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~Next on the UPN9 SmackDown with JR and The King,don`t miss!

"Wednesday,January 1"

JR:-Whats up everyone and welcome to the SmackDown with you JR and King.
King:-Today is a special day and new year for the SmackDown,so that means Stephanie McMahon and Eric Bischoff have to choose wrestlers for their brand!
JR:Yea,King and I want to know who Stephanie is going to pick.
King:So,lets go live to The World where our special correspondent Jerry...
~Live The World
Jerry:As you said King today is very special day,we all going to hear who those two are going to pick,behind me.like a 100 people here in the World cafe who are waiting to see two owners!And I can see that Stephanie is coming out with Eric.
Stephanie:- Hello everyone and welcome to The World,my first pick goes to Brock Lesnar!
Jerry: -Good pick!I can tell you that!
Eric: -Nice pick Steph,but mine is better The Rock!
Jerry: - WOOW
Stephanie: -I pick Kurt Angle,in your face Eric!
Eric: -Nice,for my brand I pick The Game Triple H
Jerry: -The Game now on the Raw!
Stephanie: - I pick Edge and Rey Mysterio two tag team partners.
Eric: -OK,my next pick is Chris Jericho!
Stephanie: - I pick Christian!
Eric: - Steph,I look forward to the match Edge and Rey vs. Booker T and Goldust,for the tag team title!
Stephanie: - Fine,I`m ok with that.My next pick is Billy Kidman.
Eric: - I pick,guees who,The Big Red Machine Kane!
Stephanie: - Whatever,I pick Chris Benoit.
Eric: - Ok,I pick Kevin Nash!
Stephanie: -I pick Los Guerreros Chavo and Eddie.
Eric: - Smart move,my pic is Chuck and Billy.
Stephanie: - Eric you are so stupid,you forget about Big Show!
Eric: - So?I pick Batista!
Stephanie: - I pick Undertaker!!!
Eric: - Damn I forgot about him!
Stephanie: - yEA,you did!
Eric: - My last pick id Hollywood Hulk Hogan!!!
Stephanie: - There is no way in hell you can bit,SmackDown!
Eric: -We`ll see....
Jerry: -So as you can see owners chose their superstars and SmackDown will start on January 3 and Raw on January 4,back to you King.
King: - Thanx Jerry,so JR we will see SmackDown on Friday and Raw on Saturday!
JR: -Yep,so bye,and don`t forget to turn your TV on Friday!IT`S gonna be HOT!

~~~If you have any comments about draft please reply,thank you~~~


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quite good, i'd prefer raw and smackdown being on a Friday and Saturday, i'd like to see a re-drafting of the rosters in real life as well. What do you mean by part1? Because if you actually write the raws and smackdowns, i'd find them quite interesting

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Part 1 means that I`m going to write more,I mean when Friday comes I`m going to write about SmackDown that will be Part 2.
And when Saturday comes its going to be Part 3,LOL.Thanks for reply~ Rosie&Jamal~.
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