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Paul Orndorff

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Been watching some old WCW promo's and stumbled upon this Paul Orndorff/Gary Spivey promo that I think I watched:

I've also seen bits of his feuds with Piper and Hogan and later Pillman. I don't really get what was so great about him? How would you sum up the career of Orndorff and what should I watch to get a sense of how good he was.
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LOL I forgot about this, but I remember it now that you posted that video. So cheesy, but yet entertaining. This also reminds me of that goofy elbow drop Orndorff used to do in WCW. I think it was the inspiration for the Rock's People's Elbow.

Orndorff's best work was IMO the Great Betrayal angle where he turned on Hogan in a tag match. The lead up to that was what got me into the feud which was also feud of the year for PWI.

Orndorff is also a legit tough guy too. He had a reputation of going psycho in real fights he had with guys like Tony Atlas and Vader.
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