestling auction draft.


(even if this isn't a perfect 10 then that coincides with Dillinger's UNFORTUNATE AND UNACCEPTABLE position on the card so be quiet)

As with all auction drafts, the point is to sign up, receive a list of wrestlers, PM the person running the draft (me :side:) how much you wish to bid on whichever wrestlers you wish to bid on, hopefully win them, then make a card with your listed wrestlers to face off against an opposing card, in which other participants vote between.

And as has been mentioned many times, this requires somewhat dedicated participation. Zombo put it best in his Kappa Auction Draft:

Kung Fury said:
This means being available to draft during 24 hour draft period windows. This means submitting a card with your show on it. This means VOTING on the matches. Your participation throughout the process is crucial to both the success and FUN of this activity. I'll do my best to keep it moving, but it's ultimately you - the participants - who make this a fun thing to do.

We require 16 participants in total, and this will be one large draft, unlike the New Year Draft which was two groups of 8. If someone drops out they will be substituted, by someone who said they wish to participate but were too late, or another player (which eliminates the ability to trade directly). If this cannot happen then I will substitute for them. This may cause issue with bidding but believe me I will keep it fair and square and place my bids before anyone else submits theirs if this happens.

If you accept these conditions - though you won't be reprimanded if you don't because we have no power here - then please read the rules further:

• Each participant begins with $20,000,000 (20 Million Dollarydoos)

• Each list of wrestlers consists of 50 and lasts for 48 hours.
... Each competitor sends their bids to me before the deadline. Short exceptions allowed if you have a fair reason.
... You can use any gimmick of the wrestler you acquire. That means Dr. Isaac Yankem if you get Kane, or Stunning Steve Austin if you get Stone Cold.

• You bid on as many/few wrestlers as you want each round. You are not required to bid each round, but you must inform me.
... Your total bids in a round cannot be higher than 25% over your remaining budget. For example, if you have $5M budget remaining, you can bid up to $6,250,000 that round. (To calculate easily, just multiply your remaining budget by 1.25).

• The highest bidder wins the wrestler.

• Minimum bids of $50,000 (50 Thousand Dollarydoos) per wrestler in ALL rounds, including free agent rounds.

• Bids must be in the thousands. This means no $50,001 bids. Either $50,000 or $51,000.

• In the event of a tie, the highest bidders will be asked (via thread tag or PM) to re-submit bids to me.

• You can only submit bids ONCE per round. Once your bids are in, that's final.

• Each participant must have a minimum of 16 and maximum of 30 members on their roster.

• Each participant must have a minimum of 8, and a maximum of 15 matches on their cards.

Trading is allowed. Values used for the wrestlers are the same as their DRAFT value, and will not change. You can exchange money to either increase or decrease your remaining budget in your offers for a wrestler. You cannot trade away more money than your remaining budget.
... Trades are to be posted in the thread and confirmed by both parties, notifying me via thread tag.
... Trades can happen at any time after the 4th draft round.

• If you go over $20M at any point in the auction you will be barred from bidding again until you get under the cap.
... At any point you may drop members of your roster to free up cap space. If you are over the cap, you will receive 75% of your money back toward the cap. If you are under the cap, you will receive 50% of your money back toward the cap.

• Following the bidding rounds, there will be two (2) Free Agent rounds. Bidding will work as usual.
... After this, participants will have up to 48 hours to finalize their rosters.

• At this point, if anyone is not in compliance with cap/roster limits, I will adjust their roster accordingly at the end of the deadline.

• The randomizer will then determine match-ups for the booking rounds.

• You then have up to 72 hours (or if over the weekend, until the end of Monday) to send me your finalised cards.

Legit BOSS is banned from participating/voting.

Bonus Notes:
This is similar to Zombo's old auction however somewhat different. Many things I can't remember exactly but nothing incredibly important.
The most notable one however is that managers/valets will not be drafted with anyone, they will be drafted by themselves.

I will be using the same match system Zombo used in his Kappa Auction Draft which you can read here:
• Any individual on your roster may appear in a maximum of 2 matches on your card. You can use individuals for unlimited backstage skits / segments, if you choose to write backstage skits / segments. You should use wrestlers in a "realistic" manner, in that they probably shouldn't be in a Last Man Standing match before an Iron Man Match. You cannot have the same wrestler face himself, ie: X-Pac vs. 1-2-3 Kid.

• Gimmick / Stipulation Matches: One-quarter (1/4) of your matches may be gimmick / stipulation matches. I will round up. So, if you have 8 matches, you are allowed 2 gimmick / stipulation matches. If you have 9-12 matches, you are allowed 3 gimmick / stipulation matches. If you have 13-14 matches, you are allowed 4 gimmick / stipulation matches.

• "Standard" Matches include: Singles match; Tag Team; Triple Threat; Fatal Four-way; Three-Way and Four-Way Tag Team matches, 3v3, 4v4 and 5v5 matches. Triple Threat and Four Way matches are No-DQ by default, and do not count against the stipulation. You may title a singles match ie: "Mexico vs Japan" even if it is just a standard match type, to give it some flavour. You may also have Titles to give a match more prestige. The major exception here is a Hardcore Title - if you have a Hardcore Match, that's a gimmick.

• "Gimmick" or "Stipulation" matches include: pretty much anything not listed above. Anything that involves a Cage / Cell, Weapons, Street Fights, Iron Man, Submission, On-a-Pole, Raven's Rules, ECW Rules, Falls Count Anywhere, Last Man Standing, Royal Rumbles, Mask vs Hair, 2/3 Falls, No-DQ, Casket Match, Buried Alive, Street Fight, Monster Trucks on a Rooftop, Boxing Match, UFC / MMA Match, etc. If you have any questions surrounding what may or may not count as a gimmick or stipulation, PM ME FIRST and we will clear it up ahead of time!! I don't want to penalize people for not following the rules, if possible.

I will update this further if anything comes up.

Sign-up list:
- Hit
- Curry
- Kung Fury
- b00fman22
- Fringe
- A-C-P
- Buttermaker
- Rugrat
- LM2
- The Tempest
- Reaper


Thanks :eek:

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I know no list is complete, so today I will revise Zombo's old list myself, and post it here. If anyone wants to be added, someone can suggest it but the suggestion needs to be seconded.

Still searching
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I would like to suggest that Vinnie Jones be added.

Vinnie Jones appeared at Capitol Carnage in 1998 as an enforcer during the main event, kicking Big Boss Man to set him up for the stunner. He then appeared on RAW in 2007 calling out Stone Cold. With this connection to one of the industry's greatest performers of all time I feel Vinnie would be a welcome addition to this draft.
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