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Read the following and then chose....

  • Bitch be spoiled....Joan of Arc her ass!

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  • Man, lay off the longbottom leaf Slammers

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  • Nah, not in the least

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  • My little head says :no:

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xStratusx02: hi
slappymcnuticus: howdy...leave the hostility outta this pm and we're golden lmfao
xStratusx02: I am not mad at you dont worry lol
xStratusx02: I am nice to everyone except her
slappymcnuticus: nah I know
xStratusx02: how do you know I sent a picture to Tim?
slappymcnuticus: you yourself told me
slappymcnuticus: in our 6 hour convo remember
xStratusx02: no way I said that lol
xStratusx02: was I ill or something?
slappymcnuticus: you said he kept hounding you for one, finaly you gave in
slappymcnuticus: you had the flu...lmfao
xStratusx02: lol that explains
slappymcnuticus: we talked about how ya didn't wanna go to school cuz it was a weekend lmfao
xStratusx02: oh yes
xStratusx02: I went anyways
slappymcnuticus: but the first half of the convo was about tim and shit
slappymcnuticus: lol that sucks
slappymcnuticus: oh well, less days to make up
xStratusx02: true
xStratusx02: dont you hate Sora though?
xStratusx02: she bothers me soooo much
slappymcnuticus: she doesn't bother me that much...when her immaturity settles down she's an alright person
slappymcnuticus: but hey, you feel how you do, I'll feel how I feel
slappymcnuticus: what's it matter
xStratusx02: yeah
slappymcnuticus: but if she was to im me sayin shit about ya I'd tell her to shut it...same as I'd do if you did it. Not my place to get involved...but I won't stop ya from not likin each other if ya's don't wanna stop
xStratusx02: was our fight annoying though?
slappymcnuticus: it got to be...how much can be said til the point gets lost ya know
slappymcnuticus: once it's out there, fuck what she says...anger begets anger ya know
xStratusx02: yeah I guess so
slappymcnuticus: O:)
xStratusx02: lol
slappymcnuticus: can I ask you a ?
xStratusx02: suuuure
xStratusx02: go ahead
xStratusx02: :)
slappymcnuticus: what the hell is with the "I always get my way" bit?
xStratusx02: I do
xStratusx02: in a way
slappymcnuticus: that ain't cool....by any standards. He picks to talk to sora...respect his decision.
slappymcnuticus: you're not being a friend puttin that in his face
xStratusx02: I know but I like to be happy too :-(
slappymcnuticus: that's bullshit. how is him talking to someone on the net...who you yourself said "doesn't even live on the same oncitnent as him" bring you down?
slappymcnuticus: he talks to you....he respects ya as a friend...shouldn't that be good enough?
slappymcnuticus: she can speak her piece in his ear...he knows her ways, he won't read into it
xStratusx02: what about me though, I feel bad?
slappymcnuticus: well you emotions are meant to controll you...not tim
slappymcnuticus: you have to respect what he chooses to do, it's his life to run
xStratusx02: yeah well he can choose to make me happy or leave me mad
slappymcnuticus: well...if you were married that'd be different I guess
xStratusx02: I am not making him do anything
slappymcnuticus: in a way, you are
xStratusx02: no he can make his own decision and I make mine
slappymcnuticus: you're making him decided who to be friends with
xStratusx02: sort of
slappymcnuticus: no sort of
xStratusx02: yes sort of
slappymcnuticus: xStratusx02: ok then pick me
xStratusx02: at least I live on the same fucking continent
xStratusx02: or country for that matter
slappymcnuticus: that's more than sort of
slappymcnuticus: atleast in my eyes anyway
xStratusx02: I may have sounded a tad selfish there but I was really mad then
slappymcnuticus: well, I only know what I've seen and what I saw didn't agree with me
slappymcnuticus: you're not the shit one
slappymcnuticus: you're a friend...nothing changes cuz he talks to her
xStratusx02: I am mad no
xStratusx02: now*
slappymcnuticus: well, no offense, but deal with it. Ya gotta respect his decision
slappymcnuticus: if his friendship matters to ya, you'll come to do that I guess
xStratusx02: I am just mad in general
xStratusx02: I cant take it
xStratusx02: it is bothering me
xStratusx02: but I dont know what it is
slappymcnuticus: well, you aren't willing to comprimise, and wanna come off as spoiled...so no offense, but be mad. It's your choice to be
xStratusx02: I am not spoiled
slappymcnuticus: you're acting like it "I always get my way"....unspoiled people don't think that way
slappymcnuticus: don't get me wrong, I got nothin against ya...but you know I'm neutral in all aspects
xStratusx02: but I do always get my way
slappymcnuticus: not this time ya don't
slappymcnuticus: all you're doing is making tim do the opposite of what you want
xStratusx02: :'(
slappymcnuticus: do you love tim or something?
xStratusx02: no I have a girlfreind, I dont love Tim
slappymcnuticus: seriously cuz this is getting really depressive
slappymcnuticus: well then stop giving him altumatums
xStratusx02: I can do what i want
slappymcnuticus: and if you want him to block ya and no longer talk to ya, keep doing that
slappymcnuticus: I can read him..he's not far from it
xStratusx02: he would never block me
xStratusx02: likes me too much
slappymcnuticus: riiiiiiiight
slappymcnuticus: you're showing him his feelings are second to yours
slappymcnuticus: he has no respect for that
slappymcnuticus: don't be so possitive
xStratusx02: I like getting my way, ok?
slappymcnuticus: yea, if you wanna come off as a spoiled brat, sure. But it's not that flattering...not me anyway
xStratusx02: think what you want about me, I am not a spoile dbrat though
xStratusx02: xStratusx02: am I a spoiled brat?
highlightreel we: not at all
slappymcnuticus: I don't him...so his opinion means nothing to what I see
slappymcnuticus: but yea, I'm sure you're not spoiled...what, after getting a new laptop and a signed football helmet for x-mas
slappymcnuticus: and now this "I WANT MY WAY!"
slappymcnuticus: nah....I don't see you as spoiled one bit
xStratusx02: well I am not
xStratusx02: you got just as much for christmas
slappymcnuticus: I didn't ask for nothing though
xStratusx02: either did I
xStratusx02: I cant control what others get me
slappymcnuticus: yea, I'm sure your parents just went "oh, let's get shannon a laptop...why not. She may not want it..."
slappymcnuticus: "but what the hell"
xStratusx02: yeah they did actually
slappymcnuticus: maybe they did, maybe they didn't...I don't know...but with the way you're acting, I don't really know
slappymcnuticus: but I don't like people putting themselves before another person choice...when the choice is supposedly up to them in the first place
slappymcnuticus: he chose...accept it...or forget it
xStratusx02: I dont accept it
slappymcnuticus: well have fun in never never land, cuz he's not budgin lmfao
slappymcnuticus: I know tim...he sticks by his choices
xStratusx02: well I will just block him
slappymcnuticus: what's to say he hasn't already done that to you?
xStratusx02: he has
slappymcnuticus: well, looks like you didn't get your way
xStratusx02: first time
slappymcnuticus: hate to say I told ya so though...but you had to push it
xStratusx02: that stupid bitches fault
slappymcnuticus: oh is it
xStratusx02: yes
slappymcnuticus: I don't think she's the one who gave him altimatums...or made him choose
slappymcnuticus: or made him feel like his mind wasn't valued
xStratusx02: I always made him feel better that is bullshit
slappymcnuticus: she's not sitting here continualy making him depressed
xStratusx02: I always helped him with shit and was nothing but nice to him
slappymcnuticus: that's wonderful...but what are you doing right now...that's what matters
xStratusx02: what about me though?
xStratusx02: what about my feelings?
xStratusx02: all about him now, but what about me?
slappymcnuticus: they matter...but they're ain't all that matters
slappymcnuticus: but you can't cope with that
slappymcnuticus: again, showing to me you're spoiled
xStratusx02: ok whatever I am a bitch
slappymcnuticus: I didn't say that
xStratusx02: people dont understand I can be depressed tooo and I am here alone and have feelings, not just him
slappymcnuticus: you're alone now
slappymcnuticus: it happens
slappymcnuticus: no reason to pull this sorta shit
slappymcnuticus: tim don't need it...and you don't need to be puttin him through it
xStratusx02: I hate being alone
slappymcnuticus: well, life sucks sometimes
slappymcnuticus: once your not alone, where's that leave tim
slappymcnuticus: minus a good friend to appease you
slappymcnuticus: again....commin off as spoiled
slappymcnuticus: not very friendly
xStratusx02: I AM NOT SPOILED!!!!!!!
slappymcnuticus: why so defensive
slappymcnuticus: prove me wrong...turn the other cheek and respect his decision
xStratusx02: talk to Mike he will tell you I am not spoiled
xStratusx02: or talk to Heather she will too
slappymcnuticus: I don't need to talk to someone I don't know
slappymcnuticus: I've seen the proof
slappymcnuticus: I've seen your words, your actions, and they speak to me
slappymcnuticus: I could get a consensus about this on the boards if you'd like...I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd agree
xStratusx02: yeah find two others
xStratusx02: besides Sora she hates me naturally
slappymcnuticus: she's not a member on the boards
slappymcnuticus: lest ye forget
xStratusx02: go ahead make a consensus or whatever
xStratusx02: I dont care
slappymcnuticus: just remember you told me to

Feel free to think with your dick. But you know I'm right. She's one spoiled little bitch. :D

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K, long read. I didn't know where you were going with that at first. And still don't know what's going on....who's this Tim person? What is she so bitchy about? Online relationship/crush? Sad...

Anyway, just from hearing what she got from Christmas, I figured she was spoiled. This just further solidifies it for me. I mean, getting all that for christmas, and not coming off as ecstatic or shocked or anything....just weird. If I got all that for christmas, I'd have passed out or something. And I'd be kissing my moms ass for the next year or some shit. I thought my friend's girlfriend was bad when she got a trip to the bahama's for spring break for her christmas present.
Just makes me believe it more and more......spoiled and/or rich people rarely appreciate what they've got. Whereas people who are hard off and always in bad times financially appreciate what they get. A lot. Look at me, I got a 120 dollar digital camera for christmas, and it's one of the best christmas' I've had for a while now. I don't need thousands of dollars worth of stuff to make me happy or make me have a good christmas. I may be just jealous because her family can afford to get her a laptop and autographed memorabilia and shit like that...but oh well. It's just how I see it.

And that "I ALWAYS GET MY WAY" bullshit don't fly with me. Not many things are more annoying than a spoiled brat that knows they always get their way. Reminds me of my moms friend's daughter. Her mommy spoils her rotten. Buys toys and stores them in her closet, then when she wants her kids to do something, she bribes them with a toy. Fucking sickening. Her kids just had a big christmas, getting everything they asked for, and more. And they already had to go up to the mall and blow more money. Apparently they didn't get enough. Just had to get more more MORE. Fucking greedy...

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Part: Deux

xStratusx02: thanks for calling me a bitch
slappymcnuticus: stormed off like one
slappymcnuticus: and that whole convo conveyed that image
xStratusx02: I got disconnected
xStratusx02: cable modem has been doing that today
slappymcnuticus: and it took you 20 minutes to return?
xStratusx02: yup
xStratusx02: had to fiddle with it
slappymcnuticus: restart...2 minutes....tweak with the cables...5 minutes
slappymcnuticus: I've been through it to know
slappymcnuticus: there's only 3 wires to fuck with
xStratusx02: ok, but the little lights didnt go on no matter what i did
xStratusx02: they are going off again
slappymcnuticus: well, then I take it back...
xStratusx02: I dont just leave like that
slappymcnuticus: even when you're not getting your way?
slappymcnuticus: I find that highly unlikely
slappymcnuticus: but it's 1a.m....I need to go sleep in my car
slappymcnuticus: I don't need this highschool drama
xStratusx02 signed off at 10:13:23 PM.
^^^^ :lmao It's awesome when people prove in a matter of seconds their hypocriticalistic ways.

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Yep, she sure as hell is spoiled. She even acts that way on some of the boards. Thinking she can do whatever she wants. Thinking everyone is here to do everything for her. I think that's waht she thinks, I ain't sure though.

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Cody, Tim=Damien_Draiman

She seems extrmely stubborn. I talked to her for a while and all I got was that she didn't want Damien to talk to Sora anymore cause Sora said mean things about her. She then kept demanding that Tim choose betweeen her and Sora. I don't know why. Maybe she is insecure about what people think about her.

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I dont care what people think of me, so honestly ok you can think I am spoiled but I know I am not. Oh yeah and Q&M I dont know what you are talking about thinking I can do what I want on the boards.

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Defiently spoiled. I've never liked her from when she joined.(Some may remember the rant a few weeks back). Kaneanite basically took the words outta my moutuh so I really don't have that much to say. Yes the whole "I always get my way thing" proved that she was spoild but good job showing that she always doesn't get her way Slam!:D. You really showed it to her. A laptop for Christmas? All I got this year was Smackdown! vs. Raw, a pair of jeans, a sweater and socks. Nothing special the least. But the presents aren't important to me it's all the feastive things my family does on that day, like food fights(yes we have food fights) and gingerbread houses. If I got a laptop or evena autographed football helmet I'd drop dead.

I really don't know who Tim is or what is going on so I really can't comment more on this until I find out more.

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Yeah btw good job going with the crowd AllCanadian, you apoligized for that thread because no one agreed with you now that they are against me you all of a sudden are. Shows you dont have a mind of your own.

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Yeah, Tim is who I think VCM_Stoner said he was. He has been on holidays, left a while ago, I remember him making a final post. To be dead honest, I seem to remember him as the one 'puckering up'.

(OK, if you didn't understand, I meant kissing serious ass. Just check out that thread about what you think people look like by their posting. Explains it all). :)

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Stratusfied02 said:
Yeah btw good job going with the crowd AllCanadian, you apoligized for that thread because no one agreed with you now that they are against me you all of a sudden are. Shows you dont have a mind of your own.
Actually I did appologize yes but just because iI apologize does not have to mean I like you.

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I like Sora and Stratusfied now. I had a chance to actually chat with both and they're cool.

Shit, Cody, guess you hate me too right? Cause I always get my way with the car, money, and shit when I want it?

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Lacrimosa said:
Shit, Cody, guess you hate me too right? Cause I always get my way with the car, money, and shit when I want it?

Anyway....I talked to Sora tonight for like 5 minutes. Things were going fine until I said one of my random "suck me" comments. Didn't go to well. Guess I have to be serious all the time to have a decent conversation with her. But yeah, that isn't fun. If I can't be myself, why talk to her.

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Okay, since I never really talk to any of you, I can't really comment on this. The "I always get my way" thing comes off as very spoiled, but like I said, since I don't talk to any of you I can't really have an opinion on this. (OMG, I'm remaining neutral, alert the media!)

Don't rewrite the books, just rewrite the titles,
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I have absolutely nothing against Stratusfied02. I have nothing against SLAM, either. Seeing as someone mentioned Sora, I had nothing against her, either, until she tried to start some kind of vendetta. I'm speaking pretty impartially, too, as I've never IMed any of them.

Anyway, about this "spoilt" thing. The whole concept is entirely subjective. "Spoilt" for one person isn't going to be the same as for another. So what if Stratusfied got some expensive things for Christmas. I know people at home who did. I didn't, and our families are probably equal where wealth is concerned.

People celebrate Christmas differently, whether in a religious way or not. Some exchange many gifts, some get together with their family. For others, it's not a big thing.

To get bitchy with someone because of what they received for Christmas and to accuse them of being "spoiled" really does scream (loudly) of petty jealousy, to be honest.

Don't rewrite the books, just rewrite the titles,
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I meant it generally, with a bit of playing Devil's advocate thrown in for good measure. :)

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I don't mind Stratusfied, we've had a few convos and she seems alright minus a few butts of the head in conversation. I think this situation is uncalled for, and she's certainly in wrong. The behaviour does seem like that of a spoilt brat not getting her own way for the "first time".

This is the guy who downloaded a whole movie, tried to upload it, couldn't, so he deleted a load of his shit to try to get it to work for you. That was all for you, and as you've said you've been there for him. So what's the problem with him talking to Sora? You're really so insecure as to not respect his decision, note that it's HIS not yours. I mean you're obviously caring for each other as good friends, can you not get over that he likes someone you don't? Shit, if you always go by this principle, do you even have any friends left at all? Maybe that's the problem...

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OK, I'm about as neutral as possible in this as I only talk to 2 forum members outside the forum and none of 'em are involved. I personally like Slam's posts and have never had a problem with Sora or Stratusfied. That being said, I think Stratusfied is totally in the wrong here. I'm not gonna call her spoiled because that doesn't really apply to the situation. The fact is, she can't choose who her friends are going to associate with. I don't. Some of my best friends are friends with people I HATE and some of my friends hate my other friends. But we don't just ignore each other because we have different friends and if you really give a shit about them, it shouldn't matter who their friends are. I don't know. That's just how I feel. Maybe I'm wrong.

But I doubt it.
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