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~Raw is coming up next on the New TNN~
"January 6,Monday,Albany,NY"

Tazz: - Whats going on everyone?Welcome to Monday Nights Raw with Tazz and Cole.
Cole: -Whats up...
Tazz: -We are live in Albany,NY!!!
Cole: - Today we are going to see Stone Cold Steve Austin,he is in action today!!!
Tazz: - Yep,after friday`s SmackDown when Austin hit Stephanie with her contract!LOL,I want to see what will happen today.
Cole: - Plus Eric Bishoff has something to say!

~Please welcome,Jeff Hardy!!!~
~And his opponent, Goldust!!!~

~1st Match~Jeff Hardy vs. Goldust~
Match began,Jeff made couple of Snap Jab and Goldust was on the mat,Jeff made a Flip Leg Drop on his stomach,then picked him up and done a Falling Powerslam,after that Goldust took an opportunite and attacked him with his feet then Backdrop and Jeff Hardy was out,Goldust pinned him 1-2,but Jeff picked his shoulder up and punch him in the middle section,then Jeff put him
in the turnbuckle made a Dropkick,Jeff got on the turnbuckle and he made The 450 Pin,1-2-3!!!

~Your winner is,Jeff Hardy!!!~

Tazz: - Look out,Jeff!!!
Cole: - Oh,man its a Booker T with a chair!

Bang,Bang,Bang Jeff was on the mat,Booker T took a microphone and said:"Dont mess with Goldust and Booker T,sucka!!!

Tazz: - That was a cheap shot by Booker T!!!
Cole: -How could he do that to Jeff?

(After Commercial we saw Austin in the parking,fans screamed Austin!!!,Austin!!!,Austin!!!)
Tazz: - Austin is coming to the ring!!

~Please welcome,Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!~

Tazz: - I`m glad to see him!!!
(Austin came to the ring and said:"I`m back to the Raw!!!"
Crowd went crazy!"Raw is my home.thats what I can tell to each one of you,you want me to ask why I choose Raw,cause STEPHANIE YOU SUCK!!!"

Tazz: -Wow!!!

Chris Jericho`s music hit!!!
~Please welcome,Chris Jericho!!!~

Tazz: - Chris vs. Austin what a great match!!!

~2nd Match~Chris Jericho vs.Stone Cold Steve Austin.
Austin walked past Jericho and then he punch him in the head
10 times,after that Austin did Forearm Smash,Chris felt on the mat
Austin picked him up and did Back Slide Slam and Chris didn`t move,but Austin didn`t stop he went to the top rope and jumped on him with a pin fall 1-2-3!!!

~The winner is,Stone Cold Steve Austin!!!~

Austin was walking past a locker room and he saw Batista.Batista and Austin were standing face to face .
Batista: -Don`think you cool!!!
Austin: - What the hell is your problem?
Batista:-You think you can beat everyone,but not me!
Austin: -Who told you that?You are imagine it!!
Batista: - We`l see!!
Batista left the locker room.

Tazz: - Did you see that?
Cole: - Yep,Batista wants to face Austin.

~Please welcome,the owner of Raw,Eric Bishoff~

Tazz: -Here he comes,to tell us his news!LOL
Cole: - Lets hear what he is going to say.

Eric: -Well...
Eric: -You want to know why I came here,I came here to tell you two things,if you remmember Stephanie McMahon had her news about Stone Cold Steve Austin,but that news became mine,we have one more free agent his name is The Hirricane!!!

Tazz: -Hurricane is gonna be at Raw!
Cole: -Hell yea!!

Eric:-Stephanie YOU SUCK!!!
Crowd: -Booo,Booo!
Eric: -My last thing,that I want to tell ya is...
Next Sunday its going to be best pay per view ever and of course first pay per view of this year 2003 its called "NEW BLOOD RISING"
Crowd: -Yeaaaa

Tazz: -Who is going to commentators me and you or JR and King?
Cole: -I think me and you!

Eric:-Thats it!
(Eric lft the ring,Batista was on his way)

Batista: -Eric,I heard your announcment and I want to ask one favor,I want to face Stone Cold Steve Austin at New Blood Rising!

Tazz:-I told you Cole,he wants to face Austin.

Eric: -So you want to face Austin?I`ll try to make it!!
Eric smiles.Then he left.

~Please welcome,The Game,Triple H(HHH)!!!~

Tazz: -Game is coming...

~And his opponent,Kevin Nash~

Cole: -Kevin vs. Triple H,cool!!!

~3rd Match~Kevin Nash vs. Triple H
Match began,Triple H and Kevin hold on to each other and Kevin made Belly to Belly to Triple H.Kevin did a couple of Leg Drop in the middle section and then Elbow Drop.He picked him up,but Triple H reversed and punched Kevin in the head,then he got him into the Headlock,but Kevin keeped his hand up.Like for 20 seconds Triple H holded him in the Headlock.Triple H reversed and
got him into Leg Lock just after Headlock.Kevin screemed as he feeked the pain,but he didn`t give up.Triple H picked him up and Boom!Knee Smash in Kevin`s head!Then The Game picke d him up again and finishing move Pedigree!!!He pinned him 1-2,Kevin just got his shoulder up.

Tazz: -Oh,my god did you see that?
Cole: -After Pedigree Kevin picked his shoulder up!!!

Kevin reversed and now he attacked Triple H ,but it was only for a minute,Triple H got him into the Headlock and then he went into the turnbuckle and Elbowsmach in his head,Triple H pinned him again 1-2-3!!!

~Your winner is,Triple H!!!~

Tazz: -That was a great match!
Cole: Coming up next main event,and last match fo today
Kane vs. Batista!!!
Tazz: -Earlier tonight Batista said that he wants to face Austin at New Blood Rising.
~Please welcome,Batista~
~And his opponent Kane~

~4th Match~Batista vs. Kane
Match began,Batista was so angry that he attacked first and overpowering Kane,then kicked him in the head and he went to thge to rope and Kane is on the mat,Batista pinned him 1-2-3!!!

~The winner is,Batista!!!~

Tazz: -I`m out of the words!!!
Cole: -Batista def. Kane!!!
(Batista took a microhone and said:"Next is you Austin!!!"

Tazz: Wow!!!That was quick!!!
Cole: -Yea,so we will see you again on Monday,and we`ll know the card for New Blood Rising!!
Tazz: -Bye
~Show went off air.
(Eric called Austin and started to talk with him)
Eric:-Look,Austin,Batista wants to face you at NBR,what you say?
Austin:-I`ll bust his ass,and then I`ll face someone else.
Eric: -Good,idea.
(Austin left with a smile on his face)

Whats you card for NBR?
Titles:Undisputed Championship Belt
Undisputed World Heavyweight Championship Belt
Cruiserweight Championship Belt
Hardcore Championship Belt
European Championship Belt
Intercontunental Championship Belt
Tag Team Championship Belt.
SmackDown:Brock Lesnar,Kurt Angle,Edge,Christian,Billy Kidman,Rey Mysterio,Chris Benoit,Eddie Guerrero,Chavo Guerrero,Big Show,Undertaker.
Raw:The Rock,Triple H,Chris Jericho,Booker T, Kane,Goldust,Kevin Nash,Billy and Chuck,Batista,Jeff Hardy,Hulk Hogan,Steve Austin.
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